You Will Never Eat Bacon Again


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13 responses to “You Will Never Eat Bacon Again

  1. Oh yes I will. I love bacon. Pork is my favorite meat. Frankly, I would pay more for meat if the livestock was “pasture-raised” in a traditional, non-manufacturing manner, but I don’t get worked up about this. I’ll continue to pay the “cheap” prices for this carnage.

    Swine are the worst to slaughter because they are much, much more intelligent than all other livestock (at least what Americans eat) and they know what’s coming. Cows just look at you blankly herd them into the bleed-out area.

  2. Jason Y

    Tyson food, especially Chicken is much cheaper, but cruelty might be the price. I wish I had the guts to refuse to buy it.

  3. Slaughtering animals is not a clean business at all, anyone with common sense should realize that. And having only meat from animals that are raised on farms with good treatment where they have enough room and clean space is simply too expensive for most people.

  4. I don’t mind spending more on free range/grassfed ground beef/lamb or eggs, because they’re still cheap foods. “Supermarket” eggs or farmed salmon or ultrapasteurized milk: these things have become nearly inedible to me. I don’t know a good long term solution–regarding sustainability, population, cost, etc–but I care a lot about health.

    A large scale push for better animals and farming would be nice. A main cause of problems is probably overpopulation from food abundance from grain farming. I never researched the idea though.

    Also, pork is probably the most difficult meat for finding a good source.

    If anyone is interested in a good source of food, Grassfedtraditions (just ordering online) has amazing everything, though it can be a little expensive. For eggs however (GFT are like $7-8 per dozen), Happy Egg Co eggs are, in my experience, as good as grassfedtraditions, and they are cheaper and available in stores. The box is like bright yellow. Compared to those two sources, all other eggs seem like garbage, even other ones that are free range, organic, etc. Most “fancy” eggs are no better than Eggland’s Best. Trader Joe’s “dark yolk” ones are actually pretty good too.

    • I wonder if food should not be a marketable item. We have more than enough food in this country, look at all the fatasses. Maybe it should be distributed at no cost. Even ghetto people would have the option of eating healthier. Michelle O and all her dietary nannies spend to much telling people how to eat while failing to realize there is an ingrown mindset among many people that values cheap and free above anything else when it comes to food. Ever seen a Hometown Buffet? What a ridiculously fat, ignorant group of people who file into that place.

      Once you make food a salable item, the natural greedy human reaction is to taint it to get the most money for a cheaply produced sub-optimal product.

      • Who is distributing it, and who is determining whether it is healthy or not? That seems interesting but complicated.

        • Yes, I literally thought of this while reading your first comment. It’s a very rough idea with lots and lots of kinks.

          Food is the most elemental of survival necessities; its evolution as a capitalist tool of profit is killing us.

  5. tulio

    Can someone give me a summary of the video. I’m not watching it. I like bacon way too much.

    • Pigs being abused in a pig factory farm. They may be being taken away to be killed, but I am not sure about that. Aren’t they killed at another place, at a slaughterhouse? One pig is beaten to death. A mother pig fights and squeals to try to get back to her piglets as she is taken away.

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