What Would Society Look Like If a Majority of Adults Were Gay?

Gay men are a huge disease reservoir. If a majority of men are gay, then vast numbers of men will be afflicted with all manner of diseases. 10% of all men will have HIV alone.

Further, male homosexuality shaves 20 years off the lifespan. So instead of living to age 78, most men will live to age 58.

The rate of serial killing and child molestation will go way up because gay men have very high rates of such things. Also there will be a tremendous amont of such things as shiteating, playing with shit, piss drinking, and sadism and masochism with unknown consequences medically and societally. The wild increase in sexual sadism alone would cause thrill killing and serial killing to dramatically increase.

The rates of depression and anxiety will go up by a lot.

The rates of alcohol and drug abuse will skyrocket.

Rates of domestic abuse will go up. Gay men are much more likely to beat up their partners than straight men are.

The crime rate will go up. Gay men are twice as likely to be criminals as straight men.

Not to mention, society will not reproduce and populations will eventually plummet. A majority of men will simply not have kids.

Sexual harassment in the workplace will go nuts because I believe gay men harass like crazy, but nothing after happens because gay men rarely press sexual harassment charges. It is very common for gay men to try to blackmail other men for gay sex, so we will see a lot more of that. The minority of straight men will be constantly bothered by gay male harassers, especially at work, but they won’t be able to do anything about it as most of the authorities will be gay and will refuse to file charges.

Sex in public will become legal and it will become truly weird to walk around a lot of our big cities.

Public restrooms are already often ruined by homosexuals, especially ones at parks or highway rest stops. Most public restrooms will become regular hangouts for gay men who will practice public sex in there with abandon. Society will either make this sort of thing legal or will refuse to do anything about it.

The age of consent at least for males will be lowered down to 14-16 so the vast numbers of gay men who like to fuck teenage boys will be able to do so. This sort of thing will also become very common.At a typical high school, a very high percentage of the boys would be either fucking adult men or in relationships with them.

At the same time, straight men having sex with teenage girls will be proscribed even more than it is now because of the new laws the radfems (see below) will pass.

Most men will behave in an effeminate manner most or all of the time. That doesn’t sound like a culture with a healthy male component. Lord knows what will flow from that.

Gay male society does not function very well. The only reason appears to thrive is because the basic straight culture functions very well, great enough to cover for inherently pathological gay culture and enough to keep the tiny minority 3% gay male culture sustainable such that it even appears almost functional.


Lesbian culture is not healthy either.

Rates of breast cancer would skyrocket if most women were lesbians.

So will rates of depression and anxiety.

Twice as many women will be smokers and heavy drinkers.

Drug abuse among women will go way up.

Many more women will be victims of domestic abuse. A woman is much more likely to be beaten up by her lesbian partner than by her straight male partner.

If you think a lot of women hate men now, wait until most women are lesbians. Man-hatred will go off the charts, and we may well get all sorts of crazy anti-male laws on the books. You could wind up with a sort of misandristic authoritarian society where it is practically against the law to act like a man. Most women will be radical feminists, and this will be reflected in the law via our elected officials. Radical feminists are nutcases. Women are already pretty crazy as it is, but try to imagine if women were vastly more insane than they already are.

Rape will be vastly redefined such that a straight man will be taking a risk of rape every time he has sex with a woman no matter how consensual it may seem. Heterosexual sex initiating in the workplace will almost become illegal because just about any sex starting from there could be construed as sexual harassment under the new laws the radfems will come up with.

At the same time, bizarrely enough, gay men will cavort through the workplace being as flirtatious and sexy as they want to be, pursuing new partners, getting phone numbers and making dates and hookups with abandon. Most workplaces will turn into the equivalent of gay bars.

Lesbianism will also be rampant in the workplace as women would flirt with, pursue, check out, get phone numbers and make dates and hookups with women with abandon.

The gay men in the workplace will harass the straight men shamelessly, and the straight men will have no one to complain to.

Workplaces will become nightmarish for most women because while male sexual attention will nearly be removed, lifting a big headache for many women, at the same time, lesbians will pursue and harass straight women constantly in the workplace to such an extent that straight women will start longing for the days when they were only pestered by men.

There will be many new laws against “street harassment” to the point where it will almost be illegal to ogle women or to approach women in a sexual manner in public. Radfems may even pass laws stating that men may not interact with women in a sexual manner at all in most of the public. This way the wimmins could walk around in public all the time and go anywhere and do anything without having to be bothered by men looking at them and coming onto them all the time.

Straight men and women will still be able to meet, flirt, date, hook up and get to know each other romantically or sexually, but that will be restricted to certain venues in society. Only maybe 5% of society space would involve these venues.

Boys will be badly mistreated by their mothers and society even worse than they are now. Boys will grow up thinking that being male is evil because that is what Mom will teach them.

Most girls will start hating boys early on, and most teenage girls will be beginning the journey to hardcore male hatred. The schools will become even more anti-male than they already are, with many new rules pathologizing many normal boy behaviors. Schooling and testing will be set up to advantage girls and disadvantage boys. Divorce law will become even crazier and man-hostile than it already is. Most women will demand alimony upon divorce, which is now minority behavior.

Most women will be overweight, with all of the attendant diseases resulting from that. There will be a lot of discrimination in the workplace as lesbians will discriminate against men in hiring and promotions and will selectively try to get men thrown out of programs and fired from their jobs. Most women in authority will start acting like this. I know this will happen because I have heard many stories of lesbians in positions of authorities declaring war on various men under them, trying to get them thrown out programs, writing them up, getting them in trouble on their jobs and setting processes into motion whereby they get fired.

Most women will act like men, and femininity among women will become minority behavior. At the same time, most men will act like women, and masculinity among men will become minority behavior. Human society works because females act feminine most of the time, and males act masculine most of the time, or at least the females act more feminine than the men, and the men act more masculine than the women.

Creating a society where most men no longer act masculine, and most women no longer act feminine would be an ultra-radical experiment that goes against human nature and at least tens of thousands of years of human evolution. The consequences are not known but might be a lot worse than one might think. You would literally be turning society upside down.

Such a society may well continue to function, but it would be incredibly bizarre to the point where many aspects of society would seem nearly if not seriously dysfunctional.

You would be living in a place called Weird World.


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28 responses to “What Would Society Look Like If a Majority of Adults Were Gay?

  1. Jason Y

    I think gays should be free to do what they want. However, so many of them practice these sick things Robert speaks of, that they ruin the reputation of the group. Generally speaking, that’s why so many cultures worldwide ban gays.

    Even with blacks the same thing exists. In my hometown, recently a black punched a lady in the face in the park to steal an iphone (He asked for a cigarette first.). Now of course, plenty of nice blacks exist where I live, but the ones that are bad, are so bad, that they ruin the group’s reputation. Note, the park I mention has no reputation for crime and people jog there all the time. The fact something like that happened is shocking.

    • Jason Y

      However as Robert mentioned a lot of homophobia is being directed at nerdy guys,not gays. Myself, I get an incredible amount of hate thrown at me simply cause I’m just being myself. However, actual real life gays are really a threat in a lot of ways, if in large numbers.

      • Sam

        “…Myself, I get an incredible amount of hate thrown at me simply cause I’m just being myself…”

        I can understand this sentiment.

    • Jason Y

      Black churches hate gays, preaching against them every sermon, more than at white churches. Have you ever wondered why? There is a reason. The reason being a small portion of them are violent and molest children.

  2. Jason Y

    If you think a lot of women hate men now, wait til most women are lesbians. Man-hatred will go off the charts, and we may well get all sorts of crazy anti-male laws on the books. You could wind up with a sort of misandristic authoritarian society where it is practically against the law to act like a man. Most women will be radical feminists, and this will be reflected in the law via our elected officials. Radical feminists are nutcases. Women are already pretty crazy as it is, but try to imagine if women were vastly more insane than they are now.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a man. But some men are total jackasses, like that one I met in a linear Algebra class. He was constantly talking, acting like he knew everything, mocking people, and worst of all, using dirty words in class (Nobody is paying good money to hear his dirty talk,).

    However, radical feminists might want to say ALL men act like that in their natural state, but they don’t.

    As I said, I think lesbians are going on witch hunts to hurt men they hate, often weak ones that are easy targets. Just like a Nazi will pick on some weak black guy as opposed to some football player who would kick his ass.

    For instance, in one class I had these two women picked on the professor cause he would say female students looked good. Of course, him saying that was retarded and unprofessional, but I don’t think he deserved the scolding he got. The women picked on him cause he was soft and so easy to bully. They were very cruel to him.

    • Jason Y

      When I say dirty words, I mean saying the word vagina and stuff like openly,. I’m just surprised some of the other “males” in the class didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up. I’m sure they wanted to. Maybe people afraid, or didn’t want to lose face. Funny is funny, but if I had done the same thing, you can count on there would be a negative reaction from other students.

      Of course some picking on among males is normal, but this dude was pushing things to the limit.

  3. tulio

    I don’t have much to add here other than to say very interesting post! I would love to see some queers respond to this.

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  5. Noneofmany

    I um, am guessing this may have been started by my response to the post about abnormality.

    To clarify, when I was suggesting an all male homosexual society I was thinking in terms that considered the possibility sans the very obvious biological impossibities that would prohibit it.

    Other than reproduction it’s just an accident of human biology that certain pathogens are particularly well suited to spread by gay sex.

    Africans acquired the HIV virus simply by proximity to animals they lived near being carriers of it.

    Everyone’s ancestors are strange things but Central Africans happened to have a super virus in their large fauna that they couldn’t have possibly anticipated.

    Given that, it wouldn’t be fair moralize about black dietary habits even though it is what started aids in the first place.

    So in the same way we shouldn’t theorize about black societies by simply stating that thered be lots of aids, I’d say we should skip the obvious, but basically chance based elements of a fully gay male society.

    I’d prefer to try to guess what a fully male civilization, whose subjects are all basically average, well adjusted gay men, as in what we see in like 70% of gay men, woul’d look like.

  6. Jason Y

    Most straight guys think everbody is gay, so in their mind we actually live in that society, but we don’t . These guys are paranoid and unless your somebody doing over-kill to look straight, then your a target. Of course, these guys all think they are “persecuted white males”, so you have to listen to that whiny shit, or at least passive aggression. 😆

    • Yeah straight guys have been insisting that I am gay for a very long time now, though it has really calmed down in recent years.

      Straight men are just retarded. They wouldn’t know a homosexual if one was right in front of their face. They vastly overestimate the number of gays in society and label ~10-20% of the straight male population as possibly or definitely gay.

      And yes they are incredibly paranoid of gay men, and that doesn’t make sense at all. A gay man is not going to rape you, trust me. And no, your best male friend is not a gay man who is pretending to be straight. If one of your friends is gay, you are going to find out immediately because he isn’t going to start flirting with you and trying to seduce you almost as soon as you meet him for the first time. That’s been my experience.

      There’s nothing to be paranoid about. None of my male friends have ever been “secretly gay.” The very idea is insane. And gay men are quite easy to spot as they usually act like they are attracted to you immediately and typically they act much more effeminate than most straight men do.

      • Jason Y

        I think the straight guys just like picking on people, but it’s gotten way out of control.

        Now at my university, the big university not the community college, there are real gays and lesbians. They wear rainbow stickers so you can tell them out easy. However, you would only find people like that at a university or some gay bar or something.

        • Jason Y

          I think straight guys main enemy is non-conformity. They know the people they pick on aren’t gay, they are simply targeting non-confomists. I don’t think they are so retarded that they really think long haired guys etc.. are gay.

  7. Antranik

    It is so nice here in Armenia where Sodomites are summarily slaughtered in the streets or courtyards by the people. Absolutely no tolerance for perversion here.

  8. Optimus Prime

    Very interesting post Robert. I am shuddered to think what would a scoiety be like once its completely taken over by homosexuals. On an other note, is homosexuality that much rampant in the place where you live? are there any projections that it might skyrocket in the near future

  9. Dave Mowers


    “1 in 4 sexually active adolescent females have an STD”

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