Why Having a Fact Based View of Your Life and Future May Be a Very Bad Idea

As we have seen, an irrationally optimistic view of life seems to be a natural and normal set point for humans. It is quite possibly a product of our evolution. Maybe only the optimistic survived in the past. In a Paleolithic world, a pessimist may well end up dead quite quickly.

As far as I am concerned, this idiotic and completely irrational optimism of mine is one of the only reasons I am even able to wake up and get out of bed at all. Now granted, a logical and rational view of my life in the last 20 years or maybe even beyond that would suggest that I don’t have much reason to be optimistic. Going back even 30 years, my life generally doesn’t tend to get much better in the next 2-3 years from any baseline point. In some cases it does. But mostly whatever is sucking in my life tends to be sucking right along down through the years with little to no change.

Nevertheless, when I look at the future, I am almost always making a lot more money than I am making now and am a lot more successful socially than I am now. Both of these views of the future are probably completely irrational, but I always see the future as if it’s going to be a lot better and most of my problems are going to be ameliorated if not eliminated.

Deep down inside, I know that my optimism is irrational, but I don’t much care if it is or not because I simply wish to see the world in this way. Whether it is true or not irrational. Your views of life and many other things need not be based on reality. In fact it is often very healthy to have views of your life and your future that are not based on reality in any way and in fact are utterly irrational.

Which views should you have of life and the future: Fact-based ones or Lie-based ones? I would say that whichever view feels better is the one you should have. If the fact-based view looks like total hopelessness, then I would argue that one should simply create a delusion that things are great and the future is going to resolve everything simply because it feels better to look at things this way. Demanding that we view our lives and futures in a reality based way doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I would think that this demand would condemn a lot of people to misery.


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16 responses to “Why Having a Fact Based View of Your Life and Future May Be a Very Bad Idea

  1. Jason Y

    I have a relative who is very negative. She is very annoying to be around, as she is in a constant pity party On the other hand, a totally confident person can be a jackass and you might want to kick his jackass. 😆 The totally confident sometimes display no empathy for anything and come across as a dickhead.

    • Tata

      A study has shown that optimistic people have no empathy. They are very superficial and boring too. True life is not always a party.

      • Jason Y

        Have to agree there. Also there people who aren’t really optimistic but they’re inceredibly condescending. A lot of the educated class is like that. They give you a smart-ass “Garfield the Cat” look when you talk about oppression to them. 😆 They think everyone is a stupid lazy pussy. But I can see how college professors might get like that cause so many people fail to live up to goals, and then they whine about not making good grades.

  2. Jason Y

    Well, even if your dying from cancer, it would be good to focus on the positive. You don’t have much time left, so it would be better to just have fun or do something awesome or creative. So yes, let’s live in a dreamworld as much as possible. That would be cool. 😆

  3. Sam

    I’ll bet Donald Trump doesn’t hate himself. 🙂

    • Jason Y

      Even though Trump is a hero to many wanting to get rich, he comes across as an incredible narcissist. I guess one way to bring him down is to call him “Donald Chump”. 😆

  4. Jan

    My view of the future is extreme shit – worldwide fascism, climate disaster, worldwide famine, resource crisis. View of myself is kinda average – some strengths, some weaknesses. Morally, kinda shitty like the rest of my species. Rationality tells me to kill myself.

    I am still trying to get back to school, watch my health, maybe try to get laid and try to make friendships. My extreme shit beliefs don`t make it easier to work hard at these things. They tell me to just zone-out.

  5. Stary Wylk

    “Why Having a Fact Based View of Your Life and Future May Be a Very Bad Idea”
    But what if you’re handsome, strong, healthy, ethical and smart?

  6. Jason Y

    Depression goes up and down. One day you might feel on top of the world and the next, down in the dumps. Don’t commit suicde, because the best thing to do is just wade out the bad mood until your mood goes back up again.

  7. The denial of reality to escape despair is the reason why evil power groups like Bilderberg, Rothschild bankers, oligarchs etc. etc. can easily dominate the world. People would rather put their head in the sand than to face reality and to work to improve their life.

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  10. Shaun

    I discovered that hope or faith is sufficient, and there is no need for optimism. Whenever someone says “It’s all good”, a bit of me cringes. I think Dr. Gabor Maté said “Let’s replace the power of positive thinking (optimism) with the power of thinking, which I agree with.

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