Is It Ok for a Man to Complain?

Sid25 writes:

Modern women tend to seek out solutions, and therefore any sort of whining or bitching that stems from problems not having no solution in sight or are particularly uninteresting, are of no interest to women.

I think therein lies the problem of the misanthrope, when they complain, there is no solution at hand or possibly no solution exists at all. Often in cases when they are pointed out that their view is wrong, they cannot be satisfied, since they are often bitching about the human condition itself. In my eyes, women who suffer more from the evils of what is “human” are justified in getting annoyed when a man whines.

However, I think a misanthrope who learns when it is correct to display is a very true and honest person. Very rare. Two of my best friends are misanthropes. One can’t help but spoil the most enjoyable of situations with his whining, the other is one of the most sensible people I know. It’s sometimes annoying to see a misogynist feel entitled to spoil things.

I’ve come to see, that whining depends on how you do it and what you whine about. I don’t think nobody wants to hear men bitch. Why I think it’s far too common and unbearable. Cause, modern young men are the biggest whiners ever! There are just too many male assholes,for whom it is perfectly okay to whine about how feminists can’t stop “whining” about rape.

And no one would hold back from whining about the “whiny bitches” today. I knew a guy who couldn’t stop whining about politicians, sportsmen and particularly women, but somehow happened to be extremely popular with women. His trick was that he was pretty funny. Totally unbearable, but somehow if you know what to bitch about and how to do it, it seems to work.

Bitching is for women. Complaining is for women. Women bitch and complain all the time. If a man does it, he’s acting like a woman, a pussy, a bitch, a faggot. That’s all there is to it. There is no mystery here. Women bitch more than all the men in the world do times 100. But no one really cares because everyone expects women to bitch all the time.

I bitch and complain a lot to my friends, but they share a similar mindset to me so we like to sit around and talk about how much the world sucks and life blows. We are often laughing while we say this. There’s no reason to let a little misanthropy get in the way of a good time, you know.

I hate the word “whiners.” Everyone who complains or protests about anything is “whining.” Bullshit. There are a trillion things to complain about and be annoyed about, if not be infuriated about in life and the world. These are the idiots who think no one should ever complain, protest or be annoyed or infuriated about anything. It’s a bullshit mindset.

In my life, my girlfriends have often liked to bitch about all sorts of things and many of them pretty much felt that life sucked. I would just go right along with them and we would have a blast, walking home from a bar late at night, we would point our middle fingers at the sky and yell, “Fuck you, God! Fuck what you have done to us!” Then we would laugh our asses off, go home, smoke weed, drink booze and take some pills and then get in bed and fuck like maniacs. Take that, world!

Or I make jokes about it. This one woman was always going on about how much her life sucked and I said, “I see you are getting bukkaked by life.” She could not laughing and that turned into one of her favorite sayings. Every time things were screwing up, she would say, “I’m getting bukkaked by life,” and lots of laughs would ensue.

Often you can bitch with guys if you do it in a macho way or about macho subjects. Like if some guy is going on about his psychobitch girlfriend, one guy will just say, “Damn dude, why don’t you just kill the bitch and get it over with!” The whole room erupts in laughter. Or someone will say, “Yeah women are good for fucking and that’s about it. But boy are they good for fucking!” The room erupts again.

I had one friend who was one of the most sociopathic guys I have ever known. He had been in jail quite a few times and he was a really tough character. He could also be a really cool guy. He was very manipulative and very much a user and he had pretty much ruined his life with massive drug abuse. He used to come around all the time, and he would sort of get me into a sociopathic mood too because those guys can rub off on you if they are charming enough.

As we got around age 30, we adopted the motto of “FTW,” which is pretty much the motto of sociopaths everywhere. It means “Fuck the world.” We would put our middle fingers in the air and say, “FTW!” Laughter would ensue. Or I would be complaining about women and then my friend would say, “Sheesh. Fuck bitches. The Hell with bitches. Women can go to Hell. All of them.”

Then I would jump out of my seat point my middle finger in the air and jump up and down saying, “Yeah! Fuck bitches!” Uproarious laughter would ensue, and we would take another chug off of our beers.


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10 responses to “Is It Ok for a Man to Complain?

  1. Sid25

    Thanks for your reply Robert. It was interesting to read how your misanthropy didn’t stop you from having a good time. I didn’t intend to imply misanthropes can’t have fun. The misanthropes I know indulge in some very interesting bits of dark humor. Good fun. I also didn’t mean to imply all frustrated people are “whiners”. I find it perfectly ok for a man to complain, just not when he’s going to be the one that puts everyone else down, if they were to do it. To me, a lot of them are really the “selfish shits” you mentioned earlier.

    I still believe young males today are far worse whiners than males ever before. I know people from an earlier generation who complained a lot. But it feels like they were really trying to say something, or they actually felt there was something particularly wrong and they had little control or power over the situation. Today, a lot of youngsters are whining about certain things just because it’s socially acceptable and helps them fit in. Just like it’s socially acceptable to put down anyone who doesn’t seem to conform.

    • I suppose I would complain about something that could possibly get better but wasn’t really getting better. Like I do bitch about lack of income. However, I also work and money does come in, and the amounts vary quite a bit. So theoretically, this situation could improve, even quite a bit. I suppose I am complaining that it isn’t improving like it could be.

      I would much rather say happy things than lousy things. Not because they are more true but more just because I know no one wants to hear me bitch. When you complain about certain things, you are pretty much saying, “I’m a loser!” I do not complain about things that make me look like that. If I haven’t had a date in a while, I will probably just shut up about it.

  2. Sam

    Men being silent is how we have gotten to the sorry state we are in. We should complain constantly, loudly and obnoxiously. We should even take a cue from Women and offer no solutions what so ever. let them figure it out. They can guess what we’re thinking for once. We should RAISE HELL until this Jewified Psychopathic piece of shit government we have stops destroying everything.

  3. Sam

    Rebel Son – Quit Your Bitchin’

  4. Sam

    Actually I don’t think we sociology or psychology or anything else. Rebel Son probably has a song that cover it.

    Rebel Son – You Can’t Turn a Whore into a Lady

    redneck piece of white trash -rebel son

    Rebel Son – What You Think

  5. Jason Y

    Men bitch all the time via passive aggression. Men are the biggest bitches imagainable, but due to passive aggression, slip under the radar. Of course, some things are worth bitching about, but others not the case.

    As for women its almost guranteed they constantly bitch, yet mock men who bitch, especially if they got on their “I don’t like like you” list.”

    Again, male passive aggression (targets include a disliked race or nationality, somebody who has lost face) is extremely brutal, as any public school teacher or public school student will tell you. You want to strangle and kill the male “bitch”. But females also practice heavy passive agression along with outright bitching.

    • Jason Y

      If something out right sucks very clearly men will bitch about it openly. However, a lot of things are off-limits to bitching cause complaining seems effeminate, for instance, the weather, conditions during war and other manly stuff etc..

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