Emily Goldstein, “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)”

This article was supposedly written by Emily Goldstein, a Jewish Professor of Critical Race Theory. It argues for the genocide of White people, saying that Whites should be exterminated and driven extinct. Goldstein noted that she herself is White. This article contained quite a few strange arguments, many of which didn’t make sense.

Since I published this piece, I had been wondering about its authenticity. It seemed so over the top, and there were aspects of it that smacked more of a hoax than something a real Leftist would write. Also note the connection between Emmanuel Goldstein, a character in the book 1984, the party operative who ensnares rebels, and “Emily Goldstein.”

Jewamongyou did some research, and he could not find an Emily Goldstein as a professor at any institution. JAY is calling this satire, a hoax or a troll. He is correct.

On the other hand, there are probably a lot of Leftists who feel exactly this way.

Link here.

One of the more common memes that I’ve seen White supremacists spread around recently has been “diversity is a code word for White genocide”. The concept here is that diversity is only promoted in White nations and that the end goal is to eliminate White people altogether by flooding all White countries with non-White people until there are no White people left. Well, guess what, White supremacists? That’s exactly right. Diversity is about getting rid of White people, and that’s a good thing.

First off, I am a White person myself, so allow me to get that out of the way. I’m extremely glad that the White race is dying, and you should be too. White people do not have a right to exist. Period. That may sound like a bold statement, but it’s entirely true. Any White person with even the faintest knowledge of history should curse themselves every single day for being White. Throughout all of recorded history, Whites have engaged in oppression, genocide, colonialism, imperialism, and just plain evil on a massive scale. White people have denied every other race the right to exist, and have – at some point in history – oppressed every single race on the planet.

Why, then, should Whites now be allowed to live in peace when Whites have historically been the world’s #1 source of conflict and oppression? Whiteness is racism. Period. Whiteness is the source of all oppression in the world. Whiteness is racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and heteropatriarchal capitalism. Eliminate Whiteness and you eliminate every single form of oppression that the world currently faces. No White people means no oppression. White people are like a cancer, and oppression is a symptom of the cancer. Cut out the cancer altogether – with the cancer being White people – and you get rid of all of the oppression which White people cause.

I have dedicated my life to fighting racism, and I have determined – based on all available evidence – that the only way to really eliminate racism is to eliminate Whiteness. Whiteness is the ocean from which racism flows. Get rid of Whiteness and you get rid of racism. Despite what White supremacists often claim, White people do not have a “culture”.

White “culture” consists of nothing more than oppression, genocide, and the disenfranchisement of minorities. White “culture” is racism and nothing more. When White supremacists talk about “White culture”, what they’re really talking about is racism. Over the course of history, White people have built a massive empire based entirely on the hard work of oppressed and disenfranchised minority groups. But guess what, White people? That empire is finally coming to an end now, and its demise is music to my hears. To quote the great anti-racist activist Tim Wise:

“Do you hear it? The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.”

Descendants of Holocaust survivors can personally attest to the evil that White people are capable of when they hold the reins of power. Thankfully, Whites won’t be holding the reins of power for much longer. When White people die out, so will racism, sexism, queerphobia, and all other forms of oppression. The only way to eliminate racism, White privilege, and White supremacy is to eliminate Whiteness altogether.

When I teach my students about human rights, critical race theory, and the role of Whites in worldwide oppression, my White students often ask me how they can “atone” for the evils of Whiteness and how they can make up for centuries of White oppression. And I tell them: you can do that by not having any children and ensuring that the White race does not live to oppress anyone ever again in the future.

Thankfully, White birthrates are indeed very low, while the birthrates of minorities are much, much higher. Within our lifetimes, Whites will be a minority in a significant number of formerly White countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, to name just a few. To White supremacists yearning for the days when Whites could rape and pillage the world with impunity, this is incredibly frightening. To people on the right side of history, however, this looks like progress. Whites are finally getting their just desserts – and it’s about time.

I sincerely hope that, when the White power structure finally comes crashing down, Whites will receive no mercy from the minority groups that Whites have spent centuries oppressing. We certainly don’t deserve any mercy or kindness, as we have given nothing of the sort to others.

Whites should also know that, when they do become a minority in formerly White countries, they will not be receiving affirmative action or any of the other benefits meant to assist the minorities that Whites have historically oppressed. Why? Because Whites don’t deserve those benefits. It’s as simple as that. One can look to South Africa, where Whites are only about 8.4% of the population, but Blacks continue to receive affirmative action because Blacks in South Africa have historically been disenfranchised by Whites.

The same thing will happen when Whites become a minority in North America, Europe, and Oceania because Whites have historically oppressed minorities in all three of those continents. Not to mention, why should Whites receive any kind of benefits when the ultimate goal is to get rid of Whites altogether? Finally, laws against hate speech will serve to prevent Whites from complaining about this, as any White person who complains will be arrested, given a long prison sentence and made an example of for the rest of the remaining White population. Speech that attempts to justify the White power structure and perpetuate White oppression of minorities is not freedom of speech, and it has absolutely no place in modern society.

As White people, we all need to recognize that we no longer have a place in the world. This world now belongs to the minorities that we Whites have spent centuries oppressing, and there is absolutely nothing that any pathetic White supremacists can do about it. In order for a better world to be created, White people need to be exterminated. Period. It’s as simple as that. We should simply be thankful that our death will be accomplished through mass immigration and declining birthrates.

When Whites have exterminated other races, it wasn’t nearly so peaceful – it was done through violent genocide. But other races are not as evil as Whites, and it’s important to remember that. The world belongs to minorities now, and they will make a much better, more peaceful world with what they’re given. Only when White people have ceased to exist will a peaceful and progressive society – free of racism and hatred – be possible. The only way to eliminate White privilege, White oppression, White racism, and the oppressive White power structure is to eliminate White people altogether.

So, yes, White supremacists: diversity is indeed White genocide. And White genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.


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    • roland bonlett

      “The Mongols probably killed a greater proportion of the population of the world than any other people before or since. In my view the Mongols were the pre-industrial equivalent of atomic war. They destroyed previously flourishing cities and regions. They halved the 12th century population of China by killing nearly everyone in the cradle of Chinese civilisation, in the “land within the passes” of Northern and North West China. The almost complete massacre of the Hsia population altered the balance of Chinese civilisation from northern-dominated to Southern-led. As Professor C P Fitzgerald has commented: “

      • Mayur Varshne

        The Mongols per se were not very racist. Genghis Khan, however, was an extremist ,and, he used genocide er terror to conquer territories which he always wanted to, on a grand scale.

        Of course, he was a brute and it was extremely easy to invite his wrath by killing his emissaries.

        The way the New World was carved out by the White colonizers in Americas and Australia was both chilling and horrible. In fact, it speaks volumes about the typical White psyche.

        As far as racism is concerned, White folks are miles ahead of the other races.

  1. Eeee yikes.

    I think I will just mosey on down here right into the fallout shelter, cause I think the coming tsunami is going to be brutal 🙂

  2. Stary Wylk

    It reminds me of a book I read long ago: The Iceman Inheritance. Its author claimed Whites were the source of all human evil and was as little grounded in reality.
    I really doubt there is an Emily Goldstein who wrote this. How can someone who believes what’s said here not destroy themself?

  3. I think all races, given the means, would act just as brutally and tyrannical as Whites. It’s just that Whites have the brains and wherewithal to implement their destruction.

    If Blacks or Asians had the same hand as Whites have throughout history, we’d be in the same boat but with a slightly different complexion.

    • Sam

      This is exactly what I was going to say. We were the first race to move globally. I believe many other races would be much worse. There’s a science fiction book where the Aztecs make a world wide civilization and fill the planet up with pyramids where they rip people’s hearts out.

      • Humans basically suck, and they suck badly. They are cruel, impulsive, rash, opportunistic and merciless, especially when allowed to congregate in large groups or communities.

        They all rip hearts out; the measure of a race is just how literally this is accomplished.

      • Lesley


        Re: “This is exactly what I was going to say. We were the first race to move globally”

        Is that true, or just one of the more recent races to move globally on a large scale so it’s documented?

        • Sam

          I would say in large numbers “recently”. I’m going to say some whacky things now. There is some evidence of a race before the ice age that had a world wide civilization or maybe not. More specific there’s a lot of very strange archeological objects all over the world that may tie together. It has been speculated these these are the descendents of these people.



          This of course goes against everything they teach so hardly anyone is looking for any information on this but renegade type people who no one pays any attention too. During the ice age the ocean was around 200 meters lower. A lot. Some have said that the Mid Atlantic ridge was out of the water and that was their base or home.It sank due to earthquakes and the rising of the ocean.

          Of course all this could be lies but there does seem to be a lot of weird stuff floating about. I have a feeling some of it is true. I believe the Melonheads were a real race of people who ran South America and were the rulers who started the tear out people’s hearts and throw them down the pyramids business. Here’s an interesting article on the ones in Peru.


          These type skulls are found all over the world. Even in Russia. They always say it’s from shaping the head. I don’t believe this as shaped heads look different and I’ve seen them also. These heads supposedly are larger in volume than a normal head though I can not personally verify that information.

          I do not believe they are aliens.

  4. She can’t be serious. Either she’s retarded or this is one massive and well written satirical article.

    • Horatio

      She’s not the only one. This is sadly a commonly held view. I think many push for diversity for this reason.

      I suspected this back in the late 90’s after close contact with Lefties then, and I’ve heard it since many times. I remember one women out of the blue while I was at Dachau said she was glad for the Turkish and African immigration to remove the German race and destroy their blondness and Germanness or something like that.

      I get why she would be upset, but the irony of promoting the destruction of a race of people as a final punishment for the Holocaust, WHILE STILL AT A CONCENTRATION CAMP was lost on her. She was an Aussie. Strange.

      I wish it was satire. I wish I lived in a world where conspiracy theories about the state monitoring and recording all communications and the paranoid rants of White Nationalists about white genocide didn’t turn out to be true…

      • Rod Norman

        Hi Horatio

        I’m so late to the party on this.
        It has been described as White Ethnomasochism.
        My son turns 3 today. He is blonde with green eyes.
        If I weren’t a father (I’m 48 and his mum is 38), I’d feel slightly less horrified about white genocide.
        I’ve been born in to basically 50 years of unchallenged Feminism.

  5. Tony Swagger

    Horrible, simply horrible.

  6. SHI

    Recently I was in Europe, it was full of white people….I felt it was like 98% white people…because of welfare and socialist policies, they have 2-3 babies on average. Yes I saw a lot of visible minorities too – Turks, Moroccans, Iraqis, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese, Congolese etc. But they were all living in segregated parts of the same city. There’s little to no integration of visible minorities within host societies. You can find openly racist political parties in Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark and Poland. Polish people on average are xenophobic and don’t take nicely to immigrants. In my experience, most non-white immigrants in Europe lead a shadow existence, they don’t really participate in the affairs of the country they were born in and are not treated as Europeans.

    To the discredit of this author, dem Krakkas aint dying out too soon in Europe, at least. Well about the US, who really cares? Most Americans are Jews anyway, they only love money. More like super-Jews.

  7. Horatio

    Here is another.


    This is also interesting, in that she states privielege is a matter of biology, and hereditary. How do you stop a biological issue like this?

    Logically, using HER arguments, it can only come about by terminating the white race, as white people themselves, as a matter of birth, have this ‘privilege’. Perhaps this is why so many push for mass immigration into all and only white nations. They never are concerned about Asian priviliege in Korea or Japan, but White Privilenge is evil, and as they frame the issue, it seems that as long as there are White children being born, this problem remains. Is the solution no more White Children? Is this the White Genocide the White Nationalists are talking about?

    This is ‘original sin’ recylced. We are born guilty, and have to sacrifice ourselves to atone for our sins. If only white people had a Christ which could take all this privielege and die for our sins…

    As for this Jewess, I don’t know why Jewish people don’t toss her in the lake of fire, they should if they had any sense. She is validating almost everything that the White Nationalists are saying about Jews, about the program of White Genocide. Tim Wise is another tribe member. If anyone is giving a program to these White Nationalists, its hedeous Hebresses like Goldstein and race hucksters like wise who seem to be begging for another progrom against Jews. I know we aren’t supposed to blame the victim for their own persecution, but how else can this be described?

  8. matt

    White people are not the source of all evil. We’re just the only people smart and ambitious enough to be so effectual at it. We’re also the only human group introspective and self aware enough to conceive of concepts like universal humanity and human rights. Good luck in your honky-free utopia, Emily.

  9. Sam

    It’s very simple. We must get the Jews away from us. She says she’s White. No she’s Jewish. If the Jews can make such a distinction so can I. The Jews are the worse race of people on planet earth. A tribe of psychopaths that preach hatred everywhere they go and use their money , manpower and talent to create dysfunction. As soon as they move to China it will not be too many years (usually takes about fifty before they start in on the population) before they will be saying the exact same thing about the Chinese or any where else they move.

    Jews lie in the most ridiculous manner. If Whites were the most evil racist people on the planet how could we possibly be out breed by immigrants to our society? If Whites were the most evil racist people on the planet why in God’s name would anyone want to move here? People are flooding into the US. Look at Africa. No one wants to move there. In the Jews mind then Africans must be the most perfect people on earth. Lies, lies, lies. You must read this short chapter on a psychopath named Stanley from the book “The Mask of Sanity” on psychopaths.


    This is EXACTLY what she is doing. Pulling a psychopathic Stanley. Once you read this and realize that the Jews are just one big lying psychopathic hate machine you get a much greater perspective on how the US got like it is. Understand that these same individuals own all the TV stations, newspapers, magazines and book publishing. Think about people doing a Stanley on us for the last 75 years and you’ll be astonished that we’re not a hundred times more fucked up than we are now. It just goes to show how decent White people are to listen to these psychopaths mentally attacking us for the last seventy five years and we haven’t gone completely crazy.

    Maybe I’m wrong but if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths all their actions and what they are saying will all of sudden make sense understanding this paradigm.

    “…Whites will receive no mercy from the minority groups that Whites have spent centuries oppressing…”

    Another reason my ideas about White Nationalism are rational. Mass deportation. I’ve come to this conclusion reluctantly but I see things as they are. The psychopathic Jew “Stanley” attack has not only been on Whites but also to brainwash any and all grievances of people in the US that are not White. With decades and decades and decades of this I don’t see how Whites can live in peace with these people. Some say Whites should rule over them. I believe, like slavery, that it would degrade not only the ones ruled over but Whites also. I want what is best for Whites and I want no more degradation of my people. The other races I wish them well but not at Whites expense. They will have to make whatever kind of civilization they can themselves.

    • Hitler did not say that shit Sam. I’ve been searching for 2 hours for this quote and I can’t find a credible source.

      • Sam

        They hid it in the gas chamber.

      • GulliverFredrich

        No but you could very easily find the heaps of genetic evidence that consistently prove that Whites and modern Europeans are albino’s. The evidence and everything is right there infront of your eyes and it’s becoming genetically irrefutable now as more and more genomic advances are being made….

        • Sam

          Maybe this makes White people better than everyone else. All that energy put into useless pigments. Pigments clogging up the body. Like brown sludge. Like ugly Women who cake on makeup to cover their flaws.Thank God I don’t have this sludge packed into my body.

          Maybe we should call all un-albinoed the sludge people?

          Maybe lack of albinoism is a back up of waste that turns brown as it rots?

        • Sam

          No I think GulliverFredrich is on to something. I’ve just begun to revel in my Albinoism.

        • TransAlbino.

          Just admit it.

      • GulliverFredrich

        It could perhaps take a day or so, or just 2 hours

    • Jason Y

      Iv’e noticed since World War II, Hitler and Charlie Chaplin style mustaches have never come back into style. 😆 However, there is a famous SEO guy nowadays who wears his mustache where the sides go upward, like back in the 1800s.

  10. Guy from Montréal

    “When White people die out, so will racism, sexism, queerphobia, and all other forms of oppression” well I have to say that her arguments are obviously quite false when so many immigrants leave their country of origin for the west in order to flee oppression! Gays from black countries flee to the west in large numbers because black countries are so notoriously homophobic! So Jews in Isreal don’t oppress anyone eh? The way I see things is that Jews just hate white people period.

    • Lesley

      @Guy from Montréal

      I agree with you, homosexuality is illegal in more black countries than white countries (are there any white countries where homosexuality is illegal?) and some even have the death penalty for it, well for anal sex between two men, which us what they mean most of the time by ‘gay’ anyway.

      And in response to this: “get rid of whiteness and you get rid of racism”, how does she explain the black people that have volunteered to me without the slightest encouragement from me that they ‘don’t like pakistanis’ in the past? It’s probably a spoof, but if it’s not i’d say she’s being overly simplistic to put it mildly… 😉

      • Jason Y

        Possibly it’s illegal and there is massive hate, cause a substantial minority of the black gays are child molesters and rapists. For the same reason black African American Christians preach against gays every Sunday, though might wonder why.

  11. Guy from Montréal

    I just don’t buy this white people don’t have a culture crap! that is complete bullshit! The whole modern world we live in today with all it’s technology, architecture, medicine and modern forms of transportation is all thanks to us! and every form of art today wouldn’t be as advanced if it wasn’t for our contribution, the ancient Greeks and Romans set the standards. If white people don’t have a culture then why is everybody now copying us?


      Guy. To reinforce your argument. Everybody stand up and touch, use, listen to or switch on something that was invented by a non-white. Find a picture of a non-white person who works at CERN. Name a medical advance that was discovered by a non-white. In fact, name any black person that is famous for something that didn’t involve promoting black equal rights or sport.

      • Lesley


        Re: “Guy. To reinforce your argument. Everybody stand up and touch, use, listen to or switch on something that was invented by a non-white”

        I heard that the toothbrush and soap were chinese inventions and shampoo was an indian invention… 😉

    • GulliverFredrich

      I actually debunked that in the Dylan roof blog post Robert made, look it up since you are wrong….

  12. Guy from Montréal

    The only bad white people are the ones who make up the 1% but then again the 1% is not just made up of white people.

  13. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog! and commented:

    Yes everyone, take note of this filthy (possible Jew) creeps words, this is your enemy whitey, show him/her NO mercy!

  14. Shawn


    Here, take this gold star. Be sure to have it on when they come to collect you.

  15. Shawn

    Is there an original source for this article? The cj303addict article doesn’t show the original source. Does Emily Goldstein have a faculty page? The article seems so over the top. I’m skeptical, I wonder who really wrote it.

  16. There is a good chance this is ether trolling or satire. See if you can find this professor.


  17. GulliverFredrich

    The thing that I disagree with, is that “White people” will disappear; I simply disagree with that, “Whites” will never disappear. I mean look how hard it was to eliminate a mobile nomadic population like the Jews or any other nomadic group in history.

    Planet Earth is huge, and there are infinite places to hide and take shelter in for a highly mobile population like “White people”, so they will never go away; I mean look at how “Whites” are surviving in places in Latin America and places like that where they are a minority. Look at how the “White” Khazar Ash Jews are surviving in Israel in a majority hostile Muslim region in the Middle East, they destroyed virtually all their enemies in that six day war where they were outnumbered by superior tactics and intellect.

    No matter what the writer of the article claims, the Khazar “White” Jews are not real Hebrews of the bible. They are khazarian “White converts” from around the black sea area, and when she says wants to exterminate “Whites”, then she has to exterminate herself and her “Khazarian White” Jewish people. Which she isn’t going to do anyway…..

    Lastly, since it’s a fact and it’s genetically irrefutable, with mounting additional evidence coming in as technology starts to improve in genomic studies, that “White people” are albino’s, Whites will never go away. As long as albinism exists in humans, so too will White people, and thus “White people” will always exist and come back as long as albinism in humans exists. Animals carry the albinism gene and so why not humans? So “Whites” will never disappear, which must be extremely disconcerting and disheartening for people like the writers of this article.

    • Sam

      “… “White people” will disappear; I simply disagree with that…”

      I agree. Eventually all peoples of earth will realize all the pigment sludge in their bodies is holding them back and want to become albinos like me. This terrible sludge affliction must end. Everyone must be White. With advances in genetic engineering in will be no time at all that people will stop the plague of sludge pigmentation.

      • GulliverFredrich

        It’s obvious you don’t understand genetics, climatology, and never taken an advanced chemistry or biochemistry class/biology class, preferably at the collegiate level…

        • Sam

          Wrong in all cases. It’s often when people make revolutionary breakthrough such as your recognition that White people are Albinos they do not like the actual end revelations of the revolutions. The revelation being that all people not Albinos are filled with pigment sludge.

    • The fuck is wrong with you Gulliver? You’re really trying to be consistent with your albino conspiracy theory so I’ll give you props for that.

      • GulliverFredrich


        It’s not a fucking conspiracy, I am being 100% serious and it’s not a “theory”, it’s pretty much a 100% genetic fact; there is HUGE amounts of genetic evidence that is coming in along with new genomic evidence that’s giving me all the proof that anyone needs. IT IS A FACT! In that 2 hours you could have spent 2 hours searching for evidence BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!


        “The Simpsons are set to meet the Griffins in a crossover episode of Family Guy next year.

        Fox announced the two families would meet in an episode titled The Simpsons Guy, where the Griffins take a road trip and end up in Springfield.

        Simpsons voice actors Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria will all guest-star in the instalment.

        The show is scheduled to be broadcast in the US next autumn.

        Fox said the episode will see the Griffins “greeted by a friendly stranger named Homer Simpson who welcomes his new ‘albino’ friends with open arms” .

        The families become fast friends with Stewie becoming obsessed with Bart and his pranks, while Lisa takes Meg under her wing, determined to find something at which she excels.”,



        • Gulliver, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic and just fucking with me or if you’re actually this stupid.

        • GulliverFredrich

          Dude open your eyes seriously! It’s you who is stupid to not accept something as simplistic as this idea. Do you honestly want to me to do all the work for you and spend hours of all the evidence/data that has been gathered and give it to you in a large paragraph post?

          Dude stop being lazy and stupid, and I’m being serious here….

        • You’re using the Simpsons as proof that white people are albinos. Gulliver, just stop. You’re making yourself seem more and more retarded. Lol that’s like the 4th time I’ve said that, sorta my catchphrase when I talk to you.

        • Savannah

          Whites are not albinos, partially, may be true.

        • Mr. Science

          To GulliverFredrich

          Then post your evidence instead of screaming.

          The large majority of Europeans can tan as whites (meaning Europeans) produce melanin. There are two principal types of albinism in humans: oculocutaneous, affecting the eyes, skin and hair, and ocular affecting the eyes only. Oculocutaneous albinos (of any race) can not tan.

          If an oculocutaneous albino African (who family members are dark) reproduces with an ocular albino (whose family members are dark) that doesn’t have the recessive gene for oculocutaneous albinism then all of their children will also be dark (similar to other family members). If two Europeans reproduce, (aside from Europeans with very recent African ancestry) the vast majority of their children will reflect the complexion of their parents.

        • GulliverFredrich

          Dude you are not this stupid are you tangybutthole? I wasn’t using that as my final proof, I was just using this to show how it’s going mainstream not as evidence supporting it. The thing is that I don’t want to do all the work for your lazy ass and spend 2+ hours garnering and gathering all the evidence and write gigantic paragraphic report post b/c I don’t have the time.

          You can research it on your own, the evidence is there in front of your eyes, it’s pretty much an established fact that genetically that “Whites” are infact albino’s.

        • GulliverFredrich


          You are getting closer to the truth, except you are wrong about the melanation part; you don’t understand genetics and the mechanisms of it and the bearing it has on albinism. You are getting pretty close though, the thing is that even if Whites can tan and have partial melanation, it doesn’t mean that Whites aren’t albino’s.

          It means that Whites inter-bred with hominids and other races along their distant genetic line allowing them to achieve a degree of melanation to survive the sun as albino’s and that carried it on to this day. Once White ablino’s acquired the necessary genetic melanation from breeding with non-albino’s in the distant past to survive the sun, they re-started inbreeding with themselves again with the newly acquired diverse gene pool they acquired giving us the distinct European phenotype’s we see today.

          Infact science is on my side because recent genomic evidence is surfacing that everything about albino’s breeding with non-albino’s (humans) and fulfilling this story/narrative that I gave above about (Modern Europeans being albino’s) surviving via interbreeding can be con firmed if one looks at the ancestral genetic line and pool of Modern European albino Whites. The evidence is in the genetic and fossil evidence that one can look at when it concerns the gene pool of the Caucasoid races.

        • Sam

          Mr. Science,”…The large majority of Europeans can tan as whites (meaning Europeans) produce melanin…”

          This must be stopped immediately. The filling of the cells with sludge is a genetic throwback to the pre-Albino past. It must be stopped.

        • GulliverFredrich

          This I believe is the real reason for the irrational hostility towards blacks that’s over the top. These are racial memories of Whites when they first started out as albino’s, imagine what’s happening to these guys, happen to the ancestors of “Whites” for hundreds of years to centuries; this I believe is the real reason for White fear and racism towards non-whites. Pay attention to all the “White” people in the blog here,

          Albino’s fear of pigmented people and their extreme difficulty in surviving the harsh equatoral, southern latitudes combined with prejudice and discrimination towards them. White people simply did the reverse years later as a result of these genetic memories of the abuse they faced in the past from “non-whites”.

          Once you see the treatment these albino’s face, you can understand the anger and irrational hatred European “White” Albino’s have towards blacks. This explains away what mystified Robert why White nationalists liked picking on the blacks the most even when they were in a weak position in society.

  18. Messi

    Stinks of 4chan /pol/ to me.

  19. Lesley

    This is probably a spoof but it’s really not far off some of the crazy stuff you hear from some supposedly ‘liberal’ people from America.

    They seem obsessed with trying to paint an image of sexism, racism and homophobia everywhere even where it really doesn’t exist, so they can then complain about it and they seem waaay too keen on trying to encourage everyone to take recreational drugs, are these people extremists or is this normal thinking in America?

  20. Mr. Science

    To Robert:

    On the other hand, there are probably a lot of Leftists who feel exactly this way.

    I agree that the Emily Goldstein screed is a hoax. FWIW it was originally posted here and has since been removed:

    As you might know a milder version has been espoused by Noel Ignatiev.

    I was once on a forum where people kept on saying that whites need to give up their whiteness. I asked how was that to be done? I got a vague replies along the lines of “don’t support the white paradigm”. I couldn’t make head nor tales of that response so I asked for examples of white people who had given up their and received none.

    (This was pre Rachel Dolezal)

  21. Sounds like the rantings of Barbara Spectre.

  22. Jason Y

    A lot of the white oppression stuff is just human nature, the strong pushing around the weak. However, even human nature can be pushed too far in some cases. In that case, people are being assholes.

    • Jason Y

      For instance, if the top Football team in the US won the Super Bowl with no apoloigies, then I see nothing wrong with it. However, if they started being arrogant dickheads, then that would be oppressive and wrong. 😆

  23. Jason Y

    The anti-white stuff acts on the assumption that non-white cultures are ALWAYS morally superior to white ones. But it isn’t the case by a long shot. In reality, religion and cultural factors besides race explain a lot of the problems in various parts of the world. For instance, a Chinese raised in the US might be cool, but one in China might be incredibly racist.

  24. European light

    Not really amusing thats the way they think about us.They are responsible of Communism, Cultural Marxism , Fake socialism and all other detrimental things happenings to our white society

  25. What do you think is the origin of the Jews’ pathological, disgusting hatred against mankind? Is it their Talmud, which teaches them that all humans must be slaves to Jewkind?

  26. Jason Y

    Here’s a new spin on this: In reality, blacks and browns LOVE whites and don’t want their civilization to be destroyed. Think about it, all this stuff blacks and browns enjoy, well, much of it was built by whites, so why would they want to destroy it?

    This stuff is exxagerated. If blacks hated whites so much, then why do they want to marry and date every white person they see? Seems to be the case where I live.

    • Jason Y

      If poor non-whites don’t love whites, then how come they literally kiss the ass of any white tourist going to the Phillippines, Africa, or Mexico? Of course it’s all business and survival, but still, real hatred wouldn’t allow such ROYAL treatment. 😆

      Also not to mention richer yellow nations like Korea or Japan, where they worship blonde pale skinned whites.

      • Jason Y

        Finally a good quote I heard on another forum (not a racist one): “Whites are the best thing that every happend to the black race.” Also, to add to this, blacks know it too.

      • Lesley

        Jason Y

        Re: “how come they literally kiss the ass of any white tourist going to the Phillippines, Africa, or Mexico?”


        Re: “Also not to mention richer yellow nations like Korea or Japan, where they worship blonde pale skinned whites”

        It’s obviously just a novelty because everyone in those countries has dark hair, just as they used to be a novelty where I live – not so much now though…

      • GulliverFredrich

        The irony is that what they are really worshiping, are black/Indian mixed Albino’s, and albino’s of other animals also have blue eyes and blonde hair. Albino’s are defective creatures in terms of survival in the wild and nature, and they have mighty hard time going by their day to day business.

        Koreans and Japanese are not smart people at all…..

        • Gulliver, Jesus Christ man how many times do we have to go through this. Whites are not albinos. You know what I don’t even care anymore, keep spreading the albino mantra Gulliver. Don’t ever change baby, don’t ever change.

        • Sam

          There must be a crash program to make all other races Albino’s like me. We must remove the pigment sludge that clogs the cells.

          Instead of making Whites brown we must make brown’s White.

        • GulliverFredrich


          I’m kinda dissapointed that instead of the facts and info that actually matters, possibly to this whole debate and argument you would rather be a lazy ignorant arrogant SOB; i’ve told you repeatedly that IT IS A FACT THAT WHITES=ALBINO’S AND THE GENETIC EVIDENCE FOR IT IS THERE INFRONT OF YOUR EYES IF YOU LOOK FOR IT ONLINE!

          Do you really insist that I do the 2+ hours of research for you? Do you seriously want me to write a gigantic report with all the genetic scientific evidence that I’ve gathered spending hours just for you? Sorry but I don’t really work like that……

          It’s a genetic conclusive scientific fact that Whites=Albino’s, and you have to care because you are one if you are “white”.

          Sigh I wish Whites would simply admit that they are infact genetically Albino’s, which is a fact that they are given all the recent genetic scientific research that has been done; because not only would it actually give more credence and support to the White nationalist movement but you would also not have as much intra-White conflict and off-whites trying to pass off as White. It’s really to the benefit of Whites to just admit the truth instead of hiding things under the carpet and running away from the problem/being in denial.

          It’s like a drug addict who rationalizes his/her addiction problem sand then keeps themselves in denial that they have a problem.

        • GulliverFredrich

          It is always amusing to see how European Albinos delude themselves in Albinism denial, even while detailing the facts that PROVE that they are indeed Albinos.

        • GulliverFredrich

          What’s funny is that Sam might actaully have distant black African ancestry since he is saying he is an White person; his ancestors must have bred with blacks in the past to stabilize his ancestor’s albino condition.

        • GulliverFredrich


          do these people look familiar to you tangybutthole? 😛

  27. Jason Y

    Anyone writing a manifesto like this Jewish woman wrote is an idiot. 😆 It seems to be playing right into white racist hands. It sums up the way white racists feel that Jews and liberals think.

    Nonetheless, I don’t think most white liberals are that extreme. Such thinking is extremist and stupid. It’s just as dumb as being at the opposite racist end of the spectrum where somebody wants mass genocide or a return to segregation.

    • Most liberals and jews don’t think that radically – but they will follow and support such a person just because they belong to the same group, no matter if it’s to their own long term self-detriment.

      Imagine if those socialist, tranny, anti native people, gay rights, feminist etc. etc. group would try their shit in a barbaric society like saudi arabia – they would be beheaded faster than they could say check your priviledge.

      Ironically, they do their best to destroy the progressive, enlightened society that allows them to exist in the first place – by mass importing violent criminal primitive uneducated unintelligent third worlders (mostly male muslims 15 – 35 years old) and trying to change law and society so that less and less native western whites get born.

      The end result is a shithole like brazil, where 90% of the people are super poor and the 10% rich are bunkered down in their own fortress-like districts with their own private security armies. And no national or racial or cultural identity at all, just a mash-up of race where everyone is out for themselves and would backstab their neighbour in a hearbeat to get even slightly ahead.

      • Wow…You just reminded me of why I fucking hate gooks.
        Oh, and my Granddad killed so many of you fuckers with a 40mm dual Bofors auto-cannon in WWII, the Marines gave him a 500 year old samurai sword as a present, taken off the body of a dead yellow skin at Iwo Jima, just like yourself…I currently use it to trim the hedges. 😀

        How we Americans properly deal with gooks…

      • Lesley


        Re: “Imagine if those socialist, tranny, anti native people, gay rights, feminist etc. etc. group would try their shit in a barbaric society like saudi arabia – they would be beheaded faster than they could say check your priviledge.

        Ironically, they do their best to destroy the progressive, enlightened society that allows them to exist in the first place”


  28. Jason Y

    The end result is a shithole like brazil, where 90% of the people are super poor and the 10% rich are bunkered down in their own fortress-like districts with their own private security armies. And no national or racial or cultural identity at all, just a mash-up of race where everyone is out for themselves and would backstab their neighbour in a hearbeat to get even slightly ahead.

    Is the source really racial or is it because of economic oppression? That’s the dividing line between racists and communists.

    is this really racial or are these societies simply a continuation of the “feudal system” in medevil Europe where most of the people are peasants, and a small elite lives like “Snow White or Prince Charming”?

    • Jason Y

      Note the Phiillippines and Indonesia are racially homogeneous and those places are feudal hell-holes along with Haiti. China was incredibly homogeneous and it took Mao to take out all the oppressive feudal landlords.

    • Jason Y

      Cuba’s been pretty successful as far as education and health goes, even though they have a large percentage of blacks and mulattoes, simply caused they’ve took the mafia out, and invested public money in the people rather than in the Havana tourist industry. Also, they’ve boosted the self esteem of the people, who before, simply viewed themselves as “peasants with no hope”, just like what you see in most Latin American nations.

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  30. Sunder

    Hahaha , when Whites die out there will be utopia? What an idiot. She herself knows this is not true. non Whites hate each other as well. As soon Whites leave the scene, non Whites jump on each other in their own Darwinist struggle.

    Black Vs lower class Brown is the new upcoming world. Rich mercantile blood sucking Asian (Arabs, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Indians etc…) shopkeepers and poor voilent dumb black customers (black Americans, Africans, black Britons, Black Euros etc…) is the new upcoming world.

    • white extinction is not a genocide

      All albinos deserve to die and the full measure of their sins and evil be a burden that shall curse each one for an eternity. May the pain your race has visited upon this world be returned to you all a thousand times

  31. die albino devils

    White people are inherently evil and love to justify their historical and perpetual evil by saying others would be just as satanic as they are. No you albino devils are uniquely evil and deserve extinction. Even the sun the source of all life wants you dead. So put away the sunscreen and get skin cancer you mutant genetic godless devils. Black people can bask in the sun and have been doing so before the albino crawled out the caves on all fours

  32. Pingback: Beyond Highbrow: Robert Lindsay- Emily Goldstein: “Yes, Diversity is About Getting Rid of White People & That’s a Good Thing” | The New Democrat Plus

  33. Mayur Varshne

    What the White folks really need to do is grow in numbers, exponentially. It will definitely cure them of the racial insecurity, and, lead to a lot of development, all around.

    The White States of America is the only truly White country which has a gigantic population. Have a close look at the awesome wealth it generates, at the macro level and the affluence it bestows, at the individual level.

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