Robert Stark interviews Rachel Haywire

I haven’t listened to this yet, but it looks pretty interesting. I never heard of this young woman before, but she’s awful damn smart, especially for such a young woman. Most young women are not nearly as smart as this woman is. If you want, listen to it and tell me what you think in the comments.

Interview here.

Robert Stark and guest co-host The Truth Will Live talk to Rachel Haywire.

Rachel Haywire is an author and tech journalist from Los Angeles, California. She runs the dissident political magazine Trigger Warning and was the founder of both the Extreme Futurist Festival and INSTED. Once upon a time she was also an industrial music producer and fetish model who was featured in various anthologies about the occult, politics, philosophy, and alternative culture. She is now finishing up her degree in Philosophy with a focus on applying Nietzsche to a modern day context. Her first book was a travel memoir called Acidexia about her journey through the North American zeitgeist. Her new book out is The New Reaction published by Arktos.

Topics include:

Her ideological journey.

How the Cultural Left has become the establishment.

How the Counterculture has become part of the mainstream culture.

The physical appearance of liberals.

How the Far Right and Far Left overlap.

Her article Breaking up with Neoreaction.

The concept of how there are the 98% of conformist masses, the 1 % that exploits the masses, and the true 1% of free thinkers.

Could a society of true free thinkers sustain itself?

National Futurism.

The concept of the Übermensch and how it should be based on free thinking as opposed to just physical traits.

Whether conformity is a genetic trait and how conformist the Untermensch are.

Transhumanism and how it can be implemented.

Political Correctness and the exclusive focus on technology within Transhumanism.

How psychiatry can be used to stigmatize dissenting views.

How PR has become more important than substance and ideas.

The Thriving Pulse of Decadence.


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10 responses to “Robert Stark interviews Rachel Haywire

  1. Sam

    Ann Sterzinger, a quote,
    “I’m not optimistic enough to be a socialist or a libertarian, but I do have fantasies about the government and big business killing each other in a knife fight.”

    🙂 This is very similar to what I’ve been saying but her version is much better.

  2. Roosh is a Bahai (and a Bundy)

    Robert, watch this. Its an ’80s HBO documentary. Quite good. One famous misogynist serial killer speaks quite extensively in it. The guy with glasses. Explains his rationale. Forgot his name (not Bundy, though Bundy is featured too), but he eventually turned himself in after he finally killed his own mom (who he hated but wanted to love and who he projected onto other women).

    • That is Kemper. All these guys hate their Moms. A lot of men had their fathers, and in fact it is normal to do so, but hating our mother is a risky deal. If you go to a prison, they all say they want to kill their fathers, but most have Mom tattooed on their shoulder.

      However, the criminals who do hate their mothers are some of the worst criminals of them all. A man who hates his mother is at risk of hating women in general, and it is not uncommon that he does so. Some mothers are awful, but if your mother is decent, you should try to get along great with her. It’s very important for male development, much more important than your relationship with your father, which doesn’t matter much.

      If you hate your Dad, you might turn into a criminal, but that’s about the worst that will happen, and most men weather it fine.

      Hating your Mom is much worse. You are at risk of projecting that onto all of the women in your life with dire consequences for your romantic and sexual life.

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