The Arab Mind, Intelligence and Culture: Benefits and Drawbacks

Ramzi225 writes:

I’m half Arab, but don’t look it, act it, speak it, etc…. I’m about as “Arab” as you are whatever ethnic group of yours came from Europe 200 years ago.

With that said, I have been around them a good bit, and they are far from stupid (comparing them to blacks is laughable, regardless of what an IQ test says).

Their intelligence is the opposite of “German intelligence”- that is, they are not masters of efficiency, engineering or mechanical works; rather, they are very cunning, poetic and philosophical. When dealing with people, they are always two steps ahead. They know how to manipulate and are good at making money (I believe Arabs are the second richest ethnic group in America, behind Jews, another Semitic group). A lot of business is basically trickery- that is, buy something and sell it higher. The Arab’s nature suits such monkey business.

However, the Arab is especially vulnerable to nepotism and corruption. I realize what I’m saying may not make a bunch of sense, but what it boils down to, is the Arabs will never produce something as nice as a Benz, but they can produce a religion that almost 2 billion people worship. That’s their sort of cunning intelligence.

Blacks could never do either. Matter of fact, if you must know, sub-Saharans  (blacks) technically have no history, outside of what Arab scholars who visited them wrote. The only “history” they have of their own is oral, which isn’t considered legitimate.

This is a superb comment, and I would like to welcome Ramzi to the site. I have often thought much the same sort of things about Arabs. The stereotypes about Jews are that they are sly, sneaky, devious, treacherous, conspiring and underhanded. After having observed Arabs for a very long time engaging in these very same behaviors to perfection, I can only conclude that the Jews must have gotten this way from living around Arabs for so long!

If you think about Persians and the behavior of the Iranian regime, you will see much the same cunning, ruthlessness, sneakiness, chronic lying and fabrication, double game playing, diplomatese or lawyerese speech, speaking in half truths, shockingly brilliant improvisation with few resources, etc. that you will find in Arabs and of course in Jews also.

These races are, for lack of a better word, natural spies, agents, diplomats, scheming politicians, game players, guerrillas and even terrorists. False flags, provocations, disinformation, planting and faking evidence – all of these means of “dirty fighting” are taken to some of their ultimate lengths by all of these groups.

Since the Iranians act this way too, I assume that maybe we are dealing with a general “Middle Eastern Culture” in which conspiring, social gamesmanship, scheming, Machiavellianism, ruthlessness, cunning, and quite a bit of sociopathy are hallmarks of a general Cultural Sprachbund across the entire region. A bit to the north in the Caucasus you see similar “Middle Eastern” behavior among tricksters, smugglers and Mafioso exemplars like the Chechens.

This cruel land has bred harsh, cruel, unforgiving human bodies that mirrored the lands they lived in.


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  1. SHI

    If you think about Persians and the behavior of the Iranian regime, you will see much the same cunning, ruthlessness, sneakiness, chronic lying and fabrication, double game playing, diplomatese or lawyerese speech, speaking in half truths, shockingly brilliant improvisation with few resources, etc. that you will find in Arabs and of course in Jews also.

    These races are, for lack of a better word, natural spies, agents, diplomats, scheming politicians, game players, guerrillas and even terrorists. False flags, provocations, disinformation, planting and faking evidence – all of these means of “dirty fighting” are taken to some of their ultimate lengths by all of these groups.

    Many Indians have similar traits but the Arabs and Jews have us beat by a mile in the “cunning” business. Indians don’t really cross their limits and clueless on how to push envelope when it comes to confidence tricks. Once you size them up properly, Indians usually play by the rules and will not scam you.

    In my experience, Indians have a lot more common with blacks than they like to admit. And Mexicans/South Americans too. You wouldn’t believe it, I get along INCREDIBLY well with Mexicans and US Blacks

    • Baji Rao 1


      You are wrong.   Indians are more cunning than Arabs. 
       Even Arabs know that.   Indians routinely cheat Arabs regularly
       in the Middle east.  The Pakistanis also do the same thing.  
       Arabs refer to Indians and Pakistanis as cheats.   
      Think about it.   Arabs are so dumb that they can be cheated by an
      Indian or a Pakistani.  So much for them being ahead in the cunning
  2. pepperroncini

    I agree with the OP. I have lived in the MiddleEast . Arabs are smart but not smart like Germans , rather smart in a business sense. As the OP says they are cunning , sly and good at deception and manipulation, like Brahmins.

    It takes not just brute violence but also cunning to impose your language and religion on older and well established cultures.

    The Emiratis have a rich society built on indentured servitude but they won’t anytime soon produce goods like the Japanese, Germans,Swiss or Americans. The Emiratis are quite cunning and know how to manipulate and control expats . The fact that they and the other GCC Arabs are able to retain control of the oil they have and despite exporting their anti-Western and anti-everyone else Wahhabi ideology they have still managed to escape Western wrath points to high IQ in cunning and diplomacy.

    Blacks, Polynesians, Native Americans, lower caste East Indians, Irish , Filipinos , many S.E. Asians and Nordic Europeans just don’t have this kind of cunning. There is different kinds of IQ, there is the kind of smarts that invents and discovers and there is the kind that is good at manipulating , scheming and scamming. On the individual level, some people have the smarts to invent and be creative while others are good at fleecing and scamming.

    • Rohan

      Please blacks are quite cunning too. What about those Nigerian scamsters. Blacks are too short term based in their planning and hence cannot ever compete with Indians or Lebanese. Even the Ibos of Nigeria cannot compete with us. Even Fillipinos are quite cunning but are more moral than Indians and Arabs. Somalis are more like Arabs /Indians than bantu types. The honest type peoples are North West Europeans like Scandinavians, Germans,Dutch, English etc.. and the Japanese. Not sure where the Koreans fall but the Chinese are a bit sneaky too especially Southerners.
      Indians sure are similar to hispanics. Sometimes I get the feel that many high class Indians look and behave like Whites while slum Indians look and behave like blacks. But the true description of the Subcontinent is we are gypsies ruled by jews. The onle exception are people like the Sikkimese and Bhutanese who are a very moral first world like people.

      • pepperroncini

        Blacks aren’t cunning at all. They aren’t : good at realpolitik, converting people to their religion, business minded and good at masking their intentions. Nigerian scamers are small fry petty crime.

        So called high class Indians are cunning because they are good at masking their intentions and good at coming across as ethical all in a bid to win people over and advance their interests. The slum Indians are small time petty scammers who are easily manipulated by religion and politics to act against their interests. The high class Indians are the ones using religion , politics and revisionist history (hindutva) to convince the lower classes to fight each other.

  3. pepperroncini

    Oh and I think you put it quite well Robert.

  4. moral

    proud to be a primitive instinct-driven people !

    And you people think that being sneaky is good thing? It’s sad you semites thanks to abrahamic religions now become powerful. No wonder world is shit!

    Whites have a superior morality, and you semites use that against us in order to deceive us.

    • SHI

      Whites have a superior morality

      Not all whites. I’ve met my fair share of white people (Americans, Europeans and Australians) who live each day of their lives hustling, wheeling-dealing and being outright deceptive. Of course, they happen to be white people so they wear suit and tie and have a polished demeanor which makes them more trustworthy at first glance.

      I believe if some white Gentile people (esp. Americans) really get down to it, they can be more cunning than Jews.

    • tulio

      “Whites have a superior morality”

      I hope you aren’t arguing that this is a genetic trait. Whites as guilt-ridden do-gooders is only a recent development in history. Most of their history strewn with war and conflict.

  5. Beheading is painless youtube

    Wow this article is really wrong.

    Muslims are two billion! Typical muslim boasting.

    Second richest after Jews in the US. Check the Wikepedia article that actually has all the ethic groups listed by per capita income.

  6. Beheading is painless youtube

    LIST OF ETHNIC GROUPS IN THE UNITED STATES BY HOUSEHOLD INCOME. Go on Wikepedia and see the real data. Arabs are nowhere near the top!

    And as for the inflated figure for Muslims world wide do the count yourself. Go to the muslim majority countries and count. IF It was two billion it would be the second biggest religion In the world. The biggest religion is CHRISTIANITY at 2.2 billion. Followed by Buddhism at 1.7 billion and the followed by a Islam at 1.3 billion. Hinduism comes in at 1.1 billion.

    The Camel and the Elephant jockeys are the bottom.

  7. Beheading is painless youtube

    In fact the wrong figures exemplify the Jewish and Arab characteristic of boasting.

    Whereas indians are happy to refer to themselves as slum dog and blacks routinely call each other nigga you never ever hear an arab or a Jew be so self deprecating.

    Need to get back to the slum on ye old elephant.

    Later ARAB and JEW geniuses!

    • pepperroncini

      Never heard Indians refer to themselves as Slumdog. Indians from the upper castes are arrogant , they usually keep it on the down-low (in the West) because they are calculating .

      • Beheading is painless youtube

        Ahh you hang out with the wrong crowd. My crew refer to themselves as slaves. I met slaves from UAE and they know what they were when working for the Arabs.

        Indians in the UK are more than happy to refer to themselves as PAKIS.

        And I Refer to myself as a slum dog as a matter of routine. I prefer curry nigga but Robert does not let me go too far with racial stereotypes.

        • pepperroncini

          UK Hindus and Indians bristle at being associated with Pakistanis because the later are linked to pedo gangs, rape and Islamic fundamentalism.

  8. Messi

    American MENA hip-hoppers like DJ Khaled and French Montana act identically to their black comtemporary and say the n-word constantly without backlash. Since a “ghetto pass” can only get an individual so far, as far as n-bomb dropping, its safe to say America must see something “black” in Arab males.

    Is it cultural, arising from the Arabian “hustle” mentality? Or aesthetic due to our long historical lumping of downtrodden Black Christians with the Biblical Middle East? Could just be phenotypical, maybe African Americans in the hip-hop world see wooly-haired Arabs as “close enough.”

    • Beheading is painless youtube


      is right at a political level of discourse. But how about ordinary Indians, and Pakistanis? They are often friends and openly joke about being nothing more than Pakis in the view of the british, I know these people. I hang out with them.

      Not long Ago my young daughter was involved in a minor car accident. A Pakistani gentleman came to the house to help with the insurance. He openly joked with the family that he was only a Paki. We all got on fantastically and he helped tremendously, being as he was as an extremely able advocate for her insurance claim.

      Indians and Pakistanis have a lighter deprecating side but this side is strictly only between themselves. They get to see the fun and banter from within so to speak, whereas foreigners only see the firebrands on TV shouting at the top of their voices.

  9. Rohan

    I wonder where the Greeks and southern Italians fall in all of this?Albanians? They tend to be mafiaso types. Same with goergians and armenians. Armenians were considered more cunning than jews in the Ottoman empire. It went ‘ It takes two turks to fool a greek, two greeks to fool a jew and two jews to fool an armenian.’
    I thought Persians were a bit better, but I guess I was wrong. I did read somewhere that Chechnians and Albanians were remarkably similar to each others and to the Afghan Pashtuns.

    • pepperroncini

      During the time of the British Raj, the Brits spoke of “wily Pathans”.

      They are wily in war and achieving territorial domination but don’t have the business acumen of Muhajir Pakistanis. I have met Pathans in the middleEast and they always came across as perceptive and sharp in matters of race/tribalism .

      • Baji Rao 1


        Which so called Persians are you referring to?? The Mughals were not Persians. They were a Turkic people from Central Asia. Their original language was a Turkic dialect.

      • Hence the term “Turko-Persian” or “Turko-Iranian…From the Ottomans to Tamerlane, they all shared virtually the same culture.

      • Mixed Human Bean

        Turkic? Mughals enslaved and imported lots of Turkic slaves from Central Asia. Mughal is Persian word for Mongol and Mughals were Mongol, Persian(Farsi) and Uzbek (Turkic Persian Mongol hybrids). Blaming everyone (Arabs, Turks, Jews, Americans, Europeans…..) but themselves is a genetic trait of Persians i guess.

      • Baji Rao 1


        Its not about culture. Its about race and historical origin. That’s how people are defined. Whatever culture you follow, its your bloodline that determines who you really are.

        The Mughals had ancestral connections with Timur, a Turk and Genghis Khan, a Mongol. Neither of these two men were Iranian/Persian by any stretch of the imagination nor did they identify as such. In fact they massacred Iranians and genocided most of them in Central Asia and Iran. That is one reason why Central Asia is Turkic speaking today, for the most part. As also a significant chunk of Iran’s population today.

        The reason these Turkic tribes, from the Ottomans to Tamerlane, may have adopted elements of Persian/Iranian culture is simply because of religious reasons. The Turks didn’t have much of an intellectual heritage, unlike the Persians. So they adopted the culture of a conquered people who were like them in religion but far richer in culture in comparison. Its like how the Germanic tribes adopted the Roman culture, but that does not make the Germanics a Roman people, now does it?

        If Persians in America, hypothetically, no longer speak Persian, do you no longer consider them as Iranian people and simply as full fledged Americans, indistinguishable from the Whites? Of course not! Ancestry matters, not language or culture.

  10. SHI

    Here’s a fun trivia. What do you get when you mix Indian with Jew + maybe a little bit of gypsy and British white thrown in?

    Sir Ben Kingsley, one of the most arrogant, narcissistic pricks on the planet. In interviews he comes across as a 100% douche, combining the worst traits of Indian upper class snobbery + Jewish suspectful nature + a white intellectualism + a gypsy face.

    Hey Robert you might wanna delete this comment, there’s a risk that Sir “HinJew” Kingsley would want to sue your blog. I’m drunk at the moment and just happened to watch Sir Kingsleys interview. This dude is certainly in love with himself.

    • Beheading is painless youtube

      Islam is the right religion for you. You can hate Jews And Hindus as a religious duty. AND you will have to give up the demon drink.

  11. tulio

    “Blacks could never do either. Matter of fact, if you must know, sub-Saharans (blacks) technically have no history, outside of what Arab scholars who visited them wrote. The only “history” they have of their own is oral, which isn’t considered legitimate.”

    History is history, whether it is oral or written. You don’t have to be literate to have a history. Was there no history in Scandinavia before the Roman alphabet arrived there? Of course there was. Most the Native Americans outside of Central America were per-literate, but nobody denies them having a history. Nubia was black and it’s as old as ancient Egypt. Archeological evidence has carbon-dated iron smelting going back to 1000BC in West Africa. Iron hadn’t even been developed in the most the advanced Mezo-American civilizations. The rise of city-states in present day Nigeria had been going on long before Islam arrived.

    • GulliverFredrich

      Don’t forget the walls of Benin, and that there were actually African states not in the North that were richer and wealthier then that of medieval Europe during the dark ages. They were wealthier then the Nordic countries as well.

      Also yes, Africa did have Iron wielding before Europeans and Western Europeans/Northern Europeans did…

  12. Baji Rao 1

    Ramzi is wrong about Arabs being second richest in America.
    Its the Indians that are. Just look on Wikipedia.

  13. Snorre

    I (well, not my idea) would explain it with the higher neanderthal admixture in the region (from ME to southern Caucasus and SE).

    “..this subspecies is characterized by very great nasal development, extreme hairiness in males, long torsos and short legs, extremely high numerical and spatial intelligence, very little visual artistic ability, a low level of emotional stability, fanatical monotheism, anti-feminism and a predisposition to control, enslave or exterminate “ordinary humanity”

    the source (a half-semite himself)

  14. Beheading is painless youtube

    The ex hindu seems seems so predictably boring and silly compared to ex Muslims.

    Ex muslims bristle with smarts and interesting things to say. The ex hindu has his stock rants against Jews and Hindus and that is his intellectual capacity exhausted. The ex hindu needs to learn logical skills and a greater intellectual reach from the super smart ex muslims like The Masked Arab.

    Actually the ex hindu is just an embarrassment to himself but does not know it. Once he says his standard put downs he pats himself on the back and sinks back into his self satisfied delusion of superiority.

  15. pepperroncini

    “Which so called Persians are you referring to??
    The Mughals were not Persians. They were a Turkic people from
    Central Asia. Their original language was a Turkic dialect.”

    Mughals were a Turko-Mongol elite that utilized masses of Persians to administer their rule. That is why Persian was the official language of the Mughal empire.

    • Baji Rao 1


      The term “Persia” is a somewhat amorphous term which doesn’t always correlate with the present day country of Iran. At times Central Asia was a part of Iran, at times it wasn’t. Central Asia has been ruled by different empires at different times, like the Chinese, Russian, Arab, Greek, Mongol.

      Islam did appear in Kashmir valley but at a time when Hindu Kings were ruling that area. Those Hindu Kings may have employed some Muslims in their armies but those Muslims were not from Iran but from Central Asia, at a time when Turkic tribes had already taken control of Central Asia. Therefore, those mercenaries were likely ethnically Turkics and not Iranians.

      Again, read my post to Cyrus about what constitutes identity.

    • Baji Rao 1


      The Mughals adopted Persian for largely religious reasons
      because that was the language which they could access Islamic teachings in. They were not familiar with Arabic.
      Their own language was primitive and the Indian languages were languages of non-Muslims, which the Mughals could never be comfortable with.

      Your logic of considering the Mughal dynasty as “Persian” simply because they hired some Persians to work under them would be like saying that the Yuan Dynasty in China should be considered as a “Middle eastern dynasty” simply because the Mongols had a racial policy of employing Arabs, Persians to the exclusion of Chinese.

      • pepperroncini

        I didn’t say the Mughals were Persians. I said they were a Turco-Mongol elite that utilized masses of Persian administrators. The Persian and Islamized Iranics and Central Asians would have outnumbered the Turco-Mongol elite.

  16. Beheading is painless

    The Turkish states of Central Asia have gone their own way and they are quite unique and fascinating.

    Paranoid dictators, Islamonausea, Vodka, and more vodka,banning arab names in Tajikstan, creating a statue of himself in Turkmenistan that revolves in the direction of the sun, closer ties to Putin, Russian as the common language, ethnic dancing, goose stepping soldiers etc

    The central asian states march to their own very unique beat these days. They are fantastic!

  17. Moose

    Here’s a great article written in 1999 in The Middle East Quarterly called “Why Arabs Lose Wars” by a retired U.S. Army colonel:

    The author worked with and helped train a number of Arab militaries in the 1990s. His conclusion: Arabs are degenerate and can’t win wars in the modern era. Instead, they’re much better at waging insurgencies using deception and hit-and-run tactics. Remember, he’s writing this before we went into Iraq.

    Arabs were simple desert bandits up to 1,400 years ago. They emerged out of the desert due to the weakness of the Byzantines and Persians. I have no doubt that they used their “intelligence” to amass wealth and weapons and waited for a time to attack, but let’s not forget that luck had a lot to do with it.

    The problem with this kind of “intelligence,” if that’s what you want to call it, is that you eventually face an enemy that’s too smart to fall for it. Hulagu Khan, the Mongol who sacked Baghdad in the 13th century, knew exactly who he was dealing with. He listened to the counsel of his Nestorian Christian wife who hated Arabs. Arriving at the gates of Baghdad, Hulagu Khan promised the Arabs and their Caliph safety if they surrendered their weapons. Once they did so, however, he “pulled an Arab” and massacred 200,000 of them. The Mongols rarely engaged in such blatant trickery, but the Arab reputation for pulling this shit was well-known.

    I also encourage readers to research the Yangzhou massacre in 760 AD and Guangzhou massacre in 878 AD in which the Chinese finally had enough of the wealthy Arab and Persian merchants scamming them and killed over a hundred thousand in both instances.

    There was also the Zanj rebellion in which the enslaved Zanjis took over Basra and sold off the women of the city’s Arab aristocracy.

    See a pattern here? Arab chauvinism and deception, their “intelligence,” constantly backfires on them. Arabs better hope a Hitler type doesn’t rise up and start massacring them. Their “intelligence” won’t save them then.

    I’m a non-Arab former muslim who woke up to islam as an ideology of Arab supremacism over the ajam. Fuck them and their religion.

  18. Cocorico

    According to Jayman & HBD chick, Arabs are the most clannish ethnic group.

    They are probably closer to Blacks than to Whites in terms of general intelligence:

    Blacks have a different type of intelligence & personality. They are the most r-selected race, so they evolved to be good at attracting mate.

    Both Blacks & Arabs have relatively high social intelligence. But while the formers evolved to use it to gain social status & attract mate, the laters evolved to use it to take advantage of other tribes & gain ressources for his clan.

  19. Middle-Americans who think that Arabs need or give two shits about 19 year old soldiers sent off to die “for democracy” in the Middle East can take a good look at Dubai.

    Syrian businessmen would not cross the street to piss on an American from a poor family who enlisted in the army to get off the streets of his struggling town. He’s busy in his Mercedes.

    If you’re Sicilian or Spanish you’ll deny your Arab blood but its considerable. Tell me Eastern Sicilians don’t look like Arabs.

    Stick Meadow Soprano in burka and she’ll look like King Farouk’s wife.

    Dubai and Qatar have a nicer skyline than your city, chances are. Nobody in Dubai will be poor and homeless which you’ll see in every American city. You’ll even see families homeless in the United States.

    • Juanny Boy

      TRASH it is mainly Italians who flocked to the cities of the north USA that developed the European supremacist mindset in any manor, mainly because they interact with NAMs.
      In Latin America where most later Spanish immigrants still flocked it was different- they were culturally similar.
      Although they reject Islam in the modern day many Spanish are proud of their Umayyad roots. They are more upset about Starbucks popping up and ‘globalizing culture’ than Muslim tourists in Al Andalus.

      • JUANNY BOY

        I’m of the opinion that Sicilians from whom most Italian-Americans claim their ancestry have considerable Arab and Phoenician (Lebanese) ancestry or enough to look somewhat different from other Caucasians.

        At the time that Italians arrived from Sicily or Southern Italy in the States Anglo debated whether or not they were actually “white”.

        I suspect that few Spanish women who immigrated to Latin America intermarried with Indians or blacks on the Hacienda. My understanding is that they were reserved for the colonial Spanish ruling class who later became the tiny pale Hispanic elite running Latin American countries.

        Women from the conquered country always get f*cked by the local rulers because they can get more table scraps. Loyalty, bravery and nationalism are male things but women are more fluid because they can get something via their vagina from the conquering race.

        An indigenous male cannot offer up his butt hole to the ruling colonial power and even he does no children will be produced. But once a the conquering male shoots a load in his local mistress and she has a child she will get a few more table scraps than the rest of the serfs.

        • Juanny Boy

          I would encourage you to research Ummayad History.

          Inter-faith marriages were frowned upon. The natives who did not convert to Islam were not supposed to marry Muslims. It is true however that some Christians would have converted to Islam if anything for quality of life reasons, much like Christians converting to Judaism in NW Europe.

          So, if anything it would be that modern day North Africans have some Spanish blood, not the other way around. But the culture has been hugely influential in Spain, especially since Franco wanted Andalusian (they supported him most in the Civil War) to be the defacto Spanish culture despite the fact that he was from one of those North Coast Fishing villages himself.

          But the Sephardic Jews did convert to Christianity and left a lot of genes in the Spanish.

          The Spanish are 82% European, 13% Arab (primarily from the days of the Roman Empire) and 5% Sephardic Jew on average, with higher levels of European ancestry in the North,

        • Juanny Boy

          Most Spanish women did not want to come to the New World.
          I have heard cases of Jews who refused to convert and fled the Inquisition to the New World having daughters whom no Spaniards would marry, so they married Indians.
          I.E. Jessica Alba and her father went on one of those shows and found her Mexican father had Amerind Y-DNA but Sephardic Jewish mtDNA.

          Most Matrilieanal Eurasian DNA came from the Sephardic Jews it seems.

          In Cuba by the Batista days it was frowned upon for Blacks to marry Whites, regardless of the gender combinations.

      • Italians flock to the cities of the North because since the times of Hadrian’s Wall they just have not gotten along to well as a group with Scots-Anglo.

        This is why the mafia never got a stronghold in places like Alabama or Mississippi where the Celts have a clannish mentality.

  20. Visit Dubai to see if any Arab gives two shits about the 19 year old soldier died in the Middle East for “democracy”. Trust me, he would not cross the street to piss on a poor enlistee who came of the streets of some Middle American town.

    Middle Americans who think the Arabs need something from Americans can admire the skyline of Dubai and the booming economy. You won’t see homelessness, poverty or anything else like Middle America.

    But of course Middle-Americans do not or cannot travel so they do not how some alcoholic bum screwed them and ran up trillions of dollars of debt for people who will never give two shits and drive much nicer cars than the recruiter in the army depot.

    I was in Dubai during the Iraq War.

  21. Yotta

    Arabs are clearly the most sociopathic race. In that sense they are diametrically opposed to Northerwestern Europeans.

    • Juanny Boy

      Aren’t you a Muslim?
      Forgive me but I automatically assumed you were Arab.

      That’s how Americans think I guess.

      • Sephardic Jewish women never married Pueblo Indians in a hut or Aztec tribes. Alba is from Texas which was a former reject-colony on New Spain’s Northern Frontier of Tejas for Spanish Jews and Canary Islanders who had revolted previously in Spain from time to time and were distrusted by the colonial administration. I suppose it is possible that a Mestizo married a Sephardic female far back in Alba’s family tree but for the most part conquered women are the ones “putting out” for the invaders who are usually male. It does a woman from the conquering race little good to run off and have a baby with indigenous people reduced to serfs.

        Franco was a Celt, the language and race of the Spanish region producing all the great dictators like Castro’s father, Pinochet’s father both in Spain and Latin America.

        13% Arab or the equivalent of 1 great-grandparent would seem about right for Andalusian Spanish although statistics always make me dubious.

        Maltese and Sicilians might have even MORE Arab blood. Especially Maltese.

        Northwest Europeans NEVER converted to Judaism because contrary to what you Muslims or White Nationalists believe Jews never had any money or RAN ANYTHING in Europe prior to immigrating to the United States. A few Jews converted Christianity but even this number was minimal.

        • Juanny Boy

          Uhhh…then how did Ashkenazis get to be 60% European?
          Perhaps it was not NW Euros but Slavs (which occurred later on)

          They are obviously not fully Levantine or else they’d look swarthier.

          Basically cross a SW Arab man and an Eastern European Women, add generations of selection for intelligence and voila you get the modern ashkenazi Jew.

        • Juanny Boy

          I am obviously not Muslim if my name is “Juan”…

          WN’s ideology borders on the patently absurd.

          You’re using a strawman here, TRASH.

        • Juanny Boy

          SW Asian man.

    • Yotta

      What this has to do with my comment ?

      • Nothing, I was replying to JUANNA.

        To you I would say that Northwest Europe has produced a great many sociopaths and additionally they are usually far more clever, organized, methodical than Arab sociopath so they kill many victims before they are caught.

        Dubai-where I worked and lived although I’m German-American-has not had a serial killer or spree shooter or even muggers to my knowledge.

        You could walk through any alleyway in Dubai without getting mugged.

        Russian crime syndicates have been the biggest contributors to pimping, forgery, armed robbery and those sort of crimes that Dubai has seen.

        These are Slavs and Asiatics.

    • YOTTA

      Europe has produced a few sociopaths including Hitler, Manson, Ted Bundy, my fellow German-American Jeffrey Dahmer…well the list is in the thousands.

      Arabs are sociopaths but mostly in trade and business as oppose to street violence.

      Mossad agents killing a suspected Hamas member in a Dubai hotel was the last big news story.

      Occasionally A Filipino or Russian prostitute is raped or killed by Arabs. But generally the streets of the Arab Gulf are less violent than Detroit, Palermo, London.

  22. Juanny Boy

    How are Ashkenazi Jews mixed with European if there were no intermarriages?

    Why would any European woman bang a Jew if not that she was a gold digger?

    I will throw you a Judeophilic bone and say that the irony is that woman’s Gentile 14th great nephew is probably a flyover country Prole blaming JOOOs for his watching porn.
    and that figures.

    • JUANNA

      Jewishness is traced through the mother because the father could be an Goy. I’m part Jewish and I know.

      Being (probably Pakistani) your tracing it through the father as is customary in your patriarchal religion. Many Jewish women WERE mistresses or side-women of powerful European Christians, but Christian women did not marry Jews confined to the ghetto.

      Being (probably) a Pakistani your assumption is that Jews were rich in Northern Europe and blonde women wanted marry up. They were not rich until they came to the U.S. which is more of a pure meritocracy. Europe had a ruling class that stuck them in ghettos.

      One reason that Jews are generally intelligent is that the less intelligent ones had to convert to Christianity in order to survive.

      European Jews (Ashkenazi) were descended in-part from Asiatic tribes that mass converted to Judaism and migrated Westward from Russia into Eastern Europe or from males that married Jewish women this is why some Jews (Nimoy, Steven Seagal, Rosanne Barr) look slightly Asiatic.

      Lebanese women are often blonde haired and light eyed, unsurprising that so too are many Jews.

      Not all Jews have Levantine DNA but those who did arrived as families when the King of Poland invited them (I’m part Jewish myself).

    • JUANNA

      If your ancestors had come from Europe you would know that actually Jews were not wealthy in Northwest Europe being confined to the ghettos. It is because the U.S is a pure meritocracy with no aristocratic class system that Jews succeed on their abilities…those that did, which were not that many.

      Judaism is traced through the mother, you have it backwards being from a Patriarchal religion. The father could be any Goy on the woodpile, you see.

      Blonde hair and blue eyes are the result of mass conversions in Russia of Khazar tribes who over the centuries migrated Westwards into Central Europe.

      Lebanese women are often blonde-haired and blue eyed so it is not surprising that Levantine Jews have fair complexions but in so far as white Christians “marrying up” by mating with Jewish males…they were not rich until they immigrated from the ghettos to a pure democracy. This is WHY they immigrated.

    • JUANNA The “proles” in the Flyover are Scots-Anglo and that is why they fly the Red Dragon flag. Jews WERE NEVER in Scotland or the Northern Borderlands of England where rednecks come from.

      Put down the Mari-juanna, Indian. You’ve got the system backwards: Jews trace their roots through the mother and not the father because he could be any schmeckel on the wood-pile. I’m part Jewish and I know this.

      Your answer is mass conversions of Khazar Turkic tribes who migrated from Russia into Central Europe.

    • Juanny Boy

      I do not see what the big deal here is.

      Gentile women were gold diggers and essentially whoring themselves out to Jewish men.
      Why would that offend Jews or part Jews like yourself?
      “Economically, Jews played a key role in the country. The church at the time strictly forbade the lending of money for profit. This created a vacuum in the economy of Europe that Jews filled due to extreme discrimination in every other economic area. Canon law was not considered applicable to Jews, and Judaism does not forbid loans with interest between Jews and non-Jews.[4] In consequence, some Jews made large amounts of money.”

      • Again, you have it backwards. One great-grandmother was Jewish.

        There’s more Arab in Mexicans than Sephardic Jewish because Moors had used the predominantly Andalusian women so badly whose descendants
        had sex orgies with Aztec and Mayan girls who were then abandoned and this is why Latin America has always been more unstable then Anglo-Saxon or Jewish countries which involved the immigration of families as well as equal gender-sex role.

        Australia has a different living standard than Aruba for this reason.

        Spanish screwed Red people before they killed them.

  23. Juanny Boy

    your constant accusations that I am an anti-semite and/or WN and/or Muslim are irritating.

    I am simply stating a fact that reflects nearly as badly on gentiles as it does on Jews.

    You make sweeping generalizations about other ethnicities yet chimp out at anything not unequivocally positive about your own.

    • Generally Hispanics are the product of White male sexual escapades with indigenous and later some African females, usually consensual and not rape. I do not believe that Whites raped Red Indian women but moreover that they chose to get some table scraps from the colonial table.

      I always laugh when Mexicans complain of Spanish white atrocities…that’s your daddy, fools.

      I’m not sure what the “fact” you are stating is since your information is wrong but at any rate the assumption that Jews were “rich” in Central European ghettos and thus attracted Christian wives is so uninformed that only a non-white could be this ignorant of European history.

      You must at least know that White Nationalist rednecks are Scots and border-country English so they are not 1/14th Jewish because Jews never were in Scotland.

      Some Nazis might be 1/8 Jewish because some Jewish women married out and converted. But again this was rare because Jews were confined to the ghetto-no, the word ghetto was not invented for blacks.

      • Juanny Boy

        is this gaslighting?

        Even the PC crowd ackowledges that Jews were involved in banking because ‘Christians couldn’t charge Christians interest’

        Come on, TRASH.
        This is not an AIPAC conference.

        • I confess my ignorance at not knowing what an AIPAC conference is but in the class-based system of Central Europe even wealthy Jewish traders were restricted to the ghettos and inter-marriage was quite rare. Some Jews did convert. Not many.

          I’d argue that Moorish Muslim blood is probably more common in the average Texan Hispanic who traces his roots to the Canary Islands than a Sephardic Jew.

          No doubt the Jew has always been quite successful historically and possibly a relatively high IQ is the factor.

          On average East Asians actually score even higher. Additionally Jews seem to display a high verbal IQ, which lends itself to deal-making or writing screenplays or law, but have never nudged out Swedes or Japanese from the engineering or sciences.

        • Juanny Boy

          “No doubt the Jew has always been quite successful historically and possibly a relatively high IQ is the factor.”

          Bingo. Now to the daughter of a lower middle class merchant in London that provides
          a. A better life in her own lifetime
          b. offspring that can provide a better life for themselves.

          get it?

    • One moment I am a white nationalist using straw men, the next accusing you of anti-Semitic statement.

      Actually no, I’m stating that your facts mixed up.

      Latin Americans don’t like to admit that they are a race resulting from absentee white fathers having sexual escapades with Aztec or Mayan women or Africans in Brazil etc.

      Nevertheless…Latin Americans are mostly the biological result of White men having sexual escapades with Red Women who were mistresses.

      This is why the history of Latin American colonies has always been unstable. The Brits exported families and equal numbers of women to Australia or Plymouth Rock and families are a more stable foundation to a new country.

      • Juanny Boy

        Except they’re not mixed up.

        My Pakistani or Mestizo ancestry and alleged WN politics is irrelevant.

        Read the links I posted.
        This is common knowledge. It is not really disputed.

  24. Juanny Boy

    1. Why do Ashkenazis have names like “Goldstein” or “Silverstein”…they were involved with these valuable metals.
    2. Christians could not charge other Christians interest and Jews were the bankers.
    because of monetary control presented by 1, and anger over 2. or simply being deadbeat, Jews were kicked around a lot. They were confined to the ghetto precisely because they had money…..

    because they had money Gentile women gold diggers married the wealthy Jewish men.


      Gold-diggers in the Old Country MARRIED for title or land and you definitely are not a White Nationalist or you’d know this fact at least. While intermarriage might have occurred on a small level it was not enough to turn an Arab into a blonde-haired Jerry Springer. Because Jews are actually similar to Greeks and Lebanese, who are not Arabs either.

      I do know that Roman women married Jews prior to the mass migration following the invitation by the King of Poland.

      If you went to Greece or Lebanon, the neighbors of the Jews in the Eastern Mediterranean, you’d observe these folks too are often fair or even blonde. George Michael for example.

      At any rate the fair appearance of some Jews resulted from mass conversions of Khazar-Turkic women in Medieval times whose ancestors migrated Westwards from Russia with the invitation from the King of Poland.

  25. Juanny Boy

    Jews were beat up and impoverished at various points in their history I will admit.
    But at other points they were financially well off.

    It just depended on whether the King paid back his loans or if he needed a scapegoat to appease the Peasants.

  26. Juanny Boy

    a. Jews were the only people who could charge interest in Medieval NW Europe (banking is good money)
    b. women are gold diggers, especially when times are tough.
    c. Jews are now mixed with European.

    if a, b, and c. are true then it is most likely the women from part b married the Jews from part a. creating the people embodied by part c.


      My money is on Maltese and Sicilians for the greatest number of white women who married Arabs to get table scraps followed by far, far Southern Spain (North is Celtic).

      Unless one race conquers another, massive gold-digging is not commonplace enough to turn Bin Laden into Jerry Springer in appearance.

      Jews did not wander into Europe looking like Arabs, they looked like Greeks ie George Michael or Lebanese like Shakira. To this day, Jews still look like George Michael or Shakira.

  27. Juanny Boy

    I do NOT blame Sephadic Jews for Latin America’s problems.
    That would be silly.

    It was the gentile Spanish that caused these issues.

    But on the flip side the Anglo-sphere is spiraling out of control….
    the Spanish have essentially reached a ‘mutually beneficial’ deal with the American Elites (Anglos and Jews) to have the U.S. be a ‘safety valve’ as you put it, for their problems.

    Anglo/Jewish eites began to behave like Spaniards in a callous regard for their citizenry.

    That’s how you get a Bernie and Trump, anger over that.


      Sephardic Jews immigrated in tiny numbers to Latin America. After expulsion, most migrated Northwards in Europe, they did not leave.

      Fox and Trump are in British-Spanish elite dispute-whites trying to deal with the Red Indians. Brits brought enough women to the US to solve the problem by simply blowing away Red Indians while Spain never intended to import families for a stable middle-class society in the first place.

      Indians and mixed-bloods so outnumber whites in Latin America that if they could not immigrate to America there’d be far more turmoil for the ruling Spanish European elites.

      Elites in the U.S. are global and have no idea what it is like to have an IQ of 90 and 3 kids to support on a GED.

      Anglo/Jew elites do not have kids at 18. They study and party until 30 because their parents support this and then Dad lets them be his landlord like Trump’s German father. Anglo/Jew elites have their own security so they do not need to cover police, public schooling, or anything else outside the walls of the castle.


      Asian-Americans and South Asian-Americans are clever enough to remain in the middle-class as technocratic functionaries as a “sweeping generalization” so there jobs won’t go to Mexicans and wisely they know that if we cut welfare any further the NAMS would simply begin to mass riot in this fading industrial age. Most blacks will be on charity their whole life not because they are lazy but merely because their options are limited.

      • Juanny Boy

        Well it is true that the ‘hyper-selected’ groups vote Democrat to keep NAMs happy.
        There is also the subtle realization that welfare also helps poor Whites which keeps them less angry than everyone else (even if the poor Whites don’t realize that)..

        Asians began to act like they were angry at the NAM scapegoats just as much as Whites to get on Trumpenproletariat’s good side. This worked well enough.

        Jews and Indians now act like they are the biggest victims of Muslims to get on Trumpenproletariat’s good side.

        Cuban-Americans had no ‘special angle’ per se other than doing business with Trump for years and giving money/coming out for him just like the other two.

        Trump is so anti-immigrant but why did he not;
        A. Bash H1B visas more?
        B. Explicitly reference Castro in the “they send the bad ones over”?

        Easy, Indians and Cubans have helped Trump out and he is friendly with them.

        • JUANNA

          Trump does not want to deal with white people’s Red Indian problem South of the border and Vincente Fox etc. DO NOT want to deal their Red Indian problem either.

          Cuba has no Indians left because you killed them and no choice but to bring over Gallegos women so Trump is merely citing the film SCARFACE because he is a dumb landlord.

          SCARFACE depicts Italian Al Pacino and German Jew Steven Bauer (Manny) and some Mexican-Americans as being the typical Cubans in the Mariel Boatlift. They were not. Most were Africans who worshipped Chango the Santaria Lord of Voodoo. A few loonies were white Gallegos but generally middle-class Cubans are Gallegos whites (Garcia, Diaz).

          Some Celtic Gene in the Gallegos/Catalan gene pool produces Latin America’s future revolutionary dictators: I don’t know why. Che, Fidel, Pinochet and Franco back in Spain seem to turn into dictators-for-life for some reason. Cuba, Argentina, Spain, Chile all result from this.

        • Juanny Boy

          Castro literally EMPTIED OUT THE PRISONS for the boat lift.

          There were surely a disp. amount of Blacks, but why is it that Gallego psychopaths, thugs, etc. aren’t “the bad ones”?

          Wouldn’t you want Chinua Achebe as your next door neighbor as opposed to Tony Montana?
          Or Luis Guiterrez as opposed to Lyle Menendez?

  28. Juanny Boy

    “They send the bad ones over”= Cubans in the Boat lift.
    “Foreign aid is robbing us”= Israel
    “Immigrants drive down wages”= H1B Indians.

    He could have very easily referenced those three groups specifically with such statements?
    Why didn’t he?


    • WRONG

      BAD ONES = Indians, Mestizos and Mulatto at the bottom of the Andalusian racial pyramid in Central America that whites like Vincente Fox don’t want to deal with.

      NB SCARFACE is inaccurate in depicting Marial Boatlift refugees as Italian-American (Pacino) and Jewish-American (Bauer) criminals in appearance. They worshipped Santaria for heaven’s sake.

      NB ii Anglo/Jewish producers do not want to be accused of “racism” by casting blacks or Mestizos who often won’t participate anyhow so they ALWAYS cast Italian-Americans like Pacino as Hispanics or sometimes a Jew like Steven Bauer. Pacino has made a career of playing Hispanics though he is clearly Sicilian with a fair streak of Arab blood in him.

      FOREIGN AID = This could be true but it won’t be Israel that gets cut. Or not by much.

      Trump is yielding to pressure that the average American does not want another war in the Middle East or will send troops to Syria and the Americans are going into an Isolationist period.


      Nope, its the Italian-American strategy with those earliest Latin criminals: raise wages enough to create a working lower middle-class who earn enough for a jail cell not to seem like a hotel. It worked with the Italian-Americans who are no longer as eager to be “soldiers” and kill people for pennies.

      The idea is that Blacks and Mestizos born in the U.S. will stop selling drugs or gang-banging or selling their women’s HIV riddled-booties on the streets for profit to SOME extent IF they make another $2.00 an hour at minimum wage jobs. I agree. People are so poor that jail is a nice hotel anyhow are not going to be moral upstanding citizens just to be good citizens.

  29. Barack Thatcher

    after Castro died I was pleasantly surprised to see many Cuban-Americans were represented in the Political-sphere. Not in high profile token positions, but in ‘behind the scenes’ power positions.

    Matt Schlapp’s wife is Cuban.

  30. Juanny Boy

    Donald Trump is aware of such racial differences in Hispanics.
    His beauty queens were typically Latina, often times Criollos or Castizo.

    He surely noticed these lovely ladies weren’t your typical Mexicans.
    his dad was arrested in the 1920s for harassing Italian immigrants in the KKK.
    Trump was surely raised in the Nordicist tradition.

    He employs Italians, but he probably doesn’t respect them.
    He employs women, he doesn’t respect them much either.
    Just today he made a snide remark about how his female tax lawyer forgot to talk about the pile of papers on the side tale at the press conference.

    • Distinguishing between an Andalusian-born Criollo like Banderas or Bardem or Cruz and a Castizo like Richard Ramirez is quite difficult. There’s a slight roundness to the face and slant to the eyes with Castizos but I mean really SLIGHT.

      Trump’s father was AN IMMIGRANT GERMAN CHILD in the 1920’s New York. Not a part of the KKK who were as that far North.

      He grew in New York’s German equivalent to Little Havana and his parents were German citizens.

      Unlikely they belonged to the Klu Klux Klan, a Southern organization of Anglo-Celtics.

      • Juanny Boy

        The KKK briefly had a presence in the Northeast leading up to the 1924 immigration act.
        This was because of resentment of Southern and Eastern European immigrants.

        • Juanny Boy

          The KKK did not formally become OK with Catholics until David Puke took over in the 1970s.
          That was a large staple of the movement in the 1920s…not only Blacks.

        • TRUMP’S FATHER WAS AN IMMIGRANT-born in Germany and raised in the United States most of his life, but still foreign-born.

          Trump’s mother did not come to the U.S. until she was 20 years old or something.

          Sorry, but I just don’t believe a German-born immigrant and his recently immigrated Scottish wife in New York RENTING TO JEWS were Klan members.

          Being a German-American I have to say that the Klan is not the racist organization that they tend to secretly join. Sorry, but they have their own.

    • The rise of Islamofascism is the work of USA and Jews. It is very intriguing that the worst Islamo states and exporter of terror like Saudi are USA ally.

      The real enemies of Israel are secular Jews like Hafez Assad and Gamal Nasser.

      Basically Islamo Sunni Arabs are piece of shit and morons. Their heartland, the East province which holds world largest oil field are Shia Arab land.

      Worst, being a absolute monarchy, Saudi arm forces commanding roles are being distribute to the princes, and having 10,000 princes till date, these princes monopolizes all civil service leadership roles, including arm forces, else they get unemployed.

      Saudi arm forces are weak, and upon a uprising, she will collapse faster than Syria.

      That is why she is beholden to USA and Jews,

      • CREADERS Americans buy Saudi oil. More than they have too, in fact.

        If Fuji Chinese did not have so much money in Philippines and Indonesian and Singaporean banks Malays similarly might want them out.

        In 1965 for example the Chinese rioted in Singapore and in another country the would have been expelled like Jews but….they have too much money in the banks and own businesses giving too many people jobs.

        So its that toxic relationship thing, not ideal.s

  31. I totally agree with Robert cunning with no resources is natural to them they also involuntary gaslight everyone around them 24/7, from business tactics to the closest people in their life (yes even family )…. I am Latina and after being married to one and traveling to North Africa several times I can assure you it takes their holidays of Ramadan to actually help other people they can walk right past a dieng starving child and not offer any help without any remorse and so on.

    They are unbelievably selfish to a point an American could never grasp and that what allows them to get in relationships with Narcissistic Arabs it’s sickening really because all we want is love and you will never be happy married to an Arab for long. They have an uncanny ability to manipulate and gaslight/brainwash people its really fucking scary after all that charm with their good looks fucks your head up. They will break your spirit and disconnect your soul from your body and hold it in a suspense state…

    I finally broke away after 13 years of loving and hoping he would change I had to literally start recording our conversations because he would have me questioning my own sanity, and when I was alone I would play those conversations back to myself because I honestly couldn’t remember at the time what was going on around me so sad I lost all those years living in cptsd and now I’m in total isolation.

    So what I’m saying is stay away from them as much as possible or you will be sucked in. Keep in mind I am a professional, I am a current member of SHRM also a Human Resource Director. The sad part is their women stand up for them because they was born and breed to be a slave, which is humiliation from the beginning which is the way cults, military, and several other organizations manipulate their members to start mind control but they don’t even know that they was born to gas light themselves so sad but true…

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