Why I Don’t Like Nigerians

We run a site on Yahoo called Antiscammers. And we dealt with Nigerian scammers on there all day long, every single day. People told us that you would walk into a cafe in Nigeria and there would be 40 people sitting at computers, and 37 of them would be sitting there all day trying to steal from Americans. The number of Nigerians who are full-time Internet scammers would absolutely amaze you.

Also we were told that in Nigerian society, there was nothing wrong with being an Internet scammer. Internet scammers were heroes. In fact, they told us that most everyone was some sort of a criminal over there. You had to watch your back all the time because even your friends and lovers would try to rip you off if you turned your back.

Everyone in the government is a criminal and a thief. They finally found one guy who wasn’t a criminal (How did they find him?), and they were so shocked that he wasn’t a criminal that they put him in charge of the Nigerian Antifraud Unit. He had his hands full, but he hardly prosecuted any cases because the cops were all corrupt and taking bribes, and they kept letting everyone off the hook. Also he couldn’t go after any government people because he would have had to lock up the whole government.

The average people know that all the government is nothing but criminals, all the cops are crooks, and half the people on their block are crooks, so a lot of them just think, “Why shouldn’t I be a crook too?”

Scamming over there is not something a few people do. It’s a way of life practiced by 100,000’s or even millions of Nigerians. The whole country runs on crime. There are so many criminals in Nigeria that there are too many for the country, so they are branching out and moving all over the world to set up shop in new countries where they start doing crimes. So now there are Nigerian crime gangs in most countries. The cops did inspections at the port in Lagos once, and most of the ships coming in were loaded with stolen property. And even a lot of the stuff that was legit would be ripped off at the dock or later on.

We dealt with countless Nigerian crooks all the time.

These “good Nigerians” kept trying to join the group, and we would not let them in. Finally we started letting them in. They were “concerned and wanted to fight the scammers.” We let them in, and they ruined the group. We had a lot of women in our group, and we had cam sessions all the time. Every one of those Nigerian guys would get on cams with the women in our group and whip out their dicks right away and start jacking at the women. It freaked out a lot of the women, and we had to ban a lot of them for being perverts.

Finally we found out that all the men were “wife scammers.” They were trying to scam a foreign wife from the West. It boiled down to “pay me a lot of money to get me out of here and marry you.”

We heard about a number of women who married Nigerians here in the US. All White women. They only marry White women. None of the men worked. They all lived off the women while the women worked. They stayed home all day and spent all day on the Net chasing other women. They were all notorious cheaters, and they cheated on their wives constantly. They were always broke and always had their hands out. They were also mean, cruel and controlling and they would not allow the women any freedom at all to do anything. In a number of cases, they set up shop here in the US and started running their usual scams again, this time from the US. All of these marriages failed and were disasters.

In addition to wife scamming, we caught a lot of the Nigerians engaging in other types of scamming. As soon as they got in the group, they started asking for money all the time for this, that and whatever. A lot of them started having “disasters,” homes burned down, hospital bills, whatever.

Finally we threw almost all the Nigerians out of the group because frankly every single one that joined was either a scumbag or a criminal. This caused a big blowup in the group where we got accused of being “racist.” Then we got really racist, I mean like no kidding, real deal, discriminatory racist, and we made up a new group rule, “No Africans Allowed in the Group.” So we hung up a Segregation Era Jim Crow sign in front of the group.

I went on some forums, and almost 100% of the Nigerians who are on the Net buying stuff with credit cards are criminals. One online retailer said he had 10,000 credit card purchase attempts by Nigerians and all except one were with stolen cards. He said a lot of online retailers were turning Jim Crow and having “No Nigerians” and “No Purchases by Nigerians Allowed” policies. A lot of online retailers were blocking whole IP blocks out of Nigeria. They were banning the whole country from the site. Finally VISA and Mastercard both banned Nigeria and some other West African countries from using their cards because there was so much stolen credit card crime going on.

Nigerians and Gypsies both destroyed a number of Internet auction sites. The sites got taken over by Gypsies and Nigerians running fake auctions, and everyone else left the site. They also got heavily involved in the online rentals business and seriously trashed that too. The banks started getting upset at them too because the Nigerians were getting into so many people’s accounts and draining them – the Nigerians would convince people to give them access to their accounts, and the Nigerians would drain the accounts.

The scams that the Nigerians ran were widely varied and changed almost by the day. They were often quite clever, and it was easy to see how some good, trusting person could be sucked into one of these things.

Almost all of the dating sites, at least the free ones, have been destroyed by Nigerians. If you go onto one of those sites now, no real woman will ever contact you, but a lot of beautiful fake women will contact you saying wonderful things.

None of these are real women. Instead they are Nigerian males using model pics and pretending to be women. The fake women befriend men and somehow get the men to send money to them. So the guys send money to the fake women for plane tickets or whatever. It turns out the woman doesn’t even exist, she’s just a fake.

There are also a vast number of fake men on there often preying on older, middle aged, lonely women who are often fat and not very pretty. These are good women looking for a good man. The Nigerians use pics of very good-looking men and then make profiles turning them into dream men with good jobs, kids, big houses and whatnot. They often shower the women with gifts like flowers, candy, etc. All of the gifts are paid with stolen credit cards. Somehow they get these women to send them money, and they steal however much they can.

Just about anything for sale on the Net out of West Africa is a scam. Just about any service offered on the Net out of West Africa is a scam.

Not only that, but we let Nigerian noncriminals into our group, and 98% of them acted awful right away, wife-scamming, begging money, jerking off at the women, etc.

And those were the good, law-abiding citizens.

I have met a couple of Nigerian PA’s here in the US, both very bright. They were good people, but they both told me that their country was a shithole. One guy invested in a medical clinic in Nigeria. He left the country for a year, went back, and his partner had liquidated the place, torn it down, and ran off with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I had so many bad experiences with these people that I am done with them. I realize that a few Nigerians are good, but I have had enough bad experiences with these people for 50 lifetimes, and I don’t have the time to sort through 100 Nigerians to find 2-3 good ones. I have better things to do. Since my experiences, I have been avoiding everyone from that land; in fact, I have been avoiding everyone from West Africa in general because I did some research and I found out that the countries around Nigeria are just about as bad as Nigeria.

I figure 50% of population of Lagos wakes up every morning and thinks, “Who can I rip off today?”

As far as I am concerned, these people appear to be some sort of a criminal race. How they got that way I have no idea, but I am done with them for this lifetime.


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  1. I was reading up a bit more and it turns out that almost all other African countries hate Nigerians. South Africans, Angolans, Cameroon all hate Nigerians. I knew it was a problem but I never knew that 80% of a continent hates and despises one specific group of people.

    • Messi

      Nigerians seem to be the Pollacks of Africa (or the Portagee of Africa, if you’re from Hawai’i), they’re the punching bag endless ‘loving’ jokes mocking Nigerian stupidity, superstitiousness and immaturity. Of course, they’re the only Africans anyone jokes about, so I have no idea if the rest of the continent is any better.

      The East Africans in Seattle seem okay, though.

  2. Trutheller

    Your comment about the 100 bad Nigerians for every 2 good ones I think really applies to the black race as a whole.

  3. libertine81

    What numbers are we referring to here? Can you give me a conservative ballpark figure, and not the percentage, of the amount of Nigerian scammers you’ve encountered? If what I read from this article turns out to be true, then it would be pretty shocking.

    The only Nigerian that I have met in my life was decent and honest. I detected no criminal-like behaviour in him at all.

  4. Sam

    “…Every one of those Nigerian guys would get on cams with the women in our group and whip out their dicks right away and start jacking at the women…”

    Nigerian game.

  5. asdadas

    Well is there any black african country that you like lol?

  6. All I know is West Africa is awful. I do not know much about the rest of the continent. Don’t like Sudan too much. I have no opinion on the rest of the Black-run countries of Africa.

    • Sénégal

      You dont know Sénégal, the people from here are very Nice and generous

      • I agree, I know nothing whatsoever about your country.

        We did run across a lot of people from Ghana though, and I hate to say it but they were a lot like Nigerians. A lot of them were pretty lousy people.

        • Your article is an eye opener to unfortunate victims of Nigerian scammers but most times is the greed of the white folks that get them scammed.

          For long the white folks wants to exploit the blacks if not why will you believe that if you invest $10,000 in a business in Nigeria you can earn as much as $100,000 in a month or a week this is some of the stories that get white folks scammed…

          Then unfortunately for the female old women that falls prey..

          Love is a beautiful thing but don’t be dumbass about falling in love when you are 65years and dating a guy of 24years you are not in love you just a money making machine to him….

          I believe some white folks do scam older women and also each other too I watch mainly foreign movies and documentation…

          I see what happens so you guys are no saint either but I’m not pointing fingers because I just love the fact that I have never scammed any foreigners before as we always do business and we are happy at the end of the day.

      • Cale I can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic.

    • tola

      Sudan is like that due to the war. You can imaging america after the American civil war. Also tell you gun dealers to stop selling guns and stating war in Africa

    • A generalized post about a country you have not lived in for even a month and a conclusion based on Yahoo and YouTube records?

      That’s a wickedness to Us.

      I am Nigerian and I am aware of how 80% people in Lagos will wake up by 3am just to get a good means of survival for themselves and family.

      I woke up to three different things to sort today and more for most of the 99% that run up and down to honestly make ends meet.

      WE are aware of the many bad eggs and even the government officials but saying just 2 out of 100 is honest is going overboard.

      Statistics to prove this will make you know that a country where 98% is criminal will go into extinction as crime will wipe off such.

      Come and visit Nigeria for a month, I can even accommodate you and then you will see the difference.

      Good people, great Nation …. Nigeria

      I am Nigerian, and I am not a Criminal

  7. Lesley

    They sound like scum.

    I had a black man from london steal £50 from my wallet earlier this year, when I noticed this I went into the bank and asked to be sent a new bank card as a precaution incase he’d also stolen my bank details from my bank card. I wonder if his family originally came from nigeria and had raised him that way. He probably had very little reason to absolutely need to steal as he was working full time and shared a flat with a friend.

    I did work with a few women from other parts of africa in my last job that where ok though, one of them was just as annoyed and pissed off as most people would be with the vandalism and car theft she had to put up with when she was living in glasgow, so I think with the people you’re talking about it is just down to them having a bad upbringing and being overly exposed to a bad culture. As you said, bad cultures usually produce bad people… 😉

  8. Jynxi

    Criminals are criminals no mater where they are located around the world. These African criminals pale in comparison to the White-anglo criminals on Wall-street raiding your 401Ks or selling you worthless MBSs and REITs. Oh, and by the way lets not leave out the medical cartels now ripping off the taxpayer’s and the Universities ripping off the students with these student-loan scams and what about all that Clinton-cash collected. Oh wait, he was the first black president, scratch that.

    • Sam

      “… White-anglo criminals on Wall-street raiding your 401Ks or selling you worthless MBSs and REITs…”

      Mostly Jews.

  9. DHL

    For all you know; this may be the real Robert Lindsay.

  10. This write up is like 95% true

    I’m Nigerian. Been in Nigeria almost all my life. I’m aware of the 1% of our 170million people giving us bad names and projecting us in a way we really aren’t. It’s quite unfortunate that these guys have been bad ambassadors due to the human nature of greed and love for money & affluent lifestyle.
    It’s gonna take a very long number of decade’s to eradicate the reputation these 1% have labelled us. Funny how our leaders aren’t even helping matters by scamming the Nigerian public as well, leaving those at the bottom of the food chain to start living a “survival of the fittest” lifestyle.
    I just want y’all to know most of us aren’t as bad as they say. I know it’s only normal for you to make a judgment based on those you’ve communicated with but please be more open minded about ur judgment.
    Please note that being a fraudster isn’t celebrated here (except if you’re really wealthy maybe). It is totally frowned upon cuz we Nigerians were brought up with sound moral instructions. It’s just youthful exuberance & laziness that turned these few cats on the net into greedy buffoons. Their quest to quick success is why they’re acting badly. I mean everybody wanna get rich quick, else lotteries wouldn’t thrive.
    We’re not as bad as projected. We’re usually morally upright (at least pretend to in public)

    I’m also aware you guys have a similar view about Russians & Irish guys. sighs Just like Nigerians, I believe they too are having a few number of guys representing them in a bad way
    Thank you

    PS: those Nigerian scammers claims their reasons for engaging in the act is to avenge for the loots the West came to loot “their forefathers”

  11. Naijaguy

    Seriously u have lived with nigerians and perceived all these thrash. Go and wipe the tears of hiroshima victims u caused i am sure japan will never forget it. please mind ur business and leave Nigerians alone

    • All right scammer, I am banning you. Back to your hellhole with you!


      • Robert Lindsay!
        I don’t think you are objective with your statements.
        Have you been to this country? Have you spent time here with the people in the mundane Nigeria?
        I bet No!
        I bet you have not seen old Mama Sade, making peanuts from the sales of her groundnuts in the traffic of Lagos yet contented with it – so she could give her children a befitting education.
        I bet you have not seen Femi, a graduate who for 5 years have been unemployed because of the sorry state of the economy, yet he didn’t scam, he didn’t steal, he works in the “mines” (factory) of Nigeria just to make sure his aged parents live a comfortable life.
        I bet you have not seen Joke, who despite the persistent call from friends in Italy to sell her body for prostitution, decides to stay back home and diligently sell bread for her parent to make ends meet.
        I am sure that in your lifetime, you had only met one scammer from Nigeria while the other research that informed your judgement has been based on what you read and heard.
        Nigeria is not as bad as most white people portray it to be. Please beware! there are dangers of a single story.
        I am proud Nigerian.

        • Balogun olami olamzy

          I really appreciate every bit of your saying to this. I wonder why everyone sees us as a scammer while they aren’t even sure of it to be 100% if we are said to rate it.

          My believe, “When the darkness comes before light, that’s the best way of living” meaning? We the decent Nigerians are gonna Change these but in decades to come.

          Aspire to acquire what you desire, but when you perspire, don’t retire but refire” I personally will never relent till I wash away at least, 10% of this to be true as a blogger. I love my country, it’s the best ever, we are only doing through all these accusations from whites because our country is really saturated with corrupted leaders. I work very well with whites, especially promotion of their products on my blog and running facebook ads, most of them always tell me how happy I am and great working with, they even tip me for every bit of jobs I do for them. They love me being a Nigerian, and I’m very sure you guys use bot for them to drive traffic. So tell me what you can call those that uses bot for my clients job back then before they came across me?

          My conclusion, you guys have your own bad parts, very bad side of yours. Trust me, we are great country and amazing guys work with true identity, but the bad ones are over saturated to the good ones.

  12. Ricardo

    I have had the misfortune to work in Nigeria for over 2 years and its not 1% of Nigerians, its like 80%.

    Every interaction with a Nigerian I have, they try to rip me off of scam me in some way. This has led to me not socializing anymore with Nigerians at all its just a total pain in the ass listening to them try to clumsily ingratiate themselves themselves so they can leaver you for money, a job, too avoid work, whatever.

    My local work colleagues are so lazy and incompetent I cant delegate a single thing to them as they will screw it up whether deliberate or due to utter lack of professionalism. Consequently I have to work 60+ hours a week while they nosily piss about in the office doing nothing of value.

    As for scammers ‘claiming back the’loot the west took from their forefathers’…., well Nigerian are well known as being the original of slavers in African history and rather than stealing loot, the west gave them loot and gold for the other African tribes they enslaved. That’s one of the reasons other Africans can’t stand their self righteousness. Curiously enough in the city of Calabar there is a pathetic excuse for an historical exhibit called the ‘Slavery Museum’ where they blame it all on the the west and skip this particular bit of their local history…fancy that.. lying Nigerians?

    Only thing that keeps me going is the 3 monthly flight out of this dump to civilization for a week, and the hope of a job outside Africa soon.

    • Nigerian

      Is this a joke? Slandering an entire country because of the scammers you met.. it’s easier to point fingers at other countries…

    • tola

      If Nigeria is that bad you wouldn’t have stayed for 2yrs. You worked for a multinational company that use people like you to smuggle money out of Nigeria. You stayed because you knew you wouldn’t have gotten such offer in you country. Pls stay away from us.

    • concerned Nigerian.

      Then quit your job Retardo. Move back to your heavenly country. We have our problems but seriously? this is completely ridiculous. I’ve met many racist/criminal Europeans but it would be completely wrong of me to generalise. Since you people think you’re without sins, keep casting stones but your house of glass will soon be shattered.

    • Dekunle

      Lazy thing, you want collect 5 person pay, but you don’t want to work. I will be lazy too if am there

    • Omon

      pathetic fool. why not resign and go to your so called civilization. Richardo, it’s not your fault. unqualified idiots like you came to Nigeria, tagged as ‘expatriates’ because you look white.

      Do the right thing…resign and get another job instead of enduring this misery..piece of shit like you. And for the rest racists like you we have enough problems on our hands, your two cent opinion don’t count.

  13. john

    I’m Nigerian and I live in Nigeria. As much as it pains me, I have to admit that you are absolutely right. It’s really unfortunate. Corruption and witchcraft are what rules this place. Pity.

    • tola

      Dear john don’t be stupid.
      It means your father mother sisters and brothers are scammers and drug peddlers. Am sorry for you. We have criminals in Nigeria just like any other country.

    • ikenye oscar

      John don’t be naive they introduced the internet and Nigeria does not have the best hackers in the world, truly some people might be bad, but that doesn’t make the whole country bad. more so

  14. Emmanuel45

    I am Nigerian and I live in NIgeria at the moment. I have also lived in the US for years…earlier on.

    You are absolutely right in this article. The truth is that Nigerians are generally not pleasant people. The worst part is that they actually think they are. Many Nigerians will steal from you, steal from the companies they work at. WOE UNTO THE PERSON that puts a Nigerian in charge of ‘procuring’ wares for their company. That person will triple the prices probably, and get you broke.

    Many Nigerians have run the companies they worked at to the ground.

    I often say to some of my Nigerian friends that ‘Nigerians have lost the straight way/. They dont even know what the straight way is anymore. I MEAN IT. They DONT KNOW WHAT THE STRAIGHT WAY OF DOING ANYTHING IS!!!” If there isnt conflict in it, drama in it, cheating in it, they get bored and they cant do it.

    I tried to date several Nigerian girls. They are usually very rebellious…dont wanna change anything for the guy. Are obsessed with their UGLY FAKE HAIR ‘weavon’, they spend so much money on.

    Nigerians WORSHIP MONEY, and the person that HAS MONEY.


    They’ll even bow to him and call him ‘Oga, Oga Sir. Sir, we are here naw…. Sir we are looking up to you”…Just because he came out of a Jeep which has tinted windows.

    I vowed that I would never try to date another Nigerian girl. They are troublesome, talk back so much, and of course, are ‘blameless’. They have no pride in their natural hair…maybe one in eight does.

    I think the real problem is that Nigerians aren’t RAISED. The parents think paying for a good school is raising the kid. You know, how a parent spends time with their children as they grow, teaching them values…say sorry, say please, dont steal, return things back to where you picked them up from….NIgerians dont know ANY OF THAT. They dont know how to act in ways that promote harmony.

    One of my great friends whom I love very much (a Nigerian, but I love him because he has been transformed by the Bible so he doesn’t act ‘Nigerian’…so he’s just a great honest Christian). We ate some peanuts at my place yesterday…which we had bought down the road. Interestingly, he would drop the empty nylon bag they were wrapped in ON THE FLOOR. RIght in my house. I love him to much, and didnt want to offend him by asking ‘why are you dropping trash on the floor in here?’

    Nigeria is a dirty country. Clogged gutters at the side of the road. No gutter covers, because the road contractors ‘ate’ the money to be used for that…Or better yet, the very state’s government that awarded that contract asked for a 40% kickback of the WHOLE AMOUNT…secretly of course. That’s how the government gives contracts. They give it to those whom they’re sure will pay them back 40% of the whole amount. Better yet, they deduct it at source. That IS Nigeria. Terible place for business. Thats why the people languish in abject poverty. They love to lie to themselves that the country is rich. Rich my a**. The elite steal a good 87% of all the wealth. So almost everybody has nothing. There are a whole generation of people from 12 years old to 35 years old on the roads, selling ‘pure water’, and bubblegum, and candy…in the middle of traffic. Nigerians, isnt’ this true??

    NIgerians BLINDLY defend the country. The interesting thing is that I did not know what made Nigerians UNIQUELY Nigerian, until I lived in the U.S.

    Nigerians are PAINFUL TO DO BUSINESS WITH. Here is what they ALWAYS SAY: “People are owing me. Please, I will pay you back when they pay me”. They always want to bargain down to the ROCK f-ING BOTTOm. They never wanna pay people their REAL DUES. They always want to owe. If they hire you, they love to boss you around, because they feel they are doing you SUCH A FAVOUR. They are painful to work with because they talk so much and want to bring in their over-socialization to work!

    I REALLY REALLY wonder about Nigeria.

    I am a Nigerian and it pains me to say – I HATE the way Nigerians are.

    I avoid Nigerian women, because they have cash hungry eyes…generally speaking. Who knows if they even know how to love a man? It’s all about providing.

    I was talking to a girl who attends this expensive university, Covenant University…She was in her 3rd year. She said word for word…”If God blesses me with a made man….”

    Imagine that. She’s like 19 or 20, and she’s looking for a ‘made man’. A man who has the 2 or 3 cars, a house, lots of comfort..Just waiting for her to waltz into HIS world and take her place as a queen??

    And guess what…every one from the poor to the rich girls are chasing after wealthy men!

    Wow, let me rest my fingers on this keyboard. THIS IS NIGERIA I HAVE DESCRIBED ABOVE. Oh, the last point…

    Nigerians are not deep. They are not deep thinkers. They dont enjoy deep discussions. They read their newspapers and love to ‘talk’ politics about what happening in Abuja and in senate, because the Newspapers convince them that the senators and governors give a damn. All the politicians care about is stealing more money and securing the next election.

    They dont read intellectual stuff, tech stuff, profound stuff, philosophy…nah. They only read stuff that helps them look more flashy (ladies), or religious literature. I bet in Nigeria only 0.0001% know who Nietzche.

    Yes, maybe one in ten thousand people know who Nietzche is.

    That’s why the country is not growing. Because they don’t know that true knowledge, wisdom, and honesty (or at least, accountability) are the foundations of great societies. Nigerians HATE HATE HATE discipline and order, thats why driving in most places in Nigeria is like a duel. “I got here first! I wont let u pass!” LITERALLY. LITERALLY…cars but heads, see who can make it first. Nobody can be patient to let the next car pass.

    They’re too busy worshiping the guy with money to go off and read somewhere and gain true knowledge.

    Mr. Lindsay, you can publish this comment as an article if you’d like. This is a true analysis of Nigeria, as I have seen it. I am currently in Nigeria as I write this…keeping guard against almost everybody because I am like…”damn, I am in a land of aggressive and dishonest people”.

    The ONE GOOD THING ABOUT NIGERIA…I see is that there are SOME truly spiritual people, who live for God, and commune with God. I know some of them. To me, they are the only good things/people in Nigeria. Besides that, I’ll tell foreigners…what in the world are you looking for in Nigeria. Even we from Nigeria are appalled by our people.

    • Hi Emmanuel, please can you send me your email address. Seems like you have had it really bad with Nigerian girls. If you are not in a relationship presently, I would love you to date my sister. She is not like any of the Nigerian girls you described.

    • Chike

      Sorry for your self. A white man is talking trash about you and you seem happy about it. You want him to like u or what. Aren’t you a lost one.
      No crime you see in Africa that wasn’t introduced and perpetratated by these white folks. All claiming holy. Rubbish.
      The same shit you talk about blacks in America.
      You bring crime slavery corruption and all bad things to this continent and here you are talking like whites are saints.
      Give yourself a break.

    • To just say this you are not a Nigerian… You wish you could change who you are but unfortunately you can’t….

      You support a point with a point and defend your own not be a sell out my friend and namesake my name is Emmanuel too

  15. You do have oil and Nigerian engineers are very good. I’ve known some in other countries.

  16. Mel

    I agree with EVERY word you said! The Nigerian men come here to our colleges and try to date all the White, bright, and light-skinned women. I kid you not, at the undergrad I attended, the other African men dated African females, but the Nigerian was the ONLY African preying on the White and light races of women. The undergrad that I attended was extremely diverse and like dated like with the exception of the Nigerian men always trying to and sometimes succeeding to build relationships with the prettiest Caucasian girls — one a good friend of mine!

    They were always throwing themselves on the prettiest blondes on campus — and I can’t believe that “beauty” was tricked into actually dating “BEAST!” I happen to be a mixed-race light-skinned female and in graduate school I had a serious problem with one Nigerian who picked me out of a whole campus full of women and DECIDED that I would be his because HE WANTED ME! Mentally ill ni993r! I can’t tell you the problems I had and still have with this stalker!

    The Nigerian race is clearly the worst race walking on planet Earth. I can’t imaging why they keep letting them into the US when they know what they are capable of. The ones with Green Cards and citizenship are sneaky and underhanded and are no better than the ones stuck in Nigeria. The ones who are here as citizens help the ones back in Nigeria to defraud us all. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to get a new debit or credit card because my account was compromised — COURTESY OF THE “NIGGERian” of course!

    I wish Trump would do us all a favor and stick to his promise to deport all of them — especially the ones who have AMERICAN citizenship, consider themselves nurses, and are in US nursing homes raping our elderly! What Americans put up with and tolerate in the name of diversity and the melting pot is just ridiculous! I’m tempted to write a letter to Trump about the oxymoron and the MORON that someone named “good Nigerian!”

    • Welcome to the site Mel, glad to hear you are in grad school! And I thank you for sticking up for and befriending your White sisters.

    • Ceejay

      Sad… so there are so many africans at your school that the number of boys and girls are sufficient enough to date each other . Are you in africa or america. This is just the rantings of a girl who wanted attention and did not get it. Get over yourself they did not want you. Pussy grabbing racist country…

    • Oluwande Towoju

      hmmm………SIster let me ask you something

      DID HE YOU HE IS A NIGERIAN OR YOU ASSUMED HE IS A NIGERIAN BECAUSE HE’S BLACK? Someone might be a Ghanian, Kenyan, Ethopian, South African telling you he is a Nigerian beause of the negative publicity the Country carries

      For your information, I am happily married to the BEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD

      and Please next time remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. that said “one day NO ONE SHALL BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THEIR SKIN COLOR/RACE/TRIBE BUT TO THE CONTENTS OF THEIR CHARACTER


    • Rocksareyummy

      You pitiable creature. So narrow minded and stupid.

      • The ‘mother’ sends her deepest affections to the ‘roshogulla’ while the charming White father arrives, yet again, to the ‘rescue’, without any ‘real’ effect, though.

  17. Robert Please explain

    In the 1990’s women who engaged in mixed-race relationships were low-class or deviant or hardcore drug addicts or just plain sluts/whores being pimped out.

    They were held in contempt. When whites heard that some white girl was involved with some Blacks they wrote her off knowing what would follow would be trouble with police, drugs, rape or other exposure to bad risks.

    When did this change?

  18. Angela

    Sorry if this is off topic but could you please tell me how to check IP of commentators on a wordpress blog like yours?

    Sorry if my English is bad.


  19. Richard

    Robert Lindsay, I have read your article. Please I have some questions for you. First question, do you have prisons in America? If your answer is yes, then the prison population in America exceeded two million inmates. My second question. Those inmates are they Nigerians. I believe your answer must be NO. In contrast, every society contains the good and bad. If the USA prison population is that high, Nigerians are far better people by all standards.

    Nigeria did not not BOMB the World Trade Center on September 11 2001, may the blood of the innocent rest in peace. Please stop hating on Nigerians. They are humans just like yourself. Below are some dangerous men in the world who are not Nigerians.

    OSAMA BIN LADEN was not a Nigerian.
    QADDAFI OF LIBYA he was not a Nigerian.
    Even GEORGE SOROS, an American, has a bad reputation am sure you be will surprised.

    Please stop judging you are not God. Try to be a better person, and stop HATING because you are not perfect.

    • I so much respect the way you answered this question let those who have eyes read and understand that the white should stop Thier greed and stop falling victims to the bad idiots that spoil the na e of our great country

  20. Anonymous Nigerian

    As a Nigerian, all I can say is “IT IS WELL”!

  21. jojoba

    Well, I’ll like to say that majority of Nigerians are not criminals like you make it seems in your article. You should have come up with a more creative article to draw honest intelligent people to your blog, this article is ridiculous, untrue and highly destructive, Every one would agree with me that there are criminals everywhere in the world, will it be fair to now say all Americans are drug dealers and prostitute because most news and movies coming from America depict such character as common practice in the US.

  22. certified

    Am a Nigerian am proud to be one….all though some of your claims might be true… In a population of hundreds and thousands of people ..there must be definitely some bad eggs ..you don’t just use a small group of people to classify a whole nation. In united state..you can’t tell me all your citizen are good.. Some are bad.. Is that country you get card skimmers.. Drugs dealer and cartel of all sort.. Why didn’t you classify USA as corrupt as that cox of those thing they do….like me am ateen ..am still in college.. Having brighter vision thinking what impact do I have to make.. To make my country better… So please be considerate in all you say…God bless you

  23. All I have to say is that in as much as I am a Nigerian, I also fear my countrymen. The average Nigerian is looking for ways to steal from you. Nobody wants to work hard but they all want to be rich.

    I understand your perspective Mr Robert, but believe you me that there are honest Nigerians who work hard to pay their bills. The country might be a mess, but some of us are honest workers.

    Thanks for your opinion about us, I hope our leaders will read your article and have a change of mind.

    God Bless Nigeria and the whole world.

  24. Sanusi B Kabeer

    Wow! Wow!! I’m a Nigerian, I’m not a Scammer or whatever evils you call it in your article. Yes, some of you point might be true but i don’t blame you or any other folks with the same set of mentality towards Us ( Nigerians). Some few bad eggs caused that.

    Nigerians Leaders are nothing to write home about, Infact they’re the architect of these problems you mentioned. They are Greedy and Useless. They stole our money and move it to an offshore account owned and controlled by West. Do know how many Billions of Dollars of our money that are in America banks alone not to talk of other countries? You guys, Knew who they are and still protect them with our money because of your own selfish interests.

    American are not saint too. They’re known to exploit natural resources and cause problems and wars in countries. Anywhere Americans are, there will be problems and blood shed. But who are we to judge other people.

    Africans needs to wake up, let us stop the blame game. Let’s be UNITED! and fight these corrupt and greedy leaders of ours in other to develop our continent.

    God Bless The World!!

  25. kunle adeyemi

    You have a point, many Nigerians have turned evil no thanks to our corrupt government officials who have looted the national treasury which resulted in a nation with impoverished masses.

    We once had high moral values but due to poverty a lot of good people have compromised especially the youth who want to enjoy all the good things of life without working hard, even hard work these days don’t guarantee success in this part of the world.

    So sad but there still a good number of Nigerians, I know because am one.

  26. idowu hayub olatunji

    m nt sayin nigerians are good bt even less than 50% are educated enough to dupe whites, yet u guys claim 80% are scammers. i dnt u guys may b unfortunate to meet d bad guys bt does nt make large % bad, m nt justifying d actions of d bad guys bt u think COLONIZATION is nt a worse crime or u think slave trade is better. Colonization u murdered gr8 men stole resources took control of what is nt yours destroyed properties ruled ur out of our will and u think u re any better… i heard d bad guys do say dey re getting back what u stole from them so i can hardly blame them alone but can only share d blame between u two …

  27. You do realise that Nigerian is the most populous African country with over 200million. so if 1000 are online scammers, is it right to label all Nigerians scammers?

    Anyone could be on the internet claiming to be a Nigerian.

    Nigerians in the USA excel in academics and careers than any other African native.

    Besides the greatest and biggest scammers in history are Americans and Asians.

    • Mel

      It’s both funny and sad that every time a Nigerian brags about how smart and educationally superior another Nigerian is, that the one being bragged about is ALWAYS being (or has already been) educated in the United States! Why do Nigerians have to come to America to be scholars? Why not stay in Nigeria? Do you not have your own colleges and universities? It appears to me that the REASON why they are able to excel is because of the excellent American education they are being afforded by the excellent Americans! White Americans, might I add…

  28. Emma

    Unfortunately, most of what you wrote are true. I read this in tears because I know how much many of my countrymen are racing to scam anyone and just anyone. You wont believe that people scam their family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and just anyone.
    But you have to understand how that came about. Sadly, we run a system that allows anyone to flaunt wealth without having to provide explanation as to the source of the wealth. Politicians steal everyday and dole out peanuts to small boys around them for protection. It is a rat race where everyone wants to survive at all cost. If you are in Nigeria today, you run the risk of being kidnapped in some parts of the country. Name any crime and you are sure to find a Nigerian involved in any part of the world.
    However, there are more than 500 tribes in Nigeria and a few of them are experts in these vices so much so that if some crimes are committed in some parts of the world, you can safely declare who could have done that!
    But pls dont just hate them, help us too! Is it possible to create a website that publishes all details of scammers from Nigeria? Some of us will love to keep such records so our children can show the children of such rogues in the years ahead! It is difficult, if not impossible to put criminals in jail in Nigeria. They have lots of supporters among the tribe of their fellow criminals and aspiring crooks. Even those in the congress here are fighting the attempt to ensure the big time crooks are jailed. There is an all out war on the govt that wants to ensure criminals are sequestered in jail. It is almost a hopeless situation. The past govt we had encouraged a lot of criminals and the present govt is seen as having come to frustrate the thieves and as such must be frustrated.
    I know a lot of abuse would come your way but the truth has to be told. Some of us feel ashamed to identify ourselves as Nigerians because of what the criminals among us have done to our image everywhere. We dont want that to continue. We will welcome concerted efforts to name and shame the criminals.

  29. Oluwande Towoju


    Fine, the situation that some Nigerians have put the whole country to is painfully pathetic. BUT, there are still MANY (i MEAN MANY) several millions HARDWORKING, HONEST AND TRUTHFUL NIGERIANS living and working everyday all over the world.

    Even Jesus said “While I was with them, I kept them safe by the power of your name, the name that you gave me. I watched over them, and none of them, except one person, became lost. So Scripture came true.” (Jn. 17:12 http://www.biblehub.com God’s Word Translation—used with permission) So definately out of every 12 Nigerians there would always be a Judas (do the calculation using projected population of 220 million)

    But as a foreigner/expat/multinational have you held your government/financial institutions accountable for the slush of monies/choice estates/properties being stashed away in your country by OUR LEADERS? ROBERT LINDSAY if your government/world leaders stop the export of funds from NIGERIA, then you will see the drastic reduction in CYBER-CRIME/CREDIT SCAM/SCAM MARRIAGES etc NATURALLY

    And for the omo-ale’s (NIgerians projecting bad image of your country, do you think the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and other WESTERN/DEVELOPED COUNTRIES are not corrupt???

    Think Think and Think well

  30. well , that’s about thesame thing I had to go through during my time in the US…I had to go through some Americans whom from the moment they realised you are a Nigerian, they’d begin to try and tweak or decieve you in one way or the other,when ever they try and fail to cheat u in any manner,if u report to the police, most times it doesn’t work. why? because you are african

  31. We are all entitled to our opinions and how we decide to judge people….
    I just have to say this to Emmanuel45 I don’t know what you have experienced as a Nigerian. You saying this article is absolutely right means you are not a Nigerian… You are one of those black people that have been freed from slavery but deep down you still a slave and wish they could turn their skin and personality to become white…

    Yes our leaders are corrupt, yes we hardly trust each other. Yes we are almost everything you say we are and more but my friend you are wrong to judge a whole country because I have been scammed by a white man before but I don’t think all white men are scammers…

    Just because of a few bad experience you can’t say everyone is bad…. Except you are a racist which I don’t think you are.

    I believe that I’m not a scammer and I tell every white man or anybody I want to do business with. The first thing I tell them is I’m a Nigerian hope that’s okay by you. Then it’s left for them to do business with me or not.

    I’m Emmanuel an artist also founder of http://www.eclubhost.com a web hosting company in partnership with UK, USA, Indian and also HostGator… I make a honest living online and offline and for the fact that I’m a Nigerian and also this stigma of being bad I work twice as hard and yes it pays off..

    I’m a very proud Nigerian the Giant of Africa and I always want to be a Nigerian because we have seen it all the good the bad and the ugly it makes me believe so much in a quote that says what can’t kill you make you stronger.

  32. Jeff

    You speak from your perspective. I have a friend who works for a multi-national company in Nigeria and considers many people of a particular western country to be fraudulent due to his interactions with his work colleagues. it is his perspective and not an objective truth.

    The thing is Nigerians can be loud so you hear of our good and bad sides louder than most other countries

  33. A lady

    The human race is definitely inevitable
    When its obvious there’s a problem the next approach is to find a solution and most likely the quicker one,the country’s economy is definitely not anywhere near the USA or most countries am not trying to justify the fraudulent ways or means people ,no,intact its cruel
    Am a Nigerian and I love it!There are good people in my country, the desperate ones deserve whatever legal actions there are,but you shouldn’t judge a country you aren’t living in….esp.when you’ve not dealt with a quarter of the people living in it
    Bless up!

  34. I saw this today, and find it disheartening because I am a Nigerian- born, bred and still live and work there. I know for sure that some Nigerians are all of the above and more but please, I would like to correct the negative impression you have of us.

    Not all Nigerians are criminally minded or scammers and the percentage quoted here are all wrong. I make bold to say that there are millions of VERY DECENT, SMART AND HARD WORKING Nigerians who have not been soiled by this evil. Young men and women who inspite of the kind of society we find ourselves in, still choose the right part and would like the world to see us as GENUINE AND HUMAN.

    Crime and scammers abound everywhere across all continents and in Africa/ West Africa, Nigerians are not the only blacks. If you go to Ghana, Senegal, Cote De’voire etc, lots of people are also involved in the scam who are not Nigerians but because we are the most POPULAR black country, every blackman is seen as a “Nigerian.”

    There are lots of Nigerian men and women who created and are still creating real time CLEAN wealth from hardwork both in Nigeria and across the globe.

    Please, do not generalize and do not fear to visit Nigeria, just be careful in trusting and observe all recommended safety rules. We have also traveled wide and seen for ourselves that SCAM is a global challenge not a Nigerian thing, please.


  35. James

    You can’t jst make a conclusion about a whole country based on limited unprofessional data from other sources.If u really wanna write a fact based article make detailed researches and stop conclusions based on sentiment.I know that we have our bad side but common,so do u guys.You ppl are saint either.

  36. You have valid points, but your stats are wrong! You can’t say just 2-3 of 100 Nigerians are Nice.

    Nigerians abroad go mostly for
    1. work
    2. school
    4.vacation and
    5. Scam /prostitution/ e-husbands/ e-wives / e-pastors et all

    From your points, your interaction must have been majorly with those on the scam level who mostly work in small networks.
    If you come to Nigeria, you find very sincere people especially in the North.
    The stammers are in some towns in the South East and South West.

    I say this as a Nigerian staying in Nigeria

    • Blavkhat

      Look at this damn modaf*ka..
      I grew up in Abuja,strolled into KD and Kano.

      Bro there are also scammers up north..

      .This blog just spoiled our imagine as a Nigerian you don’t know..

      When travelling out they don’t care to know what part of Nigeria you are from..

  37. 80% of the write-up is the truth.
    I’m Half-Nigérien, Half-Nigerian. I lived in Nigeria till I’m 15, and I can testify that an average Nigerian is a thief. If you don’t believe me, ask those that’d been there, especially people from the southern part of the country.

  38. I’m a Nigerian, based in Nigeria, being to the United State on 2 occassions for visiting and opportuned to invite a female pal of mine, based in San Diego to an holiday with me. She arrived Nigeria on the 18th of August and left October 27, 2015.

    Nigeria/Nigerian are not as bad as made it seem, there are always bad eggs in every society and America is not an exception. The degree of pronounciation is what differs. Crime is not peculiar to any tribe, ethnic or country.

    There’s not much i can do to change your perception but hey, you are entitled to your opinion, same as mine.


  39. Dav

    Lol. I am a Nigerian and I have never ever in my life scammed anyone. You need to know what we go through in this country before you open your mouth to speak. Nigeria is a country with a population of almost 200 million people with different tribes and ethnicities which all have different characters. I’m surprised this post is coming from a USA citizen whose government continues bombing and killing innocent people around the world. I have also read some comments on this post which were racist motivated. I am currently studying nuclear engineering at umass Lowell. I came to pursue my dreams in the USA and not scam people. God bless.

  40. Efe

    It hurts so bad to read this because I can relate with your write-up. A large percentage of Nigerians have this very bad “get it at all cost” mentality, and this attitude has eaten into the fabric of the society. Being a Nigerian, I am very careful dealing with some Nigerians, and though there are lots of good Nigerians, I accept the fact that they are not easy to come by. However, I feel done by when people like myself and other hard working Nigerians get thrown under the bus. My father trained me with proverbs 22:1 in mind (God bless his soul), I grew up watching him live right in the midst of wolves and other sheep, I work hard every day, I am presently a professional engineer with a couple of masters degrees, married, and I love my wife with every breath in me (I will rather die than cheat on her).

    I want to call out Mel for her reply. Mel’s post is fallacious because, unless she has encountered every single Nigerian man in the US, she has no right whatsoever to generalize (you have to be able to reason logically in grad school ). Does she have any statistics showing that Nigerian men go all out for caucasian women? to the best of my knowledge, that is wrong and a fallacy. Secondly, stalkers are everywhere, and the fact that her stalker is a Nigerian doesn’t make it a Nigerian thing. Finally, it’s Nigerian, not NIGGERian. I am calling you out because of your ignorance. Using words like they, them, and Nigerians are wrong except you have encountered every single person or a large percentage of people that constitutes those words(Nigeria is made up of about 180 million people).

    In the light of these revelations, I am pleading with fellow Nigerians to live right and try as much as possible to make Robert’s observation a thing of the past.

    Furthermore, I have observed that some Americans dream of getting millions of dollars from so-called “Nigerian princes” by sending them money (I have had to caution a few). To them, I say “STOP IT”, you are being greedy, and you are promoting cyber crime with your greed.

    Lastly, God bless you all.

  41. WONDER

    Nice write up but If you wants to judge a whole country because of some few bad people in it then America should be the starting point. Their government has manipulated many countries and caused a lot of wars and disaster in them. You talk about corruption, they are highest but no one would find out because they are covered by the police and government so that the people won’t hear it. In terms of scam, they are the chief cons.its in America that you will see Americans depriving fellow citizens hundreds of millions day by day, so how did you think Nigerians learnt that, its from you guys .
    I’m a Nigerian but I never liked the image that some of the people have created in the country that is now used as a yard stick to measure how bad Nigerians are. I solely blame the bad government for that because if the government has been good right from independent till now then we won’t be running to America or Europe for fast money. Country like Dubai used what they had (crude oil) to make themselves what they are today and Nigeria is part of OPEC that regulates oil price all over the world, so why is Dubai far better than us today, nothing else than the way they handled their Resources.

    Nevertheless, any evil you think that Nigerians are doing, they learnt it from your country but because we are not developed like America, their sins couldn’t be hidden. You talk about scams and how Nigerians deprieve Americans their hard earned money not knowing that most of the money those scam cons from Africa collects from women passes through an American account first, so let me ask who has the account, is it not an American that knows fully well what’s happening and is ready to take a cut from the money. You talk about drug dealers, Africans are mostly caught with drugs but are the drugs made or gotten from?, not from Africa.

    Why would someone wants to reap from where he/she didn’t sow, you’re asked to invest on a project you haven’t seen or heard of and you agree to it. Its cus of greedy that makes Americans fall victim of scanners and for you to be able to pull that string and scam someone, I bet it’s not easy. So tell your people to be wise and don’t fall into traps

  42. Emeka Celestine IV

    Whatever you say about ‘Nigerians’, i’m always proud of my country cause am a law abiding nationalist. While nigerians are scammers; americans are then the living saints. Remove the eyeprick from yours before you retaliate to mine. Always a proud Negro – Emekah IV

    • Sulab


      “A Russian saw me in my office and said where are you from. I said am from the greatest country in the world. He looked at me with a very strange look and said, “Let me guess you are from Nigeria. I said yes. Out of curiosity he said considering whats happening in your country now, why would you say it’s the best in the world. I asked him to sit down and let me tell him what he and most people don’t not know about Great Nigeria. I told him these facts:

      1. Are you aware that all over the world Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves? Do you know?
      2. In the US, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community. Type it into Google and you’ll see it. Not one of the most educated, the most educated.
      3. 60% of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. This is far above the American national average of 30%.
      4. Nigerians in US are one of the highest earners,typically earning 25% more than the median US income of $53k.
      5. In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations.
      6. A Nigerian family, The Imafidon family, have officially been named the smartest family in the UK.
      7. The designer of the famous car, Chevrolet Volt, Jelani Aliyu, is a super-talented Nigerian from Sokoto State.
      8. The World’s fastest supercomputer was designed by a world renowned inventor and scientist, Philip Emeagwali, a full-blown Nigerian whose patent was awarded in 2015. This means Nigeria has the patent to the world’s fastest computer: a Nigerian.
      9. The wealthiest Black man and woman on earth are Nigerians, Aliko Dangote and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija. Both have no trace of criminal record of any kind.
      10. South Africa couldn’t have ended apartheid & achieved Black rule if not for the leadership role Nigeria played.
      11. Of the 3 South African Presidents who ruled after apartheid, two of them once lived in Nigeria under asylum. Both Nelson Mandela (60’s) and Thabo Mbeki (70’s) lived in Nigeria before becoming President of South Africa. We gave financial support, human support, boycotted an Olympics and our politicians, musicians and activists campaigned relentlessly.
      12. Nigeria spent over $3 Billion and lost hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone which the world ignored because they have no oil.

      13. When there was a coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003, Nigeria restored the elected President back to power.

      14. Before there were street lights in European cities, ancient Benin kingdom had street lights fueled by palm oil.

      15. 500 years ago, Benin cast metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous Queen Ida Mask.

      16. Amina was a warrior queen who ruled Zaria Emirate in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria 400 years ago in 1610. Google and see what she means to Africa.

      17. We gave monetary gifts to Ireland during our oil boom and built a statue for France free of charge. We are not poor blacks. Nigeria is rich and don’t be lied to.

      18. The first television station in Africa was NTA Ibadan (1960) long before Ireland has their RTE station. Wherever you look in this great country, Nigeria, heroes abound both now and in our recent and ancient past. If all you do is listen to mainstream Western media, you’ll not get the full & true picture of your Nigerian heritage. We’re not a nation of scammers, drugs & corruption, but a people with a verifiable track record of greatness.

      19. On the 7th of May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C history was made. Out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians. The entire world still envies our uniqueness as a NATION, living together despite our ethnic diversity. One single country with over 400 languages. They will only tell you how Nigerians are scammers and cheats, how Nigerians are into drugs overseas. If you don’t blow your trumpet, no one will blow it for you…VIVA NAIJA!!!

      20. There are over 180,000,000 Nigerians world over and only about 250,000 of this figure have traceable criminal records. This is about 0.14% of our entire national population in the last 20 years: nothing close to 1%. Shame on global media. Listen Nigeria, don’t let anybody woo you into believing that you are a criminal just because you are a Nigerian. Nigerians are NOT criminals. You are NOT a criminal. You are topnotch; second to none around the world.

      I am proud am created a Nigerian, thank you God. Be proud of Nigeria wherever you go. Take out your Passport with pride. He couldn’t talk and just walked away. Am proud to be a Nigerian and be from that country. God bless Federal Republic Of Great Nigeria.

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  44. Richard

    Mark Zuckerberg founder of facebook visited Nigeria he was not scammed, he enjoyed our local food, and jogging the streets of Nigeria God bless Nigeria

  45. Chiinwa

    Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook visited. Nigeria and he was not scammed he enjoyed our local dishes, freely. Jogging the street of Nigeria. God bless my Mother land Nigeria long live Nigeria

  46. Wale

    It’s quite unfortunate Robert. How can you label a group of people based on your limited interactions with a few members of that group? I am sorry, but you a a little narrow minded,biased and angry . Nigerians are about 180million people. I mistakenly dropped some money in a market and it was returned to me in Nigeria. Can that happen in Newyork?
    Please expand your interactions with Nigerians. Of course there are corrupt Nigerians. Which country does not have bad eggs?

  47. I can’t speak about the Internet scamming, but I can speak about general relationships with Nigerian men. From years of experience, I can conclude with honesty, confidence and no qualms that Nigerian men are scummy.

    They are immature and boastful. They lie so readily about even the tiniest things, such as their names and histories, and would do practically anything to exploit you in any shape or form, from getting you into bed to using you as a passport to stay in your country via pretences of a relationship/marriage. They pretend to be nice to soften your skin in order to cut you and bleed you dry mentally, emotionally and physically. If you say no or they can’t get what they want from you, they either force themselves onto you, drop you like a hot potato or become nasty and abusive at the blink of an eye.

    Moreover, the most hilarious thing is that a vast majority have to gall to PREACH RELIGION! They claim about how ‘God fearing’ they are, yet are ready to scheme/plot against you and commit heinous, un-Christian actions that make you wonder how deep their ‘fear of God’ really is. They seem to have a mindset that they ARE God themselves, hence the reckless, irresponsible and impudent behaviour.

    I could go on with my list but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say that in my time of knowing Nigerian men: one tried to use me to stay in my country and raped me twice; two – when I specifically said I wasn’t interested and I had a boyfriend at the time – almost sexually assaulted me; one initiated a relationship with me yet became secretive, rude and insulting when I simply reciprocated by trying to get to know him; two tried to force themselves romantically and sexually on me, became nasty when I declined them, then later on I discovered they were already married with children. Again, I could go on.

    I reiterate. Nigerian men are unscrupulous scum. That’s why I don’t like them. Advanced apologies to those Nigerian men that are genuinely nice and scrupulous but sadly, you are not only few and far between but also obscured by your scummier counterparts. I’m not sorry for my words.

  48. Chiinwa

    @ EL Dragonata you must be a cheap slut this must be the reason why Nigerian men use you and dumb you. If I may ask you a wise question, why don’t you have a serious boyfriend in your country? Why can’t you get married. To your own country men and stop hunting Nigeria men for money you cheap whore. You are here talking nonsense prostitute

    • Hey Lindsey, I’m a Nigerian & i live in Nigeria and I can say you are 99 percent right. It’s a shame cos even family members scam themselves. I have a Danish Partner who tells me, I trust people easily, I have been scammed over and over again. However, there are still a selected few who live and work honestly. Cheers.

    • ElDragonata

      In your case, Chiinwa, it’s better to be a ‘slut’ than to be a wilful, pig-headed and misogynistic ignoramus like you. Your country is full of scummy people who have no clue how to treat others and you’re too blind to notice it. That’s fine if you want to do that but don’t malign those like me who call out the nonsense. The funniest thing is that you lot are proud of your degeneracy, deceit and downright depravity. You’re best kept away from and more people should be made aware of your true nature.

      Again, this doesn’t apply to the rare few that are decent and happen to be Nigerian.

      Nonetheless, happy exploiting, Chiinwa. You’ve just proved my point.

    • ElDragonata

      In your case, Chiinwa, it’s better to be a ‘slut’ than to be a wilful, pig-headed and misogynistic ignoramus like you. You’re comment is laughable too as instead of rebutting what I said, you claim I’m a whore. OH, HOW SCARY! I’m literally quaking in my chair because a sexist idiot doesn’t like the truth.

      You are from a country full of scummy people who have no clue how to treat others – especially women – and you’re too blind to notice it. That’s fine if you want to do that but don’t malign those like me who call out the nonsense.

      The funniest thing is that those like you are proud of your degeneracy, deceit and downright depravity. You’re best kept away from and more people should be made aware of your true nature.

      Again, this doesn’t apply to the rare few that are decent and happen to be Nigerian. Evidently, Chiinwa, you’re not one of them. You’ve just proved my point. Happy exploiting!

    • ElDragonata

      Moreover, Chiinwa, why are people like you on pages like this if you are of the notion your country is so fantastic? Why loiter on a page that says otherwise? If you’re that content with yourselves, you wouldn’t be on the net seeking out ‘bad’ sites. You’d just ignore and get on with your businesses like everybody else does. Unless there’s more to it…

  49. jason voorhees


    It does take a bit of intelligence however to be smart enough to make a living from scamming people.

    Not that this is moral or acceptable but one must acknowledge that the Nigerian scammer shows up in India or New York penniless and manages to live by his wits.

    Something has to be said for the resourcefulness of the Nigerian scammer.

    • willow

      These Nigerian scammers feed on people’s mind and destroy a person on a cellular level. unknowingly I fell for a Nigerian romance fraud, found out about what he does for living way too late in relationship. And the result of my mistake is tried to commit suicide 5 times in the last 4 months. Lost everything financially, emotionally and starving for food as of now. All because I wanted to help a man who was struggling to survive. Didn’t realize I would end up in this nightmare.

      once I was crying for hours because he was angry that I didn’t bring enough money for the month and so on. Then he came to the room where I was crying, holding a smoke and beer in his hand (this how he is all the time, alcoholic and chain smoker) and asked me to get on Facebook and start looking for men and he will get a new phone number so that I can talk to those men. I didn’t even know what romance fraud was until I found out about him. And he was pimping me out. oh he is a very religious man by the way, won’t miss church on Sundays. He does everything in the sweet name of Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn’t breathe or find any words left after that moment.

      I don’t know if there is intelligence they have, but they will do anything to get what they want to live a luxurious life at the expense of others. And they have no problem watching someone die either. He has a gang of friends where scamming women is their source of income. Nothing else. It’s a crime syndicate. They do have a boss that they answer to.

  50. Mayur Varshne


    Actually, the American girls, in particular, and the White girls, in general, are not even remotely naive and gullible. In fact, they are full of tantrums, and, quite assertive.

    Besides, most of them are heavily biased in favour of the White men.

  51. Robert

    I still doubt that the so called ‘Nigerians’ can have it ‘that’ easy, in large numbers; even the ‘blacks’ are quite ‘worldly wise’.

    By the way, the authentic ‘East’ of the East Indies is quite full of deception and lies. The ‘Roshogollas’ remind me so much of the ‘Bihariyas’ in their modus operandi and ‘class’.

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