Barry Manilow Is Pretending to Be Gay

I received this comment from an angry gay man about this phony celebrity Barry Manilow who is actually a straight man who is pretending to be gay for some lame fame-whoring reason. The gay community is pretty upset with this phony. They don’t like it when straight people pretend to be gay, which is an interesting reaction. Actually I commend the gays for policing their own like this, and they should get mad over these fakes. But why would any straight man pretend to be gay? How weird can you get?

Barry Manilow would eat pussy & screw the ass off of her all night. I found this out from Lorna Luft and Adrienne Anderson, just two of the many girls Barry Manilow dated & had sex with in the 1960’s til about 2006. Barry Manilow also used to look at Playboy magazine. We have proof of this. They tried to pass him off as a gay in a PR stunt “wedding” to his (man) agent who doesn’t exist to him or anyone else. I have proof that Barry Manilow lied to Susan Somers & all the people at that “wedding.”

I have proof that Barry Manilow’s a lying, phony celebrity who can lie and say he’s in love with someone who doesn’t exist to him if the motivation is publicity. However, not long after the “wedding”, Barry Manilow was videotaped coming on to another good looking female who works on a TV show in the UK. Barry Manilow is always coming on to this type of female, but they always ignore him. Barry Manilow wanted to date & marry & have kids with Britney Spears for publicity & sex, but she rejected him.

That’s why Barry Manilow had to “marry” the (man) agent for publicity instead. However since the “wedding”, Barry Manilow has already been videotaped trying to pick up a good-looking female in the UK. A videotape of this is on his Twitter & Facebook pages. Barry Manilow is doing the “fake gay for publicity” routine who goes back to being heterosexual for publicity routine like Lindsey Lohan and Anne Heche. I have proof that Barry Manilow’s a giant fame whore who plots his life one PR stunt to the next.

Not one gay man has come forward with the slightest proof that he even dated Barry Manilow. I’ve checked it all out very thoroughly, and no one would remain silent if he had sex with someone as famous as Barry Manilow.

Barry Manilow supposedly started his “relationship” with the (not obviously at all) agent in 1985. However Barry Manilow acts like this agent doesn’t exist and has done nothing but screw around on him with females ever since Barry Manilow first met the agent.

Also we have proof that the sexually desperate agent had to go else where for sex. He has to buy frat boys one way or another or no one will have sex with him. Barry Manilow knows about those frat boys, and he couldn’t care less. The (man) agent doesn’t exist to him.

I don’t think that Barry Manilow is even bi. The (man) agent and all men in general don’t exist to Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow has an aversion to gay sex that he has expressed through his body language and public statements that are consistent.

Also Barry Manilow comes across very differently with his natural face before he had the cosmetic surgery. To get accurate impressions of him one has to look at pictures of Barry Manilow before he had all that cosmetic surgery.


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17 responses to “Barry Manilow Is Pretending to Be Gay

  1. Hi! This is Nominay’s wife. I’m a little bit of a FANILOW. Barry married a girl he dated in high school. The marriage was short and never consummated, therefore it was annulled. He has never remarried until the recent rumors of his marriage to his manager. If he is not gay, why was the 1st marriage never consummated? Why does he act and dress so effeminate? Why do so many people believe he is gay? Why would he wear an outfit like this

    • Sam

      That is truly the gayest outfit on the planet [excepting some of the super most ultra gayest outfits on the planet worn by Liberace].

  2. Your source claims that no gay man will speak out about having sex with Barry. Well here you go

    Most gay men are vain. That would explain why he’s had so much plastic surgery that he looks creepy and it makes sense to me that nobody would fuck him but a gay man.

  3. Jason Y

    Why do people say he’s gay? Cause he sings soft rock? 😆

    What about the band Bread? Some pretty wussy songs for that era of time. But then again, they were pretty talented, and wrote great songs, but way wussy lyrics. 😆

  4. Messi

    So he’s an Easy Listening David Bowie? Why would easy listening need its own David Bowie? It’s not exactly a genre that thrives on gender-bending.

  5. This is funny beyond belief! I mean…Barry Manilow NOT gay??? LOL! Wow…I haven’t felt this way since my grandma explained to me that Rock Hudson, who I had a huge crush on, liked boys and not girls.
    Color me baffled!

  6. I really don’t like the sexually explicit language Robert used in this article/post but, it does contain interesting information. I do love Barry and, hope he is heterosexual like Robert says he is. I’m a heterosexual woman who has had a crush on Barry for years. 

    • Hi the language is from the commenter. I left it in because I do not censor comments. I didn’t use any explicit language myself in this post.

      • Is it really true that Barry is heterosexual? Just curious. Did you read the article in People Magazine about him?

        • That was a gay man writing in and he was very angry. It’s hard for me to believe how or why a gay man would make up such a bizarre story. They are always happy to claim one more gay man. A gay man would be the last person on Earth to accuse someone of faking being gay.

          Go get him. He’ll be lucky if he lands you hun, you’re beautiful.

          Do you think he’s a faggy guy? I mean the way he acts?

      • I guess I’m just shy girl, your language in some of your article was too racy for me. I do hope Barry is heterosexual though ’cause I’ve had a crush on Barry for years. Your article was interesting.

        • I left the explicit language in there because that was what the commenter wrote. If I was writing the piece in my own words, I would not have used that language.

  7. Garry Palin

    I always thought Manilow might be gay, but who really knows for sure ???

  8. Thank you so much Robert for saying I’m beautiful, that’s really sweet of you! Thanks also for taking time out to answer my questions.

  9. Sure, sweetheart. It’s an honor to have you on my site!

  10. kitty

    The fact that Barry says that he is gay and married is the bigest lie ever.They put this story together so we the big crowd believe it.It’s only about making money

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