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Check Out Belarussian

Here is a sample of the Belarussian language from a Belarussian TV commercial. For those of you who speak a Slavic language, I would like you to listen to this clip and tell me how much you can understand of it.

I decided to post my section on Belarussian from a recent paper of mine. My charming critics say that I am “promoting misinformation,” and have banned all links to me. They also say that everyone should ignore every single word that I write because nothing that I say is true, not even one sentence. However, some averred that in an entire paper, I might state one or two true things.

If any of you know anything about the subject below, tell me if they are right. Tell me if every single sentence below is true or false. In fact, tell me if you can find one false sentence below.


Belarussian is one of the most recent East Slavic lects to come into existence, as the earliest Belarussian texts are from only the 1500’s. So the split between Belarussian and Ukrainian and Russian is shallower than that between Spanish and Portuguese.

Belarussian intelligibility with both Ukrainian and Russian is a source of controversy. On the one hand, Belarussian has dialects that are intelligible with dialects of both Russian and Ukrainian.

Reports of the endangerment or looming death of Belarussian are usually politically motivated attacks on President Lukashenko accusing him of killing the language.

On the contrary, Belarussian, while in a disappointing situation, is very much alive. Almost all Belarussians can speak the language, but only 15% do so in day to day conversation. Most of the rest more often play the role of passive speakers although they can speak the language if they need to (Mezentseva 2014).

Belarussian knowledge of their language benefits them because it gives them a head start on learning other Slavic languages (Mezentseva 2014).
Belarus was actually part of Poland at one time, as was Western Ukraine. Belarussians see themselves as a different people from Russians.

For centuries, they called themselves Tutejshiya “our people” (Mezentseva 2015).

Part of the blame for the decline of Belarussian lies with Belarussians themselves because despite the statements in the paragraph above, Belarussians have a very strong attachment to Russia and only a weak attachment to their own land (Mezentseva 2014). The result of this is that although 85% of Belarussians can speak Belarussian, and Russian is the preferred language in the country (Pavlenko 2006).

In 1991, Belarus only had one official language, Belarussian, though Russian was in wide use. In 1994, the people voted to have two official languages, Belarussian and Russian. Russian-language media and politicians quickly took advantage of the situation and used to opportunity to make Russian the dominant language in the country (Mezentseva 2014).

Lukashenko regularly wins elections by 75-80% margins, and polls show about the same support. The very unpopular opposition are regarded by most Belarussians as traitors and anti-Russian, pro-US tools of the West out to destroy the country.

One major problem for the language is that Belarussian is now associated with the opposition in the country. This association of the language with the unpopular opposition has hurt the language and is a major reason why state support for Belarussian has been lukewarm at best (Mezentseva 2014).
However, the linguistic situation in the country is complicated, and there are Belarussian-language TV stations and a number of daily newspapers (Mezentseva 2014).

The Western media reports that Belarussian is dying, but this is politicized discourse.

The truth is that Belarussian is becoming more and more popular these days, as it is coming to be seen as the prestigious “language of the intelligentsia” as opposed to the Soviet era in the 1970’s and 80’s when it was regarded as a “village language.” Belarussian language advocates say that they are not pessimistic at all about the state of the language and in fact they are optimistic. Belarussian is used in the educational system, and advocates expect its use there to expand. Independent Belarussian classes have been springing up to assist Belarussians who want to promote the language and culture. (Mezentseva 2014).

Russian nationalists often state that Belarussian is a dialect of Russian. However, this judgement is based more on national chauvinism than linguistics (Mezentseva 2014), as Russian lacks full intelligibility of Belarussian.

However, the statement is partly true if we are discussing Trasianka and Russian. Trasianka is Belarussian dialect based on a a mix of Russian and Belarussian that arose during the Sovietization of Belarus. It resembles Russian spoken with a Belarussian accent and is spoken mainly by rural dwellers who moved to towns and started to watch a lot of Russian TV. It is also widely spoken in Eastern Belarus near the Russian border (Mezentseva 2014).

West Polesian or West Palesian is a transitional Belarussian dialect to Ukrainian. Some think that West Polesian is a microlanguage, but the majority of Belarussian linguists say it is a dialect of Belarussian (Mezentseva 2014). But see the analysis of Polesian in the Ukrainian section above under Ukraine for a fuller account of this very confusing lect. Belarussian and Ukrainian have 84% lexical similarity.

Pronunciation is also very similar between the two languages. Some of the grammatical categories do differ. Belarussian intelligibility of Ukrainian is high at 80% (Mezentseva 2014).

Belarussian has many Polish borrowings, hence Belarussian has a fairly high intelligibility of Polish at 29%. Written intelligibility is higher at 67% (Mezentseva 2015).

Although Polish is notorious for being one of the hardest languages in Europe for foreigners to learn, Belarussians can actually learn it fairly easily due to the similarities between the two languages (Mezentseva 2014).

Testing Belarussian intelligibility of Russian is not realistically possible.
The vast number of Belarussians speak Russian, and of those who do not, all or nearly all have at least passive knowledge of Russian. At the moment there are few to no Belarussian monolinguals. If they exist at all, there may be a few elderly female monolinguals in the far west of the country by the Polish border (Mezentseva 2015) , but it would be difficult to study them.

MI figures:

Belarussian: Oral intelligibility: 80% of Ukrainian and 29% of Polish.Written intelligibility: 67% of Polish.


Mezentseva, Inna. English teacher, Belarussian and Russian speaker, Vitebsk, Belarus. BA in Education and Linguistics. Vitebsk State University, Vitebsk, Belarus. December 2014. Personal communication.
Mezentseva, Inna. English teacher, Belarussian and Russian speaker, Vitebsk, Belarus. BA in Education and Linguistics. Vitebsk State University, Vitebsk, Belarus. May 2015. Personal communication.
Pavlenko, A. 2006. Russian as a Lingua Franca. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 26: 78-99.

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Pumpkin Person Post about Me


Interesting post. I like it a lot. Pumpkin Person is a great guy, and I am glad to have him aboard here.


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Mizrachi Jewish IQ

Shomi writes:

Robert I have seen that in your older post you talk a lot about ashkenazi IQ but never Sepharadic IQ.

Do you know what is the average IQ of Sepharadic jews ?

Mizrachi IQ is about the same as Arabs, ~90.

I assumed the author was speaking of Mizrachis. Mizrachis are the Jews of the Arab World. It also includes the Jews of the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, etc.

Sephardics are Mediterranean European Jews. They come from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the Balkans, Albania, and Turkey. Their IQ may be quite high, I have no idea.

This is why Israel does not have a particularly high national IQ. 40% of the population are Ashkenazi Jews (IQ 113?) and the other 40% are Mizrachi Jews (IQ 90). Then there are 20% Palestinian Arabs (IQ 90?). So when you average it all out, the national IQ is not so high.


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Does Australoid = Aborigine?

edenicfacereading writes:

The old specimens from China do not actually resemble Australian Aborigines. For example, the Zhoukoudian 101 specimen has a mix of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon features and has nothing to do with Australoids. I’m not sure why so many people insist on ancient Asians and Amerindians being Australoid. Australian Aborigines are an isolated population and have completely unique features that are not similar to ancient populations anywhere in the world.

I have heard that the early specimens from that cave look like Aborigines.

It is 100% fact that early Amerindians were Australoids. If you plot their skulls on a graph, they line up perfectly with Papuans, Melanesians, Negritos, Veddoids and Aborigines.

Aborigine skulls are not so unique. They plot perfectly on a graph with the groups below.

The Australoid group consists of Papuans, Melanesians, Negritos, Veddoids, Aborigines, Ainu, some South Indians such as Tamils and some outliers such as the Senoi.


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Why Afrocentrists Claim the Original Chinese Were Black

Tulio writes:

Is this the reason some Afrocentrists claim the first Chinese were black? Did the original Chinese look anything like Australoids?

Up in the North, they may have looked like Ainuids, who are Australoids. Down in the South, they may well have looked like Negritos or even better Melanesians. There are many written reports describing events of ~3-5,000 YBP in Southern China reporting dark-skinned people, possibly short in size, who seemed to be populating the place.

In other parts like Yunnan, they may have looked like Veddoids.

All Asians, including Chinese, were Australoid IMHO prior to 9,000 YBP. Specimens from a cave in Northern China look like Aborigines before 9,000 YBP. After that, they transition to Neomongoloid. I assume that “looked like Aborigines” means they were Ainuids because these are the only Australoid people that far north.


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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Narcissism, Sex Addiction, & Eroticized Rage


I listened to some of this. Ford is interesting. All I have to say is that his Narcissistic Personality Disorder is 100% correct, and not only that, but he is not cured by any means whatsoever. He is so narcissistic that it actually gets on my nerves, and I am a bit narcissistic myself. On the other hand, he is an interesting fellow.

5 Ways Sex Addiction Recovery Can Get Derailed
Narcissists Watch More Porn: Enter Eroticized Rage
Porn as a mechanism for the addict to feel powerful and important
Sex and love addiction
The 12 Step Program
Secure vs. insecure and avoidant forms of attachment
Narcissism & Humor
The Fruits of Feminism
Does IQ correlate with narcissism?


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Which Is Better for Racial Classification: Genes or Skulls?

Matt writes:

So could this be an explanation for Kennewick Man? The Makah come from pretty nearby… Maybe he is an ancestor of current Native Americans after all?

Also, in your opinion are skulls and morphological traits more reliable for classification than genes? If so, why?

Kennewick Man’s skull lines up with the Australoid Ainu and the Moriori Polynesians who are Australoid-Paleomongoloid transitionals.

He came across the Bering Straight. The early Indians were Australoid types. I keep telling you guys that early Asians were Australoids! See, this guy came from NE Asia and he was very Australoid.

Sure, they are much more explanatory. The Negritos of Thailand have genes that look Thai. The Negritos of the Philippines have genes that look Filipino. Do you think those people are Thais and Filipinos? I think their race is Negrito Australoid.


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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live about Cultural & Aesthetic Decline


I actually like this woman a lot. She is a young Jewish woman who co-hosts a show with Luke Ford, who is also Jewish. I like both of these people, but I especially like this young woman. She makes a lot of sense. Plus she is pretty.

Topics include:

Her Art History Major in College

Her take on modern art and how it was innovative at first but has become repetitive

Why the mainstream right has little interest in arts, culture, and aesthetics

The aesthetic decline of cities and the creation of bland suburbs

How mainstream conservative view the destruction of historic communities as part of the “free market”

How the Alternative Right attracts creative types and takes a more Eurocentric outlook

Why the people  and culture is more important than economics in having a successful society

How there is something Spiritual and Transcendent about aesthetic beauty

Anarcho Tyranny which is an imposed standard of no standards

How standards in fashion have declined

How the upper class are emulating the aesthetic standards of the proletariat

The role of Aesthetics in Judaism and Jewish Culture


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I Am Basically a Liberal

Note: This list was made up by conservatives. These are lame, dishonest conservative memes meant to dress up every conservative pig idea with lipstick and make it seem like something any decent person would support.

• Definition of marriage – Liberal, support gay marriage.

• Abortion policies – Liberal, support abortion.

• Voter ID requirements – Liberal, oppose Voter ID, otherwise known as  the “Keep the Niggers from Voting” laws.

• Border security enforcement – Conservative, increase security at the border. I don’t know what the liberal position on this is. I assume it must be Open Borders or some dangerous mental illness like that.

 Balanced budget – Liberal, balanced budget is not only stupid and pointless, it’s also insane and a very bad idea.

 Expressions of American pride – Liberal, could care less. This stuff is all rightwing anyway. No one ever cheers for the progressive things about this country. When we start doing that, I will pick up a flag. Let me know.

 Government controlling health care – Liberal, but Obamacare isn’t even government health care, state health or social medicine like the whole world has. It’s insurance reform. The entire health care system is still run by the capitalists for a profit. So Obamacare is not government run healthcare in any way, shape or form. That conservatives flipped out about this (no large group of voters from any nation on Earth would have acted as reactionary as US conservatives did) just shows how insane they are.

 Energy independence relying on fossil fuels – Liberal, this is a code word for Drill baby drill. Putting new oil rigs everywhere, especially off the coast (check out Santa Barbara) and even more outrageously in the Arctic Ocean (a truly insane and even evil idea). Maximum fracking, which is just wrong in so many ways and should simply be banned,  or if not banned, states should hopefully decide to ban it in their state as New York did. It’s just not worth it.

• Firearm ownership – Liberal, want to throw out the 2nd Amendment.

 Definition of equality – Liberal, I don’t even know what that means, but I never knew conservatives even believe in the concept of equality in any way, shape or form. I guess this means conservatives oppose equality.

 Government’s role in our lives – Liberal, I love Big Government programs that protect the environment, help consumers, protect us from unsafe products, break up monopolies, crack down in corporate fraud. I also support all social programs to help Americans. As far as the ugly end of government’s role in our lives, as punitive cops at home and world cops in the US imperium (the whole world), conservatives apparently want to maximize this. So conservatives want to maximized everything bad about government and oppose everything good about it. Just one more way conservatives suck.

 U.S. world leadership – Liberal. I guess this means conservatives think the US should be Dictator of the World. That’s usually what “US world leadership” means. It’s just a code word for US imperialism. A bipolar or multipolar world is a safer world.

I got 11 out of 12 liberal. That means I am 92% liberal and 8% conservative. Can someone please tell me why liberals and Leftwingers hate me so much. All they ever do is call me reactionary, fascist, conservative, Republican, bla, bla. They always say, “Lindsay, you are NOT a liberal!”

WTH. Exactly what do I have to do to satisfy these leftwing nuts and meatheads?


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Effects of Cannabis on the Brain?

From the Internet:

There are no positive advantages, unless maybe you are suffering from serious depression when you smoke and only smoke once in your life. If you smoke marijuana even as infrequently as once a month, in miniscule doses, it will annihilate any mathematical learning you have, and you will be incapable of thinking precisely at all.

The effects take many days to reverse themselves, and the forgetting that happens during those days is permanent.
You will just annihilate your mind, and you will be left an a-mathematical zombie. This is not a side-effect of the drug, it is the main effect, and it sets in at infinitesimal doses, much smaller than those required to get you high.

This sounds like a horror story, but I have seen similar horror stories, mostly centered around math. There are claims that top mathematicians refuse to use the drug and claim it effects them for up to a week afterwards.

Do we have any cannabis users in the group who are also good at math? Can you verify or refute this fellow’s charges? Refer to them by number in the comments if you wish to discuss the charge one way or another.

  1. You will just annihilate your mind, and you will be left an a-mathematical zombie. I used it for years and it surely did not seem that my mind was annihilated. I don’t do math so I cannot comment.
  2. If you smoke even a tiny amount once a month, you will never be able to think precisely. This just seems wrong.
  3. Smoking even a tiny amount once a month will annihilate any mathematical learning that you have. No comment. My math skills are low-level, but pot never destroyed them.
  4. If you smoke even a tiny amount once a month, the effects take many days to reverse. This does not seem correct, but sometimes it seems like I can feel the effects for about 2 days afterwards.
  5. If you smoke even once a month, it takes many days to reverse the effects. You will do a lot of forgetting during those days, and the forgetting will be permanent.


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