Feminism As War on Heterosexual Males

Jason Y writes:

Flirting at work usually isn’t cool, or staring at women at work. But it’s not grounds for crucifixtion lol: They get way too angry about it. Maybe a woman or a man in the office, can just nicely tell the man, “Your behavior isn’t cool, please stop it, or tone it down.

Dude. People at work are always flirting with each other. Nowadays people are spending all their time at work. Very large numbers of people date others at their work. This behavior is ubiquitous and extremely common. If people are spending all their time at work, of course it makes sense that they will meet people there. Humans have been meeting dates, lovers and spouses at work forever now. My parents and grandparents generation did it too. It is normal.

I worked at a magazine as an editor, and the secretaries were always coming over to my desk and flirting with me. The layout editor invited me to a party at her house. One of the secretaries asked me out. Previously I had asked out her best friend, another secretary. This secretary was having an affair with one of the main artists. They took long 2 hour lunches every day, and it was obvious they were taking fuck lunches. I was only there a month, and two chicks asked me out, and I asked one out. That is normal for any workplace, or at least it used to be.

The whole problem in the workplace with sexual harassment is quid pro quo. This was a problem. In a nutshell, it is either you fuck me or I fire you, you want a raise or a job, sure, first you fuck me. Basically fuck me or else, or if you want good treatment, work, promotions or raises, then fuck me.

Women have been putting up with this crap forever. But a lot of women are just whores and take advantage of the situation and frankly fuck their way to the top of various groups. This is not fair to the non-whores who won’t do this, but there is nothing to be done about female sexual opportunists in organizations. I assume the feminists will try to make that illegal too although that would mean coming down on the sisterhood and women are always 100% innocent and men are always 100% guilty in feminism.

The feminists are extremely puritanical, mirroring female sexuality. Feminists have been highly puritanical from Day One. This is one of the essential features of this poisonous movement.

So of course after making quid pro quo actionable (which I support), the feminists went further and tried to make all workplace sex illegal. I honestly think that feminists do not want any heterosexuals flirting, dating or fucking at all. Maybe if you are married, it’s ok, who knows?

As far as homosexuals go, feminists have nothing but love for them. I guess feminists think all guys should just fuck guys like the queers they love so much, and all women should just be dykes like most feminists are anyway.

According to feminists, there is no limit to the sickness, depravity, degeneration or outright evil that homosexuals and lesbians may engage in. Gay sexuality is very extreme and spreads lots of very bad diseases among other things. Gay men routinely use blackmail and any extremely dubious or amoral means they can think of to get laid, and feminists are silent. Sexual harassment is reportedly epidemic in the gay community but no one cares.

Gay sex causes an incredible amount of disease some of which gets spread into the straight community. Feminists think all of this is a fine and dandy “expression of the wonderful gayz and their glorious superior sexuality,” and they will never say one word against any homosexual sexual behaviors.

But when it comes to men trying to fuck women, the feminists never relent from the warpath.

The truth is that many hardcore feminazis are lesbians. Many others are not lesbian but nevertheless have very high levels of anger, hostility, resentment and contempt for men, who they regard with disdain as inferior. Almost all of them hate men and many have a hatred of men that borders on the psychotic and looks a lot like a mental illness.

It is heterosexuality that feminists hate. They hate heterosexual male sexuality. They are also mad at straight women for fucking “da evil mens.” Feminists have been railing at men for decades now trying to get women to stop fucking us and promoting lesbianism instead, but they have had little to no success.

So feminists have extended their war against heterosexuality to other arenas such as lunatic rape law in the UK and on California college campuses where men are presumed guilty until proven innocent, bonkers sexual rules on California college campuses requiring men to get permission for each escalation in a series of sex acts. If they do not get explicit permission to say go from tongue kissing to dry humping, it is rape. If a woman neither says yes nor no to a sexual advance (she makes no comment on it), this also could be rape because she was “resisting in her mind.” So if men can’t be mind-readers and read women’s minds correctly, it is rape.

In addition, feminists have extended quid pro quo to the workplace in a dangerous expansion called “hostile workplace environment.” More on that nuttiness in another post later on.


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4 responses to “Feminism As War on Heterosexual Males

  1. Ed

    “That is normal for any workplace, or at least it used to be.”

    It used to be. Not any more.

  2. Jason Y

    Women want men to stare at them, unless they don’t like them. In that case, if they think your a creep, SOB or dork, then it’s sexual harassment.

    However, on the flip side, women can sexually harass men by being pycho and over-controlling (like that woman on the Stephen King movie “Misery”).

    • Jason Y

      I think there is a fine line between fliritng and staring (like “Why don’t you take a picture. It lasts longer :lol:.) Good idea not to stare even if it was back in the 1950s.

      • Jason Y

        Of course, I did say “Women want men to stare at them.” But I really mean random staring (not continuous), and flirting..

        Another thing, a lot of prick-ish alpha males are on the prowl looking for people to bully. If they see a woman who feels “sexually harassed” by a guy she doesn’t like, then the alpha male will gladly start glaring at, and harassing the offender.

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