How Female Rule Destroys Society: Examples from the West

Female Rule or Male Rule means simply whether society decides to set its norms and laws based on either male or female views of the world.

For example, in modern Western society, we now have cases of Female Rule. This means that female norms, rules and laws have supplanted male rules, laws and norms.

Female Rule: Western Society amidst the Ruins

Various insane things have resulted since Female Rule has begun in the West:

1. Domestic Violence. A man goes to jail if he ever hits any female for any reason, apparently even if she is threatening his life. A woman may strike a man as many times as she wishes, but if a man hits back even one time, he is going to jail. In other words, if a woman hits a man, he has no right to hit her back. If she hits him 100 times, he has no right to hit her back. If he hits her back, he’s going to jail.

2. Sexual harassment. Female geniuses have now succeeded in making it so that if a man flirts with, looks at, or asks a woman out at work, this is “sexual harassment,” and the man will be fired from his job. Apparently the goal here is to eliminate men flirting with, looking at and asking out women at the workplace.

3. Alimony. If a woman divorces a man after 5 years of marriage, she still gets 50% of his income for the rest of her life. Why should she have that right? This is insanity.

4. Rape. On California college campuses, males accused of rape incredibly are regarded as guilty until proven innocent. Men must somehow prove that they did not commit the rape. Every sex act must receive approval before it is done. If you touch her tits, you have to ask her permission first. If you kiss her, you have to ask her, “Can I kiss you?” and she has to say, “Yes.”

If you have sex with a woman and she never utters one single word of protest to your advances, then this still may be rape, as “silence is no longer consent.” So you can still be charged with rape even if a woman never said no because you could not read her mind and figure out that she was thinking she didn’t want to do it.

In the UK, all males charged with rape are now guilty until proven innocent. Silence is not considered to be consent; a man can still commit rape even if a woman never said no because he wasn’t able to read her mind and figure out she didn’t want to do it.

Sweden now has the 3rd highest rape rate on Earth not because there are many rapes in Sweden. Actually there are few rapes in Sweden, and the true rape rate is low as it has always been. However, Sweden has now been taken over by feminist lunatics who have installed the craziest rape laws the world has ever seen. Hence many sex acts and behaviors which were once legal are now considered to be “rape.” Tell a woman you are going to use a condom and then have sex with her without one? In Sweden that is called “rape.” Many other behaviors that are neither rape nor even illegal in 99% of the world are considered “rape” in Sweden.

5. Pedophile Mass Hysteria, a moral panic, has been directly caused by Female Rule. Because of this irrational moral panic, solid majorities of Americans now believe many an insane thing.

Apparently most Americans believe these things are true:

  • A man who is aroused by teenage girls is a “pedophile” who belongs in prison.
  • A man who has sexual fantasies about teenage girls is a “pedophile” who belongs in prison.
  • A man who says he thinks about having sex or feels like he wants to have sex with teenage girls is a “pedophile” who belongs in prison.
  • Sexually speaking, a 13-17 year old girl is the same thing as a 7-11 year old girl, a “child.”
  • Being aroused by a 13-17 year old girl is the same thing as being aroused by a 7-11 year old girl.
  • Teenage girls are “children” who are somehow “incapable of making decisions” about just about anything, especially sex.
  • Teenagers shooting nude photos of themselves and passing them around is called “production of child pornography.” The teenagers doing this are “child porn producers.”
  • Consensual sex between minors is “pedophilia,” and if minors are caught having such sex with each other, they need to be arrested, charged and convicted of “child molestation,” and afterwards they need to go on the Sex Offender Registry for the rest of their lives.
  • It is apparently illegal now for adult males to befriend teenage girls. A man who does this is doing something called “grooming.”
  • A man who speaks to a female minor is guilty of something called “harassing a child” because the only reason a man would talk to a female minor is if he is scheming to have sex with her.

In every case above, we previously had laws, norms and values based on Male Rule, which is the rule of Logic over Emotion. Now in all of the above cases, Male Rule or the Rule of Reason has been overthrown by women. In its place has been substituted various new laws, rules and mores based on Female Rule, which is the Rule of Emotion. In each case, flawed but rational and fair male rules, laws and mores were replaced by faulty, ridiculous and insane female rules. Society is not better as a result. Society is simply crazier and less rational.

This sort of mass chaos and idiocy is probably the typical and possibly even universal result of allowing Female Rule to supplant Male Rule in human society.


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33 responses to “How Female Rule Destroys Society: Examples from the West

  1. Isaiah 3:12
    Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road.
    (New Living Translation)

  2. Maybe this is an instance were we should’ve heeded the bible’s warnings? It is as a curse upon a society to have women making social laws, as it leads to perverted and unnatural oppression of men- thus, the whole society suffers from the woosies that their average male has become male members are very weakened overall and in every way by having their own ‘members’ squeezed in such a vice that the womanly societal rules create.

  3. Rahul

    Great post Robert, I agree with every thing you’ve said except point 4 where you mention “Every sex act must receive approval before it is done”. Its ambiguous. I don’t get it. Approval in the sense? from whom? Does it indicate any sense of entitlement? It might be read as misogynistic and merely reducing women as throw-away objects.

  4. Sam

    Here’s some of exactly what you’re talking about. All the males are underage and having sex with underage girls yet the boys are arrested. What nonsense. Here we have probably 30 million or more illegal aliens in the country taking the jobs of the citizens and the police have time for this bullshit.

    • Politicians want these illegals to vote for them.

      Capitalists want the cheap labour.

      The elites want these people for their own selfish ends and to hell with any person who objects to this elite strategy. They will either demonise you as a bigot or they will ignore you.

      Indeed if they catch you talking to an low wage earner and a potential parent voter’s illegal child they might even think of giving you a lesson in just how much power they have over you by doing the demonising of your good name by throwing the peadophile label on you in court.

      The reason why we have all these laws is simply to show how much power the elites have over you. Someone once said pretty much every thing is illegal know. You can even be thrown in jail for having a certain tree in your garden by environmentalists.

      Your average man can be thrown in jail so easily because he does not know the law and the elites want that teachable moment to show him they can squash him like a bug if they so choose. So you better play it according to their rules or else….

      Thank God for the internet but even here they are figuring ways to control you via the selective use of so called hate laws. Hate is of course deemed hate by the criterion of the elites.

      But for now we have some wiggle room to debate amongst ourselves on the net.

  5. Even children know this and know words like Peadophilia. I remember a man who used to live in a apartment near a park. Bad move. Being a man the children harassed him every chance they got.

    Naturally he gave up his let despite having done nothing wrong but look out of his own window one day at the kids in the park. I guess he looked out of his own window one too many times!

    Being a man in the west is pretty complicated when gangs of children can start bullying you if they feel you are a good person to bully. Not only must you never have eye contact with woman to remain safe, you best not have any eye contact with any gang of roving children. If you are by yourself living in an apartment they can target you with insults and force you to relocate to a new neighbourhood.

  6. Jason Y

    This stuff is unique to the 1st world. In the third world, a girl is marriage material as soon as she hits puberty. Nobody thinks it’s perverted or evil.

    Ultimately, such thinking is against human nature cause, well, of course, ALL men are naturally drawn to teengirls between the ages of 13 and 17.

    • Jason Y

      The main thing keeping most 14 year olds from being married off, is the guys in the village have nothing ot offer (money). 😆

    • Female Rule is shorthand for Western feminism.

      As you just pointed out, Western feminists are stark raving batshit nuts. No psychologist or psychiatrist on Earth would ever agree that it is sick, wrong, perverted or mentally disordered for any man of any age to be sexually attracted to a teenage girl.

      Western feminism turns the world on its head and creates a topsy turvy world where up is down, white is black, right is left, back is forth, north and south and so on. Living under Western feminism (Female Rule) is like living in an insane asylum.

      • Jason Y

        That’s true with any extremist movement. I mean, imagine a world run by David Duke, or one by the Nation of Islam, or one run by the Taliban.

        Some feminism is fine, but as long as it’s under control.

        • Feminism in the West will never be under control. The Gender Feminist nuts have been running the show from Day One and they’re as crazy now as they were when they began. This is an insane movement. It’s always been nuts and it will be loony into the forseeable future. How the Hell are we supposed to put feminism under control? It is not possible.

        • Thank you for acknowledging that Western Feminism, the belief set of the vast majority of US women is an extremist movement. I appreciate the comparison to David Duke and NOI.

          The problem that this feminist extremist movement now represents the way of thinking of the vast majority of Western women. That means, “Houston, we have a problem.”

        • Jason Y

          I think a lot of the bad traits associated with feminism are cased by “man haters” in the movement. And of course, these man haters don’t go after “men”, just weak men (easy targets). Kind of like how Koreans won’t insult a US GI, but will after some pussy faggot ass ESL teacher 😆

      • I think a lot of the bad traits associated with feminism are cased by “man haters” in the movement.

        The problem is that feminism has been a man-hating movement from Day One. Now with equity feminism one can be a sensible feminist without hating men.

        Most of the leading lights and greatest heroes of the Feminist Movement are evil, nearly Satanic women with a Nazi-like hatred of men. Most of them are LESBIANS. And most of their heroes struck me as being mentally ill. Anyone who hates men that much can’t be right in the head.

        My Mom’s friend went to the founding meeting of California NOW in Laguna Beach, California. All of them women there except for my Mom’s friend were LESBIANS, and they all tried to seduce my Mom’s friend. My Mom’s friend eventually quit going because they wouldn’t stop trying to seduce her. This was the first meeting of the largest women’s organization in California and everyone there was an insane person.

        THIS is Gender Feminism, the mainstream modern feminist movement in America.

  7. Jason Y

    Plenty of modern women aren’t bitches, though some are. Just like some parents are abusive, some slaveowners were psychotic, some prison guards rape female prisoners, some priests are child molesters etc..

  8. It started with feminism. The entire impetus for that Moral Panic has been caused by Women. They are what is driving that whole nutty Pedophile Madness thing. If you took women out of the picture, society would be acting a whole lot more sensibly about these things.

    Sexual assault on college campuses – that is all being caused by women too, face it.

    In the West, feminism = women. The overwhelming majority of Western women are gender feminists. Even Beatrix is one herself. So when I say something was caused by Feminism, what I mean is that it was caused by women. Feminism in the West is simply the project of and the representation of the thoughts, values, feelings, mores, values and frankly whims of women. The terms women and feminism are interchangeable in the West as they are one and the same.

  9. Jason Y

    Women might side with feminism, for the same reasons blacks side with civil rights, They don’t want to go back to the time when they were oppressed. Ask any black person if they want to be a Republican?

    • What does rearranging society according to women’s whims of the day have to with oppression. The problem is not feminism. There are 2 feminisms:

      1. Equity feminism. I support it myself. It is simply a movement of equal rights for females.
      2. Gender feminism: This beast is the cause of most of the problems and it goes far beyond equity feminism and many aspects of it are ugly, crazy and, stupid and even evil. Most of their heroes are evil women who seem to be mentally ill. These are the “leading lights” of the US feminist movement. Vicious, wicked, nearly psychotic women. These are the heroes of the movement. And yes, gender feminism is all about hating men and it always has been.

      If you don’t want to go back to the bad old days, you could always be an equity feminist and almost all US women and most US men are anyway.

      • Jason Y

        Feminism isn’t making much of a splash outside of Northern California, and other culturally liberal areas. Yes, of course, I don’t like extreme feminism. But it’s not much of threat here. I’m more scared of the Klan. 😆

        • Jason Y

          The only way extreme feminism would be a real “threat” as opposed to an “annoyance”, is if they gained power. They don’t have a CHANCE IN HELL, cause most of the US and world is culturally conservative, even to the point of it being negative.

        • Most American women are not hardcore gender feminists, correct. In fact, a lot of them think that hardcore gender feminism is crap, especially if they love men. A lot of women who love men think that professional feminists are just stupid man-hating dykes, and in fact, many of the are just that.

          I don’t know about you, but I want to kill the real hardcore gender feminist FemiNAZIS. I guess I will have to pardon my sister though and – gasp – even my Mom!* You have no idea how serious this feminist infection is. It’s really ugly. My own Mom is 82 years old, born in 1932, and she is basically a gender feminist. It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. One day you wake up and half the women are fucking pod people. It is frightening too.

          I will not discuss my sis on this site, but my Mom isn’t so much a FemiNAZI herself, but sadly she is more of a “sympathizer.” 😦 So depressing. My own Mom. It makes you want to cry.

        • Are you really afraid of The Klan?

          Are they not a joke now? They are so toothless even here in the UK we see old re runs of the Jerry Springer show where the Klan are openly abused and mocked.

        • Seriously I want to kill those bitches. That’s how much I hate those bitches I have been wanting to kill them for about 20 years now. I did some reading on the Net and it turns out there may be millions of men who feel exactly like I do.

          I mean the real hardcore gender feminist femiNAZIS (except I have to pardon some female relatives). And really most US women are not real hardcore gender feminist femiNAZIS, thank God.

          Of course I will never do it, and I know that, but I do feel like it. I have felt like killing various people or even groups of people since adolescence and I haven’t done it yet, nor have I seriously considered it. It is just idle fantasy and I am used to it by now so it doesn’t freak me out.

          I like to feel homicidal sometimes if I have a richly deserved target. It’s rather fun actually. 😀

        • Jason Y

          I think feminism is punishing men for being human, for having a cock, and wanting to fuck. It’s like telling a fish not to swim, or a bird not to fly.

  10. The way we men see it is that this BS is wrecking our country. Also most men believe that “feminism has ruined American women.” This is a very common sentiment. I have heard it countless times. The number of men who feel this way is very high. We have had it with Gender Feminism. Did you know there were Mark Lepine anniversary parties all across Canada and the US for years after he did that crime. It’s not that men wanted those women dead, but the mindset of Lepine – Lepine said he wanted to kill feminists – represents the thinking of most American men. I pretty much want to kill hardline US feminists myself and I have felt this way for many years. You have no idea how much hate I feel for those cunts. They are THE ENEMY.

  11. Jason Y

    I’m wondering what would cause women to hate men. I think a lot of it may have come from molestation. Anyone molested or raped, or shown pornography at a younger age HATES the person who did it to them.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, the 100,000,000 dollar question is: Why do some women HATE men? 😆 Some to the point of becoming lesbians or extreme feminists.

      Or why would some men HATE women and become gay, or a serial killer or something?

    • big g

      Clearly there are men out there, especially high school , that have emotionally abused girls in they’re forming years. There are also highschool girls that have emotionally set back many girls. Hate for men from young women is mostly young pair bonding gone astray. The majority of woman a bi and the feminists will use this bond to not only have sex with a woman but also insure a longer sexual bond thru demonizing all men. Matriarchal societies in our past worked well in areas with greater resourses. But didn’t fend well against patriarchal societies in areas with little resourses. Humans( homo Saipan) out populated areas very quickly and patriarchal societies moved on to greener pastures.

  12. Jason Y

    Similar to the feminist problem:

    I think a big problem with white nationalists is they think all “civil rights” is EXTREME “civil rights”. In other words, there’s a difference between blacks wanting to use the same bathroom as white people, and blacks wanting “unreasonable favors”.

  13. Robert,

    I think U’re using “Anglo-Germanic women” as a proxy for “women”, when modern Anglo-Germanic culture is a marked outlier among cultures past and present, and Anglo-Germanic women are outliers among women of all places and all times.

    • I am only talking about Feminist Rule in the West here. I do not wish to comment on women in general or whether they can rule societies or not. I am talking about when Women take power in the West and institute Female Rule, which means Western Feminist Rule.

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