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A Friend Appears on the Steve Harvey Show


A friend of mine named Yossi was recently on the Steve Harvey Show. The segment was 21 minutes long. I wonder if he is making any money off all this exposure. Yossi is the guy in the funny hat.

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Why America Is Cancer


George Friedman, Jew, psychopath, explains the psychopathic foreign policy goals of the Dictator of the World, America. Mr. Freeman is one of the men who run our foreign policy. Freeman is for all intents and purposes the voice of the CIA or better yet, the voice of the Deep State. Note the rank cynicism and viciousness of this man. The fact that he is a Jew is not surprising. There is no longer discrimination against Jews in America. On the contrary, Jews run the whole damn country.


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How International Zionism Infiltrated, Subverted and Manipulated the US Government to Serve Jewish Goals

The Jews have managed to insert themselves in vast numbers all through every inch of the US foreign policy apparatus. They are also deeply embedded in the Pentagon. Most of them, like Mr. Friedman, are de facto agents of a foreign power, Israel, and almost all of these Jews are wrapped up in the Jewish Lobby that nearly controls US foreign policy.

This process began in the early 1980’s when the Mossad managed to penetrate the US government in huge numbers. At some point a decision was made that there were too many Mossad agents and characters like Friedman in the Pentagon and the Defense Establishment, and efforts to root out the spies were sidelined either out of resignation or surrender.

1982 – Israel Successfully Penetrates the US Government

In other words, Israel penetrated the US government 30 years ago, and the penetration has only increased by a great deal since. The US government has stopped trying to stop the infiltration and at this point has apparently simply surrendered the US government to Israel and its agents like Friedman in the US. Attempts by the FBI to go after the Israeli spies in the government have resulted in firings and career destruction. The word has gone out – the Israelis and their US agents are untouchable.

Under George W. Bush, Jewish power in the US government reached its zenith under the neocons. You know their names. These psychopathic neocons directly manipulated the US government for years on end to serve among other things the foreign policy goals of the Jewish people.

For instance, these neocon Jewish psychopaths declared war on Putin early on. This is because Jews hate Russia.

This hatred goes back to the formation of Israel and US Jews lining up with the US in the Cold War. Many US Jews spied for the US in the Cold War against the USSR. Israel was then enlisted as a Cold Warrior against the USSR.

Israeli special forces psychopaths trained murderous death squads that rampaged across Latin America, torturing, imprisoning and murdering hundreds of thousands of people. The reason for this was that the US was outsourcing the dirtier aspects of US foreign policy to the psychopathic Israelis. The South Koreans and Taiwanese were also enlisted to some extent. At any rate, there was an Israeli hand in back of the mass slaughters of the innocent poor in Latin America in the 1980’s.

The only major country to vote for the US embargo on Cuba has been Israel. Once again, the US-Israeli alliance means that Israel must support all US foreign policy, no matter how reactionary.

While the rest of the world boycotted the reactionary racists in South Africa, the reactionary racists in Reagan’s America and Israel continued to blatantly trade with the apartheid regime. Racists supporting racists.

The Fake Soviet Jewish Emigration Cause

After World War 2, Israel quickly turned to the US, and the USSR turned against both Israel and sadly the Soviet Jews, who were seen as pro-Israel traitors.

Many Soviet Jews began agitating to leave for Israel. It was very difficult for anyone to get an exit permit in the USSR due to brain drain, and the Jews were no exception. Nevertheless, Israel and the US Jews took up this cause of “Let the Jews go to Israel!” Why should the Soviet Jews get to go to Israel? Other Soviets were not allowed to immigrate to the West. Are the Jews special people deserving special rights?

At any rate, the US government soon took up this fake cause about “persecution” of the Soviet Jews by the big bad USSR government who wouldn’t let them leave the country. This became a huge cause celebre for Israel and the US Jews, despite its highly dubious moral grounds – Why carve out an exception for the Jews? Who says the Soviets were “discriminating” against Jews? They wouldn’t let anyone go to the West, not just Jews.

Nevertheless, the US used this phony “human rights” club to beat the Soviets over the head all the while dubiously labeling the USSR “anti-Semitic,” while the truth was that the Jews had it pretty good in the USSR. The Soviets began slowly allowing small numbers of Jews to emigrate. Many of these folks were barely even Jewish, but for some reason, Israel let them in anyway.

Russian Jews As the Worst Jews on Earth

For a long time now, the Russian Jews have been some of the most criminal and racist Jews on Earth. When it comes to tendency towards organized crime and sheer vicious Gentile-hatred, no one beats the Russian Jews. The reason for this may lie in centuries of conflict between Jews and Gentiles in Russia. For instance, Russian Jews pour themselves Bloody Marys out of habit, proudly proclaiming while they drink them that they are drinking the blood of the Russian Gentiles. Russian Jews have a profound vengeance mindset against the Russian people who they think owes them one.

The Jews Declare War on Russia and Loot the Place Bare

Hence when the USSR fell in 1991, Russian Jews quickly formed the Russian Mafia, and many became oligarchs. With the help of Jews in the US (Jeffrey Sacks, psychopathic economist), London (a sociopath named Lord Rothschild) and Israel, these Russian Jews, with the help of quite a few Russian Gentiles, set about stealing just about everything in Russia that wasn’t locked down. By the end of the decade, the state was destitute, looted bare. The Jews and their opportunistic pals had stolen just about every last nickel in the country. They shipped much of the stolen money to their psychopathic Jewish friends in London, New York and Tel Aviv, a sort of a tri-city Jewish nexus for the looting of Russia.

Putin Cracks Down on the Carpetbaggers

After Yeltsin was voted out and Putin came in, VVP began cracking down on some of the oligarchs, Jewish or otherwise. A few oligarchs found themselves athwart Putin. He put them in prison on various charges. They were guilty of all of these charges and then some. Mr. Khodorovsky,a Jewish psychopathic criminal, was one of the worst of the lot. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, and he was guilty as Hell.

Jewish Dual Loyalists Subvert the US Government to Force a Conflict with Russia on Behalf of the Jews

The Jews in power in the US, including psychopaths Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, began screaming because their fellow Jewish psychopath had been caught red-handed looting the hated Russia. Perle began issuing a number of warlike threats in the name of the US government. In this way, under George Bush, Jews like the psychopathic Perle not only inserted themselves into the highest echelons of the US government but then attempted to use this power to manipulate the US into foreign conflicts on behalf of the Jewish people. Perle and his gang of neocons also became very active in supporting the Chechen rebels against Russia.

Just before Khodorovsky went to prison, he managed to ship most of his stolen loot out of the country. It just happened to go directly into the bank account of a Jewish psychopath named Lord Rothschild.

The Roots of US Anti-Russian Hatred

These are some of the roots of the US hate against Russia. While it is true that the US elites hate Russia for many reasons, part of this mess is that the US Jews are spoiling for a fight with their old nemesis, Russia.


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Real or Fake?


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An Analysis of Romance Language Difficulty by Verb Tense

One way to measure language difficulty in the Romance languages would be to look at verb tenses and compare their difficulty across the family.

Let us take a look:

Most difficult: European Portuguese. There are 8 simple tenses used in speech (5 indicative and 3 subjunctive). In addition, there is the personal infinitive, and the pluperfect can also be a simple tense in writing. In writing, “I had spoken” can become either eu tinha falado or eu falara.

Above average difficulty: Italian and European Spanish (generally 7 endings – 5 indicative and 2 subjunctive, though American Spanish only has 4-5).

Average difficulty: French is  simplified from a morphological point of view compared to European Spanish and Italian. In French, there are are always more written endings then spoken endings because of silent letters at the end of a word. In writing, there are always 5 endings and in speech there are 3-4. In speech, the endings of the first and second person of the plural are always pronounced. It is the ending of the third person plural that is sometimes not pronounced. Here are the present and future of parler, with pronunciation between parenthesis.

1 – parle (parl)……….parlerai (parleré)
2 – parles (parl)……..parleras (parlera)
3 – parle (parl)……….parlera (parlera)
1 – parlons (parlõ)….parlerons (parlerõ)
2 – parlez (parlé)……parlerez (parleré)
3 – parlent (parl)……parleront (parlerõ)

Here are the present and future of finir:

1 – finis (fini)……………finirai (finiré)
2 – finis (fini)……………finiras (finira)
3 – finit (fini)…………….finira (finira)
1 – finissons (finissõ).. finirons (finirõ)
2 – finissez (finissé)…. finirez (finiré)
3 – finissent (finiss)…..finiront (finirõ)

The difficulty not only varies with regard to the number of endings but also with regard to the number of tenses. In French, there are 5 simple tenses in common use (4 indicative and 1 subjunctive).

Easiest: Standard Brazilian Portuguese makes use of just 3-4 different endings for every verb tense.

Look at falar in the present and imperfect:

1 – falo……….falava
2 – fala……….falava
3 – fala……….falava
1 – falamos…falávamos
2 – falam…….falavam
3 – falam…….falavam


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More Masculine – Feminine Dualities

Hi folks, I just added 17 more principles and the masculine and feminine values correlating with each one. Let me know what you think if you are interested. This list was actually the product of a week or so of on and off thinking.

Characters     Masculine   Feminine 


Sigintel       Weathervane   Antenna
Telepathy      Illiterate    Mindreader
Broadcast      Subwoofer     Subliminal 
Travel         Itinerary     Lark  
Decision       Plotted       Whimsy
Confusion      Certainty     Perplexed
Party          Kegger        Cocktail  
Social         Optional      Mandatory
Sex            Compulsion    Choice
Intellectual   Paradise      Boredom
Bird           Hawk          Hummingbird  
Birdsong       Crow          Warbler 
Love           Auxiliary     Requirement 
Danger         Physical      Psychological 
Grudge         Discard       Retain  
Armistice      Reconcile     Cold Peace
Storm          Thunderstorm  Spring Shower

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The 115 IQ Person: A View of the Type

Alfredo writes:

I also have a 147 IQ and I do think that some people with 115 IQ’s I can communicate quite effectively. Yet, I know someone who has a 128 IQ and I think his brain is not connected correctly. Great article!

Yes, I have had friends and lovers with IQ’s around that range. Although the theory supposedly states that decent communication is not possible when you have 30 IQ points difference, I do not believe that is correct. However, once you get to 45 IQ points and especially 60 IQ points, communication starts running into some serious roadblocks, and I often find myself frustrated in relationships with these people.

The 115 IQ Type

I could communicate well with all of the 115 IQ types that I have known, but with some of them I had to explain things fairly often. With others, I didn’t have to do a lot of explaining. These 115 IQ types always shocked me with their occasional brilliance and even genius. I was surprised because honestly I assume most people are morons and expect nothing of them, so when someone says or writes something very perceptive and bright and they don’t have an extremely high IQ, I am always taken aback.

But these types take me aback quite a bit. It is an interesting IQ range. They are just close enough to average to get along well with mainstream society without seeming like the freaks that the commenter and I appear to be, yet at the same times, they are bright enough to converse with us folks.

What is funny is that people in this range often do not think they are very smart.

Some people in this range have stunning psychological skills in analyzing other people, often to perfection. They are like little psychologists who can look right into your mind and figure it all out.

Psychological problems are not uncommon, especially anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Depression is common, as are the more complex anxiety disorders. However, these types understand psychology very well, and they often diagnose exactly what is going on with themselves. They often seek help for their problems via psychiatrists who usually give them anti-anxiety drugs or antidepressants. Quite a few are in therapy, and they do very well there.

They also catch on pretty quickly, and they are very interested in new ideas or brilliant or ingenious ways of looking at the world. A lot of them are quite funny too.

Psychologically, they are often “complex” or “complicated,” and they often describe themselves this way, especially the women. They often say, “I live in a dream world. I live for my dreams.” Many of these types are surprisingly creative, and some are brilliant artists.

A 115 IQ is absolutely enough to graduate from college, and most of them do. Is it enough to get an advanced degree? I would say that it is enough to get a Master’s Degree, but at that range, getting a PhD might be a challenge, and at the very least, they would have to work very hard for it.

Incidentally, two of the brightest commenters on my blog had IQ’s of 113 and 117. The 117 IQ guy was fantastic at philosophy and other forms of abstract thinking. The other fellow was into genetics and anthropology, but he thought in much the same way. A few of these types are so bright that you almost think that their score is wrong. I am not sure what is going on except maybe they are working their brains extra hard, or they have filled their brains up with all sorts of goodies.

With regard to the fellow with the 128 IQ slow guy, my father had a 129 IQ, and in most respects, he was a very bright man. He was a better reader than I am. At the end of his life, he was reading a book a day.

However, one peculiar thing about him was that he was rather concretist in his thinking sometimes, and he could not seem to branch out into the higher realms of abstract thought. There were more than a few times when I tried to explain some abstract concept to him, and he just couldn’t get it. He kept pounding his fist on the table and emphasizing some stupid concretist way of looking at the concept.

Granted these were tough concepts, and the concretist way of thinking seemed intuitively correct for most of these concepts, but of course it was wrong. The concretist view was usually something like, “What a stupid idea! This means nothing at all! Dumbest idea I’ve ever heard! It makes no sense! Completely irrational!” You had to stretch your brain quite a bit to figure out why the abstract view of the situation was actually the correct one and that the idea indeed had some merit.


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Communication at 60 IQ Points Difference

Alfredo writes:

I also have a 147 IQ and I do think that some people with 115 IQ’s I can communicate quite effectively. Yet, I know someone who has a 128 IQ and I think his brain is not connected correctly. Great article!

Communication at 60 IQ points difference

I have also known who must have had IQ’s around 85. That is an incredible distance of 60 IQ points. People like us seem to nearly have two brains to their one when we talk to these people. I have even been close friends with some of these people, even for years. But I was always frustrated in the relationship.

The 85 IQ Type

Once IQ starts getting around ~85, people’s morality seems to decline and their levels of manipulativeness and sociopathy seem to go up. A number of them stole from me, often petty items. Quite a few of these types that I knew had spent some time in jail. These types often have drug or alcohol problems and they can also have psychological issues, often with violence, reactiveness and impulsiveness. They sometimes realize that they have a problem, but they seem clueless about how to fix it.

However, even these types often have masterful social skills. When it comes to the basics of social communication, they are no dummies! In addition, they can often grasp the basics of the sociology of humanity quite well. They always surprise me when they do that. People in this range are not stupid when it comes to jokes, and they often get all of your jokes, frequently instantly. The speed with which they get your jokes always surprises me. In addition, some of them, especially the males, have a great sense of humor and are often utterly hilarious.


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Communication at 45 IQ Points Difference

Alfredo writes:

I also have a 147 IQ and I do think that some people with 115 IQ’s I can communicate quite effectively. Yet, I know someone who has a 128 IQ and I think his brain is not connected correctly. Great article!

Communication at 45 IQ Points Difference

As you note, we types can communicate quite well with these 115 IQ people.

At 45 IQ points difference, we are talking to 100 IQ types, who are simply the average person. Average IQ people often bore me to tears, and they often don’t seem to have anything intelligent to say. A lot of times when I talk to them, they look baffled half the time because they don’t know what I am talking about. They also seem annoyed, probably because I am talking over their heads. I try to explain what it is I am talking about, and they usually act like they could care less. If I try to adjust the conversation down to their level, I feel like I am talking about mundane things, and I start getting bored.

The 100 IQ Type

However, these people can often grasp many of the essential truths of life easily, they often have superb social skills, and their understanding of psychology will often shock you. I assume that the grasp of psychology flows from their social skills.

I have met a few people in this range who were so bright it stunned me. One had an IQ of 97 and the other had an IQ of 108. The 108 IQ guy was a frequent commenter on the blog and seemed to get everything I wrote about. The 97 IQ man was actually an intellectual. He understood everything you said and he had somehow gained extensive learning either through reading or other means.

And at that IQ, you are a fish and all of society is your sea. It is probably a great IQ if you simply want to get along well with others and have a happy life here on Earth.


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Sorry for Lack of Posts

I am extremely tired. I suffer from extreme fatigue and no one quite knows what is causing it. The best guesses are sinusitis and allergies. The only thing that has helped it is sinus surgery, allergy shots and sometimes things like getting rid of allergens in my home, rain, snow, and freezing weather. I also often get better very late at night when the pollens finally go down. At the moment, the pollens are all over the place and everything is covered in a yellow dust. So I am pretty much nuked right now. Go ahead and keep commenting though. I am working, but more on research and whatnot than on posts.


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