Which Rock Stars Are Gay or Bisexual?

It might seem hard to believe that any of them are, but there have long been rumors about a number of them. Let’s go through the list.

A word about bisexual men. Unfortunately, bisexuality is very common, and I would say that after 40 years of observing males from even the point of view of a straight male that male bisexual behavior is much more common than nearly any straight person realizes.

I figure that for every one gay man, there are ~9 men with a bisexual orientation of one type or another various types and varieties. It is a truism with bisexuals that most lean one way or another. Very few men with a bisexual orientation are completely 50-50 in their attractions – only 5% could be described that way. Furthermore, only 15% of men with a bisexual orientation lean gay. 80% lean straight, and 85% of bisexual men are maximally attracted to women.

So for men with a bisexual orientation, the chart looks like this:

Maximally attracted to females: 90%
Lean Straight:                  85%
Lean Gay:                       10%
Maximally attracted to males:   15%
Full bisexual (50-50)            5%

50 Cent: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he is on the downlow.

Damon Albarn (Blur): Possible bisexual tendencies.

Phil Anselmo (Pantera): Persistent rumors of bisexuality.

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day): Openly bisexual.

Lance Bass (‘N Sync): Either openly gay or deeply closeted, depending on who you talk to.

Marc Bolan (T. Rex): Supposedly out bisexual, truth unknown.

Bono (U2): Rumored bisexual, huge pussy hound, but another male musician claims he had sex with Bono once. Basically heterosexual.

Roddy Bottom (Faith No More): Openly gay.

David Bowie: Former bisexual, later identified as straight. Massive pussy hound, basically heterosexual.

Boy George: Openly gay.

Kenny Chesney: Reportedly long known to be gay, but deeply closeted due to his country music fanbase. Renee Zellweger was his beard, but she divorced him after only four months of marriage due to “fraud.” On the other hand, in interviews, he says he is straight, is hurt by gay rumors and claims to have had sex with over 100 women, which, if true, is certainly not the behavior of a gay man. Very strange case in much need of further research.

Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons): Probably bisexual. Has made several porn videos for the gay market (!?), including a few where he is jerking off, and one where he is shoving a pink dildo up his ass (!?). He also posed on the cover of the Brazilian gay magazine G (!?).

Dave Davies (Kinks): Openly bisexual.

Ray Davies (Kinks): Basically heterosexual, experimented with men a bit.

Jonathan Davis (Korn): Bad rumor.

Ronnie James Dio: Straight, bad rumor.

Dr. Dre: Said to be gay and deeply closeted for years.

Ghall (Gorgoroth): Reputed to be gay and said to have a boyfriend who is a male model. Probably true.

Jay Gordon (Orgy): Bisexual tendencies.

Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam): Widely rumored to be a closeted bisexual.

Perry Ferrell (Jane’s Addiction/Porno for Pyros): Openly bisexual.

Ace Frehley (KISS): Straight, experimented with homosexuality a bit.

Rob Halford (Judas Priest): Openly gay.

Kirk Hammett (Metallica): Reportedly out bisexual. Swinger, frequents sex clubs with his wife.

Michael Hutchinson (Xtasy): Straight but said to have experimented with men.

Billy Idol: Basically a straight poon hound, but once he was seen in a bed having sex with a man.

Enrique Iglesias: Unknown.

Michael Jackson: Definitely a gay pedophile or hebephile.

Mick Jagger: Heterosexual, huge pussy hound, rumored to have sex with men one or more times.

Jay-Z: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.

Elton John: Openly gay.

Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood): Known to be gay.

Al Jourgensen (Ministry): Said to be probably bisexual.

Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chili Peppers): Rumored to be bisexual, false rumor.

Little Richard: Often thought to be gay and frequently calls himself gay, but actually probably bisexual.

LL Cool J: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.

Loon: There is said to be an underground sex tape of him having anal sex with another rap star, Sean Combs.

Marilyn Manson: Reportedly out bisexual, however evidence is lacking. Basically heterosexual.

Paul Masvidal (Cynic): Openly gay.

Ricky Martin: Openly gay.

Maxwell: Rumored to be gay. Latest album was shelved by his record company because they were upset by all the gay references.

Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray): Bisexual.

Meegs (Coal Chamber): Possibly bisexual.

Freddie Mercury (Queen): Supposedly bisexual, actually gay.

Method Man: Rumored to be gay. Q-Tip is his possible boyfriend.

George Michael (Wham): Openly gay.

Brian Molko (Placebo): Openly bisexual.

Steven Morrissey (The Smiths): Obviously gay but closeted.

Bob Mould (Husker Du): Openly gay.

Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers): Openly bisexual.

P. Diddy: There is said to be an underground sex tape of him having anal sex with another rap star, Loon.

Mike Patton (Faith No More): Widely rumored to be bisexual.

Joe Perry (Aerosmith): Rumored bisexual, false rumor. Pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.

The Pet Shop Boys: Openly gay.

Iggy Pop: Supposedly an out bisexual, but that is actually a completely false rumor.

Prince: Completely heterosexual, even if many find that incomprehensible. Insatiable pussy hound. Continuous gay rumors were due to his gender style, not his sexual orientation.

Q-Tip: Reputed to be gay. His rap lyrics are supposedly full of gay references. Boyfriend may be Method Man.

Redman: Reputed to be gay.

Lou Reed: Out bisexual, later identified as straight.

Sean Reinert (Cynic): Openly gay.

Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran): Rumored to be bisexual, said to share his male lover with his wife. Probably true.

Busta Rhymes: Reputed to be gay.

Ricki Rockett (Poison): Rumored bisexual, false rumor.

Henry Rollins (Black Flag): Bizarrely enough, there have been rumors about him for years. Unknown, but he has had many girlfriends over the years. This may just be a bad rumor, but people who knew him back when he was a starving musician in the New York East Village music scene in the mid to late 1970’s say he was well known to be bisexual to the point of being out about it. The rumors appear to stem from this period in his life. Definitely a mystery.

Gavin Rossdale (Bush): Rumored to be bisexual.

Rostam (Vampire Weekend): Openly gay.

David Lee Roth (Van Halen): Longstanding, persistent and widespread rumors that he is bisexual, however these may be false rumors and have more to do with his gender behavior than his sexuality. Says he is straight in interviews. However, his bandmates, when asked if he is bisexual, say “Dave is into a bit of everything.” Heterosexual poon hound who stages orgies at his mansion and often holes up there with a small harem. Known to take on mother-daughter groupie teams!

Ja Rule: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.

Fred Schneider (B-52’s): Unknown.

Pat Smear (Germs, Foo Fighters): Openly bisexual.

Robert Smith (Cure): Rumored bisexual, unknown.

Billy Squier: Unknown.

Paul Stanley (KISS): Married, two kids, but apparently bisexual. He was also one of the biggest pussy hounds in all rock and roll. Although some vigorously dispute the charge, Ace Frehley, Frehley’s wife, the rock groupie site on the web (which is almost always correct), and two people in the music industry have all said he is bisexual. He is very much in the closet about it though. I would say he leans straight though, looking at all of his womanizing.

Al Stewart: Unknown.

Rod Stewart: Bisexual rumors, never proven but suggestive. Major pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.

Michael Stipe (R.E.M): Openly bisexual or maybe gay.

Justin Timberlake (‘N Sync): Rumored to be bisexual.

Pete Townshend (The Who): Supposedly out bisexual. Strange rumor.

Steve Tyler (Aerosmith): Rumored bisexual, false rumor. Huge pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.

Luther Vandross: Long known to be gay in the Black community and of course with his band-mates. Deeply closeted.

Phil Varone (Skid Row): Bisexual.

Sid Vicious: Supposedly out bisexual, but once again looks like a bad rumor.

Scott Weiland: Rumored to be bisexual.

Yogi (Buckcherry): Rumored to be bisexual.


Christina Aguilera: Open bisexual.

Joan Armatrading: Either lesbian or bisexual, possibly true.

Joan Baez: Bisexual, probably true.

Toni Braxton: Lesbian, closeted. Had an affair with Courtney Love.

Tracy Chapman: Out lesbian.

Sheryl Crow: Bisexual, apparently true.

Ani DiFranco: Out bisexual.

Melissa Etheridge: Out lesbian.

Marianne Faithfull: Out bisexual.

Whitney Houston: Straight but experimented with women.

Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders): Rumored bisexual.

Janis Ian: Out bisexual.

Janet Jackson: Definitely bisexual, closeted.

Joan Jett: Definitely lesbian, but she does not discuss it.

Grace Jones: Out bisexual.

Janis Joplin: Out bisexual.

Wynona Judd: Unknown.

Alicia Keys: Closeted lesbian, tries to deflect rumors by making homophobic comments, has a male beard.

K. D. Lang: Out lesbian.

Courtney Love (Hole): Openly bisexual. Had an affair with Winona Ryder.

Madonna: Out bisexual. Has had affairs with other celebrity women.

Me’shell N’Degeocell: Out bisexual.

Joni Mitchell: Out bisexual.

Queen Latifah: Lesbian, deeply closeted.

Olivia Newton-John: Rumored bisexual.

Stevie Nicks: Well known to be bisexual, closeted.

Sinead O’Connor: Bisexual or lesbian, apparently true.

Dolly Parton: Lesbian, closeted.

Bonnie Raitt: Straight-leaning bisexual, apparently true.

Rhianna: Rumored bisexual.

Linda Ronstadt: Lesbian or bisexual, apparently true.

Winona Ryder: Confirmed bisexual. Had an affair with Courtney Love.

Dusty Springfield: Openly lesbian.

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56 responses to “Which Rock Stars Are Gay or Bisexual?

  1. Lesley

    How do you know Dolly Parton, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys are lesbians if they’re ‘closeted’, or as you suggest in Alicia Keys case actually denies it? Lol

    I think a lot of gays are big fans of Prince anyway. He certainly would probably get on with a lot of them even if he isn’t actually gay himself – he acts it… 😉

    • lisa martin

      Uh, Queen Latifah is definitely a lesbian.She has been seen with women openly out in public and the photos are proof. NO mistake about it!!!

      • Michael

        I’m not really sure about Queen, but what you say may have been what she meant when she said: “look, everybody, I’m having sex with my girlfriend”. So, that’s what I heard from my sources on the street. Or maybe it was a tabloid when I was checking out at Walmart. Ahh, who knows. who cares.

  2. Lesley

    Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes to Hollywood is a gay man. 😉

  3. Hizzle

    “Hebephile (n.)” One who only has sex with Jews, i.e. “Jen only sleeps with Hebes. She’s a total Hebephile.”

  4. Jason Y

    Though Robert would disagree, I think someone can evolve into bi and homosexuality. I mean think about it, if you had access to all the sex you wanted (I mean the real thing, not porn.), then wouldn’t you get bored with straight sex? I mean, who knows what you’d get into? It would be similar to drug experimentation. You’d get bored with pot, and move on to coke.

    • Men can evolve into bisexual or even homosexual behavior, of course. Obviously this is true. Sexual behavior in either sex is quite changeable in many humans. Straight men certainly have a tremendous potential for bisexuality. So do straight women.

      However, sexual orientation appears to be 100% fixed in males at age 15 at least. This is what lab studies show. At the very least, homosexual attraction cannot be decreased at any level and heterosexual attraction cannot be increased in those in whom it is not maximal. Gay men absolutely cannot become straight. It is not possible. But if gay men can’t turn straight, then straight men can’t turn gay, right? I mean if it works one way then it works the other way too.

      It is not known how fixed sexual orientation is in females. That is still rather up in the air.

      Behavior can be changed, but orientation cannot.

    • Michael

      No no. There ain’t no boredom about pot verse coke. Both attach to different areas of the brain. In fact, there are more things that CBD attach to south of the brain. Hense why herb is a good choice for medical relief for Chron’s and eating problems and other stomach/intestine areas. So, my sources tell me.

  5. Messi

    Lance Bass came out a long time ago. Around the same time Ricky Martin did.

  6. Lesley

    I think David Bowie and Lou Reed where probably just ‘bi sexual’ at one point for the attention and shock value… 😉

  7. Gahll from a band called Gorgoroth is said to be gay. I gather his bf is/was a fashion model.

  8. Jason Y

    It depends on what kind of guys were talking about. It would be easier to go queer over someone built like Schwarzenegger, than an average or scrawny man.

    Even if you a fag was in front of you, doesn’t mean you have the body to attract him.

  9. Jason Y

    A lot of this stuff is due to a sick lifestyle. I mean, if your engulfed in porn 24/7, then your not going to have the same morality as Michael Landon 😆 Even Landon could become gay, but you know, on “Little House on the Prarie” or “Bonanza” there just isn’t a lot of ways to develop.

  10. Tulio

    I think Henry Rollins may be MGTOW. I heard him speak of struggling with women when he was young and when he got one he said something along the lines of “I can’t believe a girl finally likes me.” He just sounds like a dude that is straight but struggled with women or maybe he had really high standards. He’s a very smart man and smart men tend to have it tougher with women.

    Luther Vandross never publicly came out.

  11. Sam

    Courtney Love is a psychopath. I wonder if Winona Ryder is? Her stealing stuff points to her being one.

    A good movie to watch is kurt and courtney 1998. I think she had Kurt killed. There’s first hand testimony that she offered money to have him killed. Of course she says she’d Jewish.

    Rollins is a Jew that doesn’t drink so being in a punk rock band it’s difficult to meet decent women.

  12. Mr. E2me

    DLR and Van Halen are from the Pasadena/Altadena area. I know people who know Dave and his family. Dave recently helped out a friend of mine with his medical bills. Friend was also ongoing part-time security for Dave. Complete poon hound. He had his security jumping all of time because if he saw a girl he wanted he just walked up and would take them off their boyfriend’s arm. Needless to say the bf’s were usually pissed.
    Another friend of mine’s ex-wife ‘curiosuly ‘ seemed to know some intimate details about DLR. Her favorite story that ‘repulsed’ her about the man was a ranch he used to keep. I do not know exactly where it was , but somewhere outside of L.A. The ‘Roth Ranch’ was home to many orgies according to her. Or Dave would just hole up with a small harem for periods.
    There’s also people who hate him here. Restaurant people he’s stiffed,the boyfriends of the girls he screwed. People wouldn’t be shy to out him. I have never heard anything other than he was a highly sexed , straight rockstar.
    Always loved the story about Dave Bowie and Mick Jagger being busted in bed by Bowie’s wife though.

    • Jason Y

      In reference to David Lee Roth,

      Anyone with either/or money, an exciting life, or fame is going to get haters. Some of it may be justified, but usually it’s overkill.

      Boyfriends getting angry? Well, of course. You screwing every girl on the planet. However, the boyfriends can’t do anything about it, cause he’s super-rich, and has so many bodyguards and security.

  13. Jason Y

    You could approach a rock star life by going to the Philippines or Thailand, However, I wouldn’t want that kind of life. There is no real privacy, and you can’t do anything alone without harassment. I mean, I can’t blame poor people for begging, but it can get annoying if you don’t have a tour guide or security. Also, you could get robbed and left for dead.

    As far disease, there is too much AIDS around, and the rich (would include regular western tourists) would have a greater probability of getting it, cause they can afford hookers. Finally, as we see in Latin America, you could be the target of kidnapping.

    Not to mention, though many may laugh at this, it’s good to “earn” women, as opposed to getting all you want, due to status (being American, rich). I did go there one time with a lot of muscles, but of course, I would have got anything I want without them too. 😆

    Where else can you go where the handicapped, weak men of all types, etc.. can get really hot women?

  14. Jason Y

    I’m not sure this is correct. The Greeks used to screw young boys but the boys would grow up and marry. This would seem to negate what you just said.

    The boys getting screwed were raped. 😆 They weren’t natural homosexuals. Must have been a different time. If it were today, the grown men would hunt down the rapists and kill them, or worse.

    That’s one thing you gotta consider before molesting. Boys become men, and the payback can be terrible. 😆

  15. Joe Bione

    Regarding your comment: “A word about bisexual men. Unfortunately, this is very common.”. Why is this “unfortunate”? Are you opposed to certain orientations??

  16. little richard is probably bi, but so involved in religion he has deep shame about it so, at times, stresses his being a ‘sinful old homosexual’ & i quote, or nearly.

    i could fill in some of the rest of these—i know more than a few of these people—but i am too tired. the world is very sad these days.

  17. Ricky Wilson of the B-52s was gay. Sadly, he died of AIDS.

  18. Fair Solluop

    Nice research that once more proves heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are the basic 3 positive and normal orientations seen not only in human-beings but also in all nature, as they are each other’s complementary with a reasonable functionality in terms of evolution biology. But the point is, why is the majority so stupid to persist in not understanding.

    Yes, fuck religions. The fairy tales have been viruses in the minds for thousand years preventing billions of people of thinking and questioning their beliefs. As a result, even the famous and rich people that have the power can’t talk about their sexual orientations and love life openly, as if love is not the most important thing in life. Fuck governments too.

  19. Matt

    I was always bisexual since I was a kid but David Bowie re-redacted that in Britain and said that he’s always been bisexual but that American culture was the issue. I don’t really care what anyone thinks though. Marilyn Manson allegedly was in on bisexuality too. I was more straight up bisexual but lean more on the hetero side of things for love anyhow now that I am 35. That said, I only date other bisexual people so I am not in any way a threat to gay or straight people. Some men seem to be straight up gay. Others lean more that way and sometimes it is something that is more rampant early in life. I was in one “in love” deal with a dude once but he got head trauma and was a prick.

    I was into the goth/punk scene and everyone used to identify as that even though not many would do that. I am also not politically correct nor do I care about that gay community nonsense either. I have no shame or pride being how I am. Many men are often jealous of the fine bisexual women I manage to land. I was a pussy magnet too but that didn’t mean there weren’t guys I was into. This is a bigger deal to hetero and gay than it is to me or most of us. I can’t say I don’t blame people for not liking them since so many of them are the ones that are the problem. I don’t need to wave a flag to feel validation though. Many younger bi people I know though identify as mostly straight or mostly gay now. They don’t deny or feel bad about that but it was a thing to some extent for many. Watch out for the PC nuts though. The “what about me?” culture is nuts.

    • Interesting post. Where are you on this great chart that I use (that I designed). 😉

      100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
      90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
      80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
      70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
      60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
      50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
      40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
      30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
      20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
      10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
      0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

      What was the reaction of the women you dated to the fact that you were bi? I know that most of the women who dated would have flipped if I would have been bi and told them so. If I went on a dating site now and put bisexual in my profile, I think probably 95% of women who click like on me right now would run away when they saw that word. I have had girlfriends scream at me or insult me accusing me of being gay, and I’m not even gay, much less bi. I can only imagine how it would have been if I actually were bi! I think my life would have been a real nightmare no matter how much pussy I would have gotten.

      I was into the goth/punk scene and everyone used to identify as that even though not many would do that.

      You mean MOST in the punk/goth scene were identifying as bisexual? I can believe it about the goth scene, but not about the punk scene. The punk scene was insanely homophobic among the men, but many of the punk chicks were bisexual.

      but David Bowie re-redacted that in Britain and said that he’s always been bisexual but that American culture was the issue.

      You mean Bowie, who said he was bi and then went back on that and said he was straight, then went gone back on that again and said he was bisexual again?

      Marilyn Manson allegedly was in on bisexuality too.

      Any evidence?

      That said, I only date other bisexual people so I am not in any way a threat to gay or straight people.

      Have any of these bisexual women reacted negatively to your bisexuality?

  20. Chris Strummer

    Paul Stanley has always been straight.

  21. Tony DiLuca

    Dusty Springfield?



    I wonder: which Spice girls are gay/bi?

  22. Poonhound69

    Can we get an official statement from lilkim’s bf?

  23. dee

    Phil Anselmo, need to know more lol being hearing that for years.

  24. Michael

    I have nothing against homosexuals/gays. In fact, it’s probably a good way to spend a summer during college. But, Lesbians……………… not too fond of. Whatever causes male homosexuality isn’t the same thing for women. Serious. Well, according to my sources, anyway.
    That is an interesting investigatory subject that only Mr Lindsay could coordinate successfully.

  25. Rome

    Why is it “unfortunately” that bisexuality is common?

  26. dw

    lil kims boyfriend knows all the gays


  28. Tane Clark

    I always knew Joan Jett was a lesbian, but Toni Braxton, I’m shocked!!!

  29. P.

    Amy Winehousr was openly bi.

  30. Sorry, but Michael Jackson never was a pedhofile, and obviously nothing hebephile. See Jordan Chandler was a lier, and Gavin Arvizo and his family was a plaintiff of famous people and thieves of stores.

  31. Fred Schneider unknown? He’s the most out performer on here.

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