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Who Is This Famous Woman?

She is quite well known on the world political stage. She likes to dress in high style and spends the money to show it.

She is quite well known on the world political stage. She likes to dress in high style and spends the money to show it.

What part of the world is she from? What is her formal position? Why is she important? What is her religion and why is that interesting?


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How Gay Men Prey on Straight Men

Below, Dave’s remarks are in blockbusters. Mine follow.

Dave writes:

What is this “weirdness” you’re talking about? Gay men aren’t “sensible enough?”

If I have a gay or bi man significantly in your life to the point where I am hanging around with him either alone or as part of a group, he is going to try to fuck me at some point. 100% guarantee. Usually they will try to do this immediately.

I do not care if they are sensible or not.

Are you afraid a man might undress you with his eyes?

Well they do do that, and also if I am friends with a gay or bi man even if he is not trying to fuck me, he is going to be making regular remarks about how good-looking I am while licking his chops like the big bad wolf. I do not like this bad weirdness. And also, yes, he might be giving off a lot of gay sexual energy in my direction. I really do not like that either, as it bad weirdness.

Have you considered that might be how women feel around “masculine” straight males?

I could care less how women feel around straight males. Why should I care?

You appear very educated which makes your fear of gay men seem pretty bizarre.

It is not bizarre at all. Just about every gay man that I got to know significantly tried to fuck me or gave off some really weird intense gay sexual vibes when he was around me.

I had a gay boss once who looked at me like I was a sirloin steak, sexually harassed me and fired me when I wouldn’t suck his dick.

Two of my best friends were threatened by gay men who tried to blackmail my friends into fucking them.

Here is how the scam works: gay man offers young, good looking, single straight man a room in his place. “Hey you’re straight, I’m gay, no problem, I won’t bother you.” But that’s a lie because he is going to try to recruit/convert.

Then he may offer you a job. My friend was offered a job and a place to stay by a degenerate gay. Everything was so cool until about a month into the job when the hammer came down – degenerate gay said you either fuck me or you’re fired. My friend said I guess I am fired. Then he went home, and the hammer came down again. Degenerate gay said you either fuck me or I throw you out of this place on your ass. My friend said ok I guess I am homeless. And then he was jobless and homeless thanks to a degenerate homosexual. It was quite unnerving for me to even hear about this disturbing situation.

Another friend idiotically took a room for rent from a homosexual degenerate in West Hollywood. Same deal: “I’m gay, you’re straight, no problem, I leave you alone.” My friend lost his job. Could not pay the rent. The degenerate fag offered him a deal: you either start fucking me or I throw you out of here, and you are homeless. My friend was so freaked out by this that he came down and stayed with me in my apartment for several days. I was quite unnevered by this very weird situation myself. After several days, he left and apparently went back. I had no idea what that meant.

Later he and I went out on the town in Hollywood trying to pick up actress and model types. Of course we struck out, and we went back home. My friend offered me a couch at the place he shared with the degenerate. I woke up in the middle of the night in the living room. The bedroom was 20 feet away. From sounds and smells, I concluded my friend and the degenerate. Frankly, I think my friend was getting fucked in the ass by the degenerate but it was hard to tell as I could not see it. That was weird enough but I just figured it was a very bad dream and went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, and that was when the degenerate laid this totally bizarre trip on me trying to brainwash me by saying that I wasn’t really straight, I was really gay just like him, and I needed to come out of the closet and quit lying and being phony. The degenerate later used this exact same brainwash technique with my best friend, so I guess it is one of their recruitment/converting tricks they use on straight men.

That morning I lost my contact lens, and the two of them made a big faggy scene pretending to look for it and gleefully putting their hands all over my upper body, which was pretty weird. My friend was into it because by now he had been recruited/converted.

I hung out with this friend a bit afterwards, but he soon got deep into bisexuality, and I had to end the friendship because there is no way you can be friends with someone like that. For instance, my friend and his older lover used to come over to my place on the weekends with some other gay men. They were headed down to Laguna Beach for the weekend for all sorts of queery fun and games.

Ok, look, your friend comes over to your house with his older boyfriend and some other gays and says we are on our way down to Laguna for the weekend. There would be massive pressure on me to join in on the faggy fun if not on this occasion than on others. They are going to pressure you really hard.

Another time I was over at my neighbor’s place, and my friend, the neighbor and the guy downstairs, a closeted gay not really out even to himself yet, were there. Weed and booze were consumed, and soon the three guys were dancing around the living room, putting their hands all over each other, kissing each other and having all sorts of homo hedonism. I was seriously weirded out so I got as close as I could to the neighbor’s live in girlfriend from the faggery. After they were done, two of them threatened to beat me up for not joining in the queery delights. That was profoundly weird and very disturbing to me.

Later I rented an apartment in LA with a male roommate. I always thought he was straight, and he did have a strong heterosexual component for sure. Mostly he was just weird. He was one of the most nervous guys I have ever met. After living there about 5 weeks, one night he tried to fuck me which was very bad and weird. I haven’t had a male roommate since then, and I have instead lived alone. I do not want to live with male roommates anymore due to that experience.

Then there was this guy across the street who made friends with me. I never knew he was queer. He was just known as a neighborhood criminal burglar. He got out of prison and said he was clean now. I started spending some time with the guy somehow. The vibes got weird almost right away, but it took me a while to figure it out.

After a while, I put the pieces of the weird vibes together and it was oh no not this gay nightmare again. He kept coming over and hanging out, and he gave off massive gay vibes the whole time he was around, and it was really bad weirdness. And he was always making queery suggestive remarks which is even more weird.

One day he destroyed my car’s engine, costing $800 damage. That and the constant creepy and queery innuendo and seduction attempts made me so furious that I went over to his house in broad daylight with a baseball bat and smashed his front door in. Then I walked home. The cops let me off because they hated him too just like everyone else. The next morning I was leaving for work and my neighbors came out of their houses and waved to me, cheering me on for bashing his door down because everyone hated him. I am very proud that I took that baseball bat and bashed his front door in with it. One of my best moments.

I hope you explain the really bad weirdness from having gay friends and why it is so important to know if other guys are bi/gay.

It has been my position for many years that straight men cannot be friends with bisexual or gay men. It doesn’t work. I do not see how it is even possible. As you can see from my history above, I and my friends have had quite enough trauma and bad weirdness from gay and bisexual men, and honestly I want them as far away from my life forever because frankly I have had more than enough of them for one lifetime, and I don’t feel like giving them any more chances.

I also advise all my straight male friends with regard to gay and bisexual men:

1. Do not make friends with gay or bisexual man. Don’t hang out with them. Don’t spend time with them. Don’t invite them over. Don’t go over to their place. Nothing good can come of this.

2. Never rent a room from a gay or bisexual man ever for any reason. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. As far as having a gay roommate, I would be extremely cautious about that.

3. Be very cautious when accepting a job from a gay man where he will be your boss. He may well sexually harass you.

4. In general, just stay as far away from gay and bisexual men as possible. You here, them over there. Avoid them. Nothing good can ever come of any significant contact with these men.


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How Do Women Really Feel about Effeminate and Non-macho Straight Men?

Beatrix wrote:

I suppose it depends on what you define as effeminate. If my husband were some knuckle dragging, overbearing, loud mouth, obnoxious jock with questionable hygiene – I doubt I’d be attracted to him either.

Would I date an effeminate man?

Would I marry an effeminate man?

Though your husband is probably not effeminate, would you be happy if he changed his behavior tomorrow and started acting effeminate?

If that’s what made him happy too, yes.

I would absolutely not date or marry a man I deemed stupid, nor do I like depressives.

Well that is pretty interesting. Most straight women seriously despise effeminate straight men. I mean hate them with a psychotic homophobic passion you ain’t never seen before. They don’t mind effeminate men as long as they stay on the gay side of the street, but they don’t want them in the straight world.

Not only that, but a lot of straight women have extreme hatred even for not only effeminate straight men but also straight guys who don’t act macho or stereotypically masculine. This means straight men who are not even 1% effeminate, but they are “not macho”: they are soft, soft-spoken, gentle, passive, quiet, sensitive, and often very handsome (but in a pretty way like a pretty boy) straight men. Even non-macho straight guys are constantly being accused of being gay, and I know several who got gay-bashed, one seriously enough to be hospitalized.

All of the guys like this I have known have had difficult lives, dealing with constant and annoying accusations of being gay, but also in fending off interminable attempts by gay men to recruit, convert and fuck, sexually harass or blackmail them.

Not only that, but these guys all have had a lot of problems with women. Some of them have been notorious womanizers, why I am not sure, but they were extremely good-looking. But over and over I have noticed and they have told me about problems with women. Their women often do not think they are real men, ridicule them, put them down, attack their masculinity, laugh in their faces, humiliate them, try to dominate them, and especially cuckold them by having affairs right in front of their faces as a provocation practically daring these men to kill them.

One man got married and had kids, but the last time I talked to him he told me his wife is contemptuous of him, and they never have sex anymore.

Bottom line is their women are upset that they do not act macho or stereotypically masculine and they react in all of these contemptuous ways above.

What is bizarre about this is if you ask most women, they act confused and annoyed that men make such a big deal about masculinity. “Why are you guys so hung up on that?” they ask. They act like they could care less about masculinity. In addition, many women claim they want a non-macho, sensitive, caring, gentle type guy, but they really don’t. They want a meathead caveman. They’re blind and lying to themselves, but women are always blind and practicing self-deception as this is part of female nature.

But I have found out fairly late in life that masculinity is a massive deal for huge numbers of women except they are mostly blind to it and either won’t admit it or are not even aware of it.

I encourage all straight men to act as masculine as they are comfortable with not only to scare off gays and not be accused of being gay but also so they will have more pleasant relationships with women.

If women are going to make such a massive deal out it, we need to realize its importance in our lives and do something about it.

Men really need to start taking masculinity seriously. Either you take it seriously or its going to take you seriously.


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