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Definition of a Conspiracy Theorist

That's  about it.

That’s about it.


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White Riot Versus Black Riot

Double standards?

Double standards?


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To Catch a Pedobear



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Support the Troops!

Support the Troops!

Support the Troops!

That is the Hezbollah banner by the way. I actually rather like these guys. They are not radical Islamist crazies or anything like that. Although if you are gay or an Israeli Jew, you might not like them very much though.

They get along with the other ethnic groups in Lebanon very well and they are extremely popular all across the spectrum as sort of an armed Lebanese nationalist group defending the country from its enemies.

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Repost: India Is a Shithole

This is one of the most popular posts ever on this site. It has been reposted around the web many times. The original title was Sickening Photos from Shithole India. This is one of my favorite posts. I almost can’t even believe that I wrote it, the writing is so good. Oh well, better to underestimate yourself. It only pushes you to do better.

If you didn’t get a chance to read it the first time around, check it out now. It stirred up a lot of controversy all right!

Look at these appalling photos here. NSFW!

Be careful looking at that. I almost vomited while reading. India is simply disgusting.

What do the photos show?

The photos show the Ganges River, the holiest river in that lousy religion called Hinduism.

Vast crowds of people are mingling at the river, piling rags onto corpses and publicly cremating them for all to see. People walk by, turning to look at a dead man starting to rot on a ledge.

Next we have photo after photo of the sickening Ganges River and horribly disgusting corpses that float in it. Yes! The river is full of decomposing corpses, dumped into the gross river! People are swimming in the river, brushing their teeth in it, and drinking its water, while vomitous rotting corpses float by.

In many cases, the corpses wash ashore. The shoreline is dotted with decaying corpses, mostly humans but some cows. Crows and dogs fight each other for the right to gnaw on a putrid human corpse.

Crows perch on bloated corpses floating by. Skeletons litter the beach. Organ guts discarded by swollen bellies line the shores and float in the water. Dogs feast on them. Most of the living humans walking around are skinny as rails. Horrifically deformed humans, somehow still alive, lurk here and there. You almost want to kill them to do them a favor.

We go to one of the holiest cities in India, where the Buddha was born. A major tourist attraction, swollen with visitors. But you can hardly walk on the muddy ground because it’s covered with shit. With human turds. Yes, India is not only a shithole figuratively but also literally. Bharat is literally drowning in human turds!

Try walking through that. Better practice your hopscotch skills. India is a shithole. Literally. India, up and coming world power, is literally drowning in 150 million pounds of shit every day.

Next we go to a filthy, disgusting public hospital. My Indian friends told that an Indian hospital is a place you go to to die. If you don’t want to die, you have to bribe the doctor. If you don’t bribe the doctor, you get no care. Yes! The doctor will kill your loved one because you didn’t line his palm. He has to be bribed to keep other humans alive and not kill them via negligence.

More photos show Indian cities covered with garbage, drowning in garbage. Garbage and cows. Cows are everywhere, walking in the street, lying in the street, shitting in the street. Cow shit is everywhere. Indian cities are covered with it. Indian women roam the streets, gathering up cow shit, and laying it out to dry. They use it as fuel. One thing you will notice about an Indian city is the overwhelming smell of cow shit. It’s like living in a dairy.

At a famous Indian tourist beach, on one side of the river there are luxury hotels for foreign tourists. On the other side is a fisherman’s village, where people live in the worst squalor. They are literally living among huge piles of garbage. I don’t think it’s ever taken away.

And all day long, you see villagers shitting on the beach. There’s no way to walk on the beach because it’s covered with shit. But the Indian bourgeois and foreign tourists just smile in their upscale hotels. They could care less, callously partying amidst the wretched squalor.

In India, people shit everywhere. You are driving down the road, and there are guys squatting right by the side of the road, shitting in plain sight for all the drivers to see. No one pays them one bit of mind.

Even upscale Indian cities are filthy. Callous bourgeois Indians carrying briefcases and chatting on cellphones walk down streets past crowds of men urinating against the walls. The smell is so strong it nearly knocks you over. But the suit and tie guy walking by could care less. Those hordes pissing on the wall are zero to him, nothing. They may as well not even be there.

Indians don’t believe in toilet paper. Instead, you wipe their ass with your left hand. That’s why when you into a store in India, you are never supposed to touch anything with your left hand, because the implication is you probably just wiped your ass with it. Afterward, you wash your left hand with water from a bucket, but that won’t work very well. Indians think this is very advanced. Less hemorrhoids, and you save on paper. It’s Indian environmentalism!

Forget Black Africa. I thought Black Africa was hopeless. Now I think Indian might be even worse. In fact, its starvation figures are generally worse than Black Africa’s. Only Ethiopia’s figure is higher.

Indian nationalists like to say India is up there with Brazil or China. Or better yet, that it will soon be the greatest nation on Earth (the biggest economy). No way. When India is the greatest country on Earth, that means I’m going to kill myself. The planet won’t be worth inhabiting anymore.

I doubt if there is even much for a tourist to see in India. There’s the Taj Mahal (Hopefully the area around it is not covered with turds?), which is frankly a ridiculous structure, as it is a mosque in a majority-Hindu country. It would be like going to Saudi Arabia to look at the greatest attraction, a huge church.

Due to the abhorrent Hindu caste system, the overwhelming majority of Indian Hindus, even highly educated folks making good money with degrees and advanced degrees, simply believe that some humans are better than others due to the caste into which they were born.

This cognitive mess infects almost all Hindu 1-B workers in the US, and caste politics in US IT corporations dramatically hinders productivity and makes the workplace chaotic and strife-ridden. Those of higher castes are contemptuous of lower caste workers and refuse to cooperate with them.

If you’re born into a low caste, your future is more or less sealed. Most routes to success are closed off before you take your first breath.

India has the most HIV cases outside of Africa. It has more people in poverty than there are in all Black Africa combined, and there are a billion people in Black Africa. If you are doing worse than Black Africa, that is spelled FAIL.

India is a profoundly racist country. Remember the monkey calls for the Black athlete recently?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 6th or 7th biggest competition on Earth, were held in India, but they were a huge failure. India was late, so the Games were delayed, the hotels were filthy, and the people in India organizing the event were all corrupt and were arrested afterwards.

In contrast, even South Africa was able to host the World Cup smoothly, and South Africa is a wreck. South Africa is more civilized than India. Wow!

China smoothly hosted the Olympics, and Brazil will probably do a great job of hosting the World Cup in 2014.

India = FAIL.

*There are many innocent shitholes all over the world. They did nothing to create their shithole condition, and in many cases, they don’t deserve it. Some were just sitting there in the ground minding their business and doing whatever holes do, when some mean human came along and callously filled them up with shit. Poor holes! That’s their fault? No way!

Anyway, I would like to apologize to all of the world’s poor, innocent shitholes for comparing you to India. You shitholes don’t deserve such a humiliating comparison.

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Three Models of Race

From the comments section. I actually thought this was sort of funny. Is he onto something here?

Swedophobic Finns writes:

Essentially three models of the races exist.

The first two are rightwing White nationalism (WN) and Robert Lindsay’s leftwing race realism (Liberal Race Realism or LRR). Both types of Whites wake up in the morning and give thanks for being born White.

In LRR, Indians are at the bottom and need to be killed in favour of snakes. This is not literal but shows the force of feeling involved.

With WN, Blacks occupy the lowest position, and Jews are the master manipulator. Jews in LRR are colonialist occupiers of Arab land. So WN and LRR are anti-Semitic in their own ways.

The other races are in between somewhere and tag along with their “privileged” position as it boosts their self esteem not to be at the bottom or to be the Machiavellian Jew.

The third model is the Marxist model. In the classic Western Marxist model, Whites occupy the lowest level. They are racist colonialists who need to make amends for their colonist past and slavery. Indians are out of the picture, but their campaign contribution to the Democrats gets them access to the Obama White House.

Blacks occupy the heights of the political landscape, followed by Arabs. Things can change here at the heights as the Arabs were until recently number one. Recent results from Ferguson rioting have pushed Blacks to the heights once again, and Obama is gaining political capital from the rioting but De Blasio did not, as the two cops that got killed met with a trail back to De Blasio and his anti-police rhetoric. Obama was more skilful in exploiting the riots and the death of the “gentle giant” who got killed initially in Ferguson.

Gays are high up in the classic Marxist Saintology, but in WN they are demons. In LRR, gays are ok, but not if they are Indian. Generally gays rank higher as a “race” than the serpentine Indians. Muslims rank higher too, but it is not known where their position actually rests in the ranking despite not being a group but being given that position as a political heavyweight race for political victimhood points. Blacks are down somewhere certainly ahead of the Indians in LRR; Indians are never at the top of any ideology either as Whites or the Jews as the master manipulators.

Blacks and Arabs and the third place gays ride high in political victimhood and the power politics of the classic Western Alinsky/Antonio Gramsci model. The power elites favor this as the most practical model to grab more political power via the taxed White population who largely fund the plans of the Western political elite.

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How to Win Enemies and Negatively Influence People

Historia Nerd writes:

Robert the Indians kind of deserved the hate. Many of them, or the ones Ive noticed, always take the opportunity to exert their presence. Many Indians in Singapore are in the upper middle class, but constantly belittle other ethnic groups. Indians bring this hate on them by acting too snobbish and arrogant. Of course not all Indians behave like this. But, as I’ve mentioned throughout this blog, many Indians are simply clannish, money oriented and very materialistic. This mentality is why they are defeated.

Malays aren’t intelligent, but many are very nice. Indians may be intelligent or crafty, but many are not nice.

How to Win Enemies and Negatively Influence People. They ought to write a book!

I think I would rather be around dumb nice people than smart mean people.

If I go out into the world and act like a total asshole, most people are going to hate me. If groups of people go out into the world and act like total assholes, a lot of people are going to hate them. The latter reaction ends up being called “racism” but often it isn’t.

A lot of so-called persecuted groups are not even being persecuted at all. I say they are being prosecuted!

I would like to point out that Historia Nerd is a young woman only 19 years of age, I believe. Isn’t she smart? Not all young people are airhead ignoramuses.


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Is There Such a Thing as a Rightwing Socialist or a Racist Socialist?

Jason Y writes:

White Nationalism is pretty much a “straight up” right wing thing. No tolerance for the left, as they seen as the “devil” At least that’s the way it is on Stormfront, and in the USA.

As for Republicans, they seem to be some kind of “gateway drug” into white nationalism.

Not really.

There are a lot of racist socialists over at Stormfront. There is a whole large section of them over there. I am not sure what they are, if they are National Socialists or what, but a lot of them like socialism and hate capitalism. They want some sort of “white socialism.” I always found them interesting and even though they are scumbags, I would rather ally with some harmless Nazi socialist loudmouth than a boutique upper middle class Cultural Left neoliberal from the Democratic National Committee. The latter is probably going to cause a lot more damage. The Nazi is annoying, but he probably won’t hurt anyone.

These racist socialists really do not exist at any other sites like American Renaissance.

I am not sure what other movements like that are out there, but the National Bolsheviks and Third Positionists are sometimes said to be racist socialists, nationalist socialists or rightwing socialists. I know the Baath Party Arab socialists were very much racist socialists or nationalist socialists. A lot of people say that Marie Le Pen’s party is a rightwing party, and they call her a racist and a fascist. However, her economic program is very populist and extremely socialist. The Khmer Rogue were racist Communists.

I know a socialist who is more or less of a White Nationalist. He is allied with Putin’s Eurasianist project and the National Bolsheviks. I know a Communist who is very much an anti-Semite. He has since converted to Islam. Israel Shamir is a Russian-Israeli Jewish Communist who is often called an anti-Semite (correctly so).

Often these leftwing racist types start moving to the right the deeper they get into their racism. There is some dynamic about racism that seems to naturally make the racist person rightwing or drive them further to the right if they are already on the right. This makes me think that racism is sort of inherently rightwing project that simply does not fit in well with the Left.

As former liberals and Lefties get deeper into racism (as some people do become racist or more racist later in life) they seem to automatically move towards the Right. They also start speaking favorably about the racist Right, especially the fascist Right, who after all hate the same groups that the racist Lefties do, and they start advocating tactical alliances with the fascist Right. They use phrases like “getting rid of Left and Right.” I get a nervous feeling every time I hear that phrase because it is associated with these racist Leftie types.

Leftwing anti-Semites often convert to Islam because, let’s face it, Islam is an anti-Semitic religion.

We do not really have a word for most of these type of “rightwing socialist” or “racist socialist” groups. The idea is that all socialists are non-racists, but that is not necessarily true. I will tell you being into Left politics in any way, you will get a lot of pressure to tone or shut down any racism or even “PC-racism” (which isn’t even racism) that you might have.

As racist Lefties get bashed more and more by their Left colleagues telling them to tone it down, most of them tend to play down the racist stuff more and more over time. The Left is extremely intolerant or racism to the point where it has invented an entire fake category of racism (PC-racism) which is really hallucinated racism that doesn’t even exist and persecuting people for telling the truth.

The socialist project is frankly an economic project. A lot of working class people are socially conservative. They don’t like gay marriage, want to keep their guns, do not like abortion and may not be too wild about Black folks. The Left has blown these people off and now they are voting Republican for no good reason. A lot of them have become Obama haters. A union member was on the radio yesterday telling about how the Obama people had passed out Obama stickers at their last union meeting, and a lot of the rank and file workers tore them up or threw them away.

If the socialist project is about economics – socialism or some sort as an alternative to laissez faire capitalism – then really all of the rest of the dross has nothing to do with it. What does feminism, antiracism, abortion, gun control, gay rights, animal rights, open borders and the Cultural Left freakshow have to do with socialism as an economic project? Nothing, and in some cases such as open borders, you have a wildly anti-socialist project being pushed by Lefties.

At the end of the day, Leftwingers are human beings like all the rest of us.

Quite a few are sexist. Back in the 60’s, they asked Eldridge Cleaver what the position of women in the Movement was and he said, “On their backs.” That is the way a lot of men in the Movement felt and that gave impetus to the Women’s Movement.

A number of leftwingers are homophobic, racist or anti-Semitic. I was on a forum once with Arab Communists, hardcore Communists all right, and they were raving anti-Semites all the way down to Holocaust Denial. George Orwell was said to be an anti-Semite.

Really leftwingers are just human beings who have an interest in a particular economic project. Human beings are often homophobic, sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, etc. That’s just the way they are. Since Lefties are human, they are of course susceptible to all of these quite human foibles also.



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