What Percentage of Males are Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Lisa FOS writes:

Actually this is one of the very few things in recent decades that western society has just got a bit more grown up about, simply recognizing that sexuality (and to a much lesser extent gender) are a bit more fluid that the ‘binary’ narrative allows for.

Nothing new in this, students of past and other cultures have known this for ages.

Sexuality in particular depends on cultural context, opportunities and so on. The high rates of ‘situational’ homosexuality in prisons has been well noted for generations now. Totally ‘straight’ males and females going into prison and then having homosexual sex. When they leave they resort back to heterosexual sex…..

Read about (at least parts) of Afghani culture and the high rates of homosexuality there. Let alone the ancient Greeks (and the all so macho Spartans) and so on.

Basically if you think of a bell curve (normal distribution) at one end you will have people that will never, under any circumstances, have homosexual sex, at the other there are those who will never have any heterosexual sex. In between? Greyish. How people will swing (at least now and then) will depend on the environment around them. And then there are age and individual circumstances. John Maynard Keynes was a classic example, he was exclusively homosexual, until he met his wife who he loved dearly, then became exclusively heterosexual…

Obviously many will lean a bit more towards one end or another. and therefore their sexual ‘triggers’ in one direction or another can be more easily activated than someone at the extreme ends of the ‘distribution’.

Interesting implication of the ‘bell curve’, if sexuality is really a symmetric distribution then, allowing that estimates of exclusive homosexuality are in the region of 2-5%, then it implies that exclusive heterosexuality is in the region of 2-5%…… Just a thought.

And then there is the simple fact …everyone lies about their sexuality. I’ve seen this up close and personal, The married very straight guy who fantasies about ‘she-males’ (to use the porn term). In the transgendered world we have a lot of ‘tranny chasers’, many are married guys…..

There was a study a few years back (I’d have to chase it up) that those who were publicly the most anti-transgender showed the greatest sexual arousal by them…. In fact from my personal experience, when I come across people who are extremely anti-gay (etc) I immediately suspect them of leaning that way and they are either hiding or denying it…….

From memory, the Kinsey Report showed that a majority of US male adolescents had a few or some homosexual experiences with their peers.

It is sad that we make such a song and dance about ‘bonking’, after all it is one of great human pleasures, so who gives a shit where you get your jollies from You are going to be dead soon enough, so have some fun while you can (safely of course).

I do not agree with some of the things written above. Careful studies in the lab have shown the following:

Far more than 2-5% of males are exclusively heterosexual in orientation. More like 2/3. And it is less than 2-5% of males who are exclusively gay. It is more like the lower figure of 2%

Looking at this scale:

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

Based on careful lab studies:

Fully 63% of males test as 100-0 in the lab. However, an amazing 37% of males test as something other than 100-0. In other words almost 40% of males have some, albeit mostly low, attraction to other males. Incredible figure.

However, 92% of all males test of 60-40 to 100-0 in the lab. So males are overwhelmingly heterosexual in nature. This is probably the normal state of affairs in most societies. Only 6% of males range from 0-100 to 40-60. That means only 6% of males are preferentially homosexual. That is a very small number. The number of males who test 0-100 in the lab is about 2%. So 2% of males are pretty much exclusively gay. Another 4% test 10-90 to 40-60. An amazingly low 2% test 50-50 or pure bisexual. So pure bisexuals are quite rare among men, but nevertheless they are just as common as pure gays.

Something to think about is of males who have bisexual interest, 79% of them are mostly heterosexual in orientation. In other words, even when males test show some bisexual interest, the majority lean heterosexual. The implication is that most men acting or thinking bisexually are mostly straight.

I do not agree that guys who like shemales are basically gay. I do not think a gay man would be interested in a creature who looks like a female, including full breasts, except that it has a dick. A creature that looks very female and beautiful, including full breasts, yet only differs from true females in having a penis, would probably be interesting to quite a few men who lean heterosexual. Because the pre-op individual is basically a woman with a cock.

I regard the Kinsey findings as flawed. However, careful attempts to learn about male adolescent homosexually have discovered that 25% of males have had some significant homosexual experience in their teenage years. The vast majority of these males end up preferentially heterosexual.

Quite a few other mostly straight men experiment with men somewhat as adults, mostly in their 20’s. I have known a number of guys who appear to be classic, even raving, 100-0’s who told me that they had sex with men once or twice experimentally, decided they did not like it and never did it again. Most of this experimentation occurred in their 20’s and it tended to be the ” “I let a fag suck my dick,” type thing which is how they described it to me.

Many men not just in the West but in the rest of the world, only consider man on man sex to be gay if one plays the female role in the act. So getting your cock sucked or fucking a guy in the ass leaves you still straight after the encounter as you play the male role, but sucking a guy’s cock or especially getting fucked in the ass is extremely gay behavior. The former acts are looked much more positively than the latter.

Personally I am very much opposed to mostly straight men engaging in opportunistic homosexuality, but I try to be nice and forgiving and I would have to condemn some of my best friends if I were not forgiving about such a thing. However, I do feel that they have sinned. I just hope they knock it off and go back to exclusively screwing chicks.

This is because I have a very negative view of homosexuality in general. Actually if you ask most straight men, most of us feel this way. We do not like male homosexuality one bit! That’s why we won’t do it.

However, nowadays most of us make exceptions for true blue biological gay men on the basis that their homosexuality is as natural and normal for them as our heterosexuality is. In other words, they can’t help it. At least I wish nothing but the best for true blue biologically gay men and  I hope they live lives as happy and healthy as my own. I harbor no ill will towards them.

There is more to say on this topic but I will leave it at this for now.


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27 responses to “What Percentage of Males are Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

  1. Lisa FOS

    “Personally I am very much opposed to mostly straight men engaging in opportunistic homosexuality,” Why? Who cares how people get their jollies as long as they don’t hurt or betray someone else (that for me is a no-no), then just part of life’s rich tapestry. As I said, in the end you are gong to be dead, who cares if you had a couple of orgasms with a male…..at least you had them.

    I thought that 2-5% exclusively heterosexual would get a comment…lol. The numbers you quote, as per my earlier criticisms of studes like this, maybe too small to be meaningful, or baised, subject to lying (and everyone lies about sex) and may not be universal acoss all cultures (most are US studies and you are all mad there). Plus, and it been quoted here, applying the bell curve to IQ is ok, while not to sexuality? Got to be careful picking and chosing your statistical distributon to suit your argument…..

    I suspect many men who feel the same as you have far less objection to lesbians and bi-sexual females (many males’ ultimate sexual fantasy, you plus 2 or more bi-sexual females). There is a bit of a double standard here. Noting, conversly, a fair percentage of females have the opposite fantasy…..them with two bi-sexual males…..lol.

    Plus it is cultural (added with personal biases) how much people publicly display their anti-homosexualness. Frankly in some places and for most people they don’t really give a shit.

    There is also a terrible problem in anglo-saxon culture, the inability for heterosexual males to show affection and love to each other. Whch is so sad and leaves a lot of male children and male adults without physical affection from their fathers or their ‘mates’ (as we call ‘close’ male friends in Australia)., or even their female partners.

    When was the last time any of you hugged one of your friends who had suffered a terribe trauma of some kind (or just being glad to see them) , or been hugged by them?.

    So there is something sick here, a terrible fear of homosexuality and a terrible fear of affection with close male friends (sadly I suspect the two are linked). For an average heterosexual male it is a lose-lose situation.

    Just compare say English (the worst, which the US anglo ‘culture’ copies) male culture vs say French. French males, especially to their male relatives are far more physically ‘touchy’ and affectionate with each other.

    Maybe if everyone just forgot about it and also stopped worrying about it and showed a bit of affection to each other (and if, and it would be very, very rare, it led to some sort of sexual thing then who gives a damn) we would all be a bit happier, particularly all those sad, lonely and twisted males out there. All caught in their own emotional ‘logic traps’.

    Being transgendered and having been on both sides of the street’ so to speak, I always give (now) fellow females the following advice.

    (1) “If the male you are interested in has no close male friends and/or at least some sort of reasonable relationship with their familiy/siblings/etc forget about him…because they are incapable of close, intimate relationships.

    (2) “If they are uncomfortable holding your hand, cuddling, touching in public…forget them. Because they are more worried about how they look than how much they care about you”.

    Sadly too many males, because of twisted cultural programming and irrational fears about homosexuality fall into this category in many, particularly anglo-saxon, cultures.

  2. Lisa FOS

    For those who are not sure where they are on the sexual spectrum …give it a try, if you like it great if you don’t like it also great, you have learned something about yourself.

    If you like to be a ‘top’ in BDSM great, if you like to be a ‘botton’ in BDSM also great (with a male or female) .

    If you fantasize about sex with a male, try it. If it works for you great, if it doesn’t work also great.

    If you really fantasise about having sex with 2 females try it, just hire two working girls….or go to an orgy somewhere (they are always around)…noting it is harder than it looks on porn….lol.

    Have a go, forget your prejudices and hang ups, give it a try. You are not going to lose anything (always safe sex of course), if nothing else you will find your fantasy is not so good in real life (common), or you might find that this is really what you want.

    Long time dead as they say, Sadly you are not going to get any special marks for all those good orgasms you missed out on. There is not going be a eulogy about “this person missed out on all this good sex they could have had” …or a tax break…..

    One of the most sensible couples I ever met, who really had it together was one where the female was quite seriously lesbian and also quite seriously kinky too. They went through their issues, but they worked out a compromise and a deal with each other, because they really loved each other and had a wonderful family together..

    I met them when she was having sex with another female on stage at a (VERY) big sex party and I talked to her husband, then later her. And they had firm rules, about what they did, how they did it and when they did it (it was only occasionaly). And it worked for them. The funny thing was the husband could have had regular threesomes, but it was not what he wanted at all, so they didn’t. She respected his limits, he respected her needs. I call people like that Adults (also, before you ask he had an awesome sex life, he smiled when I asked him, she was a very high sex drive female…lol).

    Maybe we should all grow up iike they did. I suspect he had a far, far better sex life that 90% of the commentators here….just asking?

  3. Lisa FOS

    To give deatils, which no one else will. My story, showing how compex sex really is (especially if added to gender issues).

    Heterosexual, married 3 times, with other long term realtionshsips along the way. Kinky went to lots of sex parties, a serous Dom for awhile even had the top female ‘sub’ in Melbouse as my partner….very, very wild times.

    Over time worked myself out and realised I was transgendered. Now (as I have explained before) my primary attraction is to females, BUT (and it is common) I went through an ‘experimental time’ as a new female being interested in males (new ‘adolescence’).

    I had this boyfriend well ‘fuck buddy’ that used to come around. Muscle guy, married with a child no less. Now at that time I was still experimenting with my ‘new gender and sexuality’ and it was a buzz to be treated and have sex like a female.

    It ended because he wanted me to treat hm sexually like a female…which was not going to happen. Plus I was feeling gulity about his wife ( I hate betrayal) .

    Would I do the same thing again..nope, got over that experimental stage and know what I want now. Do I regret any of that experimentation, also nope (except the wife thing of course I do feel guilty about that).

    So what is sexuality, what is my, or your sexulaity? At least I am honest about it and by experimenting I know here I am now, I know what I like..

    Robert you obviously have some issues over this, because you keep bringing it up. get over it. Either forget it, or go and have a root with a guy.

    Not that big a deal, just a bit of sex, not who you are as a person, what you do (good or bad), who/what you care about, what your (and this is the most important) contributon to the world is.

    I am so over this ‘good/bad’ based on sex/sexuality/race/etc crap.

    Some of the best people I have met are .male/female/transgendered/straight/gay/lesbian/etc..

    Some of the worst people I have met are: male/female/transgendered/staright/gay/lesbian/etc.

    You can add to the mix: athiests and religious people, scientsts and artists..on both sides of the equation..

    • You have to quit saying that I write about this stuff because I am really gay. If you don’t stop saying that, I am going to ban you.


    • A lot of straight men experiment with sex with guys. It is pretty normal. Even Hugh Hefner fucked a guy once to see what it was like. I have nothing against it of course, but I think they need to get over it as soon as possible and knock it off. And I do forgive them if they do such a thing. We all commit transgressions in our lives and that is surely a transgression.

  4. Lisa FOS

    Instead of the word ‘ transgressions “…replace it with ‘experimentation’
    Who is anyone trangessing against?. God? or Fox TV morality?

    I am one of the few who has openly experimented. Now I know what I really like. Not by being told what I should like by a Catholic priest (or an Opus Dea uncle who tried to have sex with me), but by trying out different things and workng out what I personally like.

    I have just had an open mind and never judged myself or others. I like this, you like that…no harm or betrayal,,,that is fine.

    • Well, a number of my friends did this stuff, and I think no less of them of course. But that is because I forgave them because I think it’s messed up. But it is understandable. I mean a lot of people want to experiment with various things. I know quite a few straight women who have experimented with lesbianism. They all decided that it was not for them.

    • Joys

      Wearing a condom please since hiv rates are skyrocketing.its not all about pleasure

  5. Lisa FOS

    “And I do forgive them if they do such a thing. We all commit transgressions in our lives and that is surely a transgression.”

    Very Religious comment…….note the putting yourself in the
    GOD ‘position’..YOU forgive…Arrogent not surely? You ‘forgive transgerssions’ and you ‘accept transgendered’ …heads up we, some if us a lot smarter than you and we don’t need your ‘forgiveness’..

    Anyone, including you, solved those dead easy IQ problems I created and posted?

    Who gives a shit who you have sex with or what sex you have? Have you killed someone, directly or indirectly, by greed or ‘orders’ or ideology? Have you ever helped anyone? Have you been bad to someone?

    Have you harmed someone by your ignorance or greed or your inner sociopathy or your desire to bully and hurt people?

    Have you, for whatever reason, killed, impoverished, hurt other people?

    If the answer is “no”, who cares about the sex you have. JMK saved billions..who gives a fuck who he had sex wth when he was young.

    But if the answer is ‘yes’ …and then you do the REAL ‘transgressions’, (if you believe) god help your miserable soul..

    • Well I am a Christian.

      Who is JMK?

      We all sin all the time. It’s normal. You are supposed to confess, be forgiven and try to quit doing it though. I like the Catholic idea of forgiving sin. “Son, you are forgiven. Go forth and sin no more.” A lot of guys in Catholic countries regularly commit transgressions but they go to Confession regularly and confess and are forgiven and then they are all ok. I tend to like that general concept. Also if a priest forgives you on your deathbed, you are going to Heaven I think. Another cool idea.

      I don’t care if you experimented with homosexuality or not. A lot of guys do. Experimentation is understandable but people ought to figure it out pretty quick, get it out of their system and then knock it off.

      You want the West to end up like Afghanistan or Ancient Greece/Rome? That is what is going to happen if you make male homosexuality 100% ok. A LOT of guys are going to start doing it. The only reason a lot of guys don’t do it already is because they are homophobic – they think it is the worst thing on Earth.

      Straight male society only works at all if there is minimum of queerism in it in terms of thought, feelings and of course behavior. If you have a group of straight guys and one of them has enough homosexual interest to inject that into the situation, the party is ruined. Friendships between straight males only work if the fagging off, cognitively and behaviorally, is kept to a minimum. If you have 2 straight guys who are best friends and one makes a pass at the other one, the friendship is shot. Any sort of gay BS in straight male society just screws up the whole situation and makes everything really weird and everyone really uncomfortable to say the least.

      This is a great idea because once we take these prohibitions off we could end up like Afghanistan.

    • I don’t think you really feel that way, Beatrix. So it’s 100% ok for a woman to have sex with another women? Then why don’t you do it, considering there’s nothing wrong with it? I assume you don’t do such things, but it must be for a reason.

      This is what I have never understood about these people. If it’s 100% ok, then what’s keeping you from doing it yourself?

    • I just agreed it’s none of anyone’s business what you do sexually (as long as it is between consenting adults.)

      So it would not bother you in the slightest if male homosexual behavior in the West dramatically increased, that is, the percentage of men engaging in it dramatically increased? That would be 100% ok with you? What if the West ended up like Afghanistan or Ancient Greece/Rome with rates of male homosexuality like those places? You think that would be ok?

  6. Sexuality is a somewhat fluid thing for many. Give ’em enough of the right fluids and they’ll become more seduceable. The difference between a straight college boy and a bi-curious one (at least) is approximately a six-pack. Or one joint. Plus a subtle suggestion.

    • This is the whole problem in a nutshell. I have a pretty low opinion of “bi-queerious” straight men. The fewer of them the better. And they need to go make friends with someone else, not me. I am not interested in being friends with characters like this. Had too many biqueerious friends earlier in life and trust me, it causes nothing but problems and massive weirdness and discomfort.

  7. I always found it interesting that the frequently cited “one in ten men” statistic is used by advocates to demonstrate that homosexuality is totally normal, yet ironically one in fifty would mean that its a very small demographic and therefore nothing to feel threatened by.

  8. John

    This is the same study that was done by Nathaniel Mcconaghy right? Did he test the subjects for arousal by using pornography or nude pics of women/men? Or perhaps both? Just curious.

  9. TRASH 2


    Personal Confession

    Am I the only straight male here who finds Heterosexual Anal sex awkward?

    • John

      I just read some of the book online, and apparently Mr. McConaghy did several studies in his career on straight and gay men, and their reactions in the lab did line up with how they identified themselves. But the data about 62% of men were completely straight and around 2-5% were completely gay was from self reported information based on a study about “homo to hetero feelings” he did on about 230 male and female medical students. From what I read online he didn’t do a lab testing after that study. So that’s why I was curious to know if you had the book, just to see if you had all the infirmaton correct. I’m collecting this information because I’m writing an article about human sexuality

    • John

      Yes lol I’m straight and I find anal sex kind of weird.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        No.Its not ‘weird’. Bear in mind:

        The number 1 profession of Indian eunuchs (Hijras they’re called) is anal prostitution because the prostate gland is not removed as part of the neutering process.

        I think scientists should work on the bioengineering to relocate the prostate back to the scrotum.

        (Off-trak thought: Does RC ‘Holy Oil’ make good lube? It’s blessed and sure can stop HIV dead).

  10. Ok I will have to go look at that again. I thought he said that people’s self-reported orientation tended to line up well with the orientation that he got in the lab.

    • John

      You’re mostly correct. In the studies he did in the 60s and 70s he got self reported heterosexual and homosexual men to look at videos of nude men or women and exhale activity and it lined up with what they considered themselves as. But with the study done on medical students where 62% claimed to be exclusively heterosexual, I don’t think he did lab testing. But otherwise, it’s very a accurate example of the degrees of male sexual orientation

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