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What Percentage of Males are Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Lisa FOS writes:

Actually this is one of the very few things in recent decades that western society has just got a bit more grown up about, simply recognizing that sexuality (and to a much lesser extent gender) are a bit more fluid that the ‘binary’ narrative allows for.

Nothing new in this, students of past and other cultures have known this for ages.

Sexuality in particular depends on cultural context, opportunities and so on. The high rates of ‘situational’ homosexuality in prisons has been well noted for generations now. Totally ‘straight’ males and females going into prison and then having homosexual sex. When they leave they resort back to heterosexual sex…..

Read about (at least parts) of Afghani culture and the high rates of homosexuality there. Let alone the ancient Greeks (and the all so macho Spartans) and so on.

Basically if you think of a bell curve (normal distribution) at one end you will have people that will never, under any circumstances, have homosexual sex, at the other there are those who will never have any heterosexual sex. In between? Greyish. How people will swing (at least now and then) will depend on the environment around them. And then there are age and individual circumstances. John Maynard Keynes was a classic example, he was exclusively homosexual, until he met his wife who he loved dearly, then became exclusively heterosexual…

Obviously many will lean a bit more towards one end or another. and therefore their sexual ‘triggers’ in one direction or another can be more easily activated than someone at the extreme ends of the ‘distribution’.

Interesting implication of the ‘bell curve’, if sexuality is really a symmetric distribution then, allowing that estimates of exclusive homosexuality are in the region of 2-5%, then it implies that exclusive heterosexuality is in the region of 2-5%…… Just a thought.

And then there is the simple fact …everyone lies about their sexuality. I’ve seen this up close and personal, The married very straight guy who fantasies about ‘she-males’ (to use the porn term). In the transgendered world we have a lot of ‘tranny chasers’, many are married guys…..

There was a study a few years back (I’d have to chase it up) that those who were publicly the most anti-transgender showed the greatest sexual arousal by them…. In fact from my personal experience, when I come across people who are extremely anti-gay (etc) I immediately suspect them of leaning that way and they are either hiding or denying it…….

From memory, the Kinsey Report showed that a majority of US male adolescents had a few or some homosexual experiences with their peers.

It is sad that we make such a song and dance about ‘bonking’, after all it is one of great human pleasures, so who gives a shit where you get your jollies from You are going to be dead soon enough, so have some fun while you can (safely of course).

I do not agree with some of the things written above. Careful studies in the lab have shown the following:

Far more than 2-5% of males are exclusively heterosexual in orientation. More like 2/3. And it is less than 2-5% of males who are exclusively gay. It is more like the lower figure of 2%

Looking at this scale:

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

Based on careful lab studies:

Fully 63% of males test as 100-0 in the lab. However, an amazing 37% of males test as something other than 100-0. In other words almost 40% of males have some, albeit mostly low, attraction to other males. Incredible figure.

However, 92% of all males test of 60-40 to 100-0 in the lab. So males are overwhelmingly heterosexual in nature. This is probably the normal state of affairs in most societies. Only 6% of males range from 0-100 to 40-60. That means only 6% of males are preferentially homosexual. That is a very small number. The number of males who test 0-100 in the lab is about 2%. So 2% of males are pretty much exclusively gay. Another 4% test 10-90 to 40-60. An amazingly low 2% test 50-50 or pure bisexual. So pure bisexuals are quite rare among men, but nevertheless they are just as common as pure gays.

Something to think about is of males who have bisexual interest, 79% of them are mostly heterosexual in orientation. In other words, even when males test show some bisexual interest, the majority lean heterosexual. The implication is that most men acting or thinking bisexually are mostly straight.

I do not agree that guys who like shemales are basically gay. I do not think a gay man would be interested in a creature who looks like a female, including full breasts, except that it has a dick. A creature that looks very female and beautiful, including full breasts, yet only differs from true females in having a penis, would probably be interesting to quite a few men who lean heterosexual. Because the pre-op individual is basically a woman with a cock.

I regard the Kinsey findings as flawed. However, careful attempts to learn about male adolescent homosexually have discovered that 25% of males have had some significant homosexual experience in their teenage years. The vast majority of these males end up preferentially heterosexual.

Quite a few other mostly straight men experiment with men somewhat as adults, mostly in their 20’s. I have known a number of guys who appear to be classic, even raving, 100-0’s who told me that they had sex with men once or twice experimentally, decided they did not like it and never did it again. Most of this experimentation occurred in their 20’s and it tended to be the ” “I let a fag suck my dick,” type thing which is how they described it to me.

Many men not just in the West but in the rest of the world, only consider man on man sex to be gay if one plays the female role in the act. So getting your cock sucked or fucking a guy in the ass leaves you still straight after the encounter as you play the male role, but sucking a guy’s cock or especially getting fucked in the ass is extremely gay behavior. The former acts are looked much more positively than the latter.

Personally I am very much opposed to mostly straight men engaging in opportunistic homosexuality, but I try to be nice and forgiving and I would have to condemn some of my best friends if I were not forgiving about such a thing. However, I do feel that they have sinned. I just hope they knock it off and go back to exclusively screwing chicks.

This is because I have a very negative view of homosexuality in general. Actually if you ask most straight men, most of us feel this way. We do not like male homosexuality one bit! That’s why we won’t do it.

However, nowadays most of us make exceptions for true blue biological gay men on the basis that their homosexuality is as natural and normal for them as our heterosexuality is. In other words, they can’t help it. At least I wish nothing but the best for true blue biologically gay men and  I hope they live lives as happy and healthy as my own. I harbor no ill will towards them.

There is more to say on this topic but I will leave it at this for now.


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How Malaysians View Indians

Interesting tidbit about how Indians are viewed in Malaysia. Turns out they are viewed there much the same way as they are viewed in the rest of the world as by visitors to India. When everywhere you go on Earth, people say the same things about your group over and over, I do not think people are making it up. Stereotypes are often based on significant truths. People are not just saying these things because they are evil racist bigoted scum. Most people are kindhearted and wish to look on even the other as decent people and want to think the best of them. However, when certain groups act bad in certain ways over and over, this tests peoples’ goodhearted nature.

If people really hated everyone who was different, why don’t they hate the Amish?

Well most Indians, especially the Hindus, are very sensitive about Kashmir. I suppose it has something to do with their inferiority complex. However it is not uncommon to to find some Christian and Sikh Indians, especially in Malaysia, who do not want to see Kashmir independent or part of Pakistan. I think you should be careful of any South Asian regardless of their religion except if they are Orientals from NE.

By the way, I am part Indian and an agnostic. I know Indians very well. They are weird creatures who love fault finding and twisting facts with their amazing tongue twisting ability. Besides that, they are probably the most racist and misogynistic society on Earth. In Malaysia they are known for being chaotic, rowdy, wife beating liars. Indian men in this country love women of other races but die when they see their women with men of other races.

There’s a saying in this country, “If you see a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first.”


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How Come Nobody Hates the Amish?

If people really hated everyone who was different, why don’t they hate the Amish? The Amish are about as weird and different as you could possibly get.

They are people who actually made clocks run backwards. They said, “Let’s all go back and live in the 1800’s!”

You know anyone who hates the Amish? No one hates these people. That is because by all accounts they are very nice people who leave everyone else alone and just want to be left alone.


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