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FEMEN Protests Against Islam during Berlin Islam Week


Pretty amazing video. Some Muslim group is holding a function during Berlin’s Islam Week. The balding man is a well-known leader of Berlin’s Muslim community, but he is not too well-liked by non-Muslims who consider him to be a fake moderate and a loudmouth.

I believe they are having some sort of a discussion about Islam in this conference room and the balding guy is hosting the discussion. The room is full of Muslims, mostly Muslim women for some reason. Almost all of the Muslim women are wearing the Muslim headscarf.

Halfway through the presentation, provocateurs from Ukraine’s feminist FEMEN group burst into the room and onto the stage. They are naked from the waist up. They have anti-Islam slogans written on their chests. One woman has “FUCK ISLAM” written on her chest. They take the stage and start yelling anti-Islam slogans.

The group is shocked at first and does not know what to do about them. The Muslim women stand up and start yelling at them, telling them to go away. The Muslimas are clearly disgusted by these provocateurs. The conference host does not seem to know what to do. At one point, the Muslims decide that if they give the women a standing ovation and cheer them on, that this will be enough to get the women to leave the stage. But the FEMEN girls refuse to leave the stage. The cops finally have to be called. The girls resist arrest and have to be dragged out of the room. They are screaming the whole time.

All of these things are just provocations. I expect many more of these provocations to happen in the near future. Really they are trying to bait the Muslims into responding to these insults and provocations. You could argue that the Muslims should just be cool in the face of blasphemy and other insults, but their religion just doesn’t work that way. I actually think they have been pretty calm in the aftermath to the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

These provocations will continue and will probably escalate in both size and offensiveness. The Muslims will no doubt start responding to some of the provocations. Surely more violence will occur. The non-Muslims will respond to Muslim violence the same way the French did the next day after the Paris attacks – two mosques were attacked with hand grenades. No doubt this will escalate into a tit for tat war.

Ever study the history of the Algerian War? It was like that. The FLN were definitely terrorists, but the French Foreign Legion responded with a lot of repression and torture. Food was cut off from entire cities. The more the French engaged in repressions against the populace, the angrier the Algerians got. What started out as limited terrorism soon bloomed into full scale terrorist war as the FLN was now tossing bombs and grenades into cafes full of French people.

You would be walking down and street and suddenly hear a loud gunshot. You jerk your head up and look across the street. The rebels have assassinated a 10 year old French boy just because he is French. Blood is pouring out of his head as he lies on the sidewalk. The Algerians look around anxiously. They know that the French payback for this crime is coming soon, and it won’t be pretty.

I think this tit for tat, paybacks are a bitch, feuding style of low grade war is probably going to happen in the near future in Europe and even in the US, Canada,  and Australia.

I really do not see any way out of this.



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All That Remains

Great documentary about an elderly Wukchumne Yokuts woman who is the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumne language. Wukchumne is one of the Yokuts languages. There over 60 Yokuts languages/dialects and tribelets, but most of the languages are gone now and so are most of the tribes. A few remain. Looks like maybe she was born in the 1930’s. She heard her grandparents speaking Wukchumne as she was growing up, possibly until ~1950. Her grandparents were nearly Wukchumne monolinguals as their English was not very good and they most spoke Wukchumne. The grandparents were probably born ~1880.

I worked on a similar language and very closely related language called Chukchansi which is spoken a bit to the north. I worked for a while as a linguist/cultural anthropologist for the tribe. I designed and alphabet for them, and I must say, my alphabet is much superior to the English alphabet. Any alphabet created nowadays will be. Making an alphabet is no easy task. I believe the Karuk have had 3-4 different alphabets made for them down through the years, but none of them were well-liked so they may not have an agreed-upon one now.

I also worked on a phrasebook and dictionary of the language. The dictionary was not so easy either. I also went through all of the anthropological literature about the tribe was going to write a culture book but that got all wrapped up in internal Indian politics and hangups regarding the anthropologists.

In addition, I worked out a prehistory of the tribe including a dating of the tribelet (they went back 800 years). I created a map of their territory with boundaries which was not so easy either. Unfortunately that ran into Indian politics too as they wanted to use the tribal territory map and situate a casino and the facts were not lining up with the desires. In addition, I created a local map on the wall with pins for all of the villages along with their names. Locating those villages was not so easy either.

Anyway it was a lot of fun. I worked there on a US government grant for a couple of years and I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Every time I went into work, it was like going on vacation. I didn’t want to leave at night and I wanted to work all weekend. It wasn’t even work. It was just fun.

The landscape in the video looks like the landscape of the area where I live.


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The Future of Sexual Orientation in the West

The future is now.

Click to enlarge. The future is now.

You know what? the Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) are really going insane with this stuff. No way on Earth is this normal behavior. Go to Tumblr and check it out. I think originally a lot of these people are just mental, but I will agree that transsexualism does exist. How bout we limit things right there? Oh no. We have to take to the gender-nonbinary crowd.

As I said, originally most of these types were originally just mental, with a few genuine freaks of nature thrown in. Since then, I think it has just become a groovy fad among cool hipster edgy drama-queen attention whore types to be gender-nonbinary or gender-fluid what the Bullshit D’Jour is.

Color me cynical, dubious and unimpressed.

You gotta pick one. Your choice is:

A. Male
B. Female

You are a genuine true blue biological screw-up, fine, transition or do whatever you have to do. But you gotta pick one or the other at the day. Make up your mind, pick one, no refunds.

Getting down to brass tacks, I think this is a First World issue for spoiled bourgeois brats who need something to stress about.


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Jackson Katz on Crying, Porn and Miley Cyrus

The comments are full of MRA types bashing this guy to Kingdom Come as a male feminist, which is unfortunate. I am not very wild about what passes for male feminists these days – they are basically men defending gender feminism, so they are defending the indefensible. However, I can resonate with this guy.

The only part I did not like was at the beginning when he talked about Miley Cyrus being sexually objectified. I like the fact that women are sexually objectified. I think it is great. Also, if you look around you, you will notice that a very large number of women seem to enjoy sexually objectifying themselves, or making themselves beautiful and sexy for men.

The comments about porn are unfortunately true. Much porn now is misogynistic as all get out, but honestly, it’s always been that way. I started watching porn back in the 1970’s and it was very misogynistic even way back then. I do not know what the solution is, but I have always liked porn and I continued to watch a fair amount of it even into my fifties

Most women I meet tell me that they watch porn sometimes and that they like it. They like it pretty down and dirty too. They put on a couple of nipple clamps, get their clit vibe out, turn on some really dirty gonzo porn and diddle away to orgasm after orgasm.

The only complaint I have heard from women about porn is that they look at the beautiful women in porn and compare themselves unfavorably to those women. They do not think their faces or bodies look good enough compared to the women in porn. However, there is a ton of porn out there now with very ordinary, fat or even homely women in it. Most of it is amateur porn.

This holds true for men too. All the guys in porn now are so buffed. Look at those six packs. Are they all on roids? They are also extremely masculine, covered with tattoos, shaved heads or very short hair – super macho guys.

Well, that’s not me.

And I suppose I do compare myself unfavorably to these porn guys because that’s just not me – I am not a super macho type. Back in the 70’s, the men in porn were quite different. They were more ordinary guys, metrosexual,  hippiesih and androgynous in a good sense (Mick Jagger androgynous, not Boy George androgynous). That’s all gone now, and all we have are these muscled meatheads who look like they are going to kill you.

The rest of the talk was ok. I do not usually like these types when they start going on, but this one was different. I actually think he is an MRA in sense in addition to being a feminist.

Back in the 1970’s, there was a movement called Men’s Liberation which could be seen as the leftwing of the Men’s Movement. Warren Farrell and Robert Bly both came out of this movement. There were some problems with it, such as a worrying tendency towards promoting homosexual behavior (arguments were made that Men’s Libbers needed to “confront their hangups about sex with other men” – yuck), but then the feminist movement has always had that problem too, and they were much more guilty of this than the Men’s Libbers.

Although the Men’s Libbers and the feminists saw themselves as allies in the beginning (both were part of the general Liberation movements of the 1960’s which I and many others supported), some fights started pretty early on. By 1975, Men’s Libbers were offering pointed critiques of worrying trends in gender feminism and especially radical feminism. Radical feminism is now so nuts that only the most masochistic man would sign up for it, and even worse, radical feminists have long been at the reins of the feminist movement itself.

I could see these Jackson Katz fellow as both a male feminist and a Men’s Lib guy even though Men’s Lib hardly exists anymore. Most of these male feminists are not very sensible, and way too many of them are gay men, which seriously taints the whole male feminist project. Katz also a very masculine guy, even though he is critiquing masculinity. And he is not slamming masculinity per se; he is slamming the more idiotic, destructive, unhealthy and disordered aspects of it, which is a great idea.

I have noticed over at A Voice for Men, a site which is still far too misogynistic for my tastes, there have been some recent articles about how the Men’s Movement ought to welcome gay men into the movement. Of course that makes sense, but a lot of MRA’s are going to flip if they hear that. After all, gay men are men too, and men’s issues are their issues. But this move on Elam’s part seems to be a move in a Men’s Lib-type direction away from MRA reaction, which is heartening.

I have a lot more to say about his critique of masculinity but it is quite depressing and I will leave it at this for now.

Basically I would argue that redefining masculinity is a great idea (the Men’s Libbers were the first to do this) but sadly it doesn’t work in the real world because women still do not like transformed men even though they insist they do. They say they want a new man, but what they really want deep down inside is a macho meathead bad boy who ends up mistreating them.

So if you go the New Man route you are going to be forever running into women, even or especially feminist women, frankly challenging your masculinity because you are not the meathead of her dreams.

Not only that, but you will spend much of your life being accused of being a homosexual and having to argue with pinheads who insist that you are gay and you couldn’t possibly be straight. I do not know about you, but having to tell people you’re not gay gets pretty tiresome after a while, mostly because it’s a dumb question in the first place as picking out homosexual men is a trivial exercise. Is that the way you want to spend your life?

Well,this is what lies in store for you if you try to redefine masculinity and live that way.

At this late date, my basic attitude is to say fuck it and be the macho meathead that everyone apparently wants me to be.

Sad that it’s come down to this.


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Cool Anti-Israel Lobby Group

The Council for the National Interest.

Anyone heard of them?


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Breaking News

In other news,. today it was reported that Islam is a religion of pieces, I mean a religion of peace.

Onto other news now…


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Romance Scams Australia

Looks like the Nigerian scammers are branching out and heading all over the world to do their scams. And now they are nailing people in Australia too. They have nailed many people in the US and some in the UK, France and Germany.

A real problem is that they have seriously infested nearly all of the dating sites. I know that Hotornot has been taken over completely. Any new dating site is soon swarmed with them. On some sites, up to 90% of the profiles are fakes.

The sites are almost complicit because they refuse to police their sites for scammers to the point where they will not even remove the profiles of known scammers. They think it is a waste of money to protect their customers from criminals and their attitude towards profiles is the more the better. This is the rationale behind allowing the sites to fill up with criminal, fraudulent, or inactive profiles. Even if half the profiles are crooks are dormant, they still get to say, “4 million profiles.” Online dating is a phenomenally sleazy business.

It is often not so easy to tell the fakes from the real people on these sites, although we have gotten pretty good at it down through the years. In 2005, a woman and I set up a Yahoo group to try to catch the scammers. Another group called Romancescams sprung up at the same time.

Over the years, I have met many people who have been victimized by these people, men and women of all ages. A number of them were quite cautious and thought they had gone through all the checks, but when some beautiful woman tells you she loves you, it’s hard to resist. A lot of victims are depressed and suicidal. I and others have worked with and counseled many of the victims. We used to do this all the time, so I am pretty sympathetic to the victims though I suppose most would just say that they are idiots.

Not everyone turns over their life savings. Others paid the people ~$50/month for years. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up to $2-4,000 over a period of years. Now with Tineye and reverse image search it is a lot of easier to catch their fake photos. We can also often tell by the way they write their profiles who they are.

In some ways, they are utterly brilliant, but in other ways, they are dumb as rocks. In Nigeria, it is a whole vast industry. In quite a few of the Internet cafes, you will walk in there and maybe 90% of the people are sitting there for hours on end doing nothing but trying to steal from Americans.

There are many other variations on the scam. The Nigerians also took over eBay auctions with a variety of scams and nearly ruined those too. A very large number of Gypsies were also involved in the eBay scams.

Even if you have no sympathy for the marks, I would think that one would be concerned that entire online industries and huge sites like eBay have been destroyed by criminals. I find that pretty infuriating.

It really does seem like nothing good comes out of Nigeria. One online retailer said he had had thousands of orders from Nigeria, but not even one of them had been legit. Many online sellers simply block all IP’s coming out of Nigeria. There is so much theft coming out of these nations that large credit card companies have cut off entire West African nations from being able to get credit cards. In Nigeria and Ghana but especially Nigeria, the police do little or nothing to try to catch the scammers and often they are in with them. The police do not seem to think this is a crime worth investigating.

A number of Western women have married Nigerian men they met online. In every case I heard of, it did not work out. The men sit at home all day while the women work to support them. They get high, drink, and sit in front of the computer all day trying to scam people. They live off the women and refuse to work. They are extremely jealous and control the lives of the women tightly. And they all habitually cheat on their wives. 99.5% of Visa applications from Nigeria are denied by the US Embassy. This is the way it has to be.



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