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India: Where the Values of the US Republican Party Reign Supreme

RL: “India’s Constitution says it is a socialist country”

SHI responds, setting me right:

India’s socialism is a complete farce because the entire wealth-creation process thrives on the economic exploitation of social underclasses. It was always this way long before the British colonized this place. Perhaps India is the only nation on Earth which comes close to the US Republican Party vision and values, ad nausea and infinitely worse. This means no caring for your fellow man, glorification of Adam’s Smith “survival of the fittest” and indifference to the poor and suffering.

One of the reasons why so many white collar jobs are being outsourced to India: it’s not that people here willingly like to work for shit money. Basically Indian job-creators in the software industry are in bed with the organized crime cartels of Wall Street, the Goldman Sachs, George Soros etc. Together they take great pleasure in exploiting the poor Indian workers.

While the American loses his job, there isn’t much hope left for his outsourced Indian counterpart either. Here’s why:

  1. The average wage in India isn’t rising while the prices are – including rent, food, travel and health care. This means negative earnings and accumulated debts.
  2. The majority of workers do not have job security – they can get fired at the whim of some random prick who decided it was time to “trim the fat”. I have known talented people who worked 8 or 10 years in the same company – the bosses having sucked the best years of their life. Then they were suddenly asked to leave with no career skills and mounting debts especially after having kids and going for a huge mortgage.
  3. Rampant ageism at the workplace – According to Indian recruiters, you’re fine as long as you’re in your 20s or even early 30s. But once you’re in the wrong age group, despite tons of experience, you won’t get hired by anyone.

Basically, a lot of people in India don’t have a safety net and are at the mercy of their employers, landlords and banks. Now with a right wing BJP government at the helm of affairs, it’ll be a field day for economic vultures who are hand-in-glove with US corporations to exploit Indian workers to the hilt without repercussions. There will be more Union Carbide-like disasters as it happened in Bhopal, 1984.


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Why Does the Left Support Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration?

A commenter writes in regard to this post:

Then why are they importing them? Cheap labor? To incite a culture war? I’ve been wondering for a while. I can only speculate.

I think they are just on some sort of a PC crack.

Here in the US, the Right wants to import as many 3rd Worlders as possible for cheap labor.

The Hispanics want total open borders with Mexico. Here both parties are competing for the Hispanic traitor vote.

The Left goes along with this and says they “do jobs that Americans won’t do,” which is a complete lie.

If you are going to be on the Left nowadays, you have to support unrestricted mass legal immigration and apparently unrestricted illegal immigration. And once they get in, they all get amnesty. The Left thinks that opposing unrestricted mass legal and illegal immigration is “racism.”

You simply have to be for this if you are on the Left, otherwise they throw you out of the Left and call you racist, fascist, KKK, bigot, hater, White Supremacist, reactionary, Republican, conservative, etc. I have been called all of these names and have been thrown out of the US Left simply because I oppose illegal immigration and mass legal immigration. There is a lot of pressure to go along, and people are trying to be PC and are afraid of getting called racists.


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Myth: “The Western Left Is Importing 3rd Worlders to the West to Promote Socialism

Swedophobic Finns wrote:

Socialism among Whites has increased. It is now almost normative among young people. Socialism keeps on growing. It has its own momentum. It is governmental.

This is not the case with Islam. A hard sell is required. Muslims along with other assorted third Worlders of various religions are voters according to socialists of the west. Import them and get them to vote socialist. The socialist revolution via the ballot box stuffed with imported votes. A brilliant strategy as long as you do not alienate working class whites. If they drift your revolution via the ballot box is finished. Keeping all groups happy when they bump against each other for jobs, housing etc is not easy. Western socialists are masters at doing tough things though.

This argument makes no sense. I do not believe that any politicians in the West are promoting immigration as a way to promote socialism. This is a rightwing argument that has been going around for a long time now and they never presented any evidence for it.

  1. Most people in Europe are already voting more or less socialist anyway. New immigrants are no more likely to vote socialist than anyone else. Everyone votes socialist in Europe, the natives, the immigrants, everyone. The socialist project in Europe is not in danger.
  2. The so-called “rightwing” parties in Europe are actually socialist parties. The National Front in France is probably more socialist than the Socialist Party! The Tories in the UK are to the left of the US Democratic Party!
  3. A lot of people in Europe are starting to vote Left now due to the collapsed economy. Most of the people voting for these Left parties are natives, not immigrants.
  4. There is no rightwing anti-socialist opposition in Europe to speak of. The European rightwing governments were the first ones destroyed in the latest economic crisis. For instance the very neoliberal economies of the Baltics were utterly nuked by the economic crisis. Anyway, the people themselves of the Baltic countries are not economic conservatives. I read a recent paper that surveyed the attitudes of Estonians, and it turned out that the Estonian people are still very socialist-minded. It is just that their leaders are not. Economic conservatives along the lines of the US Republican Party are dead in the water in Europe. They were never popular, and with the economic crisis, they have been completely discredited.
  5. Mass immigration to the US, Canada and Australia has not resulted in any significant shift to the Left. In fact, in all of these countries, mass immigration has been associated with a politics that has moved dramatically to the Right.
  6. It is not just the West. Most of the world is already socialist in some way or another or at least moving in that direction. Radical economic conservatism along the lines of the US Republican Party is extremely unpopular almost everywhere on Earth. The only place this sort of politics is popular is in the US and possibly in Chile, but Chile recently voted in a socialist. Colombians habitually vote rightwing, but a huge majority of the population doesn’t even vote or spoils their ballot. Anyway, the Left is armed. All of Latin America is going socialist. Even Central America and the Caribbean are voting socialist these days. The Arab World and Iran have long been socialist. India’s Constitution says it is a socialist country. At any rate, a lot of the Left is not impressed and they are heavily armed. Most of Southeast Asia is socialist. Even in Thailand, there is violent class war in the streets between the yellow shirts and the red shirts (The Left). The army has staged repeated coups to throw out leftwing governments that the people keep voting in. The Philippines is rightwing, but the new government is one of the most leftwing ever. The Filipino Left is armed. Japan is not an economic conservative country. The Japanese practice state capitalism. South Korea may do something similar. Socialism is still very popular in most of the former Soviet republics. Most ruling African parties are at least socialist in name.
  7. If there is some plot to mass import Third Worlders to the West to promote socialism, it certainly isn’t working.


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