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First Thing the New Republican Congress Did Was Try to Destroy Social Security

For the 100th time.

And they did this first things first, on their very first day in power. Talk about priorities! Apparently the Republicans want to destroy Social Security above all other goals they have.

What is at stake is a routine reauthorization of funds that has been done 11 times since 1968 with little or not controversy. But this time we have probably the most rightwing Congress in US history, and that makes all the difference.

The Republicans are blocking the reauthorization of funds necessary to keep the SSDI or Social Security Disability program going. Without this routine reauthorization, the program will fall short by 20%, and SSDI checks will have to be cut by 20% across the board. I doubt if the consequences will be devastating as SSDI recipients tend to receive $1,200-1,400/month, so instead they will receive $960-1,120/month. I don’t see how you can live on any of that, although I suppose $1,200-1,400 is marginally doable as that is about what I make these days.

I would say that a lot of people are going to have a hard time making it and may have to do without such things as cars. They may also fall behind in their bills and run out of money period towards the end of the month. It is not unusual for me to have ~$2 to my name or less for 3-4 days at the end of the month and God help me if my car breaks down.

This is part of a larger sleazy Republican project to divide and conquer Social Security recipients. They want to divide them between the deserving ones – the good old people who worked their whole life and are now getting their deserved pension and the lazy, able-bodied scammers who are faking disability in order to milk the system. They are trying to turn the former against the latter and they may well succeed considering how stupid so many of America’s elderly are. This is part of a general war on the Disability program which Republicans have been plotting for some time now. It is being aided and abetted by the US media, including NPR of all places, who are running programs detailing scamming in the disability program.

Conservatives love to rant about people scamming social programs. Since people scam these programs, conservatives say, we need to get rid of the programs. But that makes no sense. There are bad cops, so let’s do without police. There is waste in the military, so let’s get rid of the military. Like almost all conservative thinking, this relies on logical fallacies and crappy reasoning but the thing about logical fallacies is that they work great because most people are too stupid to realize what a fallacious argument is.


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