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Analyzing the Three Main Alpha Archetypes

From Return of Kings.

This Manosphere/PUA site is very much a mixed bag. But the utterly tragic truth of these sites is that so many of the brutal things they say about modern society, women, masculinity and male-female relationships have a tremendous amount of truth to them. The feminists and the Left laugh at these sites and mock them, but trust me, these guys are on it. Their views are not always correct, but they are walking down the path of truth all right, even if they get lost a lot along the way as everyone does. At any rate, this stuff is good to analyze with an open mind to accept what you think is valid and throw out the rest.

Most of these sites are pretty assholey. That mostly applies to the authors, who even when being assholes, are definitely telling some truths you ought to listen to. However, some of the commenters are very good men who are not necessarily buying into the asshole Manosphere/PUA project.

The Alpha – Beta – Omega thing, much derided, is in fact true to a substantial degree, and it’s been going on for as long as there are humans. My own mother admits it is true, and she is a pretty old-fashioned 82 year old. I imagine my departed grandmother would admit this stuff is true too. In fact, you go about anywhere on Earth, and they will probably laugh and tell you that the Alpha – Beta – Omega theory has a lot of validity. It is only modern PC culture that insists it is 100% lies.

But that is what PC does.

PC says that all of the ancient wisdom of mankind accumulated over centuries to millennia is lies. Everything your mother and grandmother told you was wrong. All of the wisdom of the ancients is wrong. Why is it wrong? Because it hurts the feelings of some PC Identity Politics protected class and because it doesn’t fit in with the utopian way the PC folks think the world really is like or maybe ought to be like. Apparently PC is a War on Truth. It is a War on Timeless Wisdom. It is a War on Everything You Always Knew Was True. It is a War on Human Nature. It is a War on Everything Your Grandma Told You Was True.

PC displays the same contempt for the truth and facts that the Republican Party does. PC has a lot more in common with Fox News than PC folks want to admit.

The rule of PC is, “If it hurts someone’s feelings, then it’s not true.”

Sorry. Homey don’t play that. And Mother Nature bats last. Social engineering only goes so far until it runs into a Wall of Instinct. Good luck scaling that sheer, slippery face.

I didn’t talk much about the substance of the article, but feel free to throw in your two cents. I have some major issues with the whole way that the Manosphere portrays “Alphas,” but I do not have time to go into this right now.


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Walt Disney, Nazi

“So I wrote about Walt Disney in a book about fast food because Disney greatly influenced how McDonald’s marketed its food to children – and that helped change the health of children throughout the world. Some of the things I learned were truly bizarre, like the fact that Heinz Haber, one of Disney’s principal scientific advisers, had been involved with medical experiments performed on concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany.

Haber later hosted a Disney documentary singing the praises of nuclear power: Our Friend The Atom. That fact seemed incredibly bizarre – and yet on some level it also seemed relevant. It made sense, when you’re talking about systems that worship uniformity, conformity, and centralized control.” — Interview with Eric Schlosser, in Karl Weber, ed., Food, Inc.: How Industrial Food is Making us Sicker, Fatter and Poorer – And What You Can Do About It (New York: Public Affairs, 2009), pp. 9-10.

“Walt had accompanied [Gunther] Lessing to American Nazi party meetings and rallies.” — Steven Watts, The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1997), p. 68.

[According to one of Disney’s animators, Arthur Babbitt,] “On more than one occasion, I observed Walt Disney and Gunther Lessing there, along with a lot of other prominent Nazi-affiliated Hollywood personalities. Disney was going to meetings all the time. I was invited to the homes of several prominent actors and musicians, all of whom were actively working for the American Nazi party.” …

Walt was also committed to the ‘America First’ movement and became one of Hollywood’s most active prewar isolationists. Under Lessing’s tutelage, Disney discovered how the passions and power of political activism could be used as weapons for personal gain. And later on, for revenge. — Marc Eliot, Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince (New York: Carol Publications, 1993), pp. 120-121.


Honestly, I had no idea. In America, the very name Disney conjures up images of wholesomeness, family values, family home evenings, Mom and Pop and the kids, the 1950’s, White towns and white picket fences, G-rated movies, cartoons for little children, and good, decent, morally uplifting, non-degraded entertainment for all ages.

Guess there was more to that story than that! I must be ignorant, as I have never heard of this side to good old Walt.

I am acquainted with Mr. Schlosser, a well-known author, as I talked to him on the phone once. I can’t say it was a pleasant conversation. I have no idea what the guy’s problem was, but he seemed to be one of those folks who is earning fame and fortune in Modern America, and once people rise that high in the tower, they can be pretty hard to talk to on a one to one level, that is if they will even talk to you at all, as you know they are so “busy” all the time.

I do like his writing though.


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How Jews Create Their Own Enemies on Purpose

I used to debate on Jewish and Israeli newsgroups all the time. The Israelis and Jews on there were truly some monstrous people. They were always throwing these wild arguments at us that made Jews and Israelis look like 24 carat gold and their enemies look like trash. They also seemed to justify the Zionists’ claim to the land.

Well, I would jerk back every time I read these Zionist arguments because they seemed to make the Zionist case so well and made the anti-Zionists look awful. So I went running around all over the Net to see if their arguments were true or not. It turned out that in almost 100% of cases, these Zionists were lying in some way or another. They just threw one fake lie after another at us, and I think in most cases, they knew that they were lying, but they simply did not care. And they made us expend a lot of energy running around disproving all their fake crap. So it was a dirty debating tactic to wear us out chasing down rejoinders to lies.

Another game they played was Prove it! Every thing we said we had to back up with specific sources and whatnot, no matter how obviously true it was. They acted like they had never heard of any of our arguments when of course they had. So it was just another dirty Jewish tactic to make us go running around the Web to source all their stuff that they pretended they had never heard of. If they knew about the argument, there would be need to source it.

They were also very dirty fighters. Anyone that did not take a 100% pro-Israeli position was endlessly bashed as anti-Semite, Jew-hater, Nazi, KKK, racist, bigot, on and on.

A lot of the Jews on there were “professional Jewish anti-Semitism fighters.” There are many Jews like this. They are all charged up about anti-Semitism which they think is some total lie evil people made up just to smear the wonderful, angelic, Mother Theresa-like Jewish people who never hurt a soul. They actually think they are out there fighting for a good cause and they spend a good portion of their free time “battling the anti-Semites.” Why they bother I have no idea. While fighting anti-Semitism may seem to be a good cause, the professional anti-Semitism fighters were not very honest people, and they were quick to call names. A lot of their arguments didn’t seem to hold water well.

They have all these anti-anti-Semitism arguments which often are not really true. Some of their arguments are better than others. But there is zero realization that Jews may be bringing a lot of this hate down on themselves through their own behavior. This is extremely typical of most Jewish people. The group is creating their own rejection, and they just don’t get it and can’t see it.

In addition, many good people on those groups took exception to the Zionist crap in Israel. The Jews hounded these people mercilessly, tried to get them fired from their jobs, ruin their businesses, get them thrown out of school, get them arrested, to file false complaints against them on framed charges, you name it, nothing was too dirty for these people.

Like Blacks, they typically fought in gangs and not alone. A lot of their enemies were pretty much innocent. Picture an innocent man sitting on a park bench, and a bunch of Jews run up to him and swarm all around him, taunting him, smacking him a bit and then running back, provoking him, just trying to start a fight. That was what the atmosphere in the groups was like. They were like bullies or gang members. Instead of the Crips and Bloods, it was the 17th Street Hebes and the Sound End Kikes.

100% of those Jews on there were just out to pick a fight and were not there for any decent reason at all. They were not out to reason with anyone.

And they were creating anti-Semites left and right. Sometimes people would come into the groups with mild anti-Jewish feelings that are actually extremely common. Some would even come in stating they were philo-Semites. After constant baiting, smacking, fight-picking and bullying by the Jews, a lot of these folks started turning quite anti-Semitic. A few of them almost seemed to turn into near-Nazis.

Often the Jews would swarm commenters and bait and pick fights with them until the victim started yelling epithets like, “Shut up, kikes!” This was a person who would ordinarily never use a word like that. But the Jews just provoked him past his breaking point. And then once someone used an anti-Jewish word, the Jews would swarm them endlessly, saying that this showed proof that they really were anti-Semitic Nazis, etc.

The ones the Jews hated the most were the people who showed up saying, “Look, I have nothing against the Jews at all, I dated Jewish girls, had Jewish best friends, I am just not too keen on these Zionists over there and what they do.” First of all, the Jews would call all these people liars: “You do not love us. You hate us. You hate Jews!” A lot of these people were nice, quiet types, and they would blubber that this was not so at all.

But as soon as these people correctly announced that they were not anti-Semitic, the Jews would work overtime on them, endlessly pounding them honestly trying to turn them into anti-Semites. I noticed that a lot of the nonracist people who entered the group started to turn anti-Semitic after a while. It’s logical. I mean you hit a man enough, and he’s liable to start hitting back. People can’t turn the other cheek forever. A few who showed up with no anti-Jewish feelings were nearly raving Nazis after some months of extreme Jewish abuse. It was almost humorous to watch the transformation.

That’s when it hit me. These Jews are deliberately trying to create enemies. They like having enemies. The more enemies, the better. The only reason for their existence is their enemies. If all the anti-Semites vanished one day, the Jewish people would disappear. And if they didn’t seem to have any enemies at the moment, they would work overtime to try to create as many as they could.

They were also master debaters. I have never seen better propagandists than these Jews. They are literally the finest propagandists on Earth. I think they can get just about anyone to believe just about anything. They also wrote the book on logical fallacies. If you took Logic 101, you get a list of logical fallacies or phony and fake arguments. The Jews were the ultimate masters of the logical fallacy and these used all these fake, BS argument styles continuously. You start to get why there are so many Jewish lawyers. It’s like you are dealing with a whole race of lawyers.

I was raised as an extreme philo-Semite, and that’s how I was until my early 40’s. After being around these ugly Jews in those groups, I started to go quite a bit in the opposite direction. I can honestly say that the Jews drove me to it, and I think they did it on purpose to create one more beloved enemy.

After a while, I pretty much pulled myself out of that because I had become quite anti-Semitic, and it started to dawn on me that I was now insane in sense. In a way, I was just as nuts or even more nuts than those Jews who made me that way. I came to realize that however much the Jews deserve a certain amount of approbation, hardcore anti-Semitism looks more like a mental illness than anything else. When I was deep in it, looking back now, I almost think I was mentally ill. A part of me wants to put Anti-Semitism in the DSM.

The title of this post is disturbing, but I think all of these Identity Politics groups love being hated. If they don’t have enough enemies, they will go out and start up a Hater Factory and manufacture a whole bunch more people who hate them. People are victim addicts. They love being victims. You can’t be a victim if you don’t have enemies. And for a lot of people and groups, the only reason for their existence is the fact that they have enemies. Take away their enemies and their whole reason to exist at all is gone. They might has well take down the sign or blow their brains out. They live to be hated. This applies for Identity Politics types of all sorts, Blacks, Hispanics, gays, transsexuals,  feminists, and nationalist nuts of all stripes.

It’s nothing particular to the Jews, but as a particularly tribal grouping, they show these Identity Politics views in spades. After all, the Jews were probably the forerunner of all Identity Politics groups.


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