Terry Richardson

I just read five articles on this guy and his sexual exploits in his career as a fashion photographer. His female assistant, Leslie Lessin, age 40-45, is on the whole shady enterprise and serves as a partner in crime for his creepery.

I will not go into details about what he does on his shoots, but aspiring models and working models say it nearly borders on sexual assault. He manages to get quite a few of them to have sex with him during the shoot while his male assistants and Ms. Lessin cheer, cajole and egg them on. Most of the women are disgusted and horrified at what has happened to them and feel they were taken advantage of at the very least.

There are a lot of misconceptions about this man. First is that he is a pedophile. He is not. All models were 18+.

The second is that he is a rapist, and he is committing rape or sexual assault against these young women. I do not buy it. The women were all more or less consenting adults. Granted, what he is doing is sleazy as Hell, but I do believe that it is not only legal but ought to be legal. To some extent of course, these women are to blame for getting themselves into sexual situations that they did not want to be in.

Is this sexual harassment or quid pro quo? Not formally, but it is almost verging on it. A lot of models think if they turn the guy down, they will be blackballed in the industry so they feel they cannot say no.

Sure he uses his fame, power, money and status to get laid, but so what? So do many men with fame, money, power or status. Hell, I probably do it myself. If you get to be a big enough blogger, believe it or not, you attract writer groupies or blogger groupies. Some are very attractive, and yep, you can have sex and even relationships with them. I can attest to this personally.

So it isn’t rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or any of that. So what is it? It is extremely creepy, bullshit, outrageous, unprofessional and unethical behavior. A number of professions have guidelines against this sort of thing. Therapists, attorneys, physicians, teachers and professors can lose licenses or jobs if they have sex with clients, patients or students. They won’t go to jail, but they will have their license pulled and it will be hard to get that big bucks profession of theirs started again. Obviously photography or the fashion industry has no such code and this behavior is rampant in the whole industry. Male models are preyed on by gay photographers in the exact same way.

I know that I would not be comfortable getting laid in this way. If the models wanted to have sex with me out of their own free will, that would be ok, but I could not live with myself if people were going around telling stories like this about me and models felt disgusted and horrified by my behavior.

Granted, I am definitely quite aggressive with women, especially on dates. Women have been telling me this my whole life and it is not rare to hear them say I am the most aggressive guy they have ever met. Nevertheless, I keep it all on the up and up, and it all has to be consensual. I do not believe I have ever had sex with a female that was not 100% consensual at the time we were doing it. Sure, at times I used every trick in the book to get them into the sexual situation in the first place, but so what? Every seducer all down through time has done the same thing. They’ve all got a system. Some had buyer’s remorse afterwards, but so what? Women often do that.

Seduction is indeed a scam, a game, a con, a ruse, a trick, a way of fooling and manipulating women into bed. Females ought to know this and should have been given some talks by their mothers or fathers about the sleazy and piggish nature of us males and how to stand up to us, avoid this behavior, turn us down, or not get into these situations in the first place. I do not know how many times young women told me, “My mother warned me about guys like you!” Well, she got the talk. Good for her.

The best seducers have a bag of tricks that would put Felix the Cat to shame. Seduction is like warfare and if females want to have a fair war they should not disarm themselves. Unilateral disarmament never makes sense. They own their bodies and they need to learn about men and what we are like and be smart and savvy, not fall for our crap, turn us down firmly and even aggressively and learn how to win these little battles of the sexes.

Oh and one more thing.

Antisemites please take note that the owner of Mr. Richardson’s studio is a Jew named Seth Goldfarb.

Antisemites will be fascinated to learn that Mr. Richardson is 100% Jewish, although this fact is very little known for some reason, either because he is not very religious or because he doesn’t publicize the fact.

Antisemites might also be interested to note that his partner in crime, Ms. Leslie Lessin, may or may not be Jewish. Lessin can be a Jewish name, but it can also be a non-Jewish German name, mostly from northeastern Germany. There are a very large number of Lessins in Israel. She runs her stylist business in partnership with a Jewish woman. Judging by her appearance, she may indeed be Jewish. Anyway, it is not known if Ms. Lessin is Jewish or not. Get on the case, antisemites! The world needs to know!

Antisemites please take note of the fact that Mr. Richardson’s other assistant is a woman named Alex Bolotow. Bolotow can indeed be a Jewish name and judging by her appearance, she may indeed be Jewish. She is also apparently anorexic. She has been photographed sucking Richardson’s cock in a variety of poses, with her inside a trash can, under his desk, while he pinches her nose shut, with her inside a suitcase, with her hanging upside down, with the help of another woman as a cocksucking duo, with the word SLUT written in lipstick across her forehead, and finally wearing a paper In and Out Burger cap.

From the looks of it, not only is Mr. Richardson Jewish but it looks like his entire entourage may well be Jewish too.

How do you folks feel about this guy’s behavior? About his female assistant? Is it rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment? Is it legal? Is there quid pro quo going on? Are the women to blame? Would you engage in this behavior yourself if you had the chance and could get away with it. Feel free to weigh it.


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14 responses to “Terry Richardson

  1. Sam

    A clue. At 2:40 in the video link below he says,”..I think the thing that people react to most strongly in my work is the complete lack of human empathy…”

    “…How do you folks feel about this guy’s behavior? About his female assistant? Is it rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment? Is it legal? Is there quid pro quo going on? Are the women to blame? Would you engage in this behavior yourself if you had the chance and could get away with it…”

    Legal yes. Ethical no. Really it’s not just Women. It’s humans. Look at the Milgram experiment. It’s frightening. It’s also how psychopaths are so successful. Look the video it’s really bad and this is just normal people. People are just sheep.


    This is a small one. If you haven’t seen the full video you should. It’s very shocking but you should know what can happen.

    Look at the video then think about grown Men as compared to a young girl. Meting a photographer that her agent tells her not to piss off. Tells her he’s very important. Has photographed all the top models. Knows everyone that’s anyone.

    On the everyone that’s anyone part look at this quote,”… [he’s] tolerated because industry folk are just sheep. There are only a handful of photographers who have the power, a handful of editors . . . everyone else just follows this small group…”


    Milgram experiment in action. Tough situation. Women have a problem with calling things rape when they do something then change their minds the next day. Maybe it wasn’t good for them. Bad. But should they be able to recast events at random? Not fair. Even if it’s immoral. Either it can be legal if not ethical or we can put regulations on Women’s behavior so they don’t get in these positions. That used to happen. Chaperones. Men telling them what they could and could not do. They didn’t like that. So now…

  2. Daniel

    Word. Women, being the gatekeepers of sex, need to be encouraged to escalate commitment and screen out these kinds of men. As it used to be.
    If they are having one night stands with this man, the issue is with the one night stand culture.

  3. Why do highly attractive people want to become models? With their looks they can have lucrative careers doing something else without all the sleaze.

  4. Lisa

    There are so many issues here that it is not funny. That mutual sexual fun, with a possibility of a successful long term relationship along the way, comes down to ‘aggression’ and ‘games’ and ‘tricks’ and so on post adolescence.


    Total breakdown in male/female relations basically.

    The even saddest thing is Laura Penny’s article in the New Statesman, yes ‘nerd’ women can’t get sex (or anything else) either.

    We see a pattern here. Unlike the common view, it is not about all females chasing a few ‘alpha’ (whatever) males, it is about all males chasing a few conventionally beautiful females.(CBF for short).

    And the nerd males getting, in the early days shot down, some becoming successful later and then getting the CBFs..”wow I have won”…..

    Meanwhile the ‘nerd’ females are totally ignored…especially by the ‘nerd’ males…..

    • Sam

      “…Meanwhile the ‘nerd’ females are totally ignored…especially by the ‘nerd’ males…”

      I don’t believe this. I’ve seen men with serious war pigs. Sorry about the name but I wanted to make a point. Just about ALL women can get sex.

  5. Jason Y

    A common complaint against GIs in other countries, is they use their money to exploit, rape local women (and escape consequences due to special treaties with the US government). A big reason why we don’t need forces in other countries.

    Of course, lots of men go places to get sex, but the idea of a foreign soldier raping, or just having sex with locals, makes local nationalists incredibly angry.

  6. Jason Y

    It’s hard to say what goes on in a woman’s mind. They want power, and will do anything to get it, Lots of men don’t get any cause, well, first of all, they’re nerds, second, and most important, they don’t have any money (or high up social position)

    If somebody takes advantage, even if “Jewish”, of a woman’s “lust for power”, the who can blame them? However, then again, a lot of women have values etc.., and exploiting them would be wrong. Problem, is you can’t tell which is which. It would be like hitting on a woman. You don’t know who has a boyfriend, who will pound your face, and who doesn’t. 😆

    A rule of thumb, is that everybody doesn’t have the same values as you. In my hometown, if people know you like porn, then a lot of women will think your the “scum of the Earth”. Therefore, you don’t never publicly say you like porn, or let anybody look at your computer..

  7. Jason Y

    Take East Asia, for instance, a man can travel to Japan, Korea, Philippines (can easily get a bride there), and be a big shot. But back home, they ain’t shit 😆 It’s all because, over there, a white man has power, because they assume he’s important, and in some countries (southeast Asia) he would be considered rich. So as I was saying, women are looking for power.

    Now a cruel reality sets in Northeast Asia, as a white man in wheelchair (or deformed) is looked down upon, even if he’s white.

    Anyhow, I’m very cynical about white people traveling to Asia, and the stories they tell on social media etc.., cause well, it’s very phony. A lot of “love bombing” etc..

  8. Guy from Montréal

    As a photographer never would I ever conduct myself the way this 48 year old hipster douche creep does! I occaisonally shoot with models and if I ever acted the slightest bit like this scumbag I’d be destroying the reputation I’ve been trying to build these past years in a heartbeat, the only reason this jerk’s been getting away with it for years is because of his high profile and fame, I’ve known a few fashion photographers and know their work ethic and basically no one acts the way Terry Richardson does, otherwise they could kiss their careers goodbye. I’ve seen some of his fashion work and I’m really not impressed by his crappy American Apparel aesthetic which I’ve seen so many hipsters try to emulate on Flickr and Tumblr, and never mind the photos he’s taken of himself jerking off and cumming on various hotel room carpets! Oh god the last thing I want to see is that! and what kind of a 48 year old dresses up like a hipster anyway? The only way this asshole ever got started in the business is because of his daddy’s connections, otherwise this talentless prick never would have made it!

    • Thank you so much for this, my friend. I have a lot of respect for you now.

    • Jason Y

      The only way this asshole ever got started in the business is because of his daddy’s connections, otherwise this talentless prick never would have made it!

      Actually a lot of people benefit from family connections. I wouldn’t hold it against them, because in doing so, I’d be a hypocrite. Nonetheless, some extreme cases are shameful. For instance, George W. Bush wimping out on the Vietnam War (going in the National Guard), considering, politically, he’s the kind of guy who supports war.

      I guess it’s like this. If you got the connections, then why not use them? It doesn’t necessarily mean your talentless etc.., and the guy without connections is. Of course, though, you want to make sure your connections, don’t cause you to sell-out,

  9. Jason Y

    There used to be a popular porn series, with an older Jewish guy interviewing and seducing young girls. I bet the anti-Semites got a kick out of that one 😆

    Of course, as I said in other comments, the fact remains millions of “gentiles” still watched the series (and are totally to blame).

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