The Liberation Dilemma

Daniel writes:

Mister Lindsay. You talk about the sorry state of western women a lot.

And you also seem to think that this is more of a recent trend, or that may simply be my impression. Typing this out quickly so it may be a bit hard to read.

Do you think their liberation has anything to do with it?

After all, Asian women (from Asia, that culture) don’t tend to have these issues. There is the higher IQ (3-5 points), and while substantial over a population, I doubt it would account for this discrepancy.

Especially when western women used to be raised in a similar patriarchal environment prior to the 1960s and the later rise of gender neutral parenting.

Being candid about racial differences in IQ, the most taboo topic today, I can’t imagine you find the premise than men and women are identical mentally and all behavioral differences are cultural which supports feminism to be convincing.

Women and men inhabit different universes, and the reason for that is biological.

Of course I supported women’s liberation as a child of the 60’s. But it opened a Pandora’s Box, and most feminists now are lunatics. It’s not a sane movement if it ever was.

Intelligence has nothing to do with whether women become Feminist Pod People or not. Jewish women are much smarter than East Asian women, but Jewesses were raised under feminism, and their reputation is that of typical Western hellions.

Before Liberation, women were like animals in the zoo. Sure, you can make modern zoos as humane as possible, but the animals are still in the zoo. They are not free. Prisons and zoos are comforting to many animals and inmates, but at the end of the day, you are in jail, and you are not a free man or animal. It wasn’t right to lock women or Blacks or gays in metaphorical zoos or prisons as we did.

Pre-Liberation, women, gays and Blacks were at best anthropological or even biological curiosities. The idea was that it could be fun to feed them and watch them in their cages, but you didn’t exactly want them roaming free, and really we straight White males were the only real humans, and those others were in the zoo, so obviously they must be inferior on that account alone.

The Liberation Movements of the 1960’s opened up the zoos in which we kept half the population, the queers, the Blacks and the rest. But now the problem is that we have the equivalent of lions and tigers (liberated gays, women and Blacks) running loose in our streets, and you can’t call anyone to come capture these dangerous animals because it’s against PC.

Women nowadays are unleashed. They are untamed and feral. The specter of feral women is not a pretty picture. It’s great for a few men – the Alphas – but it’s either frustration or Hell for far too many other men. Feral women revert to Cavewomen and engage in hypergamy and other natural but undesirable practices that civilization was set up to keep in check in order to create a livable society.

Women’s Liberation has led to Roissy, PUA’s, the Men’s Movement, Game (PUA Game) Theory, the rise of the Republican Party and many other strange, dubious and unpleasant things. Women hate most of these things, but the truth is that these entities are children that women birthed.


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4 responses to “The Liberation Dilemma

  1. DHL

    Where is the Cat Man?

  2. Jason Y

    QUOTE”The Liberation Movements of the 1960’s opened up the zoos in which we kept half the population, the queers, the Blacks and the rest. ”

    Actually before the 60s, blacks were very socially conservative. They, like the rest of the population went wild after “liberation”. Especially, illegal drugs have ruined the black community.

  3. Jason Y

    A lot of people, including some racists like Kevin MacDonald (but I am no way backing his views, as I’m not a white supremacist.), claim that people have always had a tendency to be “wild”, but only after the 1960s did it become a problem. The overflow of wild behavior was too much for a lot of people to handle, especially those with a low IQ, who often became drug addicts, and the like.

    • Jason Y

      Now, your mainstream Christian types, just claim people, in general, became bad during the 1960s, in a non-racist way. There could be some truth in that statement. The idea that the breakdown of the family unit, and traditional social mores, destroyed the west.

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