Femininity and Masculinity As Orientation Markers

Queers in general are not aggressive, violent, scary or menacing. They just aren’t. I used to live in LA and I have met about a trillion queers. No such thing as a scary queer. They do not exist, not really.Sure, there are leather queens. I met lots of them. They look really tough and hard-ass, and you walk up to them and ask them what time it is, and they answer with this really effeminate or at least very soft voice. It’s really jarring.

If a guy looks violent and scary, he’s generally automatically straight or at least he has a strong straight component. In fact, aggression and scariness is correlated with heterosexuality. The more aggressive and scary the guy is, the more heterosexually oriented he is. You can almost plot it on a linear curve.

I have heard of some scary or even violent gays, especially in crime cases, and some punkers were somewhat gay, but in general, the scarier and more violent a gay man looks, the more he fucks chicks too. The so-called gay punkers all screwed chicks. Like I said, it’s a marker for heterosexuality. And the more femmy and effeminate a gay man is, the more likely he would vomit at the day of doing it with a woman. Femininity is a marker for sex with men or homosexuality in men to some extent. Masculinity is a marker for sex with women or heterosexuality in men to a very strong extent.

Femininity means = I want to have sex with a man. Women act feminine = they want cock. Gay men act feminine = they want cock.

Masculinity means = I want to have sex with a woman. Men act masculine = they want pussy. Lesbians act masculine = they want pussy.


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9 responses to “Femininity and Masculinity As Orientation Markers

  1. Jason Y

    Notice though, how everybody wants American men to queer. They want us to be in touch with our “girly” side and feel bad about oppression, and imperialism, all this shit. All thru the Bush years, guys from Europe preaching to us, telling us we need to be Canadian. Of course, Canadians are more likeable, because they are not scary, they are feminine, and easygoing. In other words, they’re going to do what Europeans, Asians, you name it tell them to do, be “Yes Men”. Think about it.

    But the irony of this, is that, in America, cause of mass homophobia, a guy who “cares” about social justice etc.. is a fag, cause fags are sensitive.

    So are Canuks faggots?

    • Jason Y

      Why do you think everybody around the world likes Obama. Cause he’s not scary, he’s feminine, or “not arrogant”. They say Americans are arrogant, what they really mean is that “American conservatives are scary straight motherfuckers who will enslave and kill them.”. Of course, in America, that’s just hunky dory, cause that would dispel almost any thought of being a homo.

      • Jason Y

        Not backing right wing politics in these comments. I’m only saying that the world wants a “liberal America”, cause a straight conservative one, is a major threat to them. Canada is no threat to the world, because they are feminine. They are as scary as a maple leaf on a winters day with hot cocoa, LOL

  2. Jason Y

    Beta males can be pretty annoying also, in their own way. If you go to say, San Francisco, Austin TX, or Asheville NC (near my hometown) there are swarms of them. They are incredibly self righteous, often “health or environmental Nazis” who live rigid, miserable lives trying to be all PC.

    • Mass Beta environments are ok because the guys are nice enough and the women are often sort of sick of all the Betas whether they will admit it or not. I used to be into the Goth scene. I just sort of showed up on the scene. I went to interview this band. I was dating this chick who was a friend of the band. I met her at a concert when her and her friend kept putting their hands all over me. The guys on the Goth scene were mostly gay or bi or even if they weren’t, they acted like it.

      The chicks were all swoony about these guys, but I am not sure how hot they considered them sexually. I was a hardcore punk into wearing leather and looking real threatening and scary.

      I’ve told you some people think I am gay, but it is all perspective. Like when I walked into that room to that interview, those Goth chicks were like, “Whoa look it’s Paul Bunyan. Damn, what a macho pig, I hate him! What’s wrong? I’m getting wet!”

      LOL, and so it went.

      That first interview the bassist chick openly propositioned me. I later fucked the lead singer’s best friend, and then I fucked the lead singer. I basically fucked a swath through that scene. You can fuck up a storm in mass Beta male environments. Also in heavily gay communities like West Hollywood. Most of the guys are queer or married or Orthodox Jews from Russia, but a lot of the women are just straight. They’re like, “All the guys are fags, help I’m horny!” Those places are full of hard-up horny women. You can almost pick women up right off the sidewalk in places like that. San Fransisco too.

  3. Jason Y

    Slavery must have been horrible for blacks, cause it was emasculating especially if you were a house slave. Of course, an emasculated person is a better slave, or prisoner. The prison system could seriously emasculate prisoners if they wanted to, however, they are prevented by law (maybe). Anyhow, a prison is full of swarms of hyper-masculine men.

    • Jason Y

      But even though black slaves were emasculated, they were some of the most masculine men ever, at the same time. They were all built up and strong, and withstand any pressure. It’s kind of an irony.

  4. Jason Y

    It’s impossible for me to be scary, but I can be creepy, especially on social media, LOL If I tried to be scary, it would be stupid, cause it would seem fake.

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