Any Woman Who Cannot Figure Out If Man Is Gay or Not Is a Moron

Any woman who cannot tell if a man is gay or not after she has been around him a bit is retarded. I really believe most American women are retards.

I am sure that all women are familiar with the extremely familiar look of a man checking out a woman sexually. This includes all of the stuff women contemptuously call staring, leering, ogling, etc. Collectively, it is all called “checking a woman out.” Women know exactly what this is, and especially the attractive ones have probably seen it a billion times. I am sure the cuter ones deal with it all day long.

A very simple way to determine if a man is gay or not is to see if he engages in this checking out type behavior, looking at other women or you in a sexual way, ogling, leering, staring, etc. Any man who does this, especially on a routine basis, cannot possibly be gay in any way. That’s all there is to it.

Gay men don’t check out women. Why would they? The definition of a gay man is a man who is maximally attracted to men and minimally attracted to women. When we test gay men in the lab, this is how they test out – maximum to men, minimum to women. Really most gay men have little to no sexual interest in or attraction to the opposite sex. Considering that gay men are not attracted to women in the slightest, why in God’s name would they check them out, ogle them, stare at them, or leer at them? It makes no sense.

I worked with gay men, and I knew a few of them and even hung around one idiot for a while. Some of them were pretend bisexuals. One man was my boss, a gay editor, and these pretty girls in the office were always coming over to my desk for some reason. He never looked at them. They were just furniture to him or part of the walls or carpet.

There was another editor, a coworker, a fake bisexual at another workplace. We would be sitting in the break room, and these hot women coworkers kept walking in the door. He never looked up once. They may as well have been ghosts.

The fake bisexual who befriended me never talked about women for one second. And I never saw him look at one either. They were just not on his radar.

Women like to go on and on about their intuition, but figuring out if a man is gay or not is just about an idiot test.

To tell the truth, I can easily figure out sexual orientation in females. Heterosexual females in general deal with you in this sort of sexual way that is hard to put a finger on. Even at my age when they are really not interested in me at all, I still get it often. Straight women have this little twinkle in their eye that seems to say, “Boy I sure could use a hard cock right now.” That’s what you see, that twinkle, if not a lot more.

With young women nowadays, I get this vibe that says, “Boy I sure love men but not you, sorry.” It is a pretty complex vibe admittedly but I am great at picking up all sorts of complex nonverbal stuff.

With lesbians, it is completely different. You get this black or blank wall of sheer ice, stone or even hate. That is what it feels like. That is the vibe they throw up at me and I assume they throw it up at straight men in general. I can spot it quite easily, and then you have the short haircut, the breast cancer pink ribbon, the gruff mannerisms, and it all comes together. Even when they are friendly, there is still this icy wall that says, “Ok I will be friendly to you, but I certainly do not like you like that.” They have this icy edge to them. That is another complex vibe, but you can figure it out after a while.


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34 responses to “Any Woman Who Cannot Figure Out If Man Is Gay or Not Is a Moron

  1. So why do so many girls go crazy about them; ” Oh isn’t he gorgeous” rather than; “What a homo”!”

    Just go into an evening place where therevre attractive girls and it will likely be full of these pathetic excuses for men. self obsessed, looking in th mirror, bitching like girls. Are girls repulsed by them? No, almost the opposite. If you are not one of these pathetic pricks, you are likely to get little attention from a large proportion of the girls.

    A more pertinent question is why girls are drawn to such individuals in he first place.

    Just take a look at the most manly, masculine men. They usually have some unattractive frumpy woman of around forty.

    Some pathetic excuse for a bloke, with his trousers blew his arse, some woman,s hair do that went wrong, wearing a scarf indoors because he saw soe other prick on telivision do it, and he preens himself in the toilet after ( believ it or not, actually standing up to piss) an he will have some gorgeous girl of 18 with him.

    The world is fucking mad!!!

    • Those guys are not gay.

      Women love androgynes. Many of the most notorious womanizers that I knew were androgynes to some extent. They had this slinky way of walking, posed a lot, often had very soft voices and just a big mix of masculine and feminine going on. A lot of huge players that I knew got called gay a lot.

      I used to wear scarves a lot back in the 1970’s. Some guys apparently just thought I was a faggot, but I was always meeting women who said, “Oh man, when I saw you with that scarf or bandana around your neck I wanted to fuck you so bad…” Silk scarves, cotton scarves, in hot weather too, not cold weather scarves. At one point, I had four inch high purple platform shoes! LOL. I was into the glam scene. I also used to wear Japanese men’s short kimomos over my shirts and pants. Guys really hated that, but chicks didn’t seem to mind.

      I do not think I could get away with wearing scarves anymore. And fuck the four inch purple platforms.

      You know Iggy Pop lived with David Bowie a while in Berlin. He said he had never seen a man who got so much pussy as David Bowie. And Bowie is a serious androgyne. If you go look at Bowie videos on Youtube, there are all these chicks panting and moaning and saying, “Oh man I want to fuck him soooo bad.” There are also some guys on there saying they want to fuck him too. Bowie is just sexy as Hell.

  2. What if the guy is straight but the woman just isn’t his type?

    • Well if there are other women around who look good, he will be looking at them for sure. Also I assume that straight guys simply give off “heterosexual vibe.”

      I told you about how I can tell if a woman is a lesbian or a het right? With women who like men, there is something about them. At my age, I am not their type, but they still have this particular way of interacting with a man. Often they become a lot more feminine. I have been noticing a look lately that looks like, “Hey look I love men but just not you ok?” I can’t really put my finger on it but it is definitely there.

      I would think that if you knew the guy pretty well, the woman would see him in a variety of situations and at some point, he is sure to be checking out women.

      One time my Mom said, “You know, I always knew you weren’t gay. I know you like women. You always have.” I asked her how she knew and she said, “You look at women. It’s totally obvious. You have been doing it since you were a boy. Gay men don’t look at women. It’s a dead giveaway.”

    • And if the woman is dating the guy or the guy is her bf, it is quite easy to tell. A guy who is dating a woman or involved with her is going to be looking at her body all the time. Even on the first date, he’s looking at her like she’s a piece of meat. I have known women who were married to men they thought were gay, and they told me that their husbands never looked at them the way regular guys do.

      The whole idea of straight women suspecting the guys they date or their bf’s or husbands of being gay is rather ludicrous. Look at how he looks at you. The discussion is over.

      I had a gf once who had a bf who was a transvestite. He was also impotent. She dressed him in women’s clothes all the time. I asked her if he was gay and she said I don’t think so. Then I asked her if he looked at you regularly in a sexual way, and she said yes he did. Mystery solved. He’s a straight cross-dressing male with an impotence problem. This shit is not that hard to figure out you know.

  3. Diana

    I agree with you for the most part but you just seem to be really angry about this.

    • I have been called gay a lot by women, including girlfriends who I fucked more often than any man alive. I am not even 1% gay. I am really sick and tired of this shit all of these women are really really fucking retarded. You say you are intuitive? Prove.

      • Jason Y

        Of course, they might be fucking with you, if you know what I mean. Just pulling your chain. I wouldn’t get upset by silly remarks from chicks, or anyone.

        • Nah some of them simply believed it and refused to think otherwise. Some of them were not retarded. It was obvious that I was into women when I was with them. But they kept insisting that I used to be gay, or “Was that back when you were gay?” or else they would keep asking me if I were bisexual. If a chick thinks I am bi or asks me if I am bi, then she is sane. Actually I used to get that a lot from chicks. Guys often thought I was a faggot, but females were more like, “Whoa are you bi?” Cuz you know, if you are not retarded female, it’s obvious whether a guy likes pussy or not. Now what is very hard for a woman to figure it is if a man is a strong or mostly het bisexual.

          All women can tell is:

          + Gay
          – Gay

          + Likes pussy
          – likes pussy

          They can’t really tell if a guy is straight or not, they can just tell if he is gay or not and if he likes chicks or not. It’s quite hard for a woman to figure out if a guy who clearly likes women likes cock too. That’s a huge mystery.

        • If women think this is a really sensitive issue with you, a lot of them are going to do it just to push your buttons or hit your Achilles Heels to get a rise out of you. I know for a fact that some exes who tried to torment me this way didn’t believe it for one second when I was with them. They just launched on it cuz they knows it makes me crazy. She is trying for “maximum effect.”

  4. Daniel

    Mister Lindsay. You talk about the sorry state of western women a lot.
    And you also seem to think that this is more of a recent trend, or that may simply be my impression. Typing this out quickly so it may be a bit hard to read.
    Do you think their liberation has anything to do with it?
    After all, Asian women (from asia, that culture) don’t tend to have these issues. There is the higher IQ (3-5 points), and while substantial over a population, I doubt it would account for this discrepancy. Especially when western women used to be raised in a similar patriarchal environment prior to the 1960s and the later rise of gender neutral parenting.
    Being candid about racial differences in IQ, the most taboo topic today, I can’t imagine you find the premise than men and women are identical mentally and all behavioral differences are cultural which supports feminism to be convincing.

  5. amspirnational

    I have met divorced women who insisted they discovered their husband was
    gay only after a lengthy time period, and had previously blamed their infrequent sex on other factors.

    • The whole idea of gay men marrying women is complete crap. And closets are for clothes. Screw being closeted. It is the married queers and closet cases that keep all the paranoia going.

    • There was a family friend who was married to a gay man. We knew there were problems early on as I was told there was no sex as the guy was psychologically impotent. I asked my Mom, “Whoa is he gay or what?” She said, “No he’s just Catholic.” I thought that was pretty funny. Later he apparently got arrested a couple of times at roadside rest stops were he was sucking cocks or whatever and finally it all came out.

      Closets are for clothes!

      • I had a gf once and she said, “Oh I know you are not gay Bob. For one thing you are always talking about eating pussy. No gay guy would ever do that.”

        I never realized that was one of my favorite conversation topics!

      • big g

        Thanks Jackie for straightening that out. I love to eat pussy. So…… I’m not gay.

      • I read on the Net about a woman whose gay husband would never fuck her but he would eat her pussy. But I think in general that is correct. Gay men think pussy is actually disgusting and I have heard they want to vomit when they think of it.

    • I knew a woman who thought she was married to a gay man. She said he never wanted to fuck and when he did it was always from the rear only. Also he hated the idea of eating pussy and refused to do it. In addition, he had all sorts of guy friends and spent all of his time around them.

      He was really into all this guy stuff like sports and even extreme sports. He also had all these guy sports magazines around especially bodybuilder magazines that were full of hunky guys. He was always looking at his hunky guy magazines and went they went out he was always looking at men. He was always talking about men and their bodies.

      She also said he seemed to have no interest whatsoever ion her sexually and frankly he never really looked at her in the obvious sexual way that women are so familiar with. She divorced him but I think she was right and this guy was gay. At least he has no interest in women.

  6. Jason Y

    Women are often the biggest homophobes, and pick on “victims” even more than men. They are also some of the biggest unapologetic racists (even worse than men), cause their daddies raised them that way. Such raising was done to ensure, that they would never bring home a black boy to disgrace the family.

  7. dano

    Sometimes, I cast loving looks at a plate of BBQ pork ribs rather than look at my GFs ass.
    Sometimes I would rather eat a plate of BBQ pork ribs than eat my GF.
    Just being honest.

    • If you were a queer, your gf never would have seen you looking at her sexually even one time in the whole time you had known her. Why? Because pussy doesn’t turn you on and you’re thinking about dick all the time.

      Are you trying to tell me that you have never looked at your gf in a sexual way? When I spend a day with a gf, I look at her in a sexual way probably 500 times a day, just guessing. Especially if her clothes are off.

      • dano

        No, Im not saying I never look at my gf in a sexual way.
        Im saying that at certain times, based on factors I don’t pretend to understand, a plate of smoky, delicious BBQ spare ribs is more important and more appealing to me thn my GFs (or any womans) ass or the prospect of me pounding away at her hamburger bun with my all beef frank. Other unpredictable times, no plate of food, however appealing, is more important to me than raising some gyno-ankles in the air, seeing that wide-eyed look as I enter her, and making her sweep the lamp off the bedside table as her toes curl.
        Im just not obsessed with pussy or sex. And I have normal T levels.

    • Guy from Montréal

      Yeah BBQ ribs are pretty hard to beat, as a barbecuer I see what you mean.

  8. Scooby d

    Hey Robert, can you elaborate on identifying lesbians? Perhaps the vibe? I dated one for a month and something felt off then it hit me like a truck. She wasn’t open about it but it was small clues like her being called Steph instead of Stephanie. She was also a big tease to guys but had a really close female friend. I was still surprised how long it took me to catch on

    I went to a liberal arts college that was known for lesbians, and many of them were downright mean. With the exception of one girl, I’ve yet to meet a lesbian who didn’t have an attitude for no apparent reason

  9. Reblogged this on redboar71 and commented:
    This guy is fucking awesome.

  10. Is it actually true though Jacki? Do gay men actually check out women like straight men do? Isn’t there a certain look that straight men have when they ogle women? Isn’t it a sexual look whereas with gay men isn’t it different?

    My Mom is the smartest woman on Earth. When I was a boy she told me they had a gay man in the office. She said he was very goodlooking but the women there all figured out that he was gay because after a while they figured out that he never looked at women. My Mom also said that when a beautiful woman walks into a room of males, if they are 12 to 90, every single one of them will perk up and look at her in this certain way. She said the gay guy won’t. He won’t even necessarily notice her.

    I think there are some gay men at the Starbucks I go to. They hang around with the women a lot of course and they are often surrounded by the girls laughing and giggling and whatnot. But they don’t seem to be turned on by the chicks and they don’t seem to be checking them out. They are “one of the girls.”

    “It is confusing though as a lot of gay men love to look and admire women. I have had gay friends in the past who have told me i am beautiful and have lovely legs and look horny in a certain outfit etc…”

    But don’t your gf’s say the same thing to you. “Oh Jacki, you look so sexy in that outfit. Oh you look so beautiful in that picture. Oh look at your legs back then.” Don’t they say it in such a way that it doesn’t seem like they want to fuck you, they are just admiring you woman to woman?

    • How could you tell these guys were gay?

      If you went out to lunch with one of those guys, no way would he be looking at your tits or your ass. They don’t do that.

      I have never seen a closeted gay pretend to be into women in my entire life. Not saying it doesn’t happen. Just never seen it.

  11. Ok sure, but can’t women tell the guys who are FOR SURE NOT GAY AT ALL? I mean the guys who cannot possibly be gay owing to how they are always raping women with their eyes and whatnot. A straight man looks at you like you’re dinner. You’re a fillet Mignon. I really doubt if a gay man looks at a woman that way even if he is admiring her. Nonverbal communication can be quite hard to untangle.

    I would think that women should at least be able to determine

    – gay

    for a lot of guys who routinely devour women with their eyes. Now determining actual gayness may be a bit different I suppose. I am not a woman so I am not sure, but “not gay for sure” ought to be the easiest determination on Earth to make.

  12. Guy from Montréal

    It is confusing though as alot of gay men love to look and admire women. I have had gay friends in the past who have told me i am beautiful and have lovely legs and look horny in a certain outfit etc.

    Yes and a lot of gay men admire Marilyn Monroe, but if you ask any of them if they would fuck her the answer would be a HUGE NO! And then they would certainly be offended for asking.

  13. Guy from Montréal

    She knows full well, that he has loads of affairs with other women but she just doesn’t care. As long as he remains the good husband and father at the weekends and she is kept in a huge house with swimming pool she turns a blind eye. I could never be like that, which is a shame!

    No that’s not a shame JackiLB and I admire you for saying it.

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