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Novorussian Army Video

Great video of war footage of the Novorussian Army. Really cool song in the background by a Swedish heavy metal band called Sabaton. This is off their 5th album called The Art of War. Most of Sabaton’s songs are about war and while this one takes the POV of the German Panzer Division, Sabaton’s songs talk about the wars of the 20th Century with focus on WW1 and WW2 and take the point of view of all sides in the conflicts. Just so you know this is not a Nazi band.

I must say, at the risk of hyperbole, that this Novorussian Army looks like one of the best armies in Europe based on battlefield performance anyway.

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The Marriage of Profit, Imperial Power and Fascism

From here.

I was always a bit mystified at the alliances between Western capitalists and politicians, all the way to the most liberal Western politicians, with out and out fascists. Apparently they share similar ideologies. I also suspect that fascists are good for business. And as all Western politicians and capitalists have a “Kill the Left” mindset, it’s useful to note that there have been no better killers of the Left than the fascists. So, repugnant as these folks are, it seems that they come in handy.

But the ‘European identity’ to which Odnorozhenko aspires is one estranged from mainstream European and American liberalism

That statement is completely absurd, a fine example of how even fairly intelligent western journalism can lapse into direct rejection of reality in favor of official mythology, despite self-evident contrary facts.

In reality, “mainstream European and American liberalism” has never had any problems cozying up to fascist elements when that has seemed expedient, from Franco and the Greek colonels to Pinochet, Videla, the Guatemalan genocidal dictatorship or the Ustasha. The liberalism of the white empires has never been allowed to overshadow their real core values: profit and imperial power. That’s the real “European identity” of capitalist imperialism, which is shared by fascists and liberals despite their differences.

More particularly, it’s a simple fact that the neo-fascists in Ukraine are not “estranged” from their US and EU patrons. They are in a strong alliance, the very opposite of “estrangement.” US imperial official Victoria Fuck-the-EU Nuland, a main author of the coup, had no problem with the fascists when assigning posts in the new regime. Nor are the EU “liberals,” who a few years ago were tut-tutting about any fascists being elected to the Ukraine parliament, now expressing any concern whatever about the fascist paramilitary gangs they are backing in Ukraine.

The truth is that the US empire and its European satellites openly support the far-right/fascist Ukrainian coup regime, and their state officials and servile media are actively promoting it and working to conceal its fascist character (and that includes the liberal UK paper The Guardian, Mr Luhn’s employer).

Talk of liberalism is just childish in this context. Serious matters are at stake here, and there’s no time for journalists to indulge in cheap talk or play with ideological baubles like liberalism instead of aggressively fighting as the empire’s media wing against Russia.

For the US empire, what is at stake in this conflict is nothing less than its unchallenged world domination; for the EU, what is at stake is its monopoly as the center of international integration in Europe. For both, Russia must be crushed for its unforgivable crime of setting up the Eurasian Union, and, to that end, pushing Ukraine under the juggernaut of war and fascism is a price they are entirely willing to pay.


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Bizarro Western Media Headline of the Week

Preparing for War with Ukraine’s Fascist Defenders of Freedom.

Via the utterly despicable Deep State publication Foreign Policy. If I am not mistaken, it is published by the Deep State stink tank The Council on Foreign Affairs. Do not underestimate this institution. They control the US state as much as the CIA does, if not more. Then again, the CIA and the CFR are pretty much the same thing anyway.

Yeah, that’s the real headline. What the actual Hell?

The Western media keeps trying to bake their fancy wedding cakes out of secret ingredients like this. It was a flawed project from the start, and it’s starting to collapse under its own glaring contradictions. It’s hard to believe that a single literate American can read a headline like that without bursting out laughing.

And don’t forget the article itself. It’s worse than the headline.

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The EU Is Pathetic

I cannot believe the EU is led by such a bunch of pathetic idiots who act like they are in kindergarten. Once upon a time, Europe had some real leaders. I didn’t like a lot of them, but they were still real statesmen, not fools. Let us compare.

Margaret Thatcher (statesman) vs. David Cameron (pathetic)

Francoise Mitterrand (statesman) and Charles De Gaulle (statesman) vs. Francoise Hollande (pathetic)

Helmut Schmidt (statesman) vs. Angela Merkel (pathetic)

Francisco Franco (statesman) vs. José Manuel Barroso (pathetic)

I can almost sympathize with Nuland when she said, “Fuck the EU.”


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Islamist Militia Takes Over US Embassy in Tripoli


All US Embassy personnel were evacuated under armed guard to Tunisia on July 26 due to the chaos in the country, so there was no one at the embassy. All sensitive materials were either removed or destroyed before evacuating the embassy. A video posted on Youtube showed armed Islamists relaxing in the embassy and romping in the pool.

Libya is a totally failed state. I must say even Ghaddafi was better than this. What is US foreign policy anymore? To overrun functioning countries and create chaos, mass casualties, destruction and the ensuing failed states? How is it US imperialism  benefits from the creation of failed states all over the place? I am not really getting this.

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200 Polish Mercenaries Captured at Donetsk Airport


That report is a lie. The rebels say that 200 Polish mercenaries just surrendered at the airport, and I believe them. Obviously they were there with the consent of the Polish government. So really NATO is already fighting in Ukraine.

There have been huge battles at both Donetsk and Lugansk Airports. The airports have been very hard to clean out. They are full of underground passageways and many of the junta forces are underground. The Ukies have been trapped at the Lugansk Airport for a very long time, but they have never been eliminated. Both airports are to the south of their respective cities – Lugansk Airport is quite a bit to the south of Lugansk.


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Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Etc.

From the Internet, regarding money owed by sovereign nations to the banksters:

The banking corporations expect full payment for this debt. This money will be funneled into the International Bank of Settlements to the delight of the ultra rich families. If a country chooses to not pay its debt then war is imminent. Also, if a country is unable to pay their debts, then that nation is then asked to hand over its physical wealth including seaports, oil reserves, gold and copper and gas and fisheries and clean water and tracts of lands. This situation is occurring in Greece where banker heads received islands of Greece as partial payment of Greek debts.

However in countries like Iceland the bankers were rounded up and jailed. In response, international bankers promised to divest from Iceland and they did so in hopes Iceland would begin to feel the financial pressure. Luckily Iceland pulled through and is now experiencing steady economic growth despite the economic blockade promised by the grumpy bankers.

I foresee a war against Iceland in decades to come, or perhaps some sort of other action by the bankers/industrialists who are still very displeased with Iceland’s course of action. History shows that nations who don’t conform with central banking and paying of those debts end up being targets of war and destabilization by the ruling families who don’t take being dismissed as acceptable. Otherwise all nations will begin to not pay their debts. I hope Iceland remains vigilant as the bankers are vengeful indeed.

I think it is quite clear that the banksters are the enemies of all mankind. Why we villagers with torches have not put their heads on pikes yet is beyond me. There are quite a few books that have been written on the lines of “banksters control the world.” A great one is Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. His theme is that the whole world is controlled by a group of banksters, mostly Anglos, and mostly operating out of New York and London. I am not wild about conspiracy theory, but this one has legs. A similar thesis is: All wars are bankers’ wars. A bit simplistic, but there is something to that one too.

The very idea that nations pay off their debts to banksters by selling off sovereign national territory to the banks is insane. This is war of aggression and imperial conquest by Finance Capital, all done without firing a shot. Incredible.


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Novorussian Army Destroys Ukrainian Navy Ship!

Absolutely amazing video. That is a Ukrainian Navy ship off in the distance there. The booms you hear are Novorussian (or Russian Army?) artillery shelling the ship from the shore. As you can see, one of the rounds hits the ship and destroys it. What are the Novorussians shooting? Don’t you need to shoot anti-ship missiles at a ship to kill it? The attack took place off of a city called Shirinoko. I am still figuring out where that is.

Some people are saying that Russian aircraft hit the ship. It does appear that way, but if you look closely, those are seabirds, not a plane.


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Pussy Riot Are Traitors

I had always heard that they were more or less US agents, but now I know this for sure.

The Kremlin is facing intensifying international condemnation over its stance. Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot told an audience in the Australian capital Sydney on Saturday that Russia should be excluded from G20 talks scheduled for November, AFP reported.

What a bunch of traitors. Not that they should support the government – it is always permissible to oppose any government of any state on principle – but these people are traitors to the Homeland. I don’t take too kindly to that.

My attitude is sort of a nationalist one – Other than the Homeland, what else is there?

That’s the way I see it.


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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Terrorist?

Found on the Net:

Governments are not totally obsessed with terrorists. The voters of a country can do a lot more damage to the power structure and privileged ruling class than terrorists ever can. Take 9/11. Some 3000 people killed. Privileged ruling class still in power? Yes. Power structure still the same? Yes.


Terrorism is never gonna hurt the ruling class. It just keeps the citizens scared. Are the ruling class scared of terrorists? No. They don’t fly on commercial planes for one thing. The ruling class are scared of citizens. Citizens, if they weren’t obedient sheep, could oust the ruling class in one day. Terrorism is a diversion. Sure, it might be real, but it is an insignificant part of most people’s lives.

Bolding is mine. Actually things are even worse. The ruling class gained vastly in strength, power, venality and corruption after 9-11. It was a huge boon to them. Condi Rice and Netanyahu both remarked on what a great opportunity 9-11 was. 9-11 just fell right in the lap; a dream come true. We are obedient sheep, and of course we could oust our leaders in a New York minute, but we won’t.


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