The Nature of US Imperialism, 2014

A friend sent me this email:

Paul Craig Roberts expressed the view in his recent book The Failure of Laissez-Faire Capitalism that the reason the U.S. has become increasingly hostile to Russia is that the U.S. wishes to prevent a coalition of Europe (especially Germany) and Russia.

That is a common view, because it happens to be true. As you may have noticed, there’s currently a thread about that at FDL. I’ll try to get a hold of that book. It is very nice to see the left wing of the Democratic Party finally attacking US imperialist foreign policy! Yay! That trend in US politics has been supporting US imperialism for far too long.

From the Firedog Lake link:

By hollowing out its manufacturing industry and becoming a net debtor nation, the US got itself into the position that the only way the only way it can maintain its hegemonic status is by using its military power and the international institutions it created after WW II and still controls. The US no longer has anything to offer the world except coercion. If it hadn’t relinquished its position of being the world’s factory to China (a main theme of Roberts’), it would not have to worry about controlling other peoples’ natural resources.

This is what’s really going on here folks. Forget all the lies you are being told about the Ukraine. This is the real truth!

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6 responses to “The Nature of US Imperialism, 2014

  1. The irony is that Paul Craig Roberts was supposedly the “father” of Reaganomics…Professor Roberts is also pretty certain we are heading into a edge of non-stop warfare and showdowns between countries with real power.

    Dark days ahead, indeed.

  2. The next question is why USA wants to shoot herself on the feet by moving her industries out?

    The reason, such policy benefit the rich, who are now super-mobile and supra-national. By moving industries to China, they make lots of monies in wages arbitration.

    They do not give a damn that the policy is suicidal. Eventually, USA may be so broke that a social tension acerbate. Then the country will break into a few pieces.

  3. Jason Y

    To show how idiotic WNs are, one of them made the comment (on a forum) that eugenics would make everyone a member of the elite. Wow! That solves everything (sarcasm).

  4. Jason Y

    I think World War I was mainly caused by the threat of Germany to British imperialism. Germany was more innocent in the 1st one than in the 2nd one, obviously. So we can conclude that imperialism is constantly trying to weed out threats to it’s super-nation. Some of these threats might be socialist, but not always.

    • Well of course. Capitalist imperialist countries are often attacking other capitalist countries that they see as threats. That is what imperialism is all about. Of course all socialist nations are a threat (apparently the threat of a good example) so they have to be destroyed. One of the crappy things about imperialism is that it seems to set the imperialist country against nearly every other country on Earth who are either competitors, enemies or vassals.

  5. amspirnational

    I hear Putin is pretty popular in China too and the Chinese government
    seemks to be cautiously leaning pro-Russia. As long as this holds, it is just a question of when the two pull the plug together on US imperialism. Unless it collapses due to its own internal dynamic of its own accord first.

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