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Great Men of the 20th Century – Gamel Abdul Nasser

Look at how charismatic he was! I hate to say it, but he reminds me of Saddam Hussein that way. Saddam was a horrible and evil man, but you had to admit, he sure had great charisma. But then so did Stalin and Mao, eh? The difference is that Saddam was a bad man and Nasser was a good man.

Nasser was a leftwing populist. He instituted land reform in Egypt and doled out lands to the fellahin, ending feudalism in Egypt. In the Marxist republic of South Yemen in the 1970’s, young Communists often had posters of Nasser in their rooms. He was a great secular Arab nationalist. Nasser came to power as part of a progressive coup (called The Revolution) led by the Free Officers Movement that overthrew the monarchy.

From 1950-1970, a number of similar coups led by like-minded officer units overthrew monarchies in other Arab lands, notably Iraq and Libya. Saddam and Gaddafi were legacies of this era. The Muslim Brotherhood played a vital role in the revolution, but relations between the two quickly soured and Nasser repressed the MB during his term.

Under the Great Abdul Nasser, Egypt stood up!

He took on the former British and French colonialists and launched a couple of wars against Israel, which I am proud of him for. In 1956, he took on Israel, Britain and France in an Arabia versus the West contest. Such a contest was replayed in 2003 with the Nazi like US War of Aggression Against the Iraqi People. The rebellion against  this invasion is ongoing.

Some people never learn.

And 44 years after this speech was televised, the war between military secularism and religious orthodoxy continues. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Russia Reinstitutes May Day

Russia brings back May Day! Good job VV Putin!

Russia brings back May Day! Good job VV Putin!

From the link:

More than two million people will take part in May Day labor union demonstrations throughout Russia. A festive march will occur on Red Square in central Moscow for the first time since 1991.

Mikhail Shmakov, head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, told a news conference at ITAR-TASS, “Russia is reviving a tradition to celebrate May Day at the Kremlin walls. We’ll hold demonstrations in 1,100 cities and district centers. More than two million people will take part and I hope that they’ll hear our voices. Regional branches of trade unions will add their demands along with common slogans with their requirements. Despite the more than 100-year history of May Day, the fight for an eight-hour labor day remains topical”.

Here’s another revival of past Soviet practices by V V Putin. Can’t American leftists see that he’s a new NEPman, NOT a neoliberal swine like Willy Romney? There’s none so blind as those who WILL not to see.

Interesting idea. Putin not as radical neoliberal but instead as a latter day Lenin doing his own version of the NEP 90 years later. Has a nice ring to it.

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European Union or Eurasian Union – Which Will It Be?

A stark cultural choice confronts the Ukrainians - and all of Europe.

A stark cultural choice confronts the Ukrainians – and all of Europe.

I am not supposed to be a conservative, but I am a bit of one on social issues. I do support gay rights, but I respect the Orthodox Church’s stance on it. Gays are allowed into Orthodox churches, and they are allowed to go to Confession. The Church vigorously opposes violence against gays. However, the Church is against gay marriage and gay pride parades, which is their right – that is how I see it.

Personally, I support gay rights parades and gay marriage, but not everyone is as liberal as I am. People surely have a right to their conservative values.

And the rapacious greed of the West clearly must be condemned. In its place: solidarity, tradition, Catholic and Orthodox religion, very strong family and ethnic ties, a sense of socialist social solidarity and communalism and a general opposition to rootless cosmopolitanism, limitless greed and radical individualism.

When people attack me for “living too close to my mother,” (I live 33 miles away) and going to eat dinner with my mother once a week, you know there is simply something deeply sick about our atomized culture. Really? Radical individualism has gone that far? We are all supposed to get permanent divorces from our families, move to the other side of the country or globe, and be permanently estranged from our own flesh and blood in favor of the mostly lesser ties of often temporary friendships and relationships with non-kin?

Your friends leave you all the time, but your family is always there for you. That’s how I play it. So it’s Old World? So what. Families evolved for a reason. The world is a nasty and brutal place. A family is a little tribe or nation, tied by blood and sworn to protect and even spill blood for each other and fight each other’s enemies in the same ways that larger families like tribes and nations do.

You’re on your own now!

Well, fine, but I there is nothing immature about being a part of a very strong family.

Keep it in mind. Traditions evolved for a reason. Tribes and nations evolved traditions and taboos because they experimented with all sorts of ways of living down through the ages. Our forefathers may have been unscientific, but they were not stupid. If something didn’t work or tended to screw up society, it was made taboo or proscribed as against tribal tradition. Everything that was proven to work well was instituted over time as a valued tribal tradition. The stuff that worked stayed, and the stuff that didn’t work got chucked.

Adults who blindly oppose tradition in the name of being modern and hip are permanent adolescents, rebelling without cause or reason. It’s silly and irrational behavior.

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Men As Natural Protectors of Women

Men! Our natural and instinctive role is as protectors of, yes, the weaker sex, women, our sisters! Check out this excellent comment by pastor who stopped by. He has a website called the New Christian Movement – Training Boys to Be Men. Here are his comments on my post about how you can tell if a man is gay.

When I scan a room full of mix sexes quickly determining the location of the women, the men nearest them, and their nearest exits, there is that subconscious understanding that some men won’t protect the women around them if a disaster struck. After many years of observations, I’ve noted that these are the men who seem to be more interested in the other men in the room. It’s difficult to see a man treat a woman like ‘furniture,’ as you so aptly stated in your article, knowing that in the event of men needing to respond as a protector to threats to the group, he might just sacrifice her for himself.

This isn’t an indictment against gay men as much as it is against a sadly consistent behavior I have observed in them over several decades. Since we men are built the larger and stronger, I hope all men would consider their instinctive and very necessary role. It’s not hard, but it is selfless, and absolutely necessary for the survival of our society.

What a fascinating comment. He has noticed over the years that some men in a room do not seem like they would protect the women in case of an emergency. He has also noticed that those men seem to be more interested in men than women. In other words, gay men would be less likely to save women in an emergency than straight men. I do not want to bash on gay men here, but it seems obvious to me that this is true. He also points out that my comment about how I have worked with gay men who treated the women in the office as if they were “part of the furniture.” The pastor notes that a man who sees women are akin to chairs and tables is probably less likely to save them when the shit really comes down.

The pastor also implies that a lot of us straight men are relinquishing our roles as protectors of women. If being a man means anything, this is what it means. Our natural and instinctive role is as protectors of our sisters. When we give that up, we are no longer card-carrying men.

Men! Step up to the plate and do your duty! Protect your sisters!

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Eurointegration Has a Bad History

Eurointegration does not have a very good history!

Eurointegration does not have a very good history!

Don’t those two maps look awful familiar?

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The Family Murders!

The Family Murders is the name for one of the most shocking serial killing cases in recent history involved a group of homosexuals, supposedly including physicians, attorneys and prominent businessmen, who were involved in picking up male hitchhikers, drugging them and sexually abusing them. In most cases the teenage boys were released, but in at least a few cases, they were murdered in some truly horrendous ways.

Accountant Bevan Spencer Von Einem, one of Australia’s most evil men to have surfaced in the past 35 years, is the only person who was ever charged with homicide in the case. He was convicted of the horrible torture-slaying of Richard Kelvin, age 15. He remains imprisoned for this crime to this day. He was also charged with the torture slayings of Alan Barnes, 17 and Mark Langley, 18.

The gay men reportedly used homosexual transvestites to lure the boys and young men into the van with offers of drugs. They were then drugged and sexually abused, apparently at a home that Von Einem and another man kept for this purpose. Some of the young men were kept alive for some time – maybe a week or two – tortured the whole time, and then killed.

Von Einem had apparently gone to medical school at one point, so he had enough medical knowledge to expertly chop up this young men with the style of a skilled surgeon. All young men were apparently heterosexuals hitchhiking with a taste for drugs. In the past few years, a now elderly gay chiropractor was convinced of abducting, drugging and raping young men in this case.

A number of other men, often prominent figures, have been named in the case, but no one else has ever been charged. Von Einem traveled in a wide circle of S/M minded homosexuals with a taste for “rough trade.” Many of these gay men and even a woman or two knew that Von Einem and his pals were picking up hitchhikers, drugging them, torturing them and raping them in a house that the men kept for this purpose. Whether they knew that some of these men were murdered is not known.

Apparently no one talked at the time, but after Von Einem’s arrest, quite a few folks involved in the case have come forward, always implicating Von Einem or others. At this point, many of these gay men are starting to die off and we are getting new deathbed confession-type evidence. Most of these men obviously were sexual sadists. Von Einem certainly is.

You can go to the Wiki article and read up on the case, the facts of which are utterly horrifying. This linked article shows recent developments in the case.

I have been studying this case for a very long time. I believe a few books have been written about it. Von Einem is also a suspect in the disappearances and probable sex murders of several children called the Beaumont Children and another case called the Adelaide Oval case where two young girls were abducted in broad daylight from a packed soccer stadium. A man was seen with both groups of children before they disappeared and it does seem to be the same man in both case. He does not resemble any of the listed suspects and to this day, no one knows who he is. I am confident that Von Einem is not involved in either of these cases.

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Your Choice, Ukraine

100 gryvnia = ~$80. One half of that is ~$40.

100 gryvnia = ~$80. One half of that is ~$40.

This is what was really going on in Ukraine. The deal with the EU and the US was set to put Ukraine under horrifying austerity conditions akin to World Bank and IMF loan strictures. Ukraine’s entire economy would have been opened up to EU imports, but only 5-10% of Ukraine’s economy would have been opened up to exports to the EU. Mass imports from the EU would have ruined Ukraine’s industry, resulting in the colonization of the Ukraine by EU and US multinational capital. The prior pro-Russian president opposed this deal with the EU/US, and this was said to be the reason he was overthrown by violent a coup via putschists. He cared about his people, so he was overthrown. West Ukraine, mostly Galician Uniate Catholic Ukrainian ultranationalists, were behind the project to open the Ukraine up to the rape and ruin of the nation via EU/US imperialism. Only 40% of the country supported this suicidal deal. The rest of the country – the Rusyns in the far west and the Russians in Crimea, Odessa and and Eastern Ukraine, all opposed the deal. Eastern Ukraine is the industrial heartland of the Ukraine, with much of its production exported to Russia. The EU/US would have utterly destroyed Eastern Ukraine, so the working class there who work in those heavy industries vigorously opposed the deal.

As you can see, part of this suicidal deal was to cut the already meager pensions of $80/month in half to $40/month. The socialist-minded Russians in the East were outraged at this assault on the elderly. In addition, the deal was set to double heating prices to residences. Cut pensions in half and double heating costs! That means a lot of people, especially old people, are going to freeze to death this winter. The pro-Russian East had some excellent reasons to oppose this deal.

What is truly insane is that the liberals and Left in the US are for the EU/US rape of Ukraine, slashing pensions in half with doubling heating oil prices. Rob from the poor and give to the rich! This policies are right out of the Republican Party playbook and if this was happening in the US, these same liberals would be screaming bloody murder. But overseas, US liberals love to impose the most reactionary Libertarian Paul Ryan economics on poor, hapless populations.

Hey! If that’s the way you liberals fell, why don’t you leave the Democratic Party! Go join the Republican Party! We don’t want Paul Ryan types in our party!

The choice is yours!

The choice is yours!

It is up to you, Ukrainians. The stark choice is in front of you. Either heroic Euroasian-Russian socialism or US/EU radical Libertarian McDonald’s capitalism.

Russia represents freedom and democracy and social justice.

America and the EU represent violent coups, undemocratic regimes, police states and reverse Robin Hood economics.

Which will you choose? The fate of the nation hangs on the question.

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The Nature of US Imperialism, 2014

A friend sent me this email:

Paul Craig Roberts expressed the view in his recent book The Failure of Laissez-Faire Capitalism that the reason the U.S. has become increasingly hostile to Russia is that the U.S. wishes to prevent a coalition of Europe (especially Germany) and Russia.

That is a common view, because it happens to be true. As you may have noticed, there’s currently a thread about that at FDL. I’ll try to get a hold of that book. It is very nice to see the left wing of the Democratic Party finally attacking US imperialist foreign policy! Yay! That trend in US politics has been supporting US imperialism for far too long.

From the Firedog Lake link:

By hollowing out its manufacturing industry and becoming a net debtor nation, the US got itself into the position that the only way the only way it can maintain its hegemonic status is by using its military power and the international institutions it created after WW II and still controls. The US no longer has anything to offer the world except coercion. If it hadn’t relinquished its position of being the world’s factory to China (a main theme of Roberts’), it would not have to worry about controlling other peoples’ natural resources.

This is what’s really going on here folks. Forget all the lies you are being told about the Ukraine. This is the real truth!

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Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and the UK All Smash America

I received this from a mailing list:

In England, it’s 280 days.

In Russia, it’s 140 days.

In China, it’s 90 days.

And in Saudi Arabia, it’s 70 days.

I’m talking about guaranteed paid maternity leave for new mothers.

In the United States, it’s 0 days.


Despite how much we hear about “family values,” ours is one of just four countries in the world — the entire world — that do not mandate some amount of paid maternity leave for their citizens. (The other three countries, by the way, are Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland.)

A 1993 law provided 12 weeks of unpaid leave, but of course many workers can’t go without pay that long — and many employers weren’t even covered by that law.

A new bill — the Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) — would enable new parents and people dealing with serious health issues to take paid leave.

This reform is modeled on a popular and successful California program in effect since 2004 that has benefited employees and employers alike.

America fails again! As in other cases, America comes in dead last, accompanied only by total loser states like Lesotho, Swaziland and Papua New Guinea. This is what I mean when I say that the US is really just a wealthy version of a 3rd World shithole.

Lesotho: Last place

Swaziland: Last place

Papua New Guinea: Last place

America: Last place.

How shameful! We are down there with the worst, most failed states on Earth. Pitiful!

The USA and three crappy, 3rd world shitholes all tie in treating pregnant women the worst of any countries on Earth.


We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!

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Great Moments in History

Citizens and Citizenesses of the Soviet Union! Today, at four o’clock in the morning, without addressing any grievances to the Soviet Union, without declaration of war, German forces fell on our country, attacked our frontiers in many places and bombed our cities…an act of treachery unprecedented in the history of civilized nations…The Red Army and the whole nation will wage a victorious Patriotic War for our beloved country, for honour, for liberty…Our cause is just. The enemy will be beaten. Victory will be ours.

— Molotov, 22 June 1941 at the outset of Operation Barbarossa

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