“Blacks Are the Least Intelligent Race of All”

TheWhiteManKnows writes:

Black people are, by all measures, inherently less intelligent than other races. There is no real question about that.

But the fact remains, black people are significantly less intelligent than all other races. There’s a lot of great resources out there about the racial distribution of intelligence, you should really look into it.

Tulio responds: “But the fact remains, black people are significantly less intelligent than ***all other races.***”

And another thing. Why are people always saying this? It’s not true. The San Bushman and the Australoids are not Negroes, but they have lower IQ’s. So why are Negros always been ranked as the least intelligent race when they aren’t? At least by measurement of IQ

I thank Tulio very much for that remark.

Tulio is correct of course.

Anyway, the “lowest IQ of all races” argument refers to African Blacks. Their IQ ranges from 67-75, depending on the studies. But even there, several racial/ethnic groups are lower, and one is about the same:

Caribbean Blacks        72
African Blacks          71
Papuans                 64
Aborigines (pure-blood) 62
Bushmen                 50?
Pygmies                 50?

African-Americans and British Blacks are a different animal altogether, though I suppose that statement makes a lot of folks mad. Af-Ams (85-87?) and British Blacks (86) have much higher IQ’s than African Blacks, but racists conflate African Blacks and Western Blacks as a way of attacking Western Blacks. So when racists say, “Blacks are the stupidest race of them all,” what they are really saying is, “Western Blacks are the dumbest race of them all,” because the racists’ target is Western Blacks, and racists care nothing about Africa.

But are Western Blacks the dumbest race of all? Of course not. In addition to:

Papuans    64
Aborigines 62
Bushmen    50?
Pygmies    50?

we have even more groups. So it looks like this:

World average           89
Amerindians             87
Polynesians             87
Micronesians            87
US Blacks               86
British Blacks          86
Melanesians             86
Aborigines (50% White)  85
Arabs                   83?
South Asians            81?
Caribbean Blacks        72?
African Blacks          67-75
Papuans                 64
Aborigines (pure-blood) 62
Bushmen                 50?
Pygmies                 50?

There are eight groups less intelligent than Western Blacks, one just as intelligent, and three more only slightly more intelligent. The last three are for all intents and purposes at the same IQ level of Western Blacks. There are fully 12 different major racial/ethnic groupings who are either less intelligent or just as intelligent as Western Blacks.

On a world level, Western Blacks are certainly not the dumbest group of them all, and actually their intelligence compares favorably or equivalently with many other racial/ethnic groups. In fact, Western Blacks are only 3 IQ points below the average for the human race as a whole, so Western Blacks are quite close the average IQ of humans in general.

“Niggers ain’t got no brains” is a nice little racist line, and it seems to ring at least true in a lot of ears, but once we examine the facts, it is shown to be much exaggerated at the very least.

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167 responses to ““Blacks Are the Least Intelligent Race of All”

  1. homer simpson

    To the extent I’ve looked at studies concerning race & intelligence, I thought I read once of all the negroid sub-races, it’s the Bantus( what white westerners see as the black race) that are actually the most intelligent of the sub-saharan africans, with an innate average I.Q. of 80 or so. It was that sub-race of negroids that had the highest, most evolved cultures ahead of the pygmies & Bushman. I think you even once said something about Bantu blacks having that an 80 level I.Q. level. As the pygmies & bush people were living @ a prehistorical level of social development, @ least a lot of Bantu tribes had a very basic level of civilization, such as iron working, fences & even named villages.

    • Tulio

      I think it was more than very basic. These were actual civilizations. I think people don’t want to call it that because they were per-literate. But there were actual cities, and trade of goods and courts and art work and rule of law.

      Here is one such example called Benin located in modern day Nigeria as depicted by European explorers:

      More about their history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benin_Empire

      • homer simpson

        Perhaps. But even in the relatively few cases of Bantu blacks having civilization comparable to what was the case throughout much what is the greater Eurasian landmass, it was a result of imitation, being built just as much as the outside traders as not, or else copied from their designs, not unlike the pretty high income, black run, caribbean islands of today, where the blacks are in control of the politics, those societies being modern but with the minority of whites, foreign residents, or foreign companies having much as the money, a lot of it coming from elsewhere. The wikipedia article even acknowledges the Benin of trying to create an indigenous gun industry, but still falling short, having to end up using european firearms instead. To set up a modern industrial society & be even able to maintain one are 2 things, but to expand upon that civilization takes still an even greater amount of intelligence, something somewhat lacking with Bantu type blacks.

        • Tulio

          I don’t think the pre-colonial south of the Sahara cultures were influenced much at all by EuroAsian cultures. Those of the Sahel region were influenced by Islamic culture and they adopted Islam and the Arabic script during the Middle Ages. But geographic barriers prevented this from spreading much further south in W. Africa.

        • Director

          The dung beetle beat them to the wheel by millions of years.

          I tell a lie. The wheel was introduced by European traders.

        • Tulio

          The wheel wasn’t invented in Europe either. It was invented in present day Iraq and then spread across the world to anywhere that there were no geographic boundaries. Even the great meso American civilizations never thought of it as a tool.

        • Director

          And the Nile? Is it a barrier? …Or a trade route? Which rhetorical excuse are you going for? Ships reached Ghana, Nigeria as early as Rome and possibly Greece. Certainly by the time of the Arab conquests. Barriers?

        • Tulio

          Ships from where? I’ve never heard that before.The Sahara and the jungle below it are a massive barrier. No such barrier exists between Asia and Europe, which is why for example gun powder which was invented in China made it’s way to European weaponry. Or why Europeans ended up discarding their own numeric system for one created in India.

        • Matt

          Ships made it to West Africa, but it was a huge and usually life threatening adventure when they did. Only big, macho seafaring peoples like the Phoenicians did it, and not regularly.

        • Matt

          The Nile is both a barrier and a trade route, depending on where you mean. And civilisations did develop on or near it. Nubia and Axum come to mind.

      • Director

        I cannot get over the pre literate thingamy.

        I’d have thought the Arab incursions would have penetrated enough to provoke an alphabet native to Nigeria or Congo. Rather like the Cyrillic generated by Greek monks for the Slavs.

        But no.

      • Director

        Would you say that white flight to the suburbs and increasingly exurbs is bad for blacks? Jesse Jackson et al think so. You’ve probably decried the exodus on here.
        Would you also a agree that hipsters moving into ghetto areas is bad for blacks? Jesse Jackson et al think so. Again you probably agreed with Spike Lee’s recent rant.

        Neither the avoidance of contact with blacks by building a new town (and thus bottom out the property market in an area) nor bravely purchasing houses in Brooklyn (and thus push up the property prices) is going to be enough for the likes of you. You are a narcissist.

      • Anonymous White Male

        Isn’t it true that all pre-European “history” of the Edo Empire, or Benin, is from oral tradition? Isn’t it also true that Nigeria and other Western African states had all been influenced by Islam? I looked at all of the sources in the Wikipedia article. None were before 2003. I also noticed that all of the “artwork” displayed was from after the Portuguese had already made contact. How can anyone think that an accurate recounting can be gained from an oral tradition with no written sources prior to the 21st century?

    • Director

      Is there an indigenous subsaharan alphabet?

  2. jayman

    Does anybody know just where all these IQ numbers being thrown around come from?

    • Palmtree

      They come from Richard Lynn’s book “Racial Differences in intelligence”

    • Director

      You only have to look at SAT scores in the Journal of Black Education

      Black Families with household income of $200,000 and over have comparable SAT scores to white kids from households with $20,000.

      The gap between whites and blacks at $200,000 is something like 175 SAT points.

      Blacks regress to the mean and even their economic elite are inferior academically to average to below average whites.

      • homer simpson

        leaves out 1 question, Why are even the rich blacks are supposedly dumber than even the poor whites? & don’t just tell me it’s all to due to being star athletics either.

        • Director

          Athletes and sinecures in the civil service? Someone suggested that it might be that all black kids at that level are going to take the SAT while white kids might not bother if they are substandard intellectually.

          My guess is that high earning blacks often get sinecures or have made money in entertainment and sports. It’s also possible that they failed to marry up and snag a bright woman. If the black is loyal to his own race the he’ll be playing Russian Roulette with his spunk. If he manages to find a willing white smart enough he might have clever offspring. Even then the offspring is likely to be inferior.

        • Director

          This is a record of the children of the black elite. The financial elite anyway. It’s from a black publication. A PC, mindnumbling PC publication.

          The children may come from a high income household, possibly a household run by a woman? Well, who did that woman get knocked up by? Probably a submoron hustler-playa. I’ll give you a link.

      • Director

        Look, I’m not arguing this with you. I’m showing you the facts.


        Scroll down if you are on a phone and look at the side bar. The editor and publisher are too stupid to realize what this reveals about inheritance. The scores of
        Extremely poor whites are comparable to the scores of lavishly wealthy blacks. At $200,000 a year a parent can afford private schools and tutors, books, steak n eggs, warm clothes and teaching tools. Yet the gap remains and the higher elite of the black population struggle to outperform the lowest income whites.

        • Ritchie M

          “Extremely poor whites are comparable to the scores of lavishly wealthy blacks. At $200,000 a year a parent can afford private schools and tutors, books, steak n eggs, warm clothes and teaching tools. Yet the gap remains and the higher elite of the black population struggle to outperform the lowest income whites.”

          This is no surprise, because, despite the absurd amount of effort put into trying to disprove it, on average, blacks are less intelligent than whites.

      • There are problems 1) There is no good test for intelligence or creativity 2) Genetically I would say perhaps Jews, certain Asian populations (a general example: the Japanese) followed by certain Indo-Germanic populations are most intelligent among human races.3) Statistically it is possible that there are few blacks who are highly intelligent than an average “white”. Considering the diversity and richness of African gene pool if appropriate evolutionary pressure is applied over time we may even get super intelligent blacks although considering the current social-economic environment I am doubtful these rare gems will ever come out of Africa. Same may be true for certain parts of Asia (statistically).

        • ameenah

          My black son is top of his class for ALL subjects, and he does it without much effort. No thought has been put here to the disadvantage the majority of the black race face, and if the black population of USA and UK fare better than black Africans it is because of the education they have access to even though they are still disadvantaged. This reading comes across as nothing but racist and narrow minded.

        • Ritchie M

          April 26, 2015 at 4:57 AM

          My black son is top of his class for ALL subjects, and he does it without much effort. No thought has been put here to the disadvantage the majority of the black race face, and if the black population of USA and UK fare better than black Africans it is because of the education they have access to even though they are still disadvantaged. This reading comes across as nothing but racist and narrow minded.

          Blacks in the USA and the UK fare better than African blacks because they have the advantage of living in advanced white majority nations. My god man, there is not a single black majority nation on earth that has a standard of living equal to the standard of living enjoyed by blacks in the white majority USA. What does that tell you? Black majority nations are third world nations. White majority nations are first world nations. Sorry , but it’s not a coincidence.

        • Ritchie M

          ” 1) There is no good test for intelligence or creativity ”

          Translation:You want to blame the tests for the fact that blacks score lower than white and Asians on them with monotonous regularity, the sheer consistency of which alone demonstrates that there is nothing wrong with the tests.

  3. Palmtree

    When the white IQ is set at 100, the 3 KNOWN lowest IQ groups are

    1. Capoids & pygmies IQ 54 (IQ 67 with good nutrition)

    2. Australoids IQ 62 (about 70 with good new nutrition)

    3. Congoids IQ 67 (about 80 with good nutrition, 85 with good nutrition + white admixture (i.e. African Americans))

    All of these groups are considered black by many. Traditionally there are only 3 races: Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloids. The Negroid race can then be subdivided into 3 groups: capoids, australoids, and congoids.

    • I think the two most genetically distant races are SS Africans and Australoid (like Australian aborigines, pacific islanders). Right Robert?

      • Meaning they aren’t subtypes of the same race whatsoever.

      • Yes that is true. But not Pacific Islanders. Maybe Papuans. Papuans are genetically close to Aborigines, but Polynesians, Micronesians and even Melanesians are not at all.

        • Ritchie M

          If you wanted a valid comparison, you would have compared blacks in say the USA with whites, Asians, etc in the USA, since that sort of comparison is what most people mean when they say blacks are the least intelligent race. Instead you cherry picked the most intelligent sub-group of blacks, which, big surprise are those that have benefited from living in white majority nations, and compared them to other races many of which are found predominantly in the third world. The only reason you are even talking about aborigines etc is because you had to do logical contortions to avoid the unpleasant reality that the most intelligent blacks, i.e., western blacks are less intelligent than all other races which make up any significant part of the population of the western nations where they reside. Yes, western blacks are more intelligent than 3rd world pygmies, but, frankly, who would expect them to be anything else? They are also more intelligent than African blacks. Gee, you take blacks from Africa, immerse them in far more advanced white majority nations and their IQ’s wind up significantly higher than blacks in the majority black African regions they originally came from. Shocker.

    • Jared

      You’re leaving out the Hamites of East Africa, a distinct group who have written language. By the way, most written language was borrowed and adapted from other cultures. The contact that Asia and Europe had with the cradle of civilization has as much to do with developments in civilization as genetics, if not more.
      Currently the most educated group of Americans are Nigerian immigrants, specifically the Igbo people. They are up there with East Asians in intelligence. Certainly there are other groups of highly intelligent people in Africa that will emerge as development brings new opportunity for those previously overlooked. The gene pool in Africa is the most diverse which makes it hard to ascribe genetic traits to everyone there as a homogeneous group. Also, there is already a clear distinction between continental Africans and those living in more developed countries.


    Robert Lindsay is a cock-sucking faggot who hates everything except dick

      • Gottlieb

        Lol, well, i have a theory about two principal cognitive and adaptative mechanisms, mechanicals and orals.
        Blacks are very extrovert and sociable, like gypsies and some jews. They tend to have higher oral social intelligence when the asians (and autistics) to be in other extrem of the spectra. Iq related to more higher mechanical (utilitary) intelligence. Whites have balanced distribution both oral and mechanical intelligences.
        Blacks and gypises have oral cultural traditions, they develop specific traits (more than mechanical cognitive traits) to adapt to their collective strategies.

        • guerrer0

          If Blacks have higher oral social intelligence, why few novels or TV shows are written actually by Black people, you know go to Google Trends and see how in different countries, many Asian ( mostly Korean or Japanese ) TV series are popular. They actually are talented writers, what if they are the blessings of the Buddha? not trying to be intolerant : S , just a quick idea, I enjoyed this Korean TV series.

        • Gottlieb

          write soap operas related to higher verbal iq. Is a mechanical traits. Blacks, specially the types more adaptatives are very well with social communication. They are like savants, like aboriginals who have very interesting upper developed ”spatial traits”. Blacks are geniuses in social communication but with mechanical disabilities. Some people are very good in very specific functions but bad in ”utilitary functions”.

        • guerrer0


        • Gottlieb

          is manaim, oy, oyeeeeee…

  5. Director

    That admixture of Plantation Rape improved them.

    One of the reasons that black men lust after white broads is to piggy back on white genes.

    A white man having a child with a black woman is probably lobotomizing his own offspring.

    • Richie

      You’re at the wrong site, I think your looking for chimpout or niggermania.

      • Director

        No, I’m also anti-Semitic. Those two sites believe in the illusion of a common humanity.

      • Director

        Monotheism is their curse on humanity.

        They also started up the Atlantic Slave trade. Beginning in São Tomé and transfered the practice to Recife,whereupon the practice spread like Cancer to the Carribean and then to Barbados, and landed in the South.

        Somehow they successfully transferred the blame onto Anglo Plantation owners. They were also the Slavers for Arabs, Tatars and Turks.

        • i thought it’s b/c of their role in both neocon and leftists multiculturalist movements, feminism GLBT etc

        • Director

          You’d be wrong.

          Although the Neo-con is a dangerous piece of crap if you don’t sit on him and shun him.

        • Director

          Not that what you said isn’t true. It’s just not why.

        • homer simpson

          1 of the precursors of ‘Jew capitalism’ was the slave trade. the slave trade being 1 of those ‘professions’ the Jews were allowed to practice, along sides, the business of usury, both forbidden to Christians. Both involved in the movement & speculation of commodities( remember the South Seas Scam around 1720 anyone?). Jew based commerce has always been about moving money around towards the next opportunity for parasitism on the host asset. With this in mind, 1 must wonder whether the rise of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s great so-called ‘purges’ were as much as anything reactions towards these kind of parasitic practices being played upon those 2 respective regimes.

        • Jason Y

          1 of the precursors of ‘Jew capitalism’ was the slave trade. the slave trade being 1 of those ‘professions’ the Jews were allowed to practice, along sides, the business of usury, both forbidden to Christians. Both involved in the movement & speculation of commodities( remember the South Seas Scam around 1720 anyone?). Jew based commerce has always been about moving money around towards the next opportunity for parasitism on the host asset. With this in mind, 1 must wonder whether the rise of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s great so-called ‘purges’ were as much as anything reactions towards these kind of parasitic practices being played upon those 2 respective regimes.

          If the slave trade was so “Jewish”, then why did thousands of “Anglo-Saxon” whites die for the Confederacy? Why do white nationalists continue to worship the Confederacy?

        • Jason Y

          Jews weren’t the only people into slavery, so were the Muslims, and they were more cruel than so called “Jewish” slave traders. Iv’e read stories where they even castrated male slaves.

        • Jason Y

          Southern USA people must love Jews, cause they sure as hell made a lot of money from slavery. Something to think about 😆

          By using math logic, if white nationalists love the Confederacy, then they should love Jews. 😆 Wow. Isn’t that an ironic (or whatever word you want to put here)?

      • Ritchie M

        He’s right. Blacks in white majority countries like the USA have a far higher standard of living than blacks in any black majority nation on earth. One reason for that is interbreeding with more intelligent whites which, as the article claims, has resulted in higher intelligence among American blacks than African blacks. It is what it is. The fact that you don’t like it is irrelevant.

    • brengunn

      “One of the reasons that black men lust after white broads is to piggy back on white genes. ”

      That’s a ridiculous thing to say. You clearly think blacks are stupid and if there is one thing stupid people have in common, from my experience, is a total disregard for intellectualism and intellectuals. Therefore saying black men mate with white women for genetic advantage, particularly intellectual advantage is ludicrous.

      You also seem to be tarring all blacks with the same brush when these scores are averages, so it’s more than possible to improve the genetics of your offspring with a black woman.

      • Director

        Thy possess instincts and a low sort of cunning.

        A smart black man will probably seek out a bright woman to date.

        Rape stats suggest that they go after whites at alarming rates while white men won’t touch black women with a ten foot barge pole.

        • Tulio

          Most men don’t seek out “bright” women. They seek out beautiful women. If that beautiful woman happens to be bright, all the better. But no man will choose an ugly but brainy woman over a stunner who’s a little ditzy.

        • Tulio

          Also, that bullshit about zero white men raping black women has been floated around in the WN community for years now. I’ve called it out myself before. But rather than rehash it, I’ll just refer you to Abagond’s blog where he breaks down why it’s a bunch of bunk:


          Subsequent studies have shown that yes, black women DO get raped by white men. You might also note that white women are raped by white men vastly more than black men, so the greatest threat of rape to white women isn’t black men, it’s a white man.

        • Director

          Men most certainly do pick out bright women.

          Also is my choice limited to a cripple in a wheelchair and a wife murderer?

          For a hunter you at least need an able body. I’d go for the Duck Dynasty family. They are very clever chaps who have managed to make a fortune from hunting, they have also created a very large and loving family. Unlike that swarthy OJ who killed the mother of his children and is always in jail.

          Give me the great white hunters.

        • Director

          I’ve rejected some very nice looking women once I have confirmed their mental deficiencies. As I said before, modern marriage trends are for Doctors to marry Doctors, college grads to marry college grads, graduate level students to marry each other. The marriage market is bifurcated very dramatically.

          Also white men raping black women. It’s exceedingly rare. The Duke case was ballyhooed by the media precisely because it is rare.

          black women are generally unattractive physically and repugnant in personality.

        • Tulio

          ^^ Nobody cares about your personal opinion of black women. That’s not the subject here. And don’t make the mistake of thinking men rape women based upon how good looking they are. Most rape victims I’ve seen aren’t particularly attractive. Hell some of them are elderly. Or at least I don’t see any pattern of rape being disproportionately associated with very attractive women.

          “I’ve rejected some very nice looking women once I have confirmed their mental deficiencies. As I said before, modern marriage trends are for Doctors to marry Doctors, college grads to marry college grads, graduate level students to marry each other. The marriage market is bifurcated very dramatically.”

          You aren’t representative of most men. Men place a woman’s beauty above all other features. Above her IQ, her career, what school she went to, her good heart, etc. That’s not even contestable.

          Hey guys, I think it’s clear that Director is just another blog troll. He’s clearly trying to rile people up for his own amusement.

      • Director

        Men will spend a great deal of time breeding dogs for all sorts of characteristics. Horses too.
        You don’t think women select for intelligence? That men fail to plan what they want in a mate? This eugenic pattern dominated European marriage customs for millennia. If you look at clannish ethnic groups like the Jews you find that fathers want their sons to marry the daughters of scholars. Indeed they sacrifice a lot to get the right daughter of the best academics/scholars.

        I raise an arched eyebrow in your general direction. You really think mating patterns are not eugenic?

        You are the anti intellectual.

        • brengunn

          While men will breed for certain characteristics in their live stock and working animals, it has never been a conscious part of human coupling with the exception of the American slave trade, as the slaves were considered to be livestock and bred accordingly.

          “You don’t think women select for intelligence? ”

          That depends on the culture from which the women come, for most of history women chose their mates on how capable they were as hunters, which ~I suspect has much more to do with instinctual talent than intelligence. I would also suspect that money rather than IQ would be higher on the list of attributes for females thinking along these lines today.

          Your also wrong that European marriage customs were in any way based on positive eugenic adaptations, rather they were about family alliances, increasing power bases and lowering the chances of intercommunal violence. Intelligence had fuck all to do with it.

          Also the Jews are an anomaly, otherwise they wouldn’t hold such an exalted position in the world today. Just look at other clannish groups like East European Gypsies and Irish travellers, both of whom have lower IQ’s than the surrounding populations.

        • Director


          where to begin?

          Are you aware of associative mating trends among college graduates and professionals today? Marriage within class carried over into marriage within professional and academic peers. The meritocracy itself has lead to effective segregation and stratification among earning groups. Associative mating has been identified in many different eras and the care taken over it for 12,000 years is notable in Europe and Asia. Blacks are just now attempting to catch up. An easy way to have bright offspring is to impregnate a white or asian girl. This is both conscious and instinctively understood to select desirable traits in offspring.

          Hunting actually requires talent and brains. The most intelligent chimp in a monkey hunt acts as an “Ambusher”. He gets the best cut of the meat when they catch a prey. The henchmen of the “Ambusher” are called “blockers” and they get second dibs on the meat. They funnel the prey toward the Ambusher. Finally the least experienced hunters or the less subtle members of the pack “chasers”, “chase” the monkey’s toward the ambush site that is pre prepared by the most effective hunters.

          This is a a strong indication that the brains of the outfit is dominant and gets the rest of the troupe to do his bidding. The Ambusher is not necessarily bigger or stronger, but the best able to figure out the escape route of the monkey.

          “Career” is essentially a highly elaborate resource hunt. The brighter and slyer human gets most of the resources and more opportunity to mate. Woman pick out mates with resources ruthlessly.

        • Tulio

          “The brighter and slyer human gets most of the resources and more opportunity to mate. Woman pick out mates with resources ruthlessly.”

          If that were true, fertility rates of the highly intelligent should be higher. At a certain IQ level, men are less likely to be successful in the mating game. Other factors are probably more important, such as masculine/dominating “alpha” traits. Think the dumb but popular jock versus the smart, sexless nerd.

        • brengunn


          Who would you rather catch a monkey in an ambush, Stephen Hawking or OJ Simpson? I didn’t say intelligence was not beneficial to early hunters but just that like sport today, it would be of secondary use compared to an instinctual ability and feel for the hunt.

          You also failed to acknowledge that Jews are rather special as an ethnic group when you used them as an average for all groups.

          Of course you’re right about people marrying within their profession or at least similar professions but that has much more to do with the social groups people move in rather than any specific will for genetic advancement, though obviously this may also happen as a result. I’ve also read on this site something about the habit for IQ to regress to the mean, so two extremely smart people may not have an even smarter child, if I’ve understood it correctly.

          I concur with Tulio, most men would rather have a beautiful unchallenging wife than an uncompromising high IQ feminist bitch.

        • Director


          Bit of a false choice there.

          A cripple and a psychotic wife killer?

          How about the Duck Dynasty?

          What about Romney’s clan of about 100 offspring?

          One family made a fortune from hunting and multiplied, the other made a fortune from business and multiplied.

          OJ sits in a jail cell and is hunted by packs of white cops and guards.

        • Director

          Be my guest and select a stupid women. Experiment with your posterity by all means.

        • Tulio

          “Be my guest and select a stupid women. Experiment with your posterity by all means.”

          Lol. People who talk like you typically don’t have kids, and never will. You’re too much of an egghead. Seriously, the people who talk the most like you are the least attractive to women. So I don’t think you have to worry about your posterity one way or the other.

        • brengunn

          That was a joke, a pretty lame joke but still a joke. Of course I’d have neihter Hawking or OJ. But the point stands, in general I would rather have an athletic black out hunting for me than a spindly, near sighted Harvard professor.

        • Director

          I have more children than you Tulio.

          No I would not want a a psychopathic dipshit running my hunt.

          I’d want a team player. Perhaps a Wehrmacht officer or a sly bastard like Vlad Putin. Instead America has elected a spindly black legal professor.

        • Director

          Highly intelligent men often have large families. In particular I understand that Orthodox Jews are rutting and breeding like crazy. Romney has a massive clan. Gehghis Khan was exceptionally clever and he has around 3,000,000 descendants. Nial of the Nine Hostages is related to nearly every Irishman in the world. He was a legendarily sly and cunning ruler. Not physically strong though.

      • Director

        That struck a nerve.

        Rape is exceedingly rare with white men and black women.
        It’s a statistical zero.

        Blacks have a propensity to rape. They also go outside the group and rape other races in extraordinarily rates.

        I’m not arguing this with you, you are arguing with unified crime stats from the FBI.

      • If that is the case than what about the tons of Asian women waiting to mate with a Anglo Saxon/White guy?

    • guerrer0

      As a Buddhist, I just want to say, Lord Buddha bless Black people too, I I dedicate these Buddhist mantras for every Black, it will bring blessings. 🙂

      • Historia Nerd

        It’s so beautiful 😀 If only India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal could go back to their days as Buddhist nations. This would be the only way they would improve and make friends with the rest of Asia. Personally, I think Buddhism was Asia’s Renaissance. India had developed a lot of mathematics during this time, explored spiritual avenues, while China began to also explore spiritual avenues and strengthen outside relationships.

    • white genes r inferior,albino genes

  6. Director

    Isn’t it fascile to point out that a group is close to the average? There are about 1 billion blacks, mostly living in ghetto and slum conditions. They are 1/6 of the world population. Pick any 1/6 of the world population and it’ll be close to average. Because it is a good stand in for the average anyway.

  7. Director

    Chimpanzees with IQ levels in the 80s are not uncommon.

    There was a Gorilla with an IQ rated at 82 (Koko)

  8. Emmett Von Schnit

    Hell, Rick Dyer’s bigfoot “Hank” is comin’ in around 60 on the IQ scale. Well, he was before Rick shot him eatin’ babybacks nailed to a tree. Oh, shit.

    • Director

      as they interbred with blacks they lost a great deal.

      Your link made a very interesting point though. There is a suggestion that North Africa was more European and the Levant was more European. Looking at Roman and Greek statuary found in Africa and ME you can see there has been a racial shift and something of a decline. The pogrom of the Christians in Syria and Copts in Egypt looks to me like the final solution for these remant European looking populations.

      • Quote: ”as they interbred with blacks they lost a great deal. ”

        Just like now.
        Albert Einstein: Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        • Director

          Although he’d deny that white people have the Right to exist. He’d see a wandering gentile tribe interbreeding with blacks and applaud. At the same time setting up his relatives for marriages with bright enough Shiksa and bright enough Yeshiva students.

        • Matt

          “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results:” Also known as experimental science. Einstein didn’t say it. Here’s what he would say if he were alive today: “I wish people would stop saying dumba$$ s#(# and attributing it to me so they won’t look retarded.”

      • i infer ur a white supremacists as u do not like jews and blacks. whats ur opinion of homosexuality and GLBT?

        • Director

          He’s trying to get it over with.

          The Moors were not black though. Blakamoor would have been the word.

          It’s a funny scene. However, I think that Tarantino is a tool.

        • Director

          Django was absurd. A black guy shooting straight? Gunning down 100 overseers?

          Weinstein’s masturbatory fantasy. Same thing with Inglorious Basterds. A Jewish theatre owner and her black pet and two Jews killing off a theatre full of white people.

          That’s entertainment.

    • Enkidu

      Could account for Tut’s European DNA.

  9. demiurge

    Overrated ‘genius”. I find his endless monologues tedious, not brilliant.

  10. Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

    Hey Robert, personally I think one cannot place Arabs, South Asians or even South East Asians on that scale. These three groups of people have contributed significantly to science, mathematics and religion, than the Blacks. What tethers or lowers the IQ or Arabs, South Asians and South East Asians is their religious affiliations. Cut that out and I think the Arab is vastly superior to the Western Black and normal Black.

  11. Historia Nerd

    But imagine how much free slavery and indentured workers we’ll lose. I mean some of the greatest architecture feats required slaves, i.e blacks, like the White House 🙂

    • Historia Nerd

      I am a Greek female, though people on this site accuse me of being a Chinese, since I’m pro Chinese. I won’t lie I like the Chinese, but I am not one of them.

  12. Black British IQ may be 89.5 based on two recent studies.

    • Can you link me to those studies? Were those Africans or Jamaicans? Were they adults or kids?

    • Ritchie M

      And according to this the average IQ in Britain is 100 so even at 89.5 blacks are significantly below average there.


      You and everyone else should just face it: In any even handed and objective comparison, blacks are less intelligent than whites, Asians, and most other races, and, no, cherry picking blacks from western countries and comparing their IQ’s to third world pygmies etc is not an even objective comparison. It’s amazing how much effort people will put into denying the obvious: Blacks are less intelligent than whites, Asians and most other races in the same geographic area as themselves.

  13. Raven

    Actually, an IQ of 100 is “average,” having an “average” IQ makes you stupid since a grade of C is also “average,” and your entire article proves that black is indeed the least intelligent race because the races which exist in America are white, black, Asian, Indian/etc., and Latino. Although several different forms of Latino can be separated, and although there are many different people who fit under “white,” black people are still the least intelligent, period. Even African blacks, who are respectable and responsible. I have noticed this through NOT being racist, when I meet a normal, educated black person… who still cannot understand the basic concept that downloading a file does not use any less data then watching it online, since it is being downloaded to the temp folder anyway. After explaining this more then 5 times to someone who used proper grammar and had high values in being clean and in the military (but not the violent-at-home type), I discovered that he is yet still so stupid that he literally cannot understand this simple concept, and actually got angry at me for implying that he doesn’t know how it works – even though he specifically said that he doesn’t know the internals of how clomputers work which is why he asked me a slightly-related question.

    My boyfriend, who is an IT professional and is the problem-solver for the other IT professionals in his company, also has trouble understanding many basic concepts. Although he is also autistic, there are some times when it seems like he would be able to easily understand something anyway, but doesn’t. Not only being slow, but rather that after the “fully understands” it to the best of his ability, he is still missing something in the understanding of it. Though he is definitely more intelligent then the military man.

    Of course, we are not considering British black people when we talk about this. But yet aren’t British black people from the same groups as American black people? Are the British black people truly more intelligent genetically, or are they just more interested in educating themselves? Even the black Americans who spend their whole lives interested in educating themselves, may easily come out less intelligent then a British one with the same genetics, because though they are INTERESTED, they still think that merely learning how to use a computer – something most people born within the last 15 years would never have to “learn” in the first place as it would be common, basic, and standard knowledge same as how to use a landlline telephone or how to use a microwave – because the neighborhood they come from still inhibits their ability.

    But what if they come from a place where nothing is like that? Well, I have come to see that there is really no such thing as a black American who is normal. I have met exactly ONE in my entire life, that being my boyfriend (who did come from a bad part of Chicago until he was 12, incidentally). Those who make $70,000 or more for a family of three and live in a clean suburb…. still talk using words we don’t want to hear such as “girlfriend”. Barack Obama (or at least his public persona) and Wayne Brady may be other exceptions if they are truthfully presenting themselves. But again, I have MET exactly ONE who does not have this “black” thing about them. I am assuming that British black people are, instead, simply people, who would be considered to act exactly like every other British person, or rather that British citizens in general do not frequently say something like, “If Janet was white, she wouldn’t have said that”… because in England if someone is likely to say a certian word, then both black and white people are equally likely to say it. If I am wrong, then it is because British black people portrayed on television do say the same things as British white people.

    • Lesley


      Re: “I am assuming that British black people are, instead, simply people, who would be considered to act exactly like every other British person”

      I suppose it depends how long they and their families have been living in Britain for, but I think that’s probably true for a lot of those whose families have lived there for a long time/a few generations… 😉

  14. JS

    No matter how much you want to spin it, blacks are by far the dumbest race out there, including black immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa. I know this because I have experience working with them in an environment that requires technical expertise in areas such as accounting and taxation, just as Robert has worked with them in the past. Compared to other non-White groups, which Rob has also described in another post of his, blacks are significantly less intelligent and efficient, rude, impulsive and just not very bright. I’ve seen these “experienced” guys botched up on financial and tax statements, where only an non-black accounting student would make. And these black individuals whom I’m describing are mostly african immigrants, and not black americans.

    • Lucient

      I am continually amazed at how slow most of them are. The more I meet and work with, the more I see it. It’s real common for them to be doing the same job for years and still make rookie errors, or to make the same mistakes repeatedly. It’s weird. It’s like they don’t learn from their mistakes. Or like they can’t take what they learn from one mistake and apply it to a slightly different situation.

      I’ve also seen a lack of organizational skills. Even when it would make their job easier to be methodical and organized…..most of them don’t do it. They tend to approach things in a stumble-bum way, lacking order or follow-through. Most of the blacks I’ve worked with have been unable to figure out to make a checklist or to keep track of things in a simple spread sheet. I’ve worked with college-graduate blacks who can’t put things in alphabetical order…I watched one black woman actually struggle with that simple task. She was trying, but just couldn’t do it. Maybe organizational skills just don’t come naturally to them. That would explain why black Africa has had such a hard time developing.

  15. pist white

    Unquestionably negroes and only negroes are unteachable stupid idiots. Once they infest a community town city country or continent everything goes to shit. The negroe run places on earth are a drug and disease and crime infested shit hole the world over.

    • Islamo-Fatosphere

      My feeling is negroes are low functioning humans like Indians or curry niggers and arabs or sand niggers.

      Negroes do specialise in more physical tasks such as running. Arabs are good at belly dancing. Indians are good at modern day slavery in Dubai, India. The complexity with the curry niggers of India is that their do seem to have a cognitive elite, but this is nowhere near the levels of whites.

      I think each of the nigger races does have physical redeeming qualities. The arab women are hot belly dancers. The Negro men can run faster than anyone. Indians are very flexible contortionists due to yoga exercises.

      What is lacking is a large enough cognitive elite that is capable of lifting them up.

      We see white, Japanese etc with their large cognitive elites move the entire society forward, but the nigger races have this difficulty with not enough sufficient brain power at the top.

      We do see some intelligent blacks, Arabs, and indians. For example the masked arab on youtube is highly intelligent. DR Ben Carson is a highly respected surgeon in America. The indian comedian from Canada who does those crazy impressions is a clever guy, with the stage name of Russel Peters. So no one is saying that the various types of niggers do not have some smart people.

      The problem is they

      DO not have enough of a number of these people to form a cognitive elite that can transform their societies

      • talsadoum

        In term of IQ Indians>Arabs>Blacks.

        Arabs women are really good to fuck they have a very curvy physics, Blacks woman also do buy they look like monkeys so…

        If you want to get your balls empty, takes an arab girl. But if you want a wife take a white because they are more pretty (less sexy on the body) and less savage.

      • All I have to say is that you are a complete idiot and should be banned from commenting on anything. All you wrote was completely opinionated and ethically demoralizing, you should really get someone to set you straight from your ignorant and racist ways.

    • Why do you believe such things about African people? The only reason why you can even have the idea to think such horrible things about a race is because of the situations society has given them. They are pressured to fit that stereotype you are referring to because of their environment, media, and culture. Not all Africans are like this but very little of them get the opportunity to actually show that. And another little thing if you ever have future generations from you which seems unlikely from your troglodyte comment. your descendants will see that Africans are the majority and they will have to respect them with the decency they deserve. Hopefully you realize that too.

      • Ritchie M

        “your descendants will see that Africans are the majority and they will have to respect them with the decency they deserve”

        Black Africans are the majority in Africa now. It hasn’t helped them very much. They lag far behind white majority countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, etc etc etc etc. They cannot even master basic farming and starve wholesale even with billions every year in aid from white majority countries. They also far outnumbered the white colonists who conquered them but that didn’t prevent their colonization so based on historical evidence your theory that majority = superiority doesn’t hold water. The greatest technological advancement in Sub-Saharan Africa occurred during and as a direct result of white colonization. The simple fact is that the only place that blacks are able to achieve much of anything and to have a decent standard of living is in white majority countries. When blacks become the majority, this will no longer be true. The white man’s world comes and go’s with the white man. Look to Detroit as an example of American black’s future as a majority. Fortunately blacks will never be a majority in America. If anything they will become more and more of a minority as Hispanic immigration and reproduction increases the white percentage.

    • Ritchie M

      See Detroit for an example of what happens when blacks become a solid majority and control the politics of a geographical area in America.

      • ameenah

        How intelligent you come across with your elegant speech Richie. Such beautiful prose. .reading through the lines I’d say your words speak of jealousy.

  16. Ritchie M

    Your comparison of “western blacks” to other races relies on:

    Grouping blacks into multiple different categories to extract the highest IQ numbers from those who have benefited from living in white majority nations.


    Comparing the IQ’s of western blacks who have benefited from living in white majority nations to races who are predominately in the third world. Obviously the intelligence of western blacks will be higher than primitive third world pygmies, just as it is higher than that of African blacks.

    If you wanted an objective apples to apples comparison you would compare the IQ scores of western blacks to the IQ scores of other races making up a significant portion of the population in the same western countries and when you do you find that blacks are in fact the least intelligent of those races.

  17. modernity

    Me myself I’m a black-european with a high IQ( France) and I agree with this. It’s not suprising at all to say the least.So… I see( and it’s backed up by your numbers) IQ as a simple metric of adaptation to “modernity”… the most adapted to modern life will have the highest IQs.
    I think the trap of these studies lies in the mis-interpretation of its results( whites are superior..Etc). Ayways, IQ averages in races are no fatality( thus not set in stone), It’s raising due to adapation to modern life(Flynn Effect).
    Now, as to know why it is like that? My own darwinistic answer is that westernized societies were/and still are less lenient or tolerant towards the lower IQs( And thus a more stressing environement).. and as a result these low IQ were naturally weed out of occidental societies.( Have you ever been to Africa? Less pressure to have a high IQ or to conform to modernity… chill environement man !) . At the end of the day, It’s just survival of the fittest. I guess the most obvious example of this is in Jews or black african immigrants in the US or in UK.

  18. james turtle

    Absoute boĺocks, I lived in South Africa at the end of aparthied (I am white) and was doing a electrical engineering course. Most of the few blacks that i was fortunate to share a classroom with far excelled the whites even though they had been in a disadvantaged position prior.

    • james, I a smart black appreciate you anecdote, but keep in mind that these are averages and if the Blacks you’ve mentioned are as good as you claim they sadly maybe just exception rather than representative of their population.

    • EPGAH

      Are the farm murders still going on? Is South Africa still competing for “Rape Capital of the World”? Did it occur to you that they might put on a “Best Behavior” facade in school, then return to Machete Madness OUTSIDE the classroom?

  19. So how do you explain a black man for example being voted in as the president of the most powerful contry in the world the USA. O Say can I See that this has white people as is the rest of the world certainly made the brightes most intelligent decision that In the history of the this world. Including your mama. They bet on BLACK

    • Advanced anal negrology

      Dear Friend Neal Blackman He is not a Blackman. He has 50 percent white genes. He has 50 percent black genes.

      Obama is a mulatto who thinks and acts like a normative champagne socialist, an entirely respectable modern social individuality constructed by whites.

      Also his religion is Muslim. A white Caucasian religion as we know from the hadiths collections of books in Islam that he was of white skin and tended to go red in the sun. He even dyed his hair red. So the religion of Obama comes from a white source.

      Let us read together the Finnish Koran:

      Behold I give you the curry nigger.
      And behold the red haired Finn in Helsinki
      That creates the negroid statue
      Of a likeness to that of the pygmies of the Congo.
      Yet I al lah created the form that creates the form in a statue
      Or a hunger destroying dish of delicacies to eat

      I, al lah have no form
      And yet I create all forms.
      The curry nigger creates the delicious food from materials he combines
      But I, al lah create all materials
      For I am the supreme creator of form in materials
      That give rise to the whole universe.
      I, al lah am the primeval element
      That all lesser creators on earth give due glory to.

    • Mike Elmezian

      White people voted for him

  20. Cortez

    Actually, I disagree with everything you guys are talking about. I’m an African American and both of my iq scores are pretty amazing. The first time I took the test, I made a 133 at the age of 16, and the second time I took the test I made a 137 at the age of 18. I am an early graduate, with a 4.8 g.p.a on a 5.0 scale, since I take nothing but A.P. and honors classes. Therefore, intellect is not measured by race, because the individual dictates it’s on intellectual brain power. Basically stating that I made the choice to be a smart ass, not my race.😂

  21. ProudAfrican

    Its quite ridiculous to read how some frustrated people are showing their hatreds towards black Africans. If you think someone who does not emulate your way of life or adapt to your culture is less intelligent, i bet you are the dumbest person on earth. The problem of Africa is corruption among their leaders, if the African leaders will use all the money they starch away to the American and European Banks to provide infrastructures and competitive atmosphere for African people, honestly Africa will be the best place with all the minerals and human resources, you all know it. I have been to 44 countries and worked with different kind of people believe me not all white or Japanese are intelligent. But the funniest thing is that even the dumbest white street junkies think they are smarter than intelligent black people cuz they are blinded by white supremacies thats ignorance. Those who think blacks in US or UK live better than blacks in Africa have not really been to Africa their judgment is based on the poor blacks they watch on TV. Do you know that the richest black man and the richest African is a black man from Nigeria who has a net worth over 20 billion US dollars? He was born and raised in Nigeria. And the richest black woman is an African woman from Nigeria who has net worth 3.3 billion US dollars also born and raised in Nigeria. I’m pretty much sure that most of you here are struggling to pay their bills and still believe they are very smart.

    • Battleship Negro

      True Dangote is a very wealthy multi billionaire from Nigeria.He is far superior to my Caucasian self.

    • CAE

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but corruption is a result of a criminal lack intelligence and inability to comprehend consequences. By the way, those black/white crime statistics above are criminal in themselves. So there are only two races currently residing in the US? I think you will all find that every other race is lumped in with the white population. Where are Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners etc. Deluded fools some of you and it will be the death of you. Public transport across London has become no go due to dindu aggression. Our streets in some areas are paved with ripped out weave.

  22. Dina

    I am 100% black and my iq is 120.
    It’s not an excuse to racism. Do you think Einstein would look dawn on you because his iq is superior? Don’t reduce human being to his brain. He is so much more. But we look down on animals too, sadly. If you too think iq is just a number, then go Vegan 👍🐮

  23. Oluwafeyidamilola Faluyi

    God created all human like Himself, whatever IQ you attribute to any race is of no importance.If whites are superior and blacks inferior, God would have had varying standard for the races which is not. IQ measurement, brain size is not the true measure of a man. Its only those that understand what God standard is and abide by it, thereby getting to heaven that are actually intelligent. Race issue and racial supremacy theories are just satanic distraction engineered to make many whites proud, blacks bitter and thereby end up in hell. Only those that get to heaven will be considered intelligent because they did not fall for the devil’s racial deception. Thanks

  24. Ian leech

    Obama ‘s ticket to ride. Voters must pass a civics test to vote just because you can shit don’t mean you should vote for government.

  25. marvelfan

    This true black are so nub

  26. UV

    This. Funny because all of the facts are wrong. Blacks are the 3rd smartest race and the average IQ is 85-100.

    • Blacks in the West generally have IQ’s of 85-86, with a few outliers here and there like the Bahamas (IQ = 93). Also some very interesting data coming out of the UK where Blacks now match Whites on achievement tests, seen by some as IQ test surrogate. But even if it is not a surrogate, it may as well be as that test predicts job access as well or better than an IQ test. So for all intents and purposes, Blacks may now match Whites on IQ or the equivalent in the UK. Good job Blacks!

  27. Lin

    Not sure if you guys know this; the first hero in Chinese martial arts fiction was a black man, dated back to 9th century Tang Dynasty..

  28. John

    Ha no need to do a study. Just look at the environment these dumb niggers live contently in. Niggers are too dumb to know they are dumb.

    • Can I ask a simple question ? I agree with your assessment of negro dumbness and I haven’t seen anyone give a very precise explanation for that. I have a compelling reason that logically proves negro/african are intellectually inferior.


    READ THIS THEN COME N TALKhttp://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/577751-Why-white-people-hate-black-people

  30. Joe

    The set of people with the smartest and most creative ways of thinking in the history of human race have been black people , It takes a very low IQ and it takes a people with very low self esteem to consider the offsprings of the people who created the greatest structures and even cultures in the history of the world in i.e egypt and some other parts of Mother Africa and around the world as the people with the lowest IQ in the world …When you read things like that then it tells you truly how mentally low those people who defines IQ are.

  31. Where’s the scientific study behind this?


  32. Pingback: “Human Biodiversity” (HBD, race realist) writer Robert Lindsay describes Hapas as “the Finest Mixed Race.” – HalfAsian.Org: Exploring the deeper, darker aspects of the world's most common interracial pairing. If Asian wo

  33. Velton

    I believe people in all races should know the truth of the true about the race and the IQ which I strongly believe. Most people for example blacks don’t believe nor hear and truly thinking they are higher than any races. That’s where they are totally wrong, learn to accept and this not anyway or shape or mean a racist statements or what have you, this is pure true, so get over it

  34. So robert do us south indians have low IQ’s? Not that its a bad thing. Im just asking because we have lots of australoid admixture.

  35. Pingback: Google censure vérités historique et biologique, pas le recrutement djihadiste | Blanche Europe

  36. Mike Elmezian

    Western blacks are part white and receive better education than African blacks, that’s the reason why they have higher iq, but still are least intelligent group in the West thus proving the point of being dumbest people in the west

    • Magpie

      I like things about American blacks but not in the workplace. The women can be very bitchy, more so than White women who are no Saints. The insecure black male that percieves racism and tries to get White coworkers fired. Whites can be dumb but I’ve never seen one looking for his car in the middle of the day with a flashlight like I have with blacks. Working with blacks will completely change your job, I don’t see a huge difference with non-black races. When black men are sleazy they are often very obvious and stupid about it. That said I’ve known blacks to be very polite and friendly too. I have a good relationship with blacks outside of work.

  37. TRASH 2

    African immigrants do much better than US whites so obviously a person has to have more than 20% admixture to raise IQ.

  38. Cyle Sage

    Day shore is sum dumbass white folks out dere. Black folks is very itellimugent.

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