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Bigfoot News March 30, 2014

A few statements, in certainty figures, in regards to the latest wild stories about Rick Dyer and his various claims around encountering, shooting, killing and later touring with a Bigfoot are below.

Hi there!

Certainty that that is a real Bigfoot in San Antonio on 9-6-12 with footage featured in the movie Shooting Bigfoot: 100%

Certainty that Rick was shooting at a real Bigfoot in the footage: 100%

Certainty that a real Bigfoot growled at MM, attacked him and swatted him down in the footage: 100%

Certainty that that is a real Bigfoot in the Tent Video: 100%

Certainty that Morgan Matthews openly states in words in the screen in Shooting Bigfoot that he believes that there were real Bigfoot(s) running about in San Antonio on 9-16-12: 100%

Certainty that there was more than one BF running around that night as featured on the movie: 90%

Certainty that Rick Dyer shot and killed one of those Bigfoots running around that night: 50% and dropping!

Rick has sadly done ALMOST NOTHING to prove to us that he actually hit one of those Bigfoots he was shooting at that night. Sure, there are a lot of suggestions that he did, including cryptic statements by MM, but Rick’s horrific actions, continuous hoaxing and lying and his perpetrating an actual hoax in taking a fake Hank (possibly a replica of the real one) on tour with him has shot to Hell almost all evidence that Rick actually killed one of those Bigfoots.

Sure, there is some great evidence that he killed one that night which I will not repeat. However, that evidence has been vastly superseded and thus shot to Hell by the Everest of lies, sociopathy, contradictory statements, hoaxing and fraud that has occurred since 9-6-12. In other words, perhaps Rick did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot on 9-6-12. But Rick has given us a million reasons to believe he didn’t kill one, and he has given us almost no good reasons to support his story.

Certainty that special effects maker Chris Russell made a fake Bigfoot specimen for Rick to take on tour with him: 100%

Certainty that Rick did then take this replica on tour with him: 100%

Certainty that Rick fooled me and others into thinking that his replica was actually a real Bigfoot body: unfortunately 100%

Certainty that Rick broke the law and committed fraud when he toured with the Bigfoot replica: Unknown

Certainty that I signed the petition asking for Rick Dyer to be prosecuted for fraud for his actions on his latest Bigfoot tour: 100%.

Certainty that Musky was deliberately lying to me about Roski, Pisano and the Museum of Natural History: 0%

Certainty that Musky did not go see “Hank” and instead played cards with Rick: 0%

Certainty that Musky saw something in Vegas in February 2013: 100%

Certainty that Musky lied about everything to get back at the Bigfoot community: 0%

Certainty that Russell’s model was modeled after an actual dead Bigfoot: 50%

Certainty that RD retains possession over some dead Bigfoot somewhere: 20%.

Certainty that numerous medical tests have been done on a dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer: 35%?

Certainty that Edward Roski, Jr., Joan Pisano and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History are involved in RD’s story as was reported earlier: 20%

Sure, this is an interesting story, and these folks may well be involved the way folks say they are, but so far there is almost no proof!

Certainty that MD’s, including those sent by FB/FB, verified some “Hank” creature: 100%

Certainty that either Musky, FB/FB or MM are deliberately perpetrating any sort of a hoax surrounding the killing of a Bigfoot in Texas on 9-6-12: 0%

Certainty that there are a number of unanswered questions about this whole affair that make absolutely no sense whatsoever: 110%

Certainty that Rick Dyer is a horrifically monstrous human being: 110%.

Certainty that the vast majority of Dyer skeptics (the haters) are just as evil, Satanic and sociopathic as Rick: 120%

Certainty that not all Dyer skeptics are “haters”: 100%

That will be all for now! I am just getting caught up on all of this!

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Bigfoot Update March 28, 2014

Sorry, the transmission on my car died while I was on a road trip to Yosemite National Park. It will cost $2,100-2,500 to fix it.

If I cannot fix it, I may buy a used car. If anyone on here wants to sell me a good used car, email me.

I have no vehicle at all at the moment. A relative stopped by my apartment the other day and told me to pack a suitcase to stay at his place for a few days. Partial purpose of the stay being another tow of my car, this time to another relative’s house where a shade tree mechanic will look it over to tell me if it is worth fixing or not. Today a relative loaned me his car to go back to the Valley to take care of a lot of urgent business. Tomorrow I will be at another relative’s house taking care of her pets while she is away. Sunday I will be given a ride back to my place.

I have a computer here but it is usually being used by another person, yet another relative of mine. I hate this keyboard, and it is very hard for me to type on this thing. Therefore, I may not be able to do a new post until late Sunday.

So no new Bigfoot posts until Sunday nite at the earliest.

I am aware that a lot is going on in the Bigfoot community right now but I have not yet had time to sort it all out. One thing that is for sure is that Rick Dyer is a serial liar. One thing I find hilarious is that once Rick starts saying things that the haters want to hear, suddenly Rick Dyer is more honest than Abe Lincoln! But when Rick is saying things that the haters do not want to hear, everything Rick says is a lie.

The haters make about as much sense as Rick Dyer, and they tell nearly as many lies, but not quite. Rick Dyer is obviously a horrible human being, but most of the haters are bringing up the rear very fast. It’s a tight race for the Lousiest Human Contest! I will say that Rick and his haters probably deserve each other, as they are more or less the same type of human being, if you catch my drift.

I will need to speak with my collaborators in the Bigfoot community to sort all of this out.

My sources only told me that they inspected Hank and were 100% convinced that he was real. Perhaps they were fooled by a great prop. I am also certain that two MD’s at a minimum and probably more certified Hank as real. Perhaps Rick fooled them with a great prop too.

Yes, a prop maker has confessed to making Hank.

About one thing I am 100% certain. There are at least two real Bigfoots running about in San Antonio in the Shooting Bigfoot movie, Hank and his female partner. One or more of them was being fired on with live bullets by Rick Dyer, and one of them, apparently the female, knocked Morgan Matthews over with a hand swipe. Morgan has as much as admitted that there was a real Bigfoot in San Antonio, and in doing so, he has staked his entire reputation on that statement. The Shooting Bigfoot footage at the very least will go down in history with the Patty footage as some of the greatest Bigfoot footage ever filmed. The fact that it was filmed by a world famous film director will add gravitas to this fact.

What is less certain is whether or not Rick actually killed any of those Bigfoots he was shooting at that night. Perhaps no Bigfoots were killed that night in San Antonio. There is much less proof for Rick killing an actual Bigfoot than there is that there were real Bigfoots running about being filmed and shot at.

At any rate, it is great to have some fine new Bigfoot footage, possibly on a par with the Patty footage. For that alone, the San Antonio incident was a milestone for our community.

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Repeat After Me: “Capitalism Causes Crime”

Lokalkosmopolit writes:

It is probably that high income inequality ”encourages” violent crime, however: I just read an article about crime rates in the USSR (and Soviet bloc). It was noted that in 1980s the crime rate in Bulgaria was considerably lower than in Sweden. And Sweden is a rather equal society and people as a whole were considerably better off than in Bulgaria (which was also equal, but ”equal in poverty” like it’s usual in communism – I was born in the USSR ;)).

The author of this study suggested that crime rates tend to be low in totalitarian/authoritarian regimes of surveillance and limited freedom. I find this argument convincing.Also, as far as the USSR is concerned, in the Baltic states.crime rates were consistently higher than in poorer republics such as Central Asia, with one explanation being that the the former were more modernized and latter were more ”traditional” societies (in the grassroots level so to say).

After China moved towards capitalism, the crime rate exploded. After 1990, the crime rate went through the roof in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The reasons are obvious – as these nations abandoned socialism for capitalism, the crime rate skyrocketed, as is always the case.

This makes no sense at all. Capitalism causes crime, period. The more capitalism, the more crime. The less capitalism, the less crime. The more socialism, the less crime. The less socialism, the more crime.

Studies have proved this so many times over that it is stunning that we even bother to keep studying it again. But we are forced to study it over and over because the rightwing SCUM refuses to accept the obvious facts about capitalism and crime.

Granted there are many positive things about capitalism, but the increased crime that goes along with it is certainly not one of them.

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Capitalism Is Bad for Your Health

Lokalkosmopolit writes:

”You do not get great figures like that in a free market capitalist country” yes you get and even in the former USSR. In the Baltic states for example. And these are free market poster boys, not gradualist/slow reformers. Also if you bring up malnutrition rates in India then don’t forget the Chinese case where malnutrition has been on constant decline as free-market reforms progress.

This is not true at all. My understanding is that the Baltic states still have a highly developed social welfare state including free to cheap education, social security and free to cheap medical care. That’s the reason for the great health figures. At any rate, in 1990, the Baltic states had stupendous health and nutrition figures. The sole reason for that was socialism. Even if they have dismantled their welfare state (which I highly doubt) their figures are still excellent probably as a legacy of the USSR.

All of the world, the less socialism you have, the poorer the health and nutrition figures. The more capitalism you have, the worse the health and nutrition figures.

The bottom line is capitalism is bad for your health!

China is still an extremely socialist country. The state owns all the land and almost all of the banking. There is no stock market. Fully 45% of the economy is publicly owned. There is tremendous spending in the rural areas and feudalism was wiped out in the countryside. All of the large landowners were eliminated and now every farmer has his own plot to grow crops. The state runs the irrigation systems. Health care is free to cheap. Food is massively subsidized by the state. Homelessness is illegal. Slums are basically nonexistent.

As far as malnutrition in China, do you have any idea how much money the Chinese state spends fighting malnutrition and ensuring that it’s people have enough good food to eat? It is a stupendous amount of money.

China is a market socialist or social market economy.

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Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and India from a Socialist Perspective

SHIH writes:

You must know that none of these countries you mention are socialist in any shape or form. A capitalist pig like Donald Trump would be quite at home in Uzbekistan, hell, he could be Islam Karimov’s home buddy (a real poster boy of capitalism – Trump is a big asshole, an asshole with capital letter A — I really don’t like him)

The ground reality is that countries in Central Asia have really gone to hell and people want to escape from these countries only if someone agrees to take them. Even a failed nation like Pakistan has to deal with a lot of refugees from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, that tells you a lot. Uzbekistan is one of the largest sources of women sold into sex slavery and prostitution including in Indian cities and unemployment figures are sky high. Unless you happen to be a rich businessman well-connected to the government, your life is pretty much hopeless. Child labor is rampant.

Kazakhstan is somewhat in better shape that’s because it’s indirectly controlled by Russia and the current government is a puppet of Putin.

As for Iran, that country has gone to hell… came in news recently that the government had to pressurize advertising companies not to promote chicken on billboards and television. That is because the chicken prices are so high that average Iranians can’t afford it any longer. Prostitution is rife and people are unemployed; check out this documentary where middle-class women in Iran are forced to the world’s oldest profession because the economy is in worst shape  – a really heart-wrenching video series.

Russia and Ukraine of course, do not fall in the categories I mentioned but neither are they socialist at par with the EU which is a real welfare, socialist economy. Belarus in fact is as good as say Czech Republic or Poland. Nice countries to live in.

Well if you want to live in this former Communist paradise called Uzbekistan, let me know as I still have excellent contacts there. Trust me, even with enough money in your pocket, you would want to run away as quickly as you can. KIDNAPPING of foreign tourists is quite common and I came close to being abducted by an Islamist, Taliban-style group. Had I not been sober that day, it would have been all over and I would probably have been spending the rest of my life in a cold dungeon with no electricity and might not have never heard of the iPhone. That is if they didn’t decide to behead me for being an infidel.

India has its share of problems and it’s an unjust, unfair society where poor people get the stick for being born poor. But it’s still one of the best places to live for middle-class Indians. There are over 1 million high net worth individuals in a city like Mumbai (also known for its slums) which creates a bustling city with positive vibes, in terms of wealth creation Mumbai ranks among top 10 cities of the whole world. There are lot more opportunities for growth. In capitalism parlance, the trickle down works quite well here. Lot more liveable than Uzbekistan.

However, as far as HEALTH, MALNUTRITION, INFANT MORTALITY, EDUCATION and other parameters are concerned, India is still a third world place. And it will always remain — the problem is not a lack of money. The problem is cultural — Indian rich are real guttersnipes and a very selfish country where poor are allowed to die on the streets and it concerns no one. This country needs Jesus to be on the right track.

The question to ask is — would you be HEALTHY, EDUCATED and Poor, unemployed in Iran/Uzbekistan or have to buy health insurance in the India but still live in a land of opportunities. There’s absolutely no comparison.

I believe the poster has made an excellent critique of the Stans from a socialist POV. From a Left or socialist POV, clearly these places leave much to be desired. Sky-high unemployment, child slavery, sex trafficking? Good Lord. It it looking like the Stans got rid of Communism but put in its place some particularly monstrous alternative system. It seems that what they put in after Communism is neither socialism nor capitalism but instead is some awful hybrid containing the worst of both systems.

However, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, etc. all have superb education, health and nutrition figures. Maternal mortality, child mortality and malnutrition rates are very low in all of the Stans. You do not get great figures like that in a free market capitalist country. Great health and nutrition figures like that can only come from a great socialist sector of the state which supplies food, schooling and nutrition for the people. In a free market capitalist state, all schooling is private and all health care is privatized. Nutrition figures are usually bad as food is not subsidized for the poor so they go hungry.

So in that sense, the Stans are still socialist countries in some very important respects. I do not have any updated information, but I assume that health care and education are free or very cheap in the Stans. They also have good road networks, few slums, and good housing.

Compare them to the capitalist states like India and Pakistan around them. Malnutrition rates: India – 50%, Pakistan – 34%. Health figures in Pakistan and India are horrific. The slums of Pakistan and India are nightmarish. The roads in both countries are shit. Health care is awful in both lands, and the education systems are horrible. In fact, in rural India and much of Pakistan, there is simply no education system to speak of!

Iran is doing ok. The education system is good and the people eat well. Malnutrition in Iran is very low, the health care system is great and the road networks are excellent. There are few real slums in Iran. The 1979 Revolution was socialist in many respects and since then, Iran has been a socialist country in a lot of ways. Ahmadinejad pretty much ran as a socialist last time around and that was why he won.

I do not agree that the wealth is trickling down well in India. In fact, I do not agree that wealth trickles down anywhere, nor do I agree that it ever has or will. Trickle down theory is simply a lie.

I could care less how many rich folks there are in India. Who cares! Imagine if Jesus came back today and looked at India. Do you honestly think he would cheer  for all the rich people in India? Hell no. Jesus cared nothing whatsoever for the rich because there is no reason to care about such folks at all. Jesus cared only and always for the poor and only the poor. In fact, Liberation Theology which I support believes in “the preferential option for the poor.” This is my philosophy. The rich do not need our support, encouragement or cheers. They do well enough on their own. It is the poor who need our sustenance.

I am not interested in countries where it is horrific to be poor but great to be rich or middle class. Who cares! Do you honestly think that we socialists value such things?  What good is India’s “land of opportunity” for it’s 1 billion poor people? It’s worth fuck all.

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Air and Automobile Travel in the USSR

Homer Simpson writes:

Good roads, rail networks and even passenger jet services were created. But why was the average Soviet citizen too poor to afford a car & an airplane ticket.

They were not too poor to afford an airline ticket. The airline flew 50-60 million flights/year in the USSR. That right there means that airline tickets were easily affordable for most Soviets.

Now that my transmission just died, I am starting to think that your average American can’t afford a car either! It will cost me $2,000-2,500 to fix that car. I do not have it. It will cost me $1,400+ to buy another car, which won’t even be a good one. I don’t have it.

How many Americans have $2,500 lying around? How many Americans have $1,400 lying around? Hardly anyone I know. Most people I know live paycheck to paycheck.

I think it is interesting that most Soviet citizens were able to travel all around the USSR during their lifetimes. They were also able to travel all over the East Bloc. How many Americans can afford to travel all over the US? How many Americans can afford to travel to neighboring countries. Most people I know cannot afford to do either. I have not been able to afford to travel outside of California since 1988! So really I think travel opportunities for average working class people were better in the USSR than in the US.

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The Dirty Game of Geopolitics in Ukraine and Crimea

Movenon writes:

I would support the right to self-determination, but I don’t like that Russia doesn’t apply the same to Chechnya, Circassia, Dagestan, Tatarstan, Karelia, Tuva, and all the other areas that have the same issue. To me this shows that Russia cares s**t about self-determination, and it was just an opportunistic garden variety land grab. Hell, some guy in Karelia was just handing out leaflets supporting a referendum on Karelian independence, and he was thrown in prison for subversive extremism.

And Russia nowadays is an ugly rat-race capitalist fascist Slavic supremacist hellhole nation anyway, albeit not in the Western US-led block. There’s already talk of confiscating land/apartments from Crimean Tatars to give them to loyal ethnic Russians (just like they did half a century ago), so it seems like they’re still into ethnic deportation and divide and conquer to gerrymander an ethnic Russian majority everywhere.

It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if native Chechens, Tatars, Tuvans, Chukchis, etc. were treated equally on the same level as ethnic Russians, but they’re looked down on as inferior by ethnic Russians (jokes mocking Chukchi as primitive are common, Turkics/Asiatics are seen as losers who can’t drink, Chechens are hated yet still not allowed to escape the Russian yoke, ethnic Circassians that got kicked out of their homeland during the genocide can’t return, etc.) so they essentially become 2nd class citizens in their own homeland, and tons of indigenous languages are dying out. At least Native Americans get some respect these days in America!

tl;dr I support self-determination, I’m against neoliberal fascism, but Crimean Tatars get the short end of the stick now, just like other non-ethnic Russians in Russia.

Given that Russia is an ugly rat-race capitalist fascist state, why doesn’t the US love them. Let’s go down the checklist:

  1. Rat race ugly capitalism? Check.
  2. Fascist state? Check.
  3. Ethnic supremacist state? Check.

I don’t get it. What’s not to love? Russia just met all of the US’ criteria for an ally. Looking down that checklist, what’s the difference between Russia and Israel, except that the Russians are less fascist and less ethnic supremacist?

Yes. Anyone on Russia’s borders who wants to break away and join Russia, go ahead! We welcome you! Right to self determination! Screw the right to territorial integrity!

No. Anyone inside Russia on the borderlands who wishes to break away and form an independent state, forget it! We will crush you! Principle of territorial integrity! Right of self-determination be damned!

It is all pretty sleazy.

Geopolitics is a dirty game run by sociopaths and legal criminals (And often not so legal criminals!). Russia’s enemies are playing hardball, dirty as Hell. You can’t play fair when the other side is cheating – if you do, you lose. The only way to fight against people who fight dirty is to fight dirty himself. Putin will only lose by playing fair because the other side won’t reciprocate and cheaters beat fair players every time.

But the non-Russians do rule in the republics of which they are a majority. Non-Russian languages are much better protected in Russia than in the US. For instance, in many parts of Russia, non-Russian languages, along with Russian, and the official languages of the Republics! In Chechnya, Chechen and Russian are both official languages. Also much education in Russia is in non-Russian languages. A Tuvan can go to K-12 school using Tuvan as his mode of instruction; Hell, he can even go to university using Tuvan as the language of instruction. Just try that in the US!

In many parts of Russia, ethnic media are huge. In Tuva and other places, most of the newspapers are in the non-Russian tongue and so are most of the TV stations.

This would all be so much easier of the enemies of Russia were not working overtime trying to chop it up. The very same idiots who are screaming “territorial integrity” in the Ukraine now have been working for years to chop Chechnya, etc. off of Russia. Realistically speaking, most of the republics you list do not want independence. Only the ones in the Caucasus really do. I am not sure what the Tatars want, and I doubt if the Tuvans want to break away. The Karelians probably do not have a big enough majority in Karelia to break away. I agree with you that the language law in Karelia is pretty bad though.

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Russia in Crimea: Solidarity or Imperialism?

Lindsay what do you think of Russian aggression of Crimea personally I guess its right although i do not like imperialism aka invasion. Since Crimea has been part f Russian history. I do not see it wrong. Whenever I see Putin i see a leader with a backbone unlike other leaders who are either cowards or outright violent like Gaddafi.

It’s not imperialism. The people of Crimea want to be part of Russia! Crimea is a nation, and it was always a part of Russia. Further, as Leftists we believe in the right to self determination. It’s not imperialism to help an oppressed group achieve their liberation. That’s solidarity, not imperialism!

Unfortunately there is so much more to write about this right now, but I just have not had enough time to get to it.

My position: 100% support for Putin and Russia and the national liberationist fighters fighting for self-determination in Crimea and also Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine is now a fascist neoliberal colony of the US and the EU. An extremely hostile, belligerent, menacing enemy state set up by imperialism right on Russia’s borders, a dagger pointed at the heart of Mother Russia. Putin is a nationalist and a patriot. He will not allow Russia to become a US-EU colony as Yeltsin did. He fights for an independent Russia free from Western colonialism and independent of imperialism, and most of all, he fights for his own precious national security.

No progressive person should support the neoliberal/Nazi coalition in Ukraine. Progressive people should not support armed coups against democratically elected governments. The previous government of Ukraine was elected by a majority in a free and fair election, and then he was thrown out of office by a US and EU sponsored fascist/neoliberal armed coup.

75% of the killings during the riots were by the demonstrators themselves. They put snipers up on buildings and while they shot a lot of cops, they all killed a large number of their own people. Most of the demonstrators who were killed were shot by their very own people. Of course, fascists always do this. They always attack their own people and blame it on the other side. Hitler attacked his own army on the Polish border in 1939 to initiate the conquest of Poland. During the armed coup against Chavez in Venezuela in 1992, rightwing snipers killed many of their own people in order to blame Chavez. Killing your own people to blame the enemy = a tried and true fascist tactic.

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The Left Case Against Israel

Fermin writes:

Hey Robert, we are friends of fascists, like the Israelis, so what do you think of the practical ethnic cleansing that’s going on with the Palestinians in Israel?

I find it pure politics and pure hypocrisy how Americans and the US government in general supports Israel as a civilized democratic state when the Israeli government regularly breaks human rights laws with regards with Palestinian citizens of the state by implementing draconian apartheid/Nazi-style laws and claiming them to be in self-defense against extremists and the old victimhood of the Israelis by saying that they need to do what they need to do in order to defend against neighboring countries and Palestinians (sound like Hitler’s Germany much?).

I find it ridiculous when Americans support Israel and have fundraisers for Israel and all these silly money-raising events when these monies are going towards funding the Israeli government’s consistent human rights violations of Muslim (and also Christian) Palestinians. These funds should be considered “funding a terrorist group” by international and US law because that is what it is, the funding of Israeli terror upon Palestinian people.

The Jews say they are the indigenous people of Israel and Palestinians are foreigners? First off, DNA studies prove Palestinians are genetically simply descendants of Christianized and later (mostly) Islamicized Hebrews, second the Jews are mostly from Europe and are consequently only partly of Hebrew descent while most Palestinians are closer to the Hebrews by blood, and finally, the Torah itself states how Jews are not indigenous to Canaan, but rather invaders who genocided the native population (women, children, elderly, and even “cleansed” their animals and plants) and discriminated the remaining survivors by segregating them.

Then there are the militant migrants to Israel from around the world who set up shop and teach others how to “defend their (new) homes” (aka illegally colonize and take over Palestinian lands and kill the owners if they resist), or simply they go out “hunting” for Palestinians.

I don’t really blame the regular Israelis, I blame the government and its propaganda as well as militant and extremist Zionists who are responsible. All of this that is happening there disgusts me, but of course the Jews are always the victims and are always justified in whatever they do, that’s why we should always support the “civilized man” (Israelis) over the “barbarians” (Palestinians). Garbage.

There are many factors that go into US support for Israel. America is a settler-colonial state, so we will tend to support all other settler-colonial states because after all they are only reproducing our original sin. Americans have never really made peace with the crimes of the nation’s founding – after all, if they had come to terms with it, we would not be supporting these Israeli, Moroccan and other monsters so much. The Jews are the early Americans and the Arabs are the savage Indians – that is sadly the way that many Moronicans no doubt view this issue.

Jews are 2% of the US population. Sure they have a lot of media and money power, but that only goes so far. The Jews have a lot of media and money power in Russia and the Ukraine too, and look how far that got them. The money and media power of the Jews in 1932 Germany was immense. Mass Jewish money and media power is no guarantee against the inevitable anti-Semitic nationalist backlash that so often occurs historically.

When the natives of a land have had quite enough of you, all your money and newspapers won’t amount to a hill of beans. The problem of the Jew (or the human in general) is that he is never satisfied with just a bit of money, media or power. No matter how much he has, the Jew always wants more. This is called greed. History has proved this many times. The Jew never stops pushing. Sure the reasonable Jews start warning, “What are you trying to do – start a pogrom?!” but greed is a powerful emotion.

You can only push people so far until they start fighting back. The Jewish problem is the human problem – the Jew always fails to look at the long-term and looks only at the short-term. Furthermore, the wild paranoia of the Jew drives him to ever-more escalations of greed  – after all, the Jews never have enough money, media and other power to fight “the Nazi enemy,” but the problem is that as Jewish money power increases exponentially, the inevitable ugly backlash only gains steam, so the increasing accumulation of money and power only serves as a huge factory for making more and more Nazis.

In 1932, Jews were 1% of the population of Germany and they had 32% of the wealth. The next year, the Nazi Party had taken over with a viciously anti-Semitic program. That’s a sad chapter. but how many human societies will sit back and let a minority of 1% grab 1/3 of the economy? There are not a whole lot of human societies who are that magnanimous or capitalist-minded. I suppose people should be good Libertarian rightwing capitalists and just let the rich of whatever ethnicity grab as much wealth as possible while reducing the natives to penury (After all, Ayn Rand would have approved!) but humans are much more fair-minded people than they are Objectivist capitalist ideologues.

Also Americans don’t really need the Jewish Lobby. Sure the Lobby is ugly and horrible, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of US Gentiles (especially the Whites) are lined up right behind the Isralo-Nazis all the way, Lobby or no Lobby. The American people are really nothing but a bunch of Jews anymore anyway, as Christian propriety in terms of behavior and business was long since overridden by what I call “the Jewish spirit.”

Of course, the often-genocidal Nazi-like rhetoric and horrific terrorism of the Arabs against Israel doesn’t exactly help matters. The Holocaust was a very ugly thing, and most decent people don’t want a Round Two. From afar it looks like the Arabs/Muslims are itching for a movie called Return of Holocaust, and most decent folks recoil at that. Because giving the Arabs what they want seems to horrid, most just sit back and let the Zionazis do whatever they want to. No matter the atrocity, the Israelis justify as “fighting against the Arab Nazis!.” When it comes to fighting Nazis, most decent folks will give you a lot of leeway.

Th above post pretty much sums up all of the ugliness. Israel is a fascist state. In fact, it is a classic ethnic nationalist fascist state similar to the Nazi Germany and many other such states. It is also a settler-colonial state similar in many ways to the early US, some early Latin American countries, early Turkey, the new Balkan states of the early 1990’s, early Australia and New Zealand and South Africa. Anywhere where the later immigrants to a state move into an area and commit ethnocide against the natives of the land, it is always settler-colonialism.

Settler-colonialism is ongoing on Tibet and Xinjiang right now. Fascist style ethnic cleansing has also been employed in Arab nationalist states such as Morocco (in Spanish Sahara) and in Syria (Muslim Arabs throwing Christian Arabs off their land) and Iraq (Muslim Arabs throwing Kurds and Christian Arabs off their land while Iranian-Iraqis were actually thrown out of the country and all of their property was stolen)! There is also some very serious “nation-building” and fascist ethnic cleansing going on in the new ultra-nationalist fascist state that the US set up in the Ukraine.

The Arab examples point out that that the Arab nationalist enemies of the Israelis are just as bad as the Israelis themselves. An ethnic nationalist is an ethnic nationalist. A fascist is a fascist.

Sure Iraqi/Syrian Baathists and Israeli Zionists absolutely hate each other and would as soon slit each others’ throats as drink a glass of water, but they have a lot more in common than you might think.

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We Are All Jews Now

The American people are best understood as a Jewish people, as Christian propriety in terms of behavior and business was long since overridden by what I call “the Jewish spirit.” The Jewish spirit, as Marx noted in his classic essay, is nothing more than “the spirit of hucksterism.” The Jew has no religion above and beyond that of money. 150 years ago, Marx predicted that America would become the first Jewish country, and he has been proven correct.

This is why American anti-Semitism has not made sense for a long time. The American people are a Jewish people. We are “Judaized Gentiles” – Jews in spirit if not in faith or birth. Since probably 90% of US Gentiles are already Jewish in spirit, why hate the real thing? What’s the difference between the 2% “true” Jews, 500 years kosher, and the newly minted Judaized Gentile Jews. There is probably not much difference at all, except that the “new Jews” are probably even worse than the genetic kind!

This puts the American anti-Semite in a tough spot. He wants to persecute American Jews in all sorts of ways, but he can’t do this without attacking 90% of American White society. If an American Nazi wants to start a pogrom against the Jews, he needs to start with his Pentecostal neighbors next door!

Oh what a dilemma!

When we understand that America is a Jewish country and Americans are a Jewish people, then support for Israel makes so much sense. Americans after all are only supporting their Jewish brothers in Israel.

We are all Jews now.

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