Bob Dylan, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”

This is one of my favorite Dylan songs of all time. It’s been covered a thousand times. I heard a Grateful Dead cover the other day and I was like, “What is that song!!!???” Of course it was a Bob Dylan cover.

Really there are lots of Dylan songs that are really great, especially from around this time period. From the Bringing It All Back Home album from 1965. The cover is really cool! Bob and Sally Grossman, wife of Dylan’s manager Albert Grossman, in a living room, Sally smoking a cigarette, the whole thing shot through a fish eye lens. This is during the period when he was with Joan Baez and collaborating with her a lot.

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3 responses to “Bob Dylan, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”

  1. Antonamouse

    The woman in the cover is not Baez, it’s Sally Grossman, wife of Dylan’s manager Albert Grossman.
    Also visible are LPs by The Impressions (Keep on Pushing), Robert Johnson (King of the Delta Blues Singers), Ravi Shankar (India’s Master Musician), Lotte Lenya (Sings Berlin Theatre Songs by Kurt Weill), Eric Von Schmidt (The Folk Blues of Eric Von Schmidt) Dylan (Another Side of Bob Dylan) and Lord Buckley (The Best Of Lord Buckley). Dylan’s holding his cat named Rolling Stone. The cufflinks were a gift from Baez and were later referenced in “Diamond and Rust”.

  2. Hizzle

    I think Dylan is the greatest songwriter that ever lived. That said, I usually do prefer him interpreted by other artists. I think old crazy Roky’s band has the best cover of “Baby Blue:”

  3. Yes, my favorite, too. not this particular version. But yeah…

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