Bigfoot News February 2, 2014

Lots of amazing new updates on Rick Dyer!

First of all, a public service announcement. All you people out there who won’t listen to me are just wrong. You should listen to me. Blow me off at your peril. You have no idea who I know or what I know. Most of the stuff I believe is true is true, and most of the stuff I believe is false is false. I am pretty good at figuring out truth from lies.

Dyer skeptics will soon be eating a lot of crow. Make sure to make that pie huge!

Certainty that Hank is real and not a hoax? Now 100%.

Hank owner name uncovered. First of all, I have now learned the name of the owner of Hank, and it is a pretty famous person. You can even find them on Wikipedia. I cannot tell you their name however. If you know who the investor is, you will understand why the body is in Vegas. Those original rumors about a Vegas casino owner? Check. I was right once again. You know, billionaire, philanthropist, casino owner, all that jazz? Remember?

And Facebook/Find Bigfoot are indeed the new investors. I just verified this from a 2nd source so of course I was right again. They stayed for 2 weeks in Las Vegas and brought a whole slew of MD’s and scientists to verify Hank. One MD even brought some equipment with him but he was not able to use it.

Pressers not really postponed much. They were all set to go ahead with the pressers from January 1-15, but a few of the people who wanted to be there could not be there so it was called off. Now all of the people who want to be there are fighting amongst themselves. I said that the pressers were only slightly delayed, and of course I was right again.

A large and famous California museum will play a major role in the press conference. I know the name of the museum and the woman who will be headlining the conference, but I am not naming them. The woman is quite well known – you can Google her.

Hank Williams III verified as original investor, sells out. Hank has sold out his share, and it was just verified to me that he was indeed the original investor as I have been saying for ages now. So of course I am right once again as usual. HW3 has supposedly issued denials that he is the investor, but people deny things all the time.

Hank owner present at Nevada facility the night that Musky Allen was there. The only reason that Musky got in was because this famous guy had shown up to buy the Bigfoot.

Frank Cali accused of continuing to extort people. I reported earlier that a complaint had been filed with the FBI accusing Frank Cali and Rick Dyer of extorting $10,000 from a man. The complaint is sitting there and no doubt will not be acted upon. Now I have reports that Frank is trying to extort money from Rick to prevent Frank from knowingly spreading lies about Hank. Frank thinks he is damaging Rick’s tour and sales. My source says that Frank knows he is spreading lies, and he is doing it on purpose. According to the source, all of his recent statements, the Kulls radio show, on and on, nothing but lies. In a statement to me, Frank Cali categorically denies that he is trying to extort Rick Dyer.

California museum to house Hank. Hank will be going to a large and famous museum in California after Rick has the body for 13 months. This seems to be the owner’s basic plan. I really do not think the owner is planning to make a lot of money off of Hank. He has more of a philanthropic mindset.

Meet Hank. Hi Hank! New photo of Hank released.

Meet Hank. Hi Hank! New photo of Hank released.

No court case between Dyer and owner. Rick said there was a court case in September, but that is not true. Instead the matter was worked out privately by those involved and their attorneys.

Rick gets no money until after the tour. Rick turned down a large sum of money so he could go on tour with the thing. At the end of the 13 months, Rick will receive a large sum of money, millions. This is why Rick needed funding for the tour. FB/FB guys are helping with the tour. Rick turned down the money because he was afraid that the investor would not do the tour. Rick really wants everyone to see this body. Well, that is a good sentiment there for Rick.

Rick posing with corporate logos.

Rick posing with corporate logos.

“Bigfeet” knowingly spreading false information. The poster named Bigfeet is doing this. He is just as bad as Rick. Notice I said knowingly. Bigfeet knows he is making stuff up and just goes ahead and does it anyway.

Rick throwing gang signs in front of his corporate logo splattered trailer.

Rick throwing gang signs in front of his corporate logo splattered trailer.

Mata Hari knowingly spreading false information. Same as Bigfeet. They just make stuff up. They have no moles in TT. A lot of suspects were thrown out recently, and Rick thinks they have a clean house now. There should be no moles by now.

Rick looking serious standing in front of his corporate logo splattered trailer.

Rick looking serious standing in front of his corporate logo splattered trailer.

Facebook/Find Bigfoot are Jack Barnes and Jeff Anderson. Just thought I would remind you.

Morgan Matthews sworn to secrecy. This is why I believe he is not talking or instead is talking in code.

Tent Video is not Hank. The Bigfoot in the Tent Video is not Hank but instead is Hank’s female partner, incredible as it sounds. That is why Hank and the Tent Video look different. Later that evening the male came back to get more ribs, and that’s when all Hell broke loose.

Female attacked Morgan Matthews while Rick was shooting Hank. Apparently in retaliation for shooting Hank, the female barreled into Morgan Mathews and knocked him over. The female escaped and Rick was not able to shoot her too.

Morgan Matthews knows about the second Bigfoot. Matthews is playing coy, and he knows a lot more than you think he does. Hardly anyone knows about the female Bigfoot, but Matthews is one of them.

Morgan Matthews has 3 minutes of HD film of the male eating ribs off a tree that was shot that evening. It is not known when or how this might be released. Some people are saying that it might be lost or confiscated.

San Antonio sequence of events. Rick had shot the Tent Video of the female eating ribs the previous day. Matthews was staying in a hotel with his film assistant as she did not want to sleep in tents. Morgan wanted to go back to his hotel and shower up so Rick drove him back there. Rick was angry. Later that evening, Rick found that some of the ribs he had nailed to trees were missing. Rick called Morgan up at the hotel and told him that the campsite had some activity. Morgan said he was scared to go back there and bait the Bigfoots so close to their tents. So now Matthews believes in Bigfoot! In the movie, he acts like they are a fable.

Morgan agreed that if they were to bait the Bigfoot, they would sleep in shifts so as to try to get more footage. Then the male came back. Morgan was on shift and Rick was asleep. Morgan filmed Hank from less than eight feet away for three whole minutes. While he was filming, Morgan tried to wake up Rick. You can hear him whispering, “Rick! Rick! Rick!” in the footage.

Morgan went into Rick’s tent with the footage, and by then the Bigfoot had taken off. Morgan was scared completely out of his head. Rick demanded to see the footage. You can see that in the movie where they are on the floor of the tent and Rick is demanding, “Show me the footage! Show it to me! When did you film it?” “Right now,” Morgan replied. Rick then grabbed his gun and jumped up and out of the tent clad only in his underwear. Morgan was yelling, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

Hank was still nearby and Rick took off after him. Morgan followed Rick out of the tent with his camera. Then you can clearly see Hank walk across the screen. Everyone who saw Shooting Bigfoot saw that footage. Rick fired twice, apparently hitting Hank. Morgan, disgusted, turned around and walked back to the tent. Then out of nowhere, the female appeared and, apparently to protect her mate, completely plowed into Morgan.

Rick came back to the bed and Morgan was crying, totally distraught. Morgan finished the film on the plane on the way back to London. Morgan was beat up badly. Rick used his own camera to film the aftermath. Morgan said he was going to release his 3 minutes of HD footage, but then he never did so. It is possible that the footage was confiscated somehow. Morgan refuses to discuss it.

Authorities appear on scene in AM. At sun-up, the authorities came because they had been called by Rick. The Texas State Police arrived but they had no idea of what to do. There is photo of this scene shot in the early AM showing Hank dead on the ground surrounded by some people who look like authorities, some wearing cowboy hats. They called the Texas Game Commission. The Game Commission came and took some samples for their own use. Rick wanted to take the body to a university. After a couple of days, he was granted that right. Rick took the body to the university, and a federal government employee, a female wearing jeans, came out, looked at Hank and shook Rick’s hand.

MIB’s confiscate Hank. One of my commenters, Big G, was correct that the government took the body like they always do, and Rick finally got permission to take it back. The government was keeping the body at that location in Las Vegas for a long time, but apparently the negotiations with the future owner were able to allow the government to release Hank. As the owner is going to put Hank in a nice museum for all of humanity to see and is not going to make money off it, the government probably thought this was a non-sleazy way to reveal the Bigfoot.

Rick Dyer will have his day. No matter what you think of him, love him or hate him or in between, Rick’s got the goods and really that’s all that matters. At the end, Rick will have his day in the sun.

Pressers will not convince the haters. Even after the press conferences, I think that most of the haters will not believe it and will say that these people were paid to show up there. Unfortunately, some of them are famous people who don’t need the money and don’t need to take bribes. The haters will say they need to see it themselves.

Why did Rick ask the taxidermist and Hollywood special effects guy to pay $20,000 to see Hank? Rick figured that the taxidermist would probably confirm Hank as real and then everyone would say that he was paid off by Rick anyway, so Rick just said hey, let’s get paid then.

Why a taxidermist is not the right person to verify Hank. A source says that taxidermists are not the right people to confirm Hank:

Taxidermists know how to tan hides and preserve leather by scraping fat from the hide and basically tanning (salting) the hide. Ask any taxidermist what the procedure is to preserve skin without mummification process? Why isn’t Jennifer Caywood asking that question to these ‘experts’?

Does a taxidermist know what the three layers of cells comprised to make up skin? Do they know how to preserve the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers forming translucent cells containing water, lipids, proteins and minerals?…Does a taxidermist even know what they are??…What is their experience in this field?…I think a basic taxidermist not knowing the science of skin preservation is fucking clueless and has no right to express their opinion on Hank.

Never once did these Caywood experts ever say, “Gee, I have no experience or knowledge in this type of preservation or taxidermy.” Not one taxidermist in this country will admit their work isn’t the best…so naturally they bash Hank…What did they expect to say, “Wow, I could have never done that good of work”?..I don’t think so. The taxidermy on Hank is more a preservation technique sealing the skin from the underneath and coating the outer cells…it’s something no game taxidermist would ever have knowledge in doing…

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  1. Chris

    Holy motherofgod Robert, you are really something. The Haterpithicus’ are going to need zoloft soon.

  2. …and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and…had enough yet?

    • Hi Robert, Interesting info. Philanthropist casino owner? Donald Trump nemesis comes to mind. Owner I’m thinking of recently made a $2 million donation to help the homeless, $500 gift cards and “all that jazz” . Ciao!

    • I’d like to see “Hank” end up at the “Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County”. Second choice would be the “Page Museum” at LaBrea.

      • Well who knows? Your wish just may come true, eh?

      • I’m amazed by the way the BF phenomenon has given birth to a whole new phenomenon – the “Dyer/hoaxer/not a hoaxer” phenomenon. It seems to have overshadowed, for the most part, all other aspects of “bigfootery”. It has created a new vocabulary with words like “skeptards” and “Hankies”.
        Words like “haters”, “the mob” and “Melba toast” have taken on new meaning. People are demanding proof – MRI’s, autopsies, CT scans and wanting testimonials from MD’s, ME’s, scientists, taxidermists, “experts” in the BF community,etc. For my part, I’m going to keep an open mind and maintain a “wait-and-see” attitude. But there is one piece of evidence that would clinch it for me – if someone could produce a copy of insurance coverage for “Hank” issued by a carrier like “Lloyds of London”. for a few million, I would be convinced. I can’t believe that even Rick is going to tow around, what might be the scientific find of the century or even millennium, and expect his auto insurance to pick if the tab if, God forbid, Hank was destroyed in an auto accident.

      • woodchucker

        Basic utility trailer insurance coverage would likely cover the replacement cost of that “cargo” Bruce. Theft is a more likely end to the caravan, the trailer has some value.

  3. Now finally I’m hearing a description of the actions behind the scenes leading up to the film clips of Morgan, Rick and the Bigfoot at the end of Shooting Bigfoot! I told everyone who would listen that I saw a Bigfoot and it attacked Morgan! Unfortunately not all believed, some seemed bent on convincing me my own eyes were lying to me.

    • Jack and Jeff attended the Toronto premiere of Shooting Bigfoot and told me right afterwards that their staff had been taking pictures of the screen. They did say right on their FB/FB page right afterwards that they had been up for hours pouring over pictures.

  4. Just more shock and awe! Same silly story, retold over and over with new twists and turns. This does not make me believe at all, in fact, I know for certain, someone has RL wrapped around their finger.

  5. woodchucker

    I called the bakery and put my order in for a crow pie. They said no problem they are overstocked from all of RDs claims since 2012 and I could get as many as I want. I said I would stop by for one on Feb 9th, no…err the 10th, wait a minute…….

    • Mr. E2me

      rofl ‘chucker.
      mmmmm…. pie.
      I’ll put mine in the freezer to save it and share it for later.

      • woodchucker

        Superbowl Sunday. The day we found out Hanks bride wore the pants in the family and a mortician is not a taxidermist. Are you wondering how Mrs Hank directed Hank to get to the ribs stash she found earlier too? According to John Green, male BFs are responsible for the majority of daytime sightings contradictory to what we read here. IDK.

  6. Martin I will not allow defamatory stuff about Musky, please.

    • Martin

      Robert, I respect your right of course to remove comments, but I strongly believe that Musky’s history should be at least considered when assessing his credibility in this matter. I don’t think presenting a link to a newspaper article is defaming someone, but I will not protest its removal. As always, I very much appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this conversation.

    • Robert, would you please explain your relationship with Musky and why we can not speak the truth about him? That seems partial and privileged. I do not trust or care for him and would love to hear more about his criminal past.

  7. Big G

    Thanks martin . I know I speak for everyone here when I say ( after reading the message above) that this info about allen Issleb from 1996 is absolutely useless for determining if dyer shot a bigfoot. I see a picture of a taxidermied bigfoot. skeptartds have lost. and their ability to shuffle thro useless info will have them hanging on indefinitely. let it go man the world is round. I swear. dyer told me. I mean randy told me. that’s where the truth lies. randy has the truth. does this mean that the mob won’t be hanging dyer on the closest tree. I wonder if things are falling apart over on the mob hate blog.

  8. Justin

    Why is it ‘crow’ anyway? Why not “Eat Parrot” or “Eat Puffin”?

  9. woodchucker

    “I think a basic taxidermist not knowing the science of skin preservation is fucking clueless and has no right to express their opinion on Hank’.

    If a taxidermist with over 30 years of experience is considered basic, wtf does this person regard a known hoaxer as? And using his argument, we should believe Hank is more human than animal? Freedom of speech, everyone has a right to express an opinion. This guy must be a real character.

  10. How long has the medical conference been delayed for, Robert?

    Was the baby Bigfoot story a lie?

    Morgon Matthews silence has always troubled me personally. He never denied a Bigfoot was shot at and killed. Strange really if you think about it!

    I still think hoax is more likely due to sheer about of lies coming from Rick Dyer. But i am not a diehard Skeptic i hope it is true, but lets be honest Rick needs someone with a genuine medical background to come out.and verify it as real.

    Racerx is only dismissing Rick because of his previous involvement in a hoax. He has every right to be suspicious. The tour is dumb if you think about it. Rick would be the talk of the town, if scientists confirmed the body as real. The media will pay lots of money to have Rick on shows, so i don’t get why Rick is so focused on touring? Rick himself said he no longer is restricted by NDA’s, so he could blow the lid of it, if he wants to!

    . I’m also sure if he killed Bigfoot he has enough information of his own to verify his claims.

    • woodchucker

      Unless Remington Arms changes their slogan to “The preferred firearm of Bigfoot hunters” or “Bigfoot fell to our Model 710” we can rest assured this is as far from the truth as it gets.

  11. I’ve been promised crow so many times this past year, and TT fails to deliver.

    Am thankful I am not depending on them for dinner.

  12. “Hank owner name uncovered. First of all, I have now learned the name of the owner of Hank, and it is a pretty famous person. You can even find them on Wikipedia. I cannot tell you their name however. If you know who the investor is, you will understand why the body is in Vegas. Those original rumors about a Vegas casino owner? Check. I was right once again. You know, billionaire, philanthropist, casino owner, all that jazz? Remember?”
    I was reading this aloud to someone not that into Bigfootery, and at this part, she instantly suspected “Sheldon Adelson.

  13. Emmett Von Schnit

    I believe in Bob Gimlin and “Patty”. She looks a bit different than “Hank Dyer”. I still don’t believe in “Hank Dyer” but I have often wondered if there are two or more types of Bigfoot roamimg the woods of America and beyond. Possible hybrids… possibly separate species… there have been so many descriptions of “humanlike” or “gorillalike”, etc.

  14. Fai Mao

    I don’t see where the millions would come from that RD is going to get from investors. I think RD could make an OK living for a couple of years showing Hank in county fairs and such for $2.00 a pop.

    I am sure if he doesn’t keep the lighting right whatever he has will fade and look less real over time.

    I also think that if RD were really concerned about proving the existence of Sasquatch he would have signed over his rights to someone else who does not have the history of hoaxing and then just shut up about it. No more stories that change, no more pranks.

    It would be nice to know what Morgan Matthews really saw and what really happened on that night in San Antonio.

    If this is was a real Sasquatch then the scary thing is a point the RD hate club allude to. It was shot in a suburban setting that means these things can generally live very close to humans without being seen. At this point I think that there is less chance that RD is hoaxing than the Sasquatch Ontario guy who is recording what sounds like my brother-in-law singing in the shower.

  15. h0m3r81

    Looks like we might all get to see Shooting Bigfoot very soon according to this article it will be on BBS Storyville towards the end of the UK winter run.

    “The Storyville winter run will also feature Sundance award-winners Cutie and the Boxer and K2: The Summit (formerly known as just The Summit), along with a doc on South Sudanese soccer called Coach Zoran and His African Tigers, and an exploration of sasquatch enthusiasts called Shooting Bigfoot.

    Read more:

  16. During my term with TT, the only casino owner mentioned by Rick was Steve Wynn. I spent several months with Rick, talking to him one on one everyday. Trust when I say he is a liar and serial hoaxer. Trust when I say anyone on TT still supporting his story is in on it! Trust that Musky is his partner!

  17. bart01

    More contradictions here:

    Also, notice that one picture has the supposed mouth of “bigfoot” closed the other has it open showing teeth. If this was a taxidermy job, wouldn’t the mouth or any other parts stays static?

  18. If RL deletes my posts for talking about Musky, you will all know who gives him these outrageous lies!

    • big g

      Let it go man. Just let it go. Its over. Everybody wanted the real story. And a body. Well there it is. Stop the hate. Disband the mob. Take another hit and let it go.

  19. Rob will there be an official statement of scientific corroboration from a respected experts regarding Hank and if not feb 9/28th then when?

  20. 45 caliber

    Seriously, this ‘Pink’ girl needs to exit off her high horse and find a life. There is a beautiful world out there, try living it and move on already.

    • I do have a beautiful life, 45! I am also a footer who believes in truth. I played an early role in the support of Rick Dyer as VP to his hoax. This is my repentance to share with you all that it’s 100% a big fat hoax and Musky Allen is an equal proprietor to it!

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Cindy, calm down please! 😉 You might be right that this is indeed nothing but a hoax and in a couple of days we all will know this..However: I do not think so, because I totally trust Robert and his contacts (… it is not only Musky Allen!) – mainly due to his excellent coverage of the Melba Ketchum DNA story. Then he was right to almost 100% and I believe he will be right this time, too. But I still remember 2008 and since then I know anything is possible, even that some people have the “courage” to stage a press conference visited by 800 journalists – and come up with…nothing at all.
        You say it is always the same bla, bla, bla. But be honest: you and other skeptics (in your case “hater” in the truest sense of the word) also always come up with the same hoax, hoax, hoax, bla, bla, bla…You and Frank Cali know him very well. Where is your CONCRETE evidence? Can you show us documents? Now is the chance of a lifetime. In a couple of days from now Dyer will start his tour. Will you or Cali go to Flagstaff and speak to the people and the media there? Will you show them real evidence or even proof? Will you force Dyer to admit that this is a hoax, or at least to show his “scientific” evidence? Rick is waiting for you, Cindy, take the opportunity…

        • Kelly

          It does seem Pinkfoot is heading on full steam and not providing any actual proof about the hoax except digging up peoples past. And saying she knew all about Rick yet she never actually meet him in person?
          I have a question for the “mob” over on Randy’s site he posts a conversation from a source, who he has hidden because he says the source doesn’t want to be know. So you come over here and complain about Robert protecting his sources. Yet when Randy does this you are patting him on the back for giving this information that can not be verified either. It seems its ok to protect the source if it makes Rick look bad?
          The fact that the “sources” phone call seems to have been around the time when we all know Don B. was making things up. We also know for a fact that the mob has pretended to be Rick with many different fake accounts. The very fact that someone from the “mob” made a new FB account calling themselves Rick and having all the same pictures Rick has on his account. If the mob has such proof of Rick being a hoaxer why do they need to create accounts pretending to be Rick?
          Robert here is protecting his sources as he should. He has shown both sides of the story. He respects Randy for the side he takes in this whole story. I don’t understand the attacks on Robert when he is just reporting what he finds out. Robert like many of us have many different sources who are not part of TT. But now the mob like usual is saying Robert is part of the hoax. Even when Randy tells them over and over that he is not.
          Pinkfoot you believe frank has contacted the Feds?
          You believe Frank Cali was given items to spy on Rick by his friends in the federal government?
          You believe Frank Cali is allowed to go on a show with Steve Kulls and basically threaten Rick that he will get revenge on Rick any way he can?
          You do know that if Frank was working with the feds his friends would be really upset since that basically looses any case against Rick.
          You believe Rick had a Prop made in LA for 6,000 like Frank said?
          Can you explain how one of the mob was able to get a picture of Ricks truck in Washington state if he had the prop made in LA?
          How come you defend Frank when he has basically lied so many times?

          If this is not a hoax pinkfoot I believe it will just make you look like a bitter woman who is upset she left TT.

        • Joerg, I really doubt that Rick is headed to Flagstaff with the body. I challenge anyone to find the venue and post it here. I don’t need to go see the tour and prove anything, I have seen the pictures and it is far from real!

        • Kelly, you are here posting to protect Musky and Rick. Admit, you scratch each others back Kelly! You are their damage control. I don’t protect or support Frank. He is a grown man and only he knows if what he states is true, I don’t really care, as I make my own decisions and they are not based around Frank or any other

        • Joerg, new post by Steve Kulls. Dyer has had his RV and trailer for sale since Jan 7. Still think there will be tour?

        • Joerg Hensiek

          In other words, Cindy: you have nothing?!

        • Kelly

          Were you not pimping to get money for Frank Cali’s so called wedding?
          You act like you were not soliciting for donations for Frank. So please don’t play all innocent that you don’t support Frank and his lies.
          Now as for Steve Kulls report.
          We know that the “mob” has pretended to be Rick and post things on “Graigslist” pretending to be Rick. So Kulls proof is nothing. Just like Randy’s screen shots of a conversation with no validation either. We know Don B. tried to fool Kulls and Robert here many times. So we know the mob is capable of pretending to be Rick and others. They have no solid proof so they feel they can make it up.

          You are so desperate for Rick to not have this body why?
          If you knew what many of us actually know now you would not be saying this stuff. You would be keeping your mouth shut and just wait to see it all unfold.
          I have to say that the mob will be back peddling in the near future here soon.
          Roberts sources are more reliable than the mobs made up things.
          You will also be back peddling as well.

        • Kelly, again spewing misinformation and damage control for your cult leaders. I purchased 2 tickets to Shooting Bigfoot Premier and offered them to Frank & Nancy as they lived only a couple hrs away from NYC. My intent was to have Frank meet Morgan Matthews because it was originally advertised MM would be attending. I did ask for donations from my friends to help pay expenses, but Frank and Nancy did not accept the offer. The only money spent was mine for tickets and I gave them to Joe Mastroianni who did go to premier and report back.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Cindy: we will see in couple of days who was right or wrong. Again: I do not rule out that this is a hoax – but I am very sure that this tour will start. With a doll or a real bigfoot. After the first date(s) we will know more. And about Steve Kulls: oh God, when was Kulls right about anything? For him it is definitely time to look for a proper job. Believe Kulls, Cindy, .I prefer to believe Lindsay..again, we soon will see…

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Cindy: does this look like someone who will NOT go on tour?! His lies might get bigger from day to day (in this respect you really will be right in the end), but his trailers certainly get bigger, too..

        • Big G

          scott nothing in your intire post poves that rick doesn’t have a stuffed bigfoot. nothing. many people have looked at a stuffed bigfoot and all of them have said its real. that with the picture shows dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. nothing you or pink has said is proof he doesn’t have one. i saw it. let it go .its over.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Scott: I mean evidence that really kills Dyer. You say we look back at 15 months of “evidence” that this is a hoax and look: Dyer still is not in prison, he does not pursue any “exit strategy”, he is alive and kicking and will now start a tour. He is all over the place in the media from Australia to the UK and the skeptics are not. The hype gets bigger and bigger. His trailers get bigger and bigger. More and more people watch his videos (more than all videos by Bigfoo Evidence together). I do not say, that Dyer indeed has a real bigfoot. But it is certainly not any of the skeptics and their so-called “evidence” (opinion) that will keep him from reaching his goal (whatever this is – perhaps just laughing at people who care about the story, believers and haters alike). And by the way: he still has the corporate logos of CNN, BBC and National Geographic on this tour bus. Why? Now, that`s what I call real “evidence” for everybody to see (and to research..the potential legal implications of this for Dyer are without ambiguity!!) However, right now: you don`t know, I don`t know, but we will see very soon…

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Scott: In my opinion you are absolutely wrong about this special point! There definitely WILL be a solution. Nobody – Dyer, investors, believers, skeptics and haters alike – will be able to create a legend or myth out of this! No repeat of the Minnesota Iceman here! The reason: EVERYTHING is on film, filmed by Morgan Matthews and his team from Minnow Films! Everything will be exposed, believe me! To support Dyer or to the contrary. That`s why I am here Scott: because this is the first time in cryptozoological history that we will get a DEFINITE AND FINAL answer!!! One day the talking here will be over…..or will just start….

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Scott: two points before we wait for the final showdown. To support my view that will be no escape for Dyer/believers or the non-believers/haters – and that neither side will ever be able to construct a conspiracy myth:
          1. we are not in the 1950s/60s anymore. Nobody will come and pay to see a doll or anything that is not proven to be real. After the second tour stop the latest Dyer will have to bring evidence that his doll is a real bigfoot.
          2. media pressure will be much stronger than it was when the Minnesota Iceman was on tour. You watched the “burning hair” sequence on Youtube? Now, that reporter shown in this video is a real reporter from Telemundo. When the Dyer tour starts it will be time for them to report their findings. And not just Telemundo will, many more will do so. Dyer will crush under this media pressure – unless he has proof that his real bigfoot is real.

  21. bigfoots_my_homie

    Someone answer me this question. Dyer said the body was being analyzed by the university in Washington for 15-16 months. Musky saw the body in Feb of 2013.

    If the body was in Washington and Musky saw the body in Vegas, how would that work?

  22. Antonamouse

    Wow, thanks again Robert. This gets better with each update.
    A friend once told me that the key to Dyer is money. He mismanaged his original payout and has been struggling ever since. He really expected to get his big payday in the spring of last year. Instead he’s had to scramble and hustle to get by.
    Now that he has the body he is able to show it off and get the financial backing he needs. This isn’t proof of anything, but if I was one of his devoted haters I’d really consider just sitting back and waiting.

  23. Paps

    Great work Robert..

  24. Paps

    I have a problem.. The problem is how could the investor/owner allow Rick Dyer to parade around the country for 13 months with the GREATEST DISCOVERY OF OUR TIME!! Dyer has no security with him. The body could be easily stolen or damaged. I’m sure that Dyer has some sort of claim on the body obviously because he shot it but this body is priceless.

  25. Paps

    The 3 minutes of HD footage from Morgan Mathews would be priceless as well.

  26. Inventor

    Regarding oddities about Hank

    I come back to my comment on the 31/1 post. Speculating, yes, but what if Rick Dyer shot a female pregnant Sasquatch?

    Appreciate the fact that human females have an unique genital anatomy compared to all other primates, even apes, and then think of some of the strange messages from Rick Dyer. The Modestly sized penis of Hank, may perhaps not be a penis at all.

    The other Sasquatch striking at Morgan Matthews, may have been a yungster and the “tent video” Sasquatch yet another Sasquatch, perhaps the male.


  27. I am not sure, but they confiscated that body and it was only given to Rick and the owner quite recently. The government is simply going to seize any one of these things that you go public with, period. Whether you get it back or not is another.

    It’s to be displayed in a very respectable museum, not as some cheap, sleazy prop in a Vegas casino.

  28. dan

    Wow, now your 100% sure an admitted hoaxer is telling the truth. Is their no limit to your gullibility!

  29. Big G

    probably the reason forestry service vehicles have been involved in several body pickups. the forestry service controls all the locked gates in wooded areas in three states. so to some degree they have controlled the amount of sightings in those areas by denying vehicle movement in those areas. Im interested in wildlife services involvement in bigfoot body disappearances. they have a unmonitored control over wildlife services. I would be interested in some ex employees accounts of large animal problems in the pacific northwest.

  30. 45 caliber

    Pink, I see many comments and post from you and the rest, but where is your ‘proof’ of anything? And from the short time I have been following this story and the people I have contacted, your word cant be trusted. So your pursuit in the ‘National Crusaders of Bigfoot Justice’ is worthless except the fact showing your extreme obsession and getting your voice out there. I’m guessing the Crusaders of Bigfoot Justice is just a slap happy group you’re somewhat welcomed in.

  31. Big G

    Jackie our government is control by corporations. huge lobbying groups now govern the people. there is huge money being spent to intise the voting public into believing that the millions of tons of co2 emmisions we put into our oxygen doesn’t cause climate change. fox news also sponsors this ridiculous science. the religious and historical implications on bigfoot being real are astronomical. from new laws to a different understanding of human evolution. until melba let the dna cat out of the bag the government thru various fingers have been able to keep a lid on things by stealing body’s and embarrassing those with sightings. they have even excluded important evidence in missing person cases where a large biped was witness in the area. now with the internet the cards are crumbling down. why did dyer get his body back? Mathews film a great deal of it and that film was owned by a company outside the governments direct control. I believe that the whole ordial with sykes and the documentary’s cause was in part sponsored by another source. probably from within the corporate lobby group. why else would they have ignored commonly held beliefs and the work done in errickson’s project. In America 100’s of millions is spent every year to convince voters that petroleum products don’t harm the environment. strange snow storms and summertime heat that have most of the U.S. in triple digits while the glaciers are melted back 10 miles. the most since mans existence and all within the last 100 years. Which is surprisingly the period we have used petroleum products extensively. Big business spends big money to control their money. This is a solution in America because the majority of the voters are just cows headed for the slaughter. The vast majority will fight for their right to vote but wont take 2 minutes to read about their government that makes decisions based on hard money from lobbyists representing corporations. I recently read where a cable lobby introduced their own bill to the state government in Kansas. and that this is now a common practice. So to answer your question would the government steal bigfoot bodies in an effort to control the science. YES they would.

    • Caz

      Maybe because RD said “Give it to me, or I will shoot another one.” If the investor promises a philanthropic path, then a federal agency might be persuaded. (just speculating)

    • I do not know that they changed their minds for that reason; I am just speculating. I assume they would rather it be in a proper museum for study by responsible science than used as a cheap stage prop in Vegas to make a buck, which seems a sleazy thing to do with a new species.

      The guy is a billionaire, a philanthropist, one of the Fortune 500 and is a huge mover and shaker in the large city in which he resides. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    • big g

      Surprisingly we never hear the real reason the government does or doesn’t do something. The government might have felt a change in the status quo might have been needed. With all the media in the last couple of years on the subject they have decided to soften their image. They have taken many bodies and given them to Indians. I would say after DNA testing of their own they have evidence that sasquatch isn’t Indian. But a indigenous hominid as Melba described. The paper work for protection is being processed. But since big money is involved they are dragging their feet.

  32. 45 caliber

    Musky Allen was one of the persons I spoke with many months ago, you’re right there, but I’m not him. Just following the story like everyone else. And for the record, I’m no fan of Rick Dyer and not convinced in the story as of yet. Pink, please direct me to any information you have gathered proving this is a hoax. Kelly above claimed you never even met Rick Dyer, is that true? Thanx.

    • Never went to Vegas to meet Rick, have you? I spoke to him via emails, pms, phone calls, hangouts, & radio shows day and night for several months. How about you? Maybe if FBFB paid for my flight also, I would have made it to Vegas with Musky to meet him in person.

      • 45 caliber

        Thanx Pink, you answered my question, I assumed you were closer to Rick than I imagined as I understood you worked for him. Can you answer the first part of my question, Pink? Can you direct me to any evidence Rick Dyer is hoaxing other than your word or others who focus on his character. I understand he has a past history, but where is the evidence today?

        • Martin

          I just can’t believe that commenters on this blog are actually saying Dyer should be assumed to be telling the truth until proven otherwise. By what standard does a person making an outlandish claim of having a Bigfoot body in a trailer out front get the benefit of the doubt? How can you “prove” he doesn’t and why should you have to? All we get as proof is talk talk talk and ONE physical test…that the thing burns. Are you really going to the bank on that?
          Dyer’s and Allen’s criminal records are not “past history” they are damning disqualifiers of anything they claim without providing actual evidence, of which there has been absolutely none, just endless talk.

        • There is no proof of anything true or false, there are only lies after lies and well, wait … there is proof that Mr Dyer has provided that his body is real, it’s flammable!! LOL!

        • Kelly

          Martin, Pinkfoot,
          The commentators on this page have said that Rick has not proven it is real as of yet. I think many of us are still waiting on the fence for that evidence.
          Yet the mob has yet to provide any real evidence it isn’t real. The mob has members in there groups that have pretended to be other people including Rick. Don B. has been proven to have lied several time to Robert and Steve Kulls yet you expect any and all evidence coming from the mob to be accurate and expect people to take the word of the mob just because they have dug up some past issues on Musky or Rick?
          Why isn’t the mob looking up the stuff about there own people who have tried to pretend to be others? Why do you let those people off the hook just because they talk bad against Rick?
          Robert Lindsay does his homework and research on the current situation while all we get from the mob is more of the same crap.
          If Robert can find this information then maybe the mob should pull there resources together and figure it out as well. I mean you all seem to be so good at “tracking” people down.

        • Martin

          Again, I don’t understand why anyone should be expected to prove another person doesn’t have a Bigfoot in a trailer. I just don’t get that. All that matters is that someone says he has one and has only provided his word on the matter. Another man has corroborated it, saying he saw the body and claiming inside information. As both men have a history of criminal activity and misrepresentation, what is the reason to accept their claims solely on their word? That’s not digging up dirt, it’s simply trying to assess their credibility based on prior behavior, and it goes deeper than there simply having been prior hoaxes, though that should be enough to require some shred of evidence, anything at all, to give the new claim any validity whatsoever.

      • 123456789

        pink, just ignore caliber boy. It’s just another fake name made up by matt gieger. ( AKA Kelly, Cathiee Mcmillan ) He often will post as more than one person and have conversations with himself. I’m dead serious!

  33. 45 caliber

    Pink, so let me understand this, you cant provide proof Rick Dyer is hoaxing. You clearly stated you spent months via emails, pms, phone calls, hangouts, & radio shows day and night, months of daily conversations? Surely you have more to offer up than a ‘joke’ about a flammable body? Can you direct me to a page or site that can without the jokes? I’ve read Racer X blog page and basically found derogatory comments proving nothing against the validity of Rick Dyers claim. Thanx for your help, Pink.

    • Martin

      45, why in the world should anyone have to provide proof that these outlandish claims are FALSE? They are offered without any proof whatsoever by two men who have criminal histories and a record of misrepresentation. I don’t get where you’re placing your burden of proof. Really, I just don’t get it.

      This reversal of the obvious burden of proof is a classic con-artist tactic: “We say we have X but offer no proof. It’s true until you prove that we don’t. Even though our claim is preposterous and between us we have hoaxed before, been involved in criminal matters that call our integrity into question, even been sued by a state for swindling homeowers. But none of that matters. Give us a clean slate and simply believe what we’re saying, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.”

      Come on…That’s all just Scammer 101. And the old excuse that “if we give proof you won’t believe it”? Try us, why don’t you? Showing a figure with hair that burns is not “proof” anymore than any sideshow gaff throughout history has been authentic simply because it’s been put on exhibit.

      • Big G

        since you have a hard time understanding ill repeat it again. number 1-nobody over here wants to discuss the lies you provide us you hold as evidence. number 2 many more things to discuss then dyer and still you come here and talk for three hours about nothing. you decided we had to debunk crap that randy brings up. we dont care about dyer. robert put up more info from several insiders that explain away many if not all of your proof. we still haven’t got anything from dyer but everybody who looks at it says its real. what do you haven last week it was the taxidermist that dyer disallowed to view it. thats is what we were told by the mob. well thats not true. so you past on a lie. and it has come to our attention that many of the stuff past over here and argued about are lies. you or anybody else from the mob blog that have brought us your proof have lied to us just as much as you’ve said dyer has. this most recent article that robert has brought us is full of information telling us that almost everything coming from the blog is a lie. you have no credibility. why do you continue to post as if it is worth a penny to anybody. you speak to us as if we are to stupid to see lieing and we come back with yes we are and your doing it. when we say we need proof you dont have any. if you make a statement with no proof its a lie. its one thing to create a lie but it is also bad to pass it on.until you have proof to tell us anything. we can wait for more stuff to come out without your constant monitoring of dyer. let it go. dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. we have seen pictures of a stuffed bigfoot. nothing you have brought to the table is remotely close to telling us that that isnt a picture of a stuffed bigfoot.we arent gullible. we know everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie and robert has proven that with real investigation technicues. it does matter if you approve.

        • Martin

          The point, Big G, is that if you show people a “dead Bigfoot” then the burden is on you to prove that it’s real. The default assumption has to be that it’s not, particularly if you have shown fake ones before. That’s all. There are no lies about Dyer’s or Musky’s criminal pasts, only inconvenient truths. They are not stated to defame the men, only to try and provide context for their claim’s validity, since no proof has been offered in its place.

        • Big G

          that was said 1.5 years ago. we have traveled along way down that path. hundreds of points like the apperrence of the tent video at length. no theory’s have been easier than it was a different bigfoot and maybe the female that hit mathews when the male was on the ground. lets move on to debunk the 99 other theory’s promoted by randy on the mob blog. if you have an outllandish theory bring something to substaniate it as we have heard many many full of bullshit. including rental truck reciepts. let it go man. its over. the fight is over. the mob lost. dyer has a bigfoot and everyday more evidence pours in. your gruop is like the religious still fighting about human evolution . they still dont believe we are part of the primate group. there are still people that believe the earth is flat. where do you stand on that. by the way melba already proved the exsistence of bigfoot. maybe dyers dna will back that up. at any rate nothing has come out yet so there is nothing to debate.

  34. 45, I suggest you become a full fledged TT like I did and learn for yourself. I will not hold your hand or be your tool.

    • 45 caliber

      Not asking for you to hold my hand, Pink. I assumed based on your comments everywhere I look that you held some answers. I had no idea you were part of Ricks group until recently which peaked my interest in you. We established you have no proof of anything which leads me to believe you were never part of Ricks group like you claim. I mean C’mon, how could you have such extensive involvement with Rick Dyer like you ‘Claim’ and not provide anything? Not trying to start a fight, just looking for answers.

      • Your right 45 MA, your assumptions are correct about me. I was never part of Team Tracker. I know nothing! LOL

        • 45 caliber

          It’s clear you know nothing, hasn’t that been the ‘only’ thing proven here today, Pink? I came to you for some answers, you cant provide them. After reading some of your comments above I realized something, albeit off topic. You sound resentful and angered when you posted this,

          ” Maybe if FBFB paid for my flight also, I would have made it to Vegas with Musky to meet him in person”..

          Pink, just so you know, I was joking about you going out an seeing the world in a previous comment. This comment however about being excluded for a Las Vegas trip gives one to believe your resentment not being included, or to at least see Sunny Vegas. You are clearly angered by this! Perhaps you should get out more, Pink.

        • Martin

          It’s been proven that two men who are making a bizarre claim without offering any proof are expecting to be taken at their word despite histories that call their integrity into question, including direct evidence of past hoaxing and scamming the innocent. That’s enough for me not to expect people to prove they’re lying. Why not for you, 45 caliber?

        • NOPE, I have no proof! Never have I seen a picture of Hank dead or otherwise. I stayed with RD and promoted the story longer than I should have because I wanted proof of something, but there was never anything but deception! I worked very hard and earned his trust. I had passwords to everything including personal paypal acct, but never did he show me one pic or invite me to see the body. I personally went farther in searching for the truth than people like you who belittle me for doing so as a TT member. You cant say you got up close and personal in his life and story like I did, but yet you will talk smack about me and don’t have a clue of what I had to put up w as VP to a master manipulator! I ask that you don’t listen to me, go join Team Tracker and learn for yourself that this is nothing more than lies and false hopes. Or if you feel a need to pick with someone, go after the real community deceptor, Musky Allen! He has led more good ppl in the BF community astray with this sick hoax than all TTs combined. I am definitely not jealous of anyone who got to meet Rick Dyer in person! I am very grateful that never happened!

        • Big G

          Hey 45 i think she was one of the purged for trying to investigate from inside. dyer never see anything because of her bigmouth. there is a reason why nothing has come out before now. he didnt have possession of then body until recently. dyer keeping you out of the loop doesn’t prove a thing. the article above expains alot of things not previously know outside a small group. did you read the article above. should we debate point for point instead of this constant mob drumbeat about dyer haoxing. saying that without proff is wrong. lets debate. is it possible that when the male was shot mathews got run over by a female? ive been wondering about that part for a long time. i’ve heard 100 theory’s from the mob and this explanation seems to be the most accurate. what do you think.? this is how things get discussed. coming here and stating dyer is a dick and a hoaxer does absolutely nothing. and when somebody tries to tell you that then come the insults. anybody mobbing agaisnt dyer after the most recent article has a mental problem and that is what we think.

        • Martin

          OK Big G. The female was the one in the tent video and also the movie attacking Matthews but they look nothing alike. Maybe the movie BF was a female since it has no facial hair. But the tent video creature has a full beard and moustache and they look nothing alike. Debate that. Musky said absolutely the BF in the movie was the one he saw on the slab and that’s consistent with his report that it didn’t have any facial hair to speak of. Only now he says the BF he saw didn’t have facial hair because it was shaved off and then glued back on later, presumably supporting the story that the movie BF was NOT the one he saw in the lab. Only at the same time Musky said the lab BF didn’t have facial hair, Dyer said that it DID. Debate that with 45.

        • Big G

          martian didn’t i just tell you to bring proof with a theory. dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. many have seen it all, yes all said it was real. i’ve seen pictures of it stuffed under the glass. it has been altered. it is stuffed. i wont look like a live one. there is no proof that it is the same one. did you read the article. do you understand english. more proof will come out. no need to contiune debating bullshit.

        • Martin

          On that last point we finally agree, Big G.

          And with regard to calling me “Martian,” I can only assume you’ve added projection to your roster of personal defense mechanisms.

  35. wookieehunter

    Robert I’m just asking.trying to be civil lol.but how did you find out about it being real.was it ppl outside the dyer camp or inside.if inside I’ve heard some say yea and some say no…if outside and the ppl signed a nda then they broke a contract and need to pay the price. Why would anyone who signed a nda . Tell u about it knowingly put themselves at risk of being sued. A lot of it just don’t add up is the reason why I have too see to believe. Ppl have been trying to catch one for years amd never been successful, big game hunters even. So in some wits behind a strip mall rd kills a bigfoot lol remember the saying if it sounds too good to be true. Plus the government negotiating with anyone to return anything like this is utterly ridiculous…never heard of such a thing.if they are giving away things.I wanna show the world et’s are real.

    • Big G

      i guess your not a hunter. coyoties are in every neiborhood in the U.S. once in a while somebody sees one. but they are outside millions of homes everynight. they are very difficult to hunt. so much so that wildlife services has resorted to using illegal poisins and shooting from a plane to get them. bigfoot is smarter tham coyoties. they have our brain. most bears spend thier whole lives without a human seeing them. why is it you cant imagine the bigfoot that dyer shot wandered 4 miles from a ntaional forest to a minni mall. they can smell food for 20 miles or so if the wind is right. they can cover a mile faster thatn a human in rough terrain. 4 miles less than a half an hour in a 6 hour foraging tour. i found a creek bed 100 feet wide that the animal could use a corridor. he didn’t have to go across any roads or suburban yeards in the 4 miles to the kill area. i bet in a pinch he could be back in the forest in less than ten minutes for cover. what is your thoery?
      you have alot of bullshit about nds what about the possibility of the animal using a corridor following smells. thats what they do in the wild and how they move under the cover of darkness. have you looked at the area from a satellite at night to see about the lighting of the area. bring some investigating with your theory’s. robert cant do everthing for you. by the way dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. ive seen pictures of the body.

      • wookieehunter

        We’ve all seen the pics…I understand that they duo vine out of the wild.they have been seen at dumpsters and all.what I’m saying is fir years amd years ppl from big game hunters to every day Joe have been trying to capture or kill one and their had been incidents where they have been hit by a car or ppl have shot them.some may have died but not one person in the history of bigfooting has ever been able to come up with one because they are so elusive and quick as you just after being woke up a known hoaxer jumps out the tent.with the bigfoot on the move.he catches up to it and shoots it and kills it…first of all if in fact he had one and the govt. Got their hands on it.they aint giving it back.and for those who believe that they did. Well I don’t know what too say…who would go over 2 years with a bigfoot and not come forward.if a person had the find of the century they wouldn’t be bringing it around like a carnival act…all I have is dyers past and present behaviors to go on plus a bit of common sense. And wrist I meant with the non dis closures was that if ppl are in a nda agreement and tell Robert what they know then they would be in breech of said contract and are liable..I’ve had to sign a few so I am aware it meant keep ur mouth shut…if these ppl had nda’s then I doubt if any real info ifs leaked.and.from what I gather its like the leak where smeja allegedly won the bigfoot bounty….didn’t happen but it was leaked….let’s see what the future states and we will see…

      • Ethan H.

        Big G, how do you know Bigfoot can smell food 20 miles away? Also, reading some of your other posts, it struck me that you spell worse than a 3rd grader, can’t use punctuation properly or make words plural the right way or know when to use capitals. You have the internet at your finger tips, including the right way to use/spell every word you’ve typed. This isn’t to be insulting to you, but your words carry less weight when written like this. And I’m willing to bet $10,000 Dyer has no Bigfoot. I’ve seen the pictures too and they look ridiculous, also, his Feb 8th or 9th press conference has been delayed/rescheduled/postponed whatever you want to call it. That was a real shocker. There will never be a press conference because there is no Bigfoot.

  36. Big G

    it make good sence you wont debate anything i’ve stated. but you would still comment on spelling. what the fuck is this a spelling bee. am i turning in a page for a grade. are you grading my paper. the problem with everything you have brought here is its completely off topic. the fact is i dont give a crap to present you with a perfect paper as im not going to be graded. and you still understand what ive said and you dont have a reply. so the only thing you got for me is a poor grade in spelling. you shouldnt be commenting on dyer if you have nothing. if you jumping on me over spelling then you have nothing. retard is a better word.

    • Ethan H.

      G- When someone says they have something and others say they ‘no you don’t’, the burden of proof lies with the ones that claim they have something not the one(s) claiming they don’t. Think of a district attorney charging someone with a crime (Dyer claiming he has Bigfoot) and the defendant (everyone that says bullshit), the proof of the crime has to be proven by the prosecutor (Dyer), not by the defendant (us). And I agree with tertius, your spelling/grammar is atrocious. You aren’t turning in a paper or competing in a spelling bee, but it does make you look less intelligent and therefore less credible. Your writing skills are like that of a 3rd grader. Wanna bet on Dyer’s Bigfoot?

  37. 45 caliber

    Big G, you’re correct, Pink offers nothing and it’s time to move forward. Martin, reading the events about what happened in the movie Musky may be correct. He claimed the Bigfoot in the movie was indeed what he had saw, is that the tent video he was talking about? It’s clear there were two Bigfoot’s not getting a clear view of the one running across the screen. I’ve read your comment about the facial hair but you make no sense. Yes, the movie shows two bigfoot’s, one showing less hair perhaps? Musky describes a Bigfoot he saw with little facial hair but claims it was shaven. Rick describes a Bigfoot with more hair, perhaps before it was shaven? Today the images show facial hair knowingly the face was reconstructed replacing the facial hair back onto it. I don’t see the significance in any of this hair debate.

  38. Ron

    45 Caliber….
    Ask yourself why hasn’t Dyer released a SINGLE PHOTO of HANK after he shot and killed him in SAN ANTONIO? Dyer has always claimed he had taken many photos of HANK as he lay dead on the ground and subsequent photos of loading him on the truck. Dyer releases recent photos of HANK on tour yet refuses to show A SINGLE PHOTO of HANK AT THE KILL SITE?? I call BS!

    • wookieehunter

      That’s what I’m saying as well.I mean who does he think he is Barnum Bailey…he has lied all the way thru this thing, story changed dates changed.and on, and on, and on…as usual…this is the whole deal why ppl don’t believe Rick.he uses deceptive tactics.why be rude to ppl.let Steve kulls look at it and don’t play with ppl like he feels to me like he only wants to mess with ppl.thru the whole history of dyer he has stated he did not believe in bigfoot and that was one reason he was messing with the bigfoot community..forget about the alleged ever heard the one about the boy who cried wolf…..oh and we can’t forget about the ebay fraud that was not too long ago…it will take hard proof for ppl to believe him or to be very very gullible.

  39. philip

    It is clear that 45 caliber is, shall we say, a bit touched. In his/her zeal to attack pinkfoot, 45 simply ignored the many logical posts of Martin. Everyone just shut up about this, and leave the burden on Dyer. He is an attention whore, and you are all giving him what he wants….and me too, for that matter, so I’m outta here.

  40. Tim Fricke

    Robert, I thank you for spelling it out for everyone in detail so maybe some people can understand the story a bit more. Obviously Pink, Cali, Randy, Kulls, Boucher and the others just can’t grasp the truth. As 45 has asked, show me the PROOF that this is all a HOAX! I called in to Kulls radio show and tried to shed some light to those that don’t know the story, but was hung up on. We have asked on every show that we have done, for those of you on the fence or way on the other side to call in. You will be treated with respect and we will answer any questions you have. Yet, no one calls in. But when I call in to “Your” show, I get hung up on. It’s time to move on and except the fact that this is all REAL! Thanks again Robert for keeping it REAL, through all the Good, Bad and Ugly.

    • Thank you!

      It’s a TRUE story!

    • Ron

      Do you have an answer to my question above concerning the supposed PHOTOS taken in San ANTONIO which have NEVER BEEN SHOWN PUBLICLY? Don’t tell me he is waiting BS. The *cat’s out of the bag* since he released the recent photos od HANK in the trailer…so there’s NOTHING holding him back in releasing the photos of Hank after he *shot* him and loaded the body on the *truck* (wink wink).

      • Big G

        ron you should ask him for the truck reciept . 2 months ago thats what you needed. ill try back tommorrow you will praobably need something else. if you dont go see the bigfoot then i guess you will have to rely on the people who have seen it and they all say its real. its poor taxidermy but its a real bigfoot. dyer killed it for you to view. nobody cares about your demand for pictures.

        • wookieehunter

          So g after all he has done in his past you still don’t want nothing more than his word….if u had kids and a dude was a child molester but he stated unequivocally he has proof just his word.would you let your kids stay with him or would you want proof.

    • wookieehunter

      I want to see proof it’s real, not proud it’s a hoax..once a lier always a liar,a leopard does not change its spots….

  41. 45 caliber

    Philip, I acknowledged Martin’s comment and pointed out a complete rebuttal and an plausible explanation to his post.

    Ron, I think Rick answered your question already about releasing photos of the aftermath. As explained to me, these photo’s and video will be released in a DVD in due time. As I understand it, and correct me if i’m wrong, Rick has never promised to release any photo’s of the shooting scene other than in DVD form? Just a month ago everyone was crying about wanting to know when he’d show the body, this has happened with pictures everywhere. As I see it, Rick is the only person living true to his word although taking a bit of time I agree.

    • Ron

      Again..there’s NOTHING holding Dyer back from releasing all the so called photos (and video) that were taken at the scene. He has balked on the DVD’s already, but DVDs aside…the PHOTOS that were supposedly taken should have been made available by now and he has shown NOTHING. He can show us the body of Hank in the trailer now…so what’s preventing him from releasing the kill site photos? That very telling, since he has NO REASON TO KEEP THEM HIDDEN! He doesn’t HAVE any photos proving he shot this BF in San Antonio, since they would have been released along with the recent photos in the trailer! WAKE UP GUYS!!

      • mike

        I agree. Wouldn’t Dyer use the kill pics on his wraps for the vehicles? Sure would look great having the master tracker looking over his ‘fresh’…..

      • 45 caliber

        Ron, The reason to ‘YOU’ may not be apparent why there is no picture been released. I’m guessing it’s safe to say people in Ricks position have reasons why which you’re not privy too, don’t you agree? That being said you sound disappointed not satisfying your curiosity of more pictures, as a result you’re telling us to ‘Wake up guys’!! Why, because your picture curiosity is getting the best of you? Still proves nothing of any absent pictures. Let’s give him the chance to produce the DVD. Again, Rick thus far is the only player producing anything, I’m leaning towards him on the truth of this matter.

      • Big G

        how about they are worth alot of money. he charged the mobs taxidermist 20,000 for a private view. why dont you offer him some money for the photos. how do you know they arent already sold.n the whole event was filmed by mathews. why haven’t you cried to mathews for his video.face it. dyer doenst care about your demands. but he does have a bigfoot.

        • wookieehunter

          G how do u know he has a bigfoot? What proof can you give us? He had one in ’08 as I recall as well…oh wait that was a hoax that went around the world and a live news statement….

    • Tammy

      45 you are dead wrong on Rick not promising to realease photos and videos of a very dead Hank on the night of the shooting. For months before and after the release of the movie Shooting Bigfoot Rick claimed he’d be realeasing HD video and tons of pictures of Hank dead on the night of Sept. 6h. He must have said this a thousand times. It was also Rick and Rick alone who said the movie would contain 3 minutes of HD footage of Hank. All anyone has ever asked is for Rick to follow through on the claims HE makes.
      Why won’t he simply realease one pic of Hank from the night he shot him. Just one. And please spare us the excuse that we wouldn’t believe it anyway. Anything would have to be better than the pictures we’ve seen so far of that mess of a doll in a crate he’s been posting recently.
      But see, we all know he won’t post anything from the night of the “shooting.” We all know he won’t post any video from the night of the “shooting.” He won’t EVER produce a single piece of real scientific proof that the Hank doll was at one time an actual living Bigfoot.
      The only thing we all know is that Rick Dyer will continue to lie and delay and have a good laugh at the expense of the entire Bigfoot community.

      • 45 caliber

        Tammy, it’s safe to say things change over time and maybe Ricks intensions was to bring pictures forth while other options weighed against it over time. We and certainly YOU don’t know the reasons why except for speculation. You keep claiming he will never produce a DVD when in reality the DVD hasn’t been released yet, that is dumb logic to say the least. That’s like me saying Tom Cruise will never do another movie when I have no knowledge what Tom Cruise is working on, or getting ready to release, Right Tammy?
        Tammy, while you’re commenting about your anger about some pictures, I don’t see anything in your post about proof that this is a hoax, instead you bitch about ‘missing pictures’, Really?

        • mike

          And with you being so condescending we don’t see you showing any proof to it not being a hoax,45mm.

        • Tammy

          45, I mean Musky, is that that best you got? Really?
          Rick failing to fulfill ANY of his previous promises is the BEST proof there could be that he’s not going to fulfill future promises. Surely even you can understand that simple logic.
          Rick’s intensions? Again, seriously? Rick has stated multiple times since the 2008 hoax that his intentions are to hoax the Bigfoot community again. His own words again. When exactly are we supposed to believe Rick’s words? It would really help us all if we could have some sort of guide to understanding when we should or shouldn’t believe what he’s saying is true. You’re close to him, help us out with that if you don’t mind.

          And those missing pictures I’m “bitching” about are the best proof there is that this is a hoax. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that a Bigfoot was shot and killed in San Antonio on Sept. 6h. No pictures, no video. not a single witness has come forth and said a Bigfoot was shot and killed on Sept. 6th. And of course not a single piece of real scientific evidence has been provided. Press conferences conveniently posposned until after the tour. Yeah, no proof whatsoever that this is a hoax.
          Maybe if you’re blind and dumb or involved in the hoax.

      • Ron

        BRAVO! You nailed it…*100%* as Dyer always puts it…lol

        • Big G

          Yea tammy you nailed it. I didn’t read your bullshit as its the same shit that the rest of the mob has been bringing over here for sometime. did you say you wanted pictures. ill call dyer and see if he’ll get you those pictures. he wants $100,000 for a single pics. oh you cant pay. that’s why you haven’t seen them . I hope you didn’t build a whole story line around those missing pictures prove that dyer doesn’t have a stuffed bigfoot in the trailer right know.

      • wookieehunter

        This is what I’m saying about his story always changing. I will give him credit for being a master….master manipulator and ppl believe all his excuses.

    • Martin

      45 caliber, I do see where you responded to my questions about the figure’s facial hair, but as Philip stated you have not addressed my larger point, which is that you’re asking people to prove that two men with records of past misrepresentation do NOT have a Bigfoot body. I do not understand this line of thought.

      To anyone, the default presumption would be that such men have shown their tendency to fabricate (one has been in trouble with the State of Illinois for this reason) and therefore should be disbelieved until THEY show proof.

      So far all we’ve seen is a figure with hair that burns, which is no more proof of its authenticity than any sideshow gaff’s presence at a carnival is proof that it is real.

      To try and convince people that an outlandish claim is true because it has not been proven to be false is the well-known Charlatan’s Challenge. Can you make me understand why you would even raise suspicion by making this point?

      • Big G

        mob pile on 45. everybody taking a shot. why is the mob here. the facts are stated above except them and move on. it serves no purpose giving 45 you demands. dyer has hung the mob out to dry and im loving it. you have no proof to believe dyer is hoaxing but he has a stuffed bigfoot. i’ve seen a picture of a stuffed bigfoot. let it go man. none of you is capable of a good debate. what do you thing about sykes harming the bigfoot community with his findings in the 3 part documentary. he has done more to harm the community then dyer. Why doesn’t the mob save us from sykes. im tired of listening to bullshit about dyer.

        • not even wrong

          Wow if you think Sykes is doing more damage than Dyer and his traveling laugh fest (and yes they are laughing at him and the bigfoot community on those news shows), then you are either Dyer or an idiot.

        • Big G

          are you kidding me. dyer is a small part of whats going on in the bigfoot community. hell dyer hasn’t even reach primetime. only the mob shitsheads listen to his daily show. the documentary reached millions more then dyer will ever reach your a fucking idiot for thinking dyer is that big.

        • wookieehunter

          What facts? is what I’m asking,no disrespect to Robert at all but all I’ve heard about facts is this is real, this one seen him, that one did this, this happened for this reason.that is not facts that is just Robert stating what allegedly took place explaining it all. Fact is just that it it’s a fact that dyer has hoaxed, it it’s a fact that after the ’08 hoax he stated there will be a bigger hoax coming, it is a fact he lies, it is a fact he deceives, it is a fact he is a bully, it is a fact he has committed fraud several times, it it’s a fact the story changes like he changes under ware, it is a fact most of tt left him because they were being deceived, it it’s a fact a known hoaxer, lier, deceiver needs to show indisputable proof beyond a reasonable doubt for anyone with common sense to believe him.

      • Keith

        Martin, after reading posts up until this point, you are far too intelligent to be bickering with these people. You’re unfortunately wasting your time. They’re asking to have a negative be proven (such as the debate on whether God exists); it’s impossible. They just get more and more entrenched in their viewpoints, illogical as they are, and beside the main point, most don’t have the grammar skills of a 7th grade child. Their collective IQ is less than the average porcupine. I personally agree with what you’ve been saying, but I hate to see you waste your brain on the bunch.

  42. not even wrong

    So 45 caliber what would you consider “proof of a hoax”? How about numerous experts in the field of taxidermy and costume design talking about the poor quality of the “body”. How about cancellation after cancellation by Ricky of interviews/videos etc? How about the only “released” footage in the movie and the tent video look nothing alike and definitely don’t look like the fake body? How about the fact that we are supposed to believe that the greatest discovery in modern history is spending 13 months touring gas stations in a homemade wooden box before being released to a museum that won’t be named? How about Ricky attempting hoaxes every year since the freezer fake and failing? Based on your logic, I can’t prove Santa Claus doesn’t exist so he must be real. 45 caliber, are you saying Santa Claus is real?

    • Ron

      The notion that one has to *prove this is a hoax* is faulty logic. The default position is that DYER is required prove he has a heretofore *unknown* ..unidentified primate. PERIOD end of story. He has not done so. It would take DNA analysis to accomplish this. Dyer has no DNA evidence because, if he did, it would have already been released by the time the *body* was *turned over* (cough cough) to him. BTW, Dyer would never be able to dictate how or when this *data* would be released, BUT>>>>it certainly would have been released by the time the *body* was turned over to him (cough again).
      Having said all this….the other ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is the failure to show ANY photos he says were taken after he killed the BF and loaded it on a truck. That’s HUGE, because it would bolster his claim if he did so and we also could compare those photos to the present *BODY* on tour. He CAN’T PRODUCE THOSE PHOTOS BECAUSE THE DON’T EXIST.

      • Big G

        your wrong. it is a known primate. melba has 3 nudna sequences for the evidence locker. it is also identified. homo sapian cognitus.. melba had dna from an individual and a video of that same individual. its proven. since thay are real its possible for dyer to have one. and you not getting pictures doesn’t prove he doesn’t have a stuffed bigfoot.

        • wookieehunter

          But all his deceiving, lies and hoaxes and fraud kinda does. He ain’t the most reliable or reputable guy on planet…

    • Big G

      and again no proof that dyer doesn’t have a body.

      • wookieehunter

        No proof he does either…all just speculation and hearsay. For some reason I can’t get around the fact him hoaxing, lieing, cheating, committing fraud…I mean how do you believe a person like that.He has a flawed character…he is not to be trusted because of his past actions. Your past actions define who you are…an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic..I’m not being rude.I’m just starting the obvious.

  43. 45 Caliber Musky Man, if you read the above about all the attack video, the dead body etc etc etc have you noticed all of the Sudden SURPRISE we have a baby bigfoot dead we are putting on display as well, they “investor” in Vegas must have had Chris Angel Pull Some freeky Magic to have this “Suddenly” come fourth. My guess is they had enough left over from the First body to make a “Baby”, just my Opinion but trust me when i say the body is fake, i have a very valued friend who is a mortician that laughed at this “preservation” method lol

    • Big G

      now morticians are taxidermy experts. im not sure when the last time the mortician dried the fur and skin of a human for a mount going in a museum.

      • Big G

        dyer wanted 20,000 for him to view it. didn’t you read the article. the only taxidermist to help your cause would be the one that worked on hank. that is the person who saw a dead body with organs and bones. why don’t you idoits go to the person who prepared the body instead of picking anybody looking to make a name for themselves by commenting on the work. the work was done by students. how does a taxidermist do dna. how does a taxidermist do a physical or post mortem like a doctor. does the taxidermist in the video have a bigfoot body. cause dyer does. ha

      • well if you have listened to Robert and Musky and some of the other “professionals” on here, the Body had to be preserved as if it were human skin, not animal because of the Layers of SKIN, so yea id think a Mortician would know about this more than a Taxidermist or a College Student(s). As a matter of fact has Anyone asked a Funeral Home to look at the Autopsy Pictures and Weigh in on it???? Im going to have to get going on that myself and make some calls

  44. Rene

    apologies to moderator…..I posted before finishing thought

  45. Rene

    has anyone seen the dead bigfoot pics besides Dyer?

  46. Great question Rene! This answer is NO. No one has seen pictures of a dead Bigfoot because Rick did not kill a real Bigfoot. Imaginary pictures from a delusional person!

  47. noneofmany

    I know this might sound strange, but I’m actually glad bigfoot might actually be proven by a guy like Dyer rather than a university or die hard methodological investigator.

    The skeptards have treated every paranormal subject with incredibly high standards that they make it impossible to study anything not already established as fact.

    All of their worst mistakes fall from one major misconception about the nature of evidence. That if your out looking for evidence anything you find is invalidated because if look long enough your bound to find something!

    Uh no. That’s not how it works. All evidence must be evaluated by
    compairing it to other pieces of data ONLY within the context of the data itself. There are only two kinds of instances where the origin of the data have to be reevaluated; one is insufficient sample size and a lack of control groups showing why the data should be considered of significance in the first place, the other is suspicion of fraud.

    If scientists studying Gamma ray bursts were made to jump through the same same hoops they would still be considered pseudo science.

    Did your telescope record a GRB? To bad you had it pointed in an area where you thought it had a high likelihood of happening. Now that inexplicable and well recorded event can be dismissed because, hey, you look long enough you’re bound to find something. Your claims of massive deep space hyper novae are extraordinary so mere normal evidence doesn’t cut it.

    What’s that? Other scientists have seen them while they weren’t looking for them? Well what about all the scans of universe not showing them? You think they don’t count? Unless you have metric by which we can compare what should considered a normal amount of views of such an event vs coincidences arising from the sheer scale of observations then any accidental pieces of evidence don’t count.

    Silly amateur. Now that you’ve pushed this idea without evidence we have plenty of evidence to indict you of being a crank and therefore any date you present from now on must be of extra extraordinary quality (a term with a well defined meaning and consistency among the echelons of scientific review as you well know).

    You could go in circles like this forever with the skeptards over stuff like this, and any circumstancial, statistical, or comparative evidence can just be dismissed by tossing out theory from experiment to proposed explanation stage by dissing the origin of the hypothesis.

    I hope Rick kicks the scientific communities right in the balls with his big Texan steel tipped cowboy boots!

  48. Mr. E2me

    And now for something completely different…..

    • mike

      I like turtles too.

    • Ron

      “your going to tell me that you read his post and you got” dude what are you smoking “out of it..”

      Uh’s “You’re”..

      This is all I needed to *read* to infer GROSS IGNORANCE>>>>
      “I hope Rick kicks the scientific communities right in the balls with his big Texan steel tipped cowboy boots!”
      But you’re in *THE KNOW* so I better not fugg with ya?

      • big g

        Oh good you have no response so go after spelling. Like I care about spelling or sentence structure in dealing with mob shitheads. Why are you here . People post their response to Roberts article and you mob shit heads come over here from the hate blog and bring a multitude of videos that don’t prove 1 thing when challenging what Robert wrote. The you turn it into an argument because we aren’t gullible enough to believed your bullshit. Dyer said this on this day so he is a hoaxer. Wake the fuck up. The story above is much more plausible the any of the shit brought here from Randy’s blog that you gullible dumbasses believed. Dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. And your promoting him.

  49. woodchucker

    Home Depot and Starbucks close by. Must be at least 600 guns in the parking lots alone in this Texas City. Yet RD had to fly in and pin Hanks ears back with a borrowed rifle, yeah right sure.

    He is a laughing stock, of cryptid slayers no doubt. And that’s pretty laughable. C’mon people, there’s more to read about than this dude.

    • Sorry woodchucker, but the author of this blog continues to blow life back into this hoax. Trust that most of us want it to die! Help us take it down and we can all go back to some good reads!

      • 45 caliber

        Pink, if you want ‘good reads’ why do you bother reading this, then complain about it, lol. Your obsession with Rick Dyer is frightening. What will you do when this is all over Pink. Will you still have a position with the National Crusaders of Bigfoot Justice??

      • woodchucker

        No need to apologise. See its simple, if you dont like it, dont read it. Robert posts about other BF stuff. Its just that when he posts RD bunk, the dregs of ‘footery seem to congregate in epic numbers. How the fvck anyone can get a hate on for this stuff likely means they paid into or took part in this hoax. You want to discuss BF, throe something out there. Dont just get hung up on RD. Its laughable.

  50. 45 caliber

    Ron, very simple, just because the level of proof hasn’t been presented yet doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Remember, Dyer just took possession of the body just 30 days ago, sorry it doesn’t meet your expectations or time line. I’ll say this again, Dyer has produced 10X the amount of proof this is real as opposed to the disbelievers claiming a hoax. Please direct me to any concrete proof via the internet and i’ll take a look, thanx.

    Scott Johnson, very well done providing testimony using experts. When did these people examine the body? Please don’t tell me their expert opinions are based from pictures, otherwise you’re experts are no better than Rick’s experts, right?

    Pink, Why do you even comment? You already admitted despite many months of daily interactions with Rick Dyer (your words not mine) you failed to comprise anything worth listening too.

    • Big G

      ive heard you say it 20 times and it still doesn’t mean dyer doesn’t have a stuffed bigfoot. I saw the pictures.

    • Big G

      you are. the government had it in vegas until a couple of months ago.

    • 45 caliber

      Martin, who said the burden falls on you? If I’m not mistaken Rick is bringing the body on national tour and the science presented soon, how is that for burden of proof? the way I see it, you’re pissed this is moving slower than you’d like, No?

      • Ron

        “….and the science presented soon”


        • Big G

          the science from whom. melba is the only one to sequence dna for bigfoot. she has done it already. that is the find of the century. if dyer had a bigfoot crap on your living room floor you still wouldn’t believe that dyer has a bigfoot. you impossible why do you carry on the crusade. it will be over soon and I wont have to listen to you little jerkoffs coming here sayin randy said this and come over here with nothing to convince the gullible. where is that truck receipt. if I remember right all you needed was a receipt. dyer has everything you need but you have to buy it. don’t come over here and demand free research. if you need it then buy it. why would you come over here and comment. we don’t give a fuck about your needs. the article is there. its full of info. now shut the fuck up and go back to the mob blog. come back when you have a shread. or maybe a picture.

        • squatting squatch

          Melba hasn’t done squat. Show me where Melba’s DNA sequences are in GenBank.

        • Big G

          they are in zoobank for all to see. not one scientist in the world has debunk any of her theories. so your going to look at the 3 billion gene clusters and find one that doesn’t belong to a bipedal hominid. good luck nobody has done it yet. oh your not a geneticist you just jerking off. figures. sasquatch is proven a year ago. oh and dyer has one on the trailer.

        • Ron

          Ketchum’s work is a non starter. It’s not accepted and has never survived the scrutiny of peer review… Gs opinion notwithstanding…lol.

    • 45 caliber

      Scott, I totally disagree. When has science ever classified a species by a photo? Good taxidermy or not, nobody can conclusively determine anything from a photo, let along some bad images through glass. Let me know when a expert spends some ‘up close and personal’ time with Dyers Body and report back here, Thanx!

    • Look Martin you have to quit bringing up this Musky scamming homeowners thing as it is not relevant.

      I warned you and you kept on doing it. If you don’t stop, I will ban you.

      • Martin

        I’m sorry, Robert, I thought it was because in that post I called him a name that refers to a personality disorder. With regard to the other matter, I believe it is relevant if he has deceived people for money, which is exactly the charge here. His other arrests and convictions I agree are less relevant. However, I respectfully abide by your judgment.

        • It is ok, you can say he has a history of scamming people, he is a scammer, he has a history of misrepresentation, he was convicted of scamming, any of that. I just do not want any references to that specific case and scamming homeowners. But you can call him a known scammer, with a history of misrepresentation, etc. til the cows come home.

        • Martin

          Thanks Robert…you have certainly further piqued my interest in the case. Thank you for your clarification and I’ll not mention it again.

      • wookieehunter

        The thing is Robert what ppl are saying about these individuals goes to show their character…is all…

    • wookieehunter

      How 10x all he posted was a few pics…he has stated a lot I will give him that.

    • Kelly


      Have these people actually looked at the bigfoots that these people have created?
      These people are not the best in the country.
      Please go look at this bigfoot from the one person who was interviewed. Yea that is so much better than Hank.

      So the experts can tell Hank is fake because it doesn’t look professional enough?
      Guess this is fake too. Or is it just a bad job?

  51. 45 caliber

    I’m well aware after some research in Rick Dyers history, it’s damaging i’ll agree, but I’m looking for damaging information today about this huge story. Sure there are people who say it’s a hoax, and some say it’s real, even ground at this point. Here is the problem, I see Rick has a 30′ motor home pulling another 30 foot trailer having no doubt a bigfoot body real or not. He’s not hiding a thing, rather bringing it on tour for all to see, including your experts. Instead we have Pink crying she was never treated right while in TT. We have others crying about pictures not being released. And still others talking about Ricks past, really?

    Again, Rick’s traveling around in the largest brightest Bigfoot show to date not turning anyone away to see it, and you’re still trying to debunk what exactly?

    • Big G

      good point 45

    • Ron

      “I’m looking for damaging information today about this huge story”

      You mean you either want Dyer to admit it’s a hoax or you want someone to grab the *BAWDY* and show you it’s a stuffed doll?
      Well, that won’t happen , since Dyer is in possession of the *BAWDY* and he isn’t about to fess up any time soon. COMPRENDE AMIGO?

    • Martin

      By your logic, 45, every sideshow in the past 100 years has included real specimens, just because the carnies let people look at them. Dyer has shown his body to no one in any way that could be regarded as welcoming inspection. The only person who has come forward publicly saying he inspected it at length was sued by a state attorney general for deceiving people for money, so that testimony has no credibility. All that’s left is talk. It is a completely unfounded case presented by two known scammers who have shown nothing but a combustible figure. And you’re saying it’s real because why exactly?

      • 45 caliber

        Martin, You call it a sideshow based on what, because you don’t have the sufficient evidence to satisfy your curiosity? then may I suggest you buy a ticket or wait for the scientific studies to be released, your choice. I might add many people have seen the body and testified to that, not just Musky.

        You’re right on one point however, there is a lot of talk, especially the guy with the body and the 60′ touring mobile, rightfully so!

    • wookieehunter

      He’s not doing it for free.

  52. 45 caliber

    Squatting Squatch, according to Rick he claimed the body was in Vegas then moved to Washington where he claimed the body. Provide a link where Rick claimed otherwise?

    • Ron

      Lot’s of RED HERRING being served up here…lol
      Who gives a FUGG about where the BAWDY was at any particular point in time? Dyer claims the *UNIVERSITY* has been *STUDIN’ THE BAWDY* forever..since time immemorial …and ???? Oh yeah…they need more time, even though I HAVE THE BAWDY NOW, they need more time.

    • squatting squatch

      Just so you can’t say he miss spoke, scroll down to Jan. 15th and listen to that interview. Same thing. Dyer made a big deal about going up to Washington to pick up the body from the university in Washington.

      • 45 caliber

        Squatting, Rick just kept it simple to the news casters leaving out the specific details on relocating the body from Vegas. Rick stated many time the body was in Vegas, then relocated to Washington where he picked it up later.

      • squatting squatch

        Oh and Craig’s crying video of seeing the body moved doesn’t count. Rick already admitted Craig never saw the body when that video was taken, plus that was months to late for what Dyer is claiming now. Maybe you better talk to Rick and have him put all his hangout videos back up, but that would really screw him, huh.

    • 45 caliber

      Scott, so what, he said the body was transported to Washington, that is true whether before or after. He didn’t mention Vegas to keep is simple in the blurb. This doesn’t change the countless interviews and Ricks own words the body was in Vegas. You hinge on Ricks every word now that he’s picked up the body. Instead of watching TV spots and news clips, ask Rick for the sequence of locations exactly where the body remained?? Vegas location has never changed from what I’ve heard and read.

    • squatting squatch

      Feb.8 2013 blog talk radio, remember admitting you where communicating with Rick months before your body viewing to out Shawn Evidence’s real identity?

  53. Big G

    now I see where all that iq im missing went. you have video of a special affects artist that did a bigfoot. no they havent come up with anything that looks real yet. dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. since these axperts haven’t seen it or done any tests on it how can they judge it. why can’t we use the word of the scientists that worked on hank. oh they haven’t brought out their findings yet. ok then we can wait. there is no evidence toward dyer not having a body. there is nothing to discuss. except what Robert wrote above. and since its a plausible and I haven’t heard anything remotely close to proving otherwise im going to say dyer has a stuffed bigfoot.

  54. Martin

    It seems Mr. 45 has subtly transitioned from “It’s real, people, can’t you see?” to “It’s real, people, you will see!”

    Which gets us right back where we were 15 months ago. We noticed your sleight of hand, 45. The hoaxer always reverts to “just you wait” when his attempt to confuse the rubes has failed.

    Back to the wagon with you, 45. You and the Bigfoot body no one will ever have a chance to examine.

  55. Big G

    wow I see the mob crumbling. all they need are pictures. I thought we neede dna.? oh wait melba provided some and that wasn’t enough. we need a body. dyer provides one and now . we need pictures of the dead bigfoot before he was stuffed. when will it end. this sounds like the review process they put melba thru even though she has 20 mt and 3 nudna sequences they still can’t find a problem with. it the same shit over and over again. come on people. let it go. dyer is but a very small part of all the investigating going on in the bigfoot community. the skeptards have mad him bigger than what he really is. he has played the lot of you better than a star athlete. I think of the celebrity that melba could have achieved if only she would have played the skeptards like dyer does. he is the master and the fact that the mob thinks that a dead bigfoot would be the find of the century only shows how little they know. the article above explains a lot of things we have been waiting for. its over. disbanned the mob. you lost. you can even see the bigfoot in a museum in California. nothing you have said will stop the museum from carrying hank. maybe some of the other museums and coledges will bring out their bigfoot bones from the basement.

    • Ron

      Damn…you and MELBA FOREVER. We get it.
      Melba is TOAST..really it is.

    • wookieehunter

      Dyers hoax made him what he is…let’s just get the facts straight.melba has nothing to do with dyer.I personally want proof its real…no more he said she said.Hey I can say the same things to ppl. Manipulators play with words and phrases. Someone even called it when his alleged bf was allegedly taken by the govt.he even started in a show the givt. Was not worried about him.our his bf.he spoken with them and no one ifs taking the bigfoot.then guess what…it got taken before the reveal. And bite his family was allegedly threatened.remember that and he stated that te as m tracker was finished.he needed to protect his family…yada yada yada then like a good scammer comes back story than had a friend who was one of the best scammers their was …I know about their techniques, they’re demeanor, their deception tactics. Dyer had all the earmarks of just that.

  56. Big G

    House of skeptards cards is falling. I feel sorry for those who commit suicide and those who will end up in a mental institution for life. my only hope is those in the mob blindly following there master will jump ship when they realize it and the story is full of holes. this desparate attempt to save the ship weve have seen today is shameful when nothing new is brought to the table. today we need pictures tomorrow we will need a live bigfoot in a cage. I would wager to say the mob in its actions have kept dyers name in lights for far too long. now maybe when they disbanned dyer will become a small part of the bigfoot community as he has always been to us. there was a lot of info in the article . not all of it about dyer. house of skeptards cards falling, falling. falling down. dyer has a bigfoot in a trailer and all of randy’s horses and all of randy’s men couldn’t put the hoax back together again. rip mob its over.

    • squatting squatch

      Let me spell it out in Dyer talk. This is a hoax, T-Total 100%. It’s D.U.N. That spells done.!lol

      • Kelly

        So you are 100% positive it is a hoax.

        If you are so positive please tell us your actual name why hide behind a fake name if your so sure it is a hoax.
        You should be able to put your real reputation on the line if your so sure correct? So post your real name.

        • Kelly


          Again I am not Matt.
          My name is Kelly Marie but you live in fantasy land.
          I mean the fact over on Racer X blog you all think Big G is Cathiee/Matt/Me as well.
          You all have more conspiracy theories you come up with every day.

        • Kelly

          squatting squatch
          If you spent more energy looking up other things than trying to connect me to Cathiee or Matt you might actually discover the information you have been looking for on who owns the bigfoot and where it will be displayed.
          But you like to live in this fantasy land of having to place everyone who speaks out against you all and believes Robert and Rick to be one or two people. Sad little fellow you are.

          Kelly Marie.

    • J

      Big G,
      I am definitely with you on Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Information. I also think her results will prove valid and she will be vindicated. This would have probably happened sooner if there weren’t so many toes stepped on along the way.

      But re: RD, we will just have to wait and wait and wait to hopefully finally get some form of worthy evidence to prove one way or the other on validity of Hank or not. I am no “Hater” but my two cents worth remain as “No Frickin Way” does RD have anything of a real BF. But we will just wait and see. The problem is we may never know, because the game seems to be to just keep stringing the whole Hank story and lack of evidence further and further. It may never end.

    • Kelly

      Big G,
      You are so correct the cards are falling on the mob that is why they are here trying to blast everyone and Robert.
      Robert has done is research and if the mob was so good at figuring things out they would be able to easily verify it all.

  57. Ron

    Now Dyer offers an *apology* for is immature behavior in the past…how gracious of him. Dyer>>>FUCK YOU. Seriously….do you think you can stroke us now? For anyone who thinks Dyer is the *real deal*…see his *BABY BIG FOOT* hoax video on Steve Kulls. This guy is a MASTER BULL SHITTER and LIAR par excellence. The best in the business.

    • 45 caliber

      Ron, relax dude, you are ready to explode, lol.

      • Ron

        Yes and you’re in *damage control*…let’s see who comes out on top.

        • Kelly

          I will tell you this. You will not be on top.
          In the end Bigfoot will have its proper respectful display where it should be displayed. Not in Ricks Sideshow tour.

          You and the mob will be wrong. This will all come out very soon.
          I don’t care about the mob eating the so called crow.

          But many of the mob should start thinking about changing their tune.

    • woodchucker

      Well Ron I can honestly say as true as that rings there are those who still choose to drink the koolaid. Not a damn thing could be said to change their minds either. It’s no use. Anyone in their right mind that can read these previous posts knows there is no helping the challenged. Theres more holes in RDs story than the Bonnie and Clyde Ford. And dont even mention that the gubment would be letting a philanthrpist buy a BF from a poacher because its in their best interest when we all know its their property to begin with. It would be like setting a fecking bounty and we could argue for weeks about the morality! This story is as cold as a mountain creek.

      • Kelly

        If you knew who this philanthrpist is you would understand why they purchased it. You would also know where they will be displaying it at the end of the Rick Dyer “roadshow”. The Bigfoot will have its proper home that you all will be very happy with.

        It wasn’t to hard to figure it out. If you actually pay attention to Robert and Rick where he has been headed to back and forth over the weeks.

  58. woodchucker

    I could care less if RD pulled that rug around with 2 plow horses. It still wouldn’t bring any reality to what he is selling. Plain and simple he is selling nothing, like the rest of his wares to date. But there sure are a lot of britches in knots over a big nothing. On Feb 9, err no 28th ahh just a minute its March, wait…oh fvck it this will only go on as long as you people keep spooning up these turds. Let it go and lets discuss some other BF stuff. RacerX and co own RD already. Theres no need to start that here. Move along people.

  59. dp

    Hay everybody, did you know that the Alamo Drafthouse is in on dyers hoax! The people at racerx is pathetic! Next America will be in on the hoax!

    • Kelly

      LOL yes The United States is all in on the hoax.
      They are seriously over there trying to e-mail and call the Draft House not to show the event.

      • dp

        new post by Steve Kulls. Dyer has had his RV and trailer for sale since Jan 7. Still think there will be tour? you didn’t say this? you look like a ass!

  60. Inventor

    You people don´t need Genbank, you and everyone else can have these sequenses downloaded directly to your own computers for free You certainly know where to go for it, but you know nothing of how to use it.

    Think of how popular someone within the scientific community would get, if they debunked Dr Ketchums work in a serious way. I am not reffering to soft balled anthropolgists and the likes, that just babble around, I am reffering to hard core molecular biology scientits. There are quite many of the latter kind around, but they cannot do it, because the results of Dr Ketchums study are rock solid.

    The only thing they can do, is to shut up about it, otherwise they get people like you ( even within the scientific community, yes there are lots of shitholes there as well) on their backs.


      • Inventor

        Thank you big g, You have done a very good work upstream!

        • E

          Tell me where the data is then…where is it? I’m not talking about a few hundred base pairs or a few isolated genes…I’m talking about all of it.

          I was not aware that it is publicly available.

        • Jason Judd

          Inventor, very nice. “E,” it has been publically available for nearly a year now. Pull out your wallet and pay for a study as all academia does. No one wants to touch it because of what it entails. First, please understand that all hybridization has been extensively studied and has this particular outcome: within hybridization, the n-progenitor (nDNA) supplies the phylo-position for the first hybrid mtDNA successor. The first, second, third, fourth and up to fifth speciated hybrid will share the exact (yes exact) mtDNA as the previous female progenitor. To combine a species, the different n-progenitor is utilized to create the new species sub-set with a allowable mutated nDNA while matching the mtDNA reproduction. To locate what hybrid came first, testing of the known hybrids nuclear phylo-position on the Y chromosome, through AMY-tree, locates the “age” of that species–the older one is the first one within an exact mtDNA species. This box of worms is what no one wants to touch. If you don’t understand what I’m leading to here: Melba’s mtDNA is the same as modern humans because humans are a successor hybrid sharing exact mtDNA with an older nDNA species. Thus suggesting we were an off-chute hybrid using “their” DNA as the supplier. It’s easier to laugh at it.

        • Jason Judd

          Where are the critics on my post? I’m sure there are at least 20 the call Melba’s study “toast.” No?

        • E

          Big R,
          You’ll get plenty of pissing contest posts from me to keep you in line but I’d rather not waste my time right now. Rain check?

          Please spare me the assumptions. I like to be civil and I’d like to keep it that way. I can assume you are a delirious douche bag for questioning my ability to read on a bigfoot blog but Oh well. Anyways, I am by no means an expert but I enjoy the reads. I had to reread Jason’s Post a few times to understand what he was trying to say. And yes I had to look up the phylogenetic position he was mentioning. I still don’t quite understand that part but I will try at some point. And maybe you meant that rather than “something” making babies with human females, we actually branched off of what is now bigfoot at some point in the past. That is an interesting point if that is what she is trying to say.

          Also, Inventor’s post seems to be gone now but I still don’t know where the raw data is. I checked your link and did not see it. What I mean by raw data is, like I said before, the billions of base pairs that define the genome. I am not looking for isolated genes that are a few hundred pairs long. I am looking for billions of base pairs that would not be printed out on a page. They would be in a very large file. I’m pretty sure Genbank would not accept it because it was technically human and they don’t accept uploads without the subject’s permission.

          I am no discounting Melba’s submission and I never have. I actually think it’s legit. It’s just more assumptions from you three. I’d say you are more like a mob than anyone else.

  61. Kelly

    I feel sorry for Randy and the “mob”
    Randy obviously doesn’t know anything about the Draft House and how well known it is.
    It is very amusing to see the mob here there telling the mob to call the Draft House to get Rick from showing the bigfoot at it.
    Wouldn’t you think that the mob would want Rick to show it there so the people will finally know what they know that the bigfoot is a fake?
    Why try so hard to get the Draft House to not show it?

    I see the mob attacking here and over on Randy’s blog. Its like the “mob” ever since Robert posted this post they are in fear that Rick did shoot it and they are wrong. So they are on full overload these days.

    If the mob spent more time in finding out who the person is that owns the body. Which was very easy by the way. Give you all a little hint to help you put the pieces together. Where has Rick gone several times in the past few weeks an easy drive from Vegas.
    I was able to confirm it with 2 simple phone calls to the place.
    Oh and yea it is real. When you all figure it out and make your calls you will be crapping your pants. Some very well known people.
    Robert is correct on the “billionaire, philanthropist, casino owner” they also do a bit more and are involved in something that makes perfect sense why this person is involved in it.
    I had no problem getting the information from the “location” Hank will end up after Rick is done with it.
    The mob has to understand Rick really only gets it for about a year and then “Hank” gets its proper respectful place to be displayed.


    • Who is the Billionaire? Don’t do a Rick and not tell us.

      • Kelly

        Why should I tell you?
        The mob will just flood the location with E-mails and phone calls about it. Saying how they can be apart of a hoax, or supporting it.
        Just like they are doing with the Alamo Drafthouse right now.

        Don’t you see if the mob stopped doing that then all these people would be known by now to everyone.

        I also thought the mob was so great at investigating things.
        Wasn’t Steve Kulls a P.I.?
        If he was any good at his job Steve would have had all this information already. Robert gave you clues and I gave you more.
        The mob should use their so called skills and do the research instead of re-posting the same stuff over and over.

        • I’m interested. if you don’t want to reveal the name, fine.

          I’ve nothing against Rick Dyer. I hoping his story is true. But Rick hasn’t proven anything yet for me. When scientists go on TV and reveal its real, i gladly accept it.

        • Kelly


          Again you can figure it out if you have payed attention to certain things said by Rick and Robert.
          You Ignore a lot of the “B.S.” Rick says and pay attention of the place he has traveled lately back and forth. Then you can easily link the person to the location. Then it will all start to fall in place for you.

          I don’t want to give the name because of what the “mob” is doing to the draft house. They have nothing better to do than try to ruin this all.
          They don’t want the truth if they did they would have figured this all out by now.
          Robert is one person and has spoken to the correct people. I assume Robert has double if not tripled checked his information.
          The Mob has many who should be able to figure it out. But they are way to obsessed with Rick and not Bigfoot.

          I am very excited where it will finally find its home.
          This is a great day for people who have always believed in Bigfoot.

      • I know his name, but I am not allowed to reveal it.

        • Xavier

          You dont know his name you’re conjuring facts admit it dipshit

        • All right idiot, you are banned.

          HAVE A NICE DAY!

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Kelly: the “mob” will do nothing at the draft house cinema (cinemas, because it seems to be a chain?)! Why? Because they cannot afford to fly or to drive there! Steve Kulls once was paid by FBFB to fly to LA. Now that they are Rick`s new investors, poor old Kulls has to ask his mother for the money. But she will not give him any, will only tell him that he should look for a proper job!! 🙂

    • big g

      So what’s new today from the national crusaders for bigfoot justice. Or NCBJ. That is the new name for the mob. Good job 45 on the Mob battle. The skeptics house is coming down and the fever pitch in yesterdays discussion about everything that the NCBJ has ever brought out as proof came out again yesterday. Except the truck receipt. I couldnt get anyone to jump in that 6 month discussion again. I might have lost my touch. Then the insults when you have no proof. Anyhow the circle over at the NCBJ is starting to pick up speed and the chanting is getting louder. I here somebody has a video of a barber that states the hanks hair cut is wrong and why that makes it a hoax. Good luck combatants this barber thing has me worried.

      • E

        Big g words can not describe how stupid and thick skulled you are. I just wanted you to know that I still think you are an absolute idiot.

        I thought you had hope. In between that chicken scratch there were some rational thoughts but I must have been mistaken.

        Carry on.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      wow, very, very interesting…thanks!..

    • Joerg Hensiek

      yes, don`t do the Lindsay!!! 😉

    • big g

      They aren’t doing any of there own investigating. Don’t you know how a mob works. The master works a catch phase that promotes his agenda and gives it to all the members with there assigned harassment duties around the web. If the master finds something that doesn’t support Hus agenda it doesn’t get passed on to the rest of the cult. You know like our government. I call out. Disband the NCBJ now.

    • 45 caliber

      Spot on Kelly.

    • J

      Disneyland? I thought Walt Disney passed away. But I do believe they have joined or acquired “The Muppets” so I guess that is appropriate ? ….. Sorry just kidding. I couldnt pass that up 😉

      • Kelly

        LOL J
        And where is Disneyland?

        • J

          Well, there is the La Brea Tar Pits and the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, which would be an appropriate place?? I had assumed someone like Steve Wynn for Investor as soon as I learned of the location near Las Vegas.

  62. Kelly

    If you say so Al.
    Unlike you I called a certain place and got the answers from the location my self.

    Why has not one person who has actually seen the body come out and say its fake?
    I am not saying seen as a photo but actually seen the body up close?
    All these people are gullible idiots and you are the master race who can spot a fake?

    • Chris

      Kelly, thanks for posting the ADH LINK, Do you know where the Flagstaff event will be on Thursday? Rather than rely on photos or internet speculation, I would rather get off my ass and go see for myself….nothing posted on FB or yet as to locations.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      that “Spanish” news reporter (US citizen, reporter of US station Telemundo, a station owned by NBC!!!!) DOES NOT COUNT either!!!! Hahaha, oh God, Al,you are killiing me, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES NOT COUNT EITHER!!! hahahahahaha..

    • Kelly

      Joerg Hensiek
      “that “Spanish” news reporter (US citizen, reporter of US station Telemundo, a station owned by NBC!!!!) DOES NOT COUNT either!!!! Hahaha, oh God, Al,you are killiing me, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES NOT COUNT EITHER!!! hahahahahaha..”

      Isn’t it funny when actual people have interviewed Rick and seen the body and haven’t come out and say it is fake. The “mob” will deny them as real reporters.

      The “mob” doesn’t want it to be real. Even when all the “Real” scientists and Dr. come out and say yep it is real.
      They will still deny deny deny.
      They will go well this scientist didn’t validate it. So it must not be real.

      They are getting desperate now. That they can’t find one reporter or one Dr. who has seen it and verified it to come out and say it is fake.
      We don’t count wannabee Bigfoot Busters and Special effects artists. As evidence.

      Why does the mob keep not wanting to post the 2nd part of the Spanish station interview?

    • big g

      Yes I did. It still doesn’t mean dyer doesn’t have a bigfoot. You answered you own question about the identities. Who wants the mob calling them. Stalking them. The mob, thru there process of stalking, I mean investigation , has cut themselves off to information because of there standard assault. And character assassination. Why would anybody do that to insure that your parameters are met. Nobody cares about your needs. You should go see the body. Dyer killed it and stuffed it for you.

  63. 45 caliber

    Waiting for what, Haven’t you heard, the body is on tour for all to see. Wasn’t that what everyone was bitching about months ago not being able to see the body?

    • 45 caliber

      Al, until that is verified what is your point? Congrats, you have a unvalidated opinion.

    • not even wrong

      Wow, you must have been the mack daddy on your high school debate team. Your logic rocks! Tell you what, how about Rick snips off some of that “hair” and instead of burning it sends it to someone credible for testing? What is the harm in that, he is just going to burn it anyway?

      • Kelly

        not even wrong.
        Why does Rick need to send the hair to anyplace?
        If the team of scientists have all the proof why does he need to have it validated for the “mob”
        Its not like the “mob” will believe it anyway if he did.

      • mike

        Kelly,your logic is flawed.If Rick was to send it to Sykes or someone even close to his caliber, it WOULD shut the haters up.I guess some people just don’t have any common sense.As a matter of fact it would help Rick.He could plaster it all over his used 92′ fake Bigfoot hauler.Think before you speak,sir.

      • Kelly


        It wouldn’t shut the mob up.
        They mob will then say Sykes is in on the hoax.

        Once you figure out who owns it and where it will stay once Rick is done. You will know that all the proof and evidence has been provided. My bet Sykes already knows but he is a smart man and knows how to keep his mouth shut till the release it all. Since he is still working on his paper.
        Your logic is the one is flawed in this case.

      • mike

        Excuses after excuses.That’s all you have.Not one single hair of evidence.That’s how scams are ALWAYS played out.That’s ok,some people do live in the REAL world.Some don’t.It’s best for you to believe in this scam.Evidently you can’t live in the REAL world.That’s all I have to say to you, sir.

      • Kelly


        No there is evidence.
        You just can’t seem to put the pieces together correctly and make the correct phone calls.

        You are correct we are living in the real world.
        We are not the “mob” who e-mails the draft house that they shouldn’t put this on because the mob doesn’t like Rick . I have done my own research you know in the real world not the fake world of the mobs belief. I know it is all real. It has all been verified by real people in the Natural History and the Scientific Community.
        You are the one living in the fantasy world on this.

      • Martin

        Ok I’ll spill it for Kelly. Hank is going from the Suds-n-Cinema tour straight to his own wing at the Natural History Museum in LA. You heard it here first!

        Damn! I just needed to make a phone call too! The receptionist was more than helpful, put me right through to the exhibit’s curator, Dr. M. Allen!!

      • Kelly

        You are an Idiot.
        You just proved it with your Dr. Allen comment.

        See you don’t want to know the truth. If you did you would open your eyes and investigate more.

      • Martin

        Hey I resemble that mark, Kelly. I do appreciate your backing up your accusation that I am an idiot by offering the empirical evidence that I made up a fake name, which you have a keen ability to discern. Very science-y of you.

        Your obvious clues were enough for any idiot to decipher, so I thank you. That museum also has a great auxiliary location at the Tar Pits, but none of the creatures is presented in its road kill state so I’m leaning toward the Gardens at the main location.

      • big g

        The hair doesn’t contain any DNA. What kind of testing do you need from the hair. Why do you not believe that the numerous doctors who have viewed haven’t done that. Everybody has there own demands. Why is it do hard to wait for info.

    • big g

      The stuffed bigfoot has no bones or tissue. There is nothing there except hair and skin. No autopsy can be done now. All you can do is view it. Dyer lives the way your keeping him up top.

    • Kelly

      Big G,

      They are getting desperate to try to get people to believe this is all a hoax. They don’t understand all the important parts have been removed already. RIck just as the skin and some of the hair.

      I suggest there taxidermist experts explain to everyone how to mount a body that has been used for research before it comes to a taxidermist.
      Its not the same as killing a bear for mounting.
      But they seem to think it is.

  64. big g

    Dr Alan carter. Diagnosing kellys problem. A stalker from the mob. Daily spreading lies and unproven theory’s is going to diagnose a mental problem. That would be like having a taxidermist say that dyers bigfoot DNA is real. Come on. Months from now we will come back and laugh at the aggressive nature these unproven lies were shoved down our throuts. Fiction and the mobs falls face first.

    • E

      People like you are the worst Big g. You and your RaRa attitude are empowering all these other idiots. You are giving them the confidence to repeat the cycle of stupid that has given this poor world their existence to begin with.

      You used to say move along and shut up about this subject but now you are becoming one of the pied pipers.


  65. Kelly

    They can’t they have no choice anymore they have to have this be a hoax. They have no other choice in this at this point. They can not accept that Rick was playing them for a year.

    At this point anyone who verifies this is real. Is either gullible, brain dead, or in on the hoax.
    They are all saying Robert has to be in on the hoax. I am sure Robert is laughing so much at that.
    They are even now trying to dig up all the dirt on Robert on the comments in Racer X blog.
    If they disagree with you they must find out any dirt on you that is the mobs mentality.

    • E

      O that Rick he is something else. He just always seems to have the last laugh haha. They don’t even know they got played for over a year and they can’t take it.

      Kelly you are a fucking troll. Shit the fuck up with your nonsense.

      This stupidity is scaring me.

    • E

      Robert might be in on the hoax. I don’t think he would get mad that people might think that. He has clearly made up his mind based on the information he knows.

      He gives everyone a platform so we have to go easy on him. I really do not think he is but it wouldn’t surprise me. Lots of information from secret sources means I have to have some kind of guard up.

    • Kelly

      So you don’t like secret sources.
      Then maybe you can have Randy reveal his source on the conversation that this person said they had with a person posing as Rick to buy a bigfoot body prop?
      Why doesn’t Frank Cali reveal which Federal agency he is working with?
      Seems that Randy and others are doing the same as Robert is. Yet none of you complain about that to Randy. why?

    • E

      I don’t give a shit about Randy. Him and POS are probably cool with each other.

      POS can end this but he would rather drag the story and you (and me) along with it. Liars and scammers should not be taken seriously.

      And Frank seems to be missing a few screws. He was hired for good reason.

      Robert is doing what? Hosting a blog? To be honest I would like Robert to have some sense of “I could be wrong here” but something has convinced him.

      I could be wrong about my feelings on this situation, which are that this is a major hoax.

  66. Joerg Hensiek

    Deep inside Al has thrown in the towel long ago…”thorough evaluations of her posts”, LOL, grow up “Al Carter”!!!!

  67. not even wrong

    So you guys have moved from calling everyone who doesn’t believe haters to now “mob”. Sounds very cult like to me, guess we shall call you guys Hankies or Dyerites. Tell you what, I guarantee every hater on this blog (me included) will come come on this blog once valid scientific evidence is released that this body is real. Will you guys go on record right now promising the same? Since the Feb press release came and went along with every other date Dyer promised, you guys tell me the date when we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt (qualified scientists validating Dyers claims) and we will all agree to come back here and post our apologies.

    • Kelly

      Not even wrong.
      Lets not have any Wiggling out then ( (qualified scientists validating Dyers claims).
      If we get a group of scientists and Dr to validate the claim of the bigfoot.
      neither side gets to say well that person isn’t qualified etc…

      I do not have a specific date and I will not give up one.
      When Robert spoke that many people are involved and scheduling conflicts happen he is correct. These people have lives other than this research so getting everyone together is not as easy as you may think.

      But I will be more than happy to say I was fooled by Rick and you were correct. But I doubt I will be saying that.

      • E


        Do you think there is video or photo evidence, hell even the full skeleton? The organs? Isn’t there an easier way besides some random schmo’s opinion? We don’t know who a doctor is but all I know is that there should be something on video or photo that is better than words.

        Does that make sense?

      • Martin

        But wait Kelly…you called the museum and verified it right? How can you say you might be wrong now??

        • Martin

          Unless you called the special private number to the museum that Dr. Allen gave you!

        • Kelly

          I know it is real.
          I was giving you the benefit that If it is proven to be fake I would say it is.
          But as i said I know you will be the ones saying you were wrong.
          If you think you know were it is going to being shown in the end. Do your research and you may learn more.
          But I suspect unless it is spoon feed to you. You can’t actually check it out yourself.

        • Martin

          So spoon feed this poor idiot. Walk me through it. I call the two museums and ask for who exactly? And ask that person if a Bigfoot exhibit is coming? And they’ll answer all my questions over the phone so I can be sure like you? I’d hate to look stupid. Oh, wait, this is me. I’m OK with that. Here goes…

      • Ethan H.

        You say these scientists and Doctors have lives other than research and there are scheduling conflicts. So you’re saying these accredited medical/scientific professionals are NOT willing to drop anything and everything not life threatening, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of a mythical creature? Not one of them? I find this very hard to believe, but, I have no proof, just my opinion. I would think any or at least one of these professionals would jump at this opportunity, a literal once in a lifetime opportunity. Again, I have no proof of anything, just my opinion. I don’t consider myself to be in either camp, “haters” or “dyerites”. Just a spectator.

    • Martin

      Yesterday the mantra was “haters won’t look at the evidence.” Today it’s been changed to “haters won’t wait for the evidence.” Score one for the “haters.” We’ve pushed them back an entire YEAR in one afternoon by showing what a ridiculous farce their claims of “proof” are. Now it’s the same arguments and trolling these folks were spouting early last year. The Musky & Cathiee Show all over again. Kind of nostalgic if it wasn’t so mind numbing.

  68. C.S.

    If a know sex offender was moving to town to town would you want to let it be know to the people that this person is coming to your town, even though he said he is a different person and he is cured,would you want this person next to you. Would you trust him in your house. Rd was a crimal And a hoaxer…But he killed a bf and he wants your money to view it…. it looks like he’s cured. Common sense

    • Kelly

      Have you gone to Ripley’s believe it or not buildings?
      Have you seen a Magician on stage?
      Have you gone to a freak show?
      I mean the Magician is fooling you but people pay to see them.

      If the Alamo Draft house has gotten Rick to go what business is it of yours? They Paid Rick I am sure. They know what they are getting.
      If people go they know what they will be getting as well.
      You act like your defending people your just butt hurt.
      Comparing Rick to a sex offender is amusing.
      Rick has not been proven guilty by a court of law as being a criminal or hoaxer. You know this is the United States where a person is Innocent until proven guilty.

      • not even wrong

        Well, Rick has been proven to be a hoaxer (which he admitted to) and has a list of convictions a mile long. So you might want to rethink your logic. I think you said it best “they know what they are getting” so if they know it is bullshit and Rick knows it is bullshit shouldnt you?

      • J

        Well….Rick admitted to hoaxing many times himself, and he said he would hoax us all again in a Big Way. Wouldn’t that likely be what he is doing here is simply following through with what he has set out to do from day one and told us that he intends to do?? Wouldn’t that explain everything about how this was handled and why the canceled events and lack of proof. It would seem pretty simple if we stand back and look at it rationally…I think.

        • E

          You would think. But the truth is they are trolls. No one is actually as stupid as Kelly, big g, Jacki, and 45. It’s not possible. You would have to try to be that stupid on purpose.

        • Kelly

          Not sure how we are trolls on Roberts blog here?
          Big G and Jacki have been posting over here for sometime. Longer than myself and .45 certainly much longer than you E.
          I do not think Robert would consider them trolls. Since it is his blog he gets to decide who are trolls not you.
          You are not providing anything to the conversation except calling people names. That is the trollish behavior.
          Shouldn’t you go back to Randy’s blog and post the same thing you just said here. Oh wait you did.

        • E

          I don’t post over there dumb shit. I don’t read over there either dumb shit.

          I have asked you questions which you do not answer. I am concerned with your thought processes though. If I had to run into you in real life on a regular basis, I would try to help you.

      • E


        I know you feel good about being on Team Stupid, but in the past you have spoken sense. I don’t mean to throw insults but I can’t help it.

        You can call it whatever you want. but in my opinion you are either trolling for your own sick pleasure or delusional.

    • jay

      dont everrrr bring Ernest down to their level … R.I.P. Jim Varney 🙂

  69. Kelly

    Dyer’s Hank = CHECK (although change millionaire with billionaire and California to Las Vegas)

    LOL wrong he is in Vegas as well idiot. LOL

    • Scott Johnson

      Kelly…the Minnesota Iceman’s investor was from California…hence the comment to change that to Vegas to match Dyer’s story…and you have the audacity to call me an idiot. Now that is funny.

  70. Joerg Hensiek

    hi scott, see my posts above on the comparison with the Minnesota Iceman! Just briefly the most important points: There is no film that showed the killing of the Minnesota Iceman. 2012 everything was filmed by Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films. So very soon we WILL HAVE a DEFINITE answer if all this is real or just a new hoax by Dyer. And be sure: nowadays nobody will pay for seeing a doll. Dyer will be forced to bring real evidence.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Scott: I did not say there is a film that shows the killing of Dyer`s Hank, I just said, it will show EVERYTHING that will bring the final proof that this is either a hoax or NOT. And believe me, Morgan Matthews will “come clean”, very soon..;-)

  71. E

    Hahahahaha. thank you for that.

  72. Kelly

    I never have gotten booted from BFF you are confusing me with someone else I suspect.

    • Martin

      Yes, Jacki, but we did get Ron over to our side. We were glad to see you extract yourself from the vortex after the premiere and quite proud of you. Whatever happened, luv?

    • Kelly

      Am i missing something is not the side we should all be on is the proof of Bigfoot?
      Is that not the real side everyone should be on regardless of who it is coming from?

  73. Kudos Scott Johnson! Best post of this thread! Here is the museum Hank will rest at … HaHa!

    • Hazlett

      Whats really funny about this entire thing, it has nothing to do with the belief of Bigfoot, it has to do with who believes or doesn’t believe Rick Dyer. Scott Johnson has posted one of the best comments on this thread and gives multiple thought out posts, the rest of you, just continue to blow my mind. I just cant see with the evidence ( many professionals) saying that this is a hoax, and Rick has nothing other than a Bigfoot body that doesn’t resemble any Bigfoot that has been on record, doesn’t match anything Musky Allan said in his very detailed interview. It doesn’t look like the Bigfoot in the movie, the drawings, the tent video or any other Bigfoot tied to this fiasco.

      There has been countless lies by Rick, he has never told the same story more than once (well maybe once, see below). Zero trust-ability in this guy, the secrecy from Morgan Mathews, the list goes on and on…I just see nothing that would make any sane and logical believe he has a Bigfoot, a real Bigfoot not a stuffed doll.

      Something else for you all to chew on, those of you that listened to Ricks Blog Talk Radio back at the beginning and he was telling his story of what happened, I got caught up into it and was starting to believe he really did this, then a few months later, a book came out on Amazon, I was dumb enough to buy that book, I read it, come to find out, what he was telling us on his blog talk show was all scripted, his book was word for word what he said on his show, nothing new. That is when I started wondering was this another hoax but I still had hope…Minnow Films was going to save this. Well, we all know how that went down, there was no 3 minutes of HD footage, there was no kill shot and the Bigfoot, if that’s what it was, looked nothing like Muskys description or the tent video and at that moment when they interviewed Morgan Mathews and he put on more jukes than Barry Sanders when asked about the dead Bigfoot, well, we all should have dropped anything Rick had to say but the beat goes on and on!!

      We still have “Very Soon” ladies and gents, it wont be long now, just see Scotts post, its just all your interpretation of “Very Soon”, mine is…the Olympics are starting soon.

      Until Science comes out about Ricks Build-A-Bear, that’s what it will be to me…Teddy Ruxpin!!

  74. RON

    So it’s *THE MOB* instead of *HATERS* now???….
    Where are photos taken in SanAntonio of HANK DEAD ON THE GROUND?
    I’m sure have your answer ready…but it will NEVER explain why he hasn’t done so while still releasing the *BAWDY*.

    • Kelly

      I don’t know why Rick hasn’t shown them. I am not Rick.
      I suggest you go to his fan page and politely ask him about it.

      If Rick showed you these pictures then what?
      Would you believe him then?
      Will you just make another excuse of something he hasn’t shown you?

      • Hazlett

        Rick doesn’t show the pictures because he forgot that he had promised to show them, Hank has a coat of resin on him now, stiff as a board now, kind of hard to pose him to make it look legit, that is the reason for no pictures of dead hank on the ground.

        I also think that on Randy’s site someone did the research about the Texas police ( whatever they are called now) and they said that Ricks claim of them being there is untrue…..everything Rick says is untrue.

        You guys remember when he swore on his KIDS life that he shot Bigfoot, I don’t think that I can forget that one, that really let me know what kind of person he is.

    • RON


      YEP and I’ll continue to pound the table on the one and only thing..other than lack of University results>>>>>
      I DON’T NEED TO ASK DYER…what’s to ask? He has NOTHING to HIDE or LOSE by doing so. He won’t show them in spite of showing us the *BAWDY*…so he doesn’t HAVE THEM.
      ERGO..he never KILLED *HANK*.

      • Big G

        i forgot about your personal needs ron. those pictures were for sale. why would he give them to you when they can be sold for millions. you still dont get it. dyer can tell you shit heads anything and still do what he wants. he is doing it. oh i wanted some photos of pamela anderson. she declided as i wouldn’t pay for them. that means she is a hoaxer. right.

  75. Martin

    Haters called this last year. After delaying and delaying the showing of any proof, Dyer takes a mannequin on a Truth or Dare tour before the “press conference” actually happens, which is necessary for whatever bizarre reason that seems to make sense at the time. So predictable. Toss in a second convicted scammer, a frightening but handy troll with multiple personalities, and several lonelyhearts, starfuckers, and Clown Posse types, along with a little mocking “Weird News” fringe publicity, and you have the makings of a seedy traveling roadside diversion that makes a few bucks in a few cities until the principals fall out over money.

  76. E

    Spoon feed me Kelly. Please enlighten us all. You clearly are above everyone else is in being the ultimate truth seeker. Where is it going?

    But I’m sure you have some excuse. “I need to protect POS that poor soul!!” What could you possibly have to lose? “Oh no’s POS might delay the release of a lifetime if I give the hater’s fuel for they’rere unfair abuse!!”

    If I have 3 minutes, a camera, and a dead body I can get “the moneyshot” (a picture, not what Bryan offered big g).

    Maybe a picture of the skeleton? Something!!

  77. 45 caliber

    All the people who discredit Rick Dyer hinge on his every word like a dog eagerly wanting a treat. May I remind you what the disbelievers keep forgetting, Rick has a Body and will display it in a town near you. Does that make the disbelievers jealous, angry, pissed, if so good for Dyer, I guess he won on all levels, didn’t he! Now go bang your head against the wall and keep up your angry comments, it only proves my point.

    • 45, no worries! We believe Rick has a body, we have all seen the pictures of the fake in the crate. What you left out of your idiotic comment, is Rick Dyer shot and killed a brand new species and has a real body know as Bigfoot. Can’t state those words can you, 45!

      • Kelly

        Ohhh Pinkfoot so sad.
        There was a time when all the mob didn’t believe he was in the movie shooting bigfoot, or that he was cut from the film, or didn’t believe he had “A” body. So three things at least have been proven correct.

        I forgot again since none of you super geniuses can’t answer it.
        If Rick had this “prop” made in LA with a prop house for 6,000 dollars.
        Why was he up in Washington state? One of the haters even took a photo of Ricks truck up in Washington.
        So why was he up in Washington State if the body was made in LA according to Frank?
        Seems you all can’t even get your stories correct.

        • Kelly, you must be having a difficult time with all these posts, you are confusing me with Frank? I have never stating anything about the location of the fake body factory. It must be hectic to constantly go back and forth between all those fake girly profiles! LOL! Try again you sick Musky man biatch!

      • dp

        Hay pinkfoot, aren’t you the one that said yesterday that dyer was selling all his stuff, and they wouldn’t be no tour? I bet you feel like an ass now!!!!

        • dp, yes, there are links to Rick selling his RV and small trailer on I never said there was NO tour. I do feel 100% like a ass due to 6 months of time and energy wasted on this outlandish hoax!

        • dp

          I really doubt that Rick is headed to Flagstaff with the body. I challenge anyone to find the venue and post it here. I don’t need to go see the tour and prove anything, YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS!!!!!!

    • Bryan Garcia

      Dryers is exposed as a fraud. He will make some money, but not off the bigfoot community. All of his crew are idiots especially that moron Musky Allen.

    • Martin

      He won if THAT was your objective, 45 caliber.

      Is that what you’re implying? It seems you have laid bare your ultimate strategy.

      Suddenly, that’s all this was about? Two known scammers manage to evade scrutiny until their mountebank’s wagon can creak along from village to village collecting a few francs from the repressed masses for glimpses of Le Chaînon Manquant?

      If so, well done, gentlemen!

    • mike

      You’re a big joke 45.

  78. J

    So again I say (and I would like some response from Hank Believers)….Rick admitted to hoaxing many times himself, and he said he would hoax us all again in a Big Way. Wouldn’t that likely be what he is doing here is simply following through with what he has set out to do from day one and told us that he intends to do?? Wouldn’t that explain everything about how this was handled and why the canceled events and lack of proof. It would seem pretty simple if we stand back and look at it rationallyDoesn’t it?? And if not, why not???

    • J

      You have to go back to the Genesis of this whole story. From the onset look at evident intent and motive of the one and only individual carrying out the claimed and observed events. All the others you refer to are just secondhand parties responding to the Initiators actions or claims.

      • J

        Jackie, I hope to get your response and I would like to get Big G and Kelly, maybe even RL to weigh in as well please.

      • Big G

        oh wow a new theory. oh no its the same bullshit. if you want a responcse to the genesis of this whole story i would suggest the bible. good luck and god be with you.

    • Big G

      Wow dyer has you squirming. im amazed at the reponses. how many words was that. nobody gives a crap what you believe or what your personal needs are for this to be real. hundreds of times in the last week people have come here and relaid their personal needs. nobody cares. you will get more info when it is given. and you will learn to like it or your going to commit suicide. coming here and demanding your wishes isn’t going to get you anything. do you think your in your mommy’s arms. trust me nobodt gives a fuck what you need. and we sure do want to listen to you crying for your mommy. no grow up. wipe your nose and get back to randys blog where you belong.

  79. Bryan Garcia

    Musky Allen was the biggest fraud of them all. His criminal history show everyone that.

  80. E

    What about the skin? If it was preserved in some way, it would have to be sprayed right? Some kind of liquid resin? Then what about the hair? Was it all removed first so that the skin could be treated in some way? And then reapplied?

    I am curious.

    • E

      No one has seriously commented on the tour that I know of. Have they Jacki? Anyways, it won’t be coming anywhere close to me. I am in Cali and would not drive more than 20 minutes to see it.

      It is a simple question though. Any ideas?

      • Big G

        you need to go to the web and find out. it doesn’t have anything to do with this story. remember if you dont find any info you like just make it up.

      • E

        Big R,

        I can check but figured people here would be in the know. And actually it is relevant. Maybe not to you and possibly only to me but that’s something.

        I don’t make things up to purposely fool people. I might throw some guesses out though.

        My guess is that you were dropped on your head a few too many times. My hope is that you are foreign and that there is just a cultural barrier.

  81. Martin

    The Hoaxer’s Arsenal:

    1. Uncontrollable Delays: check
    2. Necessary Lies: check
    3. Claims of Victimization: check
    4. Lashing Out at Doubters: check
    5. Information Restricted by NDAs: check
    6. Exploitation of Our Yearning for the Redemption of Souls: check

    All it’s missing is a 45-caliber accomplice scammer: check!

    • Kelly

      February 4, 2014 at 12:49 PM
      The Mobs Arsenal:

      1. Necessary Lies: check
      Oh like Don B. and some of the mob? Presenting lies and stories as well?
      2. Claims of Victimization: check
      Oh like some of the mob crying they have had phone calls and other forms of harassment?
      3. Lashing Out at Doubters: check
      Lashing out at those who believe in the story?

      4. Information Restricted by NDAs: check
      Oh like your secret sources as well?
      Or the Feds investigation this LOL

      This sounds exactly like the mobs MO as well.

      • Martin

        Mmmm, not so much. Nice try though. I did forget the Psychotic But Useful Troll With Multiple Personalities. Thanks for reminding me!

      • Hazlett

        Well Played!

        • KELLYZMOM

          Seriously Matt? You have the audacity to wag your finger about people using FAKE names and profiles. I have deduced that you are clinically insane. No one can be as stupid as you and still know how to breathe.

      • Kelly

        If you recall Don B. has made several lies about stuff.
        Lets see the one that comes to mind was the one where he said he was the costume maker of the bigfoot Rick has and he didn’t get paid yet for it. You know the one Steve Kulls busted?
        What about all the different Steve Lane accounts that are made?
        What about all the FB accounts trying to pretend they are other people.
        How many of the haters have pretended to be Rick or other people.
        I see over on Randy’s blog someone is pointing to what appears to be a fake account for this Matt Geiger person.
        Would be this person fredstone2013

        So again tell us how you are not lying and making stuff up?
        How you all are so innocent in things.

        It seems rather childish if you ask me.

        But what should we expect from a bunch of people with no real morals. Who hide on the internet and try to bully people.
        If Robert wants to write something from all this. He should write a piece on Adults and Internet Bullying.

        If you really are against Rick then do it the correct way. Don’t pretend to be him or other people.
        Don’t try to bully the Alamo Drafthouse to not show something.
        I thought you all liked freedom of speech? You all are starting to act like the Westboro Baptist Church.

        I dare anyone of you to go to the showing at the drafthouse and talk to Rick. Be respectful and go and see the body and all of it for yourselves.

        I believe if you go, You will find out Steve Kulls is lying about stuff.

        So why don’t you all go?
        Might be a fun night regardless of if you believe Rick or not.

        I will be there.
        I have gone to many events at the Drafthouse.

    • Big G

      dumbass mob arsenal

      1. search for a truck reciept for 6 months, check
      2. monitor dyers every move while see nothing.
      3. be proven wrong 100 times. it doesnt mean you cant fight to the death over 101.
      4. make up rediculious theorys and send them out all over the web.
      5. caracter assasination on everyone who doesn’t belive your bullshit.
      6. use everything that dyer said but take it out of context and finish all the sentences.
      6. never believe any evidence presented that makes the mob look wrong.
      7. carry on a blog for 100’s of words and say absolutely nothing.
      8. produce expert witnesses to prove that dyer has a stuffed bigfoot when anybody can see from the picture that the bigfoot is stuffed.
      9. ignore every plea given to them from here to just be patient nothing has come out yet.
      10. continue to say the same thing over and over assuming we didn’t here you when we are ignoring bullshit.
      11. lie to your self that you are getting some where when you have done nothing but keep dyer in the lime lite.
      12. when evidence is produced deny it and change the goal posts.

      well the ship is sinking and all of you are grabbing at life lines. i havent heard any new bullshit. randy hasn’t come up with a new theory. Maybe you could video tape a maid or a hair stylist and see what their expert opinion. is.

      • Martin

        I enjoyed that, Big G. You’re always good for a lower-case laugh.

      • Kelly

        Its funny you say you’r just asking for the scientific proof.
        So if that is all you want.
        Then why sit and trash this whole thing?
        If there is scientific evidence would you want Rick being the one to show that?

        I sure wouldn’t.

        Rick most likely wouldn’t even be able to pronounce most of the words.
        I want multiple experts in the field to be present. I want them to discuss what they found out. I wouldn’t want Rick doing this.

        Rick and others have said that they have to organize some 120 people to get together at a certain time and location.
        Yes it may be the biggest discovery but these people do have families and lives of there own that don’t revolve around this discovery.

        So why not just sit back and wait?

        Either it will be presented or Rick will be touring with a stuffed body of something.
        No one is forcing you to see it or listen to the stuff.

        • jay

          these 120 people that have to get together …. families or not … THIS IS THE BIGGEST EVENT IN THEIR LIVES !!!!! one could be phillip seymour hoffmans sister and she would have to miss his funeral for this event … she would be here and sent roses to his grave … there is nooooo excuse for someone to miss this press conference … people do their jobs to get ahead … doing work on a real life bigfoot is gonna sky rocket you to the top of your profession …. “Hey i did a blood draw on the president … yea i did the blood draw on bigfoot” … Hank is the only one they have if its real… presidents come along every 4 years .. there is nooooooooooooo excuse … i bet if one got stuck in a canyon running they would cut their arm off faster then 127 hours to make the press conference that is gonna change their life … NO EXCUSE NOT TO MAKE A PRESS CONFERENCE TO ANNOUNCE BIGFOOT !!!

      • Kelly


        You think it is the biggest event in a persons life.
        Doesn’t mean it is.
        Science moves at its own pace.
        They will want all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed before putting this out.
        Don’t you want this done correctly?
        Do you not want all your questions to be answered by the information presented?
        So again why not just wait and see what happens?

      • Martin

        Scott ^^ + A million. Awesome. Will you keep my schedule for me?

  82. Martin

    Look Squatting Squatch, Rick has said a lot of things and I know at some point he said the body was moved to Washington, but I know Musky saw it in Vegas, OK? You don’t know why Rick would say this or that, so why are you concerned about it? Twelve months, 15 months, what does it matter? You just keep banging your head against the wall and meanwhile Dyer has a body he’s taking all over the country while you guys spout your angry, jealous comments.

    How’d I do, 45?

    • mike

      Now that’s funny right there I tell you what.
      Exactly what 45mm would spew.

    • Big G

      now the mob is fighting amongst themselves. why cant you shitheads have a meltdown over in the mob hideout.

      • Scott Johnson

        Seriously Big G…can’t you tell that Martin was being facetious? He was responding as if he was 45 calibre. Damn you are a dumb ass!

      • Big G

        oh so then it was make believe like all the theory’s brought here. you have nothing so you need to play act over here. why. I cant imagine you really want somebody to believe anything you say is worth a nickel. dyer has a bigfoot and he loves the way you have kept his name in lights.

    • Hazlett

      I think the interview may say that Musky saw the body in an undisclosed facility (government) in Las Vegas. I don’t remember the body being moved to Washington State, I believe that is something that had been released after the photos of Hank were shown….could be wrong on that.

  83. E


    What do you expect me to do here? This is where I call you an idiot and wait for you to reply how I don’t put out any facts and just throw out insults.

    You fucking idiot.

    • E

      The news story is about what Rick says. That is the problem Jacki come on please!!!! You want me to read the story about how Rick says he will tour the thing and we get to see some video that doesn’t give us anything new? The same video which was supposed to validate some important information. The story says Rick will deliver the goods like planned. Yeah I will wait like a good little doggy because we know he always comes through on his word. Please Jacki it is just the never-ending wait and see from him please use your brain for me. Please I’d like to try and understand where you are coming from but then I am completely baffled by the relevance of the link. That’s where I am coming from in case you were curious.

    • Big G

      good move dude. if you had any balls you would go after somebody who may have called you something like me. No jacki post a news link and out of the blue for no reason you call her a fucking idiot. you mob shit heads have done nothing to further your cause and these drive bys dont prove any of your bullshit points. i wonder why nobody will give up thier name so they can be endlessly harassed shitheads obeying thier master and altimately keeping dyers name in lights. disbanded the mob now

      • E

        Shut up dumb ass. Go back to your hole. Balls on a blog??? Ok hard ass….You’re real tough.

        Let the pissing contest begin loser.

        Jacki dishes a little. She can take it.

  84. Bigfoot News May 10, 2013
    (From Robert Lindsey Blog)

    Bigfoot News May 10, 2013
    “I will receive all footage from Shooting Bigfoot soon.
    I am due to receive all 65 stills from the movie along with video footage from the flick.
    I can’t tell you who I will get it from, but it won’t be from FB/FB or Musky Allen;
    it will be from someone else instead.
    This stuff is starting to float around the web now.”
    What was the outcome of this?
    Is there a link to the 65 photos and footage?
    Thank you

  85. dp

    Hay pinkfoot, aren’t you the one that said yesterday that dyer was selling all his stuff, and they wouldn’t be no tour? I bet you feel like an ass now!!!!

  86. Martin

    The program for “An Evening With Bigfoot” was just revealed, can’t wait:

    Act I: The Horrible Beaste Is Felled In The Glenne
    Act II: The Intrepid Adventurer Seekes A Resting Spotte For The Beaste
    Act III: The Mighty Fisher of Muskellunge Describes The Beaste
    — Intermission (One Year) —
    Act IV: The Beaste Is Dressed For Exhibition In Publick Houses
    Act V: The Intrepid Adventurer Showes The Beaste To The Masses
    Act VI: The Masses Saye Meh, Do Ye Have A Mermaide?

  87. Mr.Washington

    Ok Here is the update for this blog:
    45 Caliber is obviously Musky. Look man, we all know you are a con man just like dyer. How many times have you been sued again? Your wrap sheet is longer than Dyer’s, Now that’s saying something!
    Kelly is the weirdo guy Matt Geiger, who for some reason, prefers to use a woman’s alias. To each his own I suppose, but never the less….You are an idiot sir. As well as Big G and Jacki. Musky did not see a body when he went to vegas the first time. He did however see a fake body when he went to vegas in Jan 2014. He has been a part of this hoax from the start.

  88. not even wrong

    On a separate note, what is up with the gang signs Rick keeps flashing? I saw it on a youtube video somewhere? Does the TeamTracker cult have their own gang signs now?

  89. Mr.Washington

    Oh…and BTW I know for a fact Randy’s source is valid. If you had half a brain, you would of already found it yourself. The guy asked Randy and everyone who talked to him, not to reveal his name. However, this conversation can be found in a public conversation. It was not private.
    It was a conversation among this guy and his friends.

    • Kelly

      Mr. Washington.
      We know the mob has pretended to be Rick. We know Don B. has tried to fool people many times before.
      Did Randy validate that the person calling was actually Rick and not some person pretending to be Rick?
      We know the haters make fake FB accounts
      Like Below

      So the conversation is invalid since you don’t have actual proof it was Rick and not someone like Don B. pretending to be Rick.

  90. Sarah

    Mr. Lindsay, I’m new here but I’m really enjoying reading your blog.

    Scott Johnson–Ron–mike–martin–E–squatting squatch–not even wrong–you guys rock!! Very informative and hilarious to boot!

    Kelly–45–Jackie—-and most of all Big G–holy crap….what are you thinking?????? I want Bigfoot to be proven real as much as anyone, but on what planet would you possibly believe it would be introduced to the world like this? Not a single piece of real scientific proof. Hauled around the country by some absolutely vile hick and his rag-tag group of cronies in a cobbled together crate inside of a u-haul trailer??? Seriously???
    Don’t let your hopes of Bigfoot finally being proven real get in the way of basic common sense!!!

    • big g

      Bigfoot is already proven. Your the one new to big footing. I’ve never backed dyer. I don’t care to talk about dyer nothing has come out by him to prove he has anything. Everything you have heard from the shitheads is also unproven. They listen to dyer everyday and keep his name in lights. How in the hell does anybody read what I’ve said and come up with me being a dyer supporter. Don’t be a shithead nothing is proven yet. But dyer does have a stuffed bigfoot.

      • big g

        I’m not contradicting myself. When I end a statement by which I point out that the bigfoot world doesn’t hinge on dyers bigfoot. Nor is he the first to hoax the first to shoot one.the first to get a body taken away. The first to get DNA samples. So even if he did all that , its not the big outing of bigfoot to the world. Its a very small part of what goes on in the bigfoot community. Having said that 100 times I’m still insulted daily for backing dyer by a mob that is responsible for 90 percent of dyers celebrity. There isn’t enough from dyer yet to make that call. I haven’t made that call. Stuffed animals aren’t real animals. All fish mounts contain no fish. We don’t know what dyer has. I’m challenging the mob to do some investigating. They wouldn’t know a dead bigfoot if they saw one so they can’t be trusted for their testimony. They don’t know any info but basj the info Robert gives them . I say they have nothing while I’ve seen pictures of a stuffed animal that looks like bigfoot. Once again nobody knows.

      • big g

        We don’t have enough evidence for anyone to be 100 percent in either direction. Period. I choose to investigate other things in the Bigfoot community. Dyer will get some thought if he produces info. At any rate it will be somsbody besides me and we are back to who should we believe. I believe Melba and Robert.

  91. 45 caliber

    Message to the nonbelievers and Dyer haters. At the end of the day Rick is doing ‘everything’ he said by touring the body. Your futile efforts to bring Dyer down did absolutely nothing over this past year. Now just imagine his tour bus and trailer like a ‘Victory Train’ with Rick Dyer at the helm that just laid tracks across your sorry asses!

    • Martin

      Ah yes, and so he again makes clear that this really was the goal all along…the ultimate prize. To last long enough to make it on the road with a freak show exhibit and market it as a joke right out of Ripley’s.

      Well, done, Mr. 45, the proven scammer. Again, as I’ve been graciously permitted to indulge myself: the proven scammer.

      Message received. You played your part quite well. You deserve to gloat. Yes, you’ve made it this far, but remember: your rickety journey has really only just begun…

      • 45 caliber

        Martin, step off the tracks. It’s obvious enough you’re butt hurt, but step aside before you get run over. LMAO!

        • Martin

          So it’s a train, not a bus. I get mixed up because the vehicles change so often. I guess it could be a “Victory Bus” running us down, as Musky the proven scammer was yet again thrown under the “bus” today by his accomplice, who stated the Bigfoot’s wounds self-healed, meaning there wouldn’t have been any facial damage to the carcass as Musky described (better call the office!).

          But never mind what Rick says, right, as long as you still have your ability to write those Super Villain messages to the world!!

    • not even wrong

      Great point, Ricky is doing everything he said except: releasing the body when he said he would, providing scientific proof, press conference, 3 mins of high quality footage, any pictures/video of hank after the shot, DVDS that people paid for and were promised on multiple dates, etc. But you sure showed us, driving around in an RV showing it off at places known for fake sideshow events is sticking it to us Mob Haters!!

      • 45 caliber

        Not even wrong,
        awwww, poor thing you are still crying. Maybe if you yell loud enough you’ll get what you want. lol

        • Martin

          See, this is what a proven scammer does: accuses the victim of being weak, accuses the DA of being a busybody, accuses the hangman of just being butt-hurt. Fascinating character study in the pathology of the proven scammer.

        • not even wrong

          Dude, you miss the point. My credibility doesn’t hinge on this being real like yours. I am also not financially invested in this like you are either. Keep trying to convince yourself this is real, Dyer needs his cult.

    • Who made you the Messenger 45? OH wait, you are really Musky Allen, the other proprietor of this Hoax! Come to your mouth piece page to squash all the problems before your choochoo leaves? It’s not a victory train, its a train wreck! We see right through your faux story and not as dumb as you had us played! Rick Dyer made outrageous promises that will never come to be. He doesn’t have a new discovery, only an old replayed hoax!

      • Ron

        Hi Pink…INFORZER here…welcome to the *MOB* LOL.
        I’ve been pounding the table on the Photos that Dyer says were taken in San Antonio after he *killed* (cough cough) Hank. Can you shed more light on the promises he made about showing these? He first said they would be shown on the after the original *AUGUST* date release as I recall.
        Nice to see ya here BTW.

        • Hey INFORZER. Nice to see you too! =) I am sorry, but there are no pictures, no dvds, no new discovery! So many false promises and so many lies! I am sorry to everyone who had hopes that this could be real! This body that Rick has is fake. Can I prove it? No, but soon somebody will get some hair or leak some information and prove that it’s not real. This tour is nothing more than a ‘Believe it or Not’ freak show.

    • Ron

      45>>>> the *end of the day* we have NADA>>>ZIP >>>BUPKIS.
      BTW..Dyer said Feb 9th was *the day* and now he waffles as usual. Of course it’s *ALWAYS BEYOND HIS CONTROL*, but the IRONY of it is that…HE IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED.
      Not a SINGLE *outsider* >>>>>Investors…Lady Government Inspector who first came to see Hank….University scientists…Homeless people who helped Dyer load the *BAWDY*…Reporters who were invited to see the body last summer….<<<<<<>>YOU ARE A LIEING MUTHA FUGGA!

      • Ron

        EDIT>> FOR ABOVE

        • Big G

          why would anybody want your mob hailstorm. how many times do you retards need to be told that you are the reason nobody gives their name. who wants to have phone calls and be stalked the way you’ve done dyer. now many people have you harrased over the dyer situation. your excuse for the hailstorm is they shouldn’t be involved in a hoax. hey I got a theory. maybe the reason you cant find any evidence that it is a hoax is there isn’t any.

  92. Robert pressers Jan 1-15. I thought the conference was set for Feb 13th but was called off because some of the scientist couldn’t be there.

    If your dates are correct the conference has been delayed already by one month

  93. It was actually the 9th , sorry.

    • Thanks Drew. Robert is being fed lies but by who?

      Robert also said the pressers were scheduled for Jan 1-15.

      Dyer said the Feb 9th conference was only called off because some of scientists couldn’t make it., that day.

      Which is it? If scientists couldn’t make it in Jan., was Dyer lying about Feb 9th conference.

      I hope Robert lets us know who told him the press conference was set for Jan and not Feb.

  94. Mr.Washington

    Not only did randy talk to the prop maker who says rick called him about making a fake bigfoot, but Jennifer Caywood did as well. Ask her about it. So what now, two people are lying about this guy? Please.

  95. Big G

    thanks drew for send a commentary by an expert that thinks bigfoot is giganotpithicus. is this another expert witness. why must you shit heads bring this bullshit over here. why is anything written about dyer proof or even remotely factual.

  96. i really don’t need to see anymore. although the aftermath will be amusing.

    • Jason Judd

      Fact is: TT has seen way more proof that RD is telling the truth than these “nobodies” can comprehend. What were your names again? Ah yes, anonymous 1, anonymous 2, and anonymous 20. Which all have 3 different accounts so that they may accede themselves. That is very sad. At least Johnson has balls. But then again, all of these anonymous’ have at least one female pseudo-account that they champion. Why would anyone listen to them? Anonymous doesn’t believe in themselves, so why would anyone believe in them? Am I missing something here? Can anonymous really be believable? And if so, which anonymous takes credit? In bigfootery, is anonymous a “camp?” Perhaps anonymous is a blurry addition? Is anonymous a blob-squatch? Do you consider blob-squatches as evidence then? Perhaps, anonymous can “zap” you with cloakisms? Yes, anonymous is a cloak. Anonymous bigfooters are the hindrance to the community. They should all go-the-way-of-the-blob-squatch. To those that share their name and beliefs, I applaud you. To those that hide behind their falsehood, no one really listens (other than the 20 that have seen your pseudo-account before. So, go get ’em blob-squatchers. Prove that you, anonymous, was right. Wait, who were you again? Ah yes, a nobody.

      • Mr. E2me

        ‘Fact is: TT has seen way more proof that RD is telling the truth than these “nobodies” can comprehend.’

        I have been staying clear of this debacle. Entertaining to read in a trainwreck style spectacle.
        This is the single most fucking funny ,deluded thing printed as of yet.
        Team Tracker is at least as laughable a group as the keystone cops were.
        All words and promises of grandeur. Then condemning the sane individuals that are asking for proof.
        Jason Judd , you are worse than a nobody. You have knowingly aligned
        and endorse a group that perpetrates fraud. Makes you a scumbag in my book. Somebody else mentioned STFU and GTFO.
        Good advice.

      • RON

        LOL..Judd is on a GAG ORDER ALL RIGHT…if you get the picture of what he’s GAGGING ON..LOL.

      • big g

        I wonder why nobody wants to talk to the mob. I wonder why nobody wants to get stalked and harassed.

      • Kelly

        Ok Steve make a fake 3d scan of the bigfoot.

  97. Big G

    come on mob don’t give up the fight. you gave us nothing new today while using 25,000 words to express it. congrats its a new high. did I tell you that dyer has a body in the trailer and your the best thing to happen to his show. those of you that called to voice a problem with the establishment holding the first show they are in love with all the publicity that the mob has created. everytime one of you shitheads comes here to mention rick lying( 300 times a day) his stock goes up. we know he lies. we know he has mental problems. but he also has a stuffed bigfoot in his trailer and nothing you have done or said has changed a thing except keep him on top. there is no justification for your attacks. you have no proof. why cant you wait. why is there this fever pitch to keep him in lights. if you are a bigfooter look at something else. if your not a bigfooter might I suggest some internet porn. there is no sane reason to continue to harass anybody over dyer as it only gives him a reason to lie more. when something comes out come on back and we can discuss the real evidence. there is no reason to make a decision now. why would you continue to promote him. you clearly have lost the hoax battle or you wouldn’t have already gone to stalking and harassing as a mob. disbanned the mob. you have rendered yourself useless in this discussion. and yes you are misinformed. why are you here. I speak for everybody when I say enough is enough. go back to your shit hole a devise another plan. attack and beat doesn’t work. you have lost the battle. don’t loose the war by keeping his name in lights. rick called and he has given each and everyone in the mob an a++ for there fever efforts and harassing moments to keep him on top. great job people.

    • woodchucker

      For a guy who doesn’t want to mention RD you sure do a good share Big G. You don’t believe that Yosemite Sam looking thing with the half smoked cigar on his lap is the 1st type specimen to be presented to the public do you?

      Instead of attempting to latch onto Ketchum’s work, camp RD should do their own work and present it instead of playing “soon, very soon”. And if they can’t present they should STFU and GTFO of ‘footin. I don’t speak for everyone but I’m tired of the garbage that comes out of that camp. 380 some posts of shit flinging is all. And guess what, still not one feckin iota of evidence from them. Time to extinguish that flicker.

      • big g

        Why can’t we just move on. Taxidermy is an art. Some would say that the hair us all wrong. Its very difficult to make a dead animal look as if it were alive after treatment. It doesn’t prove that a team of student primatoligist didn’t put it together in a hurry. In fact it looks that way.

        • woodchucker

          Without evidence, and what RD says isn’t evidence, there can be no moving on. The fact that at this point the RD camp is latching on to Dyers work is a huge red flag. Like I say, if they have done their own work, present or STFU and GTFO. I could care less about anything that leads up to the real info. But its funny to see how RL polarized footers with this post.

        • If I am not pissing you off, I am not doing my job!

    • Jason Judd

      Inventor, your post essay up there was very nice. “E,” regarding Melba’s study, it has been publically available for nearly a year now. Pull out your wallet and pay for a study as all academia does. No one wants to touch it because of what it entails. First, please understand that all hybridization has been extensively studied and has this particular outcome: within hybridization, the n-progenitor (nDNA) supplies the phylo-position for the first hybrid mtDNA successor. The first, second, third, fourth and up to fifth speciated hybrid will share the exact (yes exact) mtDNA as the previous female progenitor. To combine a species, the different n-progenitor is utilized to create the new species sub-set with a allowable mutated nDNA while matching the mtDNA reproduction. To locate what hybrid came first, testing of the known hybrids nuclear phylo-position on the Y chromosome, through AMY-tree, locates the “age” of that species–the older one is the first one within an exact mtDNA species. This box of worms is what no one wants to touch. If you don’t understand what I’m leading to here: Melba’s mtDNA is the same as modern humans because humans are a successor hybrid sharing exact mtDNA with an older nDNA species. Thus suggesting we were an off-chute hybrid using “their” DNA as the supplier. It’s easier to laugh at it

    • Jason Judd

      Inventor, your post waaaaaay up there was very nice. “E,” regarding Melba’s study, you just don’t know. Journal readings are not free–unless they ate several years old. Melba’s study has been publically available for nearly a year now–for only $30. Pull out your wallet and pay for a study as all academia does. No one wants to touch it because of what it entails. First, please understand that all hybridization has been extensively studied and has this particular outcome: within hybridization, the n-progenitor (nDNA) supplies the phylo-position for the first hybrid mtDNA successor. The first, second, third, fourth and up to fifth speciated hybrid will share the exact (yes exact) mtDNA as the previous female progenitor. To combine a species, the different n-progenitor is utilized to create the new species sub-set with a allowable mutated nDNA while matching the mtDNA reproduction. To locate what hybrid came first, testing of the known hybrids nuclear phylo-position on the Y chromosome, through AMY-tree, locates the “age” of that species–the older one is the first one within an exact mtDNA species. This box of worms is what no one wants to touch. If you don’t understand what I’m leading to here: Melba’s mtDNA is the same as modern humans because humans are a successor hybrid sharing exact mtDNA with an older nDNA species. Thus suggesting we were an off-chute hybrid using “their” DNA as the supplier. It’s easier to laugh at it

      • E

        It sounds to me like she was more trying to say that “something” made a baby with a human female some time ago. And I know she has her paper along with some genes identified that you can buy but I am fairly sure that she has not given the full DNA dataset to anyone. I have read a fair amount of her paper as well as the peer review btw.

        • Inventor

          Replying on your comment on public availability of the Ketchum study and the complete DNA sequense info, you have the adress above.

          I am a good number of time zones away from most of you, so I rather prefer to sleep when you are active here on the blog. Anyway, what I have seen of the level on the comments that you give E, is that the above information is useless to you. Sadly, one rather read out of this, that you are beond helping.


        • big g

          E you are incapable of understanding melbas paper. The genome is avlible for free. Clearly you have waisted our time with you assessment of the sequence. The big problem is dumbasses comment in melbas work. Because of the mob presence here we can’t get real scientist here to discuss things.

        • Inventor

          E, I recommend you to read it through, it should not take you too long. But still, compliments to you for the effort so far. Big g, good point, allthough I actually suspect that there are a few scientists working in adjacent fields of molecular biology reading this blog now.

          Also, I still think its good to see a debate on science without scientists screwing you up, only allowing you to beleive what they put into the box. This one box of worms, as Jason puts it (a perfect description), screw the scientific people up istead! This is not only about the existence of Bigfoot, the Ketchum study puts another light on evolution. Not contrary to Darwins views, but contrary to the twisted version that was accepted by the ruling powers at that time. The Ketchum study proves that evolution includes steps with hybrids forming a new species also amongst animals! Well in a lesser way this was also proven by Dr Päbos group at the Max Plank institute, showing the Neanderthal and Denisova DNA that most people carry in their genes. This all also, at least partly, disproves the ” out of Africa” theory. Well tough times for some people.

          I was involved on the commersial and technical side of molecular biology many years ago, so I feel safe on the assesment, that the Ketchum study could not have been faked and on the hard core of it, it is top quality. As things proceed, I hope to bring some more views on what we are looking at here.

          Peter Säbom

      • Inventor

        Thank you Jason for good quality lectures above. I thought so, that there would be more people like you reading Robert blog.

        As a matter of fact, Dr Ketchum made the complete material of her study available as free of charge, already last autumn. So that this argument of some people, would vanish.

        Also, you have a good point in the anonomousity issue, I actually started out with my name visible and then followed the crowd with only a signature. Now I am going back to your camp!

        Peter Säbom

        • Jason Judd

          10-4 P.S. When an animal sticks it’s neck out, it either finds food or gets eaten. Do I allow anonymous “snarls” from a distance to scare me, or do I get the food, using my name, for the good of the family? To mitigate risk, I have observed that the anonymous snarls rarely come out into the open, but they are loud snarls. I have stuck my neck out; and, I have taken the beating from all sides. This comes with bigfootery, I guess. It’s a shame that people have to be considered insane from non-Bigfoot believers and from malicious bigfooters both. Paterson’s not alive and still takes a beating. Both Johnsons, JC and Scott, receive crap. Melba takes a beating everyday and risked her livelihood to make info public, and it is the anonymous bigfooters that are her biggest problem, of which, 100% of them haven’t read her study in full. I guess this is the shit I stepped in while looking for food. Nevertheless, I’m still going to support all of bigfootery, no matter what some of them think.

    • woodchucker

      And I have to laugh at the screamers who keep regurgitating and preaching bunk like someone actually reads it. Bring your info or STFU and GTFO.

  98. Ron

    The fact DYER is a LYING MOFO doesn’t get him off the hook. As long as he ACTIVELY CARRIES ON THIS CHARADE AND WANTS TO CHARGE PEOPLE TO SEE THE *BAWDY* and TAKES IN $$$ FOR INTERVIEWS>>>>then the MOB WILL BE AT HIS HEELS NIPPING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Don’t give me this *ignore him* shit. YOU IGNORE him..but of course that would require that you keep yourself out of any discussion involving Dyer…wouldn’t it??? (BIG WINK)

    • RON

      Those who are saying we are a *MOB* are giving Dyer Quarter..a place to rest and hide. We aren’t going to let Dyer rest and hide….just like the infamous Wild Dogs in Africa..we’ll give him no mercy and run him down at every twist and turn. Keeping ON HIS ASS…beating and badgering this fuggin LIAR AND CHEAT until he succumbs. Hale to the MOB!

    • big g

      Back off. Your harassment hasn’t done anything. You fucking idiot. You think your on a crusade. What have you done except keep dyers name in lights.

      • Scott Johnson

        Maybe you’re right…we haven’t done anything. Perhaps we should use our time more wisely by proof-reading your posts for you. This way the rest of the civilized world can comprehend what you are attempting to convey.

        For example, above when you say “You think your on a crusade.” this should actually be “You think you’re on a crusade”…see the your you used is the possessive as Ron owns an object called “on a crusade” whereas what you really mean is that Ron is ON a crusade.

        Similarly when you say “…keep dyers name in lights” again we want to focus on the possessive here and indicate that we are referencing the name of the dickhead in question as opposed to multiple dickheads, as such “…keep Dyer’s name in lights”…see the difference?

        Finally, as you are posing a question of Ron, perhaps ending the remark with a question mark would help convey this. Just a suggestion. So now it reads: “What have you done except keep Dyer’s name in lights?”

        A little more effort on your communication style and perhaps most of us won’t think that your comments resemble that of a chimpanzee with a box of crayons. Just saying.

      • Big G

        why would anybody proof read a message to you. you know what i said. is this english class. did i get a bad grade. your fighting about a hoax and now you cant accept my message because it isn’t type written. ill make it easy for you. if you have nothing to discuss dont write. if what you have to say has been said 1000 times before and still not support by proof dont comment. capitals dont make it true. in a debate about dyer liying what part about attacking me serves your point. the reson is you dont have a point. why are you here. nobody gives a crap what lie your passing on today. save it for recess with your kindergarden class. this one should be easy enough for even you to understand.

    • big g

      Yes you will be stalking dyer. We know. Can you claim any successes for all your harassing. You haven’t done a thing. Dyer has a stuffed bigfoot in a trailer and you shit heads are so stupid you advertising for him. Dyer wants to meet you Ron. You have done more for him then his own advertising crew. So what’s the plan for today. Let me help. You could go to web pages that will let you comment. You could attack everyone there that doesn’t believe your lies. Over here we have debunk many of your theorys. The mob is wrong and undaunted. You havent proved a thing. Your plan seems to be working. So you should continue. However dyer has a stuffed bigfoot and you can’t stop him from touring it. Your useless and the funning thing you to fucking stupid to realize you’ve done nothing and putting stuff in capitals doesn’t make it true. Dumdass

  99. RON

    Well said…right on the money.

  100. Joerg Hensiek

    Scott says: “Frankly, I don’t give a shit if Hank is real. Dyer is still a thief, a liar, a con man and above all the biggest piece of excrement around.”

    LOL: OK, folks, well said…that´s why Scott and Ron and others are here. Now it is OFFICIAL. If there is a bigfoot or not, they do not care. it is Rick and just Rick. What a surprise to all of us !!! ;-))

  101. C.S.

    Shows over…. nothing to see here… its a hoax 100%. Now to a real subject, how about thoughs dragons.. anyone kill one? RD?

  102. Joerg Hensiek

    Scott et al: Talking about “soon”. The Olypmpics start this Friday, this is what I call VERY SOON. The much anticipated Dyer tour will start on the 9th, two days later. This I call SOON, almost close to very soon. I do not say that Dyer will tour with a real Bigfoot, but I say that the time for waiting for things to come SOON is over. So, SOON we have some answers and may be we get the final answer even before the end of the Olympics, even before Putin will admit that he is gay. That`s what I call PRETTY SOON.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      oh, I forgot: you are not interested if there is a real bigfoot or not. So, anyone on the way to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Houston and other places to kill Dyer? Perhaps RacerX? Then we will have the definite answer within two weeks, even before the Russians win the hockey gold medal on the last sunday of the Olymics. Again: that is pretty soon….

      • Joerg Hensiek

        hahaha, Scott, you are priceless!!! I really wonder: what is your age? 16? 18? Go and find your first girlfriend, little Scott,… then life gets better, believe me…hahahahahahaha..

      • Joerg Hensiek

        and by the way: you might be right about the Canadians, I have to admit…;-)

      • Big G

        hes 14 and not interested in girls.

      • Big G

        scoot i have to tell you i dont want you to touch my belly sorry. i think we have gotten a little of ftrack. you were bringing me your daily theory why dyer was hoaxing and now your rubbing my belly. i dont know. i dont want to be discribe as a pedifile so before i stangle you in the woods maybe we should let it go.

    • big g

      Putin is gay. Priceless

    • Joerg Hensiek

      LOL at your sources. The “squatchdetective”: a man of over 45 living with his mum…this says it all about this “source”!!! When will he has to look for a proper job? VERY SOON folks!!! 😉

    • Big G

      good answer . nuns are aloud to ride donkeys but they arent aloud to snort cocaine.

      • Big G

        holy cow are you stalking me little dick scott. that is not mob behavior. how is that convincing anybody that dyer is hoaxing. oh you dont have any mental problems. i would believe everything that you said. but i cant spell and you dont understand. and yet you comment.

      • scott and Big G – you two should approach cable for your own show. I cannot stop laughing. seriously funny.

    • All right Drew, you are banned.


    • Kelly

      So question?
      Lets have Steve Kulls e-mail the fb/fb people and have them put it in writing that they are not involved.
      Lets see what they actually said.
      Right now its Roberts word -vs- Kulls nothing more.
      Neither one can show how they got the information the posted.

      Recall that Kulls didn’t want to let it be known that fb/fb paid for his ticket originally either.

  103. big g

    You stupid bunch of dumbasses. I have not defended dyer in anyway. You fucking retards haven’t understood anything I’ve written. One more time for the most thickheaded of the shitheads. Dyer is a lie. He has manipulated randy and the mob to advance his cause. You shitheads have kept dyers name in lights. Robert does some investigating and answers alit of questions on the dyer thing. Robert is often right. And sometimes wrong. The story he presented us plausible and a whole lot easier to believe than your elaborate hoax. I believe we don’t have enough info to debate. I have gone to 1 other site and insulted anyone. I assume my name comes up over there as without reading and comprehending my stance people will comment. They say some of the stupidest shit. Melba proved bigfoot existence. Many habituation sights going on. Lots of videos coming out. New thermals. Dyer is a very small part of what’s going on. He doesn’t have anything for a bihfooter. Only you shitheads talk about. I don’t care about dyer. If he has DNA it will still be 1/100 of the contribution that Melba gave us. Wrong , yes you got it wrong again. Now stop keeping dyers name in lights. You have nothing. Stop posting dyers daily show.we don’t care. We don’t support him. I speak for the group here when is say shut the fuck up. You all like a bunch of scream little baby’s crying to their mommy cause you pacifyer fell out of you mouth. Nobody cares what you think. Over and over and over again.

    • Martin

      +1 Al.

      If I was a Sasquatch I’d be so disappointed that I had regenerative abilities after death–that stopped just short of reviving me. At least if they live fast and die young they’re sure to leave a good-looking corpse.

    • Big G

      and still nothing AL. you won the award. the most words with nothing said. oh dyer has a stuffed bigfoot on tour right now . what do you have. thats what i thought nothing. but its okay if you keep crying like somrbody took the pacifier out of you mouth. you keep talking and all i hear is blah blah blah im a dumbass.

  104. C.S.

    I just can’t fathom how you can believe this… I have no proof that this is a hoax except my eyes and my ears… this is a classic pathological liar behavior….its common sense… please help me understand why do you believe… he is the Casey Anthony of the Bigfoot world… there shouldn’t be one lie during this time, if he shot a bf he would throw the pics in r face the first day and everyday. It would be 24 7 of proof… tell me Jackie or anyone why do you believe 100% he has one? Everything he says contradicts his self…. it boggles my mind.

    • jay

      casey martin was found innocent …. sure it was the prosecuters who messed up .. .they should of went with the smaller charges then went after bigger … they went big first and cant go after the small now … so that was a bad example to use … 🙂

    • Hazlett

      Jaki, I can buy into those two claims but when Minnow didnt produce the kill shot or even the body on the ground and when Ricks body looked nothing like the tent video or the one in Shooting Bigfoot, what had kept you holding on to such a high percentage?

    • J

      Jacki, RD said he hoaxed before and he will do it again!! If you are going to believe RD, then believe THAT!! He Has Proven that he HOAXES!! How can you not focus on what RD says and provides as supposed evidence as this all revolves around him and his CLAIMS! The chain of events and lack of supporting evidence supports that RD is doing exactly what he said he would….HOAX!!

      • Big G

        you fucking idiots cant read or cant comprehend. she just said she stopped listening to dyer like you shitheads. all of your grand themes are made up in your mind and i want to know why you cant keep them there. stop listening to dyer. wow see how that feels . now stop crapping your shit here and let dyers celebrity crumble. going after anybody over here doesnt do a thing for you retarded cause. you havent convinced anybody here that your right about anything. 1000 theory’s all wrong. 1001 isnt going to be the golden bullet. nobody here supports dyer. nobody here belives that there is enogh evidence to discuss any of it. of course you dont know anything about homo sapian cognitus. you have nothing to share.

    • Big G

      i say tomata too. only mine is with an american southern accent. not as exotic as your english accent.

    • Big G

      once again no information. do you know how we can tell you do have anything? when you feel the need to post. the same need an infant has when his mother pulls the teet from his mouth. nobody cares what dyer has said to the mob to get them going. he is playing all of you. and still you watch every show and then come here to debate what he said. no . wrong again. we arnt interested in debating dyer. nobody cares. so wipe the milk off your mouth from you mommy’s teet and pull up your big boy pants if you want to play with me. retard says what?

    • RON

      Wow Jackie, the two of us have certainly taken different paths here.
      For the life of me, I can’t see how you can still hang on to this story…especially in light of the fact he has continually delayed ALL events promised and most importantly, Scientific Verification from the *university*, which has not been forthcoming. At the VERY LEAST, any scientific data would have been released by the time the supposed *BAWDY* was turned over to Dyer. Realize that Dyer claims the body has been *under study* for almost 1 1/2 YEARS NOW! It would be unprecedented to have a discovery like this for that length of time with absolutley NOTHING being released from the scientific community! DNA results would have been completed within 3 months. The University and various scientist would have absolutely NO REASON to keep this a secret..that notion is preposterous. Certainly, if that was the goal, they would have NEVER given the *BAWDY* over to Dyer to schlep around the country Carnival style.
      Then…YES..we have my MANTRA>>>Where are ANY of the PHOTOS Dyer CLAIMS WERE TAKEN in San Antonio??? This is a HUGE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Supporters, like yourself, make up excuses or dismiss the significance of this VOID IN DYER’S STORY. It’s a HUGE CHASM! There’s simply NO EXCUSE for not releasing those photos in light of the fact he has released photos of HANK NOW. How can supporters ignore this blatant failure to do so?
      I’m stunned that you still support Dyer’s claim after all that has taken place.

  105. Big G

    it was clear enough for you to read and rewrite. so it is another ullsion you brought here. or is it english class where children like you learn to communicate. it doen’t matter how you present your text your saying nothing. why post. why say anything if you have nothing.

    • Hazlett

      I have not once bashed anyone, called anyone a name, but you guys that are supporting Dyer are starting to get frustrated and are beginning to lose your cool. Now I don’t know if this means reality is setting in as the saga begins to come to a close but you guys are stooping if I may, to the “haters” or “Mobs” level. If you all have the confidence and information not privy to the rest of us then you should be OK in your decision to believe what he has and the entire story is true, I am starting to since that maybe your belief is on a down hill slide. That is just my opinion, no need to jump all over me, I have been very civil in these conversations.

      Again, I believe 100% in Bigfoot but 0% that Rick Dyer has a REAL Bigfoot.

      • Big G

        those that bring shit about dyer here and bash those here who dont belive them get it back. i’ve watched this mob behavior for more than a year. around the web initially until many sites banned the topic. the mob consist of of people that still believe that bigfoot hasn tbeen proven real and that the whole debate revolves around dyer. it doesnt. just because robert prints info over here it seems to be an open mike where every tom dick and ron can dictate what the’re demands are for this to be real. then the bashing. they have stalked many people over the dyer situation. we spent 6 months on a rental truck reciept. the subject has been talked to death and nobody from here watches dyer broadcasts. but you can be certain everyday some mob memeber will come here and post a link for dyer or some other idiot who is an expert witness. it gets debated when they dont get the response they should for saving all of us against the terrible hoax. also none of the mob can wait for proof. so they are fighting no proof with no proof while hanging on dyers every word keeping his name in lights.

    • Big G

      and still nothing. imhoping to get this to the point where i print ten words and you give me 100 about absolutely nothing. but your winning the battle. oh did i tell you dyer has a a bigfoot and he’s showing to people everyday what do you have.

    • Sarah

      Scott, you are absolutely hilarious! I love it!

      Someone please get Big G a spell-checker!!!

    • Big G

      sarah im sorry ive offended the teacher in you. i dont expect anybody to listen to me because i cant spell. when you have a point and that point is dismissed without a comment and the next comment is about spelling. im think we have reach the end to that persons knowledge. also for you it isnt worth the time for me to make a master piece to you or anybody here. that isnt the goal and saying you dont understand my message is like saying you dont understand the topic. when you cant debate go after sentence structure. i understand its all you have. im just glad that your capable of using a computer. dont bring a knife to a gun fight. oh dyer has a stuffed bigfoot in a trailer touring right now. and i cant spell. you won.

    • Big G

      oh and sarah im dislexic. so fuck off little brain. can you read that. did i misspell any of it. i pull an iq of 147 . what is yours retard. are we communicating now. can you read this.

    • Sarah

      Big G, I’ll believe you have an IQ of 147 around the same time I believe Dyer has an actual Bigfoot body.
      Anyone with an IQ above 55 knew this was a hoax months ago!

    • Jeremy D.


      Did you mean “You’re just trying to let Brian know that you feel he is introducing another “illusion”? Because for all the correcting of Big G and his terrible grammar/spelling/punctuation you’ve done, it’s a bit surprising you fucked that one up.

  106. I want to see you driving before i believe!

  107. RON

    The fact I once believed Dyer has nothing to do with what we are presented with at the PRESENT TIME. I would rather admit I was wrong to initially take Musky at his word, than continue to KLING on to a story that has simply fallen apart. I now see you have become more strident in your tone of support..even getting a little *nasty*…this isn’t the Jackie I once conversed with. It’s quite bizzare to see you take on this *true believer* status. You’re now a FAN for evidenced in your comments on his FB page.
    There will come a point in time when you’ll have to face the fact Dyer has duped you and that’s going to HURT BIG TIME , since you have gone *ALL IN* at this point. I hope we can keep out exchanges *civil*..but that’s up to you.

  108. dp

    is it just me or is scott johnson nothing but a F@@KING CRYBABY!

  109. dp


  110. dp

    rick did this ,rick did that! dah dah dah….. f@@king crybaby’s!! quit your f@@king whining!! never in my life heard so many crybabys in my life!!!!!! go lick the peanut butter off your dogs d@@k! you obviously do this cause you keep talking about doing! sick motherf@cker! please don’t do that that would really be sick!!!

  111. E

    Big G with 147??? Ahhhhhahahahahahahaha please man you are too much. I can just imagine you writing rough drafts of your posts in crayon and submitting them to Momma to type out for you.

    Who brags about IQ? Defensive much?

    You get first prize for dumbass of the year loser.

  112. dp

    it don’t matter how you write it you still look like a crybaby doing it!

  113. dp

    but really man, you need to really stop licking peanut butter off your dogs dick its sick man really sick!!!

  114. dp

    hay big g, don’t you find it funny that he was rubbing that dog in all his post , probably warming him up for that peanut butter lick!! nasty SOB!

  115. dp

    so now you dress up like the guy off pulp fiction? do you tie the dog up before you like the peanut off his balls?

  116. dp

    everybody put your dogs up! scott johnson will lick peant butter off his balls! but don’t worry he will rub his belly first!! sick sob

  117. RON

    Trying to classify all those who want to see Dyer get his *come up ins* as a *MOB* is probably a strategy that someone in the TT community came up with and it’s a lame attempt at best to try and deflect what Dyer HAS DONE AND CONTINUES TO DO >>>READ>>> CON PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR $$ with DVDs, MEMBERSHIPS and CHARGING FOR PEOPLE TO SEE A *REAL BF* when it’s NOT. You want to use the term *MOB*, then I’m proud to be a member, but it’s strategically being MISUSED.
    Here is the definition :

    mob (mŏb)
    1. A large disorderly crowd or throng.

  118. Chris

    What say you Robert? This post must be one of the most if not the most popular. Meanwhile Rick has just posted that the appearance at the Alamo Draft House will include never before seen film footage of Hank which, I may be wrong , but might be footage that will be on the two dvds. The Alamo Draft House cinema is very cool…they have had some great film series including a tribute to a late friend of mine and I know Quentin Tarantino is a fan of their programs.

  119. dp

    RON, Al said “All these people are gullible idiots?” this is orderly? Kelly you are a fucking troll. Shit the fuck up with your nonsense.
    This stupidity is scaring me…….this is orderly? go back and read some of the stuff you idiots say! you don’t never see the people here go to racerx site and say these things! If you wanted to DEBATE like civilized people things would be ok ! but you CRYBABYS want to act like scott peanut butter lick dick johnson!

    • RON

      “Kelly you are a fucking troll. Shit the fuck up with your nonsense.”

      And THIS^^^^^ above^^^^ is a *RATIONAL* *CIVILIZED* response? Sounds like someone in a *MOB* to me.

    • dp

      thanks for the advise! did you use lube the first time you did it? did hank hurt you ? next time use a butt plug and it want hurt so bad!! lmao

    • dp

      Hay,you and scott didn’t lick peanut butter off hank did you? you can tell me i want tell nobody!


        As usual Cathiee, your typing “style” always gives you away. Bitch, learn to spell! Hay? Really matt? Hay is for horses. ” I want tell nobody!” By this I’m assuming you mean won’t. It still would of been wrong, because it’s a double negative Matt. I think you are looking for this phrase. “I won’t tell anybody.” Also, I think you mean there’s, as in there is. Not THEIRS. Good God man! One would think English was not your native language.

  120. E

    Jacki!!! Feeling guilty???


    You are in the Short Bus Mob!!!

  121. MrChristianToYou

    Good post Scott.
    The comparison is obvious and striking, but of not merit whatever to those who will not see.

  122. dp

    your damn mob said it!!! moron

  123. Johnson swollen

    Does hank like anal..?

  124. Rene

    Would Dyer be willing to give a scientist a clipping of Hank hair for DNA analysis?

    • RON

      Now,,why would he do something like that?
      Oh..Remember…the University had an ENTIRE FRESH WHOLE BODY blood an all…but, they need more time. *SOON VERY VERY SOON*.

  125. Rene

    Has anyone seen a close up of Hank’s hands? Do they have finger prints? Do his feet have dermal ridges?

    I know Dyer claimed that Hank’s feet do not have a midtarsal break but that could only be confirmed by the skeleton which is not part of the taxidermy process. So that begs the obvious question where is the BF skeleton and who has custody of it. Has anyone besides Dyer seen pictures of the skeleton? I’d much rather see the skeleton than the stuffed Hank.

  126. Rene

    Is Dyer selling pictures of the skeleton? He could make a fortune from a skeletal replica of Hank. That is if there is a skeleton around.

  127. MrChristianToYou

    I thought Lucas posted some info, and a question, that I believe is worth repeating. And worth asking RL to respond.

    Bigfoot News May 10, 2013 (From Robert Lindsey Blog)

    Bigfoot News May 10, 2013
    “I will receive all footage from Shooting Bigfoot soon.
    I am due to receive all 65 stills from the movie along with video footage from the flick.
    I can’t tell you who I will get it from, but it won’t be from FB/FB or Musky Allen;
    it will be from someone else instead.
    This stuff is starting to float around the web now.”
    What was the outcome of this?
    Is there a link to the 65 photos and footage?
    Thank you

  128. I’m just glad that idiot didn’t shoot BF. Thank goodness.

  129. Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay · If I’m Not Making You Mad, I’m Not Doing My Job – RL: If this is so, then why do you kick people out who piss you off?

  130. Johnson swollen

    1 question Robert Mr Dyer has stated in the past Hank had a massive penis maybe even 12 inches long.why in the pictures of Hank his Penis is smaller then Mr Dyers.What happened to Hanks Manhood..?

  131. Rene

    Is Hank Jewish? It looks like he’s circumcised.

    • RON


  132. Johnson swollen

    Would Rick autograph my pair of tidy whites they are clean no streaks or stains..?


    Not only is hank’s dick cut, but it’s also about the same size a penis would normally be at a brisk. You know, because it’s fucking tiny! Anyways, I thought this was funny. Looks like Cathiee/Matt/Kelly/dp has been over at the LAC Natural History Museum, asking questions. You seem a little desperate by your post Matt. Not so sure in your master anymore? Check it out for yourself guys.

    • RON

      The Dick as shown on HANK is MUCH LARGER. When Dyer whipped it out to pee on Meldrum’s burning book, he needed a tweezers and a microscope…seriously I saw the vid.

    • dp

      Ha everybody kellyzmom likes hanks dick to! ha kellyzmom do you also like peanut butter?

      • dp

        Somebody body better warn rick! Scotts looking at his dick, and licking his lips and thinking about peanut butter!!! Somebody needs to keep Scott, kellzmom, and squatting squach out of the peanut butter section of walmart!!!!!

  134. dp

    I looked up on the web and found animals, like lizards, that can regenerate limbs and stuff so it is plausible that Rick saw the face heal. That’s why there aren’t any bullet holes so suck it mob haters. He has the body to prove it!


      Matt Geiger, you are such a fucking dumbass, it’s hard to even imagine that you can function in society. One would think you would be more concerned with your upcoming court date in March, rather than be spending your days on this blog foaming at the mouth.

    • squatting squatch

      That post right there from dp is totally Cathiee.

  135. J

    Help Robert,
    IMO, While all this Crazy banter going on is some form of amusing, it is kinda getting out of control, isn’t it? We are losing focus on the analysis of the issues that matter most. Most of us in this group do believe in BF and want to see good evidence brought to the surface. It would be great if we all could debate respectfully and stick to analysis of the real BF news events and issues.

    • It is ok. Let them fight. It is getting nuts. The haters just infected my computer with a virus and wiped out my Windows partition.

      Let them fight on. It’s a good forum for debate.

    • Big G

      its ok j the mob is imploding. they have lost and they are. scrambling. all the insults aren’t true which as a matter of fact is the same with everything they bring here. its easy to be like this on the web as I would state that most are little teen virgins who haven’t found out how to masterbate yet. in a couple of days when there is know one to insult here they will go back to the mob hideout and form some new demands and theory’s. they will also not be true. by then Robert will post some more info and we can read it , discuss it, then go through 4 days of constant mob attacks. they don’t know any better their just parentless children.

      • squatting squatch

        Big Gen Wart, the only thing imploding is your prolapsed taterhole. You better hurry up and slap some preparation H on that thing before you have a mess!

      • dp

        peanut butter dick lick Johnson would also like to know if you would like him to lick peanut butter off your dick while he scratches behind your ears

        • Johnson swollen

          Would it be possible to do a oral and Anal exam on Hank at the theater when the tour comes to Texas..?

  136. RON

    Robert won’t help you, since this is a most interesting discussion.

  137. woodchucker

    Every 100 or so posts someone mentions they wish RD had a BF. Pathetic someone could overlook the delusional paranoia and triangulation RD continues to employ and entertain such a thought. If he had one, it would have been draped across the hood of a clapped out suburban immediately after and driven down main street SA. He has fuck all. Let it go folks.

  138. dp

    I don’t wish he has a body. I KNOW he has a body. All you dumbasses keep bringing up the same shit but you don’t have any proof. You will all see next week who is right and who the retards are and I will be laughing my ass off.

    The Alamo Drafthouse even defended Rick and said his event will be the most entertaining night of your life. This is a popular business in the Houston area and they think you and your mob friends are all retards too. Go read the post. It’s a F@@KING riot.

    • I live in Houston. Is there something I’m missing?

      • dp

        Rick is bringing Hank to the Alamo Drafthouse to shut the mob up. Check out the link here:

        It sounds like it is going to be an incredible evening! Even more proof to be released.

        • dp

          Dumbass plastic doesn’t burn which is why he burnt the hair plus it smells like real hair burning. Whatever he shows is going to rock the mobs world!

        • nominay

          Thanks DP. Is this part of the tour, or is this a preview?

        • Yes, go ahead and pay 20 dollars to see new evidence Bigfool is real. Dyer probably show nothing anyway’s, its just a way of getting suckers in the door.

          Kelly, you swear Rick has proved the thing in the box is real? Do you expect people to accept it without the medical evidence to back it up?

          Nobody is going to believe Dyer until he has a press conference and the scientists show up. And, that doesn’t look likely to happen.

          Robert has sources but nobody knows who they are and it now seems some of his sources provided false information to him.

          I still have got a response to this. Robert said the pressers was scheduled fort Jan 1-15 because the scientists were unable to attend.

          But Dyer said the conference was called off for 9th of Feb, for the exact same reason!

          Steve Kulls talked to the FB/FB guys and they told him the information Robert posted was false.

          So its not that hard to work out, some of the information Robert has got, is false, its disinformation.

        • nominay

          I looked at this link, and it just talks about a film to be shown, not Hank in person (or bigfoot). For all I know it could be just 20 minutes of Rick bragging about himself.

    • RON


    • woodchucker

      READ my post dude. It said BF, not body. And you throw the word dumbass around like you have never been one LOL. That is DUMB.

  139. 1. Rick has security.

    2. No idea.

    3. Autopsy video exists, I assume it is finished. Anyway people are watching some version of it. After the Shot – no idea, I think I heard it is not finished yet.

    4. They were going to do the presser in the first two weeks of January, but a lot of the big people could not make it. And since then, they are all fighting. Just a matter of coordinating everything with the 120 people who want to be part of the press conference. I actually think that things are going smoothly all things considered. It is not correct to blame Rick for press conference delays as Rick has nothing to do with it. The timing of the press conference is completely out of Rick’s control. Rick will only know when it is happening one day before when his attorney contacts him.

    5. No idea, but I am friends with a man who definitely saw a video of the dead Bigfoot lying in the woods that night. Whether stills exist of that, I have no idea.

    • jay

      robert … if your book was up for a Nobel prize for writing and was about to be the biggest and most informative book in history …. would u not be able to make a press conference about it ? to me that alone is the biggest most outlandish statement about this. i am no scientist i am no one in the bigfoot world … but if i made this discovery i could be stuck in a canyon i would chop off any body part to get there. i would miss the birth of my first kid/s i would miss the funeral of my parents ….. i would turn down a private dinner date with the president … i would turn down a date with megan fox …. how does one not be able to make a date for the biggest press conference of their life ??????

    • Kelly

      This presentation is not a wedding.
      To do this correctly to make all of you happy about the science and they way it should presented with the experts you expect so you can’t deny it. It take a bit more than hey we are having a wedding.
      They would need to have any charts and images they want to present.
      They would have to have there comments proofed and accepted by the others.
      So your Daft if one you think Rick has any control over the science, and two that you think it is as easy as putting a wedding together.

    • I am going by what people have told me. I know nothing firsthand.

      Probably 90% of the people who find out about him or come into contact with Mr. Dyer dislike him, which is apparently the way this “bad boy” wants it. After all, Rick says he is an asshole. The haters say he is an asshole. Looks like everyone agrees! So why the fighting?

      As far any fame accruing to Mr. Dyer, all I have to say is that it could not happen to a less deserving person.

    • Yet Rick told everyone the press conference was happening the 9th of Feb? A month later and the 120 people involved still can’t sort it out and get the conference started.

    • Jeremy D.

      I spoke to the primatologist. He….or she does in fact have a Pilates workout scheduled for the 9th….so….that’s definitely true. A hundred percent.

  140. jay

    i got a quick question …. what freaking scientist or anyone who worked on this body wouldnt be able to attend the biggestttttttt research aspect of their life ? i would miss my first set of quintuplets being born to be part of this. who in their right mind is gonna say yea i cant make that day to announce to the world “literally” the biggest scientific discovery of the biggest land mammal in the world … i have a choir meeting that day….. what would prompt a person to miss this conference ??? that alone should let people know … ohh over 120 people want to be there all the way to the people who worked on the blood draws … guess what if this was real they would be there … i loveeeee my father if i had to miss his funeral to announce to the world i had been working on the body of bigfoot …. guess what … i would send alot of flowers to dads grave …. thats real talk !!!!!!!!

    • Kelly

      If the scientists already know its real.
      They have already had the biggest day of there lives working on it.
      The press conference is just for the mass’s so honesty that is just scheduling conflicts.
      I wouldn’t want to miss a family event just to tell the public that bigfoot is real and i have worked on it for a year.
      You seem to not be thinking in the way if you already know its real.
      If the boss who put you together to do the research says they can’t do it this date or that date guess what you don’t do it.

      • jay

        to say your not gonna make the conference to literally announce the biggest find in science is ludacris .. thats like saying a scientist cant go recieve his nobel prize …. this is a announcement that you cancel all events for …. you turn down a meeting with the president of the united states for this …. you push off that date with megan fox for … you say i cant come to my kids baptism for this .. there is noooooo excuse to not being able to make this conference … this is gonna propel your career to the highest of heights …. hell the janitor who cleaned the mess up afterwards can throw this on his resume and become the head of cleaning somewhere just cause his boss can say ” i have the guy who cleaned up bigfoot remains mopping my floors” and that boss would make him the highest paid janitor around cause he can then go on and say that …. its not just me feeling this … i would bet my soul on the fact that if this is real there is nooooooooooo way any person would miss a conference …. hell im in cleveland and if this was in vegas … u are gettin this response from my cell phone cause i started walking last week to get to vegas … thats how big this is …. there is no reason to miss this …. unless your dead or u get taken by a ufo …

        • Kelly

          Well you must miss something since a man who won the nobel prizewas not able to accept it in person because he was off doing things he enjoyed in the highlands of Scotland.
          Your view of what is important my differ from the scientists involved.

  141. Big G

    its true. nothing that happens in the community will rock the mobs world. they are incapable of learning. somebody gives them something to chant and then they bring that stupid shit over here. disbanned the mob now.

    • Kelly

      Big G is of course skeptical. Many people are.
      But there were times when the mob would say.
      Rick never was in Shooting Bigfoot- Proven False
      Rick was cut from Shooting Bigfoot – Proven False
      Rick doesn’t have a body – Proven False.

      The mob keeps changing the goal posts.

      Many of the people who believe Rick did do the shooting. Know that Rick is the worse person we would want to show Bigfoot is real.
      But just like Robert we have sources besides what comes out of Ricks or Musky’s mouth.
      I personally can not stand most of Ricks blog talk radio shows.
      He is annoying to listen too.

  142. Martin

    I would like to get my interpretation of the “mob” point of view on record here.

    We’re now being told by Dyer supporters simply to sit back and wait for the evidence while Dyer takes his exhibit on the road, making money from foreign press interviews and showings of the self-healing “cadaver.” If we protest we are seen as free-speech opponents or sourpusses. Why not just let him do what he wants? Surely he’ll implode if it’s all a fraud.

    But we’re being set up now for the real scam: Dyer takes the exhibit around, not letting anyone have access inside the glass case, telling more and more outrageous stories as he’s celebrated as a latter-day P.T. Barnum. It’s all a joke, and we’re all in on it. But it’s funny and diverting so why not let him have his day? He’s just giving people what they want: a smile, even if it’s at his own expense. Just let it go for a year or so.

    What the “mob” sees is not a friendly carny offering a chance for people to forget their problems. We see the source of many problems having an opportunity to create even more, and on a much broader scale.

    Dyer has sociopathic tendencies and acts without conscience. He records that people are rapists, child molesters, prostitution addicts, and have sex with animals. He falsely presents himself as a man of charity. He wantonly commits acts of fraud for personal gain. Many in the “mob” have been victimized thusly, or seen their friends suffer from such behavior.

    Dyer is a man who has had his photo taken at the station house more than once. His accomplice, “Musky” Allen, is a man with a public record of defrauding people. These are the men who are driving this harmless little carnival wagon.

    Those of us in the “mob” see this road show as an extension of their criminal activities, and know that Dyer will sow more discord in his wake. Why would he do otherwise? His impulses have always been craven and destructive. Suddenly he’s charming? We know better.

    Beware the man who presents himself as a vile butcher of human-like creatures (now, gratuitously, a child), the man who seeks to make himself appear more loathsome, not less, as he gains in stature. Such a man, who seeks to arouse anger in others, also fits the profile of the man who wants to watch the world burn.

    This is not your friendly neighborhood sideshow. This is the mountebank’s wagon that peddles false elixirs that leave blighted villages behind. There is a difference. One that can’t be ignored.

    This is the basic point of view of the “mob.” Dyer is the quintessential bad seed. Do not allow it to take root. It poisons the healthy soil and leaves it barren.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘This is the basic point of view of the “mob.” Dyer is the quintessential bad seed. Do not allow it to take root. It poisons the healthy soil and leaves it barren.’

      All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing

      Edmund Burke

      • Kelly

        February 6, 2014 at 9:35 AM
        Hey Cathiee/Matt/DP/Kelly Wells Fargo called and they want their money back. FYI: They don’t except drawings of naked chicks screwing aliens as monetary.

        How is the above considered GOOD MEN?
        That is not good men, that is the evil of a bully and a stalker.

        I suggest you rethink what you consider good morals.

        • LOL! Artgirl, a male proprietor of a lesbian sexnet is calling a kettle black? What kind of man are you portraying, Kelly? A man who wants to be a female to seduce other females? Again, what kind of man is that? A man that knows the difference? SICK!!

        • Kelly

          I guess I should admit it now.

          I am really Cindy Shafer I have been posting as Pinkfoot.
          I mean you all didn’t notice how I changed the icon on my Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer account in one post to the other? That should have been your first clue I was messing up who I was posting as.

          I am sorry for the deception.

        • HaHa Artgirl! Everyone knows I am really Mata Hari! Mata is def not a man wanting to be a lesbian! LOL Good try, you made me laugh!!

        • Mr. E2me

          How is the above considered GOOD MEN?
          That is not good men, that is the evil of a bully and a stalker.

          I suggest you rethink what you consider good morals.’

          I assume that was comment was directed towards me, so I’ll
          attempt an answer for you.
          Kelly ,
          you pathetic moron. All the spewdom out yer yap about stalking and bullying is about the lamest line of B.S. a person could conceive.
          That you attempt to paint yourself and a Piece Of Shit as victims
          in this charade shows us exactly how disingenuous you are.
          Be all end all of all this stupid mess is the rationale thinking folks
          you like to write of as the ‘mob’ just want real proof before we believe what really, really, really , really, really , really , really truly looks
          like a scam.
          You fucking piece of shit. , Kelly.
          I am so tired of reading the nonsense that comes from you.
          You LIE and twist peoples words. You come off as such a dumb,
          tacky person. You want for all of us to believe a lie so bad and are so disappointed to find out we ‘the mob’ are quite bit sharper than you.
          Gawd, just shut up.
          You are a lousy scumbag of a person Tranny Kelly. That’s not bullying
          Just my opinion from your less than intelligent contributions here.

    • Kelly


      So do you support the people making fake accounts and pretending to be Rick and posting as Rick?

      Do you support the other multitude of fake accounts that have been made by some of the mob to push there childish antics?
      Do you deny that Don B. has made stuff up as well? But you give him a pass because it was against Rick?
      Do you deny the stalking behavior of some of the mob members.
      Lets see like the post here:
      February 6, 2014 at 9:35 AM
      Hey Cathiee/Matt/DP/Kelly Wells Fargo called and they want their money back. FYI: They don’t except drawings of naked chicks screwing aliens as monetary.
      Or the fake account that one of you made about that matt geiger person?
      What purpose does it server to try to scare someone and bully some one by mentioning a bank or were you think they live?
      The mob is full of people with half truths spouting them as facts.

      What does the above gain in all this?

      That to me is just as bad as Ricks lies about people. You all cry when Rick does it. But you all seem to think that it is ok to do it on other people why is it ok for you all to do that?

      But you won’t admit that some of the mob have over stepped there bounds and stalked people.

      You will sit here and defend it to the bitter end.

      I don’t deny Rick has lied a lot .
      Rick even admits it he lies. So you all say Rick lies all the time. So when are you suppose to know what is the truth and what is not?
      If you say everything is a lie then you can’t come back and say well he admits he hoaxed and will come back with a bigger hoax because that would be a lie correct?

      This bigfoot is not about Rick anymore for me.

      It is about the science that will come out very soon.
      Rick is the small fish in this whole thing.
      You all can keep beating on Rick but when you find out what is going on and who has it. You will understand why some of us had to keep things hushed.
      Oh and Steve Kulls lied his ass off about the call to FB/FB . He made up most of what he said they said.
      My source for that was directly from the 2 gentlemen themselves.
      Robert is not wrong on this at all.

      • Kelly

        I am not evading at all.
        Just as Robert as said. Fb/Fb is involved.
        A very well know Philanthropist is involved. If you actually spend your time you can figure out who it is. With out the need for someone to tell you. The reason I am not going to give you the names is because the mob has already harassed the Drafthouse for wanting to show the body. The Drafthouse is actually laughing at you because they know what they are getting. They are getting a real bigfoot to show people.

        I have seen the Dr.s face who was in the video that Ricked blacked out.
        Where you only got to listen. I got to other images as well.
        I spoke to many people about the body not involved with Team Tracker.
        If you spent more time talking and accepting peoples views you may make head way on your own. But you resort to name calling.
        So why would they want to tell you anything?

        I have dropped enough clues that you should be able to figure it out.

      • Chris P.

        Kelly, were the FBFB guys at the viewing party in January in Las Vegas?

  143. Sarah

    Excellent point Jay and just one of a thousand points that prove this entire thing is a hoax. If in fact Hank was a real Bigfoot, every legit person involved would drop absolutely everything going on in their life to be at the press conference. Rick announced it would be Februraty 9th over a month ago and anyone would be able to make arrangements to be there with a month’s notice. Another clue that Rick was competely talking out of his ass when he announced Feb 9th as the big day is the fact that Feb 9th is on a Sunday. Have you ever heard of a press conference for something like this scheduled for a Sunday? Of course not. The press conference debacle is just another classic Dyer lie. There will never be a press conference with a single piece of real scientific proof put forward.

    But don’t listen to me, listne to the Dyer retards who honestly believe that the “‘press conference” had to be postponed because some of the scientists just had something else too important to make it that day. Maybe the scientists just didn’t want to miss the mid-season premiere of the Walking Dead. That makes as much sense as the rest of this mess

  144. Kelly

    While others are basing there information on the current facts that some know. Things that have not been shown to the public yet.

    You are correct the “body” and the burnt hairs doesn’t prove anything.
    This will all come out.
    Being skeptical is ok. I was skeptical for sometime until I learned certain information from other sources other than Robert, Rick, or Musky.

    But you have a group here that take things a bit to far.
    They make fake accounts to pretend they are Rick or other people.
    You even have the one person who stalked Ricks places were he lived.
    But the group here said that never happened. But when he admitted it.
    They went and accused him of being in league with Rick or that but he didn’t take pictures of Ricks Kids.
    That is what I would classify as the mob and haters.

    Now I will wait to see them all deny they do this.


      Hey Cathiee/Matt/DP/Kelly Wells Fargo called and they want their money back. FYI: They don’t except drawings of naked chicks screwing aliens as monetary.

    • Rick hasn’t even discussed a date for the next conference, not even suggested a date, just end of the tour is all i heard. I honestly doubt scientists with the knowledge Bigfoot was real would put up with Dyer and allow him to tell such bullshit stories on radio. I would think scientists with upstanding reputations would be worried by Dyer and his stories about Bigfoot healing itself of its injuries even though it was supposedly dead.

      Kelly most of the so called haters would be silent if Rick showed evidence he shot a Bigfoot.

      Have you spoken to any of these scientists? If you haven’t why are you so confident Rick is telling the truth.

      • Kelly

        What evidence will work for you?
        Please tell us what he should show you to silence the mob?
        A picture of Hank dead after the night?
        What do you want?

        I am confident not in Rick but the sources and the people i have spoken too that are involved in it.
        Rick is just the red neck who got lucky that night.
        The people that are putting the press conference together are the ones that are important. They are the ones dictating the evidence release.
        Also as Robert has reported Fb/Fb are involved in the tour with Rick.
        They will hopefully make it more respectable as much as they can.
        Yes Steve Kulls lied to you all but you believe him.

      • Kelly, evidence to prove he killed a Bigfoot? This would include a video of the shooting, medical evidence, any evidence of substance will do really!

        Dyer has had the thing since December, and supposedly scientists, have had the Bigfoot since 2012. In all that time, nobody with a medical background, has ever come forward to help Dyer out, and that for me is suspicious to say the least. You’ll say i know some of the medical people involved, but that’s not good enough, for people who don’t believe its real.

        Dyer claims he is doing this for the people who’ve be ridiculed for believing in Bigfoot. Yet these people would a lot more happy if he just had the press conference and proved it. The opposite is happening he only what’s to prove to people who’ll pay him. It ain’t credible scientists would allow Dyer to tour with a real Bigfoot without telling the world first.

        This story is all noise and no signal as for as i am concerned.

    • Kelly

      Squatchy Squatcherson,
      This is the Idea of my description of the haters.

      February 6, 2014 at 9:35 AM
      Hey Cathiee/Matt/DP/Kelly Wells Fargo called and they want their money back. FYI: They don’t except drawings of naked chicks screwing aliens as monetary.

      What purpose does the above server?
      They try to reveal pieces of information from there stalking. Which is what they are doing. They try to intimidate or scare people by doing this.
      See all the people who they think I am? They keep missing Big G as well.

      So do you support that behavior?
      Why are you not calling those people out that are doing this?

    • squatting squatch

      You are so full of shit Cathiee,lmao. You’ve been cheer leading for Dyer from day one. Sceptical my ass. Go find a post about starfish regenerating arms and post it here to support the latest bullshit coming out of Dyer’s mouth.

      • Kelly

        Well I am not Cathiee
        I have no clue about the regeneration aspect of bigfoot. I heard Rick say that but I do not know.
        But might want to see this:
        The Following was written by Dr. H.A. Miller
        “When I arrived in Texas, I was surprised to find 3 bodies; one adult female and two female juveniles. I examined them as I typically would any human subject. But to my dismay–one of these creatures still seemed to be alive. I became quite upset with the local scientists–but they reassured me that they confirmed all 3 were deceased.

        After further investigation, I found that these creatures were not human. They, in fact, had a remarkable rapid reparative process (hence the reason one of the creatures seemed dead–but in fact was regenerating to a degree). Unfortunately the restorative abilities of the creature were not enough to keep it alive. They were massive in size and distinctly a new primate species unknown to science at the time.

        I spent years studying these creatures (which are scientifically known as Cebidatelidae), confirming that they were most certainly not human; they were definitely of Primate origin, but with traits seen in various species of primate – most of which were New World monkey.”
        Now if you believe it or not that is up for you.
        I don’t have an opinion one way or the other at this current time.

        • Kelly – Before I’m given one of the quaint labels such as member of the “mob” or “Hankie” – Let me go on record by saying that: 1) I believe in the possibility that BF exists 2) I really don’t have a real interest in the whole Dyer controversy and I see it as just more of a distraction. I’m taking a “wait-and-see” attitude in regards to the whole matter. I do occasionally read the posts and your reference to “H A Miller” and “Cebidatelidae” jumped out at me. You might want to read some of the comments below before making any conclusions about the authenticity of this particular “report”:

          1) Rick Dyer calls Linda Newton-Perry the “absolute hoaxer of all time”.

          2) H A Miller claimed that he received degrees in 1930 and 1931 from the Yale University of Forestry. I have researched this and have not been able to confirm this.

          3) He also claimed that he graduated from the Harvard School of Medicine in “the 1940’s”. Don’t you think that if you graduated from Harvard that you could remember the specific year year you graduated? At any rate, I have researched the list of medical school graduates from 1940-1949 and can find no record of an “H A Miller”. The closest that I could come is a “Wade N. Miller” in 1946.

          4) The term “Cebidatelidae” does not exist. It appears to be a combination of two words: “cebidae” and “atelidae”. Cebidae is one of the five families of New World monkeys that include the capuchin and squirrel monkey. Atelidae is another of the families and once was considered a subspecies of cebidae. The atelidae family includes the howler and spider monkey.

          Kelly, this is not a “hate” letter – it’s just some things to think about before putting to much stock in Dr. Miller’s letter.

    • Kelly

      Al Carter,

      The information I have is to be kept hushed because the person involved in it is seeing what the “mob” is doing to the Alamo Drafthouse and they don’t have time for that nonsense.
      They will present the press conference when they are ready with all the scientific data.
      Would you prefer to have a excellent presentation where Rick is not to involved or would you like drips and drabs?

      Me I would like to have it all nice and neat so you can not question it.

      Nope not desperately holding onto my pride. I know what is going to happen soon.

  145. Kelly

    So when I am proven correct and you are proven wrong.
    Then does that make you a 4th grader or someone with no brain?

    • Kelly

      Wow did I touch a nerve?
      And when all this is not a hoax and its proven to you. I am not counting on you being here and admitting you were wrong.

    • Kelly

      Squatchy Squatcherson

      Of course Rick just cares about himself. If you had zero control over the body but you wanted people to know you killed it.
      Would you fight to get it known? Would you try to leak stuff even when your investors will be upset?
      Or would you slink off and take the money up front?

      I think you really have no clue what Rick has had to battle to get the body presented to the world. He could have taken the money and run and the world would never know about what he did.

      In the end you will actually be thanking Rick for his jackass attitude about this.
      I think Rick is an ass just like you do.
      But just because I think he is an asshole doesn’t take away that I know what he has done to bring Bigfoot to the world.

      So why can we not wait it out. Why must the mob stalk people? Why must they create fake accounts and try to fool people into believing them? If this is a hoax then you don’t need to make things up do you?

    • Jeremy D.

      @Kelly. If this hoax were proven wrong, I would admit to being wrong in a heartbeat. Anyone with real character would. I believe this will never happen though, so I am not bothered by the thought of it. Would you admit to being wrong?

  146. Kelly

    Yet Al When it is proven it is not a hoax.
    You will slink away like a coward. Since you are not big enough to post as Jackie, Robert or Jason Judd is with there real names. I know you don’t believe I am Kelly so that is why I mentioned them.
    But those 3 people are braver than you or the rest of the mob who hide behind fake accounts they make up every other day.
    Randy will also fade away as well. He won’t be able to admit he was wrong. Yet his legacy and others of pure harassment will be left for others to see how childish some of you were during the past year.
    How you posted many things about it being a hoax with out any real knowledge.

    We know what cowards you really are. You will crawl away and make a new Identity for yourself and come out and say you knew it was true all along.

    • ALL a HOAX! Rick’s bigfoot body is as fake as Kelly Geiger! Rick told me early last year that he was having a replica made. Definition of REPLICA = Something that strongly resembles another.

    • RON

      I would love to wager you $10,000 that this is indeed a hoax.
      Problem is, it may NEVER be proven to be if 1) DYER never shows us the scientific data 2) also never lets anyone (scientist ) examine his current BAWDY on tour 3) Never confesses it’s a hoax. Do you understand what I’m saying here? You can’t *PROVE* it’s a hoax unless one of those THREE listed takes place! The DEFAULT position is >>>DYER MUST PROVE IT’S A BF AND HE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO SO UNLESS HE SUBMITS SCIENTIFIC DATA BACKING HIS CLAIM.

  147. Parking lot would be better……..can get away quicker already packed up ready to go.

    The Alamo Drafthouse does call it ‘entertainment’…Monday/Tuesday nights are the slowest for cinema business,
    ‘Acts’ are not prepaid, just split ‘take’ with the owner…less people, less take.
    No one seems to know what to call ‘Hank’ yet….RD calls it ‘bigfoot’, ‘monster’…Alamo calls it ‘missing link’, ‘giganthropus’ ‘yeti’…..seems to me if someone was trying to promote something, they would know what to call it 1st. 🙂

    Texas USA?….you know they still actually hang criminals down there; the Texas rangers(yes..real name) are one of the most relentless groups of law officials …they never give up…..seems unlikely someone/anyone would try to to ‘scam’ in Texas(there is many better states to do that)….they don’t take too kindly to that.
    as is posted by Alamo….it’s ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ folks….
    not illegal to pay for entertainment in the US(yet)

  148. RON

    “One of the reasons why this Hank story is causing such a stir is because the bigfoot community are realising that the rest of the world aint that interested in bigfoot. Have you not taken that in yet? And I think this is ONE of the many reasons why some of you hate Rick so much to be honest.”

    NO, Dyer is being vilified because>>>HE IS SCAM ARTIST, A CHEAT AND A LIAR.

  149. Master scammers of Hank hoax are Rick & Musky. Hoax profiteers are Rick, Musky, Lynk, Andrew, Craig and Dale. I hope Mike Andre is smart enough to stay away!!!

  150. E

    I tried to take a step back and have really been thinking about this whole taxidermy process. Looking online, there is plenty of information on pigs and monkeys, which are two creatures that are similar to humans. It’s interesting how much detail is in some of the photos. Many of them have a very “living” feel to them, as in, look like they were once alive. Hank on the other hand, looks more and more like plaster. The ears, hair, fingers and facial features all have something more to them, and while there is no true example to compare with the “bawdy”, it begins to look more and more like a horrible fake. Even the mermaid hoax examples look better.

    From what I have gathered, any animal that is stuffed has to be skinned. When would this have happened? My guess would be that it would be incredibly difficult to skin if it had been dead for a significant amount of time. Also, what is there to poke around at? A piece of foam with a blanket over it? There is no “poking” around. It is in a case!!! Also, did someone recreate Hank’s dick? Look at that thing!!! How could you skin the penis and preserve it??! It is not “big and black” as Robert previously mentioned. Laugh all you want but what the fuck is that???

    Also, the cuts in the skin stand out to me. In order to skin the thing, they would have to make some significant cuts to get the skin off. However, the “bawdy” emphasizes the autopsy cuts alone?? There would have to be plenty more and sewing taxidermy cuts versus leaving the autopsy ones screams red flag to me.

    I wonder who would have the skeleton? That would be much more convincing for me, but only if you wanted to prove this story true.

    In the case of POS, it would be very easy to prove real or fake. However, his actions clearly show that he wants nothing to be proved either way. It is an endless game. He wants to be the next Minnesota Iceman.

    It is tough for me to believe that many of the POS supporters are actually being genuine. They can admit all of the bad things about POS and how he is a horrible person capable of so many wrongs but when it comes to the goods they somehow take the ultimate leap of faith and even do so with an arrogant confidence.

    Also, this secret information everyone keeps mentioning is just sick. To be worried about leaking information is to admit that it came directly from Rick or someone really close to him. That proves that this information came from a shady character who is indeed a lying scumbag.

    In closing, it is my belief that Robert is indeed in on the hoax. His 100% support defies logic and for him to be worried about leaking the source of this information is admission of guilt. There is no one to protect. He was the first person I heard of who was pushing this story and is a big reason it still lives on. I would imagine the majority of his hits are from this story line and I think it’s time he chose sides in being the people champ or the POS’s monkey boy.

    Ban me if you want but this is my honest opinion.


  151. OMG PEOPLE! Stop asking about scientific data! There is NONE! There will NEVER be any!! Please watch this video w the fake scientist that verified Hoax #1! Hank is a repeat!! Only difference, Musky is the accomplice instead of Matt! 2008 hoax w Matt Whitton

  152. Pingback: Bigfoot News February 6, 2014 | Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

  153. Ethan H.

    I read it. Seems there’s more “proof” of a hoax than not proof. Does anyone know any of the names of all the scientists or doctors that have examined the “body” of Hank? Or is that all a secret too?

  154. According to Rick in one of his Vids….Tomorrow is the day or is it cancelled again????

  155. pieter denhartogh

    Dude I have actually tracked this animal in the Canadian Rockies..Ive seen these creaters many times. .I was looking for a financial backer so that I good actually trap sevrral live animals and properly house them…I can tell you right now..Those pics you have arent the real deal

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