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The Decline of the Liberal West


Good article.

Can you believe that almost all Republicans think that Obama is a socialist, Communist, Marxist, Maoist or Leftist? Is that asinine or what? This is why we on the Left say that not only are American conservatives idiotic fucktards; in addition to that, they are completely, utterly and totally insane.

I could handle them if they were just fucktards. I mean fucktards are everywhere. One of the main challenges in life is winnowing through the wheat to find the smart kernel people among all the fucktarded human chaff.

One of the reasons that US conservatism is frankly a psychotic movement is that they think that Clinton and Obama are socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists (in Obama’s case), leftists, or even liberals for that matter.

I mean, if you want to know if Clinton or Obama fall into any of the above categories, why not ask members of those movements how they feel about Clinton and Obama?

I know or have known plenty of socialists, Communists, Marxists, leftists and liberals. Don’t know any Maoists, but I read Maoist blogs on the web and I get a Maoist newsletter regularly.

I have not met or even heard of one single socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leftist or Maoist who thinks that Clinton or Obama is one of them. The overwhelming response from those movements is, “He is not one of us!” In other words, I have never heard of one single socialist who thought Clinton or Obama were a socialist. Ditto for all the other movements, just replace the word socialist with the words, Leftist, Marxist, Maoist, and Communist.

Now really, let’s think for a minute. If Obama or Clinton were really socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists, don’t you think the people in those movements would admit it? Why would they cover it up? It makes no sense. And the opinion is unanimous. It is not like 1% of socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists think Clinton/Obama are one of them, and 99% say they aren’t, it is 0% say he is one of us, and 100% say he sure ain’t one of us.

If Obama/Clinton were really a part of these movements, wouldn’t these people like them? One would think so. However, Clinton and now Obama are both heavily despised on the Left. The general idea is, “Clinton and Obama are just Republicans (especially Obama as he is even worse than Clinton)  and they are both somewhere between douchebags and Hellspawn.” Now if Clinton or Obama were really on the Left, why would 100% of the Left say they are nothing but Republicans?

See, the US Right makes no sense. We are dealing with insane people here. Crazed, lunatic, whacked out, psychotic nutcases who probably need to be committed and should not be out roaming the streets.

The possibly exists that a majority of Moronicans are actively psychotic and should not be allowed near heavy machinery of motor vehicles.

For instance, in response to the question, “Is Barack Obama a socialist?” fully 53% of utterly worthless deranged Moronican fucktards answered, “Yes.”

Is that stupid or what? Of course he’s not a socialist. The only sensible debate one can have about Obama is whether he is a Republican or not.

Whether or not Obama is a liberal is a more interesting question. Obama has had a very rocky relationship with the Left wing of the Democratic Party. Yes, the Democratic Party is split into Left, Center and Right wings, you idiotic Republican fucks, and really only the Left wing is truly liberal.

However, the Left wing of the party (the liberals) is pretty much the party’s base, just as hardline conservatives or the Right wing of the Republican Party is probably the Republican base (the Republican base is probably the Tea Party/Fox News/WND crowd).

Granted, there is also a Center of  the Republican Party (the RNC) who are increasingly at odds with the Tea Party bomb-throwers to their Right. These are the corporatists and 1% types who are more concerned about winning elections than being revolutionaries. I actually have a certain amount of respect for the RNC crowd as they seem to be at least somewhat sane. Also we on the Left are increasingly pushing the RNC to the Left, as in left away from the Tea Party.

Whether the Republican Party even has a Left wing anymore is a good question. That would be a Nixon Republican. I suppose there are a few left, but they have increasingly been driven out of the party as RINO’s. I do not really mind the Left wing of the Republican Party; it is a sane opposition I could live with.

There is indeed a Center and even a Rightwing of the Democratic Party, and both are very active. Obama is probably in the center of the party. There is a very strong movement to his Right, consisting of Mayor Bloomberg, the Third Way and other corporatist pinheads who say that Obama has gone too far to the Left, and the solution is for him to be even more of a Republican than he already is.

I hang out on liberal/Left websites a lot, in particular, the big websites of the Left wing of the Democratic Party like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. Despite what Republican loons say, those sites are not Leftist or socialist or anything like that. They are just ordinary everyday liberals.

The Left wing or base of the Democratic Party has a very tough relationship with Obama. They spend about half their time hating him and the other half the time cheering him on. And they put an incredible amount of pressure on him. Given enough pressure, Obama sometimes caves and gives in to the base and acts like a real liberal. But that is only because he is forced to.

Within the Administration are the Left, Center and Right wings of the Democratic Party. As Obama is an empty suit with no real ideology, all of these wings are always trying to pull him this way and that. Sometimes the Left wing wins and sometimes the Right wing wins. It all depends on how much pressure they put on him and which advisers he happens to be listening to. Obama doesn’t even make many decisions himself as he is a follower and not a leader. He gets influenced by whichever aide is pulling on his ear at this moment.

Getting more towards the Hard Left of the Democratic Party, a very large number of them have simply decided that Obama is nothing but a Republican, and they say they won’t vote for him anymore. A lot of them are talking about abandoning the Party and voting Third Party such as Green Party. On Left websites, the attitude towards the Obama Democrats is:

  1. Don’t vote!
  2. Vote Third Party!
  3. Obama is a Republican!

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The Eternal Jailbait Question

Clubfoot Superstar wrote:

Have you red this Reddit thread?

Yes, I have read many such threads. The arguments go round and round. I think the sane answer is that of course it is normal for men of any age to be attracted to teenage girls, and it’s completely normal to experience such feelings. However, most discussions on the Web say you shouldn’t be messing with them for a variety of reasons, and I agree with that.

The typically cited reason is that you are taking advantage of them because children are brought up to obey adults, and girls are raised to obey males, especially men. Personally I think it is really cool that we socialize our females to obey us. Hopefully they retain this attractive quality far into adulthood.

Also you are taking advantage of them because their minds are not mature. The mind is not fully mature until age ~25, so therefore, it should be illegal for older people to have sex with 18-25 yr olds, right? Why don’t we raise the age of consent to age 25 because with their undeveloped brains, persons under age 25 lack the maturity to consent to sex?

Supposedly girls are brought up to obey adults, especially men. OK that means that teenage girls ought to be easy pickings for us guys, right? But it’s not really true.

Young men age 18-25 can do pretty well with underage teenage girls, but after that, it gets a lot dicier.

A friend of mine at age 29 screwed a 15 year old girl, a friend of his sisters, on her request apparently. The guy was basically an Alpha and a sociopath to boot. That was probably the only reason he got her; most guys that age she would not have been interested in. I do not think most underage teenage girls are into guys over 25 or so and as you get older and older, it is pretty much only the more Alpha guys who continue to attract the jailbait as most jailbaits find men uninteresting past a certain age. An Alpha could conceivably still be attracting jailbaits even into his 50’s, whereas most jailbaits would find 99% of men that age to be “grandpa.”

This whole discussion centers around the insane notion that jailbaits are easy pickings for any adult male of any age. What bullshit. If the age of consent were lowered to 16 or even 14 tomorrow, how many girls that age do you think I would get, even if I were inclined? Approximately zero, and I know that is true. At my age, I am “Daddy” but more like “Grandpa” to those girls. They are not interested in me. I am an old man. So getting these girls is not an easy feat at all as most of them see us as too old once we are past a certain age. If society realized that, maybe they would lighten up a bit on this issue.

Also, does a girl automagically become mature enough to have sex and lose her undeveloped jailbait brain when she hits 18? Dubious. So then really a 38 year old man with an 18 year old girl is about as bad as a older male of any age with a 16 yr old girl. He is still “using his age to his advantage,” “manipulating her,” “taking advantage of the fact that she was raised to obey men,” bla bla bla bullshit.

And what about states and countries where the AOC is 16 instead of 18? Is there any evidence that in those states 16 and 17 yr old girls suddenly become much more mature at age 16 than in states where the AOC is 18? Of course not.

I agree that you shouldn’t be messing with jailbaits at some point as an adult. What that age is where you have to watch it, I have no idea. But 20 year old men are getting nailed for doing 15 year old girls, so you might want to be very careful. Men aged 18-22 is a grey area, and you may or may not get away with it, but by 23, you best keep your hands off period. I have not touched any jailbait since age 21, and I am very happy with that. Human beings are capable of restraint you know.

I also think a lot of these guys arguing that these laws are insane and we need to get rid of them are arguing with a wall. For myself, I do not care what the age of consent is, 14, 16, 18, who cares? If they are under it, I ain’t touching them. As far as the “injustice” of it, so what? Like teenyboppers are the only available females out there. Are the laws stupid and unfair? Yes, sort of, but don’t you think we have draw the line somewhere and have some age of consent at some age? The law’s the law, just obey it (especially in this case) and don’t philosophize or agonize about it. Break the law at your peril.

Personally, I think most of the “taking advantage” and “immature” arguments are retarded, and I don’t think those are good reasons not to do such thing.

The real good reasons to keep your hands the Hell off is the Law. And nowadays the law has become increasingly insane about this area.

At my age, if I mess with a 16 yr old girl (which to me is not even immoral if she is 16 going on 30), I would probably go down for 10 hard years. I might get beat up in jail. The papers would write me up as “child molester,” “pedophile,” and other bullshit lies. When you get out, if even do you get out, you go on the stupid Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life. You have to register everywhere you go, and you are often prevented from residing in many locales. You may find it hard or impossible to get a job. If your neighbors look up that registry and see you on it, they may vandalize your home or vehicle, and they may beat you up.

In a nutshell, unless you leave the country, your life is permanently thrashed, and you may as well just kill yourself.

All for some young nookie.

Yeah, that is so worth it. Not.

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Half Your Age Plus Seven

Tulio writes:

But alas, that day will come where no young girl mistakes me for being a 20-something and I’ll have to bump it up. What’s the rule for dating younger women? Half your age plus 7 is as low as you can go? Well I’ve broken that rule before and gladly will again, but by that rule you can be a 60 year old man and date a 37 year old. More realistically though, if you’ve taken care of yourself and have some money and status, a 60 year old man should be able to get an attractive 45 year old no problem.

That rule is not very good. A better rule would be half your age period. I am close to 60, and if I didn’t have a girlfriend, I could get 28-29 year olds. It would not be easy, but they are certainly out there, and I have had some girlfriends in the 27-29 year old range in the past few years, and I was 53-56!). But then again, maybe I am not an ordinary guy. I have no idea if I am Alpha, Beta, Omega, Sigma or whatever (well I am sure not an Omega) but supposedly I meet at least one definition of being an Alpha.

When I was 20, a 12 year old girl who I was friends with from my job as school janitor openly propositioned me.

Her: I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately.
Me: (Nervous laugh) Really? LOL.
Her: Yep. And I’m thinking I wan to do it!
Me: LOL ok (Not sure what to say to that!)
Her: (Looking at me intensely and smiling) And I’m thinking I want to do it with you!

I laughed really hard, and yeah, I turned her down.

So that is half my age +2.

When I was 27, I had a 13 year old girl in my class openly proposition me in front of the whole class.

The class pointed it out to me.

Class: Hey teacher! Hey teacher!
Me: What?
Class: See that girl over there, the blond? The pretty one?
Me: Yeah, what about her?
Class: She says she wants to meet you in the park after school so she can have sex with you! She wants to have sex with you, teacher! Do it teacher do it! (Lots of cheers and yells).
Me: (Walking over to her) Is that true? You want me to meet you after school at the park so you can have sex with me?”

She nodded her head very fast, and all the other kids started clapping and cheering. She was seriously beautiful and she was awful sexy too. A hot little Lolita. At that age, I thought 13 year old girls were hot (not really anymore – that is too much of a little girl to me at age now), but I didn’t take her up on her offer.

So that was half my age again.

At age 33, I had 18 year old girls after me. I was a teacher, and they were my students. A couple of them gave me their phone numbers, asked me to be their boyfriend, etc. I turned them down too. One was hard to turn down as she was the Homecoming Queen! She was a real beauty. I believe it was legal, but I was afraid of losing my job.

So that is half my age+1.

When I was 43, I was dating an 18 year old girl.

So that is half my age minus 3.

At the same age, I had a few girls aged 15-17 openly propositioning me, offering to send me nude pics, all sorts of insane stuff. I turned them all down for sex though.

They would be half my age minus 4-6.

Once I got to age 47, all of a sudden I could not talk to or even look at not only underage teenage girls but also women about 18-23. So as low as I could go was half my age or 24. I did in fact get a 24 year old woman at that age, and even then, there were a few hotties 18-23 who acted like they could go for me.

As I got older than age 52 or so, even those few hotties dried up, and at this point, for sure no woman age 18-23 wants me, but I would say no woman aged 18-25 wants me. I just figure those are the facts and run with it and don’t flirt with girls that age very much.

But I did have a 26 year old girlfriend last year, and she was beautiful! I was 56 and she was 26! Wow!

A few years ago, at age 54, I met a 17 year old girl, and it was blatantly obvious to everyone what was going on. That never went anywhere.

That would be half my age -9! Whoa.

However, recently I met a 16 year old girl (!) who was way, way too friendly. She was also 16 going on 30, extremely beautiful with a wonderful personality. Nothing happened, just talked a bit, but it was weird even talking to her, as she scares the crap out of me. I think she is dangerous as Hell, and I really hope I don’t see her anymore. I don’t even want chicks like that to even be around – too tempting.

That would be half my age – 12. Wow!

I can talk to underage teenage girls, especially age 16-17, but I would be much more comfortable if they had only a platonic interest in me, and we got that out of the way fast. Then maybe I could even have a platonic friendship with them. But if you are friends with a 16-17 year old hottie, and she wants to fuck you, it becomes extremely tempting, and it would hard to turn them down.

In 2012, at age 56, I had a couple of girlfriends in the US who were 28-29.

That is 1/2 my age.

However, a few years ago after I joined Facebook, I got barraged by cute little Filipina spinners chasing after me. One of them would somehow friend me, and then pretty soon all of their little friends see the hot American White dude on her friends list, and they all started adding me as a friend.

One by one they would come to me, all from the same area or even from the same city (!), all pretty cute and about 19-35, with most 19-28. Every other day, there was a new one coming up to me.

Every one of them was like, “Hey, you like me? You want me? I like you honey. You are so handsome! Hey baby, you come to Philippines, you stay here with me, you like me, you marry me, ok? And I give you a kid too, as many you want. And I stay with you forever and be your devoted wife.”

I told some of them that their friends were already messaging me with the same lines, and it turned out those were their cousins or sometimes their friends.

Then they would often start fighting and competing and saying, “Pick me, not her. She’s bad. I am better, and here’s why.”

Most do not out and out ask for money, but some hint around about that, yet I still do not think they are scammers. Just desperately poor people.

A lot of them ask to see pics and then ask if you have any nudes. Some want to see any nude pics you have. I even had one offer to take me some nudes, but she wanted some help for a trip to Manila to get work for those choice photos. I never sent any of them any money.

They are genuine as I see it. They are all desperately poor I think, and they figure marrying an American White dude is a great way to get out of poverty.

Most of the were extremely sweet, kind and loving, with little or no aggression, hate or anger in them. 100% submissive females, and all of the aggression has been cultured out of them.

I was a bit tempted not so much for marriage (but they would make cool wives) but more for a kid. I never had a kid, and I would not mind making one at this point except that it requires a young woman.

So they would be mostly anywhere from half my age -9 to half my age.

I also had a Peruvian woman age 27 come to me in the past several years. We got on cam a lot, and one day she called me.

I asked who it was and she said in Spanish, “It’s the girl who wants to marry you.”

She too said, “Hey, you come down here, you stay with me a while, we see if we like each other, if we do, you marry me, and maybe I give you a kid.”

She was a cutie too, and really smart, a college student. Also pretty poor.

That would be half my age+1.

Then somehow I met this older Peruvian woman about 45 who married some older White guy. She found out I was single, and she started turning me on to these Peruvian chick friends of hers. They were 28-32 or so. I talked to one, and she was extremely sweet. The ones I met were all pretty smart. Same deal, looking to marry an American White guy, and I get out of the 3rd World.

That would be half my age+2.

So for the US and the West, at age 56, I would say that I could go as low as 26-29 at this point with some rare exceptions, but the 26 year old would be quite hard to get. The 28 and 29 year olds would be more doable, but they would still be hard to get.

And for overseas, at age 56, I guess the sky is the limit. So far the youngest was 19.

The problem here is that Alphas can break most any of those formulas.

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How Do You Know If You Are Alpha or Not?

Tulio was discussing the “half your age +7 rule is as low as you can get” for men dating younger women. The rule is OK, but in my life, it has been more like half my age period to even half your age -X.

Now whether the rules are different for more Alpha types, I have no idea. For one thing, I have no idea if I am an Alpha or not. A number of people have told me that I obviously am, but I am not so sure.

I do meet one of the criteria thrown out for Alphas. Supposedly once you have fucked 100 females, you are automatically an Alpha no matter what your life has been like. Last count was 109, so I guess I qualify on that one. I told that to my current girlfriend, and she was leaning over in bed one night and asked, “So I am #109 now eh, is that what we are up to?” “I said yep, it was 108, and now you are 109 LOL.” She didn’t seem to care that she the last entry on a long list. Actually, I think it turned her on.

Tell you the truth, I do not even care if I am an Alpha or not.

I think most real Alphas, if you asked them if they were an Alpha or not, would shrug their shoulders and say, “Who the fuck cares?”

The PUA and Game Sphere is full of all of these fucktard young men running around yelling, “I am an Alpha, and fuck all the rest of you pussies I am going to kick your faggot beta asses!” I am really dubious about those guys because I doubt real Alphas shout it to the sky.

Real Alphas just know it and don’t have to brag about it. I suppose they figure it must be obvious what they are. They probably don’t care whether you think they are or not, and they probably don’t even walk around thinking, “I am an Alpha” very much.

In that same Sphere, those same guys say Alphas size up every man they meet to see if he is Alpha, Beta or Omega, and then deal with them accordingly. They dominate the Betas and disdain, humiliate or ignore the Omegas.

I wonder if these guys are really Alphas. I figure most Alphas don’t even care about what the other guys are because they simply do not see them as competition. Another Alpha is just a member of the brotherhood who you divide up the pussy loot with.

If an Alpha meets another man, I doubt if he sizes him up that way.His attitude is probably, “LOL, competition? You call that competition LOL?. Don’t think so.” They don’t see other men as competitors at all because they figure they walk on water already, so why be worried about these guys?

Alphas are focused on the women, and they are just ignoring all the guys, who are only inconsequential anyway.

And I doubt if all Alphas dominate, disdain, humiliate or ignore other men. Alpha is a position of strength, not weakness. An Alpha figures, “I can go make friends with that schmuck over there, the biggest Omega in the whole bar, and it won’t even matter.” He’s probably right because even if he is hanging out being bros with that dork, women won’t care and will just gravitate to the Alpha anyway and ignore the dork. A real Alpha is not diminished by his male company as they are inconsequential.

A lot of Alphas I have known were really nice guys,  even to idiots, fools and dorks, because, well, they could afford to be. If you are slamming down other guys all the time, you think they are competition. You are worried about them and concerned with your ranking. You are also insecure. The Alpha is secure and is not worried about his ranking because it is obvious to the whole universe that he is on top, so it’s not even controversial, and there’s nothing to be threatened by.

Also I doubt if Alphas even analyze other men that much. An Alpha is usually thinking about two things:

1. What am I doing now?

2. What am I going to do in the (near) future?

Neither of those involve comparing and ranking with some random dude hitting you up for conversation, so I don’t think they would bother with that ranking type thinking.

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Bay Area Guy Interviewed on Robert Stark’s Show

First Stark interviewed a former commenter here named Dota, and now he is interviewing another former commenter here named Bay Area Guy or BAG. Some of you might remember either or both of them. They both still comment here from time to time, BAG more than Dota.

Stark is a good friend of mine, and I recently had dinner in Fresno with him and two guys from the A3P Party, which I do not necessarily support. Still it was a great meal and a good time.

The interview is up on Dota and BAG’s site, Occident Invicta. Tulio, frequent commenter here, is commenting on the site and has some great things to say, as usual.

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Hot 70 Year Old Lady

Apparently they do exist.

I guess this is what I have to look forward to in bullshit “Golden Years.” Golden Years my ass!

I must say though that she is definitely very beautiful.

When I was working as a linguist/anthropologist for an Indian tribe, I went out with this female friend of mine (an Indian) to interview an old Indian lady. She was a member of a California Indian tribe that I will not name. This woman was over 80 years old. How much over 80? I forget. She may have been 84 or 85. But her mind was great, and she was feisty as Hell. She lived alone. On the way back, I told my female friend that I was amazed that a woman that age could still look good, and she said that yes, she was still beautiful, and incidentally, it was reported that she had been extremely beautiful as a young woman.

So if you see a woman over 65 who looks damn good, you can rest assured that she was probably a real beauty in her youth. Some of these gorgeous younger beauties you see around you are going to have an expiration date pretty far off  into the future, as in decades. Or a half century!

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In Praise of Women over 40

One nice thing about women over 40. Most of them have worked through a lot of their sexual inhibitions and hangups by that age and they are really loose and wild and get into sex like total maniacs. It is little known, but teenage girls and young women often have some serious sexual inhibitions and hangups. You would be surprised at how many of them do not regularly, cannot, or have never had an orgasm. Don’t even ask me to list all of the depraved sex acts that they refuse to do. And painful sex is a problem too, even for young woman. Why? Google vaginismus – most common in girls and young women.

Older women, like Felix, have a bag of tricks. The accumulated experience of a lifetime is not a bad thing. The best cocksuckers are whores, women 30-40 and faggots, but you guys probably don’t want to test drive the faggots. The lousiest cocksuckers are all the rest of them.

Women over 40 are extremely experimental and willing to try new things because a lot of them have already done everything under the sun anyway. You would be surprised how many of them have done it with a woman, often more than once, fucked two guys at once or been in orgies. I cannot tell you how many women in their 40’s who tell me that they masturbate every day or 10X/week. I knew one who even encouraged her 16 year old daughter to do it. “Hey honey, Mom does it, so why don’t you too!”

Women over 40 are typically orgasmic as they have finally got it down. It is not rare at all for them to be capable of multiple orgasms. The most I have ever seen is four in a row, but as I said earlier, my back hurts.

If you didn’t get the gist of the last paragraph, it means that a lot of women over 40 are perverted as all get out. Perversions increase with age, and young people are pretty shy. Not many people know this. And a lot of older women over 40 cannot even get pregnant anymore. Either they got it all yanked out and they don’t lay eggs like mother hens anymore, they had a nasty, infertilizing surgery, they got their tubes tied or they are post-menopausal.

One more thing: beauty. If you are a man over 40 who only finds women under 40 attractive, you are an idiot. Some day you will be such a grandpa that no young woman will give any more admiration than laughter. A taste for older women, like beer or coffee, is a developed one. I have developed it.

I used to be on a lot of dating sites and while I was deleting 50-75% of the emails (I was getting hit by ~5 emails/chat requests per day), here it the rundown:

40-49: They number of hotties and utter knockouts in this age range is simply incredible. Of course I was mostly searching in California where we try to remain youthful til death but still. I was utterly amazed at how many women care enough about their looks to keep it up through their 40’s.

50-55: I am utterly stunned at the number of women in this age range who still look good to incredible. I don’t get it. How do they do it? However, the number of homelies, uglies and fatties also rises to quite a high number sadly. Generally speaking, if they keep the weight off, they can still look really damn good at this age. But a huge number of them are fat and when you’re over 50 and fat, there is no choice but to hit the Gong bell.

56-57: I was quite surprised that the 50-55 thing carries over til about age 57, though there is some dropout.

58-62: You would be utterly stunned to find that there are any good-looking women at all at this age, but prepare to fall out of your seat. Yes, there are. They get increasingly rare, especially after age 60, but there are still a few. Some of them look much younger. I have seen 60 year olds who look 40. Others look their age but have a certain charm and distinction about them. Liking women 58-62 is definitely an acquired taste, but I am working on it.

Over age 63: No idea, only saw a few profiles in this age range and most were no go. However, I did see one 65 year old who looked pretty damn good.

Suggestions to older women:

Lose weight. Fat women are like man repellents. You should bottle your essence and sell it to lesbian separatists who would find it comes in awful handy.

Wear makeup. Women look better with makeup. Duh.

Wear sexy clothes. Duh.

Act sexy. Duh.

Try not to look like a librarian or a spinster schoolteacher from the 1800’s. Who wants to fuck a frumpy chick like that? Come on, think strategically.

Buy hair dye. The best women in this age category have all dyed their hair. Grey hair means old lady.Who wants to fuck grandma? I mean the world needs grandmas, but they are not exactly sex objects.

Look youthful. The more she looks like an old lady or my 80 year old Mom, the more I shout, “Next!”

Don’t take a lot of drugs and alcohol and don’t smoke. If you do these things, quit. Not now, yesterday. I saw a lot of over 40 women who looked like they had been used up and spit out by life. Not sure if it was the meth or the heroin or the booze or all those whoring years, but the hard life shows. As in, makes you look like crap. Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse is great if you check out by 30, but if by some miracle you survive and don’t knock out the live fast crap, you turn into Anita Allergen. In other words, yes you will die, but also you will definitely not leave a beautiful corpse.

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Do Middle Aged People Still Have Sex?

Sure, every now and then, when our backs stop hurting, of course we make the double-backed beast.

A bottle of Viagra is known to come in handy at times also. I haven’t yet experienced the horrors of vaginal dryness on the receiving end, but I am sure there is a workaround for that too.

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From Statutory Rape to “Pedophilia”: Anatomy of a Moral Panic

About ten years ago, I was close friends with this lesbian. She was underage, but just barely. She was ~17 years and 9 months old – 3 months shy of 18. She would not stop pestering me to fuck her, but I ended up turning her down, and there was a part of me that really wanted to do it. But there another part that was terrified of going to prison. I also was worried that maybe some of my enemies (I had a number of them) had set this whole thing up to bust me on underage sex charges.

Really it’s just statutory, but nowadays, a 43 year old man screws a 17 3/4 year old girl, and if you get caught, the charges will be insane BS like “rape of a child,” “sexual assault on a child,” bullshit lies that that. They used to call this stuff statutory rape as that is all it is, but since the Feminist Scum/Puritanical Christian Garbage got hold of this “pedophile” bullshit in the last 30 years, hardly anyone gets arrested for statutory anymore. They always charge you with some crime that sounds like child molesting or pedophilia.

Also the media headlines will say, Sexual Predator Arrested for Assault on a ChildChild Molestation Charges Leveled at Man, and the news articles will call you pedophile and child molester. After you get out of prison, you are on the Sex Offender Registry for life. It’s all so insane. But on the other hand, so the laws are crazy, so what? A crazy law is still the law, and the law’s the law, you violate it at your peril, and in this case, if you get caught, you’re basically fucked for life.

Sir! You see that 16 year old girl over there you are dying to screw? She’s underage. Best think twice about that, my man!

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Do Lesbians Want to Have Sex with Men?

A commenter inquires:

What about lezbos?

What about them indeed!

I do not know much about lesbianism except that some “lesbians” for some reason want to fuck guys. I know this because a couple of them propositioned me LOL. One even offered to pay me! $20 LOL. I turned her down LOL. I ain’t no cheap ho.

The other one was underage, but just barely. She was ~17 years and 9 months old – 3 months shy of 18. She would not stop pestering me to fuck her, but I ended up turning her down too.

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