Why All Normal Men Are “Pedophiles”

We are currently in the midst of a moral panic or mass hysteria about “pedophiles” and “pedophilia.” The definition of a pedophile is a man who is exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. The ages vary – some put the age at 11 or less and others all the way up to 13. If you don’t fit that definition, you are not a pedophile. The definition of pedophilia is the condition whereby a person’s sexual orientation is that they are exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. If one doesn’t fit that definition, one is not a pedophile. If one’s condition doesn’t match the definition above, then one does have pedophilia.

One thing is for certain, attraction to or sex with minors aged 14-17 is never pedophilia under any definition of the word.

There are actually several conditions, which are really sexual orientations:

Pedophilia: Exclusive or primary attraction to minors age 12-under. Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. Exclusive and nonexclusive forms exist, but the exclusive form seems more common.

Hebephilia: A controversial diagnosis whereby one has an exclusive or primary attraction to pubertal individuals around age 12-14 (note the age overlap at age 12 with pedophilia above.) Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. The truth is that many pedophiles are actually hebephiles. Michael Jackson was actually a homosexual hebephile. I think he had an attraction to boys aged 12-14. There was a recent proposal to include Hebephilia in the DSM book of mental disorders used by clinicians, but it was voted down by the committee on the basis that:

  1. It is not a mental disorder for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.
  2. It is not even abnormal for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.

There was also a worry that the state would use this diagnosis to lock up sexual offenders forever, even after they finished their sentences, with a fake diagnosis of Hebephilia.

However, some do think that this is an actual disorder, and the debate goes on. Actually, I think it probably is a valid condition in that there does seem to be a subset of men who are in fact hebephiles (they score in between pedophiles and normals in the lab), but many men who are arrested for sex with 12-14 year olds are probably not even hebephiles. They are just men with a normal orientation who are committing what usually boils down to the crime of statutory rape or illegal intercourse.

Nowadays hebephilic behavior is referred to as pedophilia, but it isn’t. And as far the attraction goes, it isn’t even abnormal.

I probably should not talk about this, but I have known a few men who were hebephiles.

One of them was a single man who got a good job making a lot of money. Then he roamed the world presumably looking for opportunities to have sex with teenage girls, especially ones 12-14. He was also attracted to older females, and he had sex with adult females in these places too. Apparently in a lot of Third World countries it is fairly easy to have sex with girls this young with little risk of arrest. He told me that in his travels he met quite a few other men who were also in the Third World looking for not only women but also for teenage girls.

He told me, “You know, you have no idea how many guys will pay good money to have sex with a Lolita, a girl aged 12-14.”

I don’t know what to think about that, but I assume he is telling the truth. I do not believe he has ever been arrested, and I do not consider him to be pedophile.

I know more, but I really shouldn’t write about it right now. Let’s just say that this man isn’t the only hebephile that I have known!

I always thought it was a odd to be all wrapped up in little Lolitas and to prefer a little Lolita to a real grown woman, but it takes all types to fill the freeways. I suppose I just don’t get it.

Ephebephilia: This is the latest in the Orientation Wars. Ephebephilia involves exclusive or preferential attraction to teenagers aged 15-19. This obviously isn’t a disorder, and of course it’s not even abnormal. Indeed, studies of gay men have showed that the age group that they respond to most are males aged 16-20. For straight men, maximal attraction was for females age 20-25. So in effect, most homosexual men are de facto ephebephiles.

I knew a man who may have been an ephebephile. He was an investment banker in Switzerland aged 35 with a wife and young children. He periodically took off for Thailand where he indulged in his taste for teenage girls. I think he liked Thai girls around age 15 or so. He also liked to film his exploits and put photos of his dirty deeds up on the Internet. I didn’t know what to think of the guy, but he wasn’t a pedophile. He was never arrested.

I don’t really understand why a grown man would preferentially want teenage girls to the exclusion of grown women. Why? What will you do when she gets older? I’m not sure if I get it.

Unbelievably, ephebephilia, which is 100% normal in all males in terms of attraction, is now insanely conflated with pedophilia. So if you get a woody by looking at a 15-17 year old hottie, you’re a Short Eyes who belongs in the Pen. Logically this makes no sense whatsoever, but that is the nature of moral panics.

Teleophilia: I believe that teleophilia means an attraction to mature persons, aged 16 and up. Probably the vast majority of males are really teleophiles, and repeated lab studies have proved this endlessly. I suppose I am a teleophile.

We have studied male heterosexual attraction by age in the lab for quite some time now, and we keep getting the same results. They look something like this:

Attraction to females

16+            Maximal
15             90% of max
14             80% of max
13             70% of max
12             60% of max
11             50% of max
10             40% of max
9              30% of max
8              20% of max
7              10% of max

A number of other studies have also been done along these lines, but those look even worse from the Pedophile Moral Panic point of view.

The two that I am aware lumped all females into a category called 12 and up, and found that all males reacted maximally in the lab to this category of females. Unfortunately, they did not break it down by age, but you get the impression. They also had some very shocking findings about females aged 2-12, but I won’t even go into those now, and they look terrible from the Moral Panic POV.

The research shows that all normal males have a maximal sexual attraction towards females aged 16-17. For the younger teens, it is not as strong, but it is still high. So if being attracted to girls aged 13-17 is pedophilia as the dominant lunatic notion in society says, then there are only two types of men who are not pedophiles:

  1. Gay men
  2. Dead men

How do most normal males deal with this attraction? Most men past a certain age probably regard teenage girls as “dangerous.” This is where the expression jailbait comes from. They bait you, and if you take the bait, you go to jail. Our society is in the midst of a moral panic about men having sex with teenage girls, so past a certain age, only insane men will mess with them. I have no problem with men aged 18-21 being with teenage girls, but the law is starting to hammer some of these young men too, so you might want to watch it.

Of course, normal and natural urges can be suppressed. If all normal males are attracted to teenage girls but society does not approve of that, the natural reaction would be to suppress that urge. I suppose most men out in public try not to look excessively at girls who look too young. Most of us probably try to look the other way. Most men definitely try to avoid talking to them, since nowadays, any man over age 18 is apparently not allowed to talk to any underage teenage girl. It seems as if people will almost call the police if you try to strike up a conversation with one. It’s really nuts.

I have discussed the studies above a few times with folks, and they sometimes get very upset. Females, particularly older ones, often react violently, screaming and yelling and trying to shut down the conversation. Many times I have been told that they simply did not believe the studies.

“Who did they study? Pedophiles? Well if they only studied pedophiles, of course that’s what they came up with!…Where did you read that study? The American Journal of Pedophilia?” and on and on. You get the picture.

This is interesting because normal liberal folks simply refuse to accept actual scientific facts because they conflict with the Moral Panic that they have set up in their head.


Nagayama Hall, Gordon C; Hirschman, Richard; and Oliver, Lori L. 1995. Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Pedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men. Behavior Therapy 26, 681-694


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  1. Martha

    Listen here…..take it from a teenage girls view….how do you think it feels for us wen we get stared at by older dudes….its straight up nasty…..Ur dirty….if you want… pleasure so bad go to a strip club….u dirty old cunt…..dont get mad cuz ur never gonna get young pussy
    You’re probably also a bunch of skinny little pussies anyway, who couldn’t fend off an insect. If any of you have managed to convince any woman to have children with you, you are probably shit fathers you irresponsible, selfish, sad old wrinkly wankers.

    • Ok you silly little twat, I am going to have to ban you.


    • Big G

      what a joke it happens everyday. all it takes is money. everyman in beverly hills has a younger wife. oh and the strip club is dominated by teen agers. your an idiot.

    • big g

      Brutal simply brutal

    • Tulio

      When this teenage girl hits 40, she’ll wonder where all the attention from men went.

      • I look at teenage girls of course, but then I look at women too. I like the ones that are well developed. They are ridiculous, silly and immature, but a lot of them are sort of nice to look at. I try to be discreet about that though, and if she gives me vibes like she doesn’t want me looking at her, then I will look away and not look back. Staring is always pretty rude.

    • Darlene

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    • marshall

      Actually most pubescent girls and even prepubescent girls love older men.

      Most pubescent girls have posters of older men on their walls usually in the music or movie industry. The media portrays pedophiles as old men, but this is not the case.

      Hebephilia is predominant among all mammals, but modern society’s feminist tendencies hasn’t learned to accept this truth yet.

      hebephilia is dominant in mammals.

      Not being able to accept the pubescent nature of human sexuality is simple denial. It’s painful for older women to accept the fact that they are not nature’s sexual prime. Many post-pubescent women are in denial of the pubescent nature of humans and the phenomena is coined as child-bride-denial.
      src: http://egomoral.com/child-bride-denial/

      • Claire

        I’m a feminist in my late twenties, I dated older guys when I was a teenager and have no bad feelings about it. It’s obviously a complicated issue but I do think it’s natural to be attracted to post-pubescent women. People develop at different ages, some 20 year old women look and act 13. When I was 16 I looked like a 20-something and I had a job and my own apartment. I do think it’s important to make the distinction between pedophelia and ephibophelia. Being attracted to pre pubescent children is abnormal, being attracted to sexually mature individuals is normal.

        • Claire

          I resent the anti-feminist tinge to some of this article and comments. Blame Chris Henson not us, haha. Most actual feminists (not the meme charactures you find online) are the ones who dare to challenge societal gender norms and have these difficult and morally complex conversations. My friends and I often discuss how our society’s treatment of pedophilia,ephibophilia,etc is counter productive and anti-science. Being a pedophile is a disorder that people do not chose and by further stigmatizing it we limit opportunity for treatment. Theres no excuse for harming a child but we need to get real with each other, the problem won’t just disappear. And being attracted to sexually mature teenage individuals is natural. It just is.

          And yes I’m aware this article is like 5 years old, there aren’t too many active discussions on the topic.

        • Thank you so much for this, Claire. So nice to see this attitude coming from a woman. Most of them take the opposite, and they are very crazy about it.

          It isn’t even really ephebophilia. That means a PREFERENCE for 15-19 year old girls. It means you like them better than any others. Obviously this is a normal state for a young man, but it seems that as a man ages, this becomes weirder. Nevertheless, even a PREFERENCE for 15-19 year old girls in any man of any age is considered to be normal by the people who wrote the DSM, the American Psychiatric Association. If ephebophilia only meant adult men who are turned on by 15-19 year old girls, Hell most men of any age would be ephebophiles lol.

        • Claire

          Oh and PS,ya’ll look stupid as hell attacking the angry 12 year old “Martha” who left a comment. Not exactly a fair debate.

        • Hey Claire, any branch of feminism you represent, I might even want to be a member of pending your views on other things. This sounds like Sex-Positive Feminism. This feminism you are a member of here, all I have to say is that I support that school of feminism and might even sign onto it myself.

        • Claire

          Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised to have a response! Wasn’t sure if you would still be active since this article is pretty old. Now I feel bad for leaving the mean comment about Martha,haha. I just felt compelled to share because there are a lot of women who feel as I do. As an advocate for men and women affected by sexual violence I think it’s super messed up to call having sex with a 16 year old “statutory rape”. As a feminist it’s an insult to young women to presume that we have no agency over our own bodies and exist only as victims. I wasn’t a victim when I actively pursued a much older man, I was curious and exploring my sexuality. I’m a big fan of nuance. I also have a unique perspective as someone involved in the adult entertainment industry, I’m 28 but am listed as 19 because I look young and have braces. Guys love that shit. Even I love that shit when I watch porn.

        • Claire

          And yup you got me, I’m a sex positive feminist. A lot of us are, it’s frustrating that the loudest voices in feminism aren’t the ones that represent the core ideals of our movement.

        • Oh you’re a porn star. Cool! We have an actual porn star on here. What’s your phone #?

          J/k, or maybe not.

          Yes I would sign on to your Sex Positive Feminism, at least the way you have laid it out here. I would definitely become a Sex Positive Male Feminist then myself!

          All comments show up as new comments and I don’t have much do to today, so I thought I would answer. But the main reason I answered is that your comment really inspired me.

        • Claire

          But then again, feminism is merely a label in which any crazy ass person can attach themselves to. There are so many different types and opposing viewpoints, it’s very interesting to see movements like MRA which have goals that actually align with feminism. Lots of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

        • Claire

          Haha! Welp, may as well do a shameless plug twitter.com/darcydevasto chaturbate.com/braceface96 and profiles.myfreecams/darcydevasto. And no my name is not Claire or Darcy, I have many aliases…kind of like a spy…but for porn.

        • Claire

          Just don’t expose me for being an old hag! I’m “19” LOL

        • Oh you’re a cam girl! I recently had a relationship/friendship with a cam girl around your age. She was 27-28. It was sexual partway in and it went Friendzone for a long time. She was my best friend for about almost two years though. There’s a problem. I still date have relationships with young women aged 18-28, but I keep getting this, “I am not attracted to you.” I am 60 years old, in case you were wondering. Maybe the age gap is just too big.

        • Damn baby, you are beautiful. Are you single lol?

        • Claire

          Haha, thank you! I am happily single, I enjoy the friendships/fun from camming. I connect with all types of people, but it can be a blurry line. It’s my full-time job, I never want to lead a guy on like some do. But I do genuinely enjoy most of the interactions I have and talk to a lot of cool guys. You seem fun to talk to! What site did you use with other cam girl?

        • LOL she would never show me damn cam site in all the time I knew her. She could make up to $230/hour doing that though.

          For a while she wanted me to cam with her as a couple, although I would have to get it, keep it up (hopefully for a while) and cum, and all that’s getting a bit iffy at my age. But I probably could have done it. She said we could make $1,000/day as an older man in his 50’s with a younger woman in her 20’s. She said there’s a huge market for that and there are not many couples like that.

          I was a bit worried about being a porn star, but she said no one would ever find out. She claims no one has ever figured out that she is a cam girl unless she tells them. None of her old friends or her family figured out.

          I don’t know what you do on there, but she did intense shows, masturbating with a dildo to orgasm, fucking herself in the ass with a dildo, maybe even ass to mouth, I forget. One time she told me she injured her ass doing that.

          She said if we cammed as a couple, we could make a lot of money and we wouldn’t even have sex that much. She had a male friend who was in his 50’s and he exclusively cammed with young women 18-29. She said he told her most people just want to talk anyway. She said it was the same way with her: most guys just wanted to talk to her.

          She withdrew the offer soon after she offered it.

        • If you want to chat, email me. You seem like an interesting chick. For one thing, you’re crazy smart, especially for a cam girl. You’re wicked smart.

    • Subliminal Portal

      If that’s so, Martha, then why do so many of you teenage girls ditch your 13-17-year-old boyfriends for older men? And teenage girls even as young as 13 years old are always falsely presenting themselves on Facebook as being 19 or 20-year-old divorcees, and then you laugh at these men once the police zero in on them and turn their lives upside down.>>>Click onto http://groundreport.com/alisha-dean-misstates-age-sends-2-men-to-jail-for-sex-with-minor/
      Back when I was 14 years old, I even knew a boy who came home early from a track meet and found his 13-year-old girlfriend in bed with his father. So where are you coming from, Martha?

  2. Vodkazai

    I guess I’m an ephebephile, but then again i’m 18 so it’s perfectly normal for a guy like me to be attracted to girls around my age.

  3. Vodkazai

    The universal age of consent should be 14, it should be 12 in sub-Saharan Africa(because Africans are early bloomers) and 16 in East Asia(because Orientals are late bloomers).

    • Dave Mowers

      Anywhere you go in the the age of consent is the age at which the minor begins having sexual intercourse with others. Most countries cut it off at 12 but in many, like France and Vietnam, if her parents allow it and she wants it you can have sex with teenage girls.

      America is run by fanatics with a hard-on for fascism.

  4. Big G

    speaking of evolution. what part about mammal breading dont you understand. It happens everyday. a young woman excepts an older lover as the resources he offers give her offspring the best change of survival. men hqave an understanding even in modern day the money gets the best looking woman

  5. I don’t think they want us, actually.

    Why stare at them? Especially if they don’t like it?

  6. A true fixated pedophile is pretty much a sexual orientation. It seems to be a developmental disorder of some sort. They are incurable. They will always be strongly or exclusively attracted to young kids for the rest of their lives. A fixated pedophile doesn’t really have a need to abuse, and quite a few of them are capable of going long periods of time, say 25 years, without abusing. They only need to abuse to the extent that they want to fulfill their sex drives. It’s like saying that heterosexuals need to have sex. Well, they want to fulfill their drives, sure.

    90% of men who molest children are not even fixated pedophiles. They have no more interest in kids than any other man. They are just criminals taking advantage of a young girl.

    • We are not sure what causes pedophilia. It looks like a developmental disorder of some sort. It’s not genetic. Normal development gets disrupted, and the result can be all sorts of problems.

      I am not sure if fixated pedophiles were more likely to be abused as children. We really don’t know what causes it, and people aren’t studying it all that much.

      I would think that the ones who get abused and then abuse others would be the non-pedophilic molesters. These people are just criminals.

  7. I think a lot of this comes from the fact that people forget why the laws regarding “age of consent” (a questionable term* but the one that is used) are really there. As I understand, they are there to protect the young from being abused by older men who take advantage of their youth and naivite, or even forced into prostitution. (there is the possibility that very young girls may not be able to handle pregnancy too well should it occur). This does not automatically mean that any man who happens to find a girl under the “age of consent” is automatically a weirdo and a pervert. Actually seeking out and having sex with such a girl though, as well as breaking the law, might well be regarded as morally wrong, socially unacceptable, and certainly not a wise or responsible decision, if only so as not to give the girl wrong ideas and end up abused later.

    There is also the issue of what age the “age of consent” should be. In some parts of the US I understand it is as high as 18. In other places, including here in the UK, it is only 16. In some countries it is lower than that. Which in ways is why it might seem weird for us foreigners that some American movies and TV shows make assumptions about older people going out with 17-year-olds, say.

    Of course, if we’re going back into history, girls getting married at a young age was normal. 14 was the norm in Roman times as I recall. Remember Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”? Juliet was 13. (Granted, Romeo may not have been much older.) The play is still performed today with little consequence.

    Of course the real issue as far as I can see is the broad issue of sexual immorality. I appreciate many may not share entirely my views on it (that includes, that sex is meant to be within marriage and prostitution is wrong), but put it this way, most will agree there are times it is necessary to exercise restraint, and that genuine consent, without coercion, from both partners is necessary first. If people, and men especially (note I am a man myself!), were less than eager to try and jump into bed at the first possible instance, the world might be a better place.

    But far worse, of course, is abuse, which goes beyond sexual desire if I understand correctly.

    At the end of the day though, whatever your moral views, common sense is needed.

    *In the sense it assumes that someone under that age is utterly incapable of giving consent, or informed consent, to sex. This is a purely arbitrary assumption that does not reflect the individual. My objection to the term is not an objection to the law it refers to, though.

  8. from brownzil

    As always, a wonderful read; the ending sentence was simply perfect, Robert. Keep up the good work.

  9. I ask for all to consider this story. The father/husband is in his 20’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DJ15B23Ums

  10. More, okay … not in his 20’s – age 19 … interesting back story http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=109604

  11. Tulio

    I’m maximally attracted females from 16-26. I’m 37 but I’m not attracted to women my own age. This actually bothers me because I don’t know what I’m going to do as I get older and younger women become ever more out of reach. I see why there’s all these old Western guys in Thailand walking around with 22 year old girlfriends. Can’t blame them. I lie about my age on dating sites since I look late 20s. I do this so I can still have access to women in their prime. I’m just not attracted to women above 35 unless they are genetic outliers like Christie Brinkley, Stacey Dash or Daisy Fuentes. Most women have no chance of looking that great past 40. What can I say, I love clean, bright skin, no wrinkles, fresh, shiny hair, flat tummies and and no cellulite. What’s not to love about [late]teenage girls? Hugh Hefner is the luckiest man on the planet. Going on 90 and has never had a girlfriend over 25.

    Pretty entertaining blog post on sexual desire for teenage girls:


    “Went down the block to get a Patra Burger. The Echo Park Christmas parade was going on. Teen cheerleaders shimmying down Sunset. Mexican Christmas carols play out of Mustangs. Short skirts. Yoga pants. Fifteen years old, tops. Like all straight men, I am powerfully sexually attracted to underage girls. Far more than to women of legal age. If you aren’t, say so in the comments. I’ll know everything else you say is also a lie.

    It’s natural, but I feel like a miscreant. Three blocks to Patra Burger. Looking, trying not to look like I’m looking. Young girls shaking their asses in tiny skirts and little black underwear. Lifting one another up to give us all a panty shot. I strain to get an image I can remember. High school freshman’s sweaty taint up in the air with another girl’s hot palm jammed in it. Heaven. Clear skin, long shiny hair. Little budding tits. Firm little apple asses. The nineteen year olds taking veiny cock in porn look like crones in comparison. Any woman of legal age is already past her peak.

    This is why I can’t be a teacher. This, and I hate young people and have no urge to help society. But mostly because I’d fuck my students. How could you not. Maybe you’d hold back for a year, two, ten. But one day one of them comes on to you. Every cell in your body was crafted over millions of years for the sole purpose of ejaculating inside ovulating young teens. The smell of her armpits after field hockey practice makes you a beast. You’d crack. Then live in terror. She’s gonna talk. She’s gonna write about her crush in her Lisa Frank diary that her parents dig up. She’s gonna tell a friend who tells her therapist who tells the cops. Suddenly you’re in the chester tank. Sex offender for life. A child rapist. Never work again, live in real danger of being flayed alive by medieval peasant mobs. Neighborhood brutes beat you with tire irons. What if it was my daughter, they say, but really– they’re jealous. You took that sweet pussy they can never have.”

    • homer simpson

      Men 35 & older will have a much harder time attracting younger ladies unless they happen to be wealthy, powerful, successful, due to loss of vigorousness,strength & vitality. The only hope for us average guys is to go to foreign lands, noticeably such nations as Southeastern Asia or the former eastern european/ Soviet bloc nations, where women strongly outnumber their men, where there more open to may-december style relationships, especially to a western guy who more likely to have a better job, more money, & stronger than their own men, most so in SE asian & Eastern Asian nations.

    • I’m a woman in her forties,as a teenager l was a good pretender and convincingly portrayed a sexual woman,but l wasn’t, l had sex with men and boys and never enjoyed it,even less with older men. I began to orgasm at 18 and only after a became involved with a guy my own age in a committed relationship. I have been described as oversexed, even called a nymphomaniac more times than l care to remember,but l admit from what love seen and experienced l probably deserve that title. As a self confessed nympho,l can assure all you men teenage girls don’t really enjoy sex they know how to act like they do and again all you men seeking pretty young things to spice up your life,you’ll be disappointed to know that females need love to feel lust,they don’t do one without the other.

      • Yeah but I am 59 years old, and I still get 18 year old girls who fall crazy head over heels in love with me. I have no idea how I do this.

        I think maybe it’s magic. I tell people I cast spells on women to get them to fall for me. I have no idea if this works or not, but I have had gf’s tell me a number of times that I am a warlock and that I put some weird spell on them. I have even had them get mad at me and tell me to take the spell off. I have no idea what the mechanism is or if it even works or not, but it seems to, so I do it.

  12. Sam

    Music for the post:
    Oingo Boingo – Little Girls

  13. John

    Your posts are always very insightful Robert. I recently discovered your website and I have been reading it with great frequency.

    In my opinion, pedophilia, hebephilia, and whateverphilia are just terms created by the hysterical moral-panic liberals of the west. In most of mainland Southeast Asian society it’s not even seen as a thing.

    Some people prefer dark skinned women, some people prefer lightskinned women, some like large breasts, some like small. This is the best explanation in my opinion and I think it has nothing to do with any developmental disorder.

    As for me, I consider myself a “hebephile.” You wonder how men could like teenage girls and what they would do once the girl gets older, right? I, being a hebephile, can explain that to you.

    First of all, it has to do with the figure and size of the female body more than anything. Suppose we have 2 girls, one age 15 and one age 21. A hebephile would most likely prefer the 15 year old as they are more likely to have a petite and slim figure and a tight little bod. Of course, if the 15 year old is overly developed and the 21 year old is smaller with a younger face and nicer body then we would obviously choose the 21 year old. It’s more a physical preference than anything and you can’t be attracted to age because it’s just a number and anyone can lie about their age.

  14. John

    Well, at some point you just have to accept what you’ve got and not be too greedy.

    Even if she gets older, she’ll still be significantly younger than I am. If I married a girl my own age she would age at the same rate as me and by the time I got old I’d have to sleep with someone just as wrinkly as myself.

    Old men with money can still get the teen hotties, maybe not to love them but because of their wallets.

    As for me, one girl about 7-10 years younger than me is enough for the one short lifetime we get.

  15. anonymous person who cares

    I think everyone is ignoring that even more important than the outward appearance of a girl’s age or sexualization or even attractiveness…the biggest difference and the one that matters most in the topic of hebephiles/pedophiles is the mental maturity and psychological stage of any person who engages in or is a part of a sexual context. Whenever a man includes the appearance or essense of a young immature girl (and yes even 17 and sometimes older girls) in their sexual fantasy or attraction they are either being completely unaware of -or inclusive of their inferior psychological maturity and this is the sick part of it all. They are sexualizing a being who is not their equal in psychological development (which includes natural sexualization and maturity, desicion-making which affects personal outcomes)…. This is what makes the predatory and very real highlight in the act of sexualizing a minor. I would say that immaturity in the aspects that I have mentioned is not difficult to determine, even when hidden by sexualized clothing or makeup. People can tell when a person is immature compared to themselves, and when another is still a “child/teen” in their psychological development … Unfortunately immature individuals who are pubescent are also in a stage where sex is a novel curiosity,even an enthusiasm and many times these hebephiles/ pedophiles take this as consent or even justification only to mess with a developing person. Take this as you may but I got here and wrote this because this topic is one that I passionately seek for humanity to understand.

    • Dave Mowers

      Wow so every teenage girl I went to high school with was being abused by their college-aged boyfriends? Does that include all the junior high school girls having sex with high school seniors and P.E. teachers?

      My third girlfriend’s first boyfriend was 36 years old when she met him at age fifteen. She talked about his sexual prowess and perversion constantly to the point where she chided me for not having his balls in bed being willing to just slap her around and rape her sometimes.

      …cause sometimes that’s what a girl wants according to her.

  16. Sally

    what a brilliant article and even better replies, is it possible that the human race may be finally waking UP??

  17. Please provide a reference for the studies that find all or most of men are attracted to 12 years + females.

  18. James

    Wow, this topic makes people mad… My wife is 14 years younger than I, and she was a teenager when I’d asked her to marry me. I’ve had people treat me like trash for that. My wife and I love each other dearly and have two wonderful sons. Yet I’m still called a pedophile over it. So, what’s the big freaking deal? When do I get to scream bloody murder at the people who say it’s wrong?

    • How old were you at the time? How old was she at the time?

      Your average person is so retarded and idiotic, actually aggressively retarded and aggressively idiotic, that they are not even worth talking to. These are the moronic fucktards who are pestering you.

      Might be interesting to learn how old you guys were though.

  19. The great jimboshi

    “Normal liberal folks don’t accept scientific fact.”

    Tell that to all the Republicans who dismiss global warming.

  20. Heidi

    As someone who was sexually abused at the age of 14 I totally agree. Of course men are attracted to teenage girls. I’m a bisexual female and I find teenage girls stunning.

    The whole moral panic doesn’t protect children. The attraction isn’t the issue. People who manipulate and groom children are the issue.

    One thing I would add is that this isn’t so set I stone by age. Some children hit puberty abnormally young, so technically someone isn’t a pedophile if they abuse a pubescent 9 year old. But then this is only part of the attraction – it isn’t just a physical thing but a desire to exploit a younger person’s emotional immaturity. The man who abused me also abused an 11 year old and I think for him the grooming of an innocent kid was more significant than physical characteristics.

    • Great comment. May I ask how old you are at the moment?

    • I think it is MUCH MORE COMMON for a male youth of 16-19 to have a sexual encounter with an adult female.

      Oddly enough male sexual instincts seem to be fully developed by the age of 16 while teenage girls really have no innate sexual instincts at all.

      If you are a male who gets off on being blown than truthfully 15-18 year old girls are not going to do anything for you.

      In fact apart from lying down a teenage girl cannot do anything pleasurable for a male whatsoever. Females develop sexual proficiency through years of experience with their husband or male partners.

  21. How do you know Michael Jackson was primarily sexually attracted to children? He had relationships with adult women.

    • Cindy

      Only one woman in the entire world, his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley, has admitted having sex with him. Four boys – Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck – have admitted having sex with MJ. He had deep, lengthy relationships with several other boys including Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Brett Barnes and Omer Bhatti.

      MJ also owned a lot of child erotica including photographs of a nude boy believed to be Jonathan Spence. There are no reports of him having genuine female relationships. Even Lisa Marie isn’t convinced MJ loved her “like that”.

      Check out the excellent website mjfacts dot com which shows a side of Michael Jackson which fans don’t want you to see. It will make your toes curl, seriously.

      • vulcan

        No he didn’t own any nude picture of Spence is he had such a picture Sneddon would have introduced it in court to support his motion to call Spence as a witness. Noone ever saw that picture, it’s only mentioned in one of Sneddon’s motion which proves nothing as Sneddon repeately lied in his motions. Spence and his mother always defended MJ by the way and never accused him of taking any picture of nude Jonathan.
        The fact that such bogus phantom evidence is what you have to use to make a case against MJ itself proves he was innocent. If he had been guilty you would have REAL proof not a photo that noone ever saw.

    • vulcan

      Not true. Two other women claimed they had sex with MJ, Theresa Gonsalves and Shana Mangatal AND other people like Frank Cascio, Pharell Williams, Bill Withfield, Javon Beard, Susan Etok, Karen Faye
      LA Reid , Aaron Carter, people who knew MJ unlike you ALL stated that they either witnessed MJ making out with women or checking them out or talking about being attracted to them. The media always ignores the evidence that MJ was into women not boys and covers up for the corrupt families who accused him and fabricated evidence against him.

      There is no proof whatsoever that MJ ever molested anyone or that he was ever attracted to boys. The two nude boy books actually prove that he was NOT a pedophile once you learn everything about them:

      MJ did not collect child erotica or picture of nude boys but ADULT porn and picture of nude women. The books which had pictures of nude boys were sent to him by fans and MJ didn’t even remember having them in 1993 that’s why the police could find the in the first place!

      Safechuck and Rosbon did NOT accuse MJ of anything when they were boys quite to the contrary they defended him under oath and kept hanging out with him even after teh Chandler allegations. They only changed their story years after MJ died in an effort to make millions by accusing Mj’s companies with the most ridiculous claims. Both of them have been caught in lies during the probate case and Safechuck’s lawsuit was written with the help of NAMBLA pedo Victor Guteirrez. Robson not only contradict his own testimonies but his mother’s and sister’s too, which itself proves that he is lying. His lawsuit is filled with absurd claims like he didn’t think sex abuse was sex abuse before realizing it at age 29.
      His original lawyers abandoned both him and Safechuck, they too know the case is BS. Their new lawyers once against changed their story and try to win a settlement though sensationalist

      Chandler was coached by his crazy father there is taped evidence of that and MJ’s autopsy report proves that he lied, he never saw Mj’s genitalia let alone mastrubated him. Chandler’s story was fiction written by his father and Victor Gutierrez. He is not a credible accuser at all, he has run away from cross examination for 23 years.

      Francia was totally discredited in court along with Arvizo in 2005. His testimony was ridiculous.

      All the other boys you mentioned DEFENDED and still DEFEND MJ
      which itself proves he was not a serial boy molester as there is no serial boy molester ever who has been defended and praised like that by that many grown men who were molested as boys.

      • Michael Jackson was not a peodophile the physical abuse his father put him through would of made it near impossible to be so,emphathy. But the clone was,are you ok Annie was the last of the original, he stopped playing for the peodophile music producer doing the songs they wanted with particular themes and names to harass or impress the victim they were grooming for there pedo ring of elites ,so mj was murdered and replaced by an imposter who was all sorts of horrible,l think it’s a horrible irony that he will be remembered as a peodophile considering he was wracked because he wasn’t. Might sound crazy,unfortunately we live in a crazy world where crazy stuff is going on,so crazy that people don’t believe the truth because it’s so crazy. Poor Michael

    • vulcan

      If you want to know the truth about Mj’s corrupt accusers and how those bogus allegations were made up and what police really found in his home and why check this website

      MJfacts is run by rabid MJ haters who twist the evidence, ignore all evidence that MJ’s accusers lied and all evidence that he was attracted to women. Moverover they use sources like Victor Gutierrez who is a court proven pedophilia advocate who wrote a pro-pedophilia book presenting Jordan and other boys as lovers. MJ sued him for defamation in 1995 and won. Gutierrez is responsible for most “boy stories” the media published over the years, ex employees used those stories to make tabloid money. He also collaborated with the CHandlers and now Safechuck. He is a disgusting liar and anyone who used him as a source on MJ is sick.

  22. Rod Fleming

    Interesting. One must add the caveat that, like a lot of comment in the field of sexuality, USicans presume 1) everywhere is like there 2) everywhere should be like there if it isn’t already. But USicans are only 3% of global population and consistently refuse to address their severe social and mental issues about sex.

    In most countries, the age of consent is significantly lower than 18. In 19 European countries, including the UK, it is 16 or under. Several large countries, including China, have an age of consent of 14.

    Indeed even in the US ONLY ELEVEN states have an age of consent of 18; in all the others — 78% — it is either 16 or 17.

    It is quite clear that adult males having sex with children is wrong. But at the same time, arguing that someone is criminal, and ruining their lives, for having sexual desire for, or sex with, a 16-year-old is a blatant absurdity. A 16-year old is not a child, by any measure. One presumes that the notorious excess of religiosity that the USA suffers from has something to do with this aberration.

    NB: I am commenting not as a person who pursues 16-year-olds, but as the father of several, now over 16. It is far better to recognise that young people in this age range have perfectly normal sexual instincts and will indulge them, than to pretend that laws that criminalise people for having sex will stop them. Educate and inform; and make sure they have condoms.

    Good article.

    • GotsToKnow

      Are any of your kids female? If so, at what age(s) were you OK knowing she could be out having sex with grown men?

  23. Greg

    Aside from issues with the current DSM-5 labels (which you’ve already picked up on), I find it odd that the only “pathological paraphilias” all seem to receive the “pathological” label solely on the basis of illegality. Coincidence??
    For example, one is considered to have a “pathological” condition if they sexually fantasize about a young girl. However, by the same token, according to the DSM-5, you could fantasize about sex with a horse, golden showers or eating excrement and not have an underlying pathology or mental health issue. It doesn’t make sense. If anything, I would argue fantasies about eating feces to be more “pathological” than fantasizing about a person that at least partially resembles a grown woman.

  24. ROBERT Young girls do not know how to suck penises, thrust their buttocks into a penis, fondle a man’s scrotum or any other form of male enjoyment.

    They will simply lay there (Although perhaps more teen girls are watching pornography as a training manual of sorts).

    How enjoyable can sex be with a 15 year old who does not know how to perform oral sex, for example?

  25. ? Young girls have no experience. How pleasurable can sex be with them?

    At least a grown woman of 30 will know very well how to give a man a handjob or blow a man or other exciting aspects of sex.

    A female adolescent cannot do any of these things. A 14-16 year old will simply lie there. She will not even know enough about sex to thrust her buttocks towards a man in rear-entry position sex. She will know nothing of anal sex, tea-bagging or anything else that might make sex interesting.

    I’m not sure how pleasurable this could be for a man who is used to “deep-throat” and testicle-licking and anal from grown women (Sorry to gross out our female adult posters but presumably most of you are married and “know what guys are like”).

  26. In India, if nowhere else on earth, this maxim is most certainly true although Punjabi drunken women of 30-40 who hang around the sort of discos in Mumbai where Gora men drink and allow themselves to be picked up are not inexperienced.

  27. MAGNETO For my money Bengali prostitutes in Goa or Punjabi women in brothels in Mumbai are the best around.

    South India is underage action to the maximum.


  28. vulcan

    Michael Jackson was not a homosexual anything let alone a pedophile there is tons of evidence that he was attracted to females every since he was a young teen to the very end. His collection of hetero adult magazines over 12 years and hetero adult DVDs and his visits to hetero adult websites and the fact that he was only ever commenting on women, checking out women (he was calling it fishing) he was dating women, he was collecting nude pictures of women, he was making out with women and expressing a desire to have a relationship with women like during this secretly recorded phone call with a woman named Glenda Stein where he talked about the women he loved and girls he was interested in at that time, this is not PR this is the real man as he was:

    For a jehova Witness MJ dated a lot of women, no boy molesting pedophile is interested in that. They may have limited relationship with women or wifes to cover what they really are but they are not interested in dating one girl/woman after another after another.
    Here’s Pharell Williams talking about seeing MJ making out with a Brazilian hot chick in front of him:

    He had no sexual attraction toward boys as the very boys who knew him best and spent the most time with him and had the most sleepovers with him have stated over and over again and are still his most ardent defenders. One of them is Frank Cascio who along with his siblings grew up with MJ wrote a book about him where he explained how and why the sleepovers happened and how sex had absolutely nothing to do with it.
    He wrote:

    “The bottom line: Michael’s interest in young boys had absolutely nothing to do with sex. I say this with the unassailable confidence of firsthand experience, the confidence of a young boy who slept in the same room as Michael hundreds of times, and with the absolute conviction of a man who saw Michael interact with thousands of kids. In all the years that I was close to him, I saw nothing that raised any red flags, not as a child and not as an adult. Michael may have been eccentric, but that didn’t make him criminal. ”


    Brett Barnes, Mac culkin, Eddie Cascio, Omer Batthi, Emmanuel Lewis,
    Bob good, Bryton McClure, Alfonso Riberio, Brandon Adams, Mark Ronson, Sean Lennon, Corey Feldman, Anton Glanzelius, Aldo Cascio wre all young boys who hung out with MJ and ALL of them stated adamantly that there was nothing sexual about MJ, he was pretty much like their peer.

    The only kids who ever accused MJ were three who were ALL coached by corrupt adults with their own agenda against MJ, two of them were discredited in court the third one was too coward to even show up.
    None of them acted like real abuse victims because they were not victims but liars who lied for money.

    • ErikThe Red

      I know at least one of MJs accusers was a liar, there’s videos that cover what signs/tells to look for when someone is lying and the accuser was hitting them all.

  29. I thought I’d already commented here, but it seems not. I think everyone reading this thread should visit my blog https://underagesexsite.wordpress.com where I discuss these issues. The blog is about girls aged 13-15 and the males who love them. My latest 4 posts are called “Girls’ Own Fantasies” where I give details about some fantasies described by girls under sixteen (GUS;s) who I chatted to online, as well as on the phone. Please feel free to post comments.

  30. Jason Y

    MJs story was inspirational, starting with his rise from poverty (or lower working class) starting with the Jackson 5. It’s an American dream and an inspiration. However, I think it’s bad what he did. I put most of the blame on being rich and having the attitude that one can get away with murder.

    However, why wasn’t Elton John or David Bowie or countless other musicians put to the same scrutiny as MJ?

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  32. John Muhleisen

    Peadophilia has nothing to do with age and numbers. Peadophilia is all to do with whether or not a person has reached sexual maturity. The scientific definition of peadophilia is the sexual attraction to prepubescents, which are people that having started puberty and haven’t sexually matured. So that means that a person is not a peadophile unless they are attracted to prepubescents.

  33. The title hear is a little confusing and misleading normal men are not pedophiles…

    • AntiHeroA

      Why are people arguing about what counts as a pedophile? Are you that concerned with semantics in every other aspect of life? For example, people say jealous when they really mean envious. I don’t see droves of people online coming to correct someone every time they do this. But call someone a pedophile when the kid is 14/15 and suddenly it’s a big deal.

      • Rod Fleming

        You are aware, I hope, that in many jurisdictions, an individual of 15 is legally mature and can engage in sex on their own consent. There are very few, in fact, where the age of consent is as high as 18 and even in the notoriously sexually fucked-up USA, it’s only the case in half the States. So a ‘pedophile’ in one jurisdiction is not in another. It is this inconsistency that makes the language so important and causes argument about what a paedophile actually is. For example, in UK, it is perfectly legal for a man or woman of any age to be in a sexual relationship with a boy or girl of 16. A similar (though not identical) legal position obtains throughout most of Europe.

        A large part of this ‘debate’ is in fact a function of the relentless cultural imperialism coming from the USA in which USican ideas are forced, by one means or another, on other cultures. Many of us are sick to the back teeth of USicans appropriating an international space, the worldwide web, without respecting the fact that USica is not the world and that USicans, less than 5% of global population, do not get to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

        Like every other right-thinking person, I support legal protection for young people. But the USican approach, which criminalises teenagers for having sex, is utterly ridiculous and it needs to be called out for the travesty it is.

        • AntiHeroA

          I’m sorry you feel that way. America seems to have a lot of influence over other countries, but I’m not sure why that is. But on the topic of children and adults fornicating, where do you personally see the cut-off age for an adult looking for a younger mate? 13? 12? 11? 10? Or do you believe that there should be no she limit?

        • Rod Fleming

          I think what you mean is the age of maturity and in that case, 16- 18 is appropriate, depending on the nature of the culture. I would like to see a sliding scale of responsibility, dependent on the circumstances, proceeding over these two years.

          In the case of relationships between similarly-aged minors, that needs to be suspended however. It is outrageous for a boy of 15 to be branded with the stigma of ‘sex offender’ for the rest of his life, because he had sex with another minor. On the other hand, a woman who has sex with a 17-year old boy, say, might well have judgement issues, but she is neither a rapist nor a sex offender.

          USica has influence, mostly negative, over other countries because it uses its military might to coerce them, its economic might to corrupt them and the power of its media to rot out and erase their indigenous cultures. The first two we might be powerless to defend ourselves against but international control of USican media operating outside the US is now absolutely necessary, alongside stringent controls on USican corporations who use the world as their personal toilet..

          Do not imagine that the US is ‘loved’. It has made itself detested by its own behaviour.

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