Bigfoot News January 8, 2014

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Class A Sasquatch encounter in Alberta, Canada! I told you previously that Meldrum had at least a Class B encounter up there, but now I am finally able to tell you more. The way I see it is that Meldrum saw a Sasquatch up there, and that is the take everyone else has on the incident. If so, it would be the first time that Meldrum has actually seen Sasquatch en vivo.

Meldrum is more circumspect about the matter following from the skeptical scientist that he is. If asked, he simply says, “Well, let’s put it this way. I saw something.”

The sighting occurred at the Alberta Habitation Site in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains east of Jasper National Park. This is one of the hottest sites in North America. A trapper runs traplines there, and this man says that there are seven different Sasquatches living in that area. Just about any trip to the area typically results in encounters of one sort or another, and people are often tracked, shadowed and followed as soon as they venture in there. In other words, the Sasquatches act like they own the place.

This is on Crown Land and the entire area is open to oil exploration. There are oil exploration roads running through the area, but there is very little human habitation. There is also some logging going on there. Other than that, there is almost no human activity. It is very wild, steep, remote and heavily forested. There is a great deal of fish and game in the region including large populations of predators such as coyotes, wolves and Grizzly Bears. In fact, there are so many Grizzly Bears and wolves in the area that the government regards them as a nuisance and tries to reduce their population.

As I noted earlier, Meldrum and Bindernagel were taken there by Todd Standing as part of a documentary Todd was filming which incidentally has been sold to TV.

At one point, they were in there at night with someone who has a way of spotting animals even when no one else knows they are there, possibly through some sort of psychic phenomena. Although it sounds nuts, they do seem to have some talent.

At one point, the person said that a Sasquatch was out there. The person started to home in on them and then the person said, “There it is!” No one else could see or hear a thing in the total darkness. Meldrum lifted his night vision binoculars to his eyes and peered through them. A bipedal figure resembling a man then “glided,” in Meldrum’s words, across a clearing or road. The word glided that Meldrum used to describe its method of locomotion is interesting because that is exactly how Sasquatches walk. It is sometimes described as a fluid motion, “like a cross-country skier.”

The whole incident was over pretty quickly.

Meldrum told me that while he believes he saw something out there, he’s not 100% sure it was a Sasquatch, and he would really like to see one in the daytime so he can get a better view of them.

However, I do believe that he saw a Sasquatch.

It was either a Sasquatch or a man. This is one of the most remote areas in North America, and there are virtually no humans around in the daytime, forget about nighttime.

It’s not possible that there would be a human walking around this area in the middle of the night, and they would have to have been walking around a very thick and stone remote forest not only in the middle of the night but also without a flashlight, which is frankly impossible. I have spent a lot of time in deep wilderness, and I have never once seen a human stranger walking around in the woods after dark even with a flashlight. The notion that a strange human would be walking around in the dead wilderness in the middle of the night with no flashlight is completely insane. It’s not even a remote possibility.

If Meldrum did indeed see a Sasquatch up there, and I believe he did, this is an important event in the annals of Bigfootery. Dr. Meldrum after all is one of the superstars of our field, and his first sighting is a momentous occasion.

Keep in mind that Meldrum has an NDA with Todd Standing regarding the entire trip up to that area so he is limited in what he can talk about regarding this trip.

Jeff Meldrum interview.

Meldrum responds to Rick Dyer Bigfoot body.

Meldrum has chimed in to the debate, saying in a brief post to Facebook that he thought that the body was a hoax.

In a conversation with me, I told him that several top Bigfooters I knew had gone out and verified the body and concluded that it was real. I also told Meldrum that none of them were scientists or MD’s.

Meldrum then stated that their observations were unconvincing. He said that in order for Hank to be properly examined to determine if he is real or a fake, either a scientist (preferably one with knowledge of anatomy) or an MD would be necessary. He also said that these Bigfooters could have easily been fooled in their verification process by a cleverly done fake.

I believe he has a point, and I have immense respect for Meldrum for the position he is taking. The hypothesis that Hank is a part of a hoax is still a legitimate hypothesis at this point.

Meldrum also noted that the roll-out is all wrong. In an incredulous tone, he voiced his objections:

“Look at how he is doing this,” Jeff said. “Taking it around in a bus and having people pay people to see it – this is the Minnesota Iceman all over again. Look at the way these body photos are coming out – it’s like Alien Autopsy! If someone had a real Sasquatch, it would not go this route at all. It makes no sense.”

Meldrum also brought up the incident where Dyer, acting before a small crowd of onlookers, set one of Meldrum’s books on fire and then whipped out his penis in front of the assembled crowd and urinated on Jeff’s book. Although I won’t repeat his exact words here, but I would say he was not happy about this little stunt of Rick’s.

Meldrum and I also discussed different Sasquatch personality types. I laid out a theory of Sasquatch personality types, and Meldrum readily agreed with it.

“You are right,” he said. “As you put it, probably 95% of Sasquatches are easy going, non-confrontational types or as you say the ‘law abiding citizens,’ the other 3-4% are more antisocial – what you call  ‘the criminals,’ and the other 1%, the ones you describe as ‘pure evil,’ well, those are the ones that end up in David Paulides’ book.”

We both had a roaring laugh over that one.

Meldrum said he did not fear Sasquatches.

“Sure,” he said. “When I go out into an area where they are dangerous predators like grizzly bears or mountain lions, I carry either a shotgun or pepper spray. That goes without saying. But am I worried about being attacked or killed by a Sasquatch? Not in the slightest.”

Meldrum also said he tried to protect the secrecy of habituation sites and research areas. He said he prefers others to drive him out to these sites rather than going there himself, and while he is being driven there, he tries not to take note of his surroundings.

“I suppose you could say that I sort of forget where I am going as I am being driven there,” he said.

In closing I believe that Meldrum is not gullible or credulous at all, and in fact, he has a very skeptical attitude even towards the Sasquatch phenomenon, though he clearly believes that they exist.

Dyer changing his story all over the place. In recent days, Dyer keeps changing his story about the shooting of Hank. Now he says that there two Bigfoots there that night, the one he shot and another one that knocked over BBC director Morgan Matthews. He also thinks that the Tent Video Bigfoot might have been a 3rd Bigfoot. So apparently there were 1-3 Bigfoots right in that very area.

That seems so implausible, and the way he is changing his story adds weight to those who say this is a hoax. The truth is that even for those of us who believe this story is true, it has been hard to hold onto that view when Rick has given us thousands of reasons to not believe in it. I do not blame people for being skeptics. Rick’s behavior and statements by themselves certainly make an excellent case for this being a hoax.

Dyer refuses to submit DNA to Bryan Sykes. Rhettman Mullis, one of the worst people in Bigfootery in addition to being a tiresome blowhard egomaniac, asked Dyer to submit a sample to Dr. Bryan Sykes’ DNA study. Dyer refused to do. Skeptics are jumping all over this saying that this proves it’s a hoax, but really perhaps Dyer wanted to be the first to discover Bigfoot and he did not want to give the fame to someone else.

Update from someone close to Team Tracker:

Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from the disjointed, chaotic and non-linear postings and vids regarding Frank Cali and the current disposition of the After The Shot DVD:

Frank was fired for reasons I have been unable to determine, as I have neither the time nor inclination to sift through all of Dyer’s vids. Butt-hurt, Frank ran to Randy Filipovic (Racer X), told him first that he had been shown a rubber body, then said he never saw a body at all, despite repeated, sincere and consistent statements to the contrary over the preceding months.

As far as the After The Shot DVD, apparently a slew of haters placed orders and then immediately contacted PayPal demanding refunds and escalated the claims as well, which was stupid, because an escalation requires a 14 day minimum period before refund, whereas simply asking for the refund from Dyer would have had the funds returned within 24 hours.

In response, Dyer stopped sales of the DVD, but also guaranteed that all orders will ship on December 17th. He also promised that anyone who ordered the video and did not request a refund would be given access to the pay-per-view on December 12th if they emailed him a copy of their PayPal receipt. I did precisely that and received a response within 2 hours telling me a password and link would be emailed to me.

Dyer took down the Team Tracker site, so I have received precisely nothing for my Gold Membership, nor will I receive anything. From what I understand, he is not liable for anything in this regard, as the only guarantee given was that the membership would give the purchaser access to the Gold Members-only page and its content, which it did; technically, he delivered what he promised.

He reiterated that he will still be given possession of the body in December, as agreed, for one year, and will tour it as planned.

Bottom line, at least by November, Team Tracker Gold Members had received sod all for the money that they spent. Frank Cali is lying a lot and making up many things. To date, people who order the After the Shot DVD have not yet received their copies. The disk is due to ship on January 17, but that is a date that keeps getting pushed further and further back. Now that Rick has released actual photos of Hank, it seems probable that there is something on that DVD, either a dead Bigfoot or an excellent replica.

Hanging out with Rick Dyer is bad for your health. A former Team Tracker member told me, “Everyone who hangs around Rick or Team Tracker for any length of time gets driven crazy by him. Most end up falling apart psychologically in one way or another.”

I take this to mean that to hang out with Rick and TT is to take serious risks with regard to your mental health. People around Rick up taking mentally fatal doses of craziness and nonsense on a regular basis. A lot of them are lucky to be mentally alive.

This goes along with my theory that Rick is a Cluster B type (Cluster B is the cluster of dramatic personality disorders). The tragedy of the Cluster B types is that not only are they crazy themselves, but most people who end up spending a lot of time around them get driven crazy too, driven nuts by the Cluster B person. In other words, they drive everyone around them crazy as part of their basic nature.

Many Cluster B types are perfectly capable of acting sane for considerable lengths of time. I know people with Borderline Personality Disorder who are able to put on a fake face at work for hours at a time in which they appear completely sane eight hours a day, year round. Then they come home and go nuts. So you see these people have a lot more control than you think.

Why do they act crazy? Personally I think they enjoy it. They like being crazy. Being crazy is fun for them; they get a kick out of it, and of course they don’t care that they make everyone else nuts either since when you are the center of the universe, no one else either matters or even really exists.

Frank Cali unloads some bombshells against Rick Dyer. Cali made some serious criticisms of Dyer.

First of all, he says that Hank was made by a low budget special effects studio in Northern California.

Another charge is that Rick skipped out on the bill for the reefer truck that Hank was stored in. Wait skeptics, I thought there was no reefer truck. And if Hank didn’t exist at that time or only existed as a dummy, why rent a reefer truck in the first place? Oh well.

The third charge is that Ebay tried to get Rick to refund the funds for the DVD’s that haters bought who then turned around and asked for a refund, but Rick closed his bank account. Therefore, Rick apparently took the money for many DVD’s and then never refunded it to the buyers. Instead, Ebay had to refund the money out of their own pockets. There is supposedly some sort of an investigation underway regarding Ebay and Rick Dyer, but I have no details. I do not know what to make of these charges. I do not think the first charge is true, but there may be something to the second and third charges.

Frank Cali has a terminal illness. I have known about this for a while but I refused to report on it out of respect for Cali’s privacy and due to the sensitive nature of the subject – serious illness and impending death. Cali doesn’t really deserve any respect in my opinion, but I gave it to him anyway. At least sleazing out would have made me look bad, so better to take the high road.

However, Frank has recently confirmed what I knew, that he has a terminal disease. I believe that the disease is heart disease. He has already had at least one heart attack and apparently he has deteriorated since then. If a heart attack doesn’t kill you, the aftereffects can. Most people do not realize that a heart attack damages your heart permanently. Not a good thing. People also think that all of the stress involved with Rick may have caused Frank’s condition to rapidly deteriorate. So not only did Frank get an unpleasant experience out of his association with Rick, but his time with Team Tracker may indeed kill him in the end. Which is sad no matter what you think of Cali.

One view of the puzzling findings of Sykes Bigfoot DNA study from Scott Carpenter.

However, something else until then: here a comment by Scott Carpenter on the “Bigfoot Files” fiasco (at least regarding the American episode). Very interesting, in my opinion, although, as we know, Mr. Carpenter is a master of conspiracy theories:

“I know for fact Dr. Sykes and those working with him had access to the DNA Study. The Bigfoot hair morphology was discussed in great detail including photographs and supplements.  The fact that only a few hairs were tested out of 100’s that were sent in to Dr. Sykes is a puzzling aspect of the “Bigfoot Files” TV Specials.

I have a theory that Dr. Sykes was aware of this unique property that Dr. Ketchum had discovered about the Bigfoot hairs. He knew if he tested true Bigfoot hairs he would not get any mtDNA. He had already professed himself to be the expert and able to extract “pristine DNA” from only a hair shaft, so he has a dilemma on his hands.

If he processes known Bigfoot hair and gets no mtDNA then he has to admit one of two things:  1 – He is incompetent and unable to extract mtDNA from possibly dozens of “clean and pristine” hair samples or 2 -That the hair must be from a Bigfoot or an unknown hominin after the mtDNA failed to amplify from dozens of hair samples. This by default confirms Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study finding’s and validates her study.

Since both these scenarios is unpalatable, Dr. Sykes opted to just test a handful of hairs he knew where known animal. Surely you do not believe that Dr. Sykes was so inept that he did not have the hairs pre-screened by a forensic hair expert. It is costly to run DNA testing on these hairs, at least $1,500 if not more per sample.

Surely the hair expert Dr. Sykes used was not so incompetent that he gave Dr. Sykes known animal hairs of Bear, Dog, Raccoon, and Wolf?  If so, then Dr. Sykes should be suing this hair expert to recoup the thousands of dollars spent on wasted DNA testing. This would explain why only “seven of the best samples were selected for testing”. In my opinion who ever screened the hairs for Dr. Sykes made sure to exclude any known Bigfoot hairs. This way Dr. Sykes would only be testing known animal hair and avoid having to explain the lack of mtDNA amplification.

This is a “kill two birds with one stone” scenario. Dr. Sykes discredited the Bigfoot researchers in the United States and avoided confirming Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study. Mission accomplished Dr. Sykes, mission accomplished.

I have a great deal of respect for Scott Carpenter. At first I thought he was another dumb redneck like so many of these researchers, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is actually a highly intelligent fellow with a university degree. His work is certainly controversial and he has hitched his wagon to Dr. Melba Ketchum for better or worse, but I really do feel he is one of the better folks in our field. In addition, he seems to be a good person and not a rat like so many Bigfooters.

Back story on the Moyie Springs Sasquatch photo. This is one of my favorite Sasquatch photos of all time, taken under mysterious circumstances in Moyie Springs, Idaho around 1976. It was taken with a real film camera, not that digital junk, so the quality is good.

A source with good knowledge of the backstory on the photo reports:

About the Moyie Springs Sasquatch. This type (a subspecies) seems to be found mostly in the mountainous areas where there are predominantly evergreens and conifers. It is very wooly and adapted to cold year-round climate. I would say that they are primarily vegetarian, based on the configuration of the body – large torso and capacious abdomen, good for slow digestion of plant material. The mouth is wide and deep, with very broad, flat teeth. Big wide incisors, probably very robust molars all for processing very fibrous vegetable matter.

The circumstances of the photo: a person living nearby noticed some unusual activity, trackways in the snow, damaged trees, etc., and placed a camera in a hollow tree. In the photo, what you see in the left hand of the Sasquatch is not long fingers as some have surmised, but strips of spruce or cedar bark. They eat the inner bark of some trees.

There is an oval (drawn with a ball-point pen) around a piece of bark that is in mid-air, toward the middle of the photo. What has happened here is that the Sasquatch has just bit into the inner bark with its teeth (it stripped off the outer bark with its hands/nails earlier). The Sas is wincing and rocking back as the bark suddenly splits off the tree after he jerked on it. The piece in mid-air is a fragment that broke off.

The camera just went of at that precise moment. It had some sort of motion sensor, I think, although the photo appears to be from a film-loaded camera, not digital.

I believe there were more photos, but this is the best one.

The Moyie Spring, Idaho Sasquatch from a trailcam in 1976. It is eating bark.

The Moyie Spring, Idaho Sasquatch from a trailcam in 1976. It is eating bark.

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178 responses to “Bigfoot News January 8, 2014

  1. Emmett Von Schnit

    Jeff Meldrum is one of a very few I trust in the bigfoot world. The freaking weirdos at the conferences and other bigfoot gatherings are all over the place. Bigfoot seems to fill a void for some with self esteem and other personal issues. The one’s that are pitifully funny are the one’s trying too hard to come off as some sort of official expert on all things bigfoot. There are some good and honest peeps to be sure too. Bob Gimlin impresses me.

    • You mean Tim Fasano doesn’t impress you? What’s wrong with you!

      • Mr. E2me

        Indeed. Tim is the most impressive of any cab driver investigating relict hominids.

      • Emmett Von Schnit

        Sorry nominay I just saw this. Nah, Fasano does not impress. Funny thing about some of these charactors in the bigfoot world… I think some have actually had experiences with bigfoot… sightings, etc. Then for whatever reason they become freaky. Once bigfoot is proven to the masses I think it is really gonna bring the freaks out of the woodwork. I wonder what the ratio of freaks to normal calm and collected types is? 5-1…7-1? Worse?

  2. C.G.

    What kind of motion sensor did they have in 1976 aside from some sort of plate that would need to be stepped on or a tripwire? Not sure how well that would work with all that snow.

    My family is from the Moyie Springs/Bonners Ferry area and while it does get pretty cold, it’s not like arctic cold and it’s not year round either so I’m not sure if a super wooly coat would make all that much sense. There is a lot of mountainous terrain but also a lot of pretty sweet flatland as well.

    My family has been in the timber industry for three generations (since coming to the States) in that area as well as in the western Cascades (they lost two guys when St. Helens blew) and Olympic mountains. Up until the early 90’s they specialized in logging virgin/old growth timber so they (as well as myself) all spent a great deal of time in “prime bigfoot territory”. The only real mention I ever heard of bigfoot was when my dad’s uncle rented a gorilla suit, put it on one of his biggest guys, had him hide in the bushes so this guy could jump out, beat the shit out of his partner who was surveying and run away while my dad’s uncle filmed the whole thing so he could have a surprise screening of it at his partner’s upcoming birthday party. Aside from this bigfoot was something the grownups would tell us scary stories about around a fire while another would get up claiming to have to go pee and then sneak off into the trees to shake around some bushes only to come back all giggly wanting to know what they missed.

    When I was younger (6 – ~19) I do recall coming across a shit-ton of tree/stick structures many times over a span of years on some land we owned around Hoodsport, Wa. In fact it was often a point of excitement with my cousins and myself to go find the new “forts” that had popped up since we were there last. I also often had the feeling of being watched and even “shadowed” a few times as well (one instance in the Costal range near Seaside, OR was pretty unnerving) but I always chalked it up to being 17 and really high and/or drunk.

    So, while I’ve always wanted to believe in bigfoot there just doesn’t seem to be enough out there to make it so. Sticks and sounds are just that and as for feeling creeped out in the woods, I’m pretty sure that’s just our caveman hard-wiring being “practical”, like being cautious of big cats, snakes, etc. because “the woods at night is where shit that eats you hangs out.”

    Thank you for all of your posts and research, I hope that someday there will actually be something concrete that you are able to present to the world.


    • Hello.

      I am 100% certain that these Bigfoot creatures exist. So to me, “Bigfoots do not exist,” is not even a reasonable hypothesis. It’s an argument against the obvious and against a mountain of data. But it really boils down to who you believe. I know enough people who have seen these things with their very own two eyes, as clear as air, often in broad daylight, and I believe them. They are not lying to me. These people include nurses, university professors, taxidermists, on and on. They are not lying and they are not hallucinating. When I ask them if they could have been mistaken in what they saw, most of them start laughing at me. So that’s not really a sensible question. They are out there, and it won’t be long now anyway.

      • C.G.

        I’m not saying they don’t, but I cannot say that they do either. I hope they do and it would be pretty exciting to know that this is what was behind my experiences when I was a kid. Until then though…

        What kind of motion sensor would they have used in that area at that time?

        I meant to mention in my earlier post, cedar bark is jagged and stringy when stripped from a tree, not with a rounded end(s). Plus, none of those trees (from what I can make out) look like cedar. Do you know the source of this image? It’s been out there for a while and does look like one of the better ones.

      • That’s one of the main reasons why i believe they exist.Why would so many reputable people make up such a story? they could make up any story in the world,but it’s usually the same M.O. These people are not
        known for being liars and story tellers,they have nothing to gain by stating
        they seen one,and are adament that it was as they say it was,and doesn’t care if people believe them or not.
        I live in N.E. Pennsylvania,I have seen 2 mountian lions, 1 in 1986′ and one in 2002 about 4 miles from the other.Our game commissions swear’s
        their isn’t one in the state,but I know what i saw,1000% sure of it,and have been meeting people that also had sightings.
        I think it’s easy to believe that an intelligent animal that views humans as dangerous,would very easily adapt to staying in areas with little to no population,and would become masters at evading us in areas we are in.

  3. Joerg Hensiek

    I do not know how all this will end, but one thing is for certain – no matter if Hank really exists or not or if Dyer is a hero or a liar : Frank Cali is one of the saddest people on earth!! A mentally ill person, with the character of a 15-years-old. I feel deeply sorry for this schizophrenic ferret. If Dyer wouldn`t have fired him he would still sell DVDs like mad…

  4. Big G

    Is that the reason the brits think we are crazy?. They have seen finding bigfoot.

  5. Emmett Von Schnit

    There are many bigfoot organizations, internet groups, facebook pages and so on. It’s not about bigfoot it’s about percieved fame and bullshit. Some are satisfied to have local or regional fame while others want and crave the big stage such as putting on conferences and TV shows and TV appearances. I for one am extremely disappointed in the bigfoot TV programs. Moneymaker farts – it’s a bigfoot. A farmer’s bull bellows across the valley – it’s a bigfoot and so on. The shame is there are alot of people who have seen bigfoot who have no where to turn. These freaking bigfoot clubs are for the most part a joke. I do think the time is nearing for the proof though. Then it will ne nut city.

  6. Big G

    if you constantly post about dyers every move 24/7 and turn it into hoax theory. The yes. If you promote him endlessly thru investigation on a rental truck then yes. If you stalk him from his parking lot from your work van at lunch. Than yes. If you come to this site and haven’t read anything about bigfoot research and base your belief on bigfoot according to pos then yes. If we talk about him then we are elevating his celebrity. I believe you could be called a hater.

  7. Jeff was blasting me pretty badly in public so there’s no relationship to repair and you might as well fight back.

    But we kissed and made up and I think we are friends now. I have a constructive and positive relationship with him.

    It’s no disservice to be on the outs with Meldrum. He has friends and enemies and quite a few people in the biz dislike him, even intensely.

    But to tell the truth, I think he is one of the good guys. I would rather have a positive relationship with this man than a negative one.

  8. My name is already mud in this field anyway due to my belief that Dyer has a Bigfoot body, so there’s no reputation to destroy.

    I am not over Dyer. I think he is a Bigfoot body, probably 90% chance that he does.

  9. I have been in the woods countless times in my life. Never seen a human being walking around in the stone wilderness at night in my entire life. Even with a flashlight. At nighttime, everything goes dead and everyone just goes to sleep unless they have a campfire. It’s dangerous to even walk around too much even with a flashlight because you trip over too much stuff. You can walk on a road though, dirt road or pavement road, with a flashlight. I have done that in the wilderness at night.

    • depends on the area and the night,you’d be amazed at how much you could see at night,when your doing it for a while. I walk in my tree stand
      2 hours before sun up with no light(a light spooks the deer terribly),I stay out of the thick forest,and travel through open areas. even on a moonless night you can still see goo enough to watch were your walking,but running and seeing something beyond 20 feet is out of the question.

  10. No but he has seen them on video. Should read “en vivo.”

  11. Rob

    Another great blog entry Robert. Fantastic!
    Did Meldrum say if or when he will be returning to the site? I hope you have regular conversations with Jeff and report back to us. Keep up the great work.

    • The place is under 4-5 feet of snow right now. There is no way that you can get back in there at all until May.

      • woodchucker

        Snowmobile would do it. But unless you are very good at it and have a top notch machine you are just as likely to wreck and possibly injure oneself. This is not an area of groomed trails and rest stops. It’s brutal, high altitude forest with very little to offer in terms of forgiveness in poor weather conditions.

  12. Mr. E2me

    I TOTALLY believe that Doc Meldrum saw sumthin in Canada. I’ve been spouting aboot the place for a little bit now eh? Just to be a devil’s advocate- I have read/heard that special forces will spend time at night in the forests with no light. If there is no light for an extended period of time your eyes will adapt better than you think. I just read/heard that somewhere, I have no idea how effective it actually is.

    Let me say this though…Night Vision Goggles! Man in monkey suit might be wearing them to navigate the forest efficiently at night. Not likely, but remotely possible…
    Interesting that Standing has roped in folks with some credibility. Good for him. Did he ever do that thing with Les Stroud? I was looking fwd. to that.

    Frank Cali. I feel bad for the guy. This whole wacky Bigfoot phenomena gets taken too seriously. I’m going to go ahead and forgive Frank for his involvement in the LAX hoax. I won’t be scorning or taunting him anymore. I hope he is comfortable in his remaining days. It would be nice to see what he has left to say about POS.

    Rick’s personality disorder (There could be several, at least as described by you..) I totally get it. The whole ‘can put on an act for 8 hours a day then come home and be completely nuts’. I swear I just went through that with some other folks. I mentioned in past about someone’s mother I was disgusted by. What you wrote ring very true of this guy. Anywho, I get it. I get it. Crazy, crazy people. They ARE out there walking amongst us.

    Sykes. I’m starting to like this pompous academic less and less.

    I do like the Moyie Springs pic. I had not seen it before. Thanks for posting it. And thanks for another kewl update!

    • Big G

      It rings true with every middle aged woman. mr e . 4 skrews . some have a few loose some have all loose.

      • Mr. E2me

        ‘It rings true with every middle aged woman. mr e . 4 skrews . some have a few loose some have all loose.’

        A very, very good , long term , friend of mine had the best way to describe wimmins. I still subscribe to it today.
        ‘All Women Are Evil. There Are Just Varying Degrees. ‘

  13. All Dyer has to do is ask CNN to come and view the body, bring some experts, for all the speculation has his got a body or not, to end. Its so simple, Why hasn’t Dyer thought of it? I don’t believe this would cause any disruption to he’s Bigfoot Medical conference on the 9th, The benefit from it, provide some needed validation (news) what Dyer is saying is the truth and not a lie.

    Dyer, should have waited closer to the time, of the conference, to reveal it. As it stands now nobody believes him and he expects people to wait a month? When it comes Feb 9th will the date be put off again? Is just another hoax?

    Dyer, is doing himself no favours, he could easily remove some of the doubt, but he doesn’t, he goes on Youtube ranting about his got a body and people should give him money., to see it. Look, i would be happy as anyone if he has got a genuine Bigfoot in his possession, but i have my doubts.

    Robert you know, Dyer, maybe you should contact him, and tell him CNN confirmation is all it would take for lot of people to start believing in him.

    • You are complaining about waiting a MONTH? Where have you been the last yr and 4months?

      • If he’s got a genuine dead Bigfoot, i would have expected a leak to the respected press, by now. Its deafening the silence. It just his word he caught and killed a Bigfoot.

        He’s not very open if you ask me.. CNN would just have to take a look at it, and it would only take a day to do so, to end all the speculation.Rick doesn’t do that, so don’t be surprised,, if this just another trick and scam for him to make money. and you all been fooled again.

        • Big G

          All major news sources know of dyer. bigfoot is a mythical creature to modern media. most of what all of us have learn is thru other sources online that major news can’t sensor. Whether its government controlled stigma or something else its still a no no. All majors news sources need sponsors and those sponsor directly or indirectly control content. look at fox and global climate change.

  14. Emmett Von Schnit

    MK Davis. of course I don’t know him as I don’t know most bigfooters on the net. Until he otherwise gives me a reason I trust him. He has a good voice for narration… and besides I used to live in south Mississippi. I’m sure there are some good guys and gals bigfooting around the nation who don’t have aspirations other than to see or study bigfoot. It’s the “horn tooters” that get me. This is my favorite bigfoot source on the net. Some of it ends up being wrong but once he finds it’s BS Robert admits it every time. With the bigfoot world being full of bullshit and inuendo it has to be difficult weeding out the truth.

  15. The problem with Meldrum is that he hasn’t been hanging out with Dyer. Meldrum ought to buy some ribs at Wal-mart if he wants to see a Bigfoot.

  16. Jeff Meldrum

    I would simply point out that Robert has a tendency to apply quotation marks, when is merely paraphrasing what i said in conversation. The basic message is generally there, but some inflection and innuendo are a bit misplaced. For one thing, nothing that Rick Dyer could do would outrage me. My reaction was one of dismay by such a pathetic infantile display. I also did not state that the observations of nonprofessionals were worthless. I said I would not be convinced by statements that big names in the BF community after viewing Hank. It was pointed out that there was a shotgun in the group while at the Alberta sight. I sometimes carry a firearm in the field, but generally only have pepper spray.

    • Mr. E2me

      Thank you for participating in this forum Mr. Meldrum.
      It is a treat for us that you clarify your comments and share .

      ‘It was pointed out that there was a shotgun in the group while at the Alberta sight.’
      Not very easy for an American to be carrying a firearm north of the border. Have to have a hunting license or some kind of permit.
      -Just a fact that jumped out at me…..

    • Big G

      Thanks for coming by mr meldrum. I know you probably won’t stop back by but on the chance that you will. And if you are allowed to comment on your time in Canada. Were you able to collect any footprints from the area and did you notice any difference in those casts from others you collected from other places ? Is it basically the same except for size? Good luck on your further trips. I think everyone in the bigfoot community would want you to be the lead on research in this area.

  17. 1) Am inclined not to believe Moylie photo is real thing, though I find it interesting that it strongly resembles characteristics of inbreeding like you would see in animals like tigers (I think the problem is the interbreeding of tigers too much in China).
    2) Let’s not forget that BPD fails to make the DSM list. Psychologists keep referring to it as “junk science”. I am not too sure about that, but I would think of someone like Bill O’Reilly as having BPD, whereas Rick Dyer is just a straight up sociopath.
    3) I don’t think Dyer is going to cancel or delay his press conference, whether Hank is real or not (and Hank “as real” has always struck me as silly). I just have a strong feeling it’ll still be held on the 9th or around then, not sure why.
    4) I’m nobody. I’ve wasted your time. My only claim to anything is that I outed Justin Smeja, as in “Justin who?”

  18. Robert Lindsay
    can u publish an article on how bigfoot will change the world and how does bigfoot compare in discovery to say penicillin or the atomic bomb in importance?

    how does science and society and human history change if bigfoot exists and is caught dead or alive?

    if dyer rly did kill a bigfoot and scientific proof is presented on feb 6, how does that change the world?

    for me the importance of bigfoot is that h sapiens are not the only intelligent sentient specie on the planet, we share it w/ bigfoot. bigfoot presumably is more intelligent than any other animal like dolphins and chimps. im kinda curious if bigfoot can learn human language and math and art and music.

    it would be somewhat like finding an alien from another planet.

    u seem to luv politics i see ur other posts r on homosexuality. how does bigfoot change politics? how does the republicans and democrat party change in light of bigfoot?
    large areas of old growth is now off-limits to logging to protect bigfoot habitat.

    obviously its dna will improve understanding of human evolution.

    how will discovering a real bigfoot dead or alive change science society culture history?

  19. Chris

    I couldn’t agree with you more Robert about Scott Carpenter…he has a lot of integrity and his book is worth getting.
    According to a post by Rick this morning, more footage is being edited into the 30 or so copies of After The Shot.
    I still find it curious that there is no definitive statement from Morgan Mathews.

  20. RON

    Robert, where did you find this pic of the Moyie Spring BF? I couldn’t
    find it on any web search?

  21. GomezOnTheDrums


    Long time reader, first post. Dyer was interviewed in an Austrailian news show in the last few days, he stated again how Morgan Matthews was knocked over by a Sasquatch. Until recently the only people with knowledge of this story have been those following. Now with the public awareness and the blow up of the story where do you stand on Matthews silence? At some point I really expect him to chime in.

    • It is a real Bigfoot, so he has to comment at some point or other. He is probably under some sort of contractual agreement not to talk about this until at some point when it lifts.

      • i hope ur right but this guy did a hoax in 2008. is there a reason he is not releasing science reports or identifying who conducted DNA tests now? apparently he refused Sykes DNA testing.

        • Antonamouse

          Dyer refusing to give Mullis and Sykes a sample may be the only sane thing he’s ever done.

        • Mullis that’s the guy on Spike TV w/ mohawk DNA expert?

          why is Mullis and Sykes sane? u dont trust them? what DNA expert did Dyer submit and is that expert credible?

        • Antonamouse

          Robert’s description from above: “Rhettman Mullis, one of the worst people in Bigfootery in addition to being a tiresome blowhard egomaniac…”.
          He is the bigfoot researcher that co-operated with Dr. Sykes by collecting Bigfoot DNA samples for the British TV documentary series “Bigfoot Files”.
          The American expert with the Mohawk is Dr. Todd Disotell, yet another shady character.
          I didn’t claim any of them are sane. I said that avoiding them may have been the one sane thing Dyer has done.
          Dyer will probably not reveal his connections until the press conferences. IF he has anything.

  22. I just really think if Minnow films knew that RD had a real bigfoot, wouldn’t the guys doing the BBC Bigfoot Files have gotten wind of it?

    You really think they would have let that one MAJOR point, out of their documentary?

    No way.

    • Ron Matthews would have gotten the DEAD BF on film…one way or another. Dyer is now claiming that it was ANOTHER BF that ran into Matthews..not the one Dyer shot! So why wouldn’t Matthews have THAT one on film as well? So far Dyer hasn’t released ANY material (film or pics) AT THE SCENE of the one he claims he killed…NOTHING!!

  23. woodchucker

    Great report Robert. News of Meldrums experience in Alberta is refreshing. Thanks to him for commenting on the content and confirming your discussion for us readers. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions it is not impossible for one to walk in a road allowance or clearing at night there. The moon or northern lights can illumnate the night sky enough so as not to impare vision enough to do so. That said, for anyone who is familiar with local top of food chain predators such as bears, cougars, wolves, etc would easily identify that from a bipedal critter. Your description of the terrain is quite good which leads me to believe your sources are accurate in their information sharing. And although walking in the open could be done, walking in and out of the treed areas would lend itself to a lot of noise making and exposing one to the hazards of low hanging branches, deadfall timber, thick undergrowth and steep, rocky ground. IMHO Meldrum saw a BF or someone perpetuating a hoax. Alberta’s economy is so strong, I doubt anyone would be interested in wasting their spare time running around in a suit at night high up in the Rocky Mountains. The area has a history of poaching infractions and the chances of being shot and killed for wearing a furry suit have to make hoaxing a very poor choice.,1085435
    Some of Canada’s worst poachers have exploited the area and it is likely at any time some new cast of lowlifes are plying their trade there. It is a back door stepping off point for National Park Area.
    Meldrum very likely had a BF encounter and in time I expect more detailed news about this site will come. Bravo Robert!

  24. i understand Rick Dyer wants money who doesnt but his behavior is beyond shady. why doesnt he identify the institutions that conducted this scientific examination ?

    as far as money is concern i’m sure he can auction it on ebay or announce it’s up for sale to highest bidder.

  25. woodchucker

    Regarding the Griz bear population here, the Gov conducted a survey on the eastern slopes, read about it here…
    Wolf populations are increasing and the area west of Hinton did have some experimental control programs but it was to lessen the impact they had on the woodland cariboo which are endangered.
    As for the choice of a shotgun for defence, loaded with buckshot and slugs it is a very effective close range weapon. But the laws in Alberta prohibit completely the discharge of a firearm at night for any reason. To do so is a felony offence. Sure it may save your life, but if an angry BF is quicker than a Griz, having a shotgun in camp and in hopes of using it at night may seem as ridiculous as the story of you know who….

  26. Joerg Hensiek

    I do not know if this was already mentioned on this blog: Rick Dyer yesterday announced on a TV station in Trinidad that the university that examined the bigfoot is in Washington state. So how many universities are there? Washington State University…?

    • A university has had a Bigfoot for the last year and yet no one person from that university has leaked this news to the press. Is that even sound or reasonable, considering Rick claims there will be a news conference to announce the Bigfoot in 4 weeks.

      Why would he be so hesitant to announce the university, or the people involved even where this conference will take place?

      Rick claims all the work is done now, so realistically there is nothing to lose, by it coming out now,.

      • Joerg Hensiek

        You are totally right, Kieran. Well, the skeptics will say: because there is no university. The news from Robert made me (relatively) confident that Dyer indeed has a bigfoot. I can imagine that the scientists want a delay of the media storm as long as possible. However: if there is no confirmation that a (top) university (or top scientists) is/are involved AT LEAST 7 to 10 days before the ALLEGED press conference, then the whole affair looks very doubtful again – even to believers like me.

        • RON

          I’ve been saying this for a year now…LEAKS would be a certainty with something like this! Now that the *cat is out of the bag*..we still have UTTER SILENCE from this so called University?? REALLY? There would be NO REASON to hold anything back would there? This University stuff is BULL SHIT.

      • Big G

        There are three universities in California that have had bigfoot bodies for years. one for more than 30 years. And yet we here nothing of them.

        • RON

          Please elaborate and provide links.

        • Big G

          Now you have me doing your research for you. Robert Lindsay has a page called ” why no bigfoot bones or bodies” . I’m so excited for you ron that your going to step away from your dyer love affair to research bigfoot. It gives me goose bumps. goodluck.

        • MrChristianToYou

          Repeating a myth does not make it true.

  27. Hi Robert, nice article but I would like to point out at least two errors.
    Frank Cali never gave me Rick’s address and I never posted his address on my blog.
    A person in the comment section posted the address. Frank had no idea where Rick moved to.
    If you could correct those errors, I would be grateful.

  28. Hazlett

    Joerg, below is what the WIKI page shows

    Four-year institutions[edit]
    Central Washington University, Ellensburg
    Central Washington University, Des Moines
    Central Washington University, Everett
    Central Washington University, Kent
    Central Washington University, Lynnwood
    Central Washington University, Moses Lake
    Central Washington University, Pierce County
    Central Washington University, Wenatchee
    Central Washington University, Yakima
    Eastern Washington University, Cheney
    The Evergreen State College, Olympia
    University of Washington, Seattle
    University of Washington, Bothell, Bothell
    University of Washington North Sound (future)
    University of Washington, Tacoma, Tacoma
    Washington State University, Pullman
    Washington State University, Spokane, Spokane
    Washington State University, Tri-Cities, Richland
    Washington State University, Vancouver, Vancouver
    Western Washington University, Bellingham

    • Joerg Hensiek

      wow, thanks! Robert: would you please be so kind to phone all of them?! 😉

      My favourite would be the University of Washington (Seattle?), because there you find the National Primate Reseach Center.

    • E

      And Gonzaga University! Maybe they didn’t list private schools?

  29. Joerg Hensiek

    Another thing that would interest me: Have Derek Randles and/or Chris Noel already visited Dyer? I know that both men were invited to last sunday`s party in Vegas…sorry when this was already debated on this forum, but sometimes you have to interrupt bigfoot research for work!

  30. jeff

    the first minnesota iceman was real. then it was “lost” and replaced with a fake…

    • Big G

      From what I’ve seen and read. lots of bigfoot bodies have been lost or misplaced in the middle of the night. If it happens once or twice its really not much of a concern. But if it happens 100 % of the time on 100’s of bodies I think something is going on. Minnesota has had lots of bodies and skeletons over 8 ft disappear and those in the government responsible say nothing.

      • MrChristianToYou

        You just keep spinning out the mythology Big G. You seem to believe in the inerrancy of every story that supports your viewpoint. Rather like a religious adherant.

      • Big G

        I believe that my viewpoint is the result of many thousands of hours of research. I believe that in that research there are many, many things that a skeptard can’t explain. While at the same time they believe what the group wants them to believe. They believe what the news tells them while ignoring anything written by the individuals involved. The story has never once been re-laid by any news source in the same manner, containing the same truths as it was told. what do you think about our political process. The politicians deal with the combined mindset of the masses( I’ll call them sheeple) they are herded with half truths, understanding by both parties that they lack the intelligence to rule themselves while telling them that through their votes they control government. your part of that group. I have found in order to be a individual I had to investigate on my own and come up with my own conclusion. Each and every sitghing has an investigative process. many sites have these sightings and more then ever they are investigated. Even though our own law inforcement choose not to investigate . ( statements and photos ) Instead they paraphrase the situation and close the case. If there is a body involved it disappears. Hundreads of times before melba we heard that dna was inconclusive. then we find out later that it was conclusive everytime but considered contamination. This investigation was botched. So melba comes along and she is getting the same contamination that stopped 100 percent of all previous dna samples of bigfoot. She took samples from all involved and did further test on the mido. that’s when she found ancient dna. it can’t be faked. All twenty mito sequences were from different animals of the same species. This is one of the situations that is a viewpoint changing event. Another for me was the continual breakdowns of the p&g. Now I just saw the other day a couple of modern journalist say in their evaluation of bigfoot, that the hoaxed p&g film showed nothing. That is a lie. Nobody has proved that melba didn’t get mido dna of a human hybrid. nobody has proven or redone the P&G film. I saw muscle movement under skin and hair with my own eyes. No other video has it. even in modern hd recordings. My viewpoint is supported by a mountain of evidence that not one skeptard chooses to debunk. While on the other hand I hear things like ” melba’s fairytale. ” silly science.” this from people that don’t have a specific reason for the statement but would choose to parrot what somebody else would say or paraphrase for the sheeple. I’m not one of the sheeple. I investigate. Stupid sayings like fairtale or strange science aren’t debunking anything but attempt to discredit her experiment choice. That is; is there an animal out there that fits her dna testes. the answer is yes. This bigfoot thing has so many people involved doing research because academia hasn’t stepped up to prove anything. People have come on here and insisted that the science is bad while never once looking at it or understanding it. You say I can’t prove bigfoot exsists with a mountain of evidence and I say you can’t prove 40,000 people are lying with zero evidence. Then you will all attach yourself to POS and think you have some answers. I repeat things Mr Christian because it is difficult for me to believe that those who would present themselves as intelligent have reviewed the evidence I’ve present, and the mountain I’ve suggested for continued reading, and still come back with no adverse evidence . So convinced with no evidence that you have chosen the path of truth and I’ve chosen the gullible path. You have no evidence to the contrary . period.

        • bob

          Very well put Mr. Big G !
          let’s hope that sooner rather than later somebody in one of those key positions grow a pair like yours and decide to share the info they got on many subjects and are keeping secret

  31. Emmett Von Schnit

    Bigfoot in general: I know nothing about nothing and all I am going on is my opinion based on watching, reading and hunches. I think when the dept. Natural resources and other forest/land type agencies began reintroducing deer, turkey, coyotes and other critters in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s throughout the mid-west and eastern USA the bigfoot/sasquatch came calling. I think there has always been bigfoot in these states but once the white man came and shot everything in sight to feed their families, the fur trade and so on I think the bigfoot numbers probably dwindled. In my opinion, the last few decades they’ve been making a comeback despite all of the deforestation, highways, shopping malls, homes, etc. It sounds cliche, but it is only a matter of time till they are proven. I hope when it happens, somehow Jeff Meldrum, Bob Gimlin and a few others are in on it in some way and get the validation and credit they deserve. One day hopefully Jeff Meldrum and others can get down to business studying a real bigfoot foot, gaits, locomotion and so on. I am looking forward to the day when a comprehensive report is written with most of our questions answered.

  32. MrChristianToYou

    “Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus”

    A legal maxim which means “false in one thing, false in everything”. In other words, a witness who willfully falsifies testimony regarding one matter is not credible on any matter.
    Attorneys, Judges, and Juries consistently rely on this principle in reaching decisions of the most significant nature.

    Anyone who ignores Dyer’s established history of deceit is foolish, to say the least.

  33. Hazlett

    Below is a list of the taxidermist in Washington State, take notice of the first one.

  34. Hazlett

    HAHA, I know, I just thought it was funny that, that was the first one on the list.

  35. C.S.

    So let me get this straight… bigfoots which are suppose to be super intelligent and possibly use telepathic for communication and can sense danger from miles away and know when people are near, and can almost disappear in a instant ,and have been hiding in the woods for thousands of years gets duped by a used car salesman with ribs behind a home depot… I would love to know the odds of seeing a Bigfoot just for a second… 1 in a billion…. but a known con man and hoaxer not just sees one but two in a 24 hour peirod and kills one which he chased around the woods. Unless these are the stupendous bigfoots in the world or maybe someone is lying… common sense.

  36. Rob can u clarify

    is it Feb 6th or Feb 9th? presumably this is an unidentified Wash state school. I’m a little unclear why if he killed it in texas he drove to Wash state rather than say Texas A&M

  37. woodchucker

    The practice of clear cut logging and oil and gas exploration results in alot of riparian or “edge” habitat being created within the forest. Moose, deer and elk flourish in that setting as it allows easy travel and varied food sources and provides a quick getaway should they take a flight response. Critters like bears, cougars, wolves and such do not favor such habitat as much. Similarily I believe BFs do not need such riparian area. The docile and compact environment of a heavily forested area with thick undergrowth would allow their prey to walk up close to them, opportunistic feeding. Travel for seasonal food sources seems likely, but how much range and carrying capacity of the domain would a group need to survive?

  38. 10 million dollar Bigfoot Bounty
    ‘Bigfoot’s Blood’
    Season 1 Episode 1
    Aired: 01/10/2014
    “…Host Dean Cain & 9 elite teams of Bigfoot hunters
    embark on the most ambitious search ever undertaken
    – a hunt for definitive proof of Bigfoot that could
    alter the course of science…..”

    View full episode(41mts.)

    • woodchucker

      Might as well conclude the contest right now. Disotell is a judge asking for “the gold standard – DNA”. Everything to date is junk science in his mind and I doubt the 9 teams will convince him otherwise. At least they are searching the Pacific NW rather than a Home Depot parking lot.

      • Big G

        isn’t disotell the “expert” that got sapian mito from samples sent to him? Instead of determining the age of the mito like melba did he regarded it ( like all other geneticists before him) as contamination and thru it out before any further tests could be done. I’m not sure that science and academia regard disotell as an expert. But if he is incapable of using dna to guarantee the existence of bigfoot it looks as though the 10 million is safe. Good call to the producers. this is like sykes picking only hairs already identified for dna analysis. Before everyone considers the damage done to the bigfoot research community by dyer, lets also consider the rolls of sykes and disotell in thier commitment.

        • E

          Melba is surely hated by many. Alot came out from both sides but was interesting to read the full peer review. Again I understand that it might be completely fake but many attackers were using information from that review and she always seemed to have a good answer. Someone will need to validate her results independently to ever convince the community but she is sitting on all the raw data and I think her findings were legit. Unfortunately, no one will lay their rep on the line for her which is understandable considering she didn’t release the data.

        • woodchucker

          Big G you know the answer to your question. For me if Sykes or Disotell want to refute Melba’s DNA work, they need to try and replicate it. If it fails, fine. But if it is repeatable?? Has that been attempted? If Sykes and Disotell are left scratching their heads because they can’t create their own data like Melba did, then why are they so cocksure about appearing on TV to make a statement? They are obviously getting access to more data than Melba did. Apparently a lifetime of study is required to pluck a hair from a dog and then claim it tests dog. Same for a bear. What will Disotell be able to tell us what Sykes didn’t with Smeja and co finding samples 10 feet off a road allowance? You want BF, you can’t get it at Home Depot. I’m putting my $ down that the Alberta Habituation Site samples will be given to Melba to repeat the process. Sykes and Disotell will be out in the cold because of the field researchers they associate with.

        • Big G

          one of the major reasons for my statements is neither disotell or sykes has told us that they have hair samples that don’t match anything else on the planet. whether they think we cant handle it or what. we found out thru melba that mito is homo sapian but not modern. Neither sykes or disotell tested the mito to see if actual contamination took place or it was ancient. The other thing is there isn’t a lot of dna in the hair( which doesn’t match anything on the planet) so melba tested the folicule attached to the hair ( which doesn’t match anything on the planet. So while sykes is doing dna tests on hair already identified as something else( and traveling to America to tell the person in person ) I’m not aware of any damage melba did to give us 3 nuclear sequences to the cognitus genome. 20 mito sequences with no modern mutation of the same animal in tests performed by a machine that can’t be faked. No who is the expert. they cried contamination . she answered with proven results. The dna came from an animal. its a human hybred. its shaped much like us and walks on 2 feet why couldn’t it be related to us. I’ve not heard of anything out of any bodies mouth that comes remotely close to an arguement for her findings. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not.

        • woodchucker

          “one of the major reasons for my statements is neither disotell or sykes has told us that they have hair samples that don’t match anything else on the planet.” Well if Universities or the Smithsonian have bodies in their vaults then the message is at least consistent. But then if they did, why not just take a sample and play it out like the bear hair? Easy peasy right? Even our local Biologists doing bear studies here make note that a folicle is the base collection requirement for study, one of my links actually has that statement within the document. Are we to believe that Sykes and Disotell dont use the folicle? It seems to be common knowledge in that field that the folicle is the best bet. To suggest Melbas work is a fraud is pointing to manipulating DNA, how else could she get it? Melba admitted to “stumbling” on to her results. Would Sykes or Disotell do the same? Disotell screams junk science but I havent read or heard him explain in laymans terms why. The kid that sat in the 3rd grade next to me reacted similar when he didnt know an answer. At least Sykes refused to comment but suggests to keep looking.

        • Big G

          I’m thinking the answer to the universities holding onto bodies is the stipulation that they are all Indians. These laws on indian remains have saturated the universities with lawsuits at many archeological sites in the U.S. in a court of law sasquatch is mythical so at present time any one with a skeleton that isn’t European ( skull shape ) they are indian and indian religious rules dictate immediate reburial. Right now because of gambling laws, Indians have a voice in the government. ( money gives you a voice in government) . They will not allow for dna tests to be done, especially when the road to get these burial laws changed into their favor Are paved with years of expensive lawyers at great expense. The new dna coming out that stipulates that Indians in the U.S. came from three different sources is also creating a ruckus. these skeletons would disappear if anybody makes a move before a real expert comes up with melbas findings. So they are just lost in storage.

        • woodchucker

          Good point on Indian bones and all the headaches they make. Land claims in Canada are a huge problem for our Gubment. And anytime a bone is found in an excavation the anthropoligists are called in to “assess”. Most equipment operators hide small finds nowadays just to avoid all the hassle and delay in work, not to mention costs to the project owner. Up here the gambling $ isn’t the detractor, our Gubment kicks a lot of $ out to Natives. Resource extraction is what llikely would keep bones o the shelf. Our export of oil, gas, wood and hydro power are all steered by the voices of huge Multinationals. At best Natives have learned to get $ from them by holding out on access, then concede. The Alberta Geological Survey has identified potential diamond pipes in remote locations. In the future they will be explored more and eventually mined. Large strip mining operations like oil sand, diamonds, coal would not want to be burdened with the start / stop / start schedule bones would cause. I guess the Gubmnet can at least deal with natives, even Environmental Impact Assessments but what the fvck would they do if it was the furry people? I mean who would their spokesperson be? The most orange one in the clan? A Gubment assigned lawyer? As for the Universities, guess who keeps them going up here? Yup the Gubment and Multinational sponsorship. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if they wanted to send the word down to keep such things away from prying eyes to keep the $ flowing it would happen. For a recluse, BF sure knows how to mess shit up from a distance eh?

  39. Congratulations, Robert, for seeing into Dyer’s mental illness. You describe it well and it is at the core of all this sad nonsense that leaves one feeling creepy and slightly confused. For some, it is painfully easy to detect. For most others, it paints a valid picture until there is a glaring error that renders it into its true, insane focus.

  40. is finding a bigfoot a nobel prize winning kind of discovery ? i mean literally getting awarded the nobel prize.

    • If it were a real bigfoot, quite possibly . . . Cheers!

      • The only exception to that would be if it were Rick Dyer who had brought it to the masses.

        • Or Todd Standing, or . . . really, Nominay, this list could go on and on to truly depressing lengths if we had both the time and determination to enumerate all the hoaxers out there. Fortunate for us however that there are far more meaningful things to do with our time — reading books on non-ferrous metals welding, or sorting what flower the War of Roses was named after for example — than wasting a nanosecond on the twat Ricky Dyer . . . Cheers!

        • nominay

          off subject, I admire what a high caliber writer you are

    • Antonamouse

      “is finding a bigfoot a nobel prize winning kind of discovery ?”
      Yes, and it may be a shared prize. One of the recipients will be Dr. Melba Ketchum. Once there is Bigfoot DNA uploaded to GenBank (Sykes’ nightmare) it can be compared to the Ketchum report. She has three complete samples sequenced by three reputable labs and will be able to show that she got there first. Nobel to Ketchum, Darwinian Award to Nature journal.
      Another route to her getting recognition could be through the US court system. Say one of the contestants finds a piece of Bigfoot hide and shows it to the Bigfoot Bounty Bozo Judge. Bozo declares it human or contaminated. Contestant retains part of the sample and has it tested independently. Results match Ketchum’s. 10Million $ lawsuit.
      Disclaimer: I’m assuming Bigfoot actually exist…

      • Big G

        We haven’t heard the last of melba. She has several patents pending on processes used for dna extraction and magnification. The problem is that those working to discredit her “science” have had a year to do so . All we’ve heard is paraphrased no science worded bullshit from the experts attempting to prove her wrong. I would say that if they couldn’t do it in a year then it must be grand. The real truth is she didn’t do the tests. the machines they used cant be hoaxed.

  41. woodchucker

    “Unfortunately, no one will lay their rep on the line”

    Isn’t that so true in many things though? We have some posting here asking Robert and others to admitting they are wrong if and when these reports don’t ring true, which for many us have very little investment. Yet it seems Academia and the upper crust of Professionals who are supposed to lead us with their high level thinking almost always never step out of any comfort zone when it comes to decision making or recommendations. Calling out Engineers and Architects for rubber stamping stuff and taking the easy road makes up a large part of my work day. If they spent the their energies making a difference instead of following what we already know, how much better could things be?

    Collaboration is not conducive to egomania.

  42. Fai Mao

    There is no such thing as poison ivy in the UK. Neither does the UK have any large predators in its sorry excuses for forest

    You don’t walk in the woods in North America in the night undressed and without light. Not unless you have a near deathwish.

    • Fai Mao

      I worked with culturally insensitive, snobby, racist, stuck-up, S***- A**ed-Baboon Brits in Hong Kong for 15 years. I tend to over react to their narrow-minded idiocy. The reflexive anti-Americanism the intentional air of moral superiority that is completely undeserved and the whole “How can these people not love us after all we did for them?” attitude they project in places like Hong Kong and malaysia drives me to contemplate mass murder. A pox on that blighted, godforsaken nation of lazy, antisemitic, hooligans. They have to call themselves the United Kingdom now rather than Great Britain because they haven’t been great in 70 years.

      Yeah, I’m an Anglophobe. I know too many Brits not to be

  43. Big G

    Remember mr. crhistian if you can’t have a discussion on the evidence You can always take the lower iq role in the discussion and lash out with insults because you have zero info to discuss any of the mountains of evidence. But yet you would come over here and make statement to discredit my viewpoint even though I can give you specific reasons for that viewpoint. its one thing to be ignorant but another to come over to a blog with well read individuals and crow out your ignorance like a roaster. Never making a point while still not realizing we have recognized you for that. Everyone has a voice but you have yet to prove yours is worth the time to read it. I’d wager your educated to the highest levels of academia but still unable to investigate and think about things on your own. You have to go now fox news has another corporate sponsored special on global warning. made by scientists paid for by corporations.

  44. Hazlett

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called “Thinker Thunker”. This guy reminds me of a more comical version of MK Davis. I don’t know what kind of software he is using but he gets some of the clearest breakdowns that I have seen.

    What are your thoughts on this guy, is he reputable? What he did with the video of the Bigfoot running through the redwoods, man, so convincing. I am sure the skeptics could find away to tear it a part but that guys software, WOW, I don’t know how that couldn’t be recognized as some of the best Bigfoot footage ever.

    Thoughts please.

    • Mr. E2me

      Thanks for that Hazlett. Guy seems to be on the ball.
      I watched that redwoods breakdown and agree. Amazing stuff.
      I have to go do the W word. I will watch more tonight

      • Hazlett

        Check out the break down he did, where the guy chases the Bigfoot through the woods, that one is good as well as the one where it picks the Baby Bigfoot up.

    • woodchucker

      He does a good job with stabilizing and close ups for sure. That redwoods one is interesting. I’d like to see him do a close up on that bowhunting one where the BF stops, then takes off again.

      • Hazlett

        I agree, I think if he did the bow-hunter one, I believe we would see that it is not the real deal. I could be wrong but that one, with my eye test, looks to be fake, the shape, the movement and even the color. With his software though, I could be proven wrong. I wonder if we leave a comment on his channel with a link to the video if he will review it for us? I guess it cant hurt to ask.

      • Redwoods video is 100% fake. As a good general rule, just about any video shot by a filmmaker you have never heard of is almost always a fake. Filmmaker = fake. They do this to show off their movie-making and special effects skills. But I think that suit cost $60,000 and may have taken 100 hours to produce.

      • Bowhunter is fake I believe.

        • Big G

          the bowhunter is fake cause nobody chases bigfoot. I could make those guys pee in there pants. everyone who has a class A sighting gets a horrible fear and I would be the same. I might chase one if I had a truck , but even a truck or car is no match for an animal that can drag a full grown elk thru 3 feet of snow.

  45. woodchucker

    Just finished watching the $10M BF Bounty Ep 1. Brutal waste of an hour I’ll never get back. Not even entertaining. Epic Fail. Robert please give us some info do digest.

    • woodchucker

      err…I meant to say give us some info TO digest.

      • Hazlett


        Look at it this way, you were the sacrificial lamb for the rest of, you took one for the team, we now can enjoy that hour that you saved us all, I commend you good sir!

        • woodchucker

          LOL! I guess everyone is titled to their own opinion, but I really didn’t find anything interesting about it. An inbred version of Amazing Race. As someone mentioned earlier the money is safe.

      • Big G

        Sorry woodchucker. if its any consolation i watched all three episodes of bigfoot;new evidence on natgeo. I thought maybe that i bad mouthed sykes research to much and since muldrem recently visited us i wanted to make sure , in case sykes lowers himself to answer our questions, i’ll be ready. guess What ? I consider myself a novice in the research of the bigguy. but they had nothing new. so i renamed the 3 part documentary to be “old shit that americans have known for ten years.” I did however find it interesting that zana’s genes put her on a direct line from africa but simingly isolated for thousands of years. While still being able to breed with sapians.

        • woodchucker

          Well until that series came out I knew nothing of the Zana story, very interesting and at least brought it to my attention so it wasn’t a loss. About Melrum’s appearance here, isn’t it interesting he made some clarifications and stated the message is basically there ie he saw something, but would really like to have a daytime encounter. I hope he returns to the site in 2014. And what a creep Standing is for asking Meldrum and Bindernagel to visit and uses an NDA! This from a known hoaxer who stole the site from someone else. When Standing was perpetrating his hoax from the west slopes years ago, the Alberta site was active right under his nose directly east of him LOL! He literally had to drive past it to get to his hoax site – no clue whatsoever it was there. Won’t be long before these habituation sites and Bigfootery have lawyers as the team leaders. Fucking shame really.

    • Yes…I agree…..complete BS

    • i thought it was mildly entertaining and i like the idea they’re doing the camping for me so i can b a coach potato.

      i actually would like a 1080p camping + bigfoot show in beautiful areas in the US with details on camping how to and places to go.

    • Jared

      I agree. If anyone wonders why Bigfoot hasn’t been found yet, I think it has a large part to do with the type of characters that are looking for them.

    • Antonamouse

      There was one thing in Bigfoot Bounty that was absolutely earth shaking. The judges were holding the hunters to strict scientific standards. When Michael Merchant submitted elk shit as evidence of a food source for a bigfoot population he was quickly shot down by the judges. Dr. Disotell jumped all over him for submitting a DNA sample that the hunters knew couldn’t be from a Bigfoot. Then he stated as fact that Bigfoot could not possibly be interested in deer or elk because they did not have a digestive system that could handle them. For a scientist to state this as fact he must have knowledge to support it. He seems to be stating as fact that we’re dealing with a great ape and not a human hybrid.

      …or Bigfoot Bounty is dealing with an idiot as a scientific expert.

      • woodchucker

        One thing I did get from the episode is Disotell knows a lot about fecal matter. He had some great tips on what part of the pile is needed to extract DNA from and actually got very descriptive with his hand gestures. Great explanation in layman’s term.

      • Big G

        Bigfoot are bigger than gorillas. Gorillas spend most of their 24 hour day foraging for food. I don’t understand what disotell is saying except without deer or elk bigfoot couldn’t exsist. So if he stipulates that they cant digest them then he is making the environment incapable of sustaining a large primate. There is too much info out there about sasquatch using animal protein as a food source. Deer and elk have been eaten in many stories by them and witnessed by humans doing it. None of the sasquatch anybody has seen has a large vegetarian stomach. With a large brain and body mass of around 600-800 lbs I would say that sasquatch is an omnivore like its closets family member humans. The tooth that mike had at the bigfoot museum was a copy of a human tooth only 50 % larger. Its all in the teeth and the tooth says its an omnivore using animal protein to support its energy robbing brain.

  46. Robert, what is your opinion about this reported incident in central Michigan? I find the idea that the Bigfoot might be able to make this guy think he was seeing a deer especially interesting


  47. Robert, when’s the next bigfoot update? i wonder if u know which univ @ wash will be providing scientific report feb 9th.

  48. MrChristianToYou

    For Big G
    (Taken from:
    ‘In the presentation of this potentially earth-shaking discovery, Dr. Ketchum lost every shred of scientific credibility through her short-circuiting genetic experts and the process of peer review. Instead, she at­tempted to appeal to the popular Bigfoot enthusiast crowd as their savior who has the goods. Even that backfired. She continues to make excuses instead of admitting her errors and poor judgment. She censors those who point out these serious problems or ask questions about them, and she has not exhibited cooperation with geneticists who are experts in human DNA. The people supporting her are not usually helpful to her cause. Her disclosures about her own personal sightings and obvious missteps in the process have done much to sabotage her own credibility. It’s not a pleasant picture.
    For now, the Ketchum chapter in the saga of Bigfoot remains unresolved. There is one thing we can be certain of: this is not the end of the story of Bigfoot. The legend will live on in the hearts of those who believe.’

    That last line somewhat echos a previous post of mine, that — with respect — folks like you, Big G, are “believers” … rather like religious adherants. Melba’s work excites and empowers you, like psuedo-scientific research into the Shroud of Turin excites many Christians. My recommendation is to stop citing Melba as a legitimate source of corroborating scientific research. It will actually help your cause Big G.

    • Personally, I think that Ketchum has the goods. We already have a body now – Hank. And the DNA has been done on him. Let’s see how Hank’s DNA compares to what Melba got. I bet it is a dead ringer.

      Csicop are fucktards. They are about to have egg all over their face in the worst possible way.

      • if bigfoot is gigantopithecus it’s hard to believe ketchum has the goods. gigantopithecus is supposedly most closely related to orang utans and therefore human-giganto hybrids are genetically impossible.

        • Big G

          they have built a large biped ape with a couple of teeth and a piece of a lower jaw. While it was once accepted that giganto was bipedal ( although we have no other bones to go on) it is now common to believe that it was Quadra pedal. It was once thought to be bigfoot or an ancient family member it is proven to still be of the ape family and more closely resemble an ape like gorillas. With a diet similar to gorillas. Since no further info on gigato has been found and recent dna evidence acknowledges that bigfoot is in the homo species then giganto’s dna wont match. Since science moves at a snails pace there are still scientists who believe that giganto is bigfoot . ( muldrem ) Its also easier for the masses to believe that bigfoot is an ape . its difficult for the masses to except bigfoot is a human hybrid. Hell most don’t except all human races are small differences making up of less then 1 percent of the human genome. All humans on the planet are more closely related then the variances in the chimp genome.

      • RON


    • Big G

      good job mr Christian. I say nobody will say what the real issues with her sequence and you come back with specifics on sequences. no you didn’t. I say that knowbody ” in a year has been able to find a single gene in a 3 billion gene genome ” that is out of place or belongs to another creature on earth. Its still ” after a year ” the same paraphrasing from somebody who refuses to give details. I don’t need somebody elses opium of her work. I’ve listen to here and i’;ve reviewed the work. I’ve looked at all that she has to offer. Why are you coming over here. you still haven’t proved a single point in your view. I’ve waisted countless hours reading your write ups and I must say you’re dense. if you have something of interest. ( you don’t ) write about it. Until you find somebody that has evidence that melba and everybody in the study found out how hoax a machine. Yes that’s right melba wasn’t hands on. the machine did it. the machine rated all three nuclear genomes as 98 percent pure or better. Your opium is something somebody else told you. My opium is my own. I did the research and the evidence is there. This isn’t a religion retard . we have footprints and video and sounds that a human can’t make. you don’t have an audience until you explain the mountain of evidence a different way. trouble is you cant you just say that you don’t believe. We are primates. evolution is proven. The world is round. And until you give 1 shred of evidence to the contrary it stands. bigfoot lives with us in North America. And has been here for a long time.

    • woodchucker

      Tell us more about this quote from the article “There may be some truth in the allegation that reputable science journals would not touch the study due to its association with Bigfoot”. That has to be at least 10 paragraphs worth no? And the one about lawyers advising against publishing. That’s a beauty one right there.

      • Big G

        They are still continuing to badmouth the science because its about bigfoot. Not one scientist has gone after or attacked the sequences. I’ve read many reviews from many scientists that specialize in certain areas of human genomes. these are the gene clusters that deal with a specific trait in humans. Brain activity, bacterial warfare, hair and eye color, bipedalism and a host of others. These scientists match gene for gene. the ones that should be there from homo sapian are there. the ones that should aren’t. Eye color for example. sasquatch have different eye color. as a matter of fact much of the eye is different . In any event I believe these scientists are doing what their training has taught them to do. Anytime a scientist attacks another scientist using words like fairytale, run and don’t believe anything they say. especially when no science reason comes out in the attack. Now mr Christian your looking for another attack right now to bring to me as evidence. You call me a believer for listening to scientist doing science and you are attacking me using the scientific opium of an attacker. So your roll hasn’t advanced science. if all of melbas science can be wrapped up in ten major points I can say that not one of those points has been disproved. If you believe it has its a farther stretch and I would say you are the believer. At this point in jan 2013 sasquatch is proven. We are just waiting for the stupids to get caught up. All skeptards are just uninformed. So before you come here with your kindergarden opium be prepared to back it up with discussion and don’t give me 10 paragraphs of I don’t believe. And certainly using points talked about a refuted ten years ago. good day mr Christian.

        • woodchucker

          LOL, the article uses over 30 bigfoot blog references and not 1 science journal or even Melbas report. So it’s good enough to knock it down, but not to stand it up. What a hypocrite.

  49. Mr. Jingles

    Evolution is one of Satan’s greatest lies.

    1 Corinthians 1:19: For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”

  50. Big G

    All primates evolved to a specific environment. Not all evolution is straight forward and most is coincidence. Bipedalism is the result of climate change and some primates evolved to live on a grassy plain. In this area it was an advantage to stand up and keep watch over the tall grass. This is also the time when most scientist believed the human brain, as a result of the cooling system, developed. Humans wandered out into the plains for scavenging and started using animal protein. The small primates on Madagascar developed in a different matter. Later isolation of homini groups usually by water and mountain ranges developed each in a different manner. All mammals and all primates have a common ancestor. Its in the dna. Since survival is the key to passing on genes , the winners in the environment war are the ones adapted to those changes. humans avoided these problems by moving. Nowadays genetists can monitor human movements thru out the world. different haploid groups can be traced to 30,000 years ago. To answer your question. the monkeys that didn’t continue to evolve in the way of humans had different environments and different food sources. if your trying to insinuate that evolution is theory then your uninformed. In bacteria everyday doctors fight to stay ahead of the flu evolution. Also ten years ago the white fly evolved to bolster it’s immune system and our pesticides no longer worked. We evolved our pesticides as a result.

  51. E

    Hey Robert,

    So now you are very convinced. I’m trying to think of what it would take to be so sure of something, especially if it ultimately came from the Dyer camp. Some possible scenarios:

    1: Taxidermist outed himself and gave you proof of some kind, which would probably have to include images.
    2: Someone you trust gave you information, which hopefully was based on their firsthand experience of seeing/investigating legitimate evidence.

    My problem is that Dyer does not trust anyone. The only people he has associated with are complete random idiots it seems. Why would he spill the beans to anyone? I can’t even seeing him trusting an institution or any taxidermists.

    Also, it is clear that whoever did give information is determined to remain anonymous. However, to be worried about maintaining a relationship with Dyer or anyone close to him is to be guilty of being a scumbag. Why would anyone be afraid at this point, especially if they knew for certain? They should be able to simply come out with it without ever worrying about a future relationship with the scumbag(s).

    You have been pretty sure about Dyer before. You may have been the same 99.9% sure in the past at some point. I wonder what is different here than before?

    There have only been lies and delays from his camp. In one of your previous posts, you were starting to get a questionable feeling towards Dyer. That was a breath of fresh air as a reader.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and I realize you will honor your confidentiality.

    I will continue to try and keep an open mind, but in the end, if an end is even possible, I hope you will put up a Wall of Shame for people that have proven to be liars and hoaxers. They may not be charged in the court of law and they may not have done anything illegal, but they deserve to be smeared.

    • It is 2.

      Several people I know, including some of the big names in the field, went out on their own to check out Hank. They spent a few hours poking around at it, and they were all completely convinced it was real.

      They also garnered some other evidence that they felt was confirmatory that I am not able to discuss at this time.

      Bottom line is these folks came back to me and all said they were completely convinced that Hank is real.

      So I am throwing down on that basis.

      • Like E said if they’re so confident Dyer killed a Bigfoot, why don’t they come out and say so? Take a position if you believe his story is genuine.

        Robert, I’d be careful supporting this because you haven’t seen the body or any of the evidence yourself!

        Dyer claims the university that had the body of Bigfoot agreed to allow him tour with the body for 13 months.

        I don’t get. Would you trust the Dyer to protect it, for that long?

        I’m not a Skeptic, i just find his story suspect and he’s not yet released a full video of the body yet. How long has he this body now?.Hes on tour, but nobody can see what it looks like on the internet.

        I’m from Ireland, and wouldn’t pay to see the body, unless i knew it was the real deal.

        • As far as the reason for the secrecy and anonymity, I do not know, and I am looking into that right now.

          I am 99.9% sure that this is real. Otherwise I have to believe that these guys are lying to me, and that’s not possible. The other alternative is that Dyer has such a great hoax that he was able to fool several folks, a couple of whom spent hours poking over the body. The amount of money and expertise required to construct such an elaborate hoax would seem to be beyond Dyer’s means.

        • Like E said if they’re so confident Dyer killed a Bigfoot, why don’t they come out and say so?


    • Also, it is clear that whoever did give information is determined to remain anonymous. However, to be worried about maintaining a relationship with Dyer or anyone close to him is to be guilty of being a scumbag. Why would anyone be afraid at this point, especially if they knew for certain?


  52. Hazlett

    Robert, have you heard anything recently. I guess we will just wait until Feb.9th

    • Yes I have heard some interesting stuff involving additional confirmatory evidence that Hank appears to be real.

      Unfortunately I am not allowed to report on it. I am trying to get permission to report it at the moment.

      • Ron

        But…Still NO pics from San Antonio that Dyer says were taken after he felled the BF and subsequently loaded on the truck. NONE! Why hasn’t he released them yet, since he has done so with the Taxidermy pic? Why would he hold them back? This is absolute BULL SHIT.

        • In fairness to Rick he told everyone he would show a body, a while back, and he has done so. Not to me, but to people who know him and don’t know him too well. Its one of the main reasons why i still keep an open mind on it, but i am very suspicious of Rick and still think a hoax is more likely than him having killed Bigfoot.

          The body Rick has is worthless until this university comes out and verifies its a real bigfoot. If it doesn’t happen, then its obvious Rick is hoaxing again.

  53. woodchucker

    Don’t mean to railroad the thread but while we wait for Roberts next BF post I can share this based on a recent presentation from a Provincial Carnivore Specialist with Alberta Sustainable Resources:
    The cougar ( mountain lion ) population in Alberta is estimated to be about 2000. Thats triple of what it was 20 years ago. They are repopulating areas they traditionally ranged in but were hunted and trapped out of from the early to mid 1900s. They can leap as high as 18 feet up and as long as 45 feet across from a standstill. Lifespan max 15 years. They do not prey on livestock like wolves or even bears do. Deer, particulairly weak or injured are their prefered prey. One cougar will eat about 50 deer a year. They require forested areas to live and are tolerant of human populations. They do not dig to den but will use old bear dens, beaver houses, thickets, caves or overturned stumps. The population in the vicinities of the Alberta Habituation site is stable. The adjacent National Park is too rocky and open as a habitat, the forested foothills are a much prefered area as populations there are greater in density. As deer populations and distribution increase, the cougar will follow. Probability of a cougar attack are very small, even if encountered at close range. Conservation Officers have reported that since game trail cameras have become more prevalent in use, cougars have been identified in areas that no one even knew of their existence, not even local biologists. In a survey conducted in 2012 in the Rocky Mountain House area 75% of the 275 respondents stated they believe the cougar is an important part of the Alberta landscape, should remain there and believe it’s presence is an indicator of a healthy environment.
    Pretty interesting to me that a top of the chain predator can live in an area undetected.

    • Big G

      The only people that don’t believe that a large primate , with a brain equal to ours, could hide so well, is people who don’t go into the woods. They think this is a human man hunt in the city. They can’t even use google maps to see the expansive forests that conceal many secrets. This example of the cougar is but one of many. I also believe if they developed a game camera that didn’t use infra red sensing they could get a better picture of the big guy. The’re night vision could see the sensor field and they would avoid it.

      • People do “go into the woods.” And they leave cameras, lots and lots and — well, you get the idea. The “woods” in our country are saturated with cameras that are placed and operated by a massive array of organizations ranging from state and local governments to corporations, ambitious millionaires as well as sundry other less deep-pocketed individuals, academic institutions, and of course, the good ole Feds. These people can indeed use Google maps as well as many other interesting devices otherwise confusing to the novice. As for Biggy’s supposed night vision prowess — this, alas, remains little more than speculation as nothing will be known on this particular topic until type specimens are at hand. Cheers!

        • Big G

          No people don’t go into the woods. .00005% of forested land has a camera device on it. As for you type specimen, dead animals don’t see good enough for infra red tests. Besides doesn’t rick have a type specimen for you skeptards to look at.

      • woodchucker

        I agree about folks in the woods G. I hunt alone, off the roads and in all my time doing that I’ve only came across one other person in the sticks. Even more interesting, I’ve never found a trail camera in the deep woods, contrary to what others believe. Up here that technology is outdated technology for biologists to use similar to radio collar tracking devices. They aren’t employed here much because as the Carnivore specialist mentioned to us, the presence of tracks is an absolute indicator of a species’ presence. It’s the reports of woodlot owners camera use that has verified the habitat range outside of known study areas.

  54. Warren Port

    Andrew Clacy has inspected the body – says it’s real.

  55. Mr. E2me

    Oh good. I feel so much better. No need for confirmation from a reputable university or government agency. Random member of Rick’s group has confirmed for us. This Clacy, he is a phd? What’s his field of expertise?

    • Antonamouse

      Here’s his own description from twitter account: (Australian Internet Marketer SEO Helping Local Business. Helping with video marketing and facebook fan page creation.) AKA huckster.
      Dyer gave out his home address by posting a picture of a package with his name and address visible. Clacy thanked him at the time. Not the brightest bulb.

  56. woodchucker

    Lucky indeed. The 3rd world ones likely end up draped across the wall of an ambitious millionaires dwelling.

  57. MrChristianToYou

    I mean no offence Champ, but this question — tirelessly repeated by believers in religious mythology — reveals a profound, fundamental ignorance of evolutionary theory. I encourage you to seek out the answer to your question through the appropriate channels. It might help transform your thinking, and help you move beyond the childish beliefs of ancient superstitions.

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