Bigfoot News Special Bigfoot News of the Century Edition

Rick Dyer has a taxidermied Bigfoot! I can now confirm with 100% accuracy that Rick Dyer does indeed have a taxidermied Bigfoot. I say this because this news has been independently confirmed for me by a number of extremely credible people in Bigfootery who investigated it themselves and then reported back to me. None of them were past Dyer supporters, so there is no pro-Dyer bias involved. All were Dyer fence-sitters.

At this point, all evidence points overwhelmingly towards Rick’s claim as being credible, unbelievable as it sounds.

In other words, I am 100% certain that Rick has a taxidermied Bigfoot in his possession.

If you do not believe my claim, that is just fine, and this should all come out soon at any rate.

I can also report that the presentation of the Bigfoot is going to take a little while. First of all, a more professional team has been assembled for the presentation to the public because Rick Dyer is pretty much the antithesis of professionalism. So the presentation is in a sense being taken out of Rick’s hands by the adults in the room, thank God.

In addition, it is going to take a bit of time for a more complete scientific presentation as they want to be as thorough and professional as possible. The science end of things is now being handled by an extremely professional team that has just now been put together and it may take them some time for more comprehensive, documented results to be released.

So there are two separate teams working:

A team working on a more professional presentation of the Bigfoot.

A team working on a more thorough and comprehensive documentation of the science end of things.

Unfortunately, I cannot name my sources at this time but be assured that they are some of the most high-ranking people in the business.

I think it is time, no matter what we think of Rick Dyer, to throw out a big congratulations to Rick Dyer for being the first human being to actually prove the existence of Bigfoot by personally obtaining a specimen. For better or for worse, the name Rick Dyer will go down in history for all time. Rick will also become a famous man, and I hope that he manages fame well, for his own sake and for the sake of the rest of us who have to bear with him, though I have little confidence that he will.

Maybe it is time for Rick to hire a publicist, a PR man, a life coach, and who know, maybe even a therapist.

Anyway, it looks like Rick is going to have a very interesting life cut out for him in the near future. The man has always cherished fame and recognition, and he’s about to get it in droves.

New Hank photos released. Several new photos of Hank with Rick Dyer positioned next to the taxidermied body have been leaked by a Team Tracker member.

Here they are:

The leaked photo from Team Tracker.

The leaked photo from Team Tracker.

A more closeup version:

A cropped version of the same photo.

A cropped version of the same photo.

An enhanced version:

An enhanced version of the leaked photo.

An enhanced version of the leaked photo.

An more closeup version:

A cropped version showing both Rick and Hank.

A cropped version showing both Rick and Hank.

And a comparison of two photos of Hank, which unfortunately do look a bit dissimilar. However, I am certain it is the same body. Why they look dissimilar is not known, but perhaps Rick had Hank’s body somewhat cleaned up.

Two Hanks comparison.

Two Hanks comparison.

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366 responses to “Bigfoot News Special Bigfoot News of the Century Edition

  1. Joerg Hensiek

    BF NEWS of the CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      You heard it here first guys.

    • Fai Mao

      Which one was Hank and which one is RD?

      I am still not convinced. If they do not have the scientific bonafides by now this is still a hoax. There is no reason RD needs more time to gather evidence. He has had what, nearly 2 years?

      • Nope, it is a 100% true story. Several of the biggest names in the biz all contacted me independently and told me it is true, as insane as it sounds.

        This will all be out soon enough anyway.

        • Priestie

          How can you be sure these Dyer haters are not pulling you a leg?
          Think about it…
          You have been fair and some what positive to Dyer conserning Hank being real, so these haters might be trying to take you down as a trust worthy source, so to speak.

          In that light, would you disclose the identity of those misinformants, if Dyer ends up emty handed?

          RL, like your true liberal and open minded approach. Please keep that up 😉

        • Nobody is supposed to talk to me. Word is out that if you talk to Lindsay, you get out of all the latest chatter, news, rumors and whatnot. But lots of people talk to me anyway.

          If I reveal their names, I blow them as sources and they will get cut out, and nobody will give them anymore info. Also, they gave me the info on the strict condition that I not reveal their names. I can’t even tell you many of them there are, as the number itself is confidential.

          I don’t burn sources, sorry. I have a BA in Journalism

          PS you are banned for hostile tone. That is a violation.


        • FWIW- re: BA in Journalism. I would suggest you never trust your sources 100%. All you need is to get burned once and this will click right in. And yeah, It’s usually a painful, unforgettable lesson. Peace.

        • We have to decide what we believe in life based on all sorts of issues. We either decide true, false or undecided. You pick one of them and then say, “This is what I believe right wrong or indifferent until proven otherwise.” Nothing wrong with that. We are all wrong all the time, every day. There is no shame in being wrong, and there is no loss of credibility in being wrong.

        • Hi, this is how I feel about my reputation.


  3. Ike Martin

    Did anyone mention where the skeleton of this beast has been taken?

  4. Mark H

    Even if the people who say this are “extremely credible” and “the biggest names in the business,” hearsay is still hearsay. If I were you, I’d hold off on the proclamations of “100 percent certainty” and congratulations of RD until actual proof is presented publicly.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      If you want to be the first to break the news of the century, you cannot wait until the White House publishes an official statement and the whole world knows it already.

      • Mark H

        I have no problem with anyone breaking the news about any alleged claims. But to say this claim is “confirmed with 100% accuracy” simply because unnamed “big names” say it is so makes me laugh. If you are going to say that, you need to have some evidence to back it up with. Hearsay from unnamed “big names” is not evidence.

        • I suppose there is a slight possibility that they are wrong. They took it on themselves to verify personally whether it was real or not, and yep, they are all telling me that it’s real all right. That is their opinion based on their investigation. It’s good enough for me and I will bet the farm on this one.

          We hardly know anything for 100% certain in life anyway.

  5. Tina Carson

    If you go back and take a look at the bigfoot “Hank” in the tent video this looks nothing like it! Dyer has said all along that “Hank” (bigfoot in the video) was the one he shot and killed. Bigfoot in video has high forehead and little hair on his face. This is NOT him. These photos look like the bigfoot is fake. Untill the report comes out I’m not a believer!! He’s had so long for a scientific study and he’s just now starting one??…

    • Joerg Hensiek

      The photos indeed look fake, but I do not care. The most important thing is that ALL experts contacted by Robert now say, Dyer has a bigfoot. I trust Robert on that. If it is the tent bigfoot, this thing or the creature out of Shooting bigfoot I do ot care, too. I wonder if Robert releases the names of the experts in the coming hours and where he got these pictures from.

      • John Grunwell

        You’d rather rely on the hearsay of flawed humans whose hearts and motivations are unknown to you than the evidence of your senses, which tell you that the photo looks fake? What a weak-minded individual!

    • Yes, Tina! My thoughts exactly. No hair on face in video. Then, hair on face in photos.

    • Tim C

      I agree completely. That’s the first thing that jumped out to me, as well, comparing the video with this picture. Hair color and quantity also seems different, but that’s a harder argument to make than the forehead one.

    • Donna Wells Fink

      Exactly what I was thinking, Tina! Rick is a fraud and always will be! What a laugh. That is not a real BF! What BS!

  6. Joerg Hensiek

    by the way: this bigfoot does not look like I imagined a bigfoot to look like, more like the wildmen/forest people out of medieval folk tales….

  7. Roger Hill

    The photos simply aren’t convincing to me. In fact, I’d say that this thing is very different from both the tent video and Musky Allen’s description. It appeared in the video that the thing had a far larger forehead, deeper set eyes, and what looked like thinning hair on its head, It also looked to have far more visible muscle tone in its neck and shoulders, though the photos above are taken a different angle than the supposed video.

    • Roger Hill

      Also, if these were taken after taxidermy, that is one strange pose to set. Obviously it can be said that the pictures were snapped between scientific study and the taxidermy work… still, that is one more detail in the photos that would make no sense to me, and I was hoping that the story was true.

  8. Roger Hill

    Okay, after another look at the tent video, the forehead comment I posted maybe in error… but it still looks different to me. All in all, time will tell – but my lord I am sick and tired of saying ‘time will tell’ in regard to this story!

  9. Scott-O

    Another hoax from a proven hoaxer.

  10. kim little

    We have only been saying this all year..but welcome to the photos were not leaked by team tracker..

    • Big G

      I doubt any of the skeptics can handle this. you can see for yourself they are starting to get made. it doesnt compute with the religious order of things.

  11. Fai Mao

    Not to be rude but unless the initials of one of the experts is Dr. Jeff Meldrum I will still claim this is a hoax until the reports, the photos of the autopsy, the DNA sequencing and the witnesses identify themselves.

    Cindy-the cast out TT member is not a credible source

    • Meldrum is insisting that this is a hoax. He is blowing it again. I do not know why he always has to go around shooting off his trap.

      • Tim C

        But isn’t that the reason for Dyer’s reveal? To quiet the skeptics? I would think that bringing in a vocal skeptic, showing them the body, DNA, etc, and getting them to change their mind would be central to all of this…aside from the coin he hopes to make

    • Big G

      Really Fai Mao you think anyone cares what parameters you have set. i dont care if you still claim its a hoax. How do you feel about the flatness of the world. idiot.

  12. White Man Will Rule Again

    Sorry Robert, but something about this simply doesnt make sense. Where is the prognathism on this guy? Where is the browridge?And the facial features look like an Aborigine. This is fake as chocolate flavored dogshit. Come on……and the nose is wildly out of proportion and too high up.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      the nose is out of proportion?? I have seen Australian aborigines with noses like that! And some black professional boxers, too..;-)
      The crucial time will be from middle of this week until early next week, when all the ALLEGED media articles and reports will come out or will be broadcasted.
      About this pictured bigfoot (doll?): Dyer would be extremely stupid not to model the doll he wants to present to the general public to look exactly like the creature in the tent video or in Shooting bigfoot (who exactly look like I imagine bigfoots to look like). Therefore there must be another explanation for that. Two bigfoots as one person reckons on the RD facebook page (Dyer allegedly spoke of two bigfoots during the weekend)?

      • Big G

        I think the major problem is face reconstruction after a shot to the face. I would imagine facial reconstruction along with new made bones has left hanks face alittle off. thats all it is. i made this state ment for those idiots who can’t see the red lines from the skin exploding on the face. hank was shot thru the back of the head and the face would be the big exit wound. the later photo where the red lines have been makeuped looks better.

    • ……….This is fake as chocolate flavored dogshit. Come on…….

  13. Travis

    Wow you are one stupid motherfucker! Hasn’t hankenstein been at a university for over the past year and they still need to do more testing? Wtf. What are they going to test on a taxidermy dummy. Where are the organs and skeleton?

    • Lesley

      If we assume … just assume … that this thing is real then the body parts would now be being stored and tested. I would guess that, given the time Mr Dyer claims to have had the body that the taxidermy is now okay to do because the scientists have taken what they need.

      If it’s real then testing could continue for quite some time. What Mr Dyer has is the skin.

      Just a thought.

      • Big G

        lesley that is a perfectly good explanation for this persons problem. I believe if this person hasnt already thought of this or read it in thier research im thinking he is the stupid motherfucker. With a little dick.

        • Travis

          Hey little g, Hankenstein has supposedly been at a University being studied for almost a year and a half according to Dyeria. So please enlighten me as to what test they need to do that have not been done in the past year? And by the way your mom said my dick was pretty big. You little bitch.

  14. Dudlow

    What a load of doo-doo! If you’ve ever seen a BF up close you will instantly know this is nothing more than another very poorly done (probably latex based) hoax. I can understand those who have not seen one up close believing in the big cupie-doll sensation. This Dyer stuff is pure, unadulterated crap!

  15. Bobo Renae

    Love the overwhelming silence from the ‘Denyers’

    One thing that is a common misconception, Rick has stated all along that he can’t be certain that the tent video creature is the same one that he shot.

    There is more to the story and everything he has said is true.

    Lots of eggs, plenty of faces.

    • Big G

      The problem is they are too stupid to realize its over. they will fight tooth and nail till they die. There is no proof that it is a haox and mountains that its not and they choose to hold the line. vowing that the world is flat until the very end.

  16. Grog

    Tissue samples to three independent labs or go away and shut up.

  17. Hazlett

    I don’t know anything about taxidermy, could someone tell me why the eyes look like they are welded shut. They don’t even look like they could open.

    • John Grunwell

      It’s because they were never open. This is a latex (or something similar) cast of a barely competent sculpture.

    • Big G

      its because they never use the animals eyes in taxidermy. hell the dont even use real fish anymore its just painted fiberglass. there are no eyes for a taxidermied bigfoot. besides the face was distroyed in the shooting.

  18. John Grunwell

    A. What Dyer is purporting to be a sasquatch looks suspiciously like a very bad sculpture. It simply isn’t a natural creature. It’s totally unreal. Gollum looked more convincing than this thing, and he didn’t even exist in 4D space. I am not exaggerating when I say that I’ve seen more authentic figurative sculptures from first year art students.

    B. I love when someone claims to have *100%* certainty of some bit of information they have absolutely no direct knowledge of whatsoever. It is the sign of a true fool. Perhaps you’re a sociopath with no scruples, and don’t mind perpetuating falsehoods, and in fact believe that folks don’t see through them. Maybe you’re an undiscerning knave, unable to see through a pile of lies. Either way, this is obviously fake, and anyone with eyes to see knows it.

    • Lesley

      “Either way, this is obviously fake, and anyone with eyes to see knows it.” Are you 100% certain of this?

    • Big G

      Im 100 percent sure that the world is round and your a dumbass and nobody cares about your uniformed opinion.

      • When calling someone else a dumbass you should really know the difference between your and you’re, otherwise you just make yourself out to be an uneducated idiot (the kind of idiot who believes this abomination is real) who doesn’t realize the irony of his own ignorance..

        • Then please allow me: You’re a dumb ass. By the way, dumb ass, since you are so absolutely certain in your assumption (for but an assumption it is) that this is a hoax, are you willing to promise here, in front of all, to post in this same comments section: “I was wrong, for I am a dumb ass”? Surely, you have nothing to lose by making such a promise if you are so utterly convinced that you are correct. And for my part, should hoax it prove to be (and by prove, I mean incontrovertibly and with evidence, not based upon specious ad hominem attacks, et al), I promise to do same. Do you accept this wager or are you a pussy as well as a dumb ass?

  19. Siege

    I don’t know a whole lot about Taxidermy either but a question and a point

    1) In Taxidermy how much of the original is preserved? Is the facial tissue still tissue or is it a resin created from a mold of the original.

    2) People have been saying that the “Autopsy” incision was not a “T” or “Y” shape. This new photo clearly shows a “T” shape cut.

  20. Mr. E2me

    Ah well, the biggest pig gets the best meal.

    ‘Maybe it is time for Rick to hire a publicist, a PR man, a life coach, and who knows, maybe even a therapist.’

    Co-signed! Especially the therapist part. Really, RD could not be less deserving of the honor and notoriety. If he actually brought one in…congratulations. I cannot help but still have some lingering doubt.

  21. Joerg Hensiek

    The important thing in my opinion is not the picture of the alleged bigfoot. Perhaps this is just Dyer`s last joke on the general public and anyway, there are certainly different varieties of bigfoots in North America. I am not a taxidermist nor a biologist, but from a journalistic perspective two things are important now:
    – ALL experts consulted by Robert have told him that Dyer has a bigfoot (the pictured bigfoot or a speciman he still hides) and such a consensus is significant enough.
    – until now NOBODY from INSIDE the “Dyer circle” – apart from the mentally and physically ill Frank Cali after he was fired by Dyer – did say or confess that this is a hoax. Nobody! 2008 worked because just three men were involved in the hoax. Now too many people already have seen Hank and have participated in the preparations for Hank`s presentation. And yet all still stand behind Dyer. You can plan a hoax/crime/conspiracy with more than a couple of people, of course, but not if your hoax is staged via the mass media as Dyer did with his blog talk radio shows and not if it is running over such a long time. At least one person would have admitted the hoax in the meantime, usually a person that profits least from the hoax (no money, no fame etc…)
    Again: everything can happen under the sun, and this might be the most refined hoax of all times – but not with a psychotic, moody, blindfolded and extremely extrovert person like Dyer as the wirepuller and manipulator.

  22. Unless you get it to someone like Svante Pääbo, director of the Department of Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology amateurs will be just be destroying tissue. face palm!

    • Big G

      I’ve never heard of svante paabo. he has many oportunities to examine tissue just like melba did. melba reported and she has experience in bigfoot dna. why wouldnt you sent tissue to her. Has paabo ever expressed interest in bigfoot. how could he be trusted any more than sykes.

      • If you want a new hominin “discovered” like say the denslovian find, THIS is who you go too. Not some third rate hack like Sykes or Meldrum.

        • Big G

          agreed but those who could take a single finger bone for devorsian and turn it into a new species have showed no interest in the bigfoot deal. why. the dna is there from melba. Why hasnt Paabo looked at it and commented at what he doesnt like. the machine used at the university where some of melbas stuff was done is state of the art. i dont think it takes a human to analize the findings anymore. the computer can analize it much faster and it cant be faked. so why is a big name needed. science is science. many people can do dna. i dont think its a small world anymore. and the reluctance of the scientific comunity to even look at those findings is rediculious. its al about procedure and not about the science.

      • Dean

        Are you for real? Never heard of Svante Paabo, with all the ‘factual pontification you’ve been doing and you don’t know who Dr. Paabo is? I guess Ms Melba is all you need. Tragic.

        • Agreed Big G, I’ve been a Melba supporter since the beginning so “stand down”. However there’s no law saying it can’t be submitted to Max Planck, just may take the correct documentation. Expecting “science” to just roll over in glee is a little unrealistic. Better to “play the game” submit everything within the parameters needed and wait like everyone else. Bureaucracy is a bitch, but it’s either that or the highway, so we just need to deal with it.

          Thank you Mr. Lindsay for keeping us informed!

        • Big G

          as in every facet of our lives all things must evolve. the old guard doesn’t understand that in the’re extended tenure as the authorities of science things move much faster in the modern computer world. when some much science is done on computerized machines, theories are proven and disproven daily. how can we get a real scientist with a name involved ? there is 1000 times more information for the exsistence of bigfoot compared to a single finger bone from a devosian. why has all of science made bigfoot a illusion in the minds of americans. science and the processes of science dictate the movement of science. Not the overlords. And yes dean if paabo hasn’t done any research on bigfoot how would I have heard from him. I heard of 2 other scientist from 2 different places in Europe, that have determined that there was another primate in the area breeding with homos 30,000 years ago. I don’t remember the’re names either. Was paabo on that research. no and that’s why I didn’t here his name.

  23. Hehe, thank you my darling.

  24. Kelly

    Why do people think that only scientist A is the best scientist over scientist B.
    You know many people do DNA and research who don’t make names for themselves and are actually very good at what they do.
    So I doubt that the science on this will be screwed up.
    The questions are
    Where is science placing this creature on the evolutionary tree?
    Does the DNA match Melba’s research?
    What will be done next with the research?
    Will this end the battle of is it a wood ape or more human?

    I am wondering if any of the people who verified it are among this group.
    Bobo, Cliff, Matt Moneymaker, Bart C, Meldrum, Rhettman A. Mullis?
    If I was Mr. Evidence, Randy, Steve Kulls I would be going around trying to find out ASAP.

    • Al

      Rhettman has already confirmed via FB that he tried to contact Dyer to get samples that he would test, but Dyer refused. After further attempts to contact Dyer, all went “silent”.

      • Kelly

        Again Rhettman contacting Rick is the joke.
        What does Rick have to prove to Rhettman if the scientists who worked on the body have all the information they need?
        If they already did DNA testing then why would they need Rhettman and Sykes?
        It goes like this Oh look we have this body. This DNA came from that body. Done.

        • Al

          You’re talking in circles and it’s obvious Ms. Kelly, you’ve been duped.

          Rick is the one who’s been running around in the past few days asking for doctors and others to verify his body. He even posted a video saying he was going to have it tested by a MD. So the question comes back to you, why would he need to do this when all the medical procedures and tests were already done months ago?

          Anyway, don’t bother answering me, my question was rhetorical.

    • Big G

      agreed lets talk about the research and not continue to give skeptards a chance to voice their retarded opinions. And yes you dont need the best scientist to conduct research just make it beleivable to the masses. for that you need a name. Melbas research was overlooked by science while sykes research ( less then my online research) was made into a documentary stateing that americans have a group sighting thing going on.

      • Ogami Itto

        So, you say you are willing to “bet the farm” on this being a real bigfoot? I will take that bet! I can’t wait, I always wanted a farm .

      • Ogami Itto

        Ah…Melba Ketchum. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t her education as a veterinarian specializing in horses?

  25. Caz

    I embrace skepticism as a virtue, so will retain my own opinions for now. However, I want to make two observations: In one photo, there are dark bruise-like patches, especially around the eyes. These are typical of pools of blood that settle out of a corpse once the circulation stops. I.e. they are a sign of death (4+ hrs). An interesting detail for a fake. Secondly, the other photo, the greyish one with the orange chest hair: Grey skin is typically a sign of formaldehyde treatment, and the scar on the chest is typical of a medical autopsy. Just making observations, that’s all. Like everyone else, I believe the burden of proof is high and I look forward to solid data.

    • Al

      If it had been a legitimate autopsy conducted by qualified personnel, the chest would have been shaved prior to cutting. The skin only looks grey in the photo taken from a distance. The closeup photo shows more pink looking flesh.

      • Kelly

        How do you know they didn’t pull the skin and hair tighter from the back side to present it face up laying down. so It could have been shaved correct?
        Your making assumptions with out seeing or knowing a thing about the body in person.
        To say what should or shouldn’t have been done when you don’t know is not helping your case.

        • Al

          “How do you know they didn’t pull the skin and hair tighter from the back side to present it face up laying down.”

          Sorry, but this hypothesis doesn’t even make logical sense.

          I’m not making assumptions, this is what would have been done if there was a genuine autopsy done and to make the area cleaner and easier to access.

          I have no “case”, I’m simply saying what would have been done during a normal and genuine autopsy procedure in this situation.

        • Joe

          Kelly…….I mean Cathiee…..I mean Matt, you’re not making any sense whatsoever again.
          And you still haven’t figured out how to use the word “you’re.”

        • Kelly

          Joe, Al,
          Did either one of you work on the bigfoot body?
          Do you spend to much time watching CSI and NCIS and think you know what is going on because you are watching some show?
          You have no Idea what was done to this body neither do I, so you are making assumptions on what you think the scientists will do to this body?
          You are the ones not making any sense.

          Face it AL or should I call you AliehsLive from Racer X blog of hate.
          Joe keep trying to guess. Just shows you have no other argument except to try to figure out who I am.
          Face the facts Rick did shoot a creature we call bigfoot. Soon it will all be shown to you all and you all can go slink and hide.
          So you all spent a better part of a year trashing Rick and others just cause you didn’t believe him and you think he was conning people.

          So guess you will go after some other person next.

          Have fun.

        • Joe

          Matt, nothing will be shown soon. Rick just said the “medical” press conference has now been pushed back to Feb 9th and the “big” official release date will be Feb 28th. Delay delay delay.
          And of course when those dates do arrive there will be another delay. Rick isn’t the best Bigfoot tracker in the world. He’s the best delayer in the world.

          I’m really surprised at your allegiance to Dyer. You have daughters. Aren’t you offended at all the way Dyer cusses around his young daughters? His recent shows have been nohting but him yelling mother f#@ckin c#nt into the microphone over and over.

        • Kelly

          No I am not Matt or Manthiee.
          If I have kids or even if someone else does. It is none of your business is it?
          RIck’s children are not mine. If he wants to curse in-front of them then that is his and his wife’s concern not yours. We do not live in a society were you the cult of Racer X gets to decide how someone should raise there children.
          I have also seen people say a lot worse in the grocery store to their kids.

          Maybe you have kids your self and maybe you have said things in front of them that others may not like. Or have done things other parents wouldn’t do to your kids. Does this give them the right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do? I thought this was the United States of America and we have the right to freedoms. So in the end.
          Its none of there business what they are saying in front of there kids.

          So how about you take your so called moral outrage someplace else.
          We get it you don’t like Rick.
          But where is your moral outrage when one of the many faces of Steve Lane uses Dyer’s kids in his or her video’s?
          Oh no moral outrage there huh Joe.
          Only use that when its directed at Rick got it.

    • Big G

      the solid data has been out from melba for a year now.

      • Dean

        Nope. Nothing solid about Ms Melba…data or otherwise.

        • Big G

          Dean you have said nothing. do you have 1 specific problem with 1 of the 3 nuclear dna genomes that the machine kicked out for melbas study. 3 billions gene clusters in each and not 1 scientist has pointed out something wrong and proved it . period. it can’t be faked. period. but without a piece of evidence your still spouting off . if you are a geneticist what is the specific problem. If your not, then your just a puppet for someone else’s agenda. there are no other choices. and if you are parroting someone else’s agenda your not relaying the problem. thus you have said nothing.

  26. Mr. E2me

    Rofl at Tertius. Both comments.
    Good uns.

  27. Nope, sorry. Do not make bets. FB/FB continue to believe that the Dyer story is true, at least the last time I talked to them.

  28. Martin

    I smell a Musky rat.

    Hello Robert…Mr. Allen is conspicuous in a video Dyer posted of his “party” yesterday. Can you share whether Musky is your connection to these sources you cite? It seems that in the past he has been a major source of information to you, and his return to the scene corresponds to your conviction that the story is true. I wonder if your sourcing is direct or indirect to the experts you are citing.

    And why are we having to wait for scientists to study the body now? Wasn’t that done long ago?? That appears to be a delay tactic as Dyer and Allen milk the distribution of the photos throughout receptive media outlets.

    If it’s real (which I don’t remotely believe), there would have to have been so much degradation to the body that what we are seeing is a near-total replication of the original, produced solely so that there would be something to show people. There is no brow ridge or forehead, the nose is comically bulbous, and the hair appears to have been amateurishly applied. Unbelievably, Dyer led with a very phony-looking closeup of the face rather than the more intriguing shot that was “leaked” afterward, showing more skin around the face, albeit with lips that appear to be collagen-enhanced. Kudos to Dyer for taking this further than anyone expected, the pathetic Squatch-in-a-Suitcase execution notwithstanding.

    • Big G

      Its real and nobody cares about your demands. science will go on without you. oh and evolution is real too. Sorry maybe too much at once.

      • Martin

        Are you really believing this is real, G?

        • Big G

          Martian I do believe with the mountain of evidence that the big guy is out there. I do believe many body’s have been taken by the government. for some reason. I believe that 40,000 have seen something that isn’t currently recognized to science. I do believe the dna studies are factual and can’t be faked. Justin killed a bigfoot. So it is definitely possible that dyer has a body. there have been many around over the last 200 years. I think dyer shot 1 in 2008 and it was taken by the government forcing a copy to be made. I think if dyer did shoot one it was taken by the government to a agri research facility. The government has authority over all living things inside its border. the government knows a lot more about this bigfoot then they lead on. its a foresty or indian secret that must be kept for some special interest group. the government makes no other decisions , outside of monetary gains. I don’t know why they would release the body to dyer or if its the same body. the only reason for dyer to now need some scientists is the work already done was done by government scientist. The strange game that dyer has been doing for the last year is because the government is doing it to him. Has anyone dealt with the government beurcracy before? He never knew if the government would release the body or arrest him for spilling top secret. ( they can do what ever they want under special orders) To top it all off I’ve never seen such a hail storm of haters. wow. just watching from here . one dude was waiting in the parking lot of dyers apartment during his lunch break in a company van. I’ve never seen harassment like that. then out of no where he gets control of the body and his investigation starts. I’ve stated all along that dyers claims are a small part of the fight to bring bigfoot into the open for 1000’s of current researchers. One commenter her about 5 months ago call marmoset made some comments that gave me the impression they were one of the government scientists. Then the other day Robert said some people in the know have stated the body is real. he stated that these people hate dyer but insist anyway that we have a taxidermied bigfoot. I’ve never thought that having a body or trying to bring a body out to the public would quellech all the skeptards. At this point many of the last hold outs would have to see a live bigfoot in their living room and ignore the mountain of evidence. I’ve seen no indication that melbas video is a wookie mask and is see no indication that the body that dyer has isn’t the skin and hair of a bigfoot. That is the short answer.

    • Unfortunately, Musky and I have had no communications for some time now.

      Yes there has been a lot of science work done, but I guess there are some new science folk on board now as they are new believers, and a new science team is being put together to cross the t’s and dot the 1’s and whatnot, make everything perfect.

  29. Joerg Hensiek

    hahahahahaha, Robert: After you have won, how sure can you be to get your money from someone who calls him/herself “hello11”!!! 😉 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bigfoot is an Aborigine on Growth Hormones

    Bigfoot is actually a primitive African tribe with no admixture

  31. So what happens to Finding Bigfoot and Spike TV Bigfoot contest?


  32. Emmett Von Schnit

    I like robert and I like his provacative blog for the most part otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Still a hoax imo. I agree somewhat with Jorge about different types of bigfoots. I think there might be two distinct species of bigfoot (two distinct feces for that “supreme shitter” guy on here LOL!). Two distinct species with various hybrids from each walking about maybe.

  33. Big G

    jacki could you call sykes on the telly and tell hime that there is more info for his scientific side.

  34. Big G

    i see a hand coming

  35. Let me ask..when was the last time youve seen a taxidermy with eyes closed? They are closed because this was a poured mold made on someones face. Folks..Sasquatches exist..ive had an experience with one…however charlatans like this damage the serious efforts of the truly sincere.

  36. Ron

    I’ll say this again where are the pics of Hank taking in San Antonio after Dyer shot him? They have never been seen.

  37. Chris

    Holy shit! I have believed that Rick killed a Sasquatch for over a year…Robert, you made my day. I cannot wait to see my After The Shot dvd. I hope that Morgan Mathews will make a statement soon. Holy shitballs.

  38. Big G

    wagers dont make science, melba already gave you dumbasses all that is needed for an outage to the world. bigfoot is real.

  39. Ron

    All the speculation could be put to rest if Dyer would simply post the pics of Hank taken at the scene in San Antonio after he shot him!

    • Ron

      Whoops sorry for double post.

    • Big G

      I know ron. there is alot of info out there and dyer didn’t lead the way. but its over man. take some time off. look at some web sites and take in some videos. You could always take in some of the one billion pages written on our furry brother. The first step is acceptence. How can we like you if you dont like yourself. If you put 1 half of the energy into reasearching bigfoot back 200 years you will get it. Bigfoot doesn’;t rely on dyer but for this week and the upcoming months that dog will have his day. All of the skeptards couldnt stop him although i might say i’ve never seen such a tremendious hunt and kill by the haters. but i think dyer has won. better to live to fight another day. bigfoot is real. just let it go man. let it go. i understnad that lochness has a monster that nobody has seen in a while . Maybe you can spend your time on that one.

      • JB

        D you’re are absolutely someone hired by dyer and his goons..Nobody would spend this much time trying to convince ppl that “team tracker” killed much are these criminals paying you? This is a confirmed hoax!! Already been disproved, dyer is buying time in order to make more money and nothing will come out until he milks every penny. Then RD can care less cause he made all he can. Just look at RDs videos explaining the shooting… a kid can see the lies

  40. Big G

    hey dumbass ill bet you that evolution is real. I’ll bet you that the world is round. What i love robert is all these shit heads are so sure that now they want to bet. they have no eveidence to the contrary except thier love of jesus to be sure that your wrong. and now the money will prove it. you have reall corraled a large bunch of dumbasses this time Robert.

  41. I read a lot of nay sayers comments about whether it is or isn’t real and I’ll bet none have ever seen one up close and personal.I’m 70 years and glad that I have not recounted all my close encounters here in Ohio.How would they know what one looked like ?

  42. LOL…I know it hurt to type it, but it’s time to apply common sense standards to BF. If you have a specimen it should go to who has the most expertise and that is Max Planck Institute.

    • Dean

      Wow. Now you’re talking; the first breath of reason I have heard in a while. LIke, Dude, let’s let real scientists do real science. Good for you windy.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘If you have a specimen it should go to who has the most expertise and that is Max Planck Institute.’

      Totally agree

  43. Hazlett

    Be careful, I haven’t made my mind up either way yet but I don’t think we know for sure if it is real, until then I would probably hold all congratulations and party planning.

  44. gareth phillips

    look at the nose airbrush mistake no1 lol

  45. Emmett Von Schnit

    Although I believe this is a hoax…. I am hoping the day bigfoot is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt maybe a few citizens across the nation will show the almost certain clear and convincing pics and video laying at the bottom of their shit stained underwear (another nod to the supreme shitter guy) drawer. Maybe a couple of buried bigfoots on farmer Smith’s and farmer Jones’s farm… whatever. Even proven I look for the gov’t to keep most of what they have to themselves… and I think it might be a lot. Autopsies, genetic information, intelligence, etc. Keep at it Robert… I think this is a hoax but you can still be effective in the long run in this crazy bigfoot world.

  46. Scott

    Congratulations Robert! You and fbfb were the early adopters of the Dyer bf kill. For the most part, you stood by the evidence even when when Rick gave you every reason to disbelieve. I’m not sure of any other objective bf blogger besides you who took as much hate from both Dyer and his antagonists. I appreciate your honesty, tenacity and objectivity.

    • Yep, Dyer gave me a lot of reasons to disbelieve this stuff, and FB/FB will of course be vindicated in the end.

      It’s the story of the century, and all of you are right in the middle of it!

  47. When exactly will there be an official announcement?

  48. I’m pretty sure this is in the same class as the “jackalope” and the “mermaids” that have popped up over the years.Until some recognized medical authority says it’s real I’m saying it is a made up crittier.

  49. bfposter


    You seem very certain this is legitimate. I am just as certain it is not.
    How about we place a wager on the outcome?
    I have $5k I am willing to put up against yours. What do you say?
    In fact, I will put my $5k up against $2500 of yours, but if you are wrong, when you are wrong, you have to completely shut down your blog for good. The FBFB folks were willing to shut down when the realized it was a hoax, no reason you shouldn’t feel comfortable doing the same since you are 100% certain it is legitimate.

    How about it?

    • That’s not a fair bet. Not even close.

      • bfposter

        Why do you insist that is not a fair bet? Lindsay has come out and said with 100% certainty this is a true story. He has not questioned it, he has presented it is fact. Read through the comments, he states on several occasions he is throwing it all down on this one. So he get’s to make a very easy $5,000, correct?

        Now on the very slim chance I am correct, I am only asking for half of that….only $2500. But he should certainly be willing to shut down his blog if he is wrong. What is the purpose of having someone consistently present information as if it is factual, when it is anything but? That can only get someone into trouble.

        Besides, he knows this is true. He is right, I am wrong. Seems like a very fair wager…

        • 1. I do not have $2,500 to bet.

          2. I see no reason why I should shut down the site if I am wrong. I BELIEVE that that is a real dead Bigfoot. Obviously it is has not been proven scientifically to be a real Bigfoot, and there is a slim possibility that it is a fantastic fake that he has fooled multiple close observers with.

          But when my friends looked into it and came back and said yep, it’s real all right, that’s good enough for me. Few things are 100% sure in this world. At some point, you just have to say this is what I believe, right, wrong or indifferent. We are all wrong all the time. That’s part of being human.

          PS You Dyer haters have been wrong on countless occasions in the course of this affair. Why don’t you all shut down all of your sites. Why would it get me into trouble that some of my hypotheses do not get borne out. I have been right far more times than I have been wrong, and I have broken many of the biggest stories in Bigfootery over the past few years, most of which turned out to be correct.

  50. Rudyray

    Hi Robert, hoping the news is true but feeling pretty doubtful. At this point why would your sources be compelled to remain anonymous? RD says “no more NDAs” on his latest FB video so surely these respected Bigfooters can freely discuss what changed their minds about Hank, no?

    • Those guys gave me that info on the basis that I not release their names for any reason whatsoever. Actually, they each gave me this story confidentially, but when I get more than one source giving me the same story, I usually just run it anyway. When I have one source, I can’t usually run it because if I do, it will out the source as someone who talks to me, and in the Bigfoot World, no one, I mean no one is supposed to talk to Lindsay. If you talk to me, you get cut off from all of the latest scuttlebutt, so everyone who talks to me wants to keep it on the downlow big time.

      • Kelly

        Thank you for staying in the buzz about the Bigfooting community.
        I am curious since as you say none is suppose to talk to you. Why can’t people like Evidence, Randy F. , Steve Kulls get people to talk to them.
        Can you imagine if Steve Kulls or any of the people in the other groups gets the same confirmation you did. They will not be man enough to step up and say that they can confirm Rick did kill the bigfoot.
        Thank you Robert

        • I dunno, word is out, do not talk to Lindsay. They even feed people who are suspected of talking to me fake info and special pics to see if they give it to me and I run it. Then they can out them as one of my sources and they can cut them out. Most people who give me info are terrified of being found out, so I have have to work hard to keep their identities secret.

  51. Rudyray

    Thanks for the reply. I guess what I was getting at is do you think they’ll soon go public in their own venues or are they being forced to wait until RD announces it first?

    • I have no idea.

      But a media outlet (newspaper, magazine, etc.) has sent someone out to verify the body and they will be publishing a story soon saying that they are first outlet to officially verify the story.

      Also look for that medical/science presser on the 9th.

  52. Rudyray

    BTW, aren’t the “White Man Will Rule Again” comments offside enough to have those posts deleted? I’ve seen asses banned for less! If this is a historic moment for the Bigfoot world and your blog, surely you don’t want to sully it with that kinda nonsense.

  53. White Man Will Rule Again

    Sorry bout that. Musta got carried away

  54. dallas

    well I spent more time in the back country and remote places then all people in this blog this is just lie theres no bigfoots just bears

  55. Me

    Bullshit called.

  56. Kelly, I have my own sources but thanks for your concern. I suggest you scroll through my blog. I have stated numerous times that IF I am wrong, I will apologize to Rick and shut down my blog.
    So far nothing has been proven or verified. What I see is a poorly made Bigfoot prop. It looks flat and the face has obviously been retouched.
    Rick’s most recent lie was that I “made up” a story about the “Bigfoot” being taxidermied, yet I used Rick’s own words when I posted that story.
    Dyer called me out, I proved him wrong. NOW in his latest video he says the taxidermy was done 3 months ago.
    You are free to believe a pathological liar but I’m not falling for it. This is a poorly orchestrated hoax filled with one delay after another. Excuse after excuse.
    Think what you will but in my opinion, the discovery of our life time would never be handled in this manner. NEVER. It’s ludicrous to think otherwise but once again, that’s just my opinion.
    This is my one and only comment on this topic.

    • Kelly

      Of course it is your only comment on the topic? Thats an ammusing statement.
      Since you have a whole blog for of trashing Rick and this whole story. Very funny.

      Do we all agree on how Rick is handling the so called find of the century is not the best way. Of course we can all agree that Rick is not the person we wanted.
      This doesn’t change the fact that he did shot and kill a bigfoot.
      Randy, Seems your connections are not as good as Roberts?
      Are you and your people only good at digging up dirt on other people and trying to out people because you don’t like them?
      I would believe you have the same contacts as Robert but why aren’t they talking to you? Wonder why?
      Maybe because they know you will turn around and attack them and try to dig up dirt on them as well if they admitted to you that you are wrong and Rick did kill it.
      If you spent more time talking to bigfooters and about bigfooting and not trying to find out the identies on people you would have an intresting blog.
      You actually have a pretty smart attitude if you dump the stupid blog on Rick and actually do bigfoot discussions.
      But your so far into this you are blind to what is being shown at times.
      Yes its my opinion just like yours.You know we all have Opinions kinda like @ssholes huh?
      The problem is we are not Rick, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. So its all speculation.
      Maybe this is how the find of the century is being handled this time.
      Everyone is claiming they know how it should go down. But you can’t know until it happens to you.

      I suggest you start digging around see if you can confirm what Robert has said. Instead of just flat out denying it.

      Maybe just maybe that is why these people won’t talk to you ever think of that?

      • Susan

        Kelly……I mean Matt. It’s funny that you talk about Randy’s blog outing people when YOU were one of the biggest supporters of Rick outing Randy. You even claimed to have helped him, saying you could use your work resources to find people’s personal information.
        Pot, meet kettle.
        And you still don’t know how to use the word “you’re” properly.

        • Kelly

          You can sit here and try to claim I am Matt or Manthiee all you want.
          It doesn’t make it true. Funny Big G doesn’t use “you’re” properly either maybe Big G is actually Matt or Manthiee as well.
          OMG everyone that miss types “you’re” with “your” must be Manthiee or Matt. Better run and tell your cult that.
          Susan do you have something more constructive to introduce into the conversation besides attacks on people who don’t agree with Randy and your little cult of people.
          It is getting old that you all come here and all you desire is to attack.

          For all those people talking about the Incision in an autopsy:
          1.) a large and deep Y-shaped incision can be made starting at the top of each shoulder and running down the front of the chest, meeting at the lower point of the sternum. This is the approach most often used.
          2.) a T-shaped incision made from the tips of both shoulder, in a horizontal line across the region of the collar bones to meet at the sternum (breastbone) in the middle.
          3.) a single vertical cut is made from the middle of the neck (in the region of the ‘adam’s apple’ on a male body)

          Has anyone of you seen the X-rays? Have you actually touched the body to tell were any of the bones are placed?
          So until you see any of that information you don’t know why the pseudo “T” “Y” shape was used. the T or Y lines seem to be more curved and not a straight T or Straight Y look.
          So please stop making assumptions on what you think a Taxidermist should do or what the autopsy would have done on the body.

          As for the eyes they are most likely glued shut much like they would be done for a funeral.

          I believe the delay to the 9th of February has to deal with the fact as Robert wrote. Rick was making this a bigger joke than it should have been. So it seems now they have actual people besides the members of Team Tracker who know what they are doing.

  57. Jason N

    So there won’t be a press conference tomorrow? This is getting kind of frustrating.

  58. John

    Initially I thought that this was an obvious fake but then I thought about all the people that I have seen embalmed for a funeral service, they don’t look right either. There is something fake looking about them and it’s the same look Hank has. Who knows…could be the real deal!!

  59. Here’s a little tune for everyone who, not only called this all bullshit, but are still whistling in the dark. This is for you.

  60. woodchucker

    Well congratulations for assembling and polarizing with authority the netfooters today with this news Robert. After reading through the comments my ribs are sore over the antics of the infant minds out screamin “I told you so, stupid, suck my c***”. I guess they all bought RDs memberships, video trilogy and have already booked holidays for the flea market tour of the “rug” to get their panties in a big enough knot to communicate with such passion about how wrong the non RD crowd is.

    Someone call Hudson and let him know he was wrong about Hank. Looks like he isnt that knowledgable about masks like his previously posted video. Or maybe don’t because I read…..

    “In other words, I am 100% certain that Rick has a taxidermied Bigfoot in his possession”. Which to me means he has a rug with a rubber mask for a face.

    How all RD’s supporters and those who were at the filming site can’t simply extend a congratulations to him for his successful “hunt” and soon to be new found “fame” speaks volumes about this hoax. Why so many need to ( I’ll quote RD here – see FOX news clip below ) “vindicate” something they were not even part of other than chucking turds at each other via the net confirms to me this is far from the breaking news it should be.

    Even FOX’s story mirrors the “I” attitude of RD’s followers in his own words.

    Seems a lot of posters are walking around with their ass hats on today. Go ahead and wear it until Feb 9th, March, August, or whatever month RD needs to find the next excuse, it looks good on you. Just be sure when you return broken hearted you have the same handle so those of us who don’t prescribe to the Home Depot kill story know who you are.

    • woodchucker

      Without a membership, triliogy order or date to view the rug, what difference does it make? Lots of people bought in when they saw the video of a few of the 130 “lucky” people who got a peek at the local Chevron station. Smell them burning pubes 208? mmmmm, that’s squatchy! LOL. Even though he has delivered NO EVIDENCE as defined by Roberts post yesterday. NOT ONE FVCKING IOTA!!!! Just more delays.

    • Dean

      208: sounds like you are learning to speak G.

  61. Paps

    What would make all the difference for me would be to see a picture right after it was shot. In the meantime.. the nose of the BF on FBFB is an exact match to dyers.. very interesting!

    • Ron

      Yep….and Dyer would have shown those LONG AGO. We have ZERO pictures from San Antonio killing and retrieval of the body.

  62. FlyRod


    Other than the name “Rick Dyer” being associated with this, even the “Y” autopsy incision is off. It’s more like a “T”. And, I find it hard to believe that any pathologist would proceed with such an incision WITHOUT FIRST shaving off the chest hair??? Oh yeah… they glued the hair back onto the chest…

    Again, fake.

  63. FlyRod

    This will go down in BF history as, “Hank the Prank.”

  64. woodchucker

    An apology needs to be issued on behalf of every taxidermist in NA. Even the nazi bear at Castle Keep looks like a World Class job next to the purported taxidermy here. And whats with that Mad Max-ish looking streak across the chest of Hank the Prank? I expect calico genomes will be the signature trait.

  65. Mr. E2me

    Hoax or no hoax…I will be keeping an eye open for an appearance at one of the finer flea markets or fruit/vegetable festivals. I’ll be there for a gander.
    I’m thinking a domestic beer in a solo cup and a hot dog on a stick would compliment the spectacle. Regular foot-long might be too messy and I wouldn’t want to be the clown spilling ketchup on the viewing area. Hopefully it’s at one of the festivals with lots of desserts.

    If he keeps momentum going he could really clean up renting that thing out on Halloween.

    • Mr. E2me

      ….Or you know what would be pure fucking genius? Take a food truck with you when you tour and sell RIBS! Tell everybody that this was the special recipe that was used to lure the big fucker in……yeah, now that’s how you make the real money….t-shirts and ribs. I should be his marketing director.

      • woodchucker

        How ’bout boxers and ribs E2me, just like the BBFTITW ( beauty acronym eh – I didnt even make that up! ). Med size shorts, a half rack of San Antonio Blue Rares and a box of 30.06 shells too. And a Dr. Pepper, all with wheels cuz we in hot pursuit. Junior, bring the car around for the Sheriff you hear!

  66. A team working on a more professional presentation of the Bigfoot.

    A team working on a more thorough and comprehensive documentation of the science end of things.

    will both teams be released on Feb 9th 2014 press

  67. I got through 3/4’s of the comments here, but just couldn’t read anymore after that, there’s so many. The first thing I have to say is that a majority of the comments are people telling other people that their opinions don’t matter. The second thing is that most of those who think Dyer’s bigfoot is real have showed hostile condescension towards those who don’t believe it is real, or are fence sitters leaning towards it not be real. To them I give a big FUCK YOU. Go to Hell and come back to tell me how hot it is. Whether this is real or not, your personal injection (towards your fellow bigfoot enthusiast) of negativity has nothing to do with it. 3 weeks on, 3 months on, 3 years on, however long it takes, no one is going to remember what a jackass you were on a message thread. All that will be relevant and important is that will have Bigfoot to study and appreciate, and what it will mean for mankind.

  68. clarissa carrington

    if it is real and not a hoax then rick dyer should be arrested and put in jail for the rest of his sorry life to kill such a mythical creature for self glory and to get rich is absolutly the most horrible thing i have ever heard of cause if its real its the closest thing to a human being as there can be leave them alone i wish the big foot would of grabbed rick and and broke his neck

  69. AJM


    Given the RD track record, I think you are a little premature with 100%.

    When I bring up the pictures of the thing on my computer, there seems to be a smell like rotten fish wafting from the screen. Not sure if the smell is from the thing, or RD.

    • Several of the biggest people in the biz decided to verify it for themselves. They all came back to me and said, Yep, it’s real all right, as insane as it sounds, believe it or not, Rick Dyer has a real Taxidermied Bigfoot.

      That is good enough for me. I am going to throw it all down on this one.

      We hardly know anything for 100% sure in life anyway.

  70. Hazlett

    I have a few questions I would like you all to help me close out.

    1. Why is this thing so hairy, it was shot in Texas?

    2. Why have we not been shown a shot of the feet or hands….with an iconic name like “BIGFOOT” we should at the least get a picture of the feet.

    3. Is this Bigfoot (Hank) missing a finger? Remember, Rick told us that it got cut off on the lift gate of the freezer truck.

    4.Will Spike TV pay Rick the 10 Million if this is proven real and why wasn’t Spike TV contacted immediately, the second that Rick picked the body up…seems to be the easiest and fastest pay day if this is LEGIT.

    I have moved the meter to 95% BS, I leave just 5% that this could possibly be real and GOD help us all if this is legit and we have to listen to Rick Dyer claim he is the best Bigfoot Tracker every time we turn on CNN, FOX News, ABC News….I can only imagine. Those little cartoon cowboy hats will not fit him if this happens.

    Those of you that do believe that this is LEGIT can you compile a list of things that lead you to believe it is real, I am not trying to argue, I am making a chart with the pros and cons, I am trying to look at this unbiased.

    I want to believe but I cant seem to find much based off of these photos to put on the believable side, so help me BELIEVE.


    • Kelly


      Reasons I now know this is real.
      I know for a fact that the members have seen some medical evidence of the Bigfoot body.
      One example is “GCannon Artist” has seen the body up close this past weekend. He has also confirmed it is real. Has seen all the other evidence as well.
      They have seen the video of the one Dr. who was blacked out in the one video. This Dr. had a bunch of camera and other gear with him. Was a young man with dark hair.
      People are so into saying this is a hoax correct, so thell me what will Rick gain from presenting another hoax? No one believes him he can’t take this bigfoot out on a tour and expect people to really pay money to see it. If it comes out to be a hoax. So what is in it for him? This year of B.S.
      He is not making any money from it. He is loosing money on it. People say he spent money to have this bigfoot created. So right there he is in the hole for that. He sold what a few DVDs after Frank C. told people to get there money refunded.
      People are so intent on listening for the things Rick says that are different they miss the things he says are consistent about the story.

      For me it was always a gut feeling that this was real.
      If you actually spend time talking to people in the Team Tracker groups and not belittling them. You do learn that they are not gullible as people think they are.

      Instead people like Randy and Steve Lane and the other cult followers of Racer X spend to much time trashing Rick and his family and everyone else who believes. If Randy and Kulls and Evidence have all these great contacts in the Bigfooting world could they not validate what Robert said here?
      Question is will they admit it before hand if they do validate it?
      My guess they would not because lets say if Kull’s validates what Robert said and says yea Rick did do it. You know Evidence and Steve Lane and Randy will trash him. Just like they do everyone else.

      Should spend more time trying to do bigfooting than trashing people.
      Or stop pimping the 10 million dollar bounty that Evidence and Team Yeti are doing. Wonder why they don’t want Ricks bigfoot to be real? Ask yourself that? What does Team Yeti have to loose as well.
      Its sad that the bigfoot community is not united and its all these bickering groups.

      • RON

        So, why has Dyer kept all the pictures taken at the scene where he killed Hank >>>HIDDEN all this time? Why wouldn’t he release them NOW? Something simply isn’t right with this picture. As pointed out, he hasn’t released detailed pics of the hands…feet…ears either. now he has many of you waiting>>>ONCE AGAIN for the final revelation of all the data etc. Wake up and smell the coffee folks.
        *SOON>>>VERY VERY SOON*….and how long have we heard this refrain?
        It amazes me how Dyer get’s away with simply pushing out what could have been revealed almost a YEAR AGO! Remember LAST APRIL???

        • A good friend of mine saw one of those photos that were taken at the scene, so I know they exist.

        • RON

          “A good friend of mine saw one of those photos that were taken at the scene, so I know they exist.”
          Ask yourself why would he keep those pics hidden all this time? Especially now?? If anything it would BOLSTER his current revelation if they looked alike. But instead, we have Dyer holding back these pics??? Something rotten in Denmark for SURE.

  71. Mike

    One of the fakest ones yet!

  72. woodchucker

    Any guesses as to what changes to the presser dates will be announced today? March, May or August? Maybe 2015? It takes time to read the blog sites to craft the next details to “vindicate”.

  73. Mike

    Amazing too that the video he shot while in his tent just happened to be 55p lolol

  74. Mike

    This is OBVIOUSLY a man in a hairy costume with pretty good makeup.

  75. Hazlett

    Thanks for the reply but you didn’t really answer anything. So, basically, what you are saying is, you have no facts and our basing everything off of the Team Tracker people. Who by the way are Rick Dyer supporters.

    There is not an NDA anymore…correct? Why cant Rick post the medical documents he talks about.

    That s the problem with the Bigfoot community….its all secret, all of the time like its the CIA or FBI.

    The greatest discovery in the history of our existence is being turned into a side show circus, compliments of Rick Dyer. A well known hoaxer.

    I am huge believer in Bigfoot, I am just not feeling this one or what Rick is selling, maybe I am wrong, I am not sure how I will feel if this ends up being true but I guess we have to wait ANOTHER month to find out.

    • Mike

      Honestly, it is because it is fake. It is clearly a man in a costume, clearly. The fact, alone, that ANY TIME “bigfoot” is seen, everyone
      s 1080p camera’s turn into analog recorders from the 70’s

    • Kelly

      How do you know Bigfoot is real what Evidence that can be proven make you a believer?
      See aren’t we all in the same boat about bigfoot unless we have seen one for our selves?
      We all take evidence and stories and we decide to believe the person or not.
      Do you believe in the PGF is a real bigfoot?
      Do you believe Justin shot 2 bigfoots?
      Do you believe other people are seeing bigfoots in the blob Sasquatches?

      So before you say I have no facts you should ask your self why you believe bigfoot to be real?

      I have facts from people I trust. Just as you may have a story from someone you trust and you take it as facts.

      I agree Rick should show more.
      But we know they will just trash those still anyway.

      • Hazlett

        Very nice point.

        – I do believe PGF is real
        – I am not sold on Justin yet, he had the body in his hand and chose not to bring it in for science, for his sanity, for proof to the world…nothing
        – Blob Sasquatches, some I see, some I don’t.

        I also agree that people will trash Rick for everything he says or does, I do try not to put the guy down, even if I don’t always agree with him. I do think that he brings the controlled negativity on himself. I do not think that he deserves the death threats etc.

        There is a serious problem with this community, I really don’t know when it took this turn towards Hater/ Believer sides, or WAR. It wasn’t like this when I was kid and first started getting into Bigfoot.

        I dont understand why this community cant have discussions without calling people names and bashing but it is what it is.

        • Kelly

          “I dont understand why this community cant have discussions without calling people names and bashing but it is what it is.”

          I agree with you a lot right there.

          But look at Mr. E2me his a perfect example of the opposite.
          I understand why people don’t believe Rick. That is there choice.
          But to say I am gullible or in on the hoax because I believe is silly.

          People believe in many things other people do not.
          Some people believe in “God” some do not.
          Some people believe in Aliens some do not
          Some people believe a bigfoot should be more like the Gorilla of North America some believe it to be more human ancestor.

          All these things have there own evidence to support it. You don’t have to believe it or not.

          What interesting people who believe the PGF and not Rick because of who Rick is if they knew the people involved in the PGF film they were basically Rick.

          I just wish people could have honest talks about what each see as evidence and not evidence about a person past or who they are.
          You can’t have a discussion with people when they are already calling you crazy or what ever other name they desire. It shuts down the communication before it even really begins.

          I think the Hater/Believer line started when people were trashing Rick stalking Rick. Oh they will deny and deny it but what happen to that man called Vegas Rob? Seems to me the real Vegas Rob has stopped posting on Randy’s blog since Rick and the police found him.
          So yes people Rick was being harassed and stalked.
          Now lets look at this. If you don’t believe Rick why feel the need to stalk him? Why is it that people need to e-mail Clancy’s work? Why do they post to get Lynk removed from the US?

          Not one person can show that Rick has conned them.

          So many groups in the bigfooting community have there own private agendas’s
          Discredit Rick
          Discredit Randy
          Discredit Justin
          Discredit “Finding Bigfoot”
          Discredit “Zen Yeti” “10 million dollar bounty”
          Discredit “PGF”
          Discredit “Timber Creek”
          goes on and on and on.
          Why can’t people just do there own bigfoot research and not worry about the other groups?

      • Mr. E2me

        ‘I have facts from people I trust. Just as you may have a story from someone you trust and you take it as facts.’

        So you trust and know hoaxer and his group which have knowingly engaged in hoaxing? How do you know you aren’t being , Kelly? I think you are, you just don’t know it yet.

        Your posts come off as so desperate. You scramble for iotas of logic, as if that is an unfamiliar concept. Feel free to hold a piece of shit up as a messiah, just don’t fault us for being amused.

        • Hazlett

          Mr. E2me I still feel you are a little bitter from your encounter with the infamous Team Tracker crew. To be honest I don’t know how you kept your cool as well as you did through that ordeal.

          I am very calm person online but in real life, i have a very bad temper. If I would have made that trip ( I know you didn’t have to go as far) and it all just turned out to be a ” Got Ya” moment played by the Team Tracker crew……..I would have been on a mission at that point to end their little charade.

          If this ends up being true, well a lot of people will have to eat their words. regardless of the direction this goes, this community will still being arguing about it. This is not your family atmosphere for sure.

          Thanks Robert, you provide great entertainment while I am stuck at work, you are one of the few sites that they don’t block here…keep posting!!

  76. Al

    This video pretty much explains what Dyer’s motives are and have been all along. Rick Dyer didn’t believe in bigfoot in 2008, 2010 and doesn’t believe today. He admits it’s about making money, tricking people and “converting them into bigfoot haters”. The reasons come right from his own lips so if you don’t believe what he’s saying, then you’re in serious denial.

    • Mike

      Thank you. Now, you know Lindsey will get all butt hurt

      • Big G

        Mike your going to be a different person after you turn 18. no adult talks like that. when you get out of high school in a couple of years come back and have a nice chat about bigfoot. the adults will still be here. ( don’t get your butt hurt) you fucking retarded child.

    • Kelly

      Show me the actual money Rick is making or will make from this since you claim its a hoax?
      What money?
      First you all say you can’t believe a word out of Ricks mouth but you believe what he says here?

      Sorry i just don’t see any financial gain from a hoax going on this long.
      You have too many people involved for any profit.

      • Al

        Did you not read the title of the video, did you not listen and watch? These are statements from Dyer’s mouth saying what he’s done, doing and the reasons for it.

        The post I made with video attached was for those who are undecided or on the fence. I KNOW there is no convincing you that Rick could possibly be hoaxing this time.

  77. Joerg Hensiek

    Robert: Do you already know the name of the university that examined the body?

  78. Mike

    Of course he doesn’t because it is fake. Just look at the youtube video.

  79. Hazlett


    If the university would come forward, this would probably help people start to believe that this is real.

    I truly don’t have anything against Dyer at all, actually there was a point where I got sucked in and was believing the things he was saying, I was actually excited about it but those pictures of the body, I just cant commit.

    Maybe, it is because for so many years we have built up this vision of what Bigfoot looks like, so that anything that breaks that visual, will automatically trigger the “FAKE” flag.

    I will say this, for believers of Bigfoot and people on the fence, if anything, this has been an entertaining ride. It just looks like, at this point, that the ending is going to be the “Same Old, Same Old”

    People have so many questions, if Rick still wants to play his game, he could give us something a little more, because those pictures just are not that convincing, at least in my opinion.

  80. Mr. E2me

    Dumbass comment of the day;

    ‘Maybe you have kids your self and maybe you have said things in front of them that others may not like. Or have done things other parents wouldn’t do to your kids. Does this give them the right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do? I thought this was the United States of America and we have the right to freedoms. So in the end.
    Its none of there business what they are saying in front of there kids.’

    -Local Child and Family Services agencies would not agree. You DO NOT
    have the right to say anything to your child or do anything to your child.
    There are boundaries, even in these United States.

    • Kelly

      Mr. E2me,
      Go ahead then report RIck to Local Child and Family Services agency tell them that Rick was yelling the c- word on his youtube channel in front of his kids. Tell me what they say to you.
      The fact that you have 3 witness in the house to what happened. All you see was what was on youtube.
      Because that in now way endangers Ricks kids.

      So next time some parent cusses at their kids in the food store report them to Child and Family Services do your civic duty. I mean that parent is a bad parent and is harming that child correct in your view.

      I can tell you for a fact that Child and Family Services would loose in this case.

      • Mr. E2me

        Don’t care Kelly.
        Just pointing out how inaccurate and general your statements are.

        • Kelly

          No they aren’t inaccurate like you said you don’t care to actually test your theory out.
          While I know for a fact it wouldn’t be looked at by the Child and Family Services since it was not directed at the children.
          If they did come and investigate on it. Rick and his Wife would be fine.

          They will just go yea and I am sure other kids that age hear worse from other people on a daily bases.

          So Mr. E2me you are wrong and you know it since you say you don’t care.
          Yet you wanted to try to see above discredit me since you don’t like that I believe Rick did kill a bigfoot.
          It the same B.S.

  81. Sam

    What if Bigfoots get extinct in 2014 itself?I heard Dyer saying that there are only 4-5 Bigfoots left in America.

  82. Sam

    Stay away from Bigfoots,don’t hunt them,if you hunt them then THEY WILL EAT YOU!!!

  83. Mr. E2me

    Per Hazlett,
    ‘Mr. E2me I still feel you are a little bitter from your encounter with the infamous Team Tracker crew. To be honest I don’t know how you kept your cool as well as you did through that ordeal.’

    I don’t know that bitter is the right term. The only real regret is that I didn’t call Steve Kulls and hang out for a brew. I was in it more to be an instrument of truth. I wanted to see how far their ridiculous line of BS would go. I don’t know that I have a lot of motive for revenge , I just feel good in exposing liars.
    I know that sounds contradictory I just feel that there’s more malice in the term ‘revenge’. I feel a glow of satisfaction when I can point out how dishonest and low brow they are…..
    – Just wanted to reach out and clarify…

  84. Mr. E2me

    Some crazy idiot said:

    ‘Yet you wanted to try to see above discredit me since you don’t like that I believe Rick did kill a Bigfoot.
    It the same B.S.’

    No Kelly, you are a scumbag that likes to twist peoples words. That is why I do not like you. You are a pathetic liar. That is why I do not like you. Mr. Lindsay does believe that Rick Dyer shot samsquantch and I like him just fine. That is not the issue. You are a loon that gets under my skin.

    • Kelly

      Poor Mr. E2me,

      You have not desire to talk constructively about things do you?
      I am a liar that is very interesting since you failed to want to try to prove me wrong about the Child and Family services issue you brought up.
      So you don’t know if I am a liar or not until you try calling and record the call and post it to your youtube account and we see what happens to Rick.
      Seems you may have some anger issues as Hazlett said.
      You really got some bad juju around you.
      You need to some positive energy get rid of that hate and anger.

      I mean this is only bigfoot we are talking about.
      Shouldn’t get so worked up over it should you?

      • Mr. E2me

        Uh Kelly,
        You proved to me your inability to keep your facts straight.
        Therefore you are unworthy of constructive conversation.
        All prior to your little hissyfit about CFS.
        You said some stoopid things and I proved you wrong .
        How is that bad juju ?
        Anger ? Your lack of intellect is nothing to
        get angry about. I feel pity and am amused by you.

        ‘Shouldn’t get so worked up over it should you?’

        Take your own advice.

  85. Paps

    A concern that I have is that if this thing is real it would be worth $10-$20 million dollars to a museum or on the black market. Dyer has nowhere near enough security with him to protect this asset. I am coming from the point of view that I don’t want it lost. I want it in a museum for all to see. Dyer claims he has only 13 months with the body before it goes to the museum.

  86. Pingback: Bigfoot Hunter Shares Pictures of Dead Creature - Page 4

  87. Chris

    I am amazed by the people calling for Dyer’s arrest on various blogs. How can someone be arrested for shooting something that most people don’t believe exists? Through being intuitive and ingenious, Rick Dyer is the one who will prove this and because of him, these creatures will get the appropriate protection. It seems as though many in the BF community will only be happy if Jesus delivers a Sasquatch while holding. its hand while singing koombaya….wake up and smell the coffee. Like him or hate him, he’s the one who got off his ass to do this.

  88. Rob

    Well it looks like Kelly, also knows as Cathiee Matt Geiger has decided to make this her new stomping ground to spread her twisted logic and insanity. She’s been run off of every other Bigfoot forum and even her Second Life cronnies have grown weary of her lack of any intelligent thought.

    • Kelly

      So you like to Troll people. Maybe even stalk them It seems. If your chasing people all around the internet wanting to accuse them of being people and stuff.
      I am not Cathiee or Matt, but you won’t believe it so not really worth confirming or denying it.
      But as usual your type has nothing to contribute except attacks on people.

  89. Kelly

    Seems Bigfootology is still taking a neutral stand in the whole Dyer situation good for them.


    its a fake u can plainly see that come on people and im a believer

  91. The biz, Robert.? Are you talking about people who search for Bigfoot? Bigfoot celebrities are not qualified medical doctors. If all you know Dyer could have shown them a very convincing dummy, with animal organs placed inside the dummy, for effect?

    He’s a known Bigfoot hoaxer, of course people doubt this story, but just say he has gone and killed a Bigfoot. What would have prevented him from talking about it till now? He alleges he killed it a year ago!

    And to be honest, if he got a Bigfoot. I’m delighted its not living. Can you imagine the circus, if the world knew Bigfoot, existed.

    I doubt Dyer will be allowed to tour around for 13 months with it. A Bigfoot is priceless, you can’t have some joker like Dyer, keep it for that long. I almost guarantee this will not happen.

    People, don’t give Dyer a penny, to see this alleged Bigfoot. Four weeks, isn’t a long wait, to find out if Dyer is full of it again.

    • The biz, Robert.? Are you talking about people who search for Bigfoot? Bigfoot celebrities are not qualified medical doctors. If all you know Dyer could have shown them a very convincing dummy, with animal organs placed inside the dummy, for effect?

      Yes several prominent Bigfooters checked it out. And your last two sentences are 100% correct. Yes, that could have happened, right.

  92. sammyH3

    Hi guys,
    This is my first time posting…I have been following this story since my friend Hazlett , brought it to my attention. ?…..we have enjoyed reading all of your comments… this is one story that everyone has a strong oppinion on…it has been my odservation that the problem that everyone is having here is who it is comming from…..Please dont get me wrong, I am not here to bash anyone.I ama believer since I was 10 years old. The Patterson film did it for me to understand here.I want to pose a question and get feedback from as many of you as I can.How is it, that so many people can be involved in this at some level, and yet not one word has leaked in all this time? Has anyone stopped to consider how incredible this is???
    from the film and production crews, to the expedition team members, to the logistics and transpory units, truck drivers, fork truck operators, to the research team members, a prominent university, lab technicians, researchers, security guards, campus staff, students, legal teams, as well as friends and family members for all of the above…….not one word… airtite lockdown…all while there is a 10 million dollar bounty out there……….crickets guys?……..really? If Rick was not busy with the bigfoot thing he should run a SEAL team….I can tell you that this kind of secrecy is very valuable. The Patterson film, the single greatest piece of evidence ever, has always been shrouded in doubt because of who filmed it……..Why did it have to be Robert Patterson??? Anybody but That guy…….in my opinion, and please correct me if im wrong, the biggest problem here is its Rick……..Anybody but that guy…….Kelley said today that we should not focus so intently on what Rick has said…….but at this point, thats all we have……I hope I have not offended any of you with this comment… was not the intent…..I just feel that hoaxing is the main reason why the field of cryptozoology has been reduced to a fringe science at best……there are so many of us out here who are dedicated to the pursuit of the truth behind the single most signifigant discovery ever…….thank you all in advance for your thoughts on this

    • Mr. E2me

      Good comments Sammy.

      ‘If Rick was not busy with the bigfoot thing he should run a SEAL team….I can tell you that this kind of secrecy is very valuable.’

      I liked this….

  93. Of course I will. I have been wrong quite a few times in this game and I have been wrong endlessly in life LOL. As far as the latter goes, I think my middle name should be Wrong.

    • Keltic!

      Robert thank you for your interesting piece. I’m not a Rick Dyer fan and I think this latest fiasco is just a another variation of the “bigfoot in the freezer” hoax. But – you have really opened up a dialog. Secondly, I hope that I am wrong and you are right. I’m more than willing to eat a little, if not a lot of crow if after 55+ years of following the phenomenon,, the existence of bigfoot-like creatures is finally proven. I don’t understand all the animosity between the “believers” and the dissenters. It’s not like we all have to sit in a circle holding hands while singing “Kumbayah” but the bottom line is no one will be right and no one’s theories/opinions will be validated until, unfortunately, bigfoot is given a Latin name and he is written up in some “prestigious” scientific journal. Take care

  94. Big G

    I haven’t read anything that indicated that Patterson went into the woods to hoax. I believe Patterson and gimlin knew there were many bigfoot in the area. keep in mind nobody has duplicated the Patterson film. it can’t be done. not now not then. nothing about Patterson matters. .they have dug and dug and nothing substantial has ever come out of the skeptards efforts. except there are still members of the media today that have never even looked at the stabilized versions and come up with a 1967 plan to duplicate it. they still say ” controversial film ” or ” mythical creature. They couldn’t fake the muscle movement under the skin. period. one of the biggest problems the the community has with dyer is he killed one and even though he got a body confiscated in 2008 he shot another. he had to sit and wait for the government to release the body( they have never released a body) , arrest him for murder,or arrest him for violating security protocol. I don’t think he had any real belief even 2 months ago that they would release a body. your right when you say it doesn’t look like the tent video. first of all it had to have its face reconstructed from a 30.06 blast. I believe they combed the hair over the really bad areas of the face. I believe if dyer didn’t have nearly all of his photos confiscated he probably would have used one of the kill site before now. it is the skin and hair of a bigfoot. its what all the skeptards wanted. its what they needed. I didn’t need a body. I didn’t need dyer to kill one for my personal entertainment. those of you that demanded that proof you need to go and view the body. its want you wanted. don’t come here and complain that you got what you wanted. go see the body killed for you . why come here and complain. I maintain that it was proven before hand even in 1967 so he didn’t kill it for me. go see the body. touch it, taste it , smell it. why would anyone come here and complian the photo doesn’t look right. there are 1000s of good photos of live bigfoot and that wasn’t enough. hundreds of dna samples tested and that wasn’t enough. why would testing this one change any of that if you have ignored the others. You needed a body and dyer provides one. Now you say you wont see the body but now you want something else. Thousands of posts. from people that felt compelled to post. ” We need a body ” Even after melba found out they are half human. ” We need a body “. She sequenced 3 complete genomes of more than 3 billion gene clusters and skeptards said ” We need a body ” 40,000 documented sightings including police, firemen, even a president and the skeptards say ” we need a body ” A multitude of video, footprints, and sound. Most of which beyond human capability and the skeptards scream ” we need a body ” wellllllllllllllllll. You got your body. If you don’t go see the bigfoot killed for you then don’t come here and spout your mouth off. go back to the flat world where lightning is a god. Leave the evolved humans alone as we are busy studying our newest family member. Homo cognitus. End of rant.

    • woodchucker

      “go see the body. touch it, taste it , smell it.”

      A small fee to see it behind glass Big G. Touch, taste smell is not the sell.

      Throwing $ at a loaf like that takes the same low IQ as “I want a body”.

      • Big G

        so you see that everything else that can be done with this body has already been done. The dna , the pictures( video ) , the smell , the foot prints, the sounds have already gathered and analized. But still there are skeptards that think a dead body is needed. they think that what they are looking for hasn’t been done 1000s of times already and that this dyer body is the big reveal. For those people the body is there . go see it. Now I here that each individual skeptard has his own parameters for believing. while ( like evolution ) not understanding that the world will not stop while their brain analizes this. bigfoot is real. bigfoot was real to Indians for thousands of years in America, Russia, nepal , and indonisia and many other places on earth. Why is it so difficult for the skeptards to look at any of the data already there to make a determination. And why do they think they are the word when it comes to evidence. science and the bigfoot community is moving on and those with half a brain will move forward with it. a small group will continue to believe that bigfoot is mythical and the world is flat. This same group ignored the rumblings of mount Vesuvius and as a result died. while we have been fighting about the dyer thing orang pendik is getting dna done. where in the homo family tree do the skeptards put it.

  95. Chris

    This news has gone all over the world already including in print and on the tele in Britain, one sentence from Morgan Mathews could stop the Hank story in its tracks, but he hasn’t. Curious….unless Dyer did what he claims.
    Many people are saying that Dyer’s specimen doesnt look like a Sasquatch. My question is, how many Sasquatches have you seen? I have seen more than one in my lifetime and believe that there are differences in their species and the above photos Robert posted do look like a Sasquatch to me. Robert, has Rick said that the dvds will come out after the press conference next month or are they still going out Jan 17th?

    • Big G

      Mathews is the elitist brit who came to America to film the anatomy of the bigfoot hoax. who better than dyer to film it with. Mathews had plans to put egg on all of Americas face with this big hoax movie. Dyer was picked as a result of his involvement in the 2008 hoax. Everything changed when a bigfoot got shot. everything we have gotten out of Mathews is not the path he intended. the movie was a total loss and now the proof that americans aren’t crazy ( the brits have been saying this since 1772 ) is coming out. Mathews is looking for a hole to hide in. If he says he saw a real bigfoot it changes Britain elitist medias views of America. Mathews had to go to channel 4 with an idea. channel 4 has backed some really messed up documentary films about the mystical creature in the heads of americans. In the meeting the person running channel 4 seems to like this view and attempts to exploit it . this same person is responsible for the findings of sykes. even if sykes found anything this guy in charge wouldn’t buy those results. Mathews has a nda with that guy.

      • You’re a Brit?

        I thought you were a Pommie?

      • Big G

        Sorry that I made an insult to all brits. I meant to isolate the elitist brits from the ones who had brains. I still have a bad taste in my mouth about the delusional americans comment. There have been other anouncers with a british accent attempting to bedunk other evidence. I saw one on a panel that spent 20 minutes on pattersons life and zero minutes on his view of how Patterson made the muscle movement under the skin in the video. If you can’t duplicate or explain how it could be done then you have to take the whole video, footprints and sighting info as fact. it happened in 3d and the info was taken. that is the year that sasquatch should have been made science. There is a mountain of evidence taken since . If you don’t do any research than you could have uniformed views on the subject. That is what i saw coming at me from the british elitist. Has sykes taken a flight to extract dna from dyers body. he was invited. he wont and that’s why I take nothing he’s said as factual or complete . has sykes explained the the muscle movement in the pg 67. Incomplete again. My God they did a bear footprint test first brought out in the sixties to debunk the footprint evidence. I could clearly see it wasn’t the same as the footprint they had, which was pick to look more like bear than any other footprint I saw. thousands of footprints out there and they chose one that looked like a bear print and it still didn’t look the same. they took hugh effort into a direction covered and proven wrong 40 years ago. I think they had 30 minutes on the footprints alone. As a result of these tests the americans were delusional. Now we may have been delusional about taxes to our king at one time but we aren’t delusional about bigfoot.

      • Big G

        If sykes hadn’t been such a jerk about the research that melba did I would believe what you say about sykes. I’ve read other gentisists that have studied her sequences and have found very interesting things. these things I have questions about. sykes hasn’t yet realized that the folicule has the dna. melba found out and I read it. im not a phd but I found out little to no dna in bigfoot hair. habituation sites had developed a way to extract hair from a live bigfoot with the folicule. I’m not a phd. But that’s what I would do to get a sample. I would call melba and ask for her patent precursors or magnifyers to do testing. that is the biggest problem with accepting melbas work as its all patented. they are all convinced even though they have gotten nothing that they can do it without using her patends. While never looking at the sequences themselves many will comment on the science process she developed. melba had a video of a red haired sasquatch female and the sequence of a red haired female sasquatch. If I were on the jury I’d convict. ! year down the road with the best equipment in the world and not one other geneticist has a problem with the sequences but some have a problem with a process they don’t understand. this equipment is state of the art and serves to bypass the old guard and their approval process. The machine doesn’t lie.

  96. Scott

    Did Christopher Noel view the body?

  97. woodchucker

    Meldrum makes a clarification….

    Where have all the good taxidermists gone to?

  98. this guy has been caught hoaxing bigfoot in 2008. any idea of where the scientists (i.e dna) come from who will present in feb 6 2014?

  99. Martin

    Dyer now tidily states that the Bigfoot that attacked Matthews was not the one that he killed. Why? For one, because the one in the movie looks nothing like the stuffed one he’s showing us. Awwwkward.

    But more importantly, Dyer is feeling the heat from the spotlight. The Christian Science Monitor contacted Matthews today for a statement (and got none). If Matthews finally buckles and says he was attacked by an unidentified assailant and then…never saw a dead body afterward, then Dyer is cooked.

    Unless…that wasn’t the dead Bigfoot at all, by God! That one got away! But later, after Matthews left, Dyer went back and shot another, of course! That scene in the movie wasn’t of Rick Dyer shooting a Bigfoot! It was Rick Dyer shooting AT a Bigfoot! The one who’s dead is another one, its hairy uncle, shot at a much later time when Matthews was on his way home, natch.

    And so the last sticky variable is removed from the equation!

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Martin_ You have your opinion, I have mine. Believe me: I would have loved that somebody like John Bindernagel would prove bigfoot once and for all, not somebody like Dyer.
      However: So even the great Christian Science Monitor did not get an answer from Matthews?! After all those months still no comment from Matthews that Dyer is a hoaxer?! Why does Matthews not come clean, as you and other folks predict since early 2013?! You have your opinion on that, I have mine. But I tell you: I have seen Matthews at a press conference in Edinburgh years ago, and this vain and elitist, upper middle class British director will not leave the show to a Georgian redneck like Dyer. Not this Morgan Matthews. Unless he is forced to….Ad why he was forced to keep quiet we will discuss on February 10th the latest, perhaps even earlier. Until then, have fun…

  100. woodchucker

    The “I Told you So Tour” is on! “Bring your Dr’s and bring your chequebook”.

    • Mr. E2me

      The “I Told you So Tour” is on! “Bring your Dr’s and bring your chequebook”.

      Ahh . Priceless. I want to show up wearing a t-shirt that says;
      Mebbe the other Lindsay-ites should get one as well….

  101. woodchucker

    Well then we know for sure a 2 bedroom house is now available in SA because there seems to be 2 BFs in the BBF-TIT-W story, one which has since passed. Personally I can’t wait to see the photos of the hands ( c/w missing finger ), feet and ears….fvck the ears will be what it takes for me to buy a membership, all vids and pre-pay a premium for a VIP touch taste smell package when the tour rolls around. How can BF cross the road without dem ears helping out with the oncoming traffic? Why doesnt anyone talk about the ears!!! Jan 7, uh no…Feb 29 will be the ..err, no wait! March 1st…hold on…what were those dates again?

    • Big G

      About the ears wood chucker and crossing the road. I’ve noticed that humans don’t walk up on very many animals in the wild. human movements and sound speed play a role on when and how far away an animal first here them. I’ve run up on many surprised animals with atv’s that are quiet and move very fast thru the woods. when a car approaches an animal on the road most of the sound is coming off the vacuum in the back of the car. very little noise from a modern car precedes it even at forty and that margin drops as the vehicle picks up speed. deer don’t her cars until the light from the headlight freezes them. At sixty in a mountainious region a bigfoot has seconds to react to a car.

      • woodchucker

        Big G I was being a bit of a rascal with the ears comment. But why is that ears are not discussed much about BF? I get an encounter would not likely etch the vision of some perogy sized ear lobes as the most distinguishing characteristic on ones mind consdiering the purported size and weight of these critters and the circumstances around an encounter, but if they communicate as I have read on these posts good listening ability would be part of their skillset no?

        As for sneaking up on critters in the sticks, I have may times got close to deer and moose close enough to use a primitive weapon on and even had some walk right up to me. Just as often my scent has busted my presence. Its not impossible to get on top of a critter, just takes a lot of patience and the right conditions and I’m not a proficient hunter or a Native American.

        As for moving vehicles, I also have come across animals in the woods on atv. You make an interesting point about the vacuumed sound of an approaching car though. Seems to me seconds would be way too long of a timeline in a mountainous region with windy and rolling roadways, more like milliseconds. How fast can a BF react compared to known critters?

  102. Little Bobby Lindsay

    Lindsay doesn`t believe any of this lyin´ bullshit hoax, but since he`s a pathetic insecure loser, it sure makes him feel like somebody now that he has found out how to gain attention for his foolish blog. Smart move, loser, and the only small price you had to pay for this attention was any credibility you may ever have had (not much to begin with, I know). All of those who still believe any of this, really need to understand this soon, actually you should have more than a year ago.

  103. Hazlett

    Guys, I am sorry for bringing this up but the look of this Bigfoot is driving me crazy, I just don’t feel like there have been very many reports at all with Bigfoot looking this.

    I started thinking about the description that Musky gave in his interview with FBFB, I started digging a little and I found a statement from Musky after the interview took place….he was trying to clear a few things up. What I have below is a direct quote from Musky Allen.

    “There was an autopsy, yes. The 3 shaven areas was where the incisions where made. The body cavity including organs has been removed and preserved”

    Now after reading that….

    A. Bigfoot’s hair grows back after death.
    B. Taxidermist glued it back on.
    C. This is not the Bigfoot that was shot
    D. This is all a lie

    I have a feeling if I go back and listen to the interview ( he did with great detail) with a notepad beside me and Hanks picture pulled up, I think that we will find MANY discrepancies.

    What do you all think, is there enough credibility in that interview to call bullshit on this entire thing. Rick Dyer sure backed the interview, as did FBFB. The way I see it, if we cant use the interview as solid evidence against these photos then….well, we cant use anything Rick or Team Trackers says, period, end of story.

    Another quick note, Musky mentioned one of the very first things he saw was the size of the ear hole, if my recollection is correct ( haven’t replayed it yet) he said it was the size of a quarter…a QUARTER! You cant even see the ears on this creature, or did the taxidermist brush the hair over the ears, if so why?

    Opinions please.

    • Big G

      the other thing everybody overlooks is the government had the body at the vegas agri research site for months maybe just shy of a year. In that time how many other bigfoot bodies were confiscated by the government. If they have a large freezer they can store many large animal indefinitely. Who is to say that dyer got the one he shot ? does anyone else think it’s strange for this bigfoot to look a little more human than we are used to with pictures and drawings. The main reason muldrem said its a hoax is he has a view that pictures bigfoot a little farther away from human or completely separate species closer to our primate brothers. he has always liked giganto. I myself think that sapian dna is dominate on every other homo gene cluster and can manifest its dominates in successive generations at will. Given how fast the vast majority of zana’s genes that went dormant in just 2 generations. Even her sons ability to talk takes a hugh leap forward in the gene wars between homo species. Zana expressed no ability to talk.

      • Hazlett

        Big G

        I hadn’t quite thought about the storage place yet. I guess if there is some truth to this, it is possible that multiple Bigfoot’s are stored in this facility. I am not quite sure that something on this level of secrecy whether it was because of the NDA or some SECRET AGENT MAN ( wait it was a woman) that a mix-up of that magnitude would happen.

        I am not surprised that it looks a little more human, I think Musky actually stressed that it was surprisingly human like. Multiple reports from hunters that have had them in there cross hairs have said they couldn’t shoot them because it was so human like.

        I am not versed on this Zana thing, I guess I will have to look into that.

        Something else that is really bothering me, if you think I am wrong please let me know and tell why you think that.

        The hair seems to be all one length or very close to it, also the way the hair is brushed upwards away from the head ( like a toy troll) what do you think the reason for this was? Does anyone know if the brain was removed during the autopsy?

        So many questions!!

        • sammyH3

          and now it gets good……Where Da Brain go???….it would take a skull cap removal …..they surely did not remove it from the “quarter Size ear holes” that Musky Allen spoke of…. bye the way NEVER trust a guy named “Musky” ……just sayin……if they glued the skull back together and some way managed to get hair back up there….in a faux hawk no less, i would like to hire them…..Yep I’m bald people

        • Big G

          if you look at the hair in many stuffed animals it doesn’t sit well. I think the hair in the pictures is combed . maybe in an effort to hide missing parts of the face that couldn’t be reconstructed. hank was shot thru the back of the head , as described by a few. the daunting task of reconstruction is expensive and time consuming. With skeptards breathing down your neck about delays and the bank account dwindling sooner or later you have to say we did what we could. the hair is out of place from pictures of live bigfoot as this animal is dead. As far as the agri research facility. I would imagine that the agri business is doing massive genetic upgrades to our food. this food includes animals. a good example is how breeders have bread modern pigs to have better belly fat or beacon. The agri business is monitored heavy by the government ( USRDA) and it makes sense that there would be a large research facility especially for autopsies on large animals such as bulls. there are several throughout the country and all would have large freezers. I read recently , maybe 2 days before Christmas that an animal was hit by a vehicle in Oregon and was covered with a large tarp in a ditch. oncoming cars were turned away even though the road wasn’t blocked by the smashed suv. A later call to the local law enforcement found no human was killed by a car in months . I believe the body was a bigfoot and taken by the forestry in the area. they probably do autopsies on these body’s for bacteria searches. then the body is either burned, stored , or buried by the Indians. there is no way that dyers can be certain that this is the bigfoot he shot nor does it matter. don’t get caught up in each and every skeptards demands for evidence. If they had done any research at all they wouldn’t be a skeptard. there is a mountain of evidence out there without dyers body.

      • Why would the government allow ANYONE to have a Bigfoot? It just sounds implausible to me. Almost as bad as someone shooting an alien, bragging about it, etc, and hitching it onto a trailer for a sporadic, few individuals to see. What interest would the government have in letting someone, anyone, keep a Bigfoot they shot, after all the reports of their retrieving bodies, denying purported incidents of them, etc? There is a legacy of secrecy from the government on bigfoot. This Dyer business just doesn’t make any sense to me. If this is a real bigfoot, it’s a real letdown to me, because its face is not exotic and impressive to me, and IMO, it’s inconsistent with that we’ve known them to look like. Now, if you look at enhancement stills of the PA white bigfoot, that gets me. It’s morphologically compelling, and I feel something primal looking at it. If Dyer’s bigfoot is real, it’s a shame, because it still looks like bullshit.

        • Big G

          I agree. there are several reasons for letting dyer have a bigfoot that looks more human like.
          1) the internet; government control of bodies in many incidences is getting out to quikly. 20 years ago it was much easier to keep a lid on things. thru control of news.
          2) budget cuts; whatever the real reason to keep it a secret ( forestry concerns or indian litigation or religious values) might not be as great or have as much political pull deamed worth it to continue this secrecy.
          3) pualides : Dave pualide has several books and then dna studies that basically ended the myth. Many insidences in his book have society wondering if the government has investigated fully many a missing person in forest on government land. Melbas further study and resulting dna outing that sasquatch are human has hit the reluctant masses very hard. The government may need to save face and this might be the plan to allow people to forget that we spend ten of billions of dollars fighting the demon weed in this country while apparently not being able to investigate missing persons or animal sightings properly. Name and address withheld.

        • RON

          Jacki Leighton-Boyce

          January 8, 2014 at 7:35 AM

          “I think there have been many red herrings told and hopefully we should find out the full picture next month”
          LOL>>> COME ON JACKIE!!!
          How many countless times has Dyer promised to delver? You can start with AUG 2013!
          *SOON>>VERY VERY SOON*
          This Feb date is more of the same. Watch and learn.

        • woodchucker

          “If Dyer’s bigfoot is real, it’s a shame, because it still looks like bullshit”.
          Earholes and all! Clean up on aisle woodchucker, the coffee erupted from my nostrils in a vapour LOL!!!

  104. Big G

    you can lead a horse to water.

  105. All right jerk. Banned.


  106. Hazlett

    Big G

    I think Oregon is a huge hot spot, I have read many reports with Bigfoot in the road there, not sure what the tie is but definitely a lot of reports coming out of Oregon.

    I do see evidence that Rick could possibly have done this, its not the skeptards that make me unsure of the claim, its what I see with my own eyes and things that have come out of Ricks own mouth.

    For example, why does his own recount of what happened change so much and its not that minute details change a little, its drastic changes to the story. Albert Otsman story didn’t very that much from interview to interview, neither did Roger Pattersons. If I am understanding what he said in one of his recent Youtube videos, Now that the NDA is lifted he can tell the “Actual” story, so does that mean that when we read what the magazine writer is going to publish, that the story will once again change?

    Like I have said before, I am not against this turning out to be the real deal, even though if it is, we will have to reevaluate what we think about other Bigfoot videos (PGF) that were thought to be genuine or Bigfoot’s just vary in appearance as much as humans do and that could be a scary thought because maybe, they are closer to us than we even think.

    • Big G

      the statement about the Oregon bigfoot ties into what I said about the number of bigfoot body’s the government really has at one time. With modern freezers they could have many. Smithsonian is said to have thousands of larger than life indian bones said to be lost. the government controls the evidence and the body’s. I’m amazed the government released this body to dyer. Is it the same body ? They have many . Do they all look the same? They are hybrids and most certainly do not look alike. Was something lost in the taxidermy and reconstruction of the face?

    • Al


      You will feel more at peace with yourself once you accept the fact that Dyer is hoaxing again. You are almost there since you realize that Dyer himself has changed his story more times than not.

      Did you watch the video I posted where Dyer says he doesn’t believe sasquatch exists and that he just wants to convert people into bigfoot haters?

      • Big G

        That’s right AL dyer is a very small part of the evidence present. stop looking at dyers videos and look at other sightings. go to bfro and pick a state. Pay attention to the discriptions. find a site that list missing bigfoot bodies. some 200 missing in the last 200 years. take another look at the pg film. davis has made a smooth version that shows among other things muscle movement under the skin. If you notice all the skeptards that make statements here they avoid debating evidence and make short childlike statements like. Its a hoax. I can here it in his voice. he said this or he said that. It doesn’t look the same. The exsistence of bigfoot doesn’t hinge on dyer why are we spending all this time watching his videos. I don’t watch then. they have nothing in the way of evidence. and the only ones watching them are the ones complaing over here about him. Al you are the audience that dyer targets. When you and your brothers get that his celebrity will die. Racerx has made dyer a celebrity. all the haters monitoring every one of ricks movements have made him a celebrity. He has used all of you to built a career out of killing and stuffing an animal. Everytime you post here your building his career. You,ve made him the most talked about thing in the bigfoot community while presenting little to nothing as evidence. congrats.

        • Hazlett

          Big G

          Yes, there is plenty of evidence out there that will support Bigfoot is a real but I haven’t seen much evidence supporting Rick Dyer shot a Bigfoot. I do believe that Morgan Mathews holds the truth and has it at his disposal. What is holding him back, what is he afraid of, Rick Dyer? Is he afraid of losing his reputable career? Is he waiting to cash in on the sequel to his movie if Rick did actually shoot it?

          Robert, do you still have your source at Minnow Films, if so, now would be a good time to contact them and see what they have to say, all NDAs are lifted according to Rick, correct?

        • Hazlett

          Big G, I know you believe in Bigfoot as do I but do YOU believe that Rick shot one, I am not sure I am clear on your view.

        • Al

          Big G,

          You don’t have to convince me that sasquatch exists, I am certain it does, I’m simply not buying anything Dyer is selling and nor should any of you.

        • Big G

          Not sure why you would ask me if I believed if dyer shot a bigfoot. The correct term for me on the bigfoot thing is bigfoot is already proven to exists. because nobody has proven that the animal in the Patterson gimlin film doesn’t exsist. Melbas samples came from an animal. an animal closely related to humans. Bigfoot are a bipedal hominid sharing mito dna with us. 40,000 sightings of an animal similar to humans but much bigger, stronger, faster, with night vision,. many videos ,footrpints, sounds of an animal that can’t be made by humans. So yes, bigfoot is an animals that lives with us on earth. When you use the word believe your speaking of the spiritual world. Do you believe in God? ( for instance.) I am an atheist. I don’t believe in God. However I realize that I only have to believe in one of the 40,000 sightings for the animal to be real. I believe that at least 1 of the 1000’s of footprint casts is real. I believe that 1 of the 1000’s of recordings is real. I believe nobody has proved the Patterson film to be unreal. it also came with footprints and responded to the horses and humans looking over its shoulder at gimlin, coming across the creek on horseback with a rifle , covering Patterson with the camera. the recreation showed a female weighing more than 400lbs standing over 7 ft tall. nobody has ever produced that person who could put a suit ( incapable of being made in 67)
          and make those foot prints( needing an animal with a certain stride , weight, and foot flexability) for the distance traveled while looking forward (never looking down) and never stumbling on the rocky , uneven creek bed. even today it would take hundreds of takes and plenty of splicing to do it. when I here an expert claim the film is controversial he isn’t an expert. period. Today more than 100 things can be found on the film that can’t be faked while not one thing has been proven to be a fake. Trust me when I say that all the stones of Patterson and gimlins lives have been turned over and still not one item that proves any of the 100 things aren’t real and genuine. Well now the question : Do I believe that dyer shot a bigfoot. I already know that bigfoots are in almost every state. The biggest problem with people believing that dyer shot one is they haven’t yet decided if they are real. They are real. could there have been one in texas in the area he supposedly shot one? yes. I think he followed homeless persons sightings. Is it possible that an older bigfoot lost its’ capability to live in the wild. Yes bigfoot have been taking handouts from humans for a long time. Could their be other bigfoot that ( like homeless people ) lost the ability to think clearly ( they have brains very similar to us.) and found an easy food source? Yes. Does a group of homeless people look and act like a group of sasquatch ? Yes. So is it possible that a bigfoot wandered into an area with homeless humans ( that aren’t threatening) and habituated there? yes. I believe all this could happen. Now did dyer shoot a bigfoot? I’ve not listened to any of dyers broadcasts. the only thing I here is crap regurgitated from ron or al or hundreds of other people that haven’t spent 1 minute investigating bigfoot while spending hours looking for a truck rental agreement and everything in between. I’ve not heard anything from the millions of hours of investigative work done by the haters which culminated in some being arrested stalking. I have however heard from Robert Lindsay stating that sources in the know have concurred that dyer does indeed have a stuffed bigfoot. I believe that dyer has a stuffed bigfoot skin and hair. Everything else is needing some more science. I will state again rick dyer and his stuffed bigfoot are but a small part of the mountain of evidence available to everyone online. this isn’t the smoking gun on bigfoot exsisence. I maintain that the Patterson/gimlin film is the smoking gun.

        • Hazlett

          Big G

          I don’t refute anything about the Patterson film, I have seen more videos, more break downs, the Munns report, TV shows, you name it have watched read or heard about the Patterson film, in my opinion that is 100% legit!!

          The current story at hand with Rick Dyer really doesn’t have anything to do with the existence of Bigfoot, I do believe if we polled the US ( probably has been done) we should be over 60% belief that he does or has the possibility to exist. No, with that said, take everything out of the equation you know about Rick Dyer or Anti- Rick Dyer for that matter…..Just using your judgement based off of the pictures that have been presented, do they pass your eye test? If you knew absolutely nothing about the man, the myth Rick Dyer, would you think those pictures are real?

          If I am throwing at all of the stuff I just asked you to ignore, I am saying that NO, it does not pass my eye test and I say this because of the very footage you hold very high ( I do as well) the PGF. The Bigfoot just does pass the test for me.

  107. Pranav

    Great Post Bob this is a big year for Bigfoots enthusiasts like us. Just like you My inner conscience says this is going to be the year of Bigfoots and its gonna be in limelight this time after years being ignored by the mainstream media and something drastic is going to be unearthed very soon. Please follow and give us more posts cos your posts are the one which paints the picture correctly.

  108. Hazlett

    I have not watched the video yet, my job blocks anything from Youtube or Vimeo.

    I feel like I have heard something about that video, was that video made in like 2010?

    • Big G

      Go to youtube and type in MK davis 1967 video. he has another one that he does called whitey’s run where a large animal ( 8ft tall ) starts out on all four then stands up for a run thru a ravine. Mk does a lot of breakdowns thru still images. much would be difficult or impossible to fake. The Patterson/gimlin film was done in 1967 which makes it significant. several muscle groups can be seen under the skin flexing. I’ve seen quads in one and shoulder blades in another.

    • Al

      The video was produced in 2013, but contains some audio from 2010.

  109. sammyH3

    Yes he is comming around ….I totally get that Rick and everyone else around him , would turn down a 10 million dollar payday to ride around the country in a FJ Cruiser with a cheesy graphic skin , to charge 100.00 a head to see a Bigfoot with a cheesy graphic skin job…..Yep totally on point….Now if you will excuse me I,I have to go feed my unicorns

    • Big G

      the ten million dollar payday isn’t open ended to anyone. Its a game presented by a producer of realtv and there are many catchs to the prize. the contracts would require a certain amount of film time for the series.

  110. Joerg Hensiek

    Today on Australian tv, Dyer said that bigfoot shown in Shooting Bigfoot is NOT the bigfoot killed by him.

    • Hazlett

      Wow that location must have been a real Hot Bed for them!!

      1. The one in the tent video
      2. The one in the movie
      3. The body that Rick Dyer currently has.

      Man where is Morgan Mathews when you need him, I would like to talk to that guy in private for about 20 minutes and see if I could get anything out of him.

      • sammyH3

        I totally agree with you and Big G on this…..this is not about the if bigfoot is real….we know he is…..Big G got it right when he said that everybody is making this about Dyer….As you well know ,I believe PGF is the holy grail……As for Dyer….too many questions…..And you are not going to see your hand with the mutilated finger….It ripped comming out of the mold (Faceoff season 1 episode 4)…it had to be re -molded …..the new hands are currently in Matt Moneymakers pants….They make him feel”Squatchy”….
        So lets all take a deep breath and see what comes in the next month………………or ten….. we have waited our whole lives for this …..we can hang a bit longer…..BTW Hazlett and I are organizing an expedition in Culpepper ,Virginia in April…..We wil post the dates and GPS coordinates in the next month……Really…..All of you are invited to come do some Redneck Squatchin’……and i promise no smoke and mirrors. Thanks guys

        • Big G

          Im excited for you and your expedition. I wish I could be there. I look forward to your heat signature video. and your other research.

    • Big G

      so his bigfoot is still under government control? Another hunter shot one in Washington and dyer bought and stuffed it? The government gave him a different one? Wow I guess the investigative powers of haters is , well, zero.

      • Al

        Big G,

        You’re starting to make about as much sense as Kelly or Cathiee or whatever that person’s name is.

        If you have been following Dyer’s story for as long as the rest of us and as long as it would seem you have, then you should not be asking those type of questions at this point in the ‘game’…and it is a game.

        • Big G

          I haven’t followed the story and you haven’t answered any questions. it doesn’t matter to what stage you imagine we are in. you have not yet answer any questions but yet you comment. you have watched every video and yet you can’t answer the questions.

      • sammyH3

        Thanks Big G……we wish you could be here too……we will be covering alot of ground in only 4 days……we need all the help we can get……I would love to get everybody together at some point……that would be a blast….

        • Big G

          mr e2 needs some time in the woods as well but he is in california. I’d like to at some point conduct one here in south florida but haven’t as I was convinced for many years that encroachment has push them into hospitable territory. I now realize this territory is perfect for them. I’m also finished with several designs for vehicles to travel rough watery country easily for older people like myself. its tough for me to travel while walking.

    • RON

      Yep..Dyer has to keep embellishing his story to handle the inconsistencies.
      SOOO obvious.

      • Al

        Big G,

        If you put forth logical questions, questions with merit and not ones that are rhetorical gibberish….then maybe I can answer some of them.

        • Big G

          why doesn’t dyers picture look like other bigfoot we’ve seen or the tent video? Did dyer or anyone else have a bigfoot taken by the government? The marks on the first picture appear to be from skin cracked from an explosion of an exit would. Your thoughts? why would dyer need to go to Washington to pick up his bigfoot? doesn’t that mean someone else controlled the body? If dyer said it was at a government facility was it an agri facility? was it for cytptids? does the government have sites for science work on cryptids.? if so how many are stored there.? Are his eyes shut because there are no glass eyes that match a bigfoot?

  111. Hazlett

    Big G

    I love talking to you because you do seem inteligent but you really seem to be reaching, People are not just shooting these things like its deer season.
    You told me yourself that 200 or so have been shot over 200 years. Do you really believe that it even the slightest bit possible that someone shot one in Washington and decided to either sell it to Rick or let him have to save his reputation and stake his claim as the Best Bigfoot Tracker in the world. DO you think if our Government took control of Ricks Bigfoot that they would actually give it back, especially the way they have been with others.

    Did you get a chance to read the account that Charlie Hotel had posted on the bigfoot forums this past year, that was removed, it is also where Ilussory Hominid term came from. If the Government ( no proof) shut that thread down for what he said, do you really think that Rick would get to parade that thing around for 13 months?

    I like a lot of things you say Big G but I am not buying the last few statements you just put down in this blog.

    • sammyH3

      What if “kelly” is really the woman from the government, That Dyer talked about……Just sayin…

    • Big G

      hazlett. I didn’t say that all the bigfoot were shot. many were. the is the large one that a tree fell on and the workers were vacated out of the area for the forestry service to take the body. the workers were told to shut up about it. there are many who died in collision with cars. many witnesses’ to forestry van picking up the body. an man calls local police and says a bigfoot has died on his property and its getting stinky . the next thing he knows a black helicopter comes in and they remove it. there is a fire in Colorado and an injured bigfoot escapes the flame and a paramedic assists a doctor in treatment. the animal is taken away and all are quieted. the national guard is doing dead body pickup after mt st. helens eruption. large piles of bodies. one pile of bodies with a tarp over it. hairy arms and legs sticking out. all in place told to keep quiet. different group in the same area sees a helicopter carrying a large net full of bodies. they have hairy arms and legs. there are many incidence of bodies that the forestry service removed. There are skeletons that are sent to different colleges for testing and disappear. 100 percent of the bodies we have heard about have disappeared until dyers body is given back to him. With the freezers that most modern households have and the amount of hunters in the woods every year it’s certainly possible for there to be one that the government hasn’t taken , yet. I would wager that there are nearly 10 sightings a month in the U.S. alone as many avoid ridicule be reporting. Ridicule that you see here daily. people have a good reason not to report a shooting(murder) or a sighting. who wants to get caught up in this hailstorm. The stories collected from old news papers from the 1800’s have lots of local killings and sightings. The Indians have reburied bigfoot bones on many occasions stating they are family because they are in the ground and older than 200 years. even when the body is taller then 8 ft. Many occasions for the government to evaluate the bigfoot phenomena. they know more then they are telling.

      • Al

        Big G,

        I used to post here many months ago and I do ‘know’ you a bit and remember a little of what you’ve communicated before in the past.

        It seems as though you are still trying to preach to the choir here, those of us who DO believe sasquatch exists. For the most part, many that are posting here believe the creature is out there, but you are using Dyer’s story to make your point.

        Dyer is a disgusting and immoral person who’s only goal in life is to discredit the bigfoot community and make money while doing it. I don’t understand why you and others don’t see this. He’s not a redeemed man and pardon the cliche but it’s nearly always true in human behaviour; ‘a leopard never changes his spots’.

        • Big G

          im sorry if you feel that im preaching to the choir. dyer and what ever he is doing doesn’t , and hasn’t conserned me in the least. I’ve said numerous times that dyer is a very small part of the bigfoot community and im telling it to those who post on here that they don’t believe something about dyer. They have made dyer a folk hero for what ever he has done. I don’t listen to dyer and I don’t read anything about him other than what is here. I don’t care about his body as it does nothing for me. im interested in the dna and were the creature fits into the homo family tree. But I hope it’s ok if I post back to people that think we should listen to what ever their feeble mind wants to spew. do you have any ideas about where homo cognitus fits on our family tree or do you want to continue to talk about what ever evidence each and every skeptard needs to include the bigfoot , from just the dyer situation.

  112. RON

    To date>>
    *No pics of Hank on the ground or loaded on the truck in San Antonio
    *No Refer Truck paper work
    *Not a HINT of any University having studied the body

  113. RON

    From Frank Cali TODAY>>>

    Also, post that he skipped and defaulted on the loan for that truck he is pulling the “body” in. The finance company called me in a panic trying to find him as he skipped on the payment. He never paid for that truck. Thanks, I will be in touch very soon. I have to go in for a medical procedure. I am terminally ill and I think the time has come to tell what I know about him. He never shot anything,a s I am sure you know. I have inform that as a former federal employee will make him crap his pants. Thanks – Frank Cali

    • Kelly

      Really you believe Frank Cali
      He lied about seeing the bigfoot
      He lied about being undercover working on a stink operation to nail Rick.
      He ran to the Racer X and Steve Lane when Rick booted him from TT.

      So you believe him and not Rick?

  114. Dean

    What you missed were the posting rules governing this blog. See ya!

  115. Hazlett

    Thanks for that info Ron, even though I don’t think any of that is far off of the truth, I am sure Mr. E2me could lend a few words to the credibility of Mr. Frank Cali.

    • Mr. E2me

      I don’t think much of Fat Cali. He’s just a mindless peon.
      Beyond that I’ll leave the schmuck alone. If he’s terminal it will be interesting to see what he gets off his chest.

  116. sammyH3

    found this on the interweb today …maybe this will clear things up for you… looks pretty legit…..


    Mr. Dyer,
    I am writing to inform you ,that due to an unfortunate paperwork error, the bigfoot we confiscated from you has been accidentally destroyed. .Regretfully we will not be able to return it to you as previously agreed.
    Due to the sheer number of dead bigfoots we retain at BFSFs (bigfoot Storage Facility) located all over the world, this does occasionally occur. Reduced staffing at BFSFs as a result of recent federal funding shortfalls,is the most probable cause we can identify at this time. However , thanks to data collected following your kill, we were able to search our database and find a squatch of comparable size and color for you.
    You are welcome to use this squatch for a period of 13 months , with the understanding that it must be returned in original condition to the BFSF #227, located at the Groome Lake Facility. Your “Government” point of contact will oversee the exchange and sign all processing paperwork.
    Your 13 month period will commence upon receipt of your squatch. in the event that you fail to complete the terms of this agreement ,or if the squatch is not returned in the prescribed , we will be forced to dispatch the A.E.S. (Alien Extraction Squad) to retrieve the squatch., and remove your brain…………………………………………..through your rectum.
    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience .


    Elvis Presley
    Director of Operations- Bigfoot Distribution “The Government”

  117. Al

    “do you have any ideas about where homo cognitus fits on our family tree or do you want to continue to talk about what ever evidence each and every skeptard needs to include the bigfoot , from just the dyer situation” (quote Big G)

    No I don’t, but what you are doing is putting the cart before the horse, EXACTLY like Jason Judd. You are making assumptions and speculating about a species that hasn’t even been identified or ‘discovered’ yet.

    “I don’t listen to dyer and I don’t read anything about him other than what is here. I don’t care about his body as it does nothing for me. im interested in the dna and were the creature fits into the homo family tree.” (Big G)

    If this was true, then why are you even suggesting that what he says might be logical/credible or sensical? Instead of asking rhetorical questions with the occasional ‘jab’ at the ‘haters’, maybe you need to distance yourself and stop comparing aspects of his story to what you believe or makes sense to you.

    This is the problem exactly with your argument. You say you don’t care and don’t follow the story. So how can you possibly comment on things you either aren’t aware of or don’t even know about? People like myself, Ron, Randy and many others have made it a point to follow Dyer, to listen to and watch everything he does. Only if you do this, will you see & understand all the blatant lies he’s told.

    What you and many others don’t seem to understand either is how much damage Dyer is doing to the community and you refuse to acknowledge that. He’s making the entire subject a joke, not that it already isn’t in most people’s eyes. With each hoax, each false claim, the subject becomes more ludicrous in the eyes of science or the population in general.

    So, instead of developing your own ‘theories’ that you wish to prove to others here on this blog, maybe you should be thinking more long term and what the consequences of Dyer’s actions are ultimately doing for us all.

    • sammyH3

      Wow…….great thought Al……..I am directly in line with your views on hoaxers…….I lack the ability to put it into words like that…..I want the species verified , recognized, and above all protected…….this is, after all the source of who we are…..what we have evolved from….blown away by that post ……Dyer and ass clowns like him set this whole thing back…….
      Thanks for that…

    • Big G

      so you want to continue to talk about dyer and elevate his celebrity. when you do get a copy of melbas work and like to read several pages from other geneticist on the subject we could talk. as it stands you’vs answered no questions. I guess you should not comment on dyer and wait like the rest of us. relaying his messages over here do nothing to serve the bigfoot community. they only serve dyer and that’s what I said about him using you to spread the word. He loves what you and ron and randy have done for him.

      • Al

        Big G,

        I’m still waiting for your logical, well thought out questions to be asked. When you are ready or able to compose them in sensible, well thought out ways, please post them.

        One way or another, with or without the haters ‘help’, Dyer is going to continue doing what he’s doing. He can’t be brushed under the rug like you think will happen if we ignore him.

        I never eluded to the fact I didn’t believe Melba’s work, but it’s not being taken very seriously, is it? You’re defending her results almost in the same way you’re defending the possibility of Rick’s story being true. However and with saying this, I would believe Melba 100 X over Rick and his claims.

        Anyway, I’ve spent more time here today than I planned on but I can and will debate you another time about the topics that are currently based on facts.

        • sammyH3

          Big G,
          really dig your thoughts on encroachment , and squatches being driven into populated areas. Spot on man. Hazlett and I have discussed this alot. I never really thougt about the social patterns of the homeless… Totally possible that a squatch could loose its ability to take care of itself….This will fuel a new angle to our research. Thank you. And we too have thought of florida as a hot spot …….the northern panhandle has the “goods” to support your theories. I like to take an approach of topographical study, mixed with a knowledge of the behavioral patterns of their food source…and cross reference encounter locations last ……Hear in Virginia, we have a frw prime spots …….so we chose Culpepper as a base camp…….would love to see your plans for the vehicle. I have always felt that. If you undersyand their food source, you will understand them………tje homeless thing is facinating…Sorry it took me a while to read it….your posts can be long, and I wad too busy trying to get all of you to laugh

        • Big G

          that is really something champ. neither you nor al want to discuss any real evidence(dna) but you would badger me in the name of your love of dyer. maybe I’m trying to turn melba into a celebrity like you have done for dyer. Are you going to bring any info or continue spout your shit. if you don’t like my questions Al then make some of your own and I will ask them.

  118. Martin

    If you read between the lines in Mullis’ statement, Barnes infiltrated their group and set up phony “corroborators” as a pretense to being prescient about upcoming news. Kind of like a fortune teller at a carnival. (Imagine for example an “employee” at a truck rental company verifying that Dyer rented a refrigerator truck.) It’s not at all inconsistent with Mullis’ account. These corroborators may have fed Robert as well. Let’s not forget how fishy the story was of Barnes getting mysterious pirated footage and taking it to Musky. It was damage control because the premiere took the story nowhere. Musky had to verify that the Bigfoot in the film was the one he saw. (Except now Dyer says that’s NOT the same Bigfoot!) So Barnes didn’t show MULLIS the footage? He didn’t trust him? What gives?? Then as soon as Mullis started pushing for a hair sample, Barnes and Dyer had a “falling out.”

    It makes no sense, and we may be seeing the pieces starting to fit together.

    • Big G

      so your going to continue to give us the same useless material about the area and emergency sevices. And your going to continue to put dyers name in lights. I dont understand why you feel anyone wants to here this again and again. Ron and al and champ , you have continue to waste your time and ours by relaying one continuios broken record of what you have decided is evidence in the dyer situation. All of you have gone after kelly for the same broken record approach that you guys have used to make pos famous, The bigfoot community doesnt hidge on the dyer situation and if you three never posted here ( everytime dyer took a crap) i would not have heard about it at all. When i suggest we talk about some of the many things going on in the community , Nothing, Just attacks on me and melba. You haven,t proved any points here. As well with your attacking nessesity is only done online. i would guess that your inability to have a conversation puts you alone in your moms basement. soon this dyer thing will be over and i wont have to school you children in intelligent conversation.

  119. Dean

    208..let me help you out. I do know about DNA…wrote a PhD dissertation using DNA analysis. I do science, publish my science. So I do know about DNA. BIg G doesn’t. Ms Melba is a village shaman, snake oil salesman…a veterinarian trying to play molecular geneticist. No one is backing her because her science is junk, and her interpretation is a fairy tale.
    Faint not 208..Big G is the blog equivalent of a school yard bully..ignore him and keep spouting your shit.

    • Big G

      so once again melba is a village shaman, snake oil salesman. Your a scientist. If you have a problem with any of the sequences that the machine kicked out in melbas study( which I’ve been asking for) lets here it. If you understand the process of matching bigfoot dna to sapian dna , and you’ve done it, why wont you say what you concerns are. All we hear from academia is village shaman , snake oil salesman, science is junk. You are wrong. I’ve read several papers from real scientists that matched genes in many clusters concerning speech, hair color and bacterial resistance. All these scientists confirm that the animal done in the dna study are real and closely related to humans. the even agree with the mito split to be 13,500 to 15,000 years old from Europe. Now If your going to bad mouth the science back it up with your concerns. As I’ve said before it doesn’t bode well for academia that you are so educated and smart and you words to explain your professional opinion of someone’s work as junk science. I’m going to give you a D- on your post as you knew melbas name.

    • Chewey

      Wouldn’t a scientist say “I’m a scientist” instead of “I do science, publish science.”? And I’m not defending anyone. I simply trust no one.

  120. Martin

    I’m gonna say it again. Jack Barnes had pirated footage of the Bigfoot from the documentary and showed it to ONLY Musky before he discarded the files. Musky said it was better than PGF.

    This story never remotely passed the smell test. And now we know that Barnes was an intimate of Rhettman Mullis?? And didn’t show it to him?? Because he was afraid of legal action by Minnow? Are they Big Brother? Why wouldn’t you share footage that was better than PGF with your buddy Rhettman Mullis? Didn’t he trust him? Or did the footage never exist and the story is as ridiculously absurd and false as it appears??

    • Why did Barnes discard the files?

      • Martin

        He says he was told to discard it or face legal action. Now, if you had a file on your computer that was better than PGF, would you not show it to your intimate Bigfoot friends? Would you only show Musky Allen? Especially if you were an intimate of Rhettman Mullis and Bryan Sykes? You’d show it and be sure they kept it a secret.

        According to Musky it was compelling and better than PGF, yet Mullis never saw it. No one did except Musky, to “verify” that the creature was the one he saw in the lab, then Barnes discarded it. Absolutely it was the same creature, said Musky. But now Dyer says it wasn’t the same one. And Mullis is leaning 60/40 hoax. He wouldn’t be if he had seen this amazing better-than-Patty footage.

        Something is very, very rotten here. We learned yesterday that Jack Barnes was working in the same group as Mullis and Sykes, and they were getting early information that was corroborated by outside sources just before it became publicly known. We ALSO learned that Barnes paid Musky’s way to Vegas, while Musky has always trumpeted the fact that he paid his own way as proof that he was an independent.

        I say Barnes set them all up with fake “corroborators”…a film crew member here, a trucking company employee there. When Mullis started pushing Barnes to get a hair sample, Barnes suddenly had a “falling out” with Dyer. It smells like a conspiracy to embarrass the upper echelon of the Bigfoot community, involving Dyer, Allen, Barnes, and others. A perverse social experiment for Barnes, a rich guy using a fake name, and sadism and for Dyer and Allen, little fish who resented the big ones. We know this hoax needed brains and money. There’s plenty of both in this scenario.

      • Chang

        because it states lies like you

  121. Chang

    There is nothing called Bigfoot dont believe folks its all hoax

  122. woodchucker

    Sooo today, exactly a month before the release of the BBF-TIT-W presser we know Hudson scoffs at the stuffy – see Jan 2 video post,
    Mullis / Sykes also scoff…

    Cali is preparing to tie the shitliner to the dock.
    By Friday night the rug will back at Home Sense and the fires will cool again.

  123. woodchucker

    Racer X has an enlightening expose of the BBF-TIT-W dated Jan 8 2014. Very informative and outlines in detail the resume of a world class tracker. Don’t know why there’s any doubt RD could have captured the rug, the evidence is compelling. Big question is now, what will he do for an encore.

  124. MrChristianToYou

    I would like to re-post this for G.
    January 8, 2014 at 7:36 PM
    208..let me help you out. I do know about DNA…wrote a PhD dissertation using DNA analysis. I do science, publish my science. So I do know about DNA. BIg G doesn’t. Ms Melba is a village shaman, snake oil salesman…a veterinarian trying to play molecular geneticist. No one is backing her because her science is junk, and her interpretation is a fairy tale.
    Faint not 208..Big G is the blog equivalent of a school yard bully..ignore him and keep spouting your shit.

    And I will also say THANK YOU to Dean.

    • Big G

      you must be from higher up in acidamia if you think that the phd should explain his scientific process using words like village shaman, snake oil salemans, science is junk, fairytale. A veterinarian trying to play molecular geneticist. I understand melba was on the team that sqeunced the horse genome. that goes along way to play molecular geneticist. I would say that none of you has squenced any genomes which kind of puts melba there and you not. When Melba discribed her work it was easily understandable for a lay person. I’m sure she dumbed it down considerable. However she never used these words that you as a group have used to discribe her work. Since you can’t discribe her work and the problems you have with it i’m sure your lieing about your education and your parroting other idiots who don’t understand the work. If any of you do have degrees i feel a reimbusement of the schooling funds are in order.

  125. Pingback: 11.01 – MU Podcast | Mysterious Universe

  126. jeff

    ok . so big deal.. please like the page. STOP SHOOTING BIGFOOT on Facebook.. this cultural phenomena to destroy nature is symbolically dangerous and we need to move toward appreciation , preservation and awareness of our the world we share .

  127. FlyRod

    Don’t be so gullible!

    “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

    Anyone who would even contemplate believing Rick Dyer, a well-known hoaxer, has quite a few screws loose!

    Again, don’t be so gullible!

  128. Sam

    I hate to say it but intuition says, fake. It looks fake and the delays scream fake. It’s too bad. If it is a fake it will a looonnnggg time before anyone believes anyone about seeing a bigfoot.

  129. dp

    the evidence is real, dna samples were sent to University of Washington in Seattle and they confirmed that he has the real deal. Contact UW in Seattle and they will tell you that Rick has the real deal.

    somebody call and check this out!!!!

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