Bigfoot News January 4, 2014

Rick Dyer saga continues to unfold. The Bigfoot community’s overwhelming reaction to Dyer’s Bigfoot body, named Hank, has been rejection and derision. Virtually no one believes him, and a good 95% of the community are yelling and laughing that it is an obvious hoax. Personally I am not so sure. My position is that this is either a real dead Bigfoot or an excellent replica, and we have to investigate further to see which option is true. The odds are maybe 50-50 one way or the other, but there is definitely a possibility that this is a real dead Bigfoot.

Standards for Dyer to prove that Hank is real. Due to a number of factors including Rick’s long history of hoaxing, lying, punking and playing the community which continues up until recently, in addition to Rick’s obviously unstable and character disordered personality, utmost caution must be observed when testing to see if this specimen is real.

I think we can lay out a minimum of what we want as proof:

  1. MRI scans of Hank
  2. CT scans of Hank
  3. 3D imaging of Hank
  4. Full genetic sequencing of Hank’s DNA, preferably both nuclear and mitochondrial.
  5. Signed affidavits by scientists who worked on Hank testifying that this is  a real non-Homo sapiens hominid of some sort.
  6. A full autopsy report by the pathologists who examined the body.
  7. Statement of some sort by Morgan Matthews or other representatives of Minnow Films confirming the kill took place while filming the movie Shooting Bigfoot.
  8. Photographs of the kill at San Antonio after Hank was killed. Preferably photos of Hank on the ground and then later photos of the body being moved.
  9. A full timeline by Rick stating which university the body was verified at, where the body was stored near Las Vegas, where it was moved to afterwards, and where it was in Washington state where the taxidermists worked on it.
  10. Names of the government official at the university who verified the body, the taxidermist who worked on the body, all of the scientists who studied the body and what exactly they did.
  11. Some sort of a statement from the US government confirming in some way that this is actually the body of a relict hominid.

New Rick Dyer statement released.

Here is a very interesting video that has just been released by Dyer. He deals with several lies that the skeptics have been saying about him. First of all, skeptics charge that there have been numerous offers of various experts including medical doctors to examine the body, but Rick turned them all down, which is suspicious. The truth is that no one has come forward to offer to verify the body on the behalf of the skeptics.

Rick also stated that his original investors are gone, and he has a new team of investors. In my opinion, there was only ever one original investor, and that was Hank Williams III, the country-punk musician. So apparently HWJ has sold out to new people. Who are the new investors? Who knows? First of all, there may only be one person. That is because if Rick has only one investor, he lies and refers to that person in the plural for unknown reasons. So just because Rick says there is more than one investor doesn’t necessarily mean it is so. It is not known who the new investor(s) is.

My reputation at stake. Supposedly my reputation is at stake on this Rick Dyer Bigfoot body. I have stated my hypothesis that Rick shot and killed Hank, and I feel that there is a possibility that he retained the body. These photos could indeed be of a real dead Bigfoot. It is important to note that there has never been any hard, solid scientific evidence that Rick shot Hank or retained the body or that this body is real.

It is all just a matter of opinion. People are wrong all the time, especially in this game. Suppose this does turn out to be a real dead Bigfoot. According the lunatic “destroyed reputation” theory, the 95% of the community who insisted this was a hoax will have their reputations ruined for all time.

When we finally reveal these Bigfoots as the real creatures that they are, the 99% of the journalistic and scientific community who have been laughing at us and insisting that there is no such thing as Bigfoot will have their reputations ruined forever.

See how this makes no sense? It’s a nonsensical argument. Anyone can make a hypothesis about any unknown based on the available evidence. Later as more facts are gathered, the hypothesis is either proven or rejected. If it rejected, those who believed in it simply reorder their beliefs in line with the new facts.

This is the only way to move through life, always changing and adjusting your beliefs as they are either proven correct or shown to be false. We make hypotheses all day long. All of us have all sorts of beliefs that may well be true or not true.

We make generalizations every minute of every day. If you could never make a generalization, you would probably never even be able to get out of bed, and no doubt you would die quickly.

Life is simply an endless round of hypothesis testing, analysis of data and arriving at conclusions. Beliefs are continuously adjusted as new facts come in and new conclusions are drawn. The human mind is adaptive, changing its points of view and opinions all the time. All scientists are wrong all the time. Scientists are always making hypotheses and always seeing them fail. All detectives are wrong all the time. They are always making hypotheses about crimes which endlessly prove to be wrong and need to be adjusted in light of new facts or theories.

The very notion that if a human being has a false opinion, makes a hypothesis that turns out to be correct, or is wrong in any way, shape or form that their reputation is then ruined for all time is simply insane and asinine and anyone who believes this is a first class idiot. We are wrong every single day, and that is the dance of life. Next time you think you are perfect, try walking on water.

Anyway I do not care about my reputation as I do not worry about being wrong, and I have been wrong many times in my reporting and views. This is basically a Jack Anderson style rumor blog anyway, so obviously a lot of things are not going to pan out.

Anyway, this is how I feel.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong!

Anyway, my enemies can all burn. That’s always been the way I roll.

My enemies and haters grow, legion-like, by the day. That’s great news. Anyway, a shout out to all my haters.

Many strange happenings around Hank’s dead body in storage. While Hank was stored at the first location, strange, odd, bizarre and unaccountable things kept happening in the vicinity of the body and to people who were around the body. Dyer and the scientists were unnerved by it all, and that is one of the reasons the body was moved. This adds to the bizarre theories about a paranormal component to the Bigfoots.

Body viewing at end of December. A number of TT members were somehow able to view the body in very late December around December 29, 2012, probably in Washington state. It is not known how they accessed the body.

Dyer planning international press conference on January 7, 2013. Rick plans to reveal MRI and CT scans of Hank along with 3D imaging and Hank’s full genome at the very least. Possibly even more than that may be in store for us. It will be very interesting at least to see what unfolds on this most interesting of dates, January 7, 2014. Either one of the greatest discoveries in human history or the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time will hopefully be clarified.

New Dyer photo to be released. A new photo of Hank has been shown to members of Rick’s secret Bigfoot group. I cannot tell you what is in it, but it is most interesting. It was supposed to be released today, but it never happened. Hopefully it will be released in the near future.

So-called Dyer Hank photo from early 2012 shown to be fake.

This photo of Hank was supposedly distributed by Rick in early 2012, however, that is not true. Instead, this is all a lie and the photo is a fake distributed by the lunatic haters to make Rick look bad and confuse everyone.

This photo of Hank was supposedly distributed by Rick in early 2012, however, that is not true. Instead, this is all a lie and the photo is a fake distributed by the lunatic haters to make Rick look bad and confuse everyone.

More asinine nonsense and muddying of the waters from the execrable Dyer haters.

Apparently fake Bigfoot footage from Bradford, Pennsylvania. This is the location of some odd photographs that were taken by people coming back from a weekend Bigfoot festival. This new video has been released from the same location and is now on Youtube. My opinion is that this is clearly a fake with a man in a monkey suit. Feel free to weigh in.

More on the Alberta Habituation site. I have been writing about this site quite a bit lately. Refer to the previous report for background. The trapper who works the area has reportedly seen seven Bigfoots on his trapline over the past few years. As I said, this is one of the hottest habituation sites in North America. People who have gone in there alone report that they tend to get shadowed as soon as they get into the area. This experience is so disconcerting that they do not want to go in there alone anymore.

However, there are now trailcams all over the area. One problem with the cameras is that the Bigfoots seem to be purposely avoiding them, which seems odd. In addition, incredibly enough, the Bigfoots keep taking the camera and turning them around so they face the tree they are mounted on inside of pointing out into the forest. This way you get photos of tree bark and nothing more as the camera is rendered useless. How the Bigfoots have figured this out or why they are doing it is not known.

Aaron Arcand, one of the craziest people in Bigfootery, stole the area from a researcher that had been zealously guarding it for a long time. Arcand then turned around the took Todd Standing out to the area against the wishes of the initial researcher. Todd then proclaimed it was his area, in effect stealing it from the others. Stealing each others research areas, what all good Bigfoot researchers do!

Todd then took Les Stroud from Survivorman into the area over the summer where two episodes of the Discovery Channel were filmed over the summer. The trapper was utterly furious at all the activity around his trapline. Later Todd took both Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel into the area, probably in Fall 2012. I believe that Todd filmed a documentary in the area and that he later sold it to a TV station. Todd received an unknown sum for this movie, but I would say that selling that movie to TV was one of the smartest things Todd has ever done.

At one point, Todd saw a Bigfoot. This may be one of the only times he seen one as his prior photos and videos and nonsensical stories about Sylvanic were all fakes and lies from ultra-hoaxer Standing. Keep in mind that this area is not Sylvanic and anyway, and Sylvanic is probably a fake area that only exists in Todd’s con artist mind. Canadian news reports said that Todd would be taking Stroud to an area of British Colombia in between Banff and Kootenay National Parks, the location of the fake Sylvanic Valley.

That is not where Todd took Stroud. Instead, Todd took Stroud to his new Alberta research area. The location of the site is a closely kept secret.

Aaron Arcand either has a vivid imagination, is a pathological liar, is delusional or is some combination of the three. Some of his wilder claims:

  • All of his research was stolen.
  • Every time he goes out to any research spots, he always sees a Bigfoot.
  • On one occasion, he found a Bigfoot grave. The Bigfoots found out about this somehow, and when he went back again, the Bigfoots had moved the body and reburied it somewhere else.
  • Saw a hot looking Bigfoot babe near the dump at the Small Boys Camp. He named her Bo after Bo Derek. Apparently she was a real cutie.
  • Used digital recording glasses to videotape a Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot took exception to this, came over the Arcand and picked him up in the air, causing him to drop the glasses whereupon the footage was destroyed.
  • A Bigfoot picked him up one time and threw him a considerable distance.

Todd quickly figured out that Arcand was delusional and he dumped him like a hot potato and took over the research area for himself, cutting Arcand out of the loop. So Arcand showed Todd the site, and then Todd turned around and royally screwed Arcand.

Arcand was thrown out of the BFRO on the grounds of “being delusional.” He has also been banned from the Alberta Sasquatch website due to his endless aggressive and disruptive activity. Arcand has been banned from almost every Bigfoot forum on the web.

At some time in the course of Arcand’s association with the Manitoba site, Aaron threatened to set a forest fire and burn the whole research area to the ground. He was reported to Forestry authorities for making threats. He is an odd looking fellow who probably only has about two teeth left in his mouth.

Interesting reports on Bigfoots that resemble Rick Dyer’s purported Bigfoot body. David Claerr is a Bigfoot researcher from Texas who is intimately familiar with the Bigfoots of Texas. He told me that Hank’s coloration and appearance is in line with the Bigfoots that are reported in that part of Texas.

David Claerr:

Towards central Texas, there are more of human-looking ones with Caucasoid traits of lighter skin and hair coat. Up towards northeast TX there are more of the dark skinned, black and dark coated ones with a more simian appearance. They look a lot like Scott Carpenter’ photos. They are the ones with the more ancient African DNA, probably arriving thousands of years earlier than these guys. This seems to support Melba’s results in different haplogroups.

Photos, drawing and reports of Bigfoots that resemble Hank. There are many types of Bigfoots in the US. A famous case is of the Lake Worth Monster from central Texas in 1969. Up to 100 people witnessed this Bigfoot, including police officers and sheriff’s deputies. The full amazing story of the Lake Worth Monster, which was simply a Bigfoot, was written up by David Claerr here.

Newspaper clipping of a story about the Lake Worth Monster.

Newspaper clipping of a story about the Lake Worth Monster.

David also carefully worked up a strange photo of the Bigfoot and made an excellent drawing of it, which he refers to as “a mutant Scotsman.”

An amazing, albeit overexposed, Polaroid of the Lake Worth monster taken by Allen Plaster.

An amazing, albeit overexposed, Polaroid of the Lake Worth monster taken by Allen Plaster.

David told me that the thought that Hank had the same sort of “mutant Scotsman” appearance about him, and I agree.

David's excellent workup of the Lake Worth Monster based on the photo. It has a "mutant Scotsman" look about it and it also resembles Hank.

David’s excellent workup of the Lake Worth Monster based on the photo. It has a “mutant Scotsman” look about it and it also resembles Hank. Copyright David Claerr 2009.

One of the finest and strangest Bigfoot photos I have ever seen is the mysterious Moyie Springs, Idaho photo taken some time in the mid-1970’s. Little is known about the photo other than the approximate date and location of the shot. This Bigfoot also has the “mutant Scotsman” appearance of the Lake Worth Monster and Hank.

This is one of my favorite all time Bigfoot photos and I have always thought it was real. The circumstances surrounding this bizarre photos are very mysterious.

This is one of my favorite all time Bigfoot photos and I have always thought it was real. The circumstances surrounding this bizarre photos are very mysterious.

Reports of three known Bigfoot skeletons in the US. A source told me that he knows of three Bigfoot skeletons in the US.

The first one is at a university anthropology department in Texas and is labeled American Indian. He has observed the bones and confirms that they are the bones of a Bigfoot and not an Indian. The problem is that once bones get labeled American Indian, everything becomes very sensitive due to some silly recently passed laws that give local Indians rights to just about any bones found near their tribal territories. This had made it very difficult to study Indian bones in the US in the past 20 years.

The second is a full skeleton that is located at an archeological dig in Illinois. This is a layered dig that goes quite a ways down into the ground. A skeleton was found at one point, excavated and presently remains at the site unveiled but still lying on ground a number of feet below the surface of the dig. The skeleton is approximately 10 feet tall and it is clearly a Bigfoot, not an Indian. Unfortunately, this skeleton is also labeled American Indian so it might be difficult to study also.

A third skeleton is located somewhere in Oklahoma on private property in a partially collapsed cave. The fact that it is on private property makes access difficult. An earth mover may be required to clear the collapsed cave entrance and interior. Ground penetrating radar may be useful in finding the skeleton which was reburied by humans when it was discovered ~40 years ago.

The source also received a report from a man who said he had seen a stuffed and mounted Bigfoot inside of a man’s home. The source thoroughly invested the claim of the taxidermied Bigfoot and believes it is probably true, but is not completely certain.

There have been a number of reports of these, especially in the Honobia region of Oklahoma where people have reported Bigfoot heads mounted like trophies on the walls of homes. It has been impossible to confirm these stories, but we may now have at least one taxidermied Bigfoot with the Rick Dyer story.

David Claerr on differences between human and Bigfoot skeletons. An excellent article by Claerr on how the Bigfoots differ structurally from us.

Man can identify Bigfoot bones by looking at them. A source, the same man who reported the skeletons above, reports that he has seen a number of Bigfoot skeletons and bones and can differentiate them from human bones on a variety of variables. First of all, they are larger than human bones. The proportions of the limbs are also different. In particular, the bone-ends are very different. Most have a coned cranium which is a dead giveaway in addition to the prominent browridge. They also have a rougher surface texture and a thicker bone wall than human bones. Also the prominences where the tendons attach to the bones are more robust.

Humans killing Bigfoots in self defense. I believe that Bigfoots have attacked humans at various times, and the humans have responded by shooting the Bigfoots dead. Surely this has occurred before.

Bigfoots are highly dangerous. I am now convinced that David Paulides theory that Bigfoots are dangerous may have some merit. Although most of the time they are docile and retiring, I believe that on rare occasions they become highly aggressive and attack and try to kill humans. Certainly this has occurred before.

Bigfoot females may be dangerous with juveniles. Female bears and other female mammals can become very aggressive towards humans if they feel that you are threatening their young. I believe that the rarely seen female Bigfoots (95% of sightings are of males) may become extremely aggressive if you think they are threatening their young. They may attack and attempt to kill a human under these circumstances. And I also believe that the juveniles may charge, attack and attempt to kill the human alongside the mother.

Always carry a gun when researching Bigfoots. At this point, I have heard enough solid evidence to convince me that these creatures are capable of being extremely dangerous, attacking humans, trying to kill them and probably even killing humans. In my opinion, any researcher who researches without a gun needs to have their head examined.

Great sites in Bigfoot history. Surely there are certain locales that will go down in Bigfoot history as some of the greatest and most famous sites in the history of Bigfooting. Ape Canyon, Mount St. Helens, he Siege of Honobia site, the Crittenden, Kentucky habituation site, Bluff Creek, Dyer’s San Antonio kill site, the Sierra Kills site, and we would certainly have to add the Alberta Habituation Site, wouldn’t we? Well of course we would.

What sort of evidence can we expect from a great Bigfoot site or habituation site. The famous Bigfoot sites have revealed a great deal of evidence. The evidence can include:

  • Footprints
  • Handprints
  • Photo evidence
  • Video evidence
  • Tree structures
  • Audio evidence of vocalizations
  • Scat
  • Hair
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Tissue
  • Parts of body(s)
  • Whole body(s)

Any combination of these various types of evidence may well be present at any famous Bigfoot site or great habituation site. Let’s hear it for great habituation sites!

Heading towards the tipping point with Bigfoot evidence.
This is one reason that I am fairly certain that 2014 will be the year of Bigfoot discovery. Everyone talks about Rick Dyer, but this may well be the most famous year ever Dyer or no Dyer.

Human killing of Bigfoots seems to be increasing. I wrote a previous piece, much linked, which calculated that humans kill Bigfoots on the average of once every 4.5 years. However, in recent years, the kill rate seems to be increasing. It seems that in the past few years, the rate is more like 2 Bigfoots shot dead per year, correct?

How many Bigfoot bodies are out there? In the past few years, at any given time, there may well have been anywhere from 2-5 Bigfoot bodies or possible bodies floating about. Whew! That is quite a few Bigfoot bodies floating about!

Problems with Bigfoot body retention. Even if a Bigfoot is shot, that is no guarantee that the body(s) may be recovered. The Sierra Kills fiasco, in which two Bigfoot bodies were lost or disappeared somehow, is a prominent recent case. Typically, when a Bigfoot is killed, all Hell breaks and there is a huge fight for the ownership of the body. Lips must be sealed and only a select few people must be told, as the sooner the news gets out, the more likely the body has a tendency to vanish.

Even if the body(s) are retained by some party(s), the body(s) may simply be disappeared by the people who have them for a variety of reasons. Many Bigfoot killers fear prosecution for homicide for killing a hairy man. Hence evidence seems to vanish and bodies tend to disappear. Bodies may be left in the field by frightened Bigfoot killers, who then tell almost no one and never go back to the site. Other times, Bigfoot killers simply bury the Bigfoot body where it fell and try to keep the killing secret.

In quite a few cases, it seems that government authorities of various types arrive on the scene and confiscate the body, after which it is never heard from again. If Indians are involved at all, things get really nutty. Indians generally believe that Bigfoots are a sacred spirit. They are afraid to even talk about them, sort of like the name of God not being uttered by some of the religious.

If and when a Bigfoot is killed, Indians do not want to take the body forward and donate it to science. Instead they wish to take possession of it. Once they get the body, they quickly bury it at a secret spot deep in the woods. The killing and burial is then never discussed. The location of the grave is a closely guarded secret held close to the chest by a few Indians, who are receive serious threats if they divulge the location of the grave. A number of Bigfoot bodies seem to vanished at the hands of Indians.

What are Bigfoots’ reactions to humans taking the bodies of the Bigfoots that they kill? Clearly Bigfoots are upset when we kill or wound their loved ones. But I believe that they like to bury their dead and they become very angry when we haul the bodies away like body snatchers thereby preventing a proper burial. If parts are cut off a Bigfoot body, say a head and hands are removed and the body is left in the field, the Bigfoots probably get very angry over us leaving a the mutilated body of their loved ones in the field. I believe that Bigfoots like to give their dead a proper burial and prefer any dead Bigfoot bodies to be whole and not mutilated with missing parts.

Writers who riddle or write in code. Some of my favorite writers write in code or riddles, dropping clues here and there, often without coming and out and saying much outright. These writers are very interesting because part of the fun is reading is trying to solve the mystery of what exactly they are trying to tell us anyway.

These writers who tease us and play games with our minds are a source of endless aggravation and frustration, however these enigmatic men of letters keep us on our toes requiring us to use our powerful intuitive skills to piece together puzzles, solve mysteries, read between the lines and pay as much attention to what is not said as what is said.

They try our patience but there are pots of gold awaiting the diligent reader to puts the pieces of the puzzle together to finally reach the epiphany of a solution.

Of course I would never do that myself as that would be dishonest and not straightforward, and I always get right to the point and never leave anything to the imagination, but I very much enjoy reading these puzzling yet alluring authors.

Let’s hear it for the riddlers!

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25 responses to “Bigfoot News January 4, 2014

  1. Kelly B

    I am excited to see what all will happen with this. I’m hoping this will be the year of the Bigfoot. I believe all the evidence is there. Just waiting for the final confirmation!

    Thanks for your blog.

  2. hello11

    The pictures you are referring to are up on the Racer X site. It is Dyer lying next to the fake body. It was leaked to him by a TT member. Also, you may notice that Dyer has changed the lips from the original photo released two days ago, to some new ridiculous looking lips. Further proof that the body is indeed fake. Though I honestly can’t understand how anyone thinks that could have been real in the first place. It was done by an amateur. The paint job is very poorly done. The placement and adhering of the fake hair is VERY poorly done. I expected a better fake after all this time. Disappointing.

  3. woodchucker

    WOW Robert! The area between the Braz and the Continental Divide, that makes sense the AB habituation site would be there. Don’t live close but I am very familair with the area as I have spent a lot of time around there, even fishing at Muskiki Lake. High altitudes, steep slopes, heavily forested, lots of plant and animal life, abundance of good clean water, very little human habitation and close to areas of reports in the past. Even the explorer David Thompson’s experience was believed to be in the Jasper area which is just over the divide to the west. The Nordegg area to the SE is also known for BF encounters.

    I could care less about RDs story, if the AB site is getting that much attention there’s something more to the recent Grizzly Bear survey that the gubmnent did that resulted in area and season closures. I wonder if some of the hair trap samples did not test to be bear? F&W Officers have been patrolling that area by horseback since the 1940’s, they must know something they aren’t sharing.

    • What is the Braz? There are regular closures in this area and some think the closures may be related to the presence of Bigfoots in the area. The F&W folks seem to know what is going on but basically they are not talking. The Nordegg area is extremely hot. I believe a Bigfoot had a camp near a dump in that area in recent years. People found the camp and there was a bicycle hung from a tree!

      • Mr. E2me

        Awesome Bigfoot News update Senor Bob.

        Couple of few things.

        – Rick Dyer getting death threats.

        That’s kind of extreme. I’ve denounced the man and his club, I do not wish an end to their existence. It would be nice if he went away just on his own accord.

        – The claim jumping of the Alberta site. Hysterical. Don’t let Moneymaker know the co-ordinates or Standing be getting bumped pronto. I keep yakking that the GWN is place for large groups of Bigfoot to exist. I’ve driven the Jasper-Banff highway and worked at a ski resort in that area. Perfect for elusive relict hominids.

        – ‘Bigfoots are highly dangerous.’ & ‘Always carry a gun when researching Bigfoots.’

        Absolutely. You don’t even need a large caliber. A larger caliber is better if you want to actually drop the thing. A .22 will suffice if you just want to look threatening and you will want to reserve at least the last bullet for yourself as you don’t want to live through what a pissed off monster shot by a small caliber weapon will do to you.

        -Totally agree with your assumptions on skeletons and bodies floating around I believe there are a few out there.

        -Writers who riddle or write in code.

        I’m so glad you got that. Generally every third letter in my posts forms the letters to sentences describing lost codices of the socialist party. However, every fourth post – if read backwards – are Illuminati pledges.

        • Fai Mao

          I agree that Sasquatch can be a dangerous animal. Most of the creatures you meet in the woods can be even if they are not that big. (Try catching a squirrel with your bare hands if you don’t believe that!)

          As to the cameras. I think that it is unwise to assume that a Sasquatch has the same visual range as a human. They are nocturnal and many nocturnal animals can see into the infra-red spectrum (In fact about 1 in 40 humans can see slightly into infra-red. Turn on a iron used for removing wrinkles from clothing to high and set it on the ironing board. Wait about 5 minutes for it completely heat up and if the bottom of the iron seems to glow a dull red to you in a dark room you are seeing into the infra-red spectrum) If a Sasquatch can see the infra-red beams that trigger the camera they might avoid them because they don’t know what they are and are afraid of them because unlike other animals they are smart enough to avoid something they haven’t seen before.

          Please note saying an animal can see slightly into the infra-red spectrum is not the same as saying they have some sort of paranormal power

      • woodchucker

        The Brazeau River, which flows east to the Reservoir. That area and Drayton Valley have recorded sitings, some recently. Just for shits and giggles, type in the following destinations on Google Map in this order: Nordegg, Brazeau Reservoir, Edson, Robb, Muskiki Lake. When the route comes up draw separte lines between A and E and B and D. This area is VERY difficult to travel off a road or trail. If you click to satellite and zoom in you will see how difficult the terrain is. Then have a look at the BFRO sites reports. I’ll bet there are quite a few that are in that grid or on the periphery.

        F&W biologists and officers in the employ here are tight lipped. They will discuss it some, but it’s the party line when you get to the hard questions. But I have had 2 tell me that every spring in the Nordegg area, many people they stop for what they belive to be night hunting are actually driving around with photo gear looking for BF’s. Ex RCMP have told me about some of their investigations. When I questioned some about Sylvanic years ago, one ( who has since passed ) told me of a duty call he made and said although he never had any type of encounter the complaintant left no doubt she had.

        Another thing about the area. Lots of old coal mine shafts from the early days there. I had a representative from Luscar mines tell me about how they didnt like people going to the mine entrances because they are dangerous, yet every year mine entrance(s ) would be found open. At the time ( mid 80’s ) Jasper and Banff already had world class caves to explore. It always seemed odd to me that people would attempt to break into an old coal mine when the area was ripe of beautiful glaciers, mountain lakes, meadows etc to explore. Beside how many cave explorers would be able to remove steel doors off a vertical granite wall with an ice pick and take the chance of being ashyxiated.

    • I have been through and around that area quite a few times delivering for the oil and gas sector. Brazeau Dam area can be a hectic drive, let alone a hike.
      The forestry road (734) north of Nordegg is loaded with goat trails, back roads and trails. The side roads can be difficult to navigate with a vehicle and the area is heavily forested.
      I honestly think this is a good spot for Bigfoot activity and it’s an area I would not want to have a break down. It’s a long walk in either direction to the nearest town.
      I have never searched for Bigfoot there but I am familiar with the area.

  4. Joerg Hensiek

    One remark and One Question on this Great BF news.
    According to Dyers New Video he has been visited by several medical Doctors already, all on behalf of the diverse News organizations. These Media will Report about the bigfoot very soon, according to Dyer.
    I always thought Jan 15th is the Date for the press Conference, now it is Jan 7th?

  5. Ray Crowe

    Great article Robert, gotta say I side with you on Dyer…wait till the conference.

  6. Lesley

    Excellent report, Robert. Lots to think about thank you.

  7. Joe

    Fantastic report Robert, one of your best.
    I too believe this is the year something big happens in the Bigfoot world. And it’s not going to have anything to do with Dyer. I’m hopeful that entire debacle is going to be coming to an end very soon and we won’t have to deal with him for a few years, until he comes back and tries another hoax.
    Please keep us up to date on what’s going at the Alberta site. I haven’t been as excited about a possible Bigfoot site as that one in a long time. I have always believed that when we do find one it’s going to be in the Northewest. That has always made the most sense to me and still does.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to a great 2014 for this blog.

  8. how do we know that isnt a dead hoaxer in a gorilla suit? cant someone call the police or law enforcement to initiate a possible accidental homicide investigation? (i dont know where this guy or this exhibit is located )

  9. woodchucker

    Reading your post again today Robert. As for habituation evidence, would large beds made of grasses and branches make the list? I understand there are some reports of such beds as big as 20′ in diameter and up to 2 ‘ thick. And what about left over food or remnants of a kill site? In your post above there are references to bone piles. Do BF’s take bones of food sources to a location away or close to the tree structures?

    I’m pretty stoked about the Alberta site Robert, but you adding it to the list with Crittenden, Mt Saint Helens and Bluff Creek makes me think you have access to some of the evidence you list. Just getting verbal reports can’t make you such a staunch supporter of that site can it?

    Not sure about the 2 BF’s per year falling to the gun. Maybe to the railroad, but most poachers and opportunity hunters are typically blowhards who cant keep their mouths shut. It wouldnt be long before they were boasting about it in the local taverns and hunting lodges.

    • They get killed by humans, and roadkills are not as rare as you think. Almost all bodies obviously never show up.

      1. Government confiscates them.

      If no government confiscation,

      2. Body “disappears.”
      3. Body gets reburied in a secret place with virtual death threats on anyone who reveals it.
      3. Body gets stuffed and mounted.

  10. Dean

    208..I am right there with you, but you are wasting your breath on most readers of this blog.

  11. maybe its a gay bigfoot, urban-like.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘maybe its a gay bigfoot, urban-like.’

      You could be on to something. He was living adjacent to a Home Depot possibly for easier access to leftover decorating and gardening supplies.
      The pics recently of Hank look like he has had a bad dye job. The crusty paint around the eyes might be runny masquera.
      It is a Homo Relict Hominid.

  12. Big G

    dna evidence puts people in the chair for murder. mitochondria dna of a bigfoot is human. if you kill a human your guilty of murder. I put it simple for those who refuse to believe that bigfoot is already proven to be out there. you cant hoax dna period. now on to your next site go over there why would you continue to come over here and tell us your retarded. that’s all im hearing. ” I wont investigate and stay stupid but still voice my opinion on a site for the well informed” Why waist your brain power as its clearly limited. Great article Robert. lots of material.

  13. Dean

    208champ…told ya. Wasting your energy. They have ears to hear, but they do not listen.

  14. John

    Robert…you refer to the possible lone investor as Hank Williams Jr. (Country-Punk) but I believe you are confusing Hank Jr. with Hank Williams III. Hank III is “Outlaw” Country, for lack of a better descriptor. Hank Jr. is more mainstream Country and of course the original Hank is Country royalty. My point is, I believe that Hank Jr. would be the money as I don’t believe Hank III would have those type of resources. His music does not sale as well.

  15. woodchucker

    I feel bad for the trapper in Alberta who has to work his trap lines by carting around putrid smelling rotten meat for his weasel, mink and marten traps. Dealing with the cougars, grizzly and black bears, wolves, lynx, wolverine, coyote can all make for a bad day on the trap line. Add to that some BFs who may acquire a taste for these baits. Makes bad weather and snow conditions seem easy to manage. Trails that are one way in and one way out must seem long when sitings can occur with regularity and that feeling of impending doom intrudes at other times. Only to return to his home to be dogged by fucktards looking to make a name for themselves and a poor paying fur industry. I hope whatever happens that person does not get bogged down into the bowels of bigfootery.

  16. b.kay

    after reading numerous articles and having both read and seen videos from this so called , bigfoot hunter / rick dryer it shouldn’t be too hard for most to see that this person is a total fraud and selling snake oil and potions to anyone foolish enough to pay him any attention. I ask it here and now isn’t it time to shun this person and to totally ignore any pundits that crop up or try to vie for attention to his non-sense and his boasting of his escapades… for all people take note , there are many who would love to see concrete evidence that there is a bigfoot community living all around us and wit3h a little luck hopefully we will within our life time…. kudos to m. k. davis for your astute mind and observations…. !! 🙂

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