Bigfoot News January 2, 2014

2014 should be the year of the Sasquatch. This is looking to be quite possibly the biggest year ever in the history of the Bigfoot story. Everyone is talking about Rick Dyer, but it may not even matter whether the Dyer story is real or a hoax. I know they keep saying that every year, but I have a feeling that this year could be for real.

Rick Dyer releases photos of Hank.

A photo of Hank that was released by Rick Dyer.

A photo of Hank that was released by Rick Dyer. I feel there is some resemblance between this photo and the Musky Allen composite sketch.

This photo appeared on the webpage of a TV station in San Antonio, Texas. They then aired a short news segment on the story. So the KSAT Channel in San Antonio is the first media outlet to break the Hank story.

Here is a newly released photo of the full body of Hank. It looks massive.

Newly released full body photo of Hank. The thing appears to be absolutely massive. Autopsy incision running down the front of the body.

Newly released full body photo of Hank. The thing appears to be absolutely massive. Autopsy incision running down the front of the body.

Here is another view of the body under the glass.

Another view of the body. Note apparent extensive facial damage to the left side of the face near the mouth and the jaw.

Another view of the body. Note apparent extensive facial damage to the left side of the face near the mouth and the jaw.

A closeup of the face which seems to show the apparent damage to the mouth and jaw area from the gunshot which Musky Allen described when he saw the Bigfoot last year.
face damage

Here is a screen capture of Hank’s body.

The back of Hank's body grabbed from the TV segment.

Hank’s body grabbed from the TV segment. The genital area is apparently blurred out.

The general view in the Bigfoot community is that this is an obvious fake. A few folks are very excited. And another small group is taking a wait and see approach. One argument that new Hank photo does not look like the Hank in the Tent Video, the Hank in the Shooting Bigfoot still or the Hank in Musky Allen’s composite sketch. Well, this is an interesting argument, but I think there is a resemblance between this photo and the Allen composite.

My opinion is that I have no idea what is in those photos. I do not know if they look like fakes or not. However, this Hank photo does in some ways resemble the Musky Allen composite pretty well. So my take is either that is a photo of Hank the dead Bigfoot or it is a very well-done fake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hoax anyway because if it is, it is the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time, and that is a great story right there.

Dyer photos were first released on a San Antonio TV station. Here is a link to the video segment discussing Dyer’s photos. And here is a link to the original story in print at the station’s news site.

Smithsonian Museum worker gives opinion on new Hank photo. I have a source who works in the Smithsonian designing the models that are used in the displays there. He examined the new Dyer photo and promptly dismissed it as a fake. I admire his expertise, but he may well be wrong in this case. I really have no idea.

Tent Video Sasquatch and Shooting Bigfoot Sasquatch may have been two different creatures. According to sources close to Dyer, the Bigfoot in the Tent Video may be a different creature than the one that was shot dead in the Shooting Bigfoot movie. How they arrived at this conclusion is not known. However, the idea that Hank was a lone Bigfoot seems to be a bit odd, as we know that Bigfoots generally live in small family groups. If there was a small family group in the area, then the two videos may well have shown two different Bigfoots.

Rick Dyer will hold an international press conference on January 15 at which much more evidence will be released. The evidence includes CAT and MRI scans of Hank’s body, DNA sequencing of Hank’s DNA and 3-D modeling of Hank’s body.

Arguments about preservation of the body. Many are saying that the trailer has no cooling system so the body could not be preserved. However, Hank has been taxidermied and mounted by a taxidermist. Rick drove up to Washington state to retrieve the body from the taxidermist who had been working it. So there is no need to preserve it of course.

First photos of Hank have been sold to the media. The video released by Dyer the other day of the tourists looking at Hank included an audio segment of an MD who came to look at the body. This MD is a writer for a magazine in New York City. He took some photos of Hank, and these photos were sold to this magazine.

More Hank photos floating around. There are other photos of Hank available floating around the Internet as I write this. A friend of mine has a very detailed whole body photo of Hank, but I cannot see it.

Hank showed to 130 onlookers. When he was transporting Hank down to Las Vegas, Rick showed Hank to 130 onlookers. So now quite a few people have seen the photo. So the old Dyer skeptic argument about almost no one having seen the body is wrong.

Todd Standing documentary will be released in the Spring. Todd Standing’s documentary which was at least in part shot at a great habituation site in Alberta, Canada will be released on TV in the Spring. I have a feeling that think this documentary will be very good. Todd has sold the rights to a TV station, and I would say that that is the smartest thing that Todd has ever done. Standing may be a Machiavellian Dark Triad type, but he is a very, very smart man.

Alberta habituation site has tree structures. One of the things that drew John Bindernagel to that site is stories that there were tree structures there. John had seen a tree structure on Vancouver Island and he wanted to compare these tree structures in Alberta with the one on Vancouver. Although the story on the Net is that John wanted to check out a single tree structure, in my opinion, there are quite a few tree structures at this site.

Les Stroud was also at the Alberta habituation site with Todd Standing recently, probably this fall. One or two episodes of Survivorman were shot out there, and they should air in the Spring. I have a feeling that those episodes are going to be very good.

Alberta habituation site not accessible now. There is 4-5 feet of snow in the ground there, and you will not be able to get back in there until May. However, I believe that the fur trapper who runs traplines on that land lives there year round.

The Bigfoot awards. As you know, some TV stations are throwing around talk about $10 million rewards, $1 million rewards, etc. However the truth is that no one is going to get those huge awards in my opinion unless they have a great agent. Anyone else will get scammed. That is, those stations are just not going to pay out those huge awards unless you fight for it.

Bigfoot TV awards currently being given out. It is little known but some of these Hollywood outfits that are offering these huge awards have already been giving out some awards.

Though they are not in the $1-10 million range, I have a feeling that they have forked out one or more awards to one or more celebrities in our community. Instead of the seven figure range, I would say it was probably in the 6-figure range. That is, one of our well-known Bigfoot celebrities may well have won a large award from one of these Hollywood outlets, probably in the 6-figure range. The prize may well have been given to these person(s) for good evidence towards proving Bigfoot. However, I am not aware of exactly what evidence may have been used to win this prize.

Bigfoot is big money. I would say that Bigfootery is starting to become very profitable to some of our celebrity Bigfooters. Above I mentioned the possibility of an award in the 6-figure range for interesting evidence towards proving Bigfoot. However, I also believe that it is possible that a celebrity Bigfooter may have recently profited in the 7-figure range from Bigfootery. That’s money in them thar hills, folks!

Interesting story about a Bigfoot shot and killed on a US military base. This story appeared a while back on Bigfoot Forums. It was widely debated, but people who had military experience felt that the story rang very true. The story was told by someone who was at the base at the time. I am not sure where the base was, but it may have been in the Rust Belt region, possibly Ohio.

The soldiers were practicing at a target range, firing away with their guns. At one point, a Bigfoot appeared in the area, and the soldiers all flipped out and stopped firing.

Command was somehow notified. Command may have been aware of these creatures. An order was issued to the soldiers at the range to hunt down and kill the creature. The troops had a new target to shoot out. They fanned out into the area to try to kill the Bigfoot. At one point, the Bigfoot was lying flat on the ground (They do do this, by the way). And suddenly it jumped up (They also do that, lie flat and then jump up, dive down again and lie flat, etc.) As soon as the Bigfoot jumped out, the soldiers opened up on him. It was quickly killed.

A number of government authorities were notified, including in particular the US Fish and Wildlife service among other biologists. The USFWS officer knew full well what these creatures were. He said something along the lines of, “Ah, so you shot another one of these things, eh?” Then he said regarding their population dynamics, “Well, they are not as common as they used to be, but there are a lot more of them around than you might think.”

It is very interesting that he said that because that means that the USFWS has some knowledge of the Bigfoots’ population dynamics. This probably means that these things are being killed fairly regularly. The USFWS officer referred to the Bigfoot as an “illusory hominid.” What an odd choice of words.

Interestingly, one of my sources went to look for this thread on Bigfoot Forums, and the entire thread had been deleted by Bigfoot Forums staff.

Some Bigfooters may be under government surveillance. I have a feeling that some members of our community may be under government surveillance due to what we know about these creatures. This is because the governments in North America know full well what these things are and they want to monitor those of us few citizens who are aware these things exist and are trying to prove it. However, I have no evidence that I am under surveillance. Other major Bigfooters have told me that they think they might be being monitored. Surveillance methods may include wiretapping of phones, etc.

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63 responses to “Bigfoot News January 2, 2014

  1. Ron

    This is a JOKE! It looks NOTHING like the drawings…the image in the MOVIE..or the TENT VIDEO! The drawings and Tent video BF all head a BARE FOREHEAD! Also, the long autopsy incision down the torso is NOT SHAVEN??? WTF?? Rest assured Dyer will NOT have verification from University scientists at the *press conference*.
    BTW…Where are pics of Hank dead at the scene in San Antonio, so we can compare those to this *thing*??

  2. Mr. E2me

    GTFO! Somebody gettin’ seven figures for ‘squatchin?
    Is it the aptly named ‘Moneymaker’? Look Bob, seriously, y’all mention Bigfoot celebrities and getting paid and
    all that. Maybe time to go independent of WordPress ?
    You could be considered a Bigfoot celebrity and IMHO certainly marketable.

    I sympathize with your socialist tendencies and myself do believe that money isn’t everything. I find it does tend to grease the rails of our existence and I like to keep it in plentiful supply. Just some gentle advice to a friend. y’all could be making bucks bro!

    Bigfooters under surveillance by the government. Why not ?
    Computers are getting better and better and surely that makes it easier for the gubbernmint to keep tabs on us. They must have the capacity to record every minute of every citizen’s day by now. Perhaps the only way to beat them is to take inspiration from our favorite topic and just go live off grid in the woods. Naked and hairy and non-interweb active.

  3. Scott

    Here’s a link to another pic –
    It looks massive.

  4. Ok jerkoff, you’re banned.

  5. I know it’s unintentional Robert, but your posts and comments about Hank in the last 24 hrs, capped off with this government surveillance ending, sound satirical. It’s really, really funny.

    • Well I was talking to a prominent Bigfooter the other day and she said, “You know, I bet there are people listening to this conversation right now.” Then they went on to tell how they thought we might be being surveilled, some of us anyway.

  6. oddly enough the face looks like those little troll dolls

  7. Raymond Elizondo

    I have always enjoyed stories of Bigfoot. I believe more of his existing than not existing. Either way, let Bigfoot live on.

  8. Raymond Elizondo

    This is a huge discovery. When the Bigfoot family find out we killed gradpa bigfoot, there is gonna be trouble. Remember planet of the apes? We ain’t seen nothing yet.

  9. Joerg Hensiek

    I am a liitle bit “confused”: Hate to say it, because this time I believed Dyer, but this face indeed looks nothing like the tent video and the drawings (receeding hair line, large and wide mouth, brown hair). Well, a last joke by Dyer before he shows the “real Hank”? The real thing? A hoax? Soon we will have the answer…

  10. Joerg Hensiek

    dyer seems to be serious that this is Hank:

    wow, I really do not know…still looks too much like 2008 to me…

  11. Mr. Jingles

    This hoax has gotten so ridiculous it’s like it’s not even real life. How anyone can take that bigfoot doll seriously is beyond me.

  12. Joerg Hensiek

    This looks more like a doll than a “real bigfoot”. But how does a real bigfoot look like? Over the weekend there are just three scenarios that could convince me that this is real:
    – Dyer names the university and scientists involved;
    – Derek Randles verifies the body;
    – the magazine article gets published that allegedly will show the first pictures “in print” – that`s the magazine that hired the medical doctor to verifiy the body.
    In “real life” there is no way that this could be a second 2008. Sadly, Mr. Dyer clearly is not part of “real life”..but exactly because of that he is also the man who COULD solve the bigfoot mystery once and for all..

    • Mr. Jingles

      We’ll see. This should all be over in a couple weeks at least. Regardless of how it ends it will be entertaining as hell, though.

    • Did a magazine hire an MD to verify that that is a real body? When did he verify that?

      • Kelly

        According to Rick and members of TTB.
        The person who came out from NYC for the Magazine was MD to verify that the body was real.
        This is the Magazine Rick sold the first pictures to. The person had camera gear and other items.

        • Mr. E2me

          Of course Kelly.
          You mean the guy who wouldn’t be filmed and not let his face be seen ?
          We can trust the POS and TeamTarded because they have never lied and misled us (face palm).
          Seems perfectly legit. Let’s trust them.

        • Kelly

          Mr. E2me,
          In TTB group people have seen the whole video unblocked and have seen the Dr. face. So you obviously do not know what your talking about.
          Go on ask anyone in TTB they have seen the film and the Dr. from the magazine.
          So you seem to be striking out here.
          I suggest you look at what the body is.
          I suggest you understand what a taxidermist does.

        • I wonder how do you say a stuffed animal is (was) real?
          As I understand it the preservation process destroys the DNA.

          I am to the point with Mr. Dyer that if he told me the sky was blue I’d doubt it is true

  13. Kelly

    So everyone is saying this body is fake.

    They are complaining that were is the facial damage?
    Answer: Rick explained to the Native American woman on his one video that they reconstructed the damage.

    People complaining about hair color?
    Answer: Depending on the Exposure and the flash it can wash out the dead hair.

    I am curious, if this is a hoax. Will Rick really get any money or milage to this?
    Look I know you all think Rick is a stupid redneck but he isn’t that stupid to blow money out the window for something that wouldn’t get any chance of any finicial return.
    Rick is about the money if this is a hoax there is zero money in it at this point he would get no one to pay for it and view it.
    Yes the bigfoot looks odd to me as well.
    I was expecting something different. So we can still wait till the Science comes out.
    People have to remember Rick is not really in control for the past year.
    I am sure his investors are face palming at the moment how he is doing this.
    Rick has the body for 1 year.

    I have a theory why it doesn’t look like the Movie bigfoot. But I will reserve that till more images come out.
    I would like to see if the finger is missing. Or did they put it back on?

    • Joerg Hensiek

      your point on the financial aspect is a valid one. I cannot see that Rick is earning any real money from a potential tour or from media appearances if this would just be a fake (rather he would get into legal troubles). The only possibility I see is that Dyer indeed cooperated with Morgan Matthews to produce a sequel to Shooting Bigfoot that deals with the public reaction to Hank and the fact that he could fool some of the public for the second time in a row. However: would MM really do something like this? Not really…But then again: THIS bigfoot does not look really convincing….

    • Dean

      What makes you think that when the ‘Science comes out’, that anyone will believe it? When the scientific community revealed the junk science of Ms Melba, no one outside the scientific community believed them. Some continue to accept Ms Melba’s fairy tale. When Bryan Sykes work came out and failed to document BF, everyone on the blogs chastised him for an agenda. The only real proof will be a body for sure, but only a real body of a real BF will suffice. POS dyer has history in hoaxing, so his burden of proof has to be, must be, unequivocal and impeccable. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

      • Big G

        once again dean ” nobody has debunked melbas work” nobody on the planet has found a problem with the computer generated nuclear dna sequences that came from the texas university outside melbas lab. If you are privy to info that debunks melbas facts we would like to here it. Your not or you would have said something more scientific then fairytale. this is the wrong audience for your bullshit. Take it over to the ””
        if you want to find an audience receptive to your kindergarden work. Sykes did the british thing and ignore a mountain of info to collect bad samples. did he test all the samples. Melba had 110 samples. Now POS might have killed a bigfoot. those who need this body and can ignore the mountain of evidence gathered for century’s then I must say thus body will also not be enough. I he gets any real attention the body will disappear in the night.

        • Dean

          Well, Big G, PT Barnum said it best…there’s a sucker born every minute. And the world is full POS dyers to prey upon them.

  14. Big G

    I too am miffed at the wildlife officers response. they’re professional careers are based on protecting wildlife , most of which are scarce. why would it be in they’re best interest to not protect a human biped that is nearly extinct. I remember a couple officers in the south of florida responding casually about one that a person reported. no info was taken down and they had a name for it. Anytime an officer is asked about info regarding bigfoot they laugh and ridicule as if coached. if anyone reports they don’t take any info down. they’re seems to be a story on the many occurrence’s of this happening including several incidences in pualides book . reports of large hairy bipeds were omitted from official paperwork on several dissappeance investigations. This happens 100 percent of the time as if there is a standing order .

  15. hauling around a skinned part-human? so no one has a problem with the ethics of this? abuse of a corpse? jeeze!! so the hannibal lechter aspects of
    dyer’s behavior is just hunky-dory with everyone??
    real or not real at this point isn’t really the question is it? it should be what kind of mentality it takes to pursue this….

    • Mr. E2me

      Calm down Windy. They do that stupid exposition with preserved, carved, dead humans and everyone thinks it’s a hit. So if we do it ourselves, what’s the big deal with the monkey ?

  16. Mr. E2me

    Kelly said
    ‘Mr. E2me,
    In TTB group people have seen the whole video unblocked and have seen the Dr. face. So you obviously do not know what your talking about.
    Go on ask anyone in TTB they have seen the film and the Dr. from the magazine.
    So you seem to be striking out here.’

    You want me to ask a bunch of liars to verify a possible lie ?
    Better yet , give me the Doctors name so we can verify it ourselves.

  17. Antonamouse

    I was in touch with Thylacine (AKA Phroso) last night. He was back on the grid recently and his reaction to Hank’s picture: “HE SHOT MATILDA’S PAPPY!”.

  18. Chris

    People have to remember that it was killed almost a year and a half ago, has been autopsied, drained and preserved somehow….so its not going to look exactly like the Tent Video. I do believe this is a real Sasquatch Robert but we will know for sure in about ten days. Happy New Year Robert.

    • Antonamouse

      “…team of bigfoot makers…”? Looks more like Dyer working on the cheap using a modified mask and cheap fake fur. He doesn’t care what the Bigfoot community thinks. He knows he can fool the general public with just about anything. Watch the cheap thrills he gets showing it to unsuspecting strangers.
      If he did kill a Bigfoot he knows he’ll have his day when the paper passes peer review. Whether or not he ever gets possession of the body is another story.

    • RON

      wow..just wow
      ZERO confirmation from university scientists!!!!
      BTW..where are the pics of Hank when he was first killed in San Antonio??? Maybe they’re with his REFER TRUCK RECEIPTS??? LOL

  19. Ton

    Does everyone forget he claimed to have captured a live baby Bigfoot at the same time he shot Hank? why hasn’t he mentioned that yet?

    • Chris

      The baby story was a joke especially to punk some in the Bigfoot community. Dyer has always said that he would mislead people along the way and he has. I think Morgan Matthew’s lack of any definitive comments tends to support that this may be a real Sasquatch and until dna could prove what exactly was shot, I would keep mum too.

  20. Joerg Hensiek

    it gets even stranger: Dyer is currently driving to another “independent expert” to verify the body. That`s great. But why does he need to do this? Wasn`t the body examined by a “top” university for over a year?! Wasn`t the body examined by a medical doctor on behalf of the “popular magazine”? Why does he not show the alleged video made by one of the alleged scientists (sent to Dyer in September or so), in which this scientists allegedly tells it all? Will Dyer show us something really convincing over the weekend or after? I hope so, but I doubt it now very much…

    • RON

      If he had the scientific data he says he has, then there would absolutely NO REASON to have any so called DR look at this! He posted a clip today saying they were taking it to another Dr to verify! This is BS! They are simply trying to side step the REAL: FOCUS OF SCIENTIFIC PROOF.
      Also, WHERE ARE THE PICS HE SAID HE TOOK OF HANK AT THE SCENE OF THE SHOOTING??? It would interesting to see how those compare to this *thing*.

        give him a few days…he just got the ‘thing’:)…..he still has to film the 40mts. of HD video ‘loading the body into truck’ scene for his DVD….if he is to send those couple of copies out…and he has to make his ‘autopsy’ footage as well….:)

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Ron: I hope you understood that this is exactly what I wanted to express! I still have a – admittedly irrational – belief in the whole affair, but as you can read in my last sentence, this hope is fading fast.

  21. Emmett Von Schnit

    If jeff Meldrum says it’s real based on observation then I will go along with it. I trust very few within the so called bigfoot community. Bigfooters as a rule are full of shit. I’m surprised some don’t wear uniforms with all kinds of rank devices and accutrements. I understand having groups, etc. But some are indeed comical and even pitiful. Still I believe one hundred percent bigfoot is the real deal based on talking with a few who have had sightings and not everyone is lying, hoaxing or mis-identifying a squirrel, bear or a human for what they saw – BIGFOOT. I hope someone very much on the order of a Bob Gimlin type brings one dead of natural causes in one day soon.

  22. Rob do you think that thing is real? looks fake

    • I do not have the faintest idea if it is real or not! But it could be real. It’s either a real dead Bigfoot or it’s a fantastic replica.

      • Ron

        Looks very fake to me. Also, we don’t see other features in detail like the hands and feet. I’m sure they are there, but he should have shown them as well. This simply screams *FAKE* in every respect. Also, as mentioned earlier….does NOT look like any of the drawings Dyer went along with… nor the TENT VID image nor the one shot from the Movie. NONE of them look like this *thing*.

  23. just an obvious thing – bigfoot is supposed to have hair. not fur, hair, the fake thing in the picture looks like it has fur on the face. the iceman looked a lot more realistic, as did the yeti de bourgone — sorry, can’t remember the spelling.

  24. Maurice Cloud

    Too bloody hilarious! Cheers all!

  25. c’mon Robert – you write about other topics with such care and precision.
    to say its a fantastic replica based on these photos is wishful thinking. they aren’t very good photos but what i see is a pretty shapeless body and a really odd face shot that seems to have soft fur on it, lots of fur. the iceman pics are amazing and evocative, and make me really want to believe the switcheroo story, and the french yeti face pic blows me away. in contrast this face looks more…toylike. it just doesn’t read. anyway, i read all your stuff and admire your patrols into the squeamish territories, and i want to ask you to think about this with the same care you use in linguistics

  26. If this guy is telling the truth how do we know he didn’t kill a hoaxer in a gorilla suit? seems to me that there should be a criminal investigation. can’t someone call the police on this guy to report a dead body and possible crime? i.e accidental or unintentional hunting death. this will answer the question if it is a fake or not.

  27. Joerg Hensiek

    Again, Dyer has to answer a lot of questions over the next few days. One of the (alleged) scientists/experts must now come forward. Face and body of this “thing” do not look like the “real thing”. There is no discussion about that. However, it would be intruiging if such a creature looking like out of Lord of the Rings would indeed roaming North America`s forests. If there is no concrete information from a reliable source until middle of next week we can forget the whole affair. But when RD is forgotten again: Who will bring the solution? I waited for Jeff Meldrum now long enough, hope his journeys to Alberta will bring more exciting results.
    About Robert: what can he do? He can just use the few (mostly meaningless) information and data already available. There is no library on RD`s bigfoot as there is for Sanskrit, Welsh or Moselle Franconian…

    • I do not know why everyone is so worried about proving these things are real. That is so silly. We are killing more of these things than we ever have. We kill, what, how many Bigfoots in the last few years? 2 a year? At that rate, is just a matter of time. And let us say that Rick does have a body. Does anyone really think that that is the only body floating around nowadays? Surely there must be more bodies than Hank out there right? So what are we so worried about?

      I am very confident that 2014 is going to really be the year we have all been waiting for, and I am not even sure if Dyer matters.

      Sit back and enjoy the popcorn. It should not be long now.

      • Big G

        Thank you for saying that this POS affair is a small part of the bigfoot community . IT appears that all the fuss is made by those outside the informed group.

      • Dave Bradshaw

        Robert, I am, the ”Cook” .On the Mt. Charleston expedition Rick Dyer was leading, the team was terribly stratified.There was no safety first,and at 10,000 ft, in a place that will eat you for F-ing off,I saw no was no team leader,I saw no ”Greatest Bigfoot Tacker in the World” I saw no safety first…. I was left, suffering hypoxia, to make decisions. I chose not to follow that, psychopath anymore and left the Mt.I never said a word on any blog site and was rewarded with a cheap parody by Rick and Big Jake [that should back up what I am saying is true]. I know he attacked you in 2113 and you handled it in about the same way I did.He repeatedly say’s that he never attacks anyone first. I would have said this to Ricks face ,but he was not there.

        So…The truth…is that a real Bigfoot? I don’t much care, there is nothing that Rick Dyer has done that will change what I think.

        Leading anyone on an ”Expedition” He has no business there.

        You would have a different perspective on what matters, if you were there.The Cook

  28. Emmett Von Schnit

    Some gov’t. Entity probably has a few in a cooler or preserved in some manner. Various gov’t entities and departments love secrets… even stupid shit that makes no sense being kept secret. Even my dumb ass has seen a UFO… and no not a freaking plane or Venus or swamp gas.

    • Big G

      For those who thing they need a body to prove bigfoot exsists. Please go see Pos’ dead bigfoot . we don’t need to kill anymore. All of our research can be done with habituation sites. anything that could have been done with a body has been done in the DYER affair. whether you like it or not this is the dead body method that every skeptic rails about. Well its there. go look at it and never respond to the public again about your stupid retarded demands. ” We need a dead bigfoot so we are convinced it is real” There, we have closed the book on what the retards want. Now I’m excited about the stuff awaiting us as soon as the snow thaws out a little. Has the dna come back on the orang pendik ? Has anyone convinced the republicans yet that the glaciers are now melted back 10 miles and the polar bear habitat of ice on the ocean isn’t forming anymore. we have hybred bears coming out because brown and polars are sharing the same habitat. Did the republicans see a piece of ice the size of phode island broke off antartica 6 years ago is an indication of climate change. Every year the ski resorts that the republicans visit have to produce all of their snow now . That’s right. record summer temperatures in all of north America in the summer and now 93 degrees on Christmas here in florida.

  29. Xela

    I thought Hank had a receding hairline?

    • RON

      NONE of the drawings out there (including Musky’s description)…as well as the TENT VID shot and the MOVIE STILL SHOT…look ANYTHING like this current photo! Yes. they ALL have a bare forehead>>>EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  30. RON

    Here a Vid of analysis of Fake Body

  31. woodchucker

    Those photos are a bad joke. The autopsy incicion has the signature of an amateur taxidermist or 1st time deer hunter field dressing. And that face! LOL. How any of this can be believed is absolutely hilarious.

    • Samurai chatter

      For an autopsy what is shown in the photo is not the way an incision is made. It’s done in a “Y” or occasionally a “T” fashion, ending near shoulders. When completed it is sewn back up.
      Also often the top portion of the skull is opened to remove the brain.
      No evidence of any of this.

  32. Call the cops in a large city and tell them that someone has killed a human being with a rare genetic disorder and let the forensic/medical specialists figure it out. A real,live licensed MD. will be able to tell if this is real or made up in a couple of minutes. I can guarantee that there is a police department out there that will start a real investigation if they believe ,even a little, that this thing might be a human “freak” of some sort.

  33. It looks like viking ( sorry to any swedish danish people reading ) a little to human really more human like to the 67 big foot which is more ape looking i want it to be real ….

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