Bigfoot News New Year’s Edition, 2014

Rick Dyer takes possession of Hank. It was reported that yesterday, Rick Dyer took possession of Hank in Washington State, where the final touches of the body preservation process were completed, loaded into his trailer and drove it back to Las Vegas. By the time of this writing, the body is now in Las Vegas.

Rick Dyer's Hank tour trailer, ready to roll.

Rick Dyer’s Hank tour trailer, ready to roll.

Many more people view Hank and the viewings were recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Above is an amazing video that Rick took somewhere on his journey, possibly in Washington state as there is snow on the ground. This time of year, the snow in Washington state’s populated areas is mostly in eastern Washington state. Rick is showing the body to some onlookers who are peeking into the back of the trailer and looking at it. The people seem to be mere onlookers and not associated with Rick in any way. Their reactions appear genuine and unscripted. Many are remarking in amazement upon viewing Hank’s body in the back of the trailer.

At the end of the video, a MD who flew in from New York City to see the body is audio-recorded voicing his amazement upon viewing Hank. The video of the physician is edited out to preserve his privacy as no doubt he is afraid of ridicule.

Team Tracker members flying into Las Vegas. As mentioned above, a physician reportedly flew in from New York to view Hank. In addition, I am told that some Team Tracker members are also flying into Vegas to view Hank from across the US. Others are flying all the way from the UK to look at the body. These folks obviously believe deeply that Hank is genuine. If he is not, they may have a civil suit case against Rick for fraud. Musky Allen is flying in from the Great Lakes area today. Apparently Musky thinks the body is real, otherwise why would he buy a plane ticket from the Rust Belt to Vegas.

After the Shot videos delayed again. Rick delayed the release of these videos until December 31, and now he has delayed them again until January 17. Word is that one of the two videos (there is After the Shot and another one) has sold only 28 copies so far. If Rick does not deliver the videos and does not refund the buyers’ money, he is going to have a lawsuit on his hands.

What is Hank? As you can see, the number of people who have seen Hank has now grown dramatically.

The video shows 10-20 ordinary citizens viewing the body. So what is in the back of the truck? Hank is either a dead Bigfoot or an expertly constructed fake. If it is a fake, it has fake autopsy incisions in it. In addition, in the video, Rick pulls out some of the hair and lights it on fire. It gives off a strong odor. Why would the fake be made out of some weird material that stinks and stinks even worse when you light it up? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

Dyer tour with Hank. As far as I can tell, the tour starts sometime in the middle of January and it is still on. He is going to go on tour with something – either a real dead Bigfoot or an expertly constructed fake. If it’s a fake, the viewers probably do not have a lawsuit case against Rick. Rick is selling them tickets to see a dead Bigfoot, and would think that viewers who view a fake would have a fraud case against Rick in court. However, plaintiffs could simply argue (and the judge would surely agree) that as there is no such thing as Bigfoot, there is no fraud and the viewers were simply gullible fools who have no protected class status.

Les Stroud Survivorman Bigfoot documentary on the Discovery channel will appear soon.Les Stroud is the well known star of the Survivorman show. He is an expert survivalist who can live in the woods for considerable periods of time. In my opinion, this show will also feature Todd Standing in addition to Stroud. I also believe that at least some of this show was shot at Standing’s habituation site in Alberta mentioned below.

New information on Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel Bigfoot encounter in Alberta, Canada. I asked Meldrum to comment on this and I have not received any response. I understand that Meldrum has signed an NDA regarding his experience during the Alberta outing.

However, I can now report that this habituation spot is one that is favored by a man named Aaron Arcand. He considers it to be his area, but it’s actually crown land.

Also the land may or may not be associated with a fur trapper who has a trapline in the area (you can run traplines on Crown Land). Arcand stole this site from another man who I will not name who had regarded it as his secret spot for some time.

I can also now report that Arcand took Todd Standing to this area recently. If Todd went there, no doubt he had one or more encounters because it is literally not possible to stay in this zone for any time and not have an encounter. So the following persons have been to this area:

  1.  A fur trapper
  2. An unnamed researcher
  3. Aaron Arcand
  4. Todd Standing
  5. Les Stroud
  6. Jeff Meldrum
  7. John Bindernagel

Since it is nearly impossible to spend any time at this site and not have an encounter, I assume that all of the men listed above have had Bigfoot encounters at this site. I know for a fact that at least the fur trapper, the researcher, Arcand and Meldrum have had encounters there at any rate.

I am not sure if I can tell you where in Alberta the site is located or even give you a general location. This is surely one of the hottest habituation sites in North America right now though.

Todd Standing documentary in the works. Standing is working on a Bigfoot documentary that may be released in the coming year. In my opinion, this documentary should be very good and I think will have excellent Bigfoot footage, evidence and documentation of some type in it. It is amazing that I am actually looking forward to something from Standing, but I am. I am not sure if any footage from the Alberta habituation site will be included in the doc.

Jeff Meldrum, musician. Here is Meldrum singing, Homebrew. I assume this is our very own Jeff the Bigfooter, no?

Amazing. I wonder how many Bigfooters have seen this video? As you can see, Aaron Arcand also plays on this song, so it appears that Meldrum and Arcand know each other, adding weight to my theory that Meldrum went to Arcand’s spot in Alberta.

Bigfoot appears on Bing Maps. Bing Maps is a Google Earth type application that runs on the Satanic Microsoft Bing search engine.

Apparent Bigfoot on Bing Maps. That actually does look like a Bigfoot to me. That is what they look like.

Apparent Bigfoot on Bing Maps. That actually does look like a Bigfoot to me. That is what they look like.

Here is the report, which also included photos.

I was zooming in on a small lake 8 miles south of Aurora, Minnesota named Hautala Lake when I noticed something on the photo. There looks like something is crossing the road (#41 Palo Rd) in a wooded area just north of the lake. I’ve attached a screen shot picture #1. At first glance I thought it was a man, but about 1/10 mile east of the figure is a car going east on the same road.

The second picture is the car screenshot at the same size. Whatever that thing is it is big. If you compare the car and the figure, the figure appears as tall as the car is long! Even assuming the car is a compact, that means that the figure is over 12ft tall !! Remember these are not my pictures. Anyone can go on Bing Maps and zoom in on this. If you use a smart phone, you can see the figure clearer than on a computer. Search for Aurora MN. Then scroll about 8 miles south of Aurora on Hwy 99 to Palo Rd (#41) Look about .45 miles west on Palo Rd., and you can see it for yourself.

Bigfoot encounter report from Manitoba, Canada. Interesting report that a Canadian recently sent to me. Make of it what you will.

I’d like to tell you a story about my home town in middle northern Manitoba Canada. Manitoba, Canada is home to what I believe to be a creature known as Bigfoot. Manitoba is not known to be a Bigfoot hotspot but it is.

Manitoba is very sparsely populated, with 70% of the people living in the capital city of Winnipeg.

I come from a place known as Waterhen, Manitoba. Right now it and the surrounding area has a population of around 400. Waterhen is the end of the line basically. One the left of Waterhen is a lake, and on the right is bog and swamp that goes for 100km’s. Forward, there are 0 humans for about 400 km’s. Even where a there are humans, from that point on, they are very sparse. The entire area north of Waterhen is thick forest, lakes and shallow streams that connect them all.

My uncle was around 55 years old, a bricklayer from Winnipeg who was out visiting family in Waterhen which is about a 300 km drive.

To get to Winnipeg you head right from Waterhen down a 100 km gravel road where absolutely no one lives and there is no cell phone service. This was a typical night for him and his daughter who was attending high school at the time. It was fall and dark outside so likely it was around 10 pm.

They were about 60 out of the 100 km down this road when they saw something up ahead on the side of the road. It was standing on two feet, it was over 6 feet tall, and my uncle said and dark. My uncle had lived in Waterhen until he was 30 and had hunted and been in the wilderness his entire life. He has seen and hunted countless bear, moose, elk, deer, and bison. He said that this was something different.

It ran across the road away from them quicker than any animal could on two legs, then it got to the edge of the bush and turned around and ran back across the road and into the forest.

My cousin, his daughter, reported the same thing. She would have been about 16 years old at the time. She was a high school student. More of a city girl, but she said she knows what she saw. My uncle is not a person to lie and my cousin isn’t either. They never told anyone but my family, and they said as hard as they tried to forget about it, they couldn’t. Two people, one old and one young, saw the exact same things. Again, I say, they are not the sort of people to make up stories like this. They have never made up anything like this before or again.

My other uncle who is a brother to the first person in the story was about 40 years old at the time of this sighting. He is 70 now. He also was a hunter and grew up in a poor family, so going out into the bush and getting meat was all he knew when he was younger. He told me that one time he was out hunting like any other. It was getting to be dark.

He had a 30-06 rifle with him, which is a bigger caliber gun. He moose-calls himself so he knows what they sound like. He said that while he was hunting, he heard a noise like “Oooooogh”. A grunt of sorts.

He said he felt powerless. Normally with a high powered rifle you feel like you can take down anything. He said this particular grunt was different from any animal he had ever heard and it scared him.

Another time that same uncle was out hunting in the forest around the same area that my first uncle in the first story saw the Bigfoot run across the road. They were walking in the bush when all of a sudden something big and hairy stood up and ran away in front of them. He said he knows that it had to be a Sasquatch. It was big, dark and running like a man on two legs. He said the whole experience happened very quickly.

I know I am only a typist of words, but I have no reason to lie and neither do my uncles or my cousin. These people have lived out in the bush their entire lives. Again these stories take place somewhere where there are no cattle, no houses, no pets, and no people for at least 50 kms. Pitch black, no street lights, nothing.

Nice story!

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85 responses to “Bigfoot News New Year’s Edition, 2014

  1. putz

    traplines are registered to native americans, while it is crown land, it is protected by treaty (hence the term “his land”). that particular trapline can easily be found by searching the trappers name in the local natural resource ministry.

  2. Mr. E2me

    Thanks or the update.

    Fucking Rick Dyer is one convincing s.o.b. I’m almost ‘ready to believe’. Almost. I gotta have some back up evidence with that guy. There have always been talks of the high quality fake. I just can’t help but feel he’s toting around a replica. Ah well, if he proves me wrong, good on him. I really, really want to see which institute of higher learning stands behind him. Should be innerstin.

    I’m telling ya, Canada is where it’s at. Im a convinced there’s a denser population of the Sasquatch up there. Far less population in the northern portions and vast amounts of cold, untamed wilderness. You just have to be willing to go there. I’m from Manitoba and I left. Waterhen? I bet they have Jurassic sized mosquitoes. Did I tell you it was -60 Celsius the last winter I was there? So there’s that too..

    • Big G

      If sasquatch wants to survive where there are no humans it appears canada is the place. that is until canada cuts its timber down in the same manner we have. hopefully since they didn’t kill every indian some forest might be saved.

      • woodchucker

        Don’t sweat it Big G, the trees will stand for some time. Has nothing to do with how many natives you believe were spared either. Thank NAFTA for exempting our forest products from the Agreement. Tariffs are saving the trees, not the natives. And if they do go, blame the eastern seaboard of the US, not the Canadians. Thats where 80% of it goes.

        • Big G

          Canada has given much more land to the indian population because the population is much bigger. ie they werent killed off. The indians dont cut the forest in the same manner as the large corporations in the U.S. In affect i was blaming the eastern seaboard and american corporations for the demise of the forest in the U.S. and now canada . just like the oil market , Canada has let U.S. corporations rape the land. I dont sweat it. if the people of cnada are as stupid as the people of the U.S. as to let corporation congtrol the government they deserve it.

  3. woodchucker

    Happy New Year Robert! Thanks for the BF News. Looking forward to more about the Alberta site. Why does Standing get a free pass to the trapline site? Wasn’t he known to be a hoaxer with his images previously? Of the 7 names above, his would bring the least credibility to this story. If the story comes out saying he didnt show up when expected, thata search party was needed, I’ll know straightaway this is nonsense. As for stealing a piece of crown land, thats not possible. If you have a trapline, you have exclusive rights to collect furs, build structures, develop access, etc. Anyone can travel on those trails and even use the structures, but the rights to them and the assets belong to the trapper. If Arcand feels he needs to introduce such an area to the Strouds and Standings of the world, he likely doesnt give a shit about bigfootery, just trying to grandstand. Is Arcand the Musky Allen of the trapline site? This story is getting funky smelling.

  4. putz

    You sure the site is in Alberta, Aaron Arcand is from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

    • woodchucker

      The name Arcand is like Smith around here, likely more than one Aaron. If it was the musician from the Battlefords that went there with Standing and Stroud after being told not to take them there, a word that rhymes with ink comes to mind.

  5. Rick Dyer – a reprehensible person with absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life and what it means. Gross human being.

  6. Stealth

    Real or not, this is insane – in a good way.

  7. Jay


    Do you know if any of these random people off the street have tweeted or commented online? I would hate to think they all had to sign NDA’s before peaking in the trailer.


  8. notagain001

    you got me wondering – if bigfoot could exist say in canadian forests, could a still undiscovered american indian tribe be there as well? i.e like one in an amazon jungle

  9. Joerg Hensiek

    Really interesting news…2014 starts with a bang…I am now almost sure that RD has THE BODY! The next five-seven days will bring the definite proof…

  10. Hazlett

    Has anyone put any thought into how Ricks body (if its real) is preserved?

    I am going to try and look into some cutting edge techniques sometime today. I heard, people reported there is no AC or refrigeration type unit on the trailer, so we can only guess that they are using some alternative process or it is just a very good fake.

  11. Kelly

    Ok lets assume that what Rick says is true. That the Washington State University had done work on the body.
    1.) All the outside samples would be taken.
    Pictures, Hair Samples, Skin Samples
    2.) The body then would be cut open and most likely all the bones would and organs would be removed. Most likely this would be done from the back after the front organs have been removed.
    3.) They would make castings of all the bones. The University would keep all the organs to them these are the important Items.
    4.) The then would put a set of “casted” bones back in.
    So is Rick driving around with the complete bigfoot NO
    But what Rick is going around with is a Taxidermy body.
    The Fur, Skin and all that would be real and it would have been preserved like it needs to for this kind of process.
    The hair may have gotten lighter from being dead and preserved and stuffed.

    Now The assumption I am making is that it was the Washington State University why?
    Jane Goodall Institute
    Global Animal Health
    Human Health -Targeting Cancer
    Washington Center for Muscle Biology
    Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
    Monoclonal Antibody Center

    So Washington State sounds like the best location to have the research done.

  12. Hazlett

    Thanks Kelly,

    What is your take on the audio of the MD at the end. I would love to know who this is and if Washington State is going to be the university, that stands by his side on this. Again, this guy, he draws people in, I am sure we are all setup for disappointment again.

  13. Kelly

    The guy at the end that was blocked out? That we heard him but not the visual?
    That was a Dr. works for a magazine out of NYC. I would assume a science one. He was there to verify that the body was real. He also apparently took pictures as well.
    Rick said on his show last night that, they sold the first Images of “Hank” to this magazine.
    I see that Ian from England who also has been a Dyer “shooting bigfoot” supporter has seen images of “Hank”.

    There have also been posts on Ricks page by the woman with the little kid who saw the bigfoot. She said her kid was scared at first. She said honestly she doesn’t know what to think about what she saw.
    I do not believe Rick will be drawing this out any longer. I think he is also tired of the year of ups and downs and delays.
    Rickwill be hoping he will make his money on the tour once people know he has a real body. I imagine he will have “Team Tracker Gear” for sale at these places.

    I am personally waiting for the release and the news as well.
    It is exciting. It has been a frustrating year with it and the crap on both sides. But in the end I have always believed Rick did shoot it. Even though he can be a real jerk.

    I can’t wait to see “Hank”
    What i want to hear more about is Rick mentioned that they were all getting weird vibes and stuff happening around the dead bigfoot body.
    I wonder if this is also why some of the reactions are subdued.
    Does the trailer itself have a weird primitive vibe in it that makes people uncomfortable?

  14. Thomas

    Robert, thanks for another blog post. Please keep up your great work on the Meldrum storry. I thinik that could end up being the story of 2014.

    Whatever Dyer is hauling around in that atrocious trailer is NOT a real dead Bigfoot. When Bigfoot is finally brought out to the public (and I believe it will one day) it’s not going to be brought out by some stupid disgusting redneck hauling it around the country from flea market to flea market. That’s a fact.
    Hopefully all of this Dyer nonsense will be put to a proper rest very soon and the entire Bigfoot community can get back to focusing only on the real research being done.

  15. Kelly

    So your only logic that Rick doesn’t have the body.
    Is because you don’t like him being the one to have proved it because you view him as a disgusting redneck?
    So how is lets say the “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” or “Finding Bigfoot” any better than a country flea market with Rick Dyer?
    Seems to me they are all on the same level.
    They are all a cast of characters correct?

    So explain when anyone is doing real research on this?
    Bigfoot Community is made up of a variety of characters.

    Right now there is more “circumstantial, eyewitness evidence of Ricks Bigfoot shooting than any other Bigfoot sighting currently.
    Rick states that they had about over 100 people see “Hank” on the way back from Washington state.

    Why don’t you wait and see instead of saying for a fact you know he doesn’t have it or that it is fake. Better to not make 100% claims of something you don’t know about than speculating.

    So if Ricks Bigfoot is not a real dead one. Then explain the Medical MRI pictures people saw? Explain how a group of people saw pictures last night? Explain how this is any different than any other sighting of a bigfoot?

    Will you also claim any scientist that backs Rick is in on the hoax?
    What about any other bigfooter? What about magazines? So all these people have been fooled or part of the con?
    Same with Morgan Matthews?

    Sorry to me that is giving Rick far more credit than just shooting a bigfoot.

    • Big G

      I can understand your excitment but what ever POS is doing or has drug out over the last year has yeilded very little to the bigfoot reaserch community. Has washington state done Dna using melbas formula. the most important video/sighting/footprint evidence is still the paterson video. The very next in line is melbas DNS study. Then i would say Zana’s family followed by the pendick orang discovery including the body. Pos has had a year to give us DNA results and of course at this point the only way to prove the body is real. If washington state or any other place produces something then i would say we are heading in the direction of your claims. as it stands The Pos incident ( will createing a firestorm of media attention) has been a very small part of the modern mountain of evidence.

  16. Hazlett


    You are all over this, did you get most of your current info from Ricks radio show last night? If you did, is it available somewhere so that I can listen to it while I am trapped here at work.

    I have been so up and down on this through the entire thing. I have always believed that the tent video was legit, I feel like know one has ever actually proved it wrong or legitimately debunked it.

    When it came to the shooting, I was on board when I heard about the movie and everything leading up to it, I started to go the other way after the interview with Morgan Mathews, I am still not sure why he hasn’t come out and said one way or the other. I started listening to Ricks radio show and started hearing contradictions, I started reading this blog and the skeptics here have been pretty convincing.

    Now the latest video of the reactions of people seeing the body, well I am VERY interested again but Rick would not show people if they said ..OMG that is so fake. Is it possible that Rick was just very selective on the reactions that he let us see.

    Where are the Team Tracker people that got to see the part for their eyes only, I would love to hear from them. I assume leaked pictures will be out very soon, it cant stay hidden much longer.

    Were there any dates given about the University on the latest Blog Radio?

    I guess I will have to just wait and see…have we been hoaxed again or of all people to shoot one, did RICK DYER actually do it.

    2014 and the game is still on.

  17. Kelly

    Big G.

    Has Rick really been the one in control? If you have listened to Rick at all. He had to fight for legal custody of the body for 1 year. This to me says that he isn’t in control. I have a question would you rather have all the science research pushed out and sloppy over the year? Or would you prefer a nice report that backs up the body. You seem to be giving Rick to much credit.

    The only thing Rick is going to be known when this is done and over is that man who shot and killed a Bigfoot he calls “Hank.” The University and the Science will be the other focus handled by you know scientists. Personally I am happy Rick hasn’t given us any DNA evidence because no one like you would believe it if it comes from Rick.


    Morgan Matthews set out to make a movie about the Men who hunt down Bigfoot. He made a movie that pretty much makes fun of them. Him not confirming or denying what really happen has nothing to do with it really happening. He had an agenda he set out to make a certain film. The shooting would have been a very short part of the film. But imagine now the attraction of the film when this all comes out?

    I think the video is on Ricks Youtube page. My understanding now is that even Chris Noel has seen the pictures. I am sure Robert may be able to verify this.

    It also seems it is getting closer since many TT members and other people are flying to Vegas in the next couple of days. A video showing Musky in Vegas yesterday was shown.

    So all we can do is wait.

    • Big G

      Wow kelly you are really excited. i dont know what you said. do you remember the 2008 bigfoot dyer hoax. a body without some sort of DNA proof is just that. is it real. What would be a deciding factor to you if you veiwed the body. thousands saw the minisota iceman. Did science conclude it proof that sasquatch is out there. The difference for you i guess is your coming from outside the community, from a skeptics perception that it doesnt exisit. seeing a bigfoot in ice is what you need. I guess its stuffed so seeing a stuffed animal is all the skeptics need. i need a scientist to do multiple studies on a dead corpes. those studies if done haven’t been released so at its best its a stuffed bigfoot with just a few parts of the original. this sideshow will give POS some money but really not add a great deal to the mountain of science already gathered.

  18. Kelly

    Big G,

    Explain to me were I said that scientific evidence is not needed. You are expecting Dyer to be the one for that. I am not expecting Dyer but the University that did the work. I said if Dyer presented that evidence in advance you wouldn’t believe it. I said would you rather have shoddy DNA and Scientific proof or Well put together evidence and proof? You make it sound like all this research can be done in a matter of months when it can’t.

    The difference between you and I is I believe Rick shot and killed a Bigfoot and that is what he will be known for. I also know that Rick has had very little control over anything in this process. Yes Rick made many claims the bottom line he asked people to just wait. Not be on one side or the other.

    The time is coming we soon will all know.

    Some will still not want to accept Rick Dyer shot one. Even with all the evidence.

    • Kelly

      Please can you refer to Rick as Rick or RD not POS. You are showing your own bias and not neutrality as a skeptic calling Rick a POS. Surely you are better than that?

      • Mr. E2me

        Kelly said…

        ‘Some will still not want to accept Rick Dyer shot one. Even with all the evidence.’

        No, we are quite open minded here. We just feel the need to hold a known hoaxer to a higher standard of evidence. Surely you can see the logic in that.

        ‘Please can you refer to Rick as Rick or RD not POS’

        Request denied. Kelly, y’all seem awful close to POS, close enough perhaps that your own judgement is impaired. Rick worked real hard to let everybody know what a slimeball he is and the result of the effort is a lovely nickname that suits him just fine by us. You seem quite naive, Kelly. What are you going to do when POS’s recent antics prove out to be a hoax as well?

        • Kelly

          What will I do? Why the same thing I do every day. Get up go to work read about things that interest me. Not talking hate on a person I don’t know really. If it is a hoax as you say how has it hurt my every day life? It hasn’t Bigfoot will still be a mystery.

          What will you do if it is a hoax? Will you still be trash talking Rick till the end of the world? Will you still be going to Racer X blog trying to dig up dirt on Rick all the time? Joining in on the other comments tracking Rick every place he goes? See this is were I differ from you. Ricks personal life doesn’t mean a thing to me. Nor does his past hoaxing or legal issues. Everyone has skeletons in the closets. But that doesn’t take away that he did shoot a Bigfoot.

          So what will you do if your so sure its a Hoax and it turns out it isn’t? Will you apologize? Will you step-up and be a bigger person and admit you were wrong? Or will you just turn your dislike for Rick to well he still is a despicable man because he killed one? See you will still have something to dislike Rick for. You should be happy it is a win win for you.

          I wonder if Robert will set up a Post for all those people who were 100% sure its all a hoax to admit they were wrong when it all comes out. Would you do it?

    • Kelly, RD did not help the homeless unless you consider cigarettes a gift. He claimed to be with A&E and asked hurtful questions to homeless women so they would cry and filmed them. RD wanted to plant hoaxed evidence on TT expeditions. RD did not shot a Bigfoot. The tent video is CGI. RD planned to use a fake taxidermy body all along. There are no dvds. There are no pictures of a real BF and I will bet the fake looks nothing like the Tent Camper BF or the Shooting Bigfoot creature!
      I could go on and on. Lies a top of more lies! This is what he does without remorse and has his team lie as well. Kelly, open your eyes. You are the one giving RD too much undeserved credit!

  19. Mr. E2me

    ‘What will I do? Why ….still be a mystery.’

    Not really what I meant to ask. To the point…will you still be riding POS’s nut-sack if it IS a hoax…again? Will you denounce him or have some sort of weird cult like loyalty to him?

    ‘What will you do if it is a hoax? Will you still be trash talking Rick till the end of the world?’

    * DEFINITELY* It would be like a public service.

    ‘Will you still be going to Racer X blog trying to dig up dirt on Rick all the time? Joining in on the other comments tracking Rick every place he goes?’

    -Hey assclown, I mean Kelly… Show me where i have done that .
    I do not do that. I only post here. You are trying too hard to make a case you are twisting your facts and rational. Just like you are trying too hard to support a POS.

    ‘See this is were I differ from you. Ricks personal life doesn’t mean a thing to me. Nor does his past hoaxing or legal issues. Everyone has skeletons in the closets. But that doesn’t take away that he did shoot a Bigfoot.’

    -Actually it should. You are a dim bulb if all his previous life experience doesn’t tell you he is likely hoaxing this too. I like to look for certain traits in
    people before I trust them. I see that you do no quality control on what you will believe.

    ‘So what will you do if your so sure its a Hoax and it turns out it isn’t? Will you apologize?’

    -Possibly. But the chances are slim and none and slim just left town.

    • Kelly

      So make me a bet.
      If by the end of January there is no evidence or proof of the bigfoot being real I will apologize here and denounce any support for Rick.

      If the evidence and proof comes out and it is shown to be real.
      you will apologize for calling Rick a POS and not believing he shot the bigfoot.

      Honest simple bet.
      I mean if you are so sure then you should be wanting to take this.

      What say you?

      • Mr. E2me

        Nope. Not interested.

        ‘Honest simple bet. I mean if you are so sure then you should be wanting to take this.’

        ROFL. You won’t be honest about it. You have already shown ability to twist facts for your favor. Time comes and you just might manipulate some semi-truth or outright lie to your advantage. I won’t give a loudmouth fool like yourself any type of perceived leverage. Rick is an Idiot asshole lying fucktard piece of shit. He has proven this over and over again and deserves his nickname. I will assume it won’t be long before his latest hoax is revealed.

  20. woodchucker

    RD never shot a BF. End of story. This has been discussed in detail on RLs posts and no one can agree with any certainty shots were made at a living creature that resulted in a death. Too many inconsistencies in the story and no EVIDENCE! The trailer has a rug in it, go give the guy your $ if you want.

  21. Kelly


    You just said that no one can agree with any certainty,
    Yet you say, “RD never shot a BF. End of story.” But you say then, “No one can agree with any certainty shots were made at a living creature that resulted in a death.” So how can you say end of story? Like it’s a fact?

    So your so sure that it is a Rug? You do know that many people have seen the pictures. Many People have seen a MRI like image of “Hank.” So we have what maybe a week or so to see if it is real or not? But your so sure?

    Mr. E2me,

    I have nothing to weasel out from. Its a dead Bigfoot or a fake. We are agreeing on the scientific proof of the Bigfoot not the pictures or anything. You can tell me what you will take as proof of the Bigfoot body. So why don’t you want to take this bet? You that unsure and not big enough to apologize?

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘So why don’t you want to take this bet? You that unsure and not big enough to apologize?’

      I gave you a legitimate reason. You are a perfectly horrible person that I do not trust. I don’t gamble with people like that. Time will tell. I don’t need ‘bets’ or a certain date to sway my belief. POS has earned his nickname. His current actions seem to be a more polished version of his past actions. Which was hoaxing. There needs to be a lot more viable proof before I apologize for anything. None of which I feel compelled to list for you.

  22. Gregory

    Kelly is clearly Cathiee McMillan, who is really Matt Geiger, a man who pretends to be a woman on the internet.

    Matt, we all know exactly what you believe, you’ve spent the past year torturing the internet with your unique form or retardation.
    Give it dude, seriously.

    And please spare me by saying it’s not you. You have spent the past year on every Bigfoot blog around and yet you still haven’t figured out how to use the word “you’re.” It’s been one of many of your tells since the beginning.

  23. Kelly

    Mr. E2me
    ” You are a perfectly horrible person that I do not trust”
    Wow so some how by just a couple of posts you claim that I am a horrible person? isn’t that a bit of a instigating and antagonizing post?
    I have been nothing but civil to you and others.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘I have been nothing but civil to you and others.’

      Err, nope.
      You lied and said I had been all over the internet trashing POS.
      I have not. I only post here.
      Horrible people lie and twist facts to suite their own needs.

      • Gregory

        Mr. E2me, that’s Cathiee’s (Matt’s) favorite move, playing the victim. I’m surprised he debated with you as long as he did before pulling it out of his purse.

  24. Ray Crowe

    Seems Rcik Dyer critics cite his history as a convincing reason to believe a hoax. Would they please do the same for Roger Patterson.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘Seems Rcik Dyer critics cite his history as a convincing reason to believe a hoax. Would they please do the same for Roger Patterson’

      That’s an extremely lame and inaccurate comment “Ray”.
      Here’s why, for better or worse The Patterson film has been out there
      to make the rounds for all to see. Scientists, laymen, everybody. It has held up as evidence quite well.
      Rick is just now bringing something to lite. His body could very well be real , or it could be a hoax. Nobody credible has had there hands on it yet.
      When POS’s body is verified by independent ,reputable researchers and is readily available for scientific purposes , then we can compare.

      Right it’s just a proven liar traipsing from one jam and fruit festival to another with a real cool looking dummy.

      • Ray Crowe

        Think there are still a great many critics of P/G such that it’s not a sure thing either…a lot of evidence point to hoax. Fear many scientists are easily duped. Like with Hank…no point guessing until the 19th…don’t publish Dewey win till all votes in.

        • Mr. E2me

          ‘Think there are still a great many critics of P/G such that it’s not a sure thing either…a lot of evidence point to hoax.’

          There aren’t a ‘great many’ critics. Possibly a few and nobody has done a good job debunking the PGF to date.

          ‘Like with Hank…no point guessing until the 19th…don’t publish Dewey win till all votes in.’

          Rofl. So much faith in a snake oil salesman.

        • Big G

          no evidence at all points to a hoax. the fact is nobody can make muscle movement under skin as in the Patterson video. period. all the crap about Patterson means squat unless you can duplicate what he did. nobody has even with modern filming and hoaxing techniques duplicated what Patterson did in 1967. period.

  25. Ray Crowe

    Posibilty Dyer’s Hank was studied at Central Washington University at Ellensburg. They have a Chimposiun program that once featured Washoe who was taught American Sign Language. Tours were arranged and visitors taught simple AMSLAN so they could communicate with Washoe and other chimps.

    • Gregory

      Ray, you want to know why Dyer picked his phony Bigfoot body up in Washington? Because Washington has as many taxidermy businesses as any state in the United States. The state is a hunter and trappers’s paradise. And what state also has the most Bigfoot sightings in the entire world? That’s right, Washington. Bigtoot is huge up there in the PNW.
      Where bettter to go to get a phony Bigfoot body created.

      Think about it.

  26. ALERT! Everyone! Rick Dyer has just released the very first photo of dead Hank!

    • confused

      There you go. It is an awful fake. It appears to be the same Gimli looking thing that was uncovered months ago and Dyer denied it. He wasn’t even smart enough to make it look ANYTHING like the fake bigfoot in his tent video. What an awful hoax…

      • E

        Looks like a cast, almost like something that should be at disneyland. Then again, I’m not sure what it is supposed to look like.

        The skin looks pretty rough, like it is not real. The eyes don’t seem to have clear creases but more of a smear to them. The hair does not look as gradual as I would imagine. It looks nothing like the still from the movie or the tent video.

        Ohh this is going to be fun.

        Kelly??? Any opinion?

        It almost looks like something that may be sold at the border while I wait in line getting from Mexico to the USA. It is similar in texture to some of the statues they sell (IE Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Super Mario etc.).

        Any news company that picks this up will be satirical in nature.

      • E

        Haha it could be real though. I will give him that. That SOB POS hahahaha.

  27. Joe

    Here’s Dyer’s Bigfoot. Now, does this look ANYTHING like the tent video? Does this look ANYTHING like the sketches Dyer and Musky put out?
    Of course not. Does it look like a fake? Of course it does.
    If you beileve that ‘thing” was living in San Antonio Texas in September you are insane. With that much hair that thing would have died of heat stroke in 2 hours of Texas heat.
    You fail again Dyer. Next time at least put some thought into your hoax.

    • Joe

      That looks absolutely nothing like the picture of the Bigfoot in the movie Shooting Bigfoot. And I do mean absolutely nothing.
      Robert,, can you post the picture of the Shooting Bigfoot creature next to the one in the above post. Thanks.

  28. Sasquatch Federation

    Robert Lindsay you are still promoting hoaxes by Rick Dyer.

    I hope they feds involve you in this whole thing because it is pretty obvious you are gaining financially from this.

  29. Big G

    id sure like to take a peak at the original catscan. this picture looks to me like a lost miner forty niner. Not sure how everybody saw an ape in that view. the skunk ape from the mississippi video sure looks squatchy. taxidermy has done some strange things to pos’ bigfoot.

  30. I have a feeling that 2014 will be the year of the Sasquatch. And you can quote me on that.

  31. I am not even sure if it matters if this Dyer thing is real or not. It may well be a huge year with or without Dyer.

    • TychoAlhambra

      Oooh, that hints at something big in the offing you may or may not know about. Can you tell us anything about it?

      • Nope.

        But it might not be long now at all.

        • confused

          Just curious why anyone should believe anything you say at this point? Even you must admit this Dyer hoax is now over. That is a fake body and you were one of his biggest supporters. You spoke, factually, over and over again about Dyer and his accomplishment. So why exactly are you so certain about anything else at this point now that you have realized you were dead wrong for the past year about this? I’m not jabbing at you, and this is not a rhetorical question. I would very much like you to answer it. Thanks.

        • Looks like you just got your ass banned, punk.

          I have been correct many times with my predictions in the past. Further, I have broken some of the biggest stories in all of Bigfootery. My rumors often pan out. Sometimes I am wrong, but that is how it goes with Jack Anderson type reporting.

          There is no proof whatsoever that Hank is a hoax using a fake body.

        • I have made hypotheses about the Dyer case. I am quite sure that he killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio. But I was never sure if he had a body or not, and I am still not sure about that part.

        • I am not sure that 2014 will be the Year of the Sasquatch, but I think it very well may be.

  32. if there are large prizes for proof or capture why does he need to go the sideshow route?

  33. Mr. E2me

    ‘There is no proof whatsoever that Hank is a hoax using a fake body.’

    Here’s the real question…Now that there is a tangible quality to Rick’s claims…y’all gonna check it out if it’s close to you? I sure will. There’s a ton of flea markets in L.A. – Pomona, Rose bowl, Huntington Beach college. Lots farmer’s markets as well. Could reap big rewards for his business model. I’ll be crossing and uncrossing my fingers. Looks like a deluxe operation.

  34. Hazlett

    WOW, that could not look anymore fake, It doesn’t look like any sighting….EVER. It looks nothing like the tent video, nothing like the Morgan Mathews film. We all know for sure why Morgan didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to be any part of this pathetic hoax.

    I mean if you were going to try and hoax the world, you should have at-least made it look like Muskys sketch and the tent video. I am really surprised he went through this much trouble for something that doesn’t even look like a good Halloween mask.

    Folks was this really worth all the drama over the last year. I am at a lost for words, I really expected the hoax to be much better than this. Looks like the damn troll head that was leaked 6 months ago.

    I hope the media rips him apart, absolutely pathetic.

    • Joe

      I have to agree completely with everything Hazlett just said. An entire year invested in this and THAT is the best body he can come up with. I mean, at least put some effort into making it look like at least one of the sketches or the tent video Bigfoot. This thing is just flat out embarrasingly bad. It looks like he took the Gimli mask from months ago and glued some more hair onto it.

      What a disappointing ending this is. I hope I’m not the only one who is really regretting all the time I’ve wasted on this the last year. Man what a letdown. He didn’t even try to make it look believable. What a punch in the gut this turned out to be.

  35. Paps

    Robert would you agree that the picture that we really want to see from Dyers bigfoot is a pre-autopsy one? What troubles me is that the forehead does not match up with what we saw in the tent video?

    • Well I have sources very close to Dyer and they are telling me that they think that the Tent Video Bigfoot and the one that got shot are two different Bigfoots. I doubt if this thing was a loner. They tend to live in little family groups. It does resembled the Musky Allen composite IMHO.

  36. woodchucker

    Kelly, my words are posted above, not the drooling jibberish you attempted to paste in your post. RDs story stinks, the shooting is just one part of it. Go give the guy your money if you want. Maybe he’ll even let you pet the rug too after you sign an NDA.

  37. This whole story about RD is a crock of shat…If I had a Sasquatch Body , and I say if, Yes , it would be worth a lot of money. Not to mention the value of this discovery to the world. The FIRST place I would contact would be Smithsonian Institute or Nat. Geo., or some similar SCIENTIFIC , LEGITIMATE organization…..NOT the local FLEAMARKET???????????WHAT THE FRANK? or should I say “what the Hank!”

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