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“Auto Unions Moving Forward in Tennessee,” by Alpha Unit

Industriegewerkschaft Metall was the largest labor union in Germany, and the largest union in any democratic country in the world, between 1950 and 2001. It represents workers in the motor vehicle industry. Half of the 20 seats on Volkswagen’s supervisory board are occupied by members of IG Metall.

Blue-collar and white-collar workers are represented in a works council. This is an integral part of Volkswagen’s corporate structure and gives workers a say in plant and company operations. This system of joint decision-making among employer, workers, and works council – known as Mitbestimmung – is accompanied by the usual negotiations between IG Metall and management over wages and benefits.

Berthold Huber, the former head of IG Metall, says Mitbestimmung keeps an eye on the system as a whole – the health of industrial employers as well as workers. “If you give people rights, they take on responsibility – that’s what Mitbestimmung has taught us,” he says.

IG Metall wants to establish a works council at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has joined with the United Auto Workers to bring this about. The hurdle for the unions is that US labor law does not allow for company-sponsored unions. In order to have anything like a works council in the United States the company has to operate in conjunction with a labor union. Hence the push to organize workers at the plant in Chattanooga.

The UAW says that a majority of the workers at Chattanooga have signed cards supporting unionization. Some of the workers have said that the UAW and Volkswagen acted unlawfully in the solicitation and handling of authorization cards and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB just determined, however, that neither organization violated US labor laws in their unionization push.

Volkswagen said in a statement that the decision by the NLRB confirms its legal position. It also stated:

Furthermore, we wish to reiterate that as a general principle, Volkswagen supports the right of employees to representation at all its plants and is in favor of good cooperation with the trade union or unions represented at its plants….For this reason, Volkswagen is currently working on an innovative model for the representation of employees’ interests which will be suitable for the USA. This model will be based on positive experience in Germany and other countries where the Volkswagen Group is active.

Naturally not everyone is happy with what’s going on in Chattanooga. Business interests, Republican politicians, and anti-union organizations have been doing everything they can to stop unionization at the plant. Politicians say that if the UAW prevails it would hurt the state’s business climate. They want Volkswagen to disregard the card signings and insist on a secret ballot election instead.

If the UAW is successful, it would be the union’s first victory at organizing a foreign-owned assembly plant in the South in 30 years of trying.

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Why Men and Women Fear Each Other


Woman’s worst nightmare? That’s pretty easy. Novelist Margaret Atwood writes that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women, he answered, “They are afraid women will laugh at them.” When she asked a group of women why they feel threatened by men, they said, “We’re afraid of being killed.”

Unfortunately, this is probably true, though I am no longer so much afraid of women laughing at me. They don’t do it much anyway, but if they did, I would not appreciate it. I would much rather have a woman furious at me, cursing me out, bitching at me, even threatening to hit me or even hitting or trying to hit me in that wimpy way they have than have her laughing at me. Of course I don’t much like men laughing at me either. I don’t like anyone laughing at me. I would much rather men hate me, ignore me or think I am weird than have them laugh at me.

When you go into the World of Women for awhile you realize that they really are terrified of us, and well they ought to be. A woman is no match for a man, and men, most if not all men, have a pretty serious violence potential, even if only in their violently feverish minds. It’s been quite some time since I committed a serious violent act. Another man hit me, so I had to hit him back and a fistfight ensued. Clothes were ripped and my glasses were knocked off. May well have been over ten years ago.

In the World of Men that I live in, I actually do fear most men if not males. I accept that most males have the right to get angry at me or even hit me if I an cruel or disrespectful to them. I also acknowledge that many men may well kill me or seriously damage me if I am too hostile to them. So basically negotiating in the world of Men is all about kissing everyone’s ass, being wimpy or at least avoiding other guys, and trying to suck up to and be as friendly to other guys as possible. Because if I act hostile to another man, his violence potential may well come out, and I have been on the receiving end of lethal male violence a few times in my life. Really now, it is not a place you want to be in, a truly life or death situation.

Now if I am this terrified of other men, my God, how much women feel about us. It must be orders of magnitude worse. And even though I have not committed a serious violent act in maybe a decade, the potential, the brewing and steaming potentially homicidal or assaultive possibilities, have sadly been there nearly every day of that decade.

So I can see why women fear us. I can see why they fear me. They should fear men and they should fear me. Even if the volcano has not erupted in a very long time, it’s usually steaming and sending off ash showers on a regular basis.

We kill women. We try to kill them. We beat them badly. I have already known several women who have had men try to kill them. They are all around 50 years old. I figure if you are 50 and a female, you may well have had a man try to kill you so by now. A few of these women are lucky to be alive.

Beware the volcano!

And sympathy if not empathy at the fragile sex that trembles before it, unknowing, gazing into the steaming cone, trying to read a signal that can scarcely be read amid the noise.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes for once. They are right to fear us. Become the woman yourself in your mind and teeter in your heels before the glowering, steaming Vesuvius of Man.

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Bigfoot News January 29, 2014

Warning: Long, post runs to 23 pages. Most of this post will be devoted to the Rick Dyer case, which is presently the hottest issue in Bigfootery. It is mostly only being covered on my blog, where I try to present a balanced picture of both hypotheses, the Hoax Hypothesis and the Real Body Hypothesis, although I myself feel that this is probably a real body.

Nevertheless, the Hoax Hypothesis is still an excellent hypothesis to take until this thing is confirmed by science. Randy Filipovic runs, which is a site dedicated to the Hoax Hypothesis. They also have a low opinion of Dyer in general; briefly, they consider him to be a lowlife. Dyer himself takes pride in being an “asshole” and a bad boy, so I am not sure he bothered by people who think he is a scumbag.

I do not waste much time of Dyer’s character or psychological makeup, having gone in depth into those issues on earlier posts. There’s really nothing more to say, and the vast majority of folks in Bigfootery share the same opinion of Dyer, so it’s preaching to the choir anyway. Most Bigfooters even have a pretty good idea of his psychological makeup, which is interesting for a group of laypersons who are not clinicians. Bottom line is everyone knows what Rick Dyer is all about.

I do commend Randy for covering the Hoax Hypothesis and for revealing Dyer’s significant character flaws and bad behavior as this is all part of the story. Almost all other Bigfoot sites are refusing to cover the story, and most Bigfoot sites in Facebook are also refusing to cover it. Bigfoot Forums, to their eternal shame, is also refusing to cover it. Rick is now making national news and even news across the globe, so it is essential that our field report on this extremely significant story.

I have always said that even if this is a hoax, it is a great story, and this seems to be the position that Randy takes. I happen to think this would be the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time if it turned out to be fake, but others may wish to differ with me on that.

Dyer is destroying Bigfootery. This is the claim of many posters over at Randy’s site. Personally, I think this is dubious as there is really nothing to destroy. Our field already has a reputation lower than mud, and Dyer hardly lowers the bar any further. If anything, Dyer is pretty much the quintessential Bigfooter, much to our shame. I actually think that even if this is a hoax it will be good for the field, because a lot more people are talking about Bigfoot once this story got going. In Bigfootery, any publicity is good publicity.

This entire field has been ridden with endless hoaxes and con games, and Rick’s current one would merely be another in an endless trail. In short, I think think the charge that Rick is destroying Bigfootery is very much overdrawn and is basically hyperbole. I would urge these people not to worry about it. Another thing is that if this is a hoax, it will not be bad for the field, as 95%+ of the field has stated that this is a hoax from Day One. The only people, if any, to suffer, will be folks like Christopher Noel and I who have been saying that Rick has a real Bigfoot. But even Christopher and I will ride this out.

Anyway, onto the story!

Dyer conferences delayed until December? This is a rumor that is flying around and it is due to a video Rick made saying that the conference would be delayed until the end of the Bigfoot tour. However, a Team Tracker source informs me that this is actually a misunderstanding, and what he means is that the conference will take place after the first leg of the tour which is currently being booked. The source told me that the presser may take place as early as March.

Why the delay? Team Trackers sources tell me that there are 120 different people who want to be there at the press conference, basically anybody who had anything to do with Hank from the very start until the present day. In addition, many more of the science people want to participate and more science work is being done even at this moment.

An argument for the delay. This is argument centers around some sources close to this story who believe that the investors are withholding crucial scientific evidence from Dyer. Why would they do this? Because Rick and the investors supposedly had a big fight over possession of the Bigfoot, and Rick only won possession of it in September, supposedly in a court case as he told a reporter.

Due to the bad blood, the investors are supposedly withholding crucial scientific evidence necessary for Rick’s tour to be successful, so they are getting in a final Carpathian thrust at the very end just to spite him. Just let him try to take his unverified dummy on a tour of the nation! Haha! Without verification, presumably, Hank would be much less of an attraction. This way Rick’s tour would flop and he would make little money and Hank would be returned to the gloating investors in December.

However, for a number of reasons, I do not think that this theory is true. For one, I do not believe that any scientific data is being withheld from Rick by the investors. Instead, I believe that there is still some scientific data that Rick is trying to round up and collate together.

The decision to postpone the conference is probably at the behest of the investors, who properly assume that the more scientific faces and data they have at the presser, the stronger their case will be that Hank is real. Presumably, this delay has to be upsetting Rick, who would probably like to get the pressers out of the way as quickly as possible in order to maximize his profits from the tour. Every day delaying the pressers is a day he could be out touring and making money.

However, Rick has obviously has difficulties with time preference and delaying gratification as is obvious to anyone who follows. So Rick bristles at the delay and says he is going to start the tour without the conference so he can start making money right now. He also believes he can hit markets two times, once before the conference and once afterwards and maximize his income that way.

By the same token, the investors no doubt get a cut of all of the profits from Rick’s tour, so they would no doubt like this presser to take place as soon as possible too to maximize their incomes.

There are also those who know good data about Hank who are also upset about the presser delay. They are getting restless and they are hinting that they are going to violate their NDA’s with Rick and start spilling the beans even before the conferences start. Indeed, the CT and MRI scans are already floating about on the web. I have not been able to get them, but other bloggers have.

So Dyer, the investors and science team are all getting antsy about the presser and want it to happen as soon as possible. We all know that Rick is an incredibly greedy and mammon-obsessed fellow, so that’s primarily the reason for his anxiousness.

Hank DNA results leaked. Initial results of the DNA results for the Hank specimen have been leaked. A source close to Team Tracker, stated, while framing his statement as “speculation” no doubt to keep from voiding his NDA, that the DNA shows that Hank is “an early human hybrid,” and that Hank is a result of some other relict hominid which is unknown breeding with Homo Sapiens quite some time ago.

This ties in almost exactly with Dr. Melba Ketchum’s much-derided findings that have been roundly dismissed as laughable by the scientific community. I also thought Ketchum was right however poorly she handled her roll-out and I hope that one day she can be redeemed. In a recent interview, Ketchum said tragically that her Bigfoot work had “ruined her career.” This is very sad and it means that this woman no matter what we think of her personality took one for the team and nearly sacrificed her career for our great field. And for that, we should all praise Ketchum, and I have a feeling that like Rick Dyer, Ketchum will also go down in history for better or for worse.

Facebook Find Bigfoot are indeed the new Rick Dyer investors. I reported this earlier, but Rick said that FB/FB had nothing to do with Team Tracker. However, my sources are certain that they are the new investors at least in part and that Rick is lying (surprise) when he says that they have noting to do with TT. My source told me that FB/FB probably told Rick to say that.

The FB/FB guys and a mysterious physician. There is a rumor that the FB/FB duo brought an MD with them when they went to see Hank in order to verify the specimen as real and he did in fact do just that. I have been unable to verify that rumor.

Who has verified Hank? Of the major players in the Bigfoot community who have inspected Hank in order to verify his authenticity, the only names I know of are the FB/FB pair. There may be up to five other Bigfooters who have looked at the body. I know who two of them are, but I cannot tell you their names yet. One of my blogger colleagues who runs one of the finest Bigfoot blogs knows of three prominent Bigfooters who went to look at the body and also viewed CT and MRI scans. I have no idea who these people are, but they do not seem to be the same people I know. The number of prominent Bigfooters who have viewed the body and examined the CT and MRI scans may number six or seven.

Has Christopher Noel checked out Hank? Noel has not yet inspected Hank; this is a false rumor that is going around.

Have any scientists verified Hank as real? There is no good, hard evidence that any scientists have been among those who tried to verify Hank recently, however, if I were conjecturing, I would say that there may very well have been one or more scientists out to look at the body.

Accusations that Hank’s feel have a bubble from an acrylic mold which proves that Hank is a fake prop. These allegations stem from Randy’s site and I do not know how valid they are. I refer you to Randy’s site to review that evidence.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum chimes in on the hands and feet of Hank. Meldrum has reportedly posted leaked photos of Hank’s hands and feet along with commentary stating that they are obvious fakes via a model. Meldrum has already stated emphatically that Hank is a fake prop.

Taxidermist speaks out against Hank. World famous taxidermist Russell Knight is interviewed via the excellent Crypto Crew website. The interviewer is Jennifer Caywood, and I know her. I thought she was sort of a regular woman about time average person type and I was not sure how well she could handle a high-profile interview. Surprisingly she did an excellent job of interviewing Knight, who is based out of Alaska.

Knight states that Hank is an obvious hoax via a prop and offers to have Dyer offer Knight and other taxidermists the chance to check out Hank. However, I believe Dyer has turned them down on the basis that they are “haters.”

He repeats the charge that Hank’s hair is fake fur made by Meldrum and my friend at the Smithsonian. So now there are three experts insisting that that is fake fur on Hank. Knight also says that no taxidermist would do such a terrible job as was done on Hank. This charge was also repeated by my Smithsonian friend and Meldrum. I would have to agree somewhat here, and personally I would give the taxidermy job on Hank a C-. I do not know who stuffed Hank. Kudos to the Crypto Crew site, one of the best Bigfoot site, for at least covering this story. Thomas Marcum is one of the better fellows in this highly sleazy business.

Doug Hudson denies that Hank is real. Hudson is one of Hollywood’s top prop makers and he has made one of the best Bigfoot suits out there. Hudson states emphatically that Hank is an obvious prop based on his knowledge of the business. I believe that he also offered to go see Hank to verify him but Dyer also turned him down for being a “hater.”  However, Hudson insisted that a popular Bigfoot photo or video (I forget which) was an obvious fake and I did accept his expertise on that judgement, so I feel that this man can be wrong sometimes.

Dyer’s entertainment industry logos on his Hank van. Rick has plastered his Hank vehicle with the logos of many media companies, to wit: The National Geographic Channel, NBC, Fox News, the Discovery Channel, Facebook, Twitter , Youtube, the BBC and CNN. It turns out that these are merely the channels and websites that his Hank story has been featured on.

Many thought that these companies had purchased ad space on the Hank vehicle, but that is not the case. People also wondered why these companies did not order Rick to take these logos down, but the fact is that this happens quite often, and as long as the logos are not displayed in a sleazy venue such as a porn flick, the companies just consider it free advertising and don’t mess with the person.

Dyer claim that he had to go to court to fight the investors to get Hank back and that he won the right to get Hank back in September of last year in a court. The folks over at Randy’s blog has researched this claim and have found no evidence that Dyer was involved in any court case in the past year, so Dyer’s claim may be false.

Second body claim. As you know, Dyer now claims to have a second, whole, intact Bigfoot body. He has named it Junior and says he will unveil it soon. The name Junior is apparently after the original investor, Hank Williams 3, the country punk star. Hank was also named after this man.

Personally, I regard this second body claim as insane, and I will believe it when I see it. Rick also claims that this body has a link with the 2008 hoax, which makes no sense at all. Rick is now rewriting history by claiming that he had a body in 2008, but the government took it, so they were forced by circumstances to make a hoax. This seems so patently ludicrous that I would not give it any credence. Nevertheless, incredibly, many Dyer believers and hangers-on actually regard this as a possibility, which just shows you how gullible they are and they will believe most any debris that rains down from Rick’s rickety mouth.

How many Bigfoots were present that night in San Antonio in 2012 when Hank was purportedly shot? Rick has been hinting around and stating off the record to friends for months now that he thinks there was more than one Bigfoot at the site that night. In fact, for months now, he has been saying that there may have been up to three Bigfoots at the site that night. We do know that these things move about generally in groups, so that is a possibility, as bizarre as it sounds. So what Rick is saying is that the Tent Video Bigfoot, the Shooting Bigfoot Bigfoot, and Hank may not all be the same creature at all. Things are very confused in this area.

Statement from a graphic artist about Hank. This statement is from an anonymous source who is a young female in her 20’s who is also an excellent graphics artist. She was a bit of a tomboy in her youth and she did a lot of hunting and even investigated taxidermy with her brother.

 I have had a fair amount of experience with taxidermists, mostly when I was a young teen. My brother and I would visit the shops in our area that had a fair amount of business during hunting season. We would get scraps of deerskin- raw right off the animal- which we would use as green hide, rawhide, pelts and some we even tanned as finished leather ourselves. Some of the taxidermists would show us their operations and mounting techniques.

Now you may know that I am a Photoshop expert, and often enhance and analyze photos. So I got some photos of Hank before and after taxidermy. In the analysis, I can say that the taxidermied Hank is one and the same as the pre-taxiderm specimen.

They differ in appearance because this is not first-class taxidermy, maybe a C- if I were to grade it. However as a concession to the taxidermist , it is very hard to preserve bare skin and soft tissue such as the face and lips. The taxidermed specimen shows obvious signs of the shrinkage and wrinkling that occurs when the skin dehydrates and dessicates.

It appears that some type of pigmentation was applied to represent the natural skin-tone. I don’t know what is used currently by taxidermists, but it looks like a thin overcoat of acrylic paint or varnish in a semi-transparent wash. The pre-taxiderm Hank has a broken jaw and bloodstains on the left side. The post-taxiderm Hank (with the jawbone removed) is now symmetrical as in life, but the bloodstains on the jaw, neck and chest could not be totally removed, and appear as dark, almost black hairs.

I agree with her that the taxidermied specimen and the the earlier photo of Hank are one and the same entity.

Dyer claim that “Vegas Rob” stalked him in Las Vegas. Rick has leveled a variety of charges against the extreme haters, including stalking him, destroying his apartment, invading his apartment and getting into a fistfight with him, hanging out in a company van in the apartment parking garage on lunch break with a camera, etc. However, he says that charges were filed against someone named Vegas Rob. Yet a search of Las Vegas police records by people on Randy’s blog showed that Rick Dyer had not filed charges against any person due to the this reported harassment.

Dyer claims of making $8,200 in six hours of showing Hank in Las Vegas. Rick recently made a video stating this claim and he waved around a wad of bills to make his point. However, the folks over at Randy’s blog do not think that Rick actually made that much money.

Dyer haters siccing the IRS on Rick Dyer. Rick claims to have made $800,000 on his 2008 hoax, but that is not true. I believe that he made no more than $50,000 off that hoax. He also says that he is taking in 90,000 from the Hank saga. The haters are notifying the IRS because they think Rick is not paying sufficient income taxes on his earnings. It is not known if the IRS is taking any actions against Rick.

If Hank is a hoax, is Rick guilty of fraud? According to some folks over at Randy’s site who called the FBI, the FBI said that fraud is fraud, and it’s illegal to profit off of something you say is a Bigfoot if it is actually a prop. The FBI also hinted that they may (or may not) be watching Rick to see what he is going to do with Hank to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to go after him or not.

Craven Bigfoot footage. This is a video out of Saskatchewan and it very much looks like a Bigfoot in a lot of ways which I will not go into now. Most hoaxes do not have certain traits that this Bigfoot does. However this is an open plains type area and people said that the Bigfoot would hardly have anywhere to hide so people regard this as a possible hoax.

Nevertheless, you can see in this video that the Bigfoot disappears into some brush which completely masks the creature’s form. I regard this as very much a probable Bigfoot for a number of reasons. For one thing, look at how it moves so fast and how that movement reminds one of the Stacy Brown FLIR footage and the Prince Edward Island footage. That is one of the things that I saw that suggested this was a real Bigfoot to me.

Calgary Bigfoot Video. A family sees a Bigfoot in wintertime near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This does look like a real Sasquatch to me for a variety of reasons. It is interesting that it appears to be freezing most of the time. Does not look like a suit to me.

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Story of the Day


Read and learn.

I guess it takes all types to fill the freeways, eh?

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Bigfoot News January 24, 2014

Final results from Spike TV’s Bigfoot Bounty show are in. This is the show that is offering a $10 million reward for proof of Bigfoot’s existence. Although that award will not be paid out to anyone, there have been some winners as follows:

Stacy Brown’s team won the contest. They received a monetary award of an unknown amount.

Justin Smeja did not win the contest, but nevertheless, he received some sort of a secondary prize. I am told that it was a prize of $100,000.

Michael Merchant’s team was voted off the show by the audience.

I asked Justin if he had any comments on the rumor that he had won $100,000 on the show. He did not confirm or deny the claim. Instead he said, “You sure like to keep things interesting, Robert.”

Dyer announces that he has a second body! Rick just announced this the other day, and frankly, it is completely insane. All of Team Tazer is stunned by the news because no one had heard of it before. Rick is scheduled to go pick up that body soon, so we will see if there is anything to this latest unbelievable twist or not.

Update: Nature of Dyer second Bigfoot body revealed! A source has informed me that the second body is not a real whole Bigfoot at all. Instead, it is the remains of a Bigfoot that Hank devoured at some point and were found in his stomach. I do not know quite what to make of it but some suggested that a Bigfoot fetus may have been stillborn and then Hank ate the fetus. We have been hearing variants of a story like this for some time now. If the second body really refers to part of another Bigfoot that Hank ate, then this makes a lot more sense. But I don’t see how you can display it.

First information about Hank’s DNA is in. I received some initial reports on Hank’s DNA results. Although I am unable to report on them, let’s just say that the results are looking great for Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA theory.

Dyer court case in September 2012. The media is reporting that Rick had to go to court to get Hank back from the investors who did not want to let him have it. Reportedly a judge ordered the investors to hand over the body last September. There should be court records of this if anyone wants to go digging.

Facebook Find Bigfoot pair are the new investors? There is a rumor going around that the FB/FB guys are the new investors. It’s an interesting rumor, but I am unable to confirm it yet.

Lies and misrepresentations about my posts. As usual, people are either lying about or misrepresenting my positions. Most of this is coming out the Dyer Hater camp over at Randy Filipovic’s blog, where there are definitely a lot of extremely crazy people. In addition, the Dyer Haters have done a tremendous amount of hoaxing themselves during this whole episode, and they have deliberately lied on many occasions. On many other occasions, they were simply wrong. I think the Dyer Haters lie and hoax about as much as Rick does.

The latest:

Lindsay knows a doctor at the Smithsonian who has verified Hank.

Nope. How did this one ever get so twisted around? I know someone who works at the Smithsonian creating the models. He is not a doctor of anything, much less medicine. I contacted him and forwarded him the first releases of the Hank pics. His words:

When I saw these Hank pics, I knew instantly that this was a fake. First of all, that is fake hair on Hank. Second of all, no taxidermist would ever do such a terrible job of stuffing a specimen. Taxidermists always remove all signs of death from the creature, and Hank has the signs of death in his face.

So you see, my friend at the Smithsonian insists that Hank is a fake.

Here is another one:

Lindsay says scientists and other experts have confirmed that Hank is real.

Nope. I know several Bigfooters who went to see Hank, including some big names in the field. They spent hours poking around at Hank’s body, then they reviewed purported CT and MRI scans of Hank and lastly they reviewed a purported autopsy video which the Dyer skeptics insist does not exist. Their conclusion after looking at all of this evidence is that they are 100% convinced that Hank is real. However, none of these people were scientists or MD’s. They are just Bigfooters, regular folks like you and me.

Three new people go out to confirm Hank. I know of three more members of the Bigfoot community who have gone out to look at Hank. They poked around at the body for some time, and then they looked at the CT and MRI scans. All of them said that the evidence was very convincing, but they are all also deeply worried that Rick might be playing them somehow due to his past. So there you have it. Not everyone who goes out to look at the Hank evidence comes back 100% convinced.

Hank CT and MRI scan photos leaked, floating around the Internet. I know someone who did not go look at Hank, but nevertheless was given some of the CT and MRI scan photos to look over. My request to have them send me the photos so I can look them over was denied. So these photos are definitely floating around, and you might want to see if you can get your hands on one.

More misrepresentations about Dyer delaying his press conference. The Dyer skeptics are saying that Dyer has delayed his presser until the end of his tour, which would be in December. However, if you listen to Rick’s recent video, he says no such thing. Instead he says that he was deluged with people who wanted to be at the presser, all the way from the plebotomist who drew the blood to the tech to did the CT scans to the people who helped transport the body. So the presser is being rescheduled in an effort to accommodate all of these folks and give them a chance to rework their schedules so they can appear at the conference.

The conference is not delayed until December, and nowhere does Rick say such a thing. There will be a delay, but I do not know how long the delay will be. My sources inside Team Tracker told me that the delay will probably be no more than a month and that the presser may occur in early March.

Presser delayed due to lack of scientific evidence? The Dyer skeptics are saying that Rick delayed the conference because he has no scientific evidence to verify Hank. But that is not true. Certainly  CT and MRI scans and an autopsy video exist. What Rick said was that they wanted to gather more scientific data in addition to what they already have.

Morgan Matthews said, “There is no Bigfoot body.” The Dyer skeptics are saying that this is what MM said. But this is not true. What MM said was, “I was never in possession of a Bigfoot body.”

Who confirmed that the body was real? I know of at least seven people who went to look at the body. I am not allowed to name most of them, but I can now name two of them: they are the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys, both of them. They appeared soon after the body came to Las Vegas and they supposedly brought an MD with them to confirm that Hank was real, although I cannot confirm the part about the MD. They spent up to three hours poking around at Hank.

My view on whether Hank is real. I now believe that there is a 85% likelihood that Hank is real. My belief has collapsed badly due to the latest insane revelation about the second body. Also Rick’s ever-changing stories are really starting to wear on me.

Have any MD’s confirmed that Hank is real? There are reports that three MD’s confirmed that Hank is real.
The first was present when Musky was there accompanied by a very wealthy man who supposedly offered Rick $250 million for the Bigfoot. This millionaire had brought the MD with him to confirm the body.

A second MD can be heard on Rick’s video where he shows the body to 130 people on the way back from Washington state. The MD was flown out by a magazine out of New York City to confirm the body. The magazine supposedly has first dibs on a story about Hank.

The third MD supposedly accompanied the FB/FB pair when they went to verify Hank is Las Vegas recently.

I am unable to confirm if any of these MD visits actually occurred, so for now these are just rumors.

Have any scientists confirmed that Hank is real? I know the answer to this question, but I am unable to discuss the matter at this time unfortunately.

Dyer DVD’s will never ship? The Dyer skeptics are saying that Dyer said that the After the Shot and Autopsy videos will never ship and is offering everyone their money back if they want it. This does not seem to be true. Instead, Dyer does not want to release the videos until after the press conference. However, he is offering refunds for anyone who wants one anyway.

Dyer now claiming that government agents (MIB’s) took the original Dyer Bigfoot body back in 2008. Rick’s story is that he and the cop found a dead Bigfoot washed up on a riverbank in Georgia. They then went public saying that they had a dead Bigfoot. At that point, the MIB’s came in and took the body. Flabbergasted and unwilling to admit to the seizure, Rick and the cop decided to create a fake dummy out of animal guts and a rubber suit.

This story does not pass the smell test. I ran this by my friend Steve Kulls, and he told me that he was certain that the 2008 story was a hoax from the very get-go. In fact, Rick has admitted this many times. Once again, Rick is changing his story. Unfortunately, many Team Tracker members and former members are now insisting that this new story about the MIB’s stealing the body in 2008 is true, which is pitiful really as it shows TT members will believe just about anything Rick tells them.

Frank Cali to appear on Steve Kulls’ radio show on January 30. Cali, who has a fatal illness, will be appearing on Steve’s show to spill the beans about what he says he knows about the Hank story. Cali claims he has evidence that proves that Rick is hoaxing this whole thing.

Dyer skeptic line in need of revision. The Dyer skeptics have been wrong in many of their predictions and conclusions about the Hank story so far.

For instance, just one example would be that they long insisted that there was no Bigfoot body. Well, there is one. Whether it is a real dead Bigfoot or a clever hoax is open to debate, but its existence is not.

Some false lines the Dyer skeptics are peddling:

This hoax is pitifully bad. On the contrary, if this is indeed a hoax (and that is a valid hypothesis for sure) it would have to be a very well done one. That is because I know of seven members of the Bigfoot community who inspected Hank, often poking around at him for hours. All seven of them also reviewed the CT and MRI’s of Hank, and several of those also saw the autopsy video. They all said it was very convincing, even if all were not 100% convinced Hank was real. So if it’s a hoax, it’s good enough to fool quite a few people up close and personal.

There are no CT and MRI scans. On the contrary, I know of at least eight people in Bigfootery who have seen them. In fact, some of these photos are even flying around the Internet as I write this. So these scans obviously exist. Now whether they are real scans of Hank or whether Dyer is somehow using faked MRI and CT scans is still up in the air.

There is no autopsy video. Not so. I know of several people who watched the whole video, and they were 100% convinced that it showed a real autopsy of Hank. Now, perhaps Rick has produced a fake autopsy video along the lines of the Alien Autopsy show that appeared on TV a while back.

Report of a Sasquatch struck by a vehicle at the Small Boys’ Camp in Alberta, Canada. This is the same site were Aaron Arcand saw an attractive young adolescent female Sasquatch a while back. The report is that a Sasquatch was hit by a vehicle and was later seen limping around. Some hair was recovered from the accident, and the local Indians think it is worth a fortune. They are asking for $1 million for the hair. Good luck getting that!

It is interesting that Small Boys’ Camp, so tiny it does not even appear on Google Maps, is where the famous Indian fugitive Leonard Peltier was hiding out when he was finally captured and extradited to the US to be tried on murder charges on which I am certain he is innocent.

There were several other “Bigfoot bodies” stories floating about in association with this incident, but they all turned out to be lies. But the car strike story does appear to be real. This happened some time ago, possibly in the past six months.

Weird goings-on at the Alberta Habituation Site (AHS). The trapper who used to run a trapline on the site is named “D.” D. recently sold the line to either his cousin or his brother because D. is too scared of the Sasquatches to continue working his line there. Ever met a guy who is so scary looking that you think, “Boy, I sure don’t want to make this guy mad.?” Well, that is what D. is like. He is one hardass, tough as nails hombre, and I would say hardly anything scares him. Yet one of the toughest men in North America is so terrified of these Sasquatches that he sold his line and got the heck out of there because he could not handle it anymore.

A terrifying encounter at the Alberta Habituation Site. At one point, D. was in the woods at his site in the daytime. Somehow a group of Sasquatches of unknown number surrounded him. They started screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs with the most horrifying sounding screeches.

D. did not know what to do, and he was scared out of his wits. Then he got an odd idea. Odd ideas are common in life or death situations. He thought, “Hey, maybe they think I am a deer, and they want to kill me and eat me on that basis…” So in order to show them that he was not a deer, he fired his rifle once up in the air to show them that he was a human and not a deer.

At that point, a large male Sasquatch stepped out from behind a tree and showed himself. The he started running towards D. very fast. D. did not know what to do, and he thought he was going to die. At that moment, a large female Sasquatch also stepped out from behind a tree and showed herself. The male saw the female and immediately stopped charging D. Then both vanished into the woods.

D. figured that the male heard the gunshot and thought that D. had shot and killed his female mate. The Sasquatch figured that if D. killed his female, he was going to kill D. for doing that. But then when the female stepped out from behind a tree, the male realized that D. had not shot his female, and he decided that he wasn’t going to kill D. after all.

However, this incident freaked out D. so much that after that, he decided that he did not want to run his trapline anymore.

Coyote dinners at Alberta Habituation Site. D. was catching a lot of coyotes in his traps for some reason. However the Sasquatches would typically raid his traplines wolverine-style, pull the coyotes out of the traps and then sit down next to the trap and munch on the coyote, gnawing on it like spare ribs. By the time D. checked his traps, nothing would be left of the coyote. Every last bone was picked clean by the Sasquatches. What is interesting about this is that coyotes are supposed to taste bad and almost nothing will eat them except maybe a large bird (raven or vulture). So Sasquatches are one of the few mammals that will actually eat a coyote.

Another frightening encounter at the Alberta Habituation Site. Aaron Arcand, who has been researching at that site for three years now, at one point saw a large domed tree structure in broad daylight. As he was approaching it, a Sasquatch emerged from the structure and started walking towards Aaron. Then another Sasquatch appeared to his right and also started walking towards him.

Aaron freaked out, dropped his backpack and took off running away as fast as he could. At the time, he was wearing some sort of special glasses and actually film while you are wearing them. These expensive glasses fell off his head as he ran away. He later went back to look for the glasses but has not been able to find them yet. Aaron says if he finds the glasses, they should have great Sasquatch footage on them.

Aaron has another scary encounter. At one point in the AHS, Aaron was camped at his campsite at night. For some reason, he had gotten out of his tent and was sitting in the middle of the campsite. It was so dark you could not see your hand in front of your face. Then he heard footsteps walking towards him, bipedal ones. Frozen still, Aaron waited.

The thing advanced towards him until it seemed to be right next to him. Then it seemed to lean over a bit right near his face. At that point, it let out a horrifying scream right in his face. Aaron was so terrified that he lost control of his bladder and urinated in his pants. The Sasquatch then stood back up again, sniffed the air with a loud sniff, and then walked away back into the woods. Aaron sat there shaking in his wet pants for some time, unable to move at all, before he was able to get back into his tent.

The famous Paul Freeman footage. A screen grab from the famous Paul Freeman footage from 1994 is below. That is definitely a 100% real Sasquatch in that photo. I am quite sure of it. One argument is that he faked that footage and that his son in that photo. Look at those trapezius muscles. You really think that is Freeman’s son?

The famous Paul Freeman footage. I am 100% certain that this a real Sasquatch.

The famous Paul Freeman footage. I am 100% certain that this a real Sasquatch.

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Lies, Lies and More Lies

Clicking around some of the incoming links, I am absolutely stunned at the lies that people are spreading about this site and the views that I express on it. There are very large numbers of people who are grossly misrepresenting my positions on this site. Really sickening.

This are pretty bad over at Randy’s site too, where my positions on the Dyer story are continuously misrepresented also.

One wonders if these people are just stupid, or deliberately lying, or if it’s like the game of telephone where a message starts out and then gets garbled at the very end.

I really do not have the time or inclination to defend myself against all of this insipid charges and what amounts to nothing more than lies, but it sure is pitiful that human beings are so low as to do things like this.

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Shut Down Wildlife Services Now

This is just stupid. The agency is completely out of control. Shut it down now!

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Bigfoot News January 21, 2014

Rick Dyer Bigfoot press conference delayed again! This is really catastrophic news for Dyer believers and a great shot in the arm for the Dyer skeptics. The reason given was that everyone who participated in the study of Hank, the dead Bigfoot from the phlebotomist who drew Hank’s blood to the techs who did the MRI’s wanted to be at the conference, and they could not all make the February 9 date. Apparently they are delaying it to a later date when everyone can make it.

One theory is that the international presser and the medical presser would be combined into one presser. The international presser is scheduled for February 28, so that implies that the combined presser would also be on the 28th. At any rate, the presser is to be held after the tour has already started.

Other reports are saying that the presser will not be held in February, and that it will not be held until December.

If the presser is delayed by less than a month, I would say this is no big deal, but if it is delayed until December, that seems like a total catastrophe for Dyer believers while adding great weight to the Hoax Hypothesis.

My belief that Dyer has a real body. Recently I said I was 99.99% sure that the body was real. However, if the presser really is delayed until December, my belief is going to drop. Down to what, I am not sure, but it will fall.

Dyer body is coming to Calgary, Alberta. Part of the Canada tour is coming to this city. Dyer wants to show the body to the main proponent of the Hoax Hypothesis, Randy Filipovic, while they are there. Randy’s blog is the best site that lays out the case for the Hoax Hypothesis, which I believe is still a reasonable hypothesis. All reasonable doubts about and holes in the story of this Hank episode need to be aired so everyone can ponder them and come to their own conclusions. As there is good evidence for both the Hoax Hypothesis and the Real Body Hypothesis, it makes sense that people will side with the former until proven one way or the other.

Dyer body heading to Russia. A Russian corporation has offered Dyer $250,000 to show Hank at a private showing in Russia. That’s a lot of rubles!

Japanese hysterical over Hank. The Hank story is hitting Japan in a big way lately, and the Japanese are working themselves into a frenzy over the news. There is a lot of clamor in Japan from people who demand that Rick take the body to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Confusion over DVD stories. There are two DVD’s – the After the Shot DVD and the Hank Autopsy DVD. Dyer skeptics say that neither one exists, but that is surely not true. For one thing, I know several people, including some big names in our community, who viewed that autopsy video. They told that it was very convincing and that they are convinced that it shows a real autopsy of Hank.

However, there are two stories about the final disposition of the DVD’s.

One story says that the DVD’s will ship on Monday, January 27.

The other story says that Rick says the DVD’s will never ship and that anyone who wants one should ask for a refund and they will get one.

At the moment, it is not clear which story is the truth.

Disappointing comments on Hank from Dyer. Dyer says that he sees no difference between a deer and a Bigfoot, and one might as well shoot one as well as the other. So shooting a Bigfoot is just like hunting a deer with a tag in season. Wow. Rick also says that he “has no compassion left” in his body regarding shooting Hank, but one wonders how much he felt in the first place as guilt for guilty acts usually grows with time rather than diminishing. Dyer also said that he did the Bigfoot community a favor by shooting Hank. Well, that last comment may be sad but true.

Dyer raking in the cash. Dyer says he has been getting paid a lot of money lately from unnamed persons or entities. It would be interesting to find out who is paying him, why they are paying him and how much he is being paid. Looks like Bigfoot is Big Money!

Various Hank photos and drawings. Below see various Hank photos, drawings and video grabs for comparative purposes.

Compare the various Hanks.

Compare the various Hanks.

Great Ontario, Canada Sasquatch photo. This has always been one of my favorite Bigfoot photos of all. This was taken by a researcher in Ontario in his research area. He had found a tree structure that looked like a temporary structure in the foreground. He shot a video showing the tree structure and later while he was at home looking at the video, he was shocked to see a Sasquatch looking at him over the top of the rocks above while he was filming. Many Bigfoot photos and videos are found this way. People shoot a photo or video and notice nothing at the time and only discover the Sasquatch until they are looking at the footage later on. I am 100% certain that that thing is a Sasquatch.

Great Bigfoot photo from Ontario, Canada.

Great Bigfoot photo from Ontario, Canada.

Great Stacy Brown Bigfoot night vision photo. Stacy Brown is one of my favorite Bigfoot researchers and I am certain that he is not a hoaxer. This is part of some father and son researcher team. They operate out of Florida. This great video was shot at nighttime with a FLIR night vision camera. This screen grab shows a Bigfoot running by very quickly. I am quite certain that that is a Bigfoot.

Stacy Brown Bigfoot footage.

Stacy Brown Bigfoot footage.

Baby Bigfoot photo? This is one of the weirdest Bigfoot photos I have ever seen. I am not sure where it was shot. Some say it is a bear, but that does not look like a bear to me. The only thing this reminds me of is the Jacobs juvenile Bigfoot photo from Pennsylvania. Very, very weird.

Extremely odd trail cam photo.

Extremely odd trail cam photo.

Bigfoot eye shine photo? Apparently a recent photo, but I am not sure where it was taken. However that is exactly what their eye shines look like.

Bigfoot eye shine photo.

Bigfoot eye shine photo.

Bigfoot photo is an owl. This photo of a possible Bigfoot has been circulating around recently. It is apparently a photo of an owl, not a Bigfoot.

Supposedly a photo of a Bigfoot; this is actually a photo an owl. At least that is what it looks like to me.

Supposedly a photo of a Bigfoot; this is actually a photo an owl. At least that is what it looks like to me.

Controversy over Moyie Springs Sasquatch photo. The original Moyie Springs photo, showing a Sasquatch eating tree bark in the Idaho panhandle in 1976, has been called into question by two other photos that are supposedly from the same series. The original photo, taken with a camera rigged up as a trailcam, is below.

Original Moyie Springs photo.

Original Moyie Springs photo.

The two photos below are said to be part of the Moyie Springs series. Notice how fake the Sasquatch looks in these photos.

Moyie Springs fat Sasquatch 1:

First photo supposedly from Moyie Springs series.

First photo supposedly from Moyie Springs series.

Below is said to be the second photo from the Moyie Springs series.

Moyie Springs fat Sasquatch 2:

Second photo purportedly from the Moyie Springs series.

Second photo purportedly from the Moyie Springs series.

In truth, however, both photos 1 and 2 above are fakes. A source has seen the original series of Moyie Springs photos and these photos are not among them. Furthermore in the original series, the Sasquatch is not ridiculously fat. My source said that it appears that someone doctored photos with Moyie Springs images photoshopped onto fake bodies in order to destroy the credibility of the Moyie Springs photo. Pretty dirty business.

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Can One Be Economically Left and Culturally Conservative?

Nominay writes:

What difference is there between socialism and “crazy left wing”?

Well to give you an example, Stealth probably doesn’t like them too much, but traditional Commies were often quite conservative on a lot of cultural stuff. Prostitution and drug use were illegal and degenerate Western music was banned. Homosexuality was frowned upon to say the very least. At worst, it was considered to be a bourgeois indulgence.

So you see it is not so weird at all to be an Economic Leftie and a Cultural Conservative. There is a long tradition of this sort of thing.

Nominay again:

What is this fear of a lack of “normalcy” you have?
1950’s America? 1980’s America? The goalposts always change because times change.

Yeah! Moving the goalposts! The Cultural Left’s specialty!

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Getting Rid of Left and Right

Stealth writes:

Being a socialist is not nutty. I endorse plenty of left-wing economic ideas, even if I’m not a full-fledged socialist. Viva la public assistance! When I talk about the crazy wing of the left, I’m talking about the (mostly academic) originators of socially corrosive stuff. Maybe we should develop a more precise naming system for ourselves, so there’s not as much confusion.

I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with all of his positions, but I’m sure Noam Chomsky has some good insights.

I really think we need to get rid of this Left and Right thing.

Although I am frightened to say that because that language is often used by the enemy. I think it is a good idea. When I say the enemy, I mean the Libertarians and the fascists. Fascists often talk about “getting rid of left and right.” They also say they are “neither on the left nor the right.” It from here that the notion of a Third Positionist movement flows (A third pole between the left and right). Nowadays, the Libertarians are also saying that they are a mixture of right and left – left on social stuff and right on economics. I don’t like it when they say that, but unfortunately, it is true!

However to be fair, the Greens also used to say that they were “neither left nor right.” I used to bother me when they said that because I supported them and I could not understand why they were embarrassed to be on the left, but now I don’t mind that they said that.

At this point, both the Mainstream Left and the Mainstream Right are sufficiently insane, wrong and even evil that it makes sense to distance yourself from either one. Why do you have to say you are on the Right or on the Left. These are pigeonholes they force us into. Be creative! Be yourself! Be your own man! Decide for your yourself.

If I present you with a list of sociopolitical issues, you should be able to go down the list and check Left, Right or Center on any combination of them.

The way it is set up now, for me to be on the Left, I have to take this checklist of Left Issues or really Left Orders. These are the standard Left issues on a variety of things. I MUST endorse the Left position on every one of these things, and if I check Right on even one box, I am thrown out of the Left and called a reactionary, fascist, conservative or Rightist.

So I say ok I am on the Right. I head on over to rightwing sites assuming that’s my new domicile, and pretty soon they let me know loud and clear that I am a Leftist moonbat. I get beaten up really bad and I typically get banned.

Instead of saying you are on the Left or the Right, you should avoid the question. Answer, “Well, I am leftwing on some things and rightwing on other things.”

What is wrong with that?

“Politics will be heterodox or it will be nothing!”

Really that should be our motto.

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