The Ainu: Mongoloids Or Australoids?

Alemantan writes:

Ainu are NOT Australoid or Caucasoid. People just keep mistaking non-east Mongoloid appearance for Paleo-Mongoloid appearance.


You can find some Taiwanese aborigine with a somewhat Ainu appearance too.

Paleo-Mongoloid = Australoid. The Mongoloid race only goes back to 9,000 years ago. Before that, everyone in Asia is an Australoid pretty much. There were not many Caucasoids in Asia either at that time unless you count South Central Asia, the Middle East, Eurasia, the Near East, the Caucasus, and possibly the steppes extending out towards Western Siberia and East Turkestan.

The man on the left is mixed Ainu-Japanese. He is darker and more Mongoloid looking, but he retains some archaic features.

The man on the left is mixed Ainu-Japanese. He is darker and more Mongoloid looking, but he retains some archaic features.

The Ainu are indeed cold adapted. Ainuid Australoid types were widespread over much of Asia from 9,000-2,000 years. Some of them helped populate Australia (the Murrayans). Proto-Ainuids (Jomons) are in Thailand 16,000 years ago. They left by boat, moved through the Philippines and settled there, and then went up to the Ryuku Islands to settle in Japan 14,000 YBP or so where they form the Jomon People. The homeland of the Jomons is in Thailand.

Ainu woman and baby in traditional garb,.

Ainu woman and baby in traditional garb,.

Before 8,000 YBP, most South Indians appear Australoid – they looked something like Aborigines. Vietnam was Australoid from at least 18-21,000 YBP. This type looks Melanesian. They slowly transition to Mongoloid over time, and the transition was only completed 2,000 YBP. In some SE Asian groups, the transition from Australoid -> Caucasoid was not complete, and here you can see the Indonesian or Malay type.

Abe Hiroshi, an Ainu man from Japan. Note the strong Caucasoid appearance.

Abe Hiroshi, an Ainu man from Japan. Note the strong Caucasoid appearance.

Taiwanese Aborigines look like Ainuids because that is what they are – Paleo Mongoloids can look Ainuid. Taiwanese Aborigines are one of those groups in which both Mongoloid and Australoid can be seen. It is an archaic group.

The Oki Dub Band is an Ainu band from Japan. Note the Caucasian appearance.

The Oki Dub Band is an Ainu band from Japan. Note the Caucasian appearance.

Many Chinese people, especially Chinese nationalists (but really all Chinese are Chinese nationalists) simply cannot accept that they used to be Australoids and that the Mongoloid race is a fairly new development. I guess “Daddy was an Abo,” is just a bit too much to handle!

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45 responses to “The Ainu: Mongoloids Or Australoids?

  1. Terry

    I think you implied this but many (most?) Polynesians are also part of this “Ainu” group I think. I read once somewhere that “evolutionary change happens fastest in small populations” so is something interesting to ponder what kind of changes took place as Polynesians island hopped across the pacific.

  2. Hizzle

    Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid, one chromosome too many!/
    Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid, happier than you and me!

    • I also want to say that we have bad news for Feminism 😦

      I will post here already one part of those bad news 😦
      “Wonder Woman certainly has superhero heirs; popular characters like Sailor Moon or Buffy the Vampire Slayer are both female superheroes who, in various ways, present femininity and being female as central to their specialness and heroicness. Wonder Woman herself, though, seems to have lost that vision. Originally, the fact that Wonder Woman was a woman was the reason she was the hero. Now, on the other hand, the woman in Wonder Woman tends to relegate her to being a bit player in some guy’s superstory.”

  3. Pepperoncini

    I’d say neither but closer to ‘Australoid’ by the looks of old Ainu pics. This is assuming that the ‘Australoid’ term even has meaning outside of Australia.

    DNA testing on Ainu reveals they have high % of Y-Dna D ; the only other peoples with high % are Tibetans and Andamanese. All 3 groups are quite different from each other phenotypically.

    The earliest photos/drawings of Ainu men does show a look that leans towards looking ‘Australoid’ or Melanesian .

  4. dasdddsdd

    So are native americans too some kind of “ainu” because they look somewhat similar

    • Normandie Kent

      No, Native Americans are an older population, that is no longer extant in Siberia, or anywhere else in the world other than the Americas,. The NAs are closer to Northern Europeans than modern East Asians, Though they are closer genetically to the Ainu, than to East Asians. The Ainus are straight up Basal East Asian, and not Australoids.

  5. Kline90

    Robert, if people like Abe Hiroshi can have that appearance without having any Caucasian dna at all, then you shouldn’t call their appearance “Caucasian looking”, it sounds extremely Eurocentric and misleading from a genetics stand point.

    Also, genetics has shows that Paleo-Mongoloids and Australoids are not the same thing. Otherwise, the Ainu would be much genetically closer to Australian Aborigines than to Modern East Asians (which they aren’t) . Instead, they are actually closest to Native Americans, Native Taiwanese and other groups that have maintained their Proto-Mongoloid features.
    The Mongoloid race as a whole is much older than you say it is Robert. It was 41,000 years ago when their split from Caucasians happened, and about 11,000 years ago when the Neo-Mongoloid (aka classic East Asian) phenotype first appeared. The Japanese in particular are about 85% Neo-Mongoloid (Yayoi) & 15% Proto-Mongoloid (Jomon).

    Also, dna studies have shown that the Hmong people don’t have any Caucasian ancestry at all. Traits like light hair & eye colors actually originated in Central Asia (where the Mongoloid race began) and only later spread to Europe due to natural selection. This is why Genghis Khan, who was proven to be 100% Mongoloid, had red hair & green eyes, why many Koreans & Japanese are born with brown hair, and why many contemporary Mongolians (who range 83%- 100% Mongoloid) Kazakhs (61%-85% Mongoloid) and related groups have a wide range of hair and eye colors.

    Finally, little Australoid (and no Caucasian) ancestry exist in Malays & Indonesians. Both groups are about 80%-90% Mongoloid.

  6. Bhairav

    Singer Ken Hirai seriously has Ainu ancestors. He has a strong Caucasian look. But his biography does not state anything of the like.

    He is like a Japanese Bjork. Caucasian looking native in a sea of very homogenous looking Mongoloid Japanese like Bjork is a Mongoloid looking native in a sea of homogenous Caucasoid looking Icelandic natives.

    • Bhairav

      Actually he looks a bit like a North Indian Punjabi at times. Many Caucasian/ Mongolid mixes pass as South Asian Desi. Like some Central Asians. There have been genetic studies which placed South Asians between Mogoloids and Caucasoids.

  7. Are Taiwanese Aborigines Paleo-Mongoloid?

  8. Does Paleo-Mongoloid mean australoid-mongoloid mix?

  9. Mikhail8151994

    Are Amerindians and Polynesians paleo-mongoloid?

  10. Caucasoids are known in Asia in the Upper Paleolithic (Upper Cave 101 found at Zhoukoudkien in association with Aurignacian blades) as well as at Malta-Buret, which has been genetically linked to both Upper Paleolituic Europeans, Native Americans and Northwestern Europeans. Native American skulls are Caucasoid not “paleomongoloid”. Your analysis also fails to take in to account elevated levels of Neanderthal DNA in east Asians and especially Native Americans, as well as low Denisovan DNA compared to the higher levels found in Australoids; no one believes Mongoloids evolved out of Australoids.

    • My understanding is that the skulls at Upper Cave 101 found at Zhoukoudkien pre-9000 YBP were Australoid. They are said to look like Aborigines. The basic Asiatic type is Australoid. Australoids were the first to populate the entire continent of Asia. Australoids certainly transitioned into Mongoloids in SE Asia, the Philippines and Taiwan. The Ainu are the most ancient NE Asians of all, and their skulls are Australoid.

      I do not believe there are any Caucasoid skulls at Upper Cave 101 found at Zhoukoudkien and Malta-Buret. Upper Paleolithic European skulls from 22,000 YBP look more like skulls of the Makah Indians of the Pacific Northwest than anything else. Makah Indians are Paleomongoloids. So 21,000 YBP, “Caucasians” looked like Paleomongoloids.

      Native American skulls do not look Caucasoid at all. Actually, their skulls are Mongoloid.

      Also I am banning you for being a jerk.

      HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anthropology1994

    Are those ainu people paleomongoloid despite they have neomongoloid characteristics such as slant eyes, light skin, etc.?

  12. Anthropology1994

    What about the japanese? The ryukyuans? Are they paleomongoloid or neomongoloid?

  13. Anthropology1994

    And the north east indian mongoloids and burmese? Are they also neomongoloids?

  14. Hi Robert
    are there any difference between northern Chinese and southern chinese

  15. There is a Hopi Prophecy that states that the four races of Man, Black, White, Yellow and Red, were given the guardianship of the four elements. And if you were to listen to what each was given, you will find it very true. For Whites, they were given the guardianship of Fire. Just like how fire moves when it consumes, so too were the White race to colonise the rest of the world and bring them together into an international, global family. In many of the inventions of the White race, there is a spark at its centre, like guns and the engines of cars, trains and airplanes. For the Yellow race, we were given Air. The control of the breath, and the powers of it when used for spiritual advancement, as exercised by the martial arts expressed for self-cultivation, like Tai Qi and Qi Gong, and how like in East Asian languages especially, Chinese and Japanese, a lot of compound words like the sky, weather or anger, is written with the character for Air, “Qi” or “Ki”. Qi itself means energy in Chinese. For the Red people, they were given the guardianship of the Earth. They were meant to learn of the foods, herbs, and spices of the land, that can be grown for the benefit of healthy consumption within the body. Most of the world’s produce of food comes from America, the land of the Amerindians. And finally, for you, the Blacks, given the guardianship of Water, which is described as the chief of the elements, being the most humble and yet the most powerful. For this, it might be seen in the glibness of their tongue and their way of expression, all of which has been formed into a culture that is very distinct and attractive. Perhaps it is the charisma of subtle influence, which is why it is the most powerful, as fluid as Water in its expression and yet having its roots from the ghettos of America, so at once being of humble origin. Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, the music that is the soul of the Black people, their humour, their dress sense and behavioural style, their colloquial speech, and their ever present, socially well-developed personality, as if they got it, a certain substance that is not attributed to the shyer cultures of the East Asians. Maybe it is from this vivacious personality that exists without any seeming effort on their part that forms the cornerstone for the formation of their culture. It has been expressed by Paul Mooney, “Everybody wants to be a Black, but no one wants to be a Black person.”

    • Normandie Kent

      so basically, white people are useless destroyers, that are intent on globalization and the ruinization of the whole world. And Native Americans are isolationists, who are normal people.

  16. Philippine Anthropology 101

    Abe Hiroshi is paleomongoloid, isnt?

  17. Philippine Anthropology 101

    Can you classify Korean soccer player Kim Dong Jin:

    Does he look Ainu to you? Is he considered paleomongoloid if most koreans are neomongoloids?

  18. Gayu

    Abe Hiroshi is 1/4 American…You can’t use him as a proof for anything

  19. Snakedude

    Did the Ainu people of Japan mixed with the Tungids despite their Australoid phenotype is still strong?

  20. My name is Miguel.

    If most Japanese people are identical to Koreans, why are they more archaic and somewhat different looking from Koreans? Are the Japanese rather a more progressive version of Jomon people?

  21. Habil

    Classify band members

    what race do they belong?

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