Blue-Green Eyes

I just met a person, a young woman, who actually had blue-green eyes. The eyes were mostly blue with a bit of green in the center. What a great color! I think this may have been the first person I have ever met who had blue-green eyes. I would think that blue-green eyes would be nearly the ultimate in Whiteness. Those two eye colors are generally found exclusively in Whites. The combination of two exclusively White traits is quite a sight to see. Many of the most beautiful women around are said to have blue-green eyes.

Some variations on blue-green are aquamarine, teal, turquoise (my favorite), and cerulean.

Great blue green eyes.

Great blue green eyes.

Is this combination common?

My own eyes are mostly green (an exclusively White color) with a bit of brown in the center, so they end up being called hazel, but they are mostly just green. I used to wear green contact lenses and that made them even greener.

There is typically a contest between blue and green eyes regarding which are more beautiful. It is often resolved in favor of green, which are considered the most beautiful because they are the rarest.


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19 responses to “Blue-Green Eyes

  1. Nicey09

    I haven’t seen anybody with green eyes in a long time. Actually, the only person I knew with them was a Jr. High School classmate of mine. She was cute, with bright green eyes, naturally wavy red hair, freckles, and dimples when she smiled. To top it all off she was smart and nice as well. I sound like a guy with a crush, but I was just a heterosexual female friend of hers way back when. I myself have nice dark blue eyes:)

  2. robert

    I have hazel eyes. What nationalities are hazel eyes most common?

  3. Demopower

    Blue green eyes are indeed attractive, but may seem downright cold and lacking empathy (earlier topic). Hollywood will often use actors with light colored eyes to portray heavies and sociopaths i.e. Peter Saarsgard and Peter Stomare, both good for that ‘deadeye’ effect.

  4. Tulio

    One of the girls with the prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen was this Mestizo Mexican girl I used to know. She was cute already, but her green eyes combined with the brown skin were mesmerizing.

    I think the red hair/green eyes combo is very intriguing and rare.

  5. jnonymous81

    My eyes are blue/green/hazel, almost identical in color to the famous Pakistani girl who was on the cover of National Geographic back in the 80s.

    • ProudFeministGirl

      I am White Hispanic and my eyes are a mix of Green with Brown, some of my ancestors are from Catalonia, Spain; but i was born in Mexico, i may be 1% of ethnic Mexican (Brown) ; but i look 99% White at least.

      • robert

        The casta word for that is casteno. Someone who looks criolla. Criollos are pure. Anything over 75% is castizo including castenos.

  6. Saran Wrapper Adapter

    Im a lead singer for the Band SaranWrapper Adapter and My main gimmick is my green eyes. Im a death metal singer.t

  7. Steve

    My eyes are sort of like this. Its hard to decide if they are blue, grey or green. Some people will say blue but I look closely and they look more green to me.

  8. Paul S.

    My eyes are exactly like this, and so are 3 of my children (in different mixtures of blue/green/amber). It’s funny because they all started out with blue and the mixture appears over time. It’s the same thing that happened to me.

  9. Tobias

    thats my eyecolor, but i thougth it was ligth blue or something, although i wondered, why the innerring looked a bit yellow

  10. Jebus

    Someone here had posted that whites are Albinos from India.

    Here is a new study that is intriguing.

    • Jebus

      The genetic mutation in SLC24A5 is known to be pivotal in the evolution of light skin, and is responsible for a significant part of the skin colour differences between Europeans and Africans.

      The study conducted partly at the University of Cambridge suggests that natural selection is not the sole factor in skin tone variation across the Indian sub-continent, and that cultural and linguistic traits still delineate this skin pigment genetic mutation.

      The genetic mutation in SLC24A5 has a common origin between Europeans and Indians, according to the researchers.

      But while the complete dominance of the gene in Europeans is likely to be solely down to natural selection, they say, the rich diversity of this genetic variant in India – high in some populations while non-existent in others, even neighbouring ones – has some correlation with factors of language, ancestral migration and distinct social practices such as limiting marriage partners to those with specific criteria.

      The researchers say the findings display an “intriguing interplay” between natural selection and the “unique history and structure” of populations inhabiting the Indian subcontinent.

      “In India, this genetic variant doesn’t just follow a ‘classical’ theory of natural selection – that it’s lower in the south where darker skin protects against fiercer sunlight,” said study co-author Mircea Iliescu.

      “The distribution of the SLC24A5 genetic variant in India follows patterns very much influenced by population. Understanding the genetic architecture behind the remarkable skin colour variation found today in the populations of India has the potential to shed light on the wider mechanisms responsible for creating diversity throughout human evolution,” Iliescu said.

      “This study helps us understand various other mechanisms that could have contributed or shaped the existing biological spectrum of human skin colour besides natural selection,” she added.

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  12. geradus

    Found when i googled green/blue eyes. Its really common in the netherlands. I this picture is a little on the blue side.

  13. I have blue-green eyes most people call them turquoise and say how pretty they are but myself I never thought they were anything specia

  14. Sienna

    My eyes are that colour and everyone always tells me that my eyes are a nice but weird colour and that they make me look more scary when I’m mad

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