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Poison, “Look What the Cat Dragged In”

I like this. Sort of sounds like Rick Derringer from the early 1970’s. More great glam metal from 1987!


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The Adaptive Nature of Homicidal Fantasy

A commenter asks:

What about if the would-be killer is motivated by a sense of justice, albeit warped, to get of a person because that particular person is a jerk to everyone?

I mean, if the intended victim happens to be a boss who has absolutely no respect for those who serve him, would it still be a sin to harbour feelings of murder against such a fiend? Even if it means going against the law to set things right?

The textbook answer is to let it go, I’m told, but it seems that crushing such arrogant people into the ground might be more satisfying.

A famous psychiatrist once said, “A homicidal fantasy a day keeps the psychiatrist away.”

I agree with him, and in this sense, the fantasies alone may even be adaptive in promoting mental health, oddly enough, although this goes against common wisdom.

But it’s better to just think about it and not to do it due to moral, legal and self-preservation issues.

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Poison, “Talk Dirty to Me”

The New York Dolls! Actually, I still love to dress like this if I can. I like to wear my girlfriends' clothes, and they often let me wear them. But not the dresses!

The New York Dolls! Actually, I still love to dress like this if I can. I like to wear my girlfriends’ clothes, and they often let me wear them. But not the dresses!

Fantastic glitter – glam – bubblegum – early metal – hair metal song from the early 1980’s. These guys were fantastic. Out of LA. The song sounds like “glitter-glam bubblegum” from the 1970’s like a band called Sweet which was one of my favorites.

Interestingly, Slash of Guns N Roses auditioned for this band.

This song was from 1987, so this glam hair metal stuff was still going strong even into the late 80’s.

According to Wikipedia, this genre is called “glam metal.” I like it!

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Twisted Sister, “We’re Not Going to Take It”

This is a really great song from 1984! Early heavy metal was really excellent.


This looks a lot like a 70’s glam type look. This is how they looked when they first started out. They started to get more metalish-bikerish-badass/macho later on.

A lot of it sounded like punk or especially glam. Had a great “anthem” type sound. Love the hair and the glam outfits too.


Dressing up like chicks, cool. Straight out of the New York Dolls! The political gays and the politicization of homosexuality have ruined this look. Nowadays everyone who looks like this or like the guys in any of these photos is assumed to be gay or bi. But it didn’t used to be that way. You used to be able to be an androgynous straight man. That is what 70’s glam rock was all about. One more thing the gays have ruined – androgyny. Androgyny now equals homosexuality, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I saw Motley Crue in 1982 and they were out of this world. One hot metal chick after another kept rubbing up against me, but I was too shy to do anything about it! Idiot! Motley Crue was another excellent early metal band.

The more recent look, with still a Kiss look about them.

The more recent look, with still a Kiss look about them.

This is a cool hate song. I love hate songs!

Oh you’re so condescending
Your goal is never ending
We don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you
Your life is trite and jaded
Boring and confiscated
If that’s your best, your best won’t do

Just you try and make us
We’re not gonna take it
Come on
No, we ain’t gonna take it
You’re all worthless and weak
We’re not gonna take it anymore
Now drop and give me twenty

Love the platform heels! I used to have 4 inch high blue platform shoes! They were so cool! Everyone called me a fag but so what!

Love the platform heels! I used to have 4 inch high blue platform shoes! They were so cool! Everyone called me a fag but so what!

Unfortunately, this song has turned into an anthem for US reactionaries, which I doubt makes Mr. Snyder very happy. There are lots of interpretatins of the lyrics, but Snyder said it’s just a hate song for people who had a bad day at the office or if they team is down by two late in the game…

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Joan Jett, “Bad Reputation”

There, this is a lot better! Joan Jett from 1981. The original bad girl of rock and roll!

Pretty good for anyone, especially for me, Robert Lindsay.

I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation!

And everyone can say what they want to say.
It never gets better anyway.
So why should I care bout a bad reputation anyway?

That’s pretty much how it goes with bad reputations, now isn’t it? People keep saying it, it never gets better, so at some point, you just need to throw in the towel and say screw and live your life.

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Neil Young, “Living with War”

I heard this on the radio and I didn’t even know it was Neil Young. All I knew is it was great music! You know great music as soon as it comes in, the first few chords, the first 10-20 seconds. All the genres, all great music, really it all sounds the same. There’s two kinds of music – good music and bad music. Screw genres. Genres are for idiots.

It’s hard to believe that here he is, 45 years after he started playing, still making fine music. This came out in 2007! I didn’t know Young was still making good music. The guitar and Young’s songs is almost all good as the vocals. Listen to that guitar!

I’m living with war in my heart every day! Sounds like punk! Neil Young is another original punk rocker. In 1979, he came out with a concept album cheering on the punk rock movement, of which he really was a prototype in a sense. A lot of great music has really been “punk” for a long time. Way before 1976 you know.

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Johnny Cash, “The Devil’s Right Hand”

Great song! I do not like everything Cash does, but this one is excellent! Mama said the pistol is the Devil’s right hand!

All of us punks love Johnny Cash. He’s like the original punk rocker.

The song was written by Steve Earle.

Commies and Leftists also love Johnny Cash. Libertarian he is not! Johnny Cash is a true working class hero!

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Joan Jett, “Can’t Stand the Status Quo”

One of my all time heroes. Making music since 1977. That’s 35 years now. She’s well known to be a lesbian. I was told this by a woman who knew her in 1981. In 1977, I met a guy who had managed the Runaways (Jett’s first band). He told me that they were all bisexual, every single one of them. Pretty typical. Punk chicks were very bisexual. Punk guys were notorious straight and homophobic. This makes sense since this was an ultra-masculine scene. Scenes that cheer on masculinity will attract bisexual and sometimes lesbian women. But most of the men will be very straight and even homophobic.

This song is not that great but it does have its moments. Her earlier stuff was better.

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Voice of Russia: Radical Rightwing Radio Station


This is truly bizarre. Obviously this site has nothing to do with Russia or Russians. It was set up by very rich American radical rightwingers in order to brainwash the Russian people. A quick perusal of its broadcasts will show you that this station will find little resonance with the Russian people who overwhelmingly reject radical capitalism.

There are many articles laughably depicting Obamacare as “Obamasocialism.” Possibly 1% of the Russian people would agree that Obamacare is “Obamasocialism” and is a bad thing. This is simply US reactionaries and ultra-right wingers trying to spread their Libertarianism to other parts of the globe. As they have a tremendous amount of money, they are able to buy up vast amounts of the world’s media in order to propagate their unpopular views.

A very large number of the ultra-rich are reactionaries, ultra-rightists or Libertarians. These rightwing economic theories are rejected by the overwhelming majority of humans all over the globe, most of whom prefer some kind of socialism.

However, under capitalism, almost 100% of the media ends up being owned by the top 1%, the ultra-rich. The ultra-rich then buy up almost all the media in order to try to brainwash the masses with their ultra-rich worldview, which is good for the ultra-rich but bad for 80% of the world’s people. In this way, the ultra-rich shape and form the cultures of most capitalist countries. Marx was 100% correct on this when he said that the culture of every capitalist country was the culture of the bourgeois (the 1%).

This is a serious problem for democratic media under capitalism. In fact, it implies that democratic media under capitalism will almost always be impossible. Ideally, the media would represent the views of the masses, not just the 1%. Perhaps there could be a middle class media representing the views of the middle classes, a poor or working class media representing the views of the poor and working classes, etc. In this way, every class would have a voice in a truly democratic state.

The Marxists are absolutely correct that there really is no free speech in most capitalist countries. The media is owned by huge corporations (the 1%). The only views one gets in most capitalist countries are the views of the 1%, who use their media ownership to brainwash the masses with the lies of the rich which are used to harm the working people. The freedom of the press belongs to those who own one (a printing press), as a famous journalist said. In order words, only those rich enough to buy a media outlet (the 1%) have freedom of speech in most capitalist countries. The lower 99% has de facto zero freedom of speech because they do not own any media outlets!

It is difficult to find a way around this, but the Internet offered us a way out. Anyone, even a Leftist like me, could set up a website (essentially my own daily paper) and theoretically compete with Establishment rightwingers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. The corporate class has reacted to this by trying to get rid of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is one of the most democratic media concepts in the history of the US.

The 1% hate nothing so much as democracy. The very idea that I should have equivalent access to the media as Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes really chaps their hide. This is what the anti-Net Neutrality debate is all about: trying to reduce the level playing field that now exists between the Robert Lindsays and the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News, etc.


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Media Finally Takes Notice of Knockout Game

The Knockout Game is a game where mostly Black young people mostly attack Whites (and sometimes Hispanics) by running up to them from behind and punching them in the head and then running away. Other variations refer to it as “Polar Bear Hunting,” since it is mostly Blacks attacking mostly Whites. The Alternative Right, the White Nationalist and the White racist media has been reporting on this crime which is obviously mostly Blacks targeting mostly Whites. They have emphasized the obvious racial overtones of this crime. The response from the media has been overwhelming silence.

Now, finally, the media has decided to report on it. Why? Because the Blacks finally targeted one of the most special human beings on the face of the Earth, a group that is obviously better than any other group of humans. These attackers dared to target an Orthodox Jew! This was a group of Muslims. A Black Muslim has been arrested along with his three associates. One of his associates is a White man who looks like a Muslim from the Middle East or South Asia. An anti-Semitic slur was yelled when the man was attacked.

This appears to be a case of Muslims, both Black and White, deliberately targeting a Jew as part of the knockout game in what looks like an anti-Semitic attack. The attackers are now being charged with a hate crime.

An idiotic Orthodox Jew in the New York Legislature is making speeches that the Knockout Game is targeting people “of certain ethnicities and religions.” His crazy notion is that Jews are being singled out in this game. This is important to him because the only people who are important are Jewish people, and everyone else doesn’t matter. The truth is that vanishingly few Jews have been targeted as Jews in this game, and if they were, it was only if and when they are targeted as Whites who just happen to be Jewish.

In many of these Knockout Game attacks, I understand that anti-White slurs are yelled by these Black attackers. In not one single case, has a Black attacking a White been charged with a hate crime. It’s only a hate crime if you attack the one of the world’s most special people – a Jew! Countless White Gentiles were attacked and no one cared. It took the targeting of a Jew to make the media sit up and take notes. I wonder why that is? Why did the media only care about this when a Jew got nailed?

Because of the media blackout, no one really knows who the targeters and targets of the Knockout Game are. From what we can tell, the perpetrators of the Knockout Game are overwhelmingly young Black males. Their targets are apparently overwhelmingly Whites, though in at least one case, a Hispanic was attacked, and he died. In at least one case, a White Muslim along with other Muslims, at least one Black, used the Knockout Game to target a Jew.

A similar thing has been going on in the UK for some time now. They engage in the Knockout Game along with something called Happy Slapping. Although it is mostly Blacks happy slapping Whites, some Whites have reportedly taken part in Happy Slapping attacks. And a Black Nigerian man was arrested for two Knockout Game attacks, one against a South Asian woman and one against a Black woman.

It remains to be seen what the media will do with this racially charged game. It is amazing that the cops are just now waking up to the systematic nature of this game. Stories are reporting that police across the country are “looking for links” to the Knockout Game in attacks in their jurisdictions. But the Knockout Game has been going on all over the country for years! The cops have to wait for a Jew to get attacked before they start doing their job?


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