Bigfoot News October 2, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum and Adrian Erickson dual release Ketchum’s DNA paper and Erickson’s video at a press conference! It was covered on local news in Dallas and other places and and on an ABC news blog. It was also covered on Fox News.

A 3-minute news video of the press conference including shots from Erickson’s footage, is available at some of the links above. You can also see it on Scott Carpenter’s superb blog here.

The press conference is being ripped to shreds all over the Bigfoot community, but I do not think this is valid. Also there is a lot of commentary about whether or not the photo of Matilda was someone wearing a Chewbacca mask. I have no idea if that is a Chewie mask or not. One thing is for sure, the Erickson Project, including Adrian, Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh, are not hoaxers. They did not hoax anything in the course of the project.

However, my understanding that is that the “Chewie” videos were taken by the wife of the husband and wife team that owned the property and were not taken by the Erickson team.

You can see some good night footage of a Bigfoot walking in the woods on the news clips, and in my opinion, that clip is excellent, and it is a real Bigfoot. Look closely at how it walks exactly like Patty in the Patterson film. That must have been taken by the Erickson team, probably by Pfohl. There were no trespassers on that property ever as it is well fenced. Furthermore, in the night footage, the trespasser would have had to have been walking in a very thick and deep woods in the middle of the night with no flashlight!

There is other footage, taken in the daytime, of a large adult Bigfoot slowly moving through the woods. That is also excellent footage, and I think that is a real Bigfoot. That also must have been taken by Dennis. If it was taken by the EP, then that is a real Bigfoot for certain. If it was a hoax, someone would have had to have put on a Bigfoot suit and walked around that property day and night hoaxing Pfohl and the rest of the team. The EP doesn’t hoax, and no one was hoaxing them on that property.

Kentucky project researcher was within arm’s reach of a Bigfoot! On the Kentucky project, at at least one point, one of the people working on the Erickson Project ended up within arm’s length of one of the large adult Bigfoots. He was so close to it that he could have reached out and touched it. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to reveal more about this incident.

Dr. John Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at the Kentucky property. I believe he saw it in the daytime. Bindernagel says he either saw a Bigfoot or a human running around in a Bigfoot costume. There were no trespassers on the property ever, and there were certainly never any trespassers running around the property with Bigfoot suits on. Obviously, Bindernagel saw a real Bigfoot.

Truly unfortunate coverage of the Erickson Project conference around the Web. Of course it is to be expected that the execrable Sharon Hill of Doubtful News would trash it to Kingdom Come. However, our own Bigfoot blogs have also been tearing it to pieces.

Are Erickson and Ketchum enemies? I have reported in the past that these two were fighting for quite some time. The nature of that warfare is old hat by now and is not particularly interesting anymore. However, reports on Facebook groups are saying that the two hate each other and that Erickson acts like he is not too happy to be sitting next to Ketchum by looking at his body language. I agree that his body language looks uncomfortable, but I doubt it is because he was seated next to Ketchum, who he no doubt elected to sit next to.

My understanding is that Ketchum and Erickson have somehow made up and at the moment, they get along with each other one some sort of level. I can tell you for sure though why Erickson was uncomfortable at the conference – he didn’t want to be there in the first place. I have been reporting for some time now that Adrian is sick and tired of all things Bigfoot, and that opinion is ongoing. Erickson looks uncomfortable because he is sick and tired of everything related to Bigfoot and wishes it would all just go away. Bit late in the day for that.

Many hits coming in to the site from the ABC news blog story. Apparently from a link via the comments to the post, but with 5,000 comments, I was unable to find the one that was linking to me.

Contentious Rhettman Mullis quote appears on Facebook. In Dr. Matthew Johnson’s Bigfoot Facebook group, the following post appeared on September 13, 2013:

Was at Dr. Johnson’s dinner last Friday. Rhettman Mullis spoke about the Sykes study. Said the DNA study is on track for, I believe, a March announcement. Warned us to ignore any and all speculation until then. The legal gag order everyone involved is under is draconian. Anyone leaking would essentially kill the project. So ignore anything that doesn’t come from Sykes himself. Unlike · 1 · 6 hours ago Sep 13 From Team Sasquatch USA September 13 Dr Johnson’s site.

A friend of mine notified me about it and I wrote it up on the site. However, Mullis became very angry with me and ordered me to take down the libelous post. Soon after I published this Facebook post above, it was removed from Johnson’s group, followed by a bizarre tirade by Johnson accusing me of making the whole thing up. I didn’t make the whole thing up. It was a post on his group.

Mullis insists that he never said such a thing. Fair enough.

The following are the possibilities of what occurred.

  1. Mullis said the study will be delayed, but caught huge heat when his comment was reported and he was ordered to shut me up and deny he made the statement. In my opinion, Mullis, like many top Bigfooters, does lie sometimes. Specifically, he engages in “denial-lying,” which many in the community do. Someone will report something and then the denial liars will angrily insist that they never said such a thing or the thing that was reported is not true.
  2. Mullis never made the statement. Well then why did someone who was obviously at the dinner say he did?

At the moment, there is no good hard evidence that Sykes study release will be delayed until March. Someone said Mullis said it would be delayed, but Mullis denies making the statement. Prior reports said that the Sykes study will be released in mid-October.

We do not know when the Sykes study will be released. However, looking at how Erickson and Ketchum rushed into their press conference on October 1, 2013, one would assume that they knew Sykes was going to publish soon and were trying to beat him to the punch. A good guess is that the October 15 publish date is still on.

Interesting Scott Carpenter report on the contentious Justin Smeja Sierra Kills case. Scott has an interesting take on Justin’s Sierra Kills story. It rings true with many people, possibly even including me.

Timbergiant video gets cheers. I talked a very good friend of mine who is an expert on Bigfoots (he works at the Smithsonian on the displays) and asked him about the Timbergiant video. He was raving about it. He said, “That is definitely a Sasquatch.” I asked him why and said because of the way the hair was laying, the texture of the hair. He is able to identify these things simply by the way that their hair looks, and he is a total expert on animal hair as per his job. I agree with him, and I think that Timbergiant  really did shoot a real Bigfoot in this video.

Sasquatch Ontario videos get kudos. This same fellow from the Smithsonian also gave raves to Sasquatch Ontario’s videos. Lately the Bigfoot community at large has generally rejected his videos as hoaxes. However, my friend said he did not think the fellow was hoaxing. I asked him why and he pointed to the Bigfoot hand print that SO found. He said, “That is exactly how a Bigfoot hand print looks. I can’t see how he faked that.” He even liked the much-derided vocalizations.

I told him about the gifts that SO claimed that the Bigfoot gave him, including a tiny intricately weaved object made out of reeds. My friend said, “Well you know, Albert Ostman was the first to report that Sasquatches weave. Remember that they wove the beds that they lay on.” This is correct. The Bigfoots in the Ostman story did indeed weave their own beds. I agree with my friend, and I doubt that this fellow is hoaxing, though he is a subject of much ridicule in the community.

All of his videos can be seen on his channel here.

First report on Hank’s penis! Hank is the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer probably shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas, on September 6, 2012. There have been many descriptions of Hank’s body, but we have not yet had any descriptions of Hank’s penis. I have received many mails from female and gay male Bigfooters telling me that they were dying for this lurid information. I recently spoke to two persons who have seen the body, and they both gave identical descriptions of Hank’s penis. Here it is:

Hank’s penis was a sight to see. It was 10 inches long, huge, black and ugly as sin.

Well, there you have it, folks. The news you have all been waiting for!

Video below related, actually not really. For entertainment purposes only.

Rick Dyer selling sponsorships for his Bigfoot tour in 2014. Dyer is selling sponsorships for his US tour when he will tour the country with Hank. One question though is what if the Bigfoot on tour is not really Hank but instead is a replica of a Bigfoot. Rick is selling sponsorships on the basis that the tour is of a real Bigfoot, but if it is a fake instead, one would assume that anyone buying a sponsorship could sue him for fraud.

After the Shot DVD has a gorilla hand on it. Dyer’s After the Shot DVD is said to include 40 minutes of HD footage of Hank the Bigfoot’s dead body. However, on the reverse of the DVD is a hand that looks like it could be a Bigfoot’s hand. Unfortunately, a clever blogger has discovered that that is a hand of a gorilla taken off the Internet. So Dyer has a gorilla hand on the back on his DVD which he says has footage of a real Bigfoot. That does not exactly inspire confidence in the DVD!

Adam Bird’s review of Shooting Bigfoot premiere in the UK.


Since September 2012, a story has dominated the Bigfoot community, whether you believed in it or not. Love him or hate him, Rick Dyer has been the name everyone has been talking about. A video appeared online that showed an alleged Sasquatch filmed from about twenty feet away, from inside a tent. A lot of people were impressed with the footage, ourselves included. It featured a Bigfoot with a large head set on high shoulders, with a coned head, large dark eyes, thick neck muscles and hair surrounding an ape-looking face. It was a very good video, there was no doubt about that.

But soon enough the name of Rick Dyer, the man behind 2008’s infamous ‘Bigfoot in a freezer’ hoax was associated with this video. Many in the Bigfoot community hate Dyer with a solid passion. But instead of doubting this realistic looking footage, we gave Dyer a chance; a second chance. Through our original page Bigfoot: The Evidence, we supported him, backing him all the way, alongside Facebook/Find Bigfoot.

Soon after Dyer claiming that this video was shot during the making of Shooting Bigfoot, British director Morgan Matthews’ feature length documentary about men who hunt for Bigfoot in the US. Dyer then claimed that the Bigfoot in his film footage was dead, and that it was he who had shot and killed it.

People were quite rightly skeptical about this tale. After all, Dyer had said back in 2008 that he had a Bigfoot body, and that turned out to be nothing more than a $99 costume filled with animal organs and entrails! But when prominent online skeptic Musky Allen, whom I had been friends with for sometime, became involved and Dyer invited him out to Vegas to view the actual dead body, things got more exciting.

Musky Allen indeed went to Vegas and he confirmed the body was real. We were now convinced that Rick Dyer was telling the truth. Shooting Bigfoot was said to feature clear HD footage of the Sasquatch that was shot.

The documentary was released in April 2013 to an expectant audience. But what was promised wasn’t delivered. We did not see full footage of a Bigfoot, nor did we see it being shot. Many of Dyer’s supporters were disappointed. The more the story went on, the more it became obvious that this seemed to become all about Dyer making money. Memberships into Team Tracker, Dyer’s Bigfoot creation, costing hundreds of dollars, were offered, as well as promised insights into the dead body.

But then not long after the documentary was released, Stacy Brown, Florida Bigfoot researcher, came forward with pictures of a costume that resembled closely the Bigfoot in Dyer’s tent footage. This was sort of the final straw for us and we, under our new group name ‘BIGFOOT: BELIEVERS ONLY’, decided to turn our back on Dyer and his tales. It was becoming more and more obvious that this was a hoax.

Then it was announced that Shooting Bigfoot was to premiere in Edinburgh in June 2013. We knew we had to see the night-vision footage that Morgan Matthews had filmed of the Bigfoot that Dyer claimed he shot. So Adam and Paul arranged to spend the weekend at Edinburgh to catch the UK premiere. That brings us now to today.

We went to the premiere and were surprised and excited to see that the director of the film, Morgan Matthews, was at the showing and that he would be doing a question and answer session at the end of the documentary. The film itself is not a pleasant one for a Bigfoot believer and enthusiast to watch. In fact it can feel quite brutal at times.

Matthews’ sole purpose was to make the Bigfoot community, and all those who have had the privilege to actually see this magnificent creature with their own eyes, look foolish, irrational and downright dim-witted and unintelligent. This is pretty much obvious because of the fact that he picked characters such as Dallas and Wayne, who may not come across as the most intelligent of individuals, instead of other respected researchers such as Cliff Barackman.

The film is beautifully made, no doubt about it. Morgan Matthews spent a lot of times with the people featured in the documentary, including Rick, Dallas and Wayne and Tom Biscardi. But the main theme of the film, that people who research and believe in Bigfoot are just slack-jawed, redneck types of characters, still keeps hitting you square between the eyes and leaves a distaste in the mouth. You cannot help but feel insulted personally, so much so that Paul almost left early.

But the most important part was seeing the footage of the alleged dead footage and the actual shooting itself. This part of the film is right at the end, within the last ten minutes.

The first sign of something is when Matthews is in his tent and something is making vocalizations outside. Suddenly something, or someone, crashes the sides of the tent, scaring Matthews. He jumps out and Rick is creeping out of his tent, gun in hand. In the glare of the gun’s light beam we see a retreating figure. We see high shoulders and a bowed head, covered in hair. Rick takes over in pursuit, Matthews shouting him to come back. We then hear shots being fired and Matthews goes into panic mode, shouting and screaming for Rick to stop shooting.

Next thing we see is a very quick glimpse of the creature as it rushes at Matthews, lashing out and grunting in anger with its’ right arm. Matthews falls to the ground and we hear another gunshot ring out in the darkness. Matthews is then helped to his feet by Rick, who is demanding to see the footage. But Matthews, angry at Rick, refuses and they argue back and forth. We then cut to Matthews showing the injuries that were inflicted during the attack.

And that is how the documentary ends and the controversy begins. And to our opinion on the actual footage.

At one point the tape is rewound and we get a view of the face of the Sasquatch, the same picture that was illegally circulating around the net a couple months ago. This picture does no justice to what can be seen watching the film. What we see is an ape-looking face, with a heavy brow ridge set over deep eyes which move. The nose is human like, just not as pronounced.

There is a receding hairline, with dark hair swept back over the back of a rounded skull. A long upper lip is turned down over the mouth. We could almost be looking at a cross between a chimp and a human. On first glance this thing looks extremely real. To see the eyes moving in the sockets, it did make you take a deep breath. But on looking back at the visualization emblazoned in your mind, you can start to see that this could be a very good make-up job.

When you see the couple of fleeting glimpses of the back of the creature, it does not look particularly tall. The creature looks wide but not out of the realm of human height. We have discussed it over and over. The fact is that it is very difficult to come up with any conclusions based entirely on the footage alone. Does the Bigfoot in the footage look real? In our opinion, yes it does.

But…that does not mean it is real. It just means it could be a very real looking suit. But there is more. Afterwards there was a question and answer session with Morgan Matthews. At one point during the session one lady asked about the Bigfoot attack and Matthews’ opinion. He states that at the time it happened, Matthews instantly came to the conclusion that it was a man in a suit that attacked him, not a real living and breathing Sasquatch.

He also insinuated (but did not outright accuse) that Dyer was hoaxing this whole dead Bigfoot tale. Our conclusions are that it is very hard to make a decision on what we saw. But our gut instinct tells us that this is a hoax, despite the footage and how good it looked, in our opinion. We really really do hope that Rick Dyer proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Bigfoot exists. But based on all the evidence, we do not think he has a dead Sasquatch in his possession. We hoped we are proved wrong and remain open-minded but we find it very unlikely…

Accusation that I am part of the “Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoax.” I am seeing this more and more, that I am “part of the hoax.” What is amazing is the sheer number of folks who have been accused of being “in on the hoax” by now. And now I am too.

What is fascinating is not even one of the people who are “in on the hoax” have yet to come forward and confess. Bigfoot hoaxes typically consist of only one person, possibly two, but generally no more than two. And usually the hoaxers come forward fairly quickly or they are busted somehow. This Dyer “hoax” is amazing because of the sheer number of players said to be involved and not one of them has come forward yet. Further, the skeptics have not yet proven that this is a hoax, and the story is going on one year now. I edited out many misspellings.

Michael J. Littrell put this in a perspective that even you IDIOTS should be able to understand .Lets not forget that Robert Lynsey started this HOAX on or about Dec 12-2012. How long did it take Richard Traylor Chuck Dyer to come out with his part…. (let the pawns get it out there first) Hmmm. Robert Lynsy is just another player in this HOAX like Musky ( who the fuck is he ??)& all the rest …sung to the tune of the opening of Gilligan’s Island.. Robert, hope you got paid upfront !! SQUATCH IS REAL …THIS SHIT AIN’T..

Very stupid anti-Bigfoot article published in a “science” publication. This typical skeptic nonsense makes the astonishing claim that the existing evidence for Bigfoot makes it even more likely that it does not exist. The fact that there have been 40,000 sightings in the US must mean that they are relatively common. If they are so common, it ought to be relatively trivial to capture good photo, video or other evidence of them, in particular, some sort of a body. That no evidence has been forthcoming when it should have considering the massive number of sightings makes it exceedingly unlikely that this thing exists. Well, that is certainly some creative theorizing!

I am writing too many Bigfoot posts. As you can see, I am slowly turning into a Bigfoot. This is getting embarassing. Maybe I should cut down on the Bigfoot reporting.

Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.

Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.


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  1. Thylacine

    Ketchum trying to get her evidence out and recognized before Sykes. Film to follow. Could Hank’s owners be far behind? Will Hank images be leaked/released before Sykes as well? The science community is beginning to resemble bigfoot community.

    • The science community is beginning to resemble bigfoot community.

      What do you mean?

      • Thylacine

        The science war is just heating up. Who will get credit for the discovery? Who will be first? Has a genome been filed by any of the groups?
        Will Hank’s researchers keep quiet until December if Sykes publishes in October?
        And you have the weird statement: ” Anyone leaking would essentially kill the project.” Would a leak from the bf community cause Sykes to cancel his report? Will Sykes deny the existence if his friends don’t behave?
        Then there is the drama as to will Sykes give Ketchum any credit at all…judging be the recent press conference…no.
        Was Ketchum’s report leaked to Sykes by a leading “science” journal? Will Ketchum file any claims against Sykes and/or the journal?
        Why haven’t the three groups of scientists gotten together by now and settled on a strategy for a joint conference? Or have they?

      • Tom Johnson
        Maybe an unintentional leak regarding Bryan Sykes results mentioned in the sixth paragraph? Interested to know what you think.

  2. neo

    is finding bigfoot still worth watching if the dna holds up?

  3. neo

    u know rob i found ur site while searching for bigfoot lol

  4. Werner

    Yes the execrable Sharon Shill, who makes cash off of bigfoot while condemning anyone else for making cash off of bigfoot, who wants to force you to get a prescription for vitamin C tablets and wants to interfere with whatever natural remedies you might use for yourself or your loved ones, who is paid to simply doubt whatever topic she chooses or is presented to her, who marches in lockstep with whatever is considered mainstream and supports whatever latest pharmaceutical toxic drug which is released for mass consumption with its myriad side-effects.

  5. Hizzle

    Rob, did you ever see R. Crumb’s comics about the sexy female Yeti? You’re a sixties guy, so I’m assuming you have. That leads me to a question: would you potentially mate with a female Yeti with an ample bosom and buttocks, in the interest of creating a man-bigfoot hybrid species? Do you think you could even experience arousal in this context? I am not judging, as I have heard of everything from furry sex to Japanese Futanari, and I would thus not necessarily frown upon Man-Yeti loving.

    • curious

      That was funny : )

    • They do breed with humans, and sometimes they kidnap human males and try to get them to mate with Bigfoot females! The Indians say that Bigfoot males used to kidnap human females to breed them. The woman would come back pregnant and in some cases, the offspring survived. They can indeed breed with humans.

      No way would I fuck a Bigfoot chick. Hell no!

      • Mr. E2me

        Methinks thou doth protest too much.
        Who knows how alluring a sasquatch bitch can be in heat ?
        It might be some fantastical sex not available from non-relict hominid selections. Young bigfoot females hitting puberty might be spectacular.
        Hairy for sure. There might be a ‘primal’ attraction that intensifies the
        act. Just theorizing. If I wuz out in the woods and saw a hairy something
        with DD’s and slim hips, I might not ask questions.

        • Big G

          Mr e2 how would you get past the stink? dont forget a strong female could pinch it clean off or break your back on orgasm.

      • Albert Ostman(I know you are aware of the story) claimed he thought hat the ‘family elders’ may have wanted him to (he didn’t specify how) ‘mate’ with the young female.
        There are also a few ‘strange’ stories of mature females catching young human males and keeping them in a pre-dug very deep and very steep pit until he ‘put out’…then he was released.

  6. Hizzle

    Also, what, in your opinion, is the best Bigfoot related film? The only one that I can think of is Harry and the Hendersons, and that was rather lackluster. This question excludes documentaries , of course.

  7. curious

    I’ve got even money that some BF blog says the picture of Robert transforming into BF is authentic. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Robert picked up the story. Haha – I kid you, Robert!

  8. woodchucker

    Would have liked to see and hear more comment from all. “Erickson looks tired and uncomfortable” likely because he has spent a lot of his own $ and time on this and has to subject himself to mainstream media to be ridiculed. Listen to his words and look at his face when he states “people can’t find it in their minds these things exist”. He appears frustrated and genuine to me.

  9. James

    So now Dyer is doing a live pay preview show of Hank in December. Of course, if you remember, Biscardi pulled the pay preview hoax first.

    This happened right shortly after the 2008 hoax. Biscardi was being interviewed on the Coast to Coast radio show and encouraged listeners to send him money to watch a Bigfoot streamed live online on a given future date. Biscardi claimed he was in contact with a woman who had captured a Bigfoot and was keeping it in a cage in her home.

    On the day that the Bigfoot was to air live, Biscardi claimed the woman who had the Bigfoot was mentally ill and that she had hoaxed him. The Coast to Coast host (I think it was George Noory who was hosting that night) berated Biscardi and demanded he pay back everyone who bought the pay preview of the the Bigfoot. I also remember Biscardi being 86’d from Coast to Coast for life.

    Rick Dyer, Matt Whitton and Biscardi had just been on Coast to Coast shortly before this with the Georgia Bigfoot in the freezer story. Biscardi was probably thinking that if he and freezer boy could fool so many people with the Georgia Bigfoot hoax, than a Bigfoot pay preview should be easy.

    Dyer learned well.

  10. J

    Awesome update Bigfoot Bob!! I was only funnin when I said “happy bday … You smell like a Bigfoot” but maybe I accidentally stumbled onto the truth… You are turning into “Bigfoot Bob” ….Cool!

  11. Samurai chatter

    If RD had just shot a BF why was he so interested in what MM had gotten on camera? If it had escaped then I could understand. But apparently it was dead on the ground at his feet. Wouldn’t he be more interested at that point then seeing anything on film? Could he wanted to see how well his hoax looked on film?
    Why would MM want to film RD asking to see the film and not the dead BF lying nearby? Wouldn’t that be a better shot? Getting everyone’s reaction to Hank lying on the ground?

    • Mark H

      Bingo! Of course MM would have filmed the dead Bigfoot. Why wouldn’t he? He would have the movie of the century!

    • Thylacine

      I believe Hank survived the second shot and was found later on the ground. Dyer then finish him off with the third shot…….if any of this is to believed……or was it Melba in the pantry with a candlestick?

    • RON

      Great point..
      dyer was pre occupied with what MM had on film rather than what was THERE at Dyers feet. There seems to be a HUGE void between the shooting itself and the aftermath. There IS NO AFTERMATH.

    • samurai chatter

      Too many things not making sense. It has become weary making sense. Its easier just to believe, justify and accept it. I think J R Dobbs put the nail in the coffin when he interviewed the homeless man about the last night of filming. He mentions it took several takes to get it done. What was his motive for lying about that?

      Some other things not making sense:

      Why did HW3 sell H4 after he spent a large sum of money for RD to shoot it? He certainly has the means and the contacts to promote it. Why is everyone silent in his camp and in his forums and in the industry silent about this? You would think someone would say something.

      Additionally has not RD now stated that he hasn’t received any money from the BF? What happened to the $300k he said he received?

      If the casino owners did buy H4 from HW3 then why are they paying RD “$27 million dollars” (I hear Dr. Evil’s voice when I read that)
      if he no longer owns it? And then let him use it for a whole year before they take possession?

  12. RON

    From Dyer blog tonight>>

    He’s not convincing..simply entertaining. Dyer said he had killed another human being in response to a question from someone who himself had done so and then Dyer alluded to his military service. Question to Dyer>>
    Under what circumstances have you killed another human? You didn’t serve in active combat. Answer that BULL SHITTER DYER!

    • E

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Dyer killed a man. He would be the type. He can’t control his anger enough to lay off a fist to his wife’s face….definitely capable of much more.

      I don’t know if that story is true but it sounds like it is.

      • RON

        I don’t buy it..Dyer has NO basis for that story..none. He wants us to believe he killed someone in combat. Bull shit. He never severed in combat.

      • E

        I mean I don’t know for sure of the wife beating…That is incredibly stupid of him if so. And the kill would not be made in military service that’s for sure.

  13. Joerg Hensiek

    Robert: watch the latest (well, October 2nd) video of Dyer`s blog talk show. There is the explanation for the gorilla hand. The explanation is actually written ON the DVD! Sad, that the “clever” blooger did not see THAT. Dyer! I love this man, well, someone has to! 😉

    • Well Joerg, love him if you must. Its a free world after all.
      Just one small thing. This “clever” blogger missed nothing. You really should have checked my last blog entry before you firstly, called me “clever” (thank you) and secondly implied that I was blind.
      Team Trackers little mistakes are starting to become more frequent now. With luck, I will catch and publish as they occur.
      Your job, Joerg, is to read and stay informed, not listen and live in the dark.

  14. Joerg Hensiek

    sorry, it was the October 1st show…

    • Martin

      The screenshot of the October 1st version includes a screaming multi-line disclaimer. This show aired the night the gorilla hand was identified. There is NO disclaimer on the screenshot of the exact same image on the DVD as shown (and screenshot) earlier. Dyer and company had blatantly (and stupidly, it’s so obvious) monkeyed around with the evidence. See the competing screenshots here:

      • Thank you for putting that up,
        I was curious to see the comparison

      • RON

        Are they going to put a similar disclaimer to cover the actual content of the DVD itself once it ACTUALLY SHIPS? *For Educational Purposes Only*….so the DVD becomes a REPRESENTATION (dramatization) of what Dyer *CLAIMS* to have happened out there.

      • War Yeti

        Martin you disclaimer story is not entirely true. On the same night the screen capture was taken if you look under the picture of the truck you will see the disclaimer. These half truths go on both sides of the table.

  15. CNBC:Bigfoot Evidence Screened

  16. Bigfoot Sighting In UK Kent Tunbridge Wells
    7/01/2013 British Bigfoot?

  17. Thylacine

    Very promising news. I would guess that she knows what’s in the film if she’s curious about bigfoot.
    Not a good idea to give her name though. Maybe in a private message to Robert, but not in a public forum.

    • Thylacine

      All good, thanks.
      I know Sykes was involved with the more serious side of the bf community when he was in the US this summer. Nothing like MM’s 4 stooges.

  18. Lesley

    Thank you, Jacki! As you say – interesting.

  19. l.perkins

    If “the “Chewie” videos were taken by the wife of the husband and wife team that owned the property and were not taken by the Erickson team” why would these videos be such a big part of Ketchum and Erickson’s presentation from day one? Who named this cute little ‘bigfoot’ Matilda? It’s as if it didn’t occur to the people whp supposedly spent 1/2 million bucks that someone might notice that the figure in their film is wearing a Star Wars mask…

  20. Big G

    wow you got them there. the genetics are a lie because you saw a star wars mask. Thank god you took the time to inform us dumbass’ I wonder what ron and curious have to say about the house of skeptics cards supported be dyers claims falling down. all skeptics are just uninformed people. this is all good info for those of us schooling on bigfoot Thanks robert.

    • curious

      Big G – Why do you address everyone with this high and mighty attitude? You are no more an expert on BF than I am, and I am skeptical of its existence. When you can show me definitive DNA evidence and tell me you have personally examined a body, live or dead, then I will happily concede to you. Until then, you need to dial it down a notch. You use circumstantial (at best) evidence, unverifiable pictures/videos, second hand accounts, and faulty DNA to try and make it sounds you like know more than most. In fact, you just come off as silly. I welcome legitimate evidence. I am not looking to just prove I am right, as you seem to be.

      Furthermore, for you to take that study seriously when it clearly shows this group showcasing a chewie mask as a genuine bigfoot is beyond ridiculous. It does not matter who took the video, it is included in their study as evidence. You can look at the image directly next to the mask. It is the same face and is not debatable. On top of that, Ketchum’s DNA research was immediately debunked. That has been discussed ad nauseum. Just because they chose to hold a press conference does not make it legitimate. From my view point they are just making the community look foolish. But hey, let’s just ignore it and assume it’s all legit. That seems like a good option too.

      • curious

        Just to clarify:

        Here’s and interesting quote from yesterday.
        “Todd R. Disotell, a professor at the Department of Anthropology at New York University, told that Ketchum’s research is nonsense.
        “It’s just a joke,” he said. “She is a laughing stock of people that are of a community that are already kind of wacko.”
        “This was not reported in any scientific way whatsoever. It’s complete junk science, and then she misinterprets it. She hasn’t published in peer-reviewed papers on this stuff. I don’t know how this got put together,” he said.
        Disotell says that he has disproven samples from being what they’re claimed to be many times, including debunking a yeti, a chupacabra, and a sasquatch eight times, including once on ScyFy’s “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.”
        “You can’t prove something doesn’t exist,” he said. “You can prove that every sample you’re brought isn’t what they’re claiming, But you can’t disprove this. It will go on forever. We’ll always have it.”

        And, of course:

      • Big G

        I have no interest in doing your homework. I merely offered you and the other skeptics some insight into why the evidence is evidence. you made comments about how could anyone believe. I presented specific questions to you and you choose not to answer them. in order to be skeptic then you have explained 1000’s of things to yourself using different means. Dna is evidence in court that can convict you of murder and put you to death. A witnesses can convict you of murder. But in this case 35,000 witnesses isn’t enough to convince you that there was something there. The dna that melba had tested in ten different labs came from something. What is it. for 4 months gentenicist the world over have looked at the results. It can’t be faked. How do you know it is faked. where can i find your answers. They can’t duplicate several videos using humans. How was it done. The bf world doesn’t revolve around dyer. Those of use that listen to the scientist want to know what you have found out that has you so upset with us believers. At some point the eveidence is overwelming considering the 1800’s. You can’t answer any of these questions but you would badger the group as a bunch of idiots. The volcano is rumbling it could just mean an uruption. You can stay if you like. The piltdown man had the jaw of a pig and the religious right didn’t find out another scientist found out.

        • curious

          You seem awfully hostile. Not sure what your problem is.
          -Why are you insinuating that I badger the group as a bunch of idiots? What I actually said several times, in a very gentleman-like way is we can agree to disagree. I believe you have a very low threshold for evidence. You think i have too high of a threshold. It is what it is, and you need to get over it.
          – 35,000 people claiming to see something does nothing for me. This is a VERY popular story and people consistently hoax. Whether they do it for attention, or if it is a case of mistaken identity is of no consequence. One of these 35,000 should be able to produce legitimate high quality proof. I can take perfect high def pictures with my phone…why is it no one else can? Can I assume you also believe in Lochness, Chupacabra, etc? Thousands have claimed to see them as well.
          – The DNA evidence has been debunked. The link is in above post.
          – You keep bringing up Dyer. To me one has nothing to do with the other. Dyer is a fraud. I discuss it not because I can’t believe there are people who believe in BF, but because I cannot understand people who believe Dyer. It is an amateur hoax at best.
          – You say “those of us that listen to scientists”….for every one scientist you can show that believes there is valid proof in the existence of BF, there are ten thousand that do not.

        • Curious:

          I do not agree that the DNA evidence has been debunked. They just rejected it without even looking at it.

          We have plenty of good photos and good video, it’s just that the skeptics always reject all of it and say it isn’t good enough. No matter how good the photos and video is, they always insist that it is a hoax. That is why Erickson decided that we needed DNA too. But now they are refusing to look at the DNA too, so it looks like we need a body.

          Loch Ness Monster probably does exist, or did. It may have gone extinct. There is a superb photo of a plesiasaur like creature taken with deep-sea underwater camera in the Loch. That is the creature.

        • curious

          Robert – It’s your blog so I do not want to argue with you. I will just repeat what I said earlier. We have very different thresholds when it comes to legitimate evidence.

          With regards to Erickson, whether or not they took the footage, they included a chewie mask in their presentation and are passing it off as a real BF. That is very damning to their campaign. How can you possibly disagree with that?

          Regarding the DNA, I have yet to read anything that points to it being legitimate. If you can point me in that direction I would be interested in reading it. Thanks.
          The arstech piece was pretty comprehensive and took a good look at it…
          And I would also make an educated guess that the NYU professor quoted above reviewed her work as well, or he would not have commented publicly.

        • I am not so certain that that is a Chewie mask after all. If you look closely, there are some pretty serious differences. Furthermore, in the video, when you look inside the creature’s mouth, it has a BLACK tongue! How the Hell did they hoax that. And when it turns to walk away, it walks exactly like Patty, no differences.

          The NYU professor is a fraud. I will write about him soon. He insists that these things do not exist, so that is exactly what he finds in his results. He starts with a conclusion and works backwards. Yes he looked at her stuff but not properly.

        • curious

          Aw, c’mon man. It’s a dead ringer. A little spray paint and some tweeking and there you have it. They should have manipulated the mask more because it is way too obvious the way they left it.

          You say it walks like Patty, yet it looks nothing like what was represented in that PG film. Can’t have it both ways…

        • Actually it is not. The upper lip below the nose juts forward way more than the mask. In other words, the prognathism of the jaw is dramatically greater in the creature. The mask has little prognathism. The upper lip is never visible in the creature but the lower lip is (that is how it is with Bigfoots, you see the lower lip but not the upper one. In the creature, both lips are prominent. There is much greater distance between the nose and the lips in the creature than in the mask. The hair looks dramatically different.

          How did they fake the BLACK TONGUE?

          How did they fake the PERFECT PATTY WALK?

          They look a lot different, especially in different parts of the country.

        • curious

          I do appreciate your enthusiasm, Robert. I’m going to leave it at that. : )

    • l.perkins

      ‘Big G’ – Reputable, respected genetic scientists are the ones who say ‘the genetics are a lie’ and take exception to their names being used to support a ‘study’ that they’ve publicly denounced as being a fraud. I’ve never said ‘the genetics are a lie’: I don’t know if they are or not – though I’d be more inclined to take the word of Dr. Disotell and other professionals over the word of a vet with an obvious agenda – especially one who has supposedly attempted to coerce former participants in her project like J. Smeja to lie and manipulate evidence, forced Derek Randles to address her publicly because she’s refused acknowledge private correspondence requesting her to return property that belongs to him, and the aforementioned falsifying of the assessments of geneticist’s reviews of her study – but that’s just me. If you choose to believe in her then I’m happy for you. I do believe that some of the other folks involved are sincere, appear to be of good character, and may well have captured some footage of a ‘bigfoot’. As for Dr. Bindernagel’s testimony – I heard him say that he ‘either saw a ‘bigfoot’ or someone in a suit.’ He stopped well short of declaring that he did in fact see a ‘bigfoot’ on the property in question. if he’s made additional statements reversing/amending that statement I’ve yet to hear it.

      Like countless others who can see – I recognize a ‘Star Wars’ mask when I see one. Costuming and cosmetics have little to nothing to do with genetics – that’s nearly as ridiculous and amusing as someone whose unable or too lazy to use passable grammar, punctuation, and spelling in their public post presuming to call someone else a ‘dumbass’.

      • the aforementioned falsifying of the assessments of geneticist’s reviews of her study

        What are you talking about?

        As for Dr. Bindernagel’s testimony – I heard him say that he ‘either saw a ‘bigfoot’ or someone in a suit.’

        Sure, but no one was trespassing on that property the whole time the team was there, and certainly no one was running around in a Bigfoot suit hoaxing the team.

        • l.perkins

          Good morning Mr. Lindsay,
          Here’s just a bit of what I’m alluding to:
          Dr. Ketchum stated during a press conference that NYU – where Dr. Disotell is a professor – was involved in testing samples she provided for her study. The New York Daily News contacted NYU and the University flatly stated they had absolutely nothing to do with Ketchum or her study.

          Dr Ketchum’s response to the University’s statement that seems to point to some dishonesty on her part:
          “Looks like NYU and Todd Disotell are trying to cover up their involvement in testing Matilda’s mtDNA samples. Disotell got human results on her mito, ASSUMED he had contaminated it, and threw the samples away–Adrian was furious. Unlike Disotell, we know the difference between contaminating samples and getting legit human mtDNA results from non-human hair.”

          Dr. Disotell’s rebuttal by way of an interview with
          “It’s just a joke – she is a laughing stock of people that are of a community that are already kind of wacko.
          This was not reported in any scientific way whatsoever. It’s complete junk science, and then she misinterprets it. She hasn’t published in peer-reviewed papers on this stuff. I don’t know how this got put together.
          You can’t prove something doesn’t exist. You can prove that every sample you’re brought isn’t what they’re claiming, But you can’t disprove this. It will go on forever. We’ll always have it.”

          Of course it’s possible that the University is lying and Ms Ketchum is being Truthful, though when that possibility is considered along with the alleged attempts on her part to persuade Mr. Smeja to lie, manipulate and or destroy samples involved in the study and the extraordinary steps Mr. Randles has taken to retrieve property belonging to him due to her neglecting to respond to his private request for the return of his property I’m personally inclined to believe the University’s statement on the matter.

          As for the impossibility of someone trespassing on the property in Kentucky – you may well be right. My Family is from East Kentucky. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Harlan, Hazard, London, Hindeman, Beatyville, Monticello, Hart’s Creek (Ky and West Va), Corbin, Cumberland Gap, Pike County and Rosine, Owensboro, and Franklin to the west. ‘Trespassing’ is a part of life for many folks who live in these areas whose livelihood depends on the food that’s gathered through hunting and fishing, as well as other pursuits – like the whiskey and marijuana trade. If some of those boys over in Kentucky thought there were some outsiders staking out a piece of land trying to find ‘bigfoot’ I wouldn’t put it past them to pull some pranks: Since the mines have closed down for the most part some of ’em have a lot of time on their hands and they don’t take too kindly to outsiders. It would take quite a large security staff to prevent trespassing, but I suppose it could be done.
          Respectfully, lp

        • I talked to a woman who lives next door to the Erickson Project property on Mann Road. She said she thought there were Bigfoots on Mann Road and she was absolutly terrified of them. She also said there are never any unwanted or unknown trespassers on anybody’s land in that town. She said if you trespass on anyone’s land in that town, pretty soon someone will come out with a gun and ask you what you are doing on their land. The couple had the Bigfoots on their property for some time before the EP got there. Prior to that, the wife of the couple’s mother used to feed Bigfoots on her mother’s property, so the wife knew the Bigfoots well. She was feeding them pancakes for some time before her husband found out and asked her what she was doing and she told him.

          No unwanted trespassers were seen on the property during the time the couple owned it, certainly none wearing Bigfoot suits.

          No unwanted trespassers were seen on the property while Erickson owned it, certainly none wearing Bigfoot suits.

          It’s a small town, everyone knows everyone, and quite a few people in town knew about that property having Bigfoots on it. The couple used to throw parties and thy

  21. Tycho Alhambra

    Is there any place online where we can watch the entire press conference, or is that embargoed?

  22. RON

    Here’s a biggie from last night>>>
    Someone asked how Dyer got BLOOD on his underwear. He has maintained that he ran out in only his SKIVVIES when he shot the BF.
    OK, so Dyer says he got the blood on him from trying to *rock* the body onto the tarp they used to move the body down to the truck location.
    WTF? You mean he continued to parade around in his underwear from the time he SHOT it to the time they started to move the body??? He couldn’t run and get his pants at some point???

    • RON

      I never saw the film..but it’s widely *known* that Dyer maintains he shot it in his underwear. He has also stated he was goint to put them up on EBAY at some point. He wasn’t going to wash them show blood

      • He shot it in his underwear?
        Can this be clarified a bit….
        Was the Bigfoot wearing it’s own underwear or wearing Dyer’s underwear?
        I’m a little confused:)

      • RON

        Let me clarify. Dyer had stated previously that here was BLOOD FROM THE BF on them. He stated this when talking about putting them up on EBAY. Someone wanted to know HOW did the blood from the BF get
        on them. My point was that his explanation implied he was wearing just the underwear for an extended period…from the time he shot the BF to when they pulled it on the tarp and attempted to move the body. He didn’t bother to put his pants on in that period??? LOL

      • g. Marshall

        How did the bigfoot get Dyers underwear? Was it hanging near the ribs?

    • Perhaps Matthew was introducing Ricky to a little man-love that night?

      Just a theory.

  23. RON

    I posted this earlier, but it bears repeating since I think it’s very telling.
    From Derek Randles to me>>

    “I will not be making a statement on what I see, and I wont be verifying anything for anybody”
    This is a 180* turn around from what Derek had stated on his first invite!
    I wonder if Dyer required this using an NDA? Buy why would he do that, since Randles will be observing at the party AFTER the release?

    • Rob

      Ron, could it be that Derek is just trying to back away from this whole Dyer mess? When he says, “I won’t be verifying anything for anybody,” maybe he means that he has no intentions of going anywhere near Dyer?
      Poor guy, he has to be feeling uncomfortable with all the attention and praise Dyer has been giving him. Some might start thinking they are linked and this would destroy any credibility that Derek has in the BF community.

      If I were Derek I would get the hell away from “Mr Toxic.”

      Poor guy has to be uncomfortable with the whole “Dyer association” that is being m

    • RON

      I had contact with Derek back then and he told me he would report whatever he saw IF HE WAS ALLOWED TO DO SO.

      • Joerg Hensiek

        FYI: Derek Randles will be guest on the RD-Hank party in Las Vegas on 12th of December. He confirmed his appearance there yesterday. But my source is the RD blog talk radio show, so this can, of course, just be another RD “exit strategy” …LOL!!!!!!!! 😉

  24. Rob

    Robert Lindsay involved in the Dyer hoax?…No way! I may not agree with Robert on the reality of Hank, but I believe Robert is sincere and honest. No way in hell he would be collaborating with Rick.

  25. Sasqrotch

    I concur uncle t. I had held out a little hope that Erickson had something good. But what they have released so far is disappointing. Unless they are holding out on the real good stuff. If the ‘wookie’ footage is their best stuff they are done.

    • L Perkins, do you even believe in Bigfoot in the first place, or are you a skeptic.

      I assure you that there were Bigfoots on that property. One of Erickson’s workers at one point ended up so close to one of them that he could have reached out and touched it! Also Dennis and Leila saw them all the time and took video of them too. In addition, John Bindernagel came to the site and he saw a Bigfoot while he was there.

      • Lesley

        Okay. I don’t mind asking questions which might reveal the depths of my ignorance. 😀 So, is it not possible that a Sasquatch actually looks, by coincidence, very much like the Wookie in the Star Wars films? When I look at a side-by-side I can see slight differences. I just can’t believe that anyone would be daft enough to produce, for worldwide audience, something so obvious.

      • Sasqrotch

        Robert, what do you think of the so called ‘wookie’ footage? I want to think Erickson is still holding out on some good footage, but what they’ve released so far does not impress. In my humble opinion anyway.
        Great update by the way, as always. Keep em comin pro favor.

      • Sasqrotch

        Por favor. Not “pro favor” lol

      • Sasqrotch

        I see you already addressed your take on the ‘wookie’ footage below. Do you think they have more/better footage they are holding out on?

      • Sascrotch, I will have a post coming up, but at the moment, I am to wasted to write LOL.

      • The night vision footage is really cool. Look at that thing, and it walks just like Patty! If it’s fake, that means a man in a costume is walking around at night in the middle of the woods with no flashlight on private property in the middle of redneck land where nobody trespasses. That footage was taken by Pfohl. That’s a real Bigfoot. I also like the sleeping Matilda footage. It is not fake for a variety of reasons.

      • l.perkins

        No sir, Mr. Lindsay – I do NOT ‘believe in Bigfoot in the first place’, nor am I ‘a skeptic’: I KNOW there are beings of the sort that match in many ways the description of the creature referred to as ‘bigfoot’. Living in and around the mountains of North Carolina – where I spent considerable time in my youth tracking, hunting, trapping, fishing, (and I’m not proud to say making and running the white (and charred) liquor extracted from corn (and rye) known in some parts as ‘moonshine’, or ‘corn liquor’) that afforded me several extraordinary, humbling personal experiences with such as this. I’ve had similar experiences in the mountainous regions of New Mexico around Ojo Caliente, Taos, the ‘Mile High Bridge’ (that crosses the Rio Grande), as well as around Fort Robinson (the site of the treacherous murder of Tashunka Uitco – better known as ‘Crazy Horse’), and in Paha Sapa – ‘The Black Hills’ – in South Dakota. As I’m sure you must know, Faith, Hope, and belief are forever supplanted by knowledge and understanding when tangible, personal experience affords a person with such.

        I’ve heard personal accounts from close personal Friends who live in Alaska: One old Friend first went to Alaska in the 1920s and participated in the homesteading opportunities there, building and acquiring considerable Glorious pieces of property in the Homer and Fairbanks areas and worked as a guide, bush pilot, and set his table with the fruits of his hunting, trapping, and fishing. Another dear Friend first went to Alaska in the 1950s as a ‘bush pilot’, fell in Love with the place, and participated in the homesteading opportunities there as well. The experiences they’ve shared have a distinct ring of Truth to them measured by my own experiences. The film and photos these folks have captured over the years – the earliest taken by an old ‘Box Brownie’ in the late ’30s – 1940s prove beyond doubt the veracity of their personal accounts: These are NOT ‘blobsquatchie’, blurry, indistinct images that could well be boulders, stumps, bark, bears or moose like the majority of the photos I see posted on the forums these days that are purported to be ‘bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch’. Some of these photos and films were captured when opportunities to fire on the being/beings could not be acted upon due to the Spiritual/emotional reaction these Friends experienced when the beings chose to reveal themselves: I’m of the unalterable opinion that it’s next to impossible for a person to have a violent reaction to such an opportunity (i.e. hurl lead or an arrow in the being’s direction). Depending on the individual’s Spiritual state (or lack thereof) he will either be totally disoriented and incapacitated, or be enraptured with reverence and wonder.

        It’s likely the evidence for these beings collected by these Friends will never be made public, as these experiences are Spiritual and deeply personal for these men, which I can relate to and appreciate. It’s for reasons such as these that I seldom ever publicly allude to such stuff: I’m not in a position to ‘prove’ anything relating to these experiences, and I wouldn’t if I could – so there’s no point in discussing it. I make mention of it here now out of appreciation for your hospitality, respect for your inquiry, and to illustrate the reasons for my answer.

        I’m of the uneducated opinion that these beings are highly evolved in many ways, yet in some ways seem to be at a ‘dead end’. Physically they are splendid and imposing, though some folks Blessed to have experienced them for many years say their physical forms appear to be in the process of diminishing: Seventy to eighty years ago fully matured males, for instance, stood 15 to 18 feet tall. Over the last forty to fifty years fully matured males usually range from 8 to 12 feet in height. Nevertheless, it’s their eyes and the effects they produce on the lower five senses that captures one’s attention: In their eyes the observer detects a profound sadness and longing. It’s as if they long for interaction and fellowship with their human cousins – yet they know it’s not Purposed to be for them. Is it possible? I say yes, it is possible for the Spiritually attuned, Purpose driven human guided by Principles and Ideals. Contact initiated in meditative or dream-states may well result in experiences in the physical. Conversely, I think it possible that the chance, unexpected experiences some folks have are Purposed to Inspire the observer to seek our True Spiritual Nature, the Higher Vibrational Forces of the Soul through Prayer, meditation, perhaps even religious practices – whatever it takes for us to become aware of Purpose, Principles, and Ideals. In short, it seems the original Purpose for which these beings entered into materiality has run it’s course, yet a remnant remains for a sign to remind human-kind of our True Purposes, the importance of honoring and caring for the Planet which provides for our existence, and remind us of how we may live in the optimal Natural state – unencumbered by wants, wishes, and greed-based desires even as they have for the span of their existence. ‘The less I want – the more I have’ kind of thing…Like beautiful Ladies and handsome men – they are not here to satisfy morbid, selfish curiosities and greed, rather – they remind us of our opportunities to find Love – the Source and Cause of our being – within, which prompts us to be an expression/manifestation of that Love to everyone and everything we encounter. If we as a race choose to ignore ‘the writing on the wall’ and the gentle reminders magnanimously provided by beings such as these – wars, pestilence, and famine will increase, bringing about the obliteration of Life as we now know it on the Earth…

        It’s for these and other reasons that I always have and will continue to reject idiotic scams and hoaxes like the one being poorly perpetrated by Ricky Dyer and his cohorts in the hopes that someone might be spared from being led astray or loosing their hard earned money to such foolish nonsense.

  26. Mr. E2me

    For ‘Curious’

    ‘You seem awfully hostile. Not sure what your problem is.’

    That’s funny. I think the same about you. I wonder why you are here. Are you ‘curious’? Or you just find satisfaction in being self righteous? Most people here attempt to keep and open mind regarding the Bigfoot subject. Scofftic antics such as you bleating that the proof isn’t worthy kinda just don’t fly here. The discussion is usually geared to the optimistic, that there possibly is something out there. Jumping up and down and demanding a body or better scientists is well, just a little too diva……

    ‘- 35,000 people claiming to see something does nothing for me. This is a VERY popular story and people consistently hoax. Whether they do it for attention, or if it is a case of mistaken identity is of no consequence. One of these 35,000 should be able to produce legitimate high quality proof. I can take perfect high def pictures with my phone…why is it no one else can? Can I assume you also believe in Loch Ness, Chupacabra, etc? Thousands have claimed to see them as well.’

    Oh city slicker please. I have a bear in my neighborhood. I have seen it. My neighbors have seen it and presumably the local forest service guys know about it. I know what days he’s active. I have been trying for months to get a picture, with a very nice digital camera. Every picture i have taken could be identified as a blobsquatch. Nothing clear yet.

    Until YOU have actually tried, mebbe you should pour yourself a big cup of STFU. You just come off wrong pretending to know it all. Just cuz your interweb surfing abilities are stellar, it actually doesn’t mean that you know shit.

    ‘- The DNA evidence has been debunked. ‘

    And some are standing by it.

    ‘- You say “those of us that listen to scientists”…for every one scientist you can show that believes there is valid proof in the existence of BF, there are ten thousand that do not.’

    Where did you get your stats? Your ass?

    • curious

      I don’t think I am being the slightest bit hostile. Aren’t you the guy who is constantly people to fuck off and spews anti-Semitic drivel? You are the last person who should be commenting.

      In response to your question, yes, I am curious. That is what brings me to sites such as this and why I follow the story of BF.

      “Scoftic antics such as you bleating that the proof isn’t worthy kinda just don’t fly here.”

      Why, because you said so? You are the Bigfoot police? You seem to have a problem with anyone who disagrees with your point of view. That is why you think I am being hostile. Had I used the identical tone but agreed with your POV I wouldn’t hear a peep about hostility. Big G asked for my commentary and why I feel that way. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. And as much as you might not believe it, I am not looking to disprove BF. I am looking for legitimate proof that it does exist and will remain objective in my search.

      That DNA evidence is extremely flawed. You stand by it because it offers the answer you were looking/hoping for.

      I find it amusing that you all think you are better than me and more knowledgeable because I am a “city-slicker” and y’all live in the boondocks. That is ignorant.

      Lastly, if you have seen this bear and had your camera, or even a modern phone with you, and you could not capture even one decent shot, you are doing something wrong. If you have not seen the bear while having a camera with you, it is understandable, but that is not what you implied.

      • Toomey lives in LA. He lives in a part of LA that backs up onto a huge and very wild wilderness area, hence the Black bear.

      • Thylacine

        Todd R. Disotell, a professor at the Department of Anthropology at New York University? Wasn’t he the one that tested a sample from the Ketchum group, found it to contain some human DNA and not only came to the conclusion it was contaminate but unilaterally decided to destroy it? Very professional.
        He’s also the dork who wears a Mohawk hairdo whenever he’s interviewed for television. It wouldn’t be so bad if he had it all the time. But when he was on with Joe Rogan it was a fresh cut and the skin on the sides of his head was a pasty white.
        I look forward to Robert’s post on that dude.

        • curious

          Just looked it up. That is Ketchum’s claim, yes.
          However, according the Daily News, they contacted NYU and were told the following:

          “But a rep from NYU tells The News that the university never dealt with Ketchum — who holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Texas A&M University — or accepted any data or samples from the Bigfoot Genome Project.”

        • Thylacine

          That just means her name wasn’t on the sample.

          Dr. Melba Ketchum, July 27, 2013:

          “OK, the Matilda questions. Her mitochondrial DNA was tested by Disotell with human results like all of our samples. He said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample. He then sent some of it to Paleo Labs where they also got human mitochondrial DNA. When we got the remainder of the sample, we got the same results. But, we then tested the nuclear DNA where the differences are in the Sasquatch. First, the DNA was female and we had very few females in the study. Some of the individual genes we sequenced on this sample were human while others failed even with universal mammalian primers. This sample behaved just like the rest of the samples. To add credibility and link the sample to the videos, we tested the MC1R gene for red hair color. She sequenced human for this gene and had the mutation for red hair. We ran the 2.5 million human SNP array on her sample. Even a degraded human sample will have greater than ninety five percent of the SNPs run successfully and our degraded human control sample ran 97%. Matilda’s DNA was pristine but only ran at 83%. So, her DNA was obviously not completely human. I also spoke with all three members of the Erickson team and am totally convinced that the videos are legitimate. This is especially true since the DNA findings matched her sex and hair color.”

      • Mr. E2me

        “I don’t think I am being the slightest bit hostile. Aren’t you the guy who is constantly people to fuck off and spews anti-Semitic drivel? You are the last person who should be commenting.”

        You don’t think you are being hostile. What a deluded existence. Does Vanilla ice cream fall out of your ass as well? The owner of the blog had commented on your hostile tone previously and you seem to be in a flame war w/ a couple of regulars. You need to check yurself son. Fuck off with the ant-Semitic shit, fool. I have banged several hook-nosed kinky haired gals. And would do so again should the opportunity arise. Your impotent name calling simply does not apply.

        .’ I am looking for legitimate proof that it does exist and will remain objective in my search.’

        Objective ? Fine. Your approach appears most close minded.

        That DNA evidence is extremely flawed.

        In Your Opinion. Are you some kind of scientist or expert that I should be listening to?

        I find it amusing that you all think you are better than me and more knowledgeable because I am a “city-slicker” and y’all live in the boondocks. That is ignorant.

        I live in this little hamlet called Los Angeles. I think I am better than you because I have some experience. You think you are better than everybody simply because you are some east coast loudmouth.

        Lastly, if you have seen this bear and had your camera, or even a modern phone with you, and you could not capture even one decent shot, you are doing something wrong. If you have not seen the bear while having a camera with you, it is understandable, but that is not what you implied.

        Hi curious. You judgmental closed minded little fuck. Seriously, when was the last time you took a picture of wildlife? You are a moron. Again, Fuck off.

        • l.perkins

          ‘Disotell ….said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample.’

          Did Dr. Disotell throw the sample away, or did he keep some of it? Either he threw it away, or kept some of it – which is it?

          Some may justifiably fault me for being ‘nit picky’ – but when it comes to science, DNA, genetics, jurisprudence, and CREDIBILITY, especially regarding a subject that’s never been recognized by science and is dismissed as myth and legend by the majority of laypeople – it’s inconsistencies like this – loose, knee-jerk unprofessional reactions, self-contradictory statements by the HEAD OF THE TEAM – that can make even the most serious researchers of impeccable character appear unreliable and provide unnecessary fodder for the naysayers and skeptics.

          I don’t know anyone involved in the ‘Ketchum Study’ – all I know is what I see on the internet. In spite of all the misfires and bickering and inconsistencies, I believe there are some members of the team who are serious researchers possessing noble intentions. Perhaps the jeers and criticism could be avoided if they had a thoughtful, well-spoken ‘P.R’ person on staff who handled all the correspondence and interviews – someone who knows it’s bad form to cast dispersions on other people – ESPECIALLY accredited, respected scientist who are experts in the field of study their team is pursuing no matter WHAT these other scientist say, someone who has a firm grasp on the facts and is able to communicate these facts in a clear, concise, non-combative way even under the pressure of appearing on network TV, someone who wont be rattled yet is likeable and able to Inspire respect, confidence and cooperation, someone who can free the researchers up to do what they do best – study and research. Seeing as how the researchers are no doubt growing weary and feeling defensive and some disappointment at this point – they may do well to stay out of sight until all the ‘T’s are crossed and the ‘I’s are all dotted to the satisfaction of even the most discriminating critic – and they’re ready to, at long last – authoritatively bring this topic out of the cryptozoological shadows into the Light of day.

        • Perkins. Fraud Disotell is the one who tested the sample, assumed it was contaminated by humans and tossed it. Erickson was the one who kept back some of the sample.

          Some may justifiably fault me for being ‘nit picky’ – but when it comes to science, DNA, genetics, jurisprudence, and CREDIBILITY, especially regarding a subject that’s never been recognized by science and is dismissed as myth and legend by the majority of laypeople – it’s inconsistencies like this – loose, knee-jerk unprofessional reactions, self-contradictory statements by the HEAD OF THE TEAM – that can make even the most serious researchers of impeccable character appear unreliable and provide unnecessary fodder for the naysayers and skeptics.

          None of your accusation applies here. All Erickson did was submit some samples to Fraud and Fraud threw them away. But Erickson did keep back some of the sample.

        • curious

          LOL. Tough guy!!
          What is wrong with you all?
          I try to be civil. I say we have different opinions and thresholds as to not make me sound better than you, or you than me. Yet that just isn’t good enough. You are so convinced of what you think you know that you immediately resort to “fuck off.” Do you think talking tough on a blog website about BF makes you cool? Are you impressing your cool LA friends in that little hamlet called Los Angeles?

          “I have banged several hook-nosed kinky haired gals.”
          You sound like a swell guy.

        • l.perkins

          Mr. Lindsay,
          Maybe a bit of ‘my accusation’ does apply here – the bit that was directed at the inconsistency/confusing wording in Ms Ketchum’s statement that ‘Disotell ….said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample.’ Your statement, “All Erickson did was submit some samples to Fraud and Fraud threw them away. But Erickson did keep back some of the sample” perfectly illustrates the point I was attempting to make.
          Her statement seems to contradict itself in that she doesn’t say ‘Disotell threw the sample away but fortunately ERICKSON kept back some of it’ – it reads as if Disotell threw the sample away but fortunately HE kept some of it’…That’s what I was referring to…Had you been in charge of press releases and handling interviews this point would have been made clearly and concisely – which is what’s sorely needed when a scientific or judicial case is being presented, especially when validation is being sought for a creature long considered to be a cryptid or myth, and most importantly when an established scientist is being disputed or taken to task.

          Believe it or no – not all of my comments on this subject are negative and meant to be combative. In this case I was merely pointing out the importance of having every statement in good shape and presented with good, unassailable form for the GOOD of the cause. if a simple point like the one we’re discussing here provides the slightest bit of fodder for misunderstanding and confusion – it may have a diminishing effect on the whole project – deserved or not. A research group striving mightily to prove at long last that these beings do in fact exist might find it beneficial to maintain good relations with professionals in the conventional scientific arena and avoid confusion if at all possible for the good of the research and keep all the personal bickering and misunderstandings at a minimum, or at the very least keep them private. The cause needs all the Friends and good will it can muster.

        • E

          Perk you are the only one who sees it this way. You are the only one who got that interpretation. (Or at least who bothered to post the opinion)

          Regardless it does not matter either way. Let it go.

          I wasted my time reading your comments thinking there was some substance there but on the contrary there was nothing.

          It is a moot point.

          If he saves the sample, which he did not, what does that prove? That he doubts himself?

          One thing for sure is that he would keep it if it tested strangely.

          “I don’t know anyone involved in the ‘Ketchum Study’ – all I know is what I see on the internet.”

          Really? The internet ehh?? We are in the same company buddy do you type for the sake of typing??

        • l.perkins

          “E” – oh ye brave Soul you, You’re the very person I’ve been looking to hear from all my life: The ‘grand poo bah who knows how EVERYONE sees EVERYTHING and how EVERYONE interprets EVERYTHING – and is fearless enough to proclaim your inestimable insights shielded by your letter ‘e’ – what’s wrong, are your letter R-I-C-K-S-O, and N broke?
          I’m sorry to be the one to inform you that your dictator is broke too: If you want somebody to “Let it go” YOU let it go.

          I wasted my time reading your comments knowing there was no substance there – and for once I was RIGHT!
          We, I – have just as much right to make moot points as you do.

          If you’d REALLY wasted the time it took to read my comments you would know that the point has nothing to do with what he did or didn’t do with the sample: Ms Ketchum said he (Dr. Disotell) threw the sample away (making you or your Daddy VERY angry) and later in the SAME sentence stated that he kept some of the sample back – failing to make the distinction between Disotell and you (or your daddy). With slipshod statements like this coming from the head of the project about a professional in the the science of genetics it’s little wonder the study provides fodder for professionals and skeptics.

          If my observations are so foolish and lacking in merit – what does your taking the time to dignify these humble hillbilly hieroglyphics with a response say about you Mr/little Miss “E” you brave Soul you? Do you type just for the sake of typing, or only when you’re called upon to tell someone how EVERYONE feels about EVERYTHING??

          Good grief…

  27. John

    I have been curious as to why this group would be going public as they are after being so secretive and quiet for so long? Could it be that they suspect that there may be a “big announcement” on Bigfoot in the near future? An announcement that could include some type of definitive proof and they are simply trying to get ahead of the curve and thus grab their 15 minutes of fame??

    • woodchucker

      Erickson and Pfohl and actually even Melba don’t appear to me from the video clip as attention seekers. They went public because they must feel comfortable enough with their research to share the findings. Was there something in the media release that led you to believe they are not truthful?

      • John

        No…not at all. I was commenting on the timing of the presser. If there is some sort of announcement in the near future that has been predicted on this site and others (Syke’s DNA study or Dyer’s body) then by default they have positioned themselves in an advantageous position by declaring their evidence, however weak one may think their evidence is. If it unfolds that way, they would be quite clever.

        • woodchucker

          Sykes research possibly has prompted this, but I doubt very much that RD has any bearing at all on what they are doing. Perhaps they decided on the Oct date to release in unison with Sykes and simply did not change it when Sykes rescheduled.

        • E

          That would be very interesting. In a perfect fairytale ending that would work for Dicky. If any doctor were to get a hold of a body it should be Sykes. That would be a bombshell.

          To all you crazies, no I do not think that is what happened but it is possible.

        • Big G

          So if you not crazy we should disregard the last part.

  28. There was mention of property where there were never any trespassers,ever,because of a fence or some such.I find that amusing because years ago I trespassed onto a U S. Marine Corps facility that had armed guards and stole gas and got away with it.I probably risked my life and I seriously doubt any civilian could afford the fence I had to negotiate and with 5 gallons of gas.I doubt any civilian guarding just a bunch of trees and wildlife has much of a security system or is immune to trespassers.

    • This was in a small town in Kentucky and nobody goes on anyone else’s property unless you have permission. No unauthorized trespassers were found on the property ever in the course of the study, and certainly there were none walking around in Bigfoot costumes or in the middle of the night with no flashlight in a very thick forest.

      So you do not believe in Bigfoot then Robert, is that correct?

      • Believe? I have been a believer since Edmund Hillary talked about it on the old Today show back in the 50’s. I was just a kid and have been following it ever since.I even had a “wild man” in my sights in Vietnam in ’66.I think that there are “wild men” and that they are not the same thing as Bigfoot,though.In ’73 I spent about an hour looking at the Minnesota Ice Man through the thin ice and was pretty impressed.I just don’t like people saying this or that can’t be when I know that it can. I’ve done my share of trespassing for various reasons and am surprised that people think that because they haven’t seen anyone on their property that they aren’t there.I think that you have the best and most reasoned Bigfoot discussion of any of the sites,but I’m losing patience with Rick Dyer. You must have the patience of a saint and he is lucky to have you still believing in him,more or less.

        • Franko

          Damn ! Mr.E you are so right – about that stuborn-ass Curious. His tone is so very tedious. You cussed his pussy ass out just as I was about to, but you said all the right things. He dosen’t who he is and how he comes off. A ferocious key board warrior,smart-ass ,city slicker. Tender foot ,Green-horn, from h

      • curious

        Good come back, buddy.
        I still can’t quite understand how anyone could think I am coming off hostile when you guys write things of this nature. I have been civil, rational and haven’t resorted to any kind of name-calling with the exception of the bigot a few posts up. If I agreed with your POV you would be backing me up. But because I have a different opinion, a valid one at that, you resort to this kind of nonsense.

        Oh and I still love that you give me shit for being from NYC. It must be a really awful thing. Guess that’s why no one ever visits here. And for the record, I have also lived in New Orleans, Chicago and 2 years in Australia. But what do I know about anything…You guys are the experts! 🙂

        • Mr. E2me

          Oh pity poor curious. The delusional fool still believes he is not the confrontational one.

          It had not gone unnoticed the backhanded nature of virtually all of your comments. It is quite disingenuous of you. Pointing to all of us as the ones who have a problem displays the lack of responsibility for your actions. We aren’t stupid, you are trying to play us that way. Your know it all attitude about photographs is childish. Again I would ask what experience you have it in that field, aside from what you gleaned on the interweb.

          If you must hang the bigot tag on me , so be it. It means nothing coming from you anyway. I can only imagine what kind of weasel you are in real life. Look I’m already over it! You make me curious were you stand on menopausal advocates? Are you simple enough to think I was slandering them as well? I believe my comments were in full support of barren lawyers and financially strapped Hebrew counselors.

          However, you have a small agenda and will twist things to get your way. Your mommy may have loved you too much. Here in the real world,when you are wrong, we have no problem telling you so.

        • Big G

          I’m still waiting for your explanation of the quad muscle flexing under the hair and skin in the patty video. thylacine explained the red hair gene to you the problem whith you retreiveing proof is even though proof is acceptable to scienctist and geneticsists its not to you. I would just say the those rcordings that can’t be duplicated by skeptics. the hair that comes from something. the foot prints that aren’t just big humans with a longer stride. especisllt those that go over terrian that a human can’t do. why can’t i get you to do any research that isn’t made by another skeptic. remember there are still gas companies that don’t thing the climate is changing. While for every 1 million scienctist that has proven global climate change there is one paid by the gas companies that doesn’t believe. there will always be skeptics. Except in pompii those all died when the valcano killed then. There is a large nocternal biped related to us living in north america. More people have seen bigfoot than jesus. You Can quote me. Oh and loch ness yes and chupricobra no. I’m also a wildlife photographer. 1000’s of shots produce 100 good clear pictures of animals that dont fear people. those that do dont get photographed that often. in thier environment they can hear you along time before you see them.

        • Franko

          Dude, you have nothing ! Just a big mouth and all the ideas swirling around in that thick head of yours. Even the name you chose is sly and, chicken-shit. Curious ? You haven’t a clue. We all have friends and, relatives like you . Skeptics ,Debunkers. All screaming ,”Wheres the body”? Is Teddy Rosevelt wrong ? NYC, NOLA, CHI,its all the same ,big city safety, for chicken-shit city slickers. Chump, you would shit your pants if you experienced what I did ! Not just once but, 4 times -in 3 different states. The first in Kansas at age 18,very powerful ! The 2nd in northwest Massachusets . The 3rd in northern California..Wow! I don’t post very often,usually with a good true story. But worms like you bring me out to testify. This is coming from a man who has killed every living thing on this earth ,that has crawled,walked ,or flew. When I came across the big man in the forest ,I instantly knew what it was ! You have no idea what real danger and, real fear is. The sounds and, the smells ! Book learning don’t mean shit, you have no experience. The testimonials span the range of Time, Age,Color, You name it. They are here ! And on many continents . Including Australia. The Aborigines said,”Him bad Fella”! The list is too extensive. Stop Your Hard-headed blindness and, get some real education. Open your mind, Sasquatch is part of the fabric of the history of the nation . The native americans are not wrong. The Hunters and, Farmers and Fisherman are not wrong ! The little girls who became rich ,white ladies and, have nothing to gain by telling their stories. Are not wrong. The anecdotal evidence is very valid . I hope I haven’t wasted my breath on you. I assure you this post is but a crumb falling off my table. I suggest you eat it up and, humble yourself and,listen to the men- folk who really know. Otherwise do like Mr.E suggested .

  29. Brad

    I agree that it is bizarre that they held that press conference now with not announcement of a movie or further evidence. I think they may know something we don’t about a revelation in the BF community. I have a theory that Sykes has been working On Hank. Robert. Re-watch your interview with Dyer when you ask him about Sykes. He had this grin in his face like he is hiding something.

    • woodchucker

      If Sykes is working with Hank, I doubt rubber will provide a genome. The SGP would be the best source of info since Melba claims to have 3 genomes. EP has made a strong case for themselves. Over 100 samples were used, collected from several sources. They included video they purchased from the previous landowner and the EP took themselves. They occupied research areas since 2005 and even brought Melba out to one site to see for herself what the field team was observing.

  30. Dyers new mantra;
    “I have never once asked anyone to believe me, I have only asked people to wait for the outcome. But people choose to believe me because of the evidence”
    Cryptic double speak with a slice of lemon!!!

    • And lets not forget his latest piece of drivel… and I quote; “its actually common sense to believe me.” On what planet would this be considered common sense… lol
      Open letter/blog/taunt to Dyer on my blog. Lets make this puppy whine!

  31. RON

    It’s really crazy. I just don’t see an exit strategy for Dyer and he’s not budging on this release thing.

    • woodchucker

      Disgusting how he steppped down as Pres and declared there is nothing more to say, yet it seems he is saying more than ever. I wish he would have kept his word.

      • Woodchucker, its impossible for him to do that, even though he said so. Those two droning knuckleheads, Cali and Boswell are just effing the whole hoax up. No personality at all between them.

      • Al

        Woodchucker, POS did the same thing back in the summer. Said he was stepping down, getting out of the bigfoot community and wouldn’t be doing anymore shows. That latest about a week and then he was RIGHT back at it like nothing was said….

      • Thylacine

        He stepped down the day before the picture of the gorilla hand appeared on the DVD cover. After it was busted he had to return for damage control. Gone for 48 hours. I think he suspected it wouldn’t fly so he stepped down so he could blame others for his own bad judgment.
        I just posted the video of a James Brown song “Please, Please, Please” on the last thread so I won’t do it here. But it’s all RD’s version of the JB cape act.

  32. Al

    Frank Cali (on last night’s show)…

    “You won’t go anywhere or any supermarket without seeing Hank and RD on the cover. I mean, that’s going to be all over the place. Yeah, you’re going to see all kind of bigfoot toys, action figures, I bet they’re even going to do Rick action figures.”

    LMFAO!!! This guy is nuts! Talk about a delusional wind bag!

    Yeah, it will be all over covers; like the national enquirer maybe! Actions figures, toys!?!?!?! LOLOLOL

    • Thylacine

      Will you be able to remove the underwear from the RD action figure?
      Do they still have newspapers? I’ll have to have my valet pick one up.

    • Mr. E2me

      Thanks Al.
      There’s no way on this earth I can stand to watch POS spew his
      verbal diarrhea. Your perseverance is admirable.

      ‘Yeah, you’re going to see all kind of bigfoot toys, action figures, I bet they’re even going to do Rick action figures.”’

      POS Action figure ?
      I have seen the prototype. It is a bobblehead doll in tighty whities.

      • Al

        “There’s no way on this earth I can stand to watch POS spew his
        verbal diarrhea. Your perseverance is admirable.” ~ (Mr. E2me)

        Thanks, but you have NO IDEA how hard it is for me to sit down and watch all of POS’s shows from beginning to end. I want to reach through my computer and strangle the crap of of him! I sit there most of the time gritting my teeth and yelling at the screen. LMAO.

        But, I liked to be informed and I don’t like making comments about what POS has said or done and if I haven’t heard it from the pig’s own mouth.

        I will probably have to stop watching or caring eventually because it’s probably not good for my health to get so angry and frustrated with this turd.

        I truly wish someone, somewhere, somehow could finally put the last nail in his coffin and at the same time, help people to realize and understand that he’s a master manipulator.

  33. Al

    “Rick is quite the attention whore, is he not?” ~ (Robert Lindsay)

    Oh yeah! If that was the worst part of his personality, I think we could deal with it. Unfortunately, that is the best trait he has….

    BIG LI(e)ON FILMS production

    internet leaked copy of the not-so anticipated
    prequel to the ‘After The Shit’ & ‘Gibfoot Autopsy’ saga.

    These astonishing videos feature ‘definitive proof’ that there are still ‘human-looking bipeds with ape like intelligence’ walking among us in some areas of the US.
    The leader/head of the human-looking bipedal apes clan seems to have been given the name ‘Dick Lyer’ (whether this name was given by the field observers or the other members of his clan is unknown, many just
    refer to him affectionately as ‘Dick-Head’) and features his clan/family group in their natural living environment.
    See one of the clan ousted from his sleeping quarters,
    Hear them use extremely repetitive mis-leading human-like language,
    Share their male camaraderie(there were no females spotted in this particular clan) which leads to the speculation that the clan may be
    The Dick Lyer a.k.a. ‘Dick Head’ clan is ‘living proof’ the apes
    mated with humans in the recent past, and are truly
    ‘The Apes Among Us’.

    This is their story as it happened as seen through actual real events, these are not re-enactments.
    May contain idiotic language and non-adult themes.
    Not suitable for intellectually minded.
    Some viewers may find the images hilariously disrupting.
    1 – Introduction

    2 – The Body

    3 – The Scientist’s View

    4 – The News Release

    5 – Palo Alto CA. Press Conference Highlights

    6 – Whoops!

    7 – HOAX!

    8 – Epilogue

    Special cameo appearance: the ‘Freezer Creature’

    You may have noticed that the script and dialogue are
    practically identical to the current “After The Shit’ and
    the Hunk body, this is due to the ‘ape intelligence’ that these
    ‘man-creatures’ exhibit….they are very good at mimicking
    but lack any genuine originality. If compared to a ‘normal human’
    they most likely would be termed as ‘mentally impaired’.
    Posted for Educational purposes only, any resemblance of the Dick Head clan and normal living human beings is purely coincidental and unintended.

    • Al


      Thank you for the well organized recap and revisitation of POS and company’s 2008 hoax and scam. This is particularly beneficial for those who haven’t seen these videos before and so they can see just how good of a liar POS is. It also nicely demonstrates how similar the entire sequence of events played out then and are playing out now.

      Good stuff and a little bit of a reality check maybe for those still on the fence or those who didn’t know the background.

      • Thank you Al,
        That’s exactly why I posted them, of course all the description stuff is my doing to emphasis not to take it seriously , but the videos alone speak volumes for themselves. I hope newcomers in the Bigfoot phenomenon will take a look, especially if they are thinking of shelling out money to this RD person.

    • woodchucker

      Hilarious commentary, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch 45 mins of RD vids. Just can’t……

  35. Thylacine

    What little video there is last only a few seconds. There may be more video that has yet to be released. Matilda slowly looks towards the camera with her mouth open. I’ve always assumed she is alerted to the camera, probably from the scent of the cameraman. Open mouth for scent detection, stillness for alert. Her breathe rate while sleeping was 6/minute, incredibly slow, indicating a tremendous lung capacity.
    She is a young mother but is probably still not a full adult. There are accounts of juvenile bigfoot that look different from adults. Smeja claimed the bigfoot he shot was human looking and was afraid to take with him because he thought he might face murder charges. But he was so repulsed by the ape-like juveniles that he shot one. I suspect Matilda doesn’t look very human because of her age.
    Kate who?

  36. C.S.

    All these pictures and videos that show “Bigfoot” like the Erickson project or the tent video or any damn video brings no realism. When you see something that is real you just know, like this video of this gorilla… pretend for a second that was a Bigfoot… there would be a chill in your spine a sense of wow finally… finally. There would be no doubt. The movement in the body and the facial expression…. not these lifeless pictures and 3 second videos that screams hoax! Come on people… Until then the bf community will never be taken seriously. I’m from the outside and all these videos has turn me off.

    • No way will you ever get close enough to one of these Bigfoots to take a video as good as the one of that gorilla. Anyway, no matter how good our photos and videos are, the skeptics and frankly most of our own community will simply reject it as a hoax. So videos and photos are useless, and increasingly, it looks like DNA is useless too.

      • C.S.

        Except for RD?

      • Hmmmmm...

        I think what is being said Robert, if I can attempt to paraphrase a bit, is have you ever seen something on film that was just breathtaking? The first high def you saw, a slow motion knockout strike in mma, a lion taking down its prey, a charging elephant, a bear defending its cubs, a diving eagle, and on and on… I think you know what I mean… They all have an aura about them. They are special moments in your life despite the separation of time, distance, and appearing over electronic medium. They all still captivate you somehow and pull you in. For me it is almost primal for lack of a better description. One can not ignore them! You can feel them. I agree with the poster. For me, no Bigfoot footage since patty has had that same effect. In fact patty was not nearly as impactful until I saw the stabilized zoomed centered version. The first time I saw that, I was struck. Out loud I said Wow! Damn! Holy shit! And immediately other nearby people also wanted to watch the replays with me to similar effect. The tent video kind of did that for me until I saw the remade one where bigfoot squares up to the filmer. That action alone did not ring true to me. It wasn’t a peek, it was aggressive. Odd. Disappointing somehow. In my minds eye, I see shoulder drop and over rotation too. As if there is mass atop a substructure unused to manipulating that mass. That simply is not a natural animalistic behavior based on any account of these beings I am aware of. They always seem to try to maintain the greatest distance possible visually and physically from humans with cameras. If they squared up like that, I think there would be a heck of a lot more footage. The ramming bigfoot in sbf got a few gasps and as many giggles from the live crowd. What does your gut check tell you on these 3 pieces of footage Robert?

        • Patty, Tent Video and SBF are all 100% real Bigfoots.

        • Big G

          I paid little attention to the 67 patty film till i saw three or four frames where a quad muscle flexed under the hair and skin. also the bulge that indicated damaged muscle tissue under the hair and skin just above the quad when it flexed. Also the police video that finding bigfoot tried to recreate and bobo being 6’4″ 250 wasn’t even close to the size and took 5 steps to cross the road at half the speed. also on the other side of the gaurd rail that the animal cleared with its third stride was a 15 ft drop off into rocks that would have killed a human. These are the films that i key up on. The physical limitations of humans keep us from hoaxing.

        • “No way will you ever get close enough to one of these Bigfoots to take a video as good as the one of that gorilla.”

          My point was that if someone on the Erickson Project was within arms length of a Sasquatch, they were close enough to get footage as good as the one of that gorilla. Maybe they DID get footage that good, but what I’ve seen isn’t it.

        • The guy who got that close to the female did not end up their by choice. It just sort of happened that way. And he certainly didn’t have a camera with him at the time. You might say it was an accident that he ended up next to that Bigfoot.

      • But you say that someone on the Erickson Project was within arms length of one? And, no, I am NOT a skeptic of Bigfoot. I AM, however, a skeptic of Dyer (obviously), Ketchum, and the EP.

  37. RON

    As opposed to period last Aug right before the Movie release and the Aug *reveal* date, the suspense factor for me now is through the roof. Yes, it’s a *dog and pony* show alright, but Dyer has really put everything on the line this time around. Last time, I could see an exit strategy of sorts ..excuses for lousy Movie shot and delay of release as well. This time he’s really boxed in with his DVDs…Press release announcements…Party and PPV shtick…the TOUR . He simply has no way that I can see to escape . Even he has a *disclaimer* on the final DVD when it’s shipped out, he didn’t disclose that fact on the on line ordering, so if it’s a reenactment for *educational* purposes he’s going to get sued and charged with fraud if he tries to pull that off. Sure, there’s no BF on record to reference if it’s claimed he has a *fake* in the DVD…but he has also stated its * a real DEAD BF* it can’t be a replica either, since they aren’t *DEAD* at all. The only thing I can possibly see as an exit would be that the investors have again changed the release. But what about the DVD? If he hits the 100 mark well before then, he will have to ship it out…unless he lies about how many are really sold. I’m dying to see how all this plays out.

  38. RON

    Good point there. I saw the show last night and he admitted he *slipped up* when he made that statement. I was wondering what the slip seemed to come right after he mentioned the investors *paying for the University* involvement. He had mentioned a University studying the body..but never mentioned that they got paid. Your point seems to be a good one, but Dyer could still claim he still had to *reimburse* the investors for the film crew. It was pretty obvious when he first announced the *$20K* cost for the crew, he didn’t have that kind of cash available himself. Of course all this is moot, since there is no dead BF…lol.

  39. One big problem I have with those photos is the canine teeth. VERY few eyewitness accounts describe sharp canines even in male sasquatches. This is supposedly a female. Very few primate species have females with large canines. On top of that, the teeth ALL look too small. I was majored in Physical Anthropology (although I didn’t finish my degree), and I have spent a lot of time since my early childhood studying apes, hominids and early humans. ALL of them would have teeth larger than that thing. Those are, in my opinion, not the teeth of a real living primate, particularly an omnivorous one that eats a lot of course vegetation. Those teeth would not hold up to that kind of dietary work-out.

    • Big G

      While i do believe they eat vegitation im still hooked on the dna that stipulates a human hybrid. Why couldn’t the creature have more human like teeth. Being a hybrid would allow alot of range for different features.

      • More human-like teeth would not include large, pointy canine teeth. And human teeth are larger, proportionally, than the teeth shown in those photos. Also, the entire reason that any primate species has prognathic (jutting) jaws is to allow for really big teeth. In human evolution, as teeth get relatively smaller, the less prognathism there is. The thing in the photos has both prognathic jaws and very small teeth. No matter what Sasquatch is (unknown ape, human relative, or human/whatever hybrid), it would STILL follow general patterns of primate biology.
        On top of that, the “human hybrid” part of Ketchum’s DNA study is the part of it that I have the biggest problem with. It doesn’t make any sense, biologically. She says, basically, that this unknown hominid (Sasquatch) is a hybrid of humans and some OTHER unknown hominid (which still doesn’t answer the question of what the other unknown hominid is/was). I seriously doubt that a human/non-human hominid hybrid would produce viable offspring that would be able to reproduce. Horse/donkey hybrids (mules) can’t mate to make new mules. All mules come from breeding horses with donkeys. So, in a similar manner, Sasquatches would be the result of near constant interbreeding with humans, which is clearly extremely unlikely, at best. If they were constantly interbreeding with humans, a couple of things would happen. First, we’d know about them because a LOT of human females would be giving birth to Sasquatch babies. Secondly, if this was continuously happening, the ORIGINAL “unknown hominid” genes would get pretty diluted over multiple generations of hybridization, and eventually, you would have offspring that just looked like people, not like Sasquatches.

      • First of all, Matilda has marked prognathism and a large browridge. The wookie mask has no prognathism and no browridge, so it’s not the wookie mask.

        I believe Dyer said Hank has fanged incisors also.

        Well whatever it was, it bred with humans. The thing that bred with the human females to form this creature was a relict hominid, probably Homo Heidelbergensis. The creation of Sasquatch occurred in SW Europe in the waning years of the Ice Age. It is starting to look like Homo sapiens could breed with other hominids like Neandertal and Denisova. The MtDNA being human just means that a human female got into the line somewhere along way 13,000 YBP or so. That’s all it means. The NuDNA is relict hominid, so it has to be a hybrid. Also hybrids are often very large.

        Not only were the offspring viable, but Sasquatches can breed with humans. The Indians have a lot of stories about Sasquatches kidnapping Indian women and breeding them. The women sometimes came back to the tribe with Sasquatch-human children, which were viable and had the same lifespan as other humans. We even think we can track down some of these descendants. That is one of the things that Sykes has been trying to do.

    • Lesley

      ” We even think we can track down some of these descendants. That is one of the things that Sykes has been trying to do.” (RL)

      I hadn’t heard that. That’s interesting. Thank you. I’ve heard the Homo Heidelbergensis theory before. Weren’t they an ancestor of Neanderthal?

    • Well, they are ancestors of us, not sure if they are ancestors of Neandertal also.

  40. DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS)
    Do you think ‘Bigfoot’ exists?
    Yes – %61.33
    No – %38.67

  41. Big G

    very soon all the skeptics will be alone. the mountains are rumbling its time to move onto the other myths. like weed is bad for you. Where do the skeptics stand there. I heard a lot of the same crap about no evidence. global climate change is brought on by too much carbon in the atmosphere. where do the skeptics stand there. not enough evidence right? at some point a skeptic must just block the mountains of evidence to go after dyer. no body cares about dyers except skeptics. nobody cared about Piltdown man except skeptics. dyer has done damage to the bf community because of the dysfunctional way in which it operate even the news story they broke ketchums news a day ago mentioned that the 67 film was hoaxed and that isn’t true nobody has ever done it since. with more knowledge and technology not to mention funds. the bf community should go after the truth with the person who put that in.

    • Big G

      sorry champ im dislexic. it never gets written down the same way im thinking it. things like puncuation and spelling fixes would make a simple statement an hour project.What i meant to say is there is alot of evidence out there and i’ve seen some recently and all the answers are there. then i wanted to make a staement about the news report wrongfully saying the pgf was hoaxed.

  42. r

    On a few different news segments about the EP news conference they mentioned the PG film and that it was learned that it was a hoax when one of the flmers admitted it was them in a suit. This couldn’t be less true, though it is a common mistake made by those who haven’t looked into the case. it is so frustrating to hear that. In my opinion that is a real sasquatch that Patterson and Gimlinencountered that day

    • Lesley

      In the case of the PGF, I only ask Sceptics for one thing … show me a recreation of this film, using materials and fabrics available at that time, including the film, lens etc. Make it as good as the PGF and then I’ll rethink my opinion. That’s all.

      • r

        It can’t be done..I just don’t appreciate that the false rumor of Patterson admitting to a hoax is what most of the public believes, and that news programs would claim that as fact without looking into it first. They are confusing the deathbed confession of the guy who made the wood footprints and the BobHeronimus claim with aPatterson confession, which never happened. The film is real..

      • Mr. E2me

        Per Lesley;
        ‘In the case of the PGF, …That’s all.’

        Well said and agreed.

  43. RON

    What’s the deal then with Heronimus? He took a lie detector test twice and passed. Why would he lie about this anyway?

    • He lived in the same town as Patterson and he hated him. He knew both Patterson and Gimlin well. Personal rivalry with Patterson. He was really mad that Roger got all that attention.

    • Lesley

      I don’t know how he passed, but I do know that he and Morris didn’t even come up with the same story. Morris claimed the suit was a $450 model, and made of dark brown Dynel, and Bob Heironimous said the suit he wore was made of dark brown horsehide which he described as follows “It stunk: Roger skinned out a dead, red horse”.

      Source – (Greg Long (2004). The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story. Prometheus Books. ISBN 1-59102-139-1.)

    • r

      The debate has gone on for years about the PGF. I choose to believe its real based on personal observations and what I’ve read in books by Jeff Meldrum and Loren Coleman which both had extensive research on the case of the films authenticity. I just wanted to express my disappointment that many people believe that Patterson confessed to a hoax, which isn’t true. Personally i don’t believe Heronimus’claims, but people are free to form their own opinions. I’m not an expert on the case, but i certainly wouldn’t make a statement on the news without first looking into it..

  44. Al

    I’ve always believed that the PG footage was and is real. This film has been studied extensively examining every single detail. There is a few reasons more than others why I believe it’s genuine; the musculature seen moving under the hair, the visibly bouncing breasts and the plain and simple fact that such a sophisticated costume could have not have been created back in 1967.

    Then there the fact that POS and Cali say it’s a hoax, that in itself should speak volumes and insure the opposite is true. 😉

    • Big G

      I agree al there is no reason to discuss anything else about the film unless you can explain how the quad muscles move under the skin and hair. the animal was 7’6″ tall on a sonar recreation. it moved without ever looking down. the crew that did the survey couldn’t take a single stetp without looking down and still stumbling , because of the rocks that lined the creek. The animal turned and looked at gimlin and still mantain foward movement without looking down or stumbling. unless they took 100’s of takes to get this footage with a horse complying. Remember the horse reering to start the action. then there is the gate. it still can’t be recreated. period.

    • r

      I’m so sick of this Dyer thing. I held out hope for longer than i should have that there was substance to it, but the gorilla hand incident was the last straw for me. What bothers me is why Cali and others would go along with this. Could it really be that they are being fooled? But he claims to have seen the body. when this blows up these people will have zero credibility left. They are all on nightly internet shows attempting to sell dvd’s based on the claim of filming a real dead sasquatch. If this turns out to be a hoax i don’t know how Cali and others could walk away from this without some kind of lawsuit or backlash. If it is a hoax I hope it was worth destroying their reputation. I’m really tired of this and can’t wait for a definitive ending to the year long saga

      • Al

        We’re all sick of this RD crap, R. I think they are all fooled by POS and even if it’s true that some have seen the body (and I do believe there will be a body), it will be a sophisticated prop or dummy.

        Who knows, POS might have even used some of the investor’s money to have this thing constructed. All of these details are speculation and very difficult if not impossible at this point to prove. But, at the end of the day, I do believe there will be a body, a FAKE body, housed in a glass case.

        He’s going to milk this right until the end and he’s going to make as much money as possible from his tour, the DVD’s and whatever new scheme he can think of.

  45. RON

    The thing about the Patterson film is that this *BF* doesn’t behave like what we have come to *expect* a BF to act like in this instance. They are illusive…especially when they think they’re being observed. This BF almost walks *casually* as it looks back at them filming it in plain sight.

    • Lesley

      When a female bear with cubs is seen, and if she has cubs, she’ll walk away in exactly the same way as Patty did; with that backward look and continuing in the same direction. I’m not saying that Patty had young, of course, but that action isn’t unprecedented in other, similar animals.

    • Al

      I agree with you about the behaviour Ron. However, I think it’s possible that this was just an anomalous incident. A case of being at the right place at the right time and maybe even a once in a thousand chance encounter.

    • A few years ago I was on a solo bicycle tour in Colorado. As I was packing up and loading my bike panniers one morning, a VERY large bull elk walked through my camp, just a few feet away from me. He was in no hurry, but was completely aware of my presence. He walked past me just a few feet away (I had put my bike and the picnic table in the campsite between us!) and continued on his way into the woods. He pretty much acted EXACTLY like the subject of the PG film, only without the looking back bit. I was already convinced that film was real, but seeing the elk’s behavior just solidified that belief. Besides, if you were faking a film of a Bigfoot before anyone had ever filmed (or hoaxed) one before, wouldn’t you have it do something more interesting than walk away? Like wave a stick or something?

  46. Christopher Noel responds to negative feedback about his Shooting Bigfoot: What the Rick Dyer Body Means for Sasquatch Research… E-Book

  47. Big G

    Judging by the pace and never looking directly at the young i think this animal did axactly what it wanted to do. that is take the humans out of the area. If you noticed she didn’t go for the closes woods. She trailed straight away to the farthest woods to give the humans the longest look while the young ones escaped. her breast were full so she could have been nursing. since the muscles under the skin can’t be redone to this day i say we use the pgf as the guideline for the way females with young act.

  48. robbie1kenobe

    and what’s even worse, supposedly the footage was taken by the owners of the property, not the Erickson team. I can almost hear them snickering, “We just pulled a fast one on them city slickers and they bought it!…”

  49. Al

    “You assume there is an investor, I for one think it’s laughable!” ~ (208champ)

    What you, I and many others have learned about this with POS is that there are a lot of suckers out there willing to believe. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume there is an investor (rich person) with the same thinking and willing to ‘invest’ in POS and wanting to fund the search.

    • Al

      Also, who’s to say that any investor was looking for a shady partner like POS to orchestrate this hoax and use their money to allow him to pull it together.

      • Al


        Agreed, definitely and entirely possible. This is why I also believe it’s believable to think that any ‘investors’ are in on the hoax and only using POS to help perpetrate it…and due to POS’s prior expert experience in the hoaxing field.

  50. Al

    POS is backing Tim Fasano now and even telling his members and viewers to donate to TIm’s research. And if they do, then he’ll drop the price of the pay-per-view to $27.99.

    I thought that TIm’s recent video was meant to be a sarcastic spoof on POS and his methods. I also thought that POS maybe couldn’t tell that this was a spoof, but who knows!?!?!

    I never did like or fully trust Tim Fasano and POS used to trash him regularly when he remembered. Something very fishy about all of this.

  51. Al

    I am starting to despise Cali almost as much as POS. He is a motor mouth! He should apply for a job on the shopping channel, he’s the consummate salesman.

  52. Al

    And the Oscar goes to….POS!

    Wow, what another captivating, compelling and heart felt motivational speech by all mighty leader of TT!

    I think I need to vomit now.

    • r

      what have the platinum and gold members got for their money? Nothing except for the first to hear about the baby Bigfoot hoax crap? wow.. Do you still believe he has a body RL? the tent video could be real but that doesn’t mean he actually has a body. There is a huge difference between filming one and actually killing one.

      • Al

        “the tent video could be real but that doesn’t mean he actually has a body. There is a huge difference between filming one and actually killing one.” ~ (r)

        Good point r and I can agree with this thinking. However, everything in my being is telling me that isn’t the case.

        • r

          i’m not saying i believe the tent video is real, i’m on the fence about it. But believing that Dyer has a Bigfoot body based on believing the tent video is real is a huge leap of faith. Also the strange image on the tree that Hank is behind in the tent video bothers me, it’s like a strange distorted face at eye level facing Hank.. idk..

        • RON

          You brought up the tent video. The problem I have with it is how Dyer could have gotten a shot of the HEAD which is 8ft off the ground, given the apparent distance of the BF, the width of the screen, the distance taken from the screen and the angle of the shot. Dyer seems to say it was standing up at the time as well (getitng ribs on tree?).
          Here is a pic which is NOT ZOOMED for reference. It’s on it’s side.

          The shot looks like it was taken level (not angled UP) and from a window about 4-5 Ft high. That BF head is a little over 1 ft in size, so it had be fairly close as well. I just don’t see how he could catch it’s head which is 8Ft off the ground at this distance (maybe 15-20ft?).

      • Somebody has a body, I know that for sure. Probably Hank Williams III.

        • RON

          This might give you a better idea of what I’m talking about in this example>>>

          . I was assuming a HIGHER screen, his tent probably looked like this one and so the screen would have been LOWER still. In this pic he would be shooting from a level in the white section..midway up…3ft-4ft off the ground (?). He was also AWAY from the screen opening as you can see from my other post above. That would LIMIT his field of view considerably. I would put the BF at the FAR right tree in this sample pic above. An 8ft 6in BF would be at least 3/4 the way up that tree. Do see how he couldn’t catch the HEAD if he was shooting straight thru that slit (in the white part 1/2 way up) standing BACK from the slit by several feet. If had his camera right UP AGAINST the slit, it might have been possible, but he’s standing BACK as shown in the actual tent video screen shot posted above.

        • Al

          someone may have a “body”…but what that body is made of is the question. 😉

  53. Al

    r, I understand what you’re saying and you make a valid point. It would have been much believable for him to get this video than actually shooting and killing the creature. I do agree with you that, that scenario is much more likely than what he’s telling us. Personally, I just don’t believe any of this story.

  54. Al

    Everyone; try to put yourself in POS’s shoes and think what you’d do, if you were in his situation…

    Let’s assume that everything POS is telling us is true, that he shot and killed a bigfoot and this was made possible mostly because of investor(s) financially backing his expeditions over the last 5 years. The creature is finally located, seen, shot and killed by POS and all of this is captured on film, not only by MM and film company, but also by POS’s own film crew afterwards.

    From that moment onwards, POS would be famous and entitled to some pretty hefty financial compensation. Afterall, it was all captured on film for everyone to see who did what and how.

    POS likes to make out like he and his investors didn’t have much of a contractual agreement. BUT, do any of you truly believe this guy wouldn’t dot all his (i’s) and cross all his (t’s) BEFORE entering into any contract with investors? Seriously, and listen to his own words on his programs, he says this all the time. He was a correctional officer who’s been been involved in many scams before. He even stated that he became a correctional officer simply to get a badge so he could escape prosecution by the cops. He has said this on one of his previous shows how he was speeding, pulled over and subsequently let go by the officer after POS showed his credentials.

    So, he’s done the impossible; shot and killed a bigtoot and has got his investors over a barrel in an iron clad contract. Then why on earth would he care to spend 8 months assembling a team of NOBODYS and misfits to support and back him up? Why would he even waste his time when he knows the money and recognition is just around the corner? In that situation, none of that would matter or impact momentarily on the accomplishment whatsoever.

    BUT, he asserts say that he’s doing this for the benefit of the bigfoot community as a whole and to better the advancement and understanding of the species, right? WRONG! Since when has he ever cared about the B/F community. He says he “hates everyone in it”, “will make sure he trashes everyone he can once this gets out” and the “only person in the community he respects is Derick Randles”. These are his words directly from his mouth.

    This is what I truly believe will happen in December….

    December 12th, there WILL be a party and live pay-per-view broadcast from LV with him and TT cronies. A ‘body’ will be there under a glass case and everyone or many attending will think it’s legit. Remember, you can’t touch, feel or inspect it too close!

    Next on December 15th, there WILL be some media response and reports. Since they just recently reported about the Erickson project, they will likely report about this too. BUT again, since the Erickson news conference received such little fanfare or legit acknowledgement (BF community or otherwise), POS’s new might fare even worse or get even less coverage. He might even be planning on this.

    I really don’t believe there will be any sort of scientific announcement or genuine scientists stepping forth to proclaim a new species and that this is the discovery of the century. This will be omitted and for POS, he can and will probably get away with making any old excuse for what this didn’t happen.

    After this, it’s ONTO THE TOUR! This is his main goal and this is where he’s planning on making his money. 12 or more months touring the USA and Canada, charging hundreds and thousands, maybe millions of unsuspecting victims who probably don’t have a clue about any of this year long story and who probably could go either way between believing or not believing. THIS is what he’s counting on; a tour of the country, an elaborate glass entombed dummy bigfoot in tow. It’s about all the money he’ll make from gullible people with little or no interest or those that have no real knowledge of his background, the story itself or bigfoot.

    • r

      Without a huge press conference with scientists and medical professionals attesting to the validity of the specimen i would never pay to see this exhibit. If the reveal isn’t front page news then it isn’t real..

    • RON

      The scientist verification is a biggie at the *press release* conference. That is supposed to take place on Dec 15..two days after the party/PPV. Let’s see how he dodges that bullet. I have private contact with Derek Randles on a very *casual basis* on another forum. He has notified me he will attend the viewing but won’t be publicly reporting what he sees. I asked him if he was bound by a NDA and he told me Dyer has requested NOTHING from him. I’m hoping that I can get some private feedback on what he had seen. He can’t be easily fooled.

    • RON

      Yes…making money on the tour with a fake is definitely in the cards.
      Taking the other side of this equation>> Let’s assume, as he has stated, that he cut a deal to tour with a real BF for one year. He stated that a special insurance policy was taken out to cover any *unforeseen* circumstances that might arise and jeopardize the body. LOL. If I was the *owner*, NO AMOUNT of INSURANCE would be sufficient since it’s >>>PRICELESS! If you want to display the body you do it at SECURE LOCATION and move it around as little as possible. No one in their right mind would allow Dyer to run around and parade this body at *Flea Markets and Gun Shows*. WTF?? This is a HUGE RED FLAG guys….nothing he has said is more preposterous than this *TOUR* he has been allowed to take. NOTHING! Yes..use common sense as Dyer so often states in his shows.

    • Al


      You make great counter arguments and gave very good explanations for the suppositions I’ve laid out. 😉 Under ‘normal’ idyllic circumstances in a perfect world, I might very well be compelled to agree or maybe think about your hypothesis more. What you have said, makes pretty good logical sense. However, this simply goes beyond wanting to believe it’s possible that a person or POS shot and killed a b/f. It also has nothing to do with my or anyone’s belief of whether the creature truly exists or not. I COMPLETELY believe the creature exists! If you can read between the lines, you’ll hopefully understand.

      Unfortunately, your belief that a real b/f body will be acknowledged, displayed and scientifically documented isn’t how this is going to ultimately unfold. There is one thing I can’t explain to you or anyone in specific details but it as a lot to do with why this entire scenario wouldn’t happen like POS has said.

      Please, mark my words….you and anyone else reading this. Please remember what others and myself have been trying to say all along in our different ways and various methods. Some probably wouldn’t agree with me, but nevertheless, they are right in that this entire story is impossible.

    • woodchucker

      If there was any legitamacy to this story at all, the hunting industry would be all over it. The firearm people would want to sponsor, from the rifle manufacturer right on down to the folks who supplied the components for the cartridge itself. Guides and Hunting Clubs would be booking RD with trips and speaking engagements. Thats why I believe this deal is BS.

  55. Al

    “There is no reason to put a dead gorilla hand on the back of the dvd other than to fool people..” ~ (r)

    Absolutely and definitely no reason to do this. He could have easily shown a picture of the real hand of the B/F, if there WAS a real bigfoot. What harm would that have done and since he already provided the “most compelling b/f video ever”…the tent video showing ‘Hank”, chewing, blinking and moving! Show us the REAL HAND, POS!?!?!?! Can you do that….WILL you do that?

    Anyway, on last night’s show he lied again. He said that there was a picture of the hand on both the front and back cover of the DVD…This is not true but even if it was…why all the secrecy, subterfuge and confusion over showing a hand?!??!?!

    He can show a video of the creature’s head and shoulders in broad daylight, but he can’t/won’t show a still picture of its real hand?!?!?!?

    Oh dear……

    • RON

      Should interesting what the dvd actually shows..he has to ship something.
      Has anyone here ordered it?

      • RON

        I should have added..does anyone here know someone who has and will they be able to get a second hand description of what’s actually on this DVD?

        • Al

          Ron ,

          I would NEVER order a DVD from POS, not even it he was selling them for $1.00. I don’t know anyone either who’d purchased it/them.

          Anyone who actually pays for these dics is basically admitting that they are unsure and possibly thinking there is something more to them. My morals & values prevent me from contributing any money to POS’s wallet. I FIRMLY and STEADFASTLY believe the ‘shooting and killing’ part is a definite hoax.

          However and like I’ve stated, said and mentioned numerous times, I DO believe that things will more or less play out like POS is saying. It boils down to what that body is and I am 100% confident that it will be a convincing dummy/mannikin or whatever you want to call it.

    • Lesley

      “There is no reason to put a dead gorilla hand on the back of the dvd other than to fool people..” ~ (r)

      But the point is, it didn’t fool anyone.

      • r

        with all due respect, why does an image of a gorilla hand belong anywhere on the dvd. If i was in charge i would rather have nothing on the back cover than an image that others could say i was using to mislead and hoax buyers. How does that image in any way relate to what’s said to be on the dvd?Its not called”After shooting the gorilla”

      • Lesley

        r. I have no opinion on whether Mr Dyer is hoaxing or not but, in the case of the gorilla hand on the DVD, I can think of reasons for its inclusion. Not least, I suppose, based on the fact that the Mountain Gorilla was found fairly recently in the grand scheme of things and only after years of mostly disregarded anecdotal evidence. Before the discovery there was no peer reviewed paper, no DNA, it was discovered by an accidental sighting which led to a shooting and thereby recognition.
        Not being argumentative here, I promise. I’m just thinking of logical reasons for the inclusion of that photo.

      • r

        After hearing Rick say over and over that a photo of Hank is on the back cover of the dvd and saying it will blow our minds and holding it up with his hand over it to toy with us and then having old man winter show it accidently and it be that gorilla hand..that was last straw for me

  56. RON

    I still want to know what’s on the DVD and I would hope someone here could provide us with that info.

    • Al

      I suppose Ron, but I’m just not that curious myself. In my heart, gut and soul I KNOW this is a hoax. December isn’t that far away and I’ll be monitoring the situation very closely until then and as it unfolds. Once this all comes out and ultimately flops and starts to fade away like every other hoax, wanting to know is on those DVD’s will matter less and less. It will be confirmation that ANYTHING to do with POS DYER, is nothing but lies, scams, frauds while concluding that he’s only gotten better at perpetrating these scams over the years.

  57. Rob

    Al, my guess is that it will never get that far, i.e., fake body, party, press conference, etc. Dyer isn’t going to put what little money he has left into a complete fiasco. To make a realistic looking Hank will cost way too much. Also, all of the money and planning needed for everything else…? No way! Hell, Dyer can’t even recruit people for and organize an expedition!

    I still contend he has nothing on the DVD’s and they will never be shipped.

    The reason Rick is pimping the DVD’s like a madman is because he knows that his time is nearly up. Even his own team will start asking more and more questions as Dec draws near. Do you really think POS will want to be caught hanging around when this hoax goes up in flames? There is going to be a lot of pissed off team members who have dedicated their time, money and dreams to Dyer believing that he was going to lead them to riches and glory.

    No, we’ll discover sometime in Nov or early Dec that Dyer has disappeared. And I, for one, will be glad.

    • Al

      But Rob,

      If it doesn’t go this far, what is POS’s exit strategy? He’s made too many claims, committed to too much that he can’t get out and without self imploding. If there is no body, no tour, no press conferences….how on earth do you think he’s going to explain why none of this happens? This WILL be and has to be his very last chance. The “Shooting Bigfoot” film was a flop, the latest reviews weren’t much better from the UK. Most of us realized that this was the end of it after the Toronto film festival in May, but no, POS kept going, talking and misleading his followers that there was still more. He told them to wait, keep the faith and be patient. December is his end game and once he goes on his cross country tour, he’ll be out of the fray.

      He doesn’t care one bit about his team members or what goes down afterwards. This is where you and many others are confused. He uses, abuses, tosses and throws away his ‘supporters’ on a whim. He has no allegiance or true friendships with any of them. He’s a VERY CONVINCING ACTOR. 😉

      I also believe that 1 or 2 close and long term TT members could very well be involved in the hoax. Members he talks about often and who will be on tour with him. Furthermore and sadly, I believe he has a couple of members on his team who would agree with him if he said the sky was red.

      • Rob

        Al, his exit strategy is to head south and live with Lily’s family in Mexico.

        Unless he has a real body (which we know he doesn’t) he is screwed if he sticks around. The DVD’s? I’m am convinced he has nothing on them. But if he did make a piece of crap film, he has promised “doubling” people’s money back. Do you believe Dyer will return anyone’s money? Hell, no! Let’s face it, the DVD will of course be a complete joke…and people will be demanding their money! What will Dyer do?

        And again, Dyer has no money. That’s why he is always begging. He’s not going to have a truck, trailer or body because he will not have the funds. Look, very few support this guy. Those who do have very little to give.

        Also, I just watched some of his show tonight. The man does know how to manipulate like a pro. He spent time going from team member to team member heaping praise on each one. He told them, with eyes moist, how much he loved them and that they are his family. He said, ” And I’ll do anything for my family.” (Implying once again that all of their hard work would soon pay off).

        Now, team tracker has invested so much time, energy, money, and hope into Dyer, do you think Rick will want to be in the middle of this group when they show up on Dec 12th and see a joke of a fake body lying before them? And no big media event like Dyer just promised again tonight, no lavish party at some prestigious hotel, no motorhome, no paid travel tickets for team members, no trailer…no anything.

        Face it, there is no way in hell POS will be around when this hoax blows up. I am convinced that his team really believes Rick has a body and that they will all become rich and famous by association. This is why they are working so hard for POS. Once the realize this is a hoax…they are going to light up the torches and sharpen the pitchforks. And they’ll be coming for Dyer!

        But he’ll be long gone.

        • Al

          Hi again Rob,

          While I agree with you that there is a possibility that POS might just disappear, flee the fallout/country and maybe make the move to Mexico…I just don’t believe this will happen. He’s being far too confident this time and I believe it’s because he’s got his long term cross country touring plan in sight with the financial backing by some rich/delusional but maybe unscrupulous hoaxer who has a vested interest themself. He’s thinking about all the money he’ll make on the year long tour. He’s closed many legal loop holes this time and stamped them with tons of NDA’S. I don’t think he’s worried about being sued and I am certain he doesn’t care one iota about what his members *might* think if this final scene fades and sizzles out. He’s a master at delaying, making excuses and pretending to be the pied piper in the B/F community.

          POS’s ‘money back guarantee’ is trick wording and a legal loop hole. What he has said is; “If you can PROVE that this isn’t a real bigfoot in the DVD, I will refund your money”. Please tell me how anyone can prove that whatever they see in the DVD’s ISN’T a real bigfoot? The creature isn’t even formally acknowledged or recognized and without a body in front of a scientific team, it’s just impossible to ‘prove’ this to a court in order to get your original money back, nevermind double. Lastly, he has disclaimers on everything and even with purchases over paypal, they don’t refund NON tangible sales. He’s dotted all (i’s) and crossed all (t’s).

          I am thoroughly convinced that POS has 95% of his team fooled, possibly any investor(s) and he’s going to try to fool as many more as he can come December. It’s all a game to him, it’s about notoriety, fame, conquests, revenge and seeing how far he can push this. He’s in love with money and AGAIN, such statements come straight from his own lips. Once he’s on this cross country tour, he’ll be out of the spotlight and much more difficult to track down. 95% of his TT members will believe that what they see in the glass case at the LV party, is a real creature. If they haven’t doubted or questioned him by this point, what makes you believe they will falter after seeing the prop/dummy? Cali, Boswell, Clacy, Judd and a couple others would agree with POS if he proclaimed bigfoot is part amphibious and can regrow its limbs.

          I don’t know why so many think POS Is broke or poor. How does one define this? He obviously has to have kind of regular, substantial and steady money or he simply couldn’t make as many moves as he has over the years. He’s lived in nearly half the USA over the years. It takes money to move so frequently. He spends countless hours on his video/radio shows, demonstrating that he doesn’t work a 9-5 job. He’s married with a handful of kids, none of which come cheap. Just because I despise POS, I will admit what I see and without alluding to things that aren’t likely.

        • RON

          I think he will show up. He already has people who bought plane tickets as well. He certainly could be sued for fraud if he doesn’t have this party. The only way he could get out of this is to flee the scene. I don’t see that happening as far as the *party* event. I maintain he will have a very good mock up of a *BF* which will be encased and impervious to cursory inspection. Just my educated guess.

  58. RON

    Dyer has two choices>>ship the DVD or refund. That’s it. He has set a date certain (Dec 17) for shipment regardless of the total # purchased. He is legally bound to do one or the other. So, if he never ships them, then he will refund the $$. I don’t see the latter option as practical, so he will ship something.

  59. Rob

    And please, investors? Outside of the crumbs Dyer gets from team tracker and other impoverished gullible types, Rick has no investors.

    Think about it? If Rick had investors why would he have had to have sold his vehicle (clown mobile), had an estate sell, and moved into a smaller, crappier house? If he had such wealthy investors why does Rick complain about needing money so badly? If these “investors” are going to give Rick 27 million dollars in a year…you mean that can’t front him a million or two now to hold him over and make sure the tour goes well?

    It makes no sense on so many levels that I feel like my head is about to explode!

    So, if Rick has no investors and no real money coming in…how is he going to continue the hoax into Dec? Answer: he cannot! He has promised too much with a final date. All this takes money…lots of money! Money Rick doesn’t have.

    And somebody mentioned the media showing up. What? Do you really believe the media would be so stupid to fall for this again…from the same hoaxer? No way! The only interest Dyer is receiving is from us …the haters. Nobody believes this fool. Even on his own blog you see very little support. And the proof is in the financial pudding…people are not lining up to buy the DVD’s or PPV. How do I know? Because Dyer is looking more and more depressed. He doesn’t look and act like a man that is reaping a great harvest. He looks stressed.

    Once again, look for Dyer to disappear sometime before Dec 12th. Dyer is a conning POS but he is smarter than people give him credit. He’s sees the writing on the wall. He knows this hoax is about over. He’ll be gone long before it will be time to “put up” in Dec.

    • Al

      Hi again Rob,

      While I agree with you that there is a possibility that POS might just disappear, flee the fallout/country and maybe make the move to Mexico…I just don’t believe this will happen. He’s being far too confident this time and I believe it’s because he’s got his long term cross country touring plan in sight with the financial backing by some rich/delusional but maybe unscrupulous hoaxer who has a vested interest themself. He’s thinking about all the money he’ll make on the year long tour. He’s closed many legal loop holes this time and stamped them with tons of NDA’S. I don’t think he’s worried about being sued and I am certain he doesn’t care one iota about what his members *might* think if this final scene fades and sizzles out. He’s a master at delaying, making excuses and pretending to be the pied piper in the B/F community.

      POS’s ‘money back guarantee’ is trick wording and a legal loop hole. What he has said is; “If you can PROVE that this isn’t a real bigfoot in the DVD, I will refund your money”. Please tell me how anyone can prove that whatever they see in the DVD’s ISN’T a real bigfoot? The creature isn’t even formally acknowledged or recognized and without a body in front of a scientific team, it’s just impossible to ‘prove’ this to a court in order to get your original money back, nevermind double. Lastly, he has disclaimers on everything and even with purchases over paypal, they don’t refund NON tangible sales. He’s dotted all (i’s) and crossed all (t’s).

      I am thoroughly convinced that POS has 95% of his team fooled, possibly any investor(s) and he’s going to try to fool as many more as he can come December. It’s all a game to him, it’s about notoriety, fame, conquests, revenge and seeing how far he can push this. He’s in love with money and AGAIN, such statements come straight from his own lips. Once he’s on this cross country tour, he’ll be out of the spotlight and much more difficult to track down. 95% of his TT members will believe that what they see in the glass case at the LV party, is a real creature. If they haven’t doubted or questioned him by this point, what makes you believe they will falter after seeing the prop/dummy? Cali, Boswell, Clacy, Judd and a couple others would agree with POS if he proclaimed bigfoot is part amphibious and can regrow its limbs.

      I don’t know why so many think POS Is broke or poor. How does one define this? He obviously has to have kind of regular, substantial and steady money or he simply couldn’t make as many moves as he has over the years. He’s lived in nearly half the USA over the years. It takes money to move so frequently. He spends countless hours on his video/radio shows, demonstrating that he doesn’t work a 9-5 job. He’s married with a handful of kids, none of which come cheap. Just because I despise POS, I will admit what I see and without alluding to things that aren’t likely.

      • RON

        He says >>*REAL DEAD BF*. I’m not a lawyer, but *DEAD* implies not a mock up, but what was once a LIVING CREATURE. The point on being a BF is correct, we have NO PROOF BF EXITS, so any claim that it isn’t a BF is moot. Also, scientifically *BF* is not CLASSIFIED (TAXONOMY). The Term *BF* is just a nickname for ????. So the use of the name *BF* is an ambiguous term in and of itself! He really hasn’t nailed down described what he supposedly has. Any claims that he *doesn’t have a real BF* will be baseless. Like I said, the only caveat here would be the claim he has a *DEAD* body of something that is 8Ft 6in tall. Now, he hasn’t claimed the SIZE on the DVD has he? So, in theory, he could show a large dead primate (Gorilla..Orangutan) in the DVD and be covered! He could show a fake mock up at the party and tour and be covered, because his claim on DEAD BF BODY only applies to the DVDs.

  60. Mr. E2me

    I’ve been trying to follow this thread, I fear I might not be up to date. Specifically, did we ever hear back from that guy w/ a second person contact to Hank 3? I wonder what kind of comment he would give our beloved blog owner? AND , where the hell is Mata Hari ? He/She/It promised all kinds of illuminating tidbits. I have wondered if MH is POS’s wife. I just have a sneaking suspicion.

  61. Rob

    AI, this is why this hoax is so entertaining to me…with a man like Dyer anything is possible…except that he has a real bigfoot!

    He just reminds me of those con men in old TV and movies. You know the type, they show up in some town, promise the residents some sort of “flim-flam” that will make everyone rich and famous if they invest in his scheme. Then when the big day arrives and all the town folk are bursting with excitement…it is discovered that mr conman has disappeared with the money and there was no…(fill in the blank) after all.

    I could be wrong, hell, it’s Dyer were talking about…who knows? I just can’t for the life of me understand how he could stick around with the hate of team members and legal issues that will start coming his way (because he will not return the money on those, if even real, crappy DVD’s)?

    And don’t underestimate what could happen when these Team Members heart’s are ripped from their chest. With all the time, money, hope, and arrows they’ve taken for Dyer—some will be looking for blood! Many know where Dyer lives, he’s not going to want to be a sitting duck.

    And why Dyer is so obnoxiously confident you ask? Because he knows he’ll be out of reach when the results of this hoax all comes out! He can say whatever he wants now, like when he promised a $700 video camera to the next person who buys a DVD, or like how he promised giving people “double” their money back if the DVD does not show a real bigfoot.

    He can make all of these promises because his plan is to flee when the timing is right. Like in the aforementioned TV/Movies, Team Tracker will one day wake up and find that their “dear leader” has disappeared…along with their hopes and dreams.

    • He just reminds me of those con men in old TV and movies. You know the type, they show up in some town, promise the residents some sort of “flim-flam” that will make everyone rich and famous if they invest in his scheme. Then when the big day arrives and all the town folk are bursting with excitement…it is discovered that mr conman has disappeared with the money and there was no…(fill in the blank) after all.

      This is precisely what Mr. Dyer is.

  62. Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax (2011)
    ….Witness the dissection of the ‘Bigfoot Body’ as
    the Searching for Bigfoot Team did in real time…..

  63. Lesley

    “Well, they are ancestors of us, not sure if they are ancestors of Neandertal also.” – RL

    Please excuse the positioning of my response to your point, Mr Lindsay, but I keep losing the ‘reply button’ on some posts. I believe that where Heidelbergensis fits into the human evolutionary tree is disputed and depends on analysis of the Sima material.

    Still, this isn’t relevant to the discussion and apologies for the diversion. 🙂

  64. Lesley

    Well, I suppose that depends on whether Sasquatch is a hominin or a hominid. You subscribe to the hominin theory?

    • All Homo are hominins. The nuclear side of Sasquatch split off @1 million years ago or so, shortly after the Erectus-Sapiens split. So Sasquatch is like a later Erectus – early Homo type hominin.

      • Lesley

        Yes. So you don’t think that Sasquatch is an ancestor of Gigantopithecus blackii? I know Jack Rink says they co-existed with early humans.

        Sorry if my comments are naive, I’m new to this subject, as I’ve already said.

        • Lesley

          Okay, thank you. I’d like to ask you for your reasoning but, as I said, I’m not sure this is the right thread – this is a very interesting aspect to the Sasquatch debate though.

        • Yes I now full well that Erecutus is Homo. I just mistyped that accident. Sasquatch is like a late Erectus – early Sapiens.

          Heidelbergensis is well known from many different specimens. Meldrum talks about a 13,000 YBP skull from China. Also there is the Turkana Boy from Africa, probably archaic Sapiens, who had something wrong with his back (hunched over like a Sasquatch) and some of the Heidelbergensis from Africa were huge – true giants.

        • Melba had no preconceived notions about what Bigfoots were. Her preconceived notion was that they didn’t even exist. And that was reinforced when she kept getting human over and over on the MtDNA. Richard Stubstad analyzed the MtDNA statistically and found that it was highly unlikely that the findings were due to coincidence, IOW, this was a particularly odd human sequence was rare in humans and only exists from a record 15,000 YBP. So then she decided maybe something was there and she decided to do the NuDNA. The NuDNA was very hard to sequence, and they had to screw around forever to sequence it. When it was all done it came out Homo, but some sort of relict Homo about 1/3 of the way between Sapiens and a chimp, so it looks like they split maybe 1 million YBP. She had no preconceived notions about any of that. She just found it out on her own.

      • Ummm…. Robert, Erectus IS Homo. Homo erectus. There was no Erectus/Homo split. Maybe you mean “erectus/sapiens” split.

        • Lesley,
          There are a lot of Sasquatch “believers” who DO subscribe to the Giganto theory (myself included). It makes a lot more sense to me than the “relict Homo” or “hybrid” theories, and it fits Occam’s Razor a lot better, in my opinion. No disrespect, Robert. Homo heidelburgensis, which you favor as an ancestor of Sasquatch, is known only from a very few specimens. It’s not nearly big enough. Gigantopithecus (also known from only a few specimens, really), fits the size bill a lot better, and it already lived in the right part of the world to have made it into North America.
          I think Ketchum’s DNA analysis is flawed. It will be interesting to see if Sykes comes up with a completely different result. I think he will, if he has anything that supports the existence of Sasquatch (which I very much hope he has!). I’m sorry, but Melba seems a little kooky to me, and her DNA analysis seems to have been made to fit her pre-concieved notions of what she thinks Sasquatch are. I could well be wrong, though.

        • You have a lot of company. Most Bigfooters have always believed in the Giganto (Bigfoot is an ape) theory. That includes the BFRO (Matt Moneymaker), Steven Streufert, Jeff Meldrum, John Mionczynski, and John Bindernagel. Bindernagel changed his mind when he saw the Bigfoot at the Kentucky site and said it looked more like a Homo than an ape. But the latest recording of him he was still saying it was an ape.

        • Lesley

          Thank you, Mr. Lindsay, bassuke. I can see arguments for both of those theories. If Mr. Lindsay is right, then maybe Melba Ketchum’s findings make more sense. For myself, I think a lot more reading is in order. Heidelbergensis doesn’t seem to be any more of a stretch to me than Gigantopithicus. Some examples of Heidelbergensis have been discovered to measure six and a half feet in height and were very robust and heavily built. They also, as with Gigantopithicus, were around at the time when the land bridge was in place. So, for the moment, I can’t come out in favour of either theory.

        • Big G

          I thought someone had done dna on one of the few teeth we have for giganto and it was ditermined to not be a direct ancestor in the same line for bigfoot. With melba continuing her analysist of the genome and others like sykes , its an exciting time to be involved in human origins. Also i might remind everyone that melba wasn’t the only person involved and many samples ( 110 ) were used. While 20 mtdna and 3 nudna samples came out to be related. the fact that the human side contained relic genes that have been displaced in homo sapians for 13’000 years is enough to know that this can’t be faked .

        • No way could they get DNA out of Giganto teeth. DNA only works on specimens 50,000 years old or less. But Giganto is basically a huge Orangutan.That is all it is. And I doubt if it was bipedal.

        • Big G

          I had forgotten that it it very hard to decide if an animal is bipedal from just some teeth.

  65. Martin

    I wonder if Melba Ketchum and the group were asked about the strong resemblance of the Matilda face to the Chewbacca character, either during the press conference or in subsequent interviews. You would think that they would have anticipated the criticism and preemptively made a statement about such a distracting and damaging aspect of their information release.

    • woodchucker

      Perhaps that is why Erickson seems agitated and Melba states “this is a serious study”. A similar type question may have been asked.

  66. woodchucker

    For those wondering what the exit plan is: Dyer pre sells tix for the shows via internet with the promise of something special at an “extra” high cost, then once he gets the caravan on the road, the trailer with Hank will get swiped in questionable circumstances. He goes back to TT with his victim hat and everything goes around again.

    • Thylacine

      This is amazing stuff. Where is this posted? Was it on a TT podcast, can you link? Where was the trailer when it was swiped? Keep up the good work!!!

      • Thylacine

        And to think, I always thought you were a worthless troll.

      • woodchucker

        Just a possible exit strategy considering the circumstances RD has put himself in. I never stated this occured, just a scenario that some are wondering about. Don’t get too agitated, it’s not worth mis-spelling my name over or the troll comment below.

    • It’s the last place because, no ‘serious’ Sasquatch/Bigfoot research site does not want to promote ‘scams’….I do realize that times can be money tight these days and RD welfare & dis-ability check probably doesn’t go as far…but to ‘prey’ on mentally challenged people is beyond forgivable to me.
      I am sorry that RD had a mentally challenged father that lacked common sense(notice that this is one of R’s most repetitious statements) and threw him in a creek knowing R could not swim, causing R unrepairable brain damage due to the lack of oxygen(he was left under the water in the creek for considerable time).
      I’m sure he had a somewhat ‘trying’ childhood probably being made fun of a lot. His employment history bears out that he isn’t able to handle the most menial of jobs.
      Unfortunately this has lead to him a life of cheating,ripping off, scamming, to get what he needs. Perhaps he is another of those that therapy has failed…I don’t know…but seeking revenge on others of the ‘mentally challenged’ is no way to make one self feel above the others and no doubt will cause his children to suffer ridicule throughout their growing years as well.
      sad story indeed…

  67. Tom Johnson

    Maybe an unintentional leak regarding Bryan Sykes results at the bottom of sixth paragraph. At least we know the title of his new book now.

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