Bigfoot News September 13, 2013

Were Dr. Bryan Sykes positive results leaked in late July? Fascinating podcast with the great Dr. Jeff on the Squatcher’s Lounge Podcast of July 21, 2013. Start at the 29 minutes mark and listen until the 31 minutes mark.

At that time, Ro Sahebi states that he had a phone call with Dr. Sykes in which Sykes said that some of his purported Bigfoot samples had “given him what he was looking for,” but he needed one more sample to make it definitive enough to publish a paper. What was not stated was what it was that Sykes was looking for, but it seems that what he is looking for was proof that Bigfoot exists, and he did find that in a number of samples, but he needed one more to make it good enough to publish.

The null hypothesis is that what Sykes was looking for was to find all of the Bigfoot samples as humans or known animals. In that case, since he had many samples, he should have reached that point very quickly. And that doesn’t seem to have been what he was looking for anyway.

Although this is not conclusive proof that Sykes has found evidence that Bigfoot exists, it is very tantalizing possible evidence of such.

What are my sources for my scoop that Sykes would prove the existence of Bigfoot? Most of them are submitters to Sykes’ study, and of course I cannot name them. But I do know a number of submitters to Sykes’s study, and they are all telling me, not in so many words but by implication, that Sykes’ paper will state that Bigfoots exist. How do they know this? I assume that they have been given the results of their submissions and I also assume that they have their ear to the study grapevine.

Possible interview with Rick Dyer. I may be able to interview Rick Dyer on his radio show this weekend. This would be strictly a journalistic endeavor.

I have a BA in Journalism from California State University Long Beach. I also wrote for the school paper, the school underground paper, the school magazine and a literary magazine created fora  conference on campus. My Journalism professor said, “Bob had a greater knowledge of literature than any undergraduate I have ever taught.”

So not only was I trained in interviewing technique, journalistic ethics (which I subscribe to) also comes into play. That is, I do not do ambush interviews. An interviewer is supposed to be as warm and friendly as possible, no matter who you are interviewing. You want to the interviewee to like you, and you want to at least give off the impression that you like the interviewee. That is why I would probably turn down an interview with someone I despised or was going to thrash in future posts.

Sometime back, I interviewed an anti-Semite named Arnold Winkler who has been associated with a number of anti-Semitic websites. Rightwing neocon pro-Republican websites called me an anti-Semite for “throwing Winkler a softball interview,” but that’s the way I do all my interviews. I don’t do hit pieces on interviewees. Someone else can do that.

Anyway, I would like to call out all Rick Dyer haters and skeptics to please post any questions you would like me to ask Rick Dyer about his recent claims. You all say this is a hoax, so this is your opportunity to pin Rick down on various aspects of this perceived hoax. It’s your dream come true. Post questions you want me to ask Rick in the comments of this post or send them to my email.

Will Dyer hoax the people who buy his After the Shot video? Many Dyer skeptics are saying that since Dyer says that he will only ship when he receives 100 orders, Dyer will simply say that he never got that many orders, so no one will receive a copy of the video. Rick will just pocket the money, and everyone will get ripped off.

I do not believe that this will occur, and I am 100% certain that at least some copies of the video will ship. I hope that they will all ship. If Rick scams his customers, he will be committing Interstate Commerce Fraud for which he can be imprisoned. You may also be able to file a class action civil suit against him with everyone who ordered the video to reclaim damages. I certainly hope Rick does not take this road.

What if After the Shot is a hoaxed video? What are the consequences if After the Shot is a hoaxed video with a prop instead of 45 minutes of a dead Bigfoot as advertised? No one yet knows what is in this video. Perhaps it is 45 minutes of a dead Bigfoot, but perhaps it is an elaborate hoax with a prop. Christopher Noel and I think (and hope) that this is a video of a real Bigfoot, but it will be hard to tell until people can actually see the video.

What if it is a hoax though – would Rick be liable? It would probably not be interstate commerce fraud nor would you have grounds for a civil suit against Rick. You would take it to court and say Rick promised you a video of a Bigfoot but instead all you got was a hoax. The judge would laugh at you and say there is no such thing as a Bigfoot, so why did you buy it in the first place. It would be like selling a video or real unicorns. Only an idiot would buy one. You might not even have a case.


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  1. Rob

    Robert, since Dyer claims the video is top-notched, first class, ask him to post a clip of it on his website. Movies always have previews, Rick should do the same. He could even show a hand or foot of Hank just to tease us.

    I don’t believe he has even made the video yet. I bet he is hoping for enough cash to come flowing in from the sale of the “yet to be made” DVD to create a fake Hank and a poor man’s Alien Autopsy video.

    Please, ask him for some prof that a DVD actually exist. With his con history, he needs to release a clip of the video for prospective buyers to gauge the quality of the film. Even if he balks at showing a hand or foot, he can at least give us something to prove that he has made a quality DVD with a real film crew.

  2. Rob

    …And ask him to commit to a “firm” date on the preview clip. If he has the film already made, like he said, he should be able to post a clip in a day or two.

  3. Bubba

    I can´t Believe you´re still falling for Dyers lies.
    Havent you learned anything???
    You poor fools…

    • Rob

      Bubba, you’re obviously not understanding what’s going on. Very few of us believe Dyer. I absolutely do not believe he killed a bigfoot. This is all a hoax. But it has become a game to collapse this hoax on Dyers sociopathic, conman’s head.

      Also, some of us are just amazed and entertained that Rick still has people who believe him! We wonder what it will take for these people to see this for what it is…a hoax.

  4. Brad

    1). What will happen if the DVD does not sell 100 copies. What are his plans regarding refunds.

    2). Why is Rick not rich yet? If he is going to be famous from this shooting then why wouldn’t his investor just set him up with as much money as he needs that he will be easily able to pay back?

    3). Who does Rick trust? I just think this will make a good interview question.

    4). If Rick fully admits that he did not believe in Bigfoot prior to killing one, and he fully admits to lying in the past (2008 hoax) and present (Biscardi involvement in 2008 hoax), then why does he not give people who do not believe him the same understanding? Why does he hold people to higher degree of supposed faith having ( i apologize for this wording) than he held himself too. This would be a great question for Musky as well. One I tried to ask Musky myself. If Rick did not believe in BF until the shooting, then he must have thought all the eye witness reports he heard over the years were lies.

  5. Mr. E2me

    It’s already been done ‘champ. Good set of video and interviews with the homeless folks there. I can’t remember guy’s name, someone will link to his vids…

    Bob ,
    Here’s the question;
    Does he actually believe in the Bigfoot phenomena , or is he in it for notoriety and money ?

    Just that.

  6. Brad

    And then you will believe it. Right. It has to be less than 2 miles from the Home Depot. Plus. There was a sighting in almost that exact spot. And that doesn’t even come from Rick.

    • Mr. E2me

      I do admire yur fortitude monsieur 208′. Quick question being, have you ever looked @ J.R. Dobb’s series of videos ? I personally thought he did a great job of covering the area.

  7. RON

    Ask him if he has REFER TRUCK paper work and could he post those on his website?.
    He also states the REFER truck is shown in the DVD, but that was not used initially in loading the body. Does he show BOTH trucks in the DVD?
    Why wouldn’t he put up a very short *trailer* of the DVD showing what’s on it? He really has nothing to lose does he? It looks like he’s trying to hide something here by not doing so.

  8. woodchucker

    Robert, could you ask how RD justified for himself baiting and the use of artificial light ( on public lands ) in the purported shooting when it is unlawful for known game species and extremely dangerous considering the amount of people in the area?

  9. Thylacine

    Two things I will not watch live: presidential speeches and RD. Give me the para-breakdown every time.
    Whose idea was the interview? Did he ask you to be on his show and you agreed as long as you could interview him?
    I would like to know if the whole baby BF hoax was faked, or did he include some actual details about Hank? The only “clever” part of the whole thing was the post on your site from The Marmoset:

    Was this part of his hoax and if so whose idea was it? Or did someone else make it up?

    Or you could just ask for the receipts for the reefer truck or the research lab’s receipt for Hank.

    • RON

      “I could in five minutes produce a realistic receipt and as long as the IRS wasn’t there to scrutinize it and follow it back to a real source, you would believe me?”

      But he hasn’t even done that! I’m not talking about a *slip of paper* here! I would like to see the PAPERWORK with the receipts! That means the signed papers for the rental which would indicate WHERE he rented it and from WHOM he rented it! This could be verified by checking with the rental company. At one time he indicated he would show proof he rented the refer..never happened.

  10. Thylacine

    The Marmoset’s post:
    “This species is chimeric. Scientists working on the body explained to dyer what Germline chimerism is and he, of course, doesn’t understand. He interprets chimerism as double sets of everything including organs when in reality, we are simply trying to explain chimerism.
    He is not educated and demanding to work with. And the animal was not pregnant. The animal ate its own young- which it will do. The live cub now captured is the twin of the one eaten and found in the stomach of the creature. Disturbing… But true. Like marmosets and some other primates- this is chimerism.”

    • Big G

      i think everyone has gone over this post and avoided the science here. this was about the only thing of interest that came out of the whole dyer experience. and no one has mentioned this at all. It seems everthing is true including dyer being stupid and difficult to work with.

  11. Mr. E2me

    The RIBS Bob ! How did he cook the ribs ?
    Almost forgot that was a minor obsession when I first heard he used them as bait. Was he just using caveman logic and hanging raw meat for
    another caveman ? Or had he tapped into a secret blend of herbs and spices that tempt relict hominids like no other ?
    If it turns out to be a spectacular, delicious recipe that makes my tastebuds dance and makes it possible for me lure a real live bigfoots, I will forgive POS for my rush hour traffic drive out to LAX.

    • Big G

      yea i want to know the dryrub reciept. did he slow cook with smoke or was it a fast burn. did he microwave to keep hot . were they still raw inside. was it pork or beef. these are the important questions.

      • Mr. E2me

        Big disappointment G.
        POS said he they were raw. He put them on the grill for like 20 secs to
        get them juicy and the scent in the air.
        So just a caveman luring another caveman in with raw meat.
        I had been hoping there was an actual recipe or method of cooking
        that was irresistible to relict hominids. It was going to revolutionize the way I planned to search for the fucking thing. I have a little Brinkman
        smoker that would fit in the back of most vehicles ( or my cj7, If I ever finish putting it back together…)
        It would seem a much more efficient plan of attack to crack a few brewskis and throw some ribs on the smoker and wait for them to cook and lure in a bigfoots. None of this wood knocking and screeching while tromping through fauna. Let the slow cooking of baby backs
        send the message , while I recline in a lawn chair surrounded by binoculars and cameras.
        I will still prolly put this method to the taste , I had just hoped that POS had provided empirical data for me to expand upon.
        CHEERS !

    • Mr. E2me

      ” I really think people should have to cross a line such as threatening or calling you a name or similar to get banned.”

      Totally disagree. There is a very obvious line between heated discussion and rudeness. The rude and stupid are tossed out, thus ensuring an enhanced ‘highbrow ‘ experience.

      You did so well with the questions , those were very good.

    • There are no golden opportunities to reach more logical conclusions because I already believe it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Rick shot and killed a BF, so there is nothing more for me to learn from haters and skeptics.

      The best arguments are heated. Well, you can’t have heated arguments with me on this blog. It is simply not allowed. You have to have them with other commenters. The tag line on the blog just means that I am a provocateur who is trying to provoke you into thinking in new ways by poking holes in all of your cherished beliefs. That is all.

      I treat all commenters, no matter how wrong or full of it I think they are, with decency and politeness. I will often not blast commenters who I know are totally wrong or even evil because I do not want to provoke them into a ban.

      I believe GA violated hostile tone, but he was reinstated anyway. A lot of banned people get reinstated.

      I have already told you repeatedly why I believe this story is true. As I said, I have sources outside of Dyer who assured me that the story is indeed true. I believe these people. Also I think the Tent Video and the Shooting BF creatures are real BF’s, either that or two of the greatest BF hoaxes ever done.

      And you are about this far from a ban yourself.

  12. woodchucker

    then he should have acquired WRITTEN PERMISSION to hunt on that land and given the local Game Dept a courtesy call for night hunting. That is what he did wasn’t it? Used hunting techniques and a rifle to shoot a non protected fur bearing animal.

    • woodchucker

      yet he claims to have done so. Would like Robert to ask his justification for being a poacher rather than a “tracker”. Poacher = dirt.

  13. rayph777

    Dyer expects people to believe that the movie will confirm his kill of the Bigfoot, however, he claimed the same thing about the “Shooting Bigfoot” video. Here again we have a lot of puff from Dyer. Some things that should be asked before buying this DVD.

    1. Am I going to see Morgan Matthews on this DVD video, and I’m talking about in the same scene as the dead Bigfoot, to where we can see them both together. This would at least support that we’re looking at the same events recorded in the “Shooting Bigfoot” movie.
    2. If Morgan Matthews is not in the video, near the dead Bigfoot, then how do we know that this wasn’t filmed even months later at a different location, outside of Texas, with a fake Bigfoot body? How do we know that the reefer truck wasn’t rented at a later date? The mere fact that there is a truck in the video does not confirm anything. Is Morgan Matthews filmed in the same scene as the truck?

    Some other things to consider about this entire questionable Bigfoot kill:

    1. If the Bigfoot body is eventually going to be revealed to the world anyway, then why go through this big circus of trying to convince others that you have a Bigfoot body and then get angry when they don’t believe you? Why not just wait until the the body is revealed?
    2. If Dyer is going to be rich anyways, then why go through the trouble of selling memberships?
    3. If Dyer is already living comfortably, as he claims, then why does he host his show from the living room of his house? I would think that he would have a separate office for his radio program. Moreover, shouldn’t he have already received some kind of big payola from his investor? After all, they should have already been able to confirm, by now, that the body they have in their possession is real.
    4. If Dyer is the best Bigfoot tracker in the world, then why isn’t he out tracking other Bigfoot creatures in San Antonio? If you had just made the kill of a lifetime, then wouldn’t you want to go back to San Antonio as soon as possible before the rest of the Bigfoot clan migrate elsewhere? Wouldn’t you want to hunt others?
    5. If Dyer did kill a Bigfoot in San Antonio, and the Federal Government, or any other private entity for that matter, knows about the kill, then we would expect for these entities to send out expeditions to try and capture other Bigfoot creatures. This would be a common reaction from any entity, be it Government or private, handling a case like this. To this date I have not heard of any expeditions in San Antonio, by any government agencies. You would think that the homeless people that J.R. Dobbs interviewed would have mentioned the presence of any of these agencies searching for Bigfoot right after the Dyer kill, however, this is not the case.
    6. Take note of the people that Dyer has surrounded himself with. Did he intentionally surround himself with people that are intellectually his equals or inferior to him, so that it would take them a while to figure out that this was nothing but a hoax? Keep in mind that some of these people are downright imbecilic, so it really might take them a long while to figure out that they’ve been had.
    7. Why does Dyer claim that he is gravitating more toward his faith, yet he is lying more than ever, calling people names, and cussing up a storm? Is he claiming he is clinging to his faith for the benefit of the sheep that are paying him membership fees?

    Just some things to consider before believing someone that proclaims himself to be a hoaxer.

    • woodchucker

      #4 is a beauty! Any self respecting trophy hunter or poacher wouldn’t be able to stop there.

    • Big G

      the government has lost 1000’s of bodies over the last 200 years. who do you think confiscated this one. our government knows more then they are saying especially in the tristate area the forestry division controls around washington state.

  14. Yes beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a legal standard. But you know juries rule guilty or innocent beyond a reasonable doubt sometimes, and they end up being wrong so…

    That is not the same as scientific proof.

    I guess I could go with preponderance of evidence too.

    I have already laid out my evidence for you.

    After hearing about the video that went up on Youtube the next day with a password and only a tiny group invited to see it with the questions, “What do I do know? Give me some advice?” and then talking to one of the few people who saw that video, purportedly of Hank shot with Rick’s cellphone soon after the kill, I am now even more convinced. This guy was utterly convinced by that video, so much so that he remains convinced to this very day. And his character is utterly impeccable.

    Keep in mind that Rick barely uttered a word about this for 3 whole months until I broke this story after which he reluctantly confirmed it. Hoaxes just don’t work that way. You don’t keep a hoax secret.

  15. Brad


    Can you post the link to the show? If I just go to Dyers YouTube page will the live fees show up?

  16. Rob

    Again, Robert, I think the best, most revealing question is to ask Dyer is to post a trailer of the DVD. This will box him in a corner, because I believe he has nothing. He claims he spent a lot of money to have a “real” professionally done film made, and he is asking for big money to buy this DVD…so give us a taste of the film’s quality.

    He’ll baulk at this or say that a trailer is in the works, but this is just evidence of Dyer’s delay tactics. But it should convince you, Robert, that he is lying, because if as he claims the film is already made…a trailer should be no problem for him to put up on his site in a day or two.

  17. 1. What do you really think of Steve Kulls?
    2. Why did you target the BF community in 2008. You came in with all guns firing and said you were going to take down a big-name BF researcher. What was driving you that you were so hostile to the community back then?
    3. Musky believes Bob H when Bob H says that Gimlin made up the walk and look of Patty. But if Hank, a real BF, had the same walk and look of Patty, then how could Gimlin have made up the walk and look of a real BF if he had never seen one?
    4. Since you say the movie is top-notch, can you post a trailer of it on your website. Most movies have trailers. How about a hand or a foot of Hank. Can you show us some proof that Hank is real? Can you commit to a date when you might post a preview or trailer of your movie?
    5. Why does the Tent Video creature appear to be so different from the Shooting Bigfoot still?
    6. Do you feel it was immoral to shoot a weapon in an area with a known significant human population of homeless?
    7. Do you think it was moral to bait the BF when it is illegal to bait known game species?
    8. Do you have the reefer truck paperwork and could you post it on your website?
    9. What will happen if the DVD does not sell 100 copies? What are your plans for refunds?
    10. Why are you not yet rich? If you are going to be famous from this shooting, why won’t your investor set you up now so you can pay them back later?
    11.Who do you trust? Anyone? Anyone in the BF community?
    12. You admit to lying in the past and even recently in the present. With this background, why can’t you give skeptics some understanding if they are wary of believing you?
    13. Can you give us the exact location where you shot Hank?
    14. Are you really dedicated to the study of this creature or are you just in this for the money and fame/notoriety?
    15. The reefer truck was not used to load the BF body. Another truck was used for that. Will both the reefer truck and the other truck be shown in the movie?
    16. Why won’t you put up a short trailer of the movie? You have nothing to lose. By not doing so, it looks like you have something to hide?
    17. About the scientists studying the body – do they have plans to release the data somehow, and if so, through which branch of the government will they do so?
    18. Why did Derek Randles not go to see the BF body?
    19. Is Bryan Sykes involved in the study of the Bigfoot in any way? Have samples of Hank been submitted to Sykes? Have the Hank scientists worked or communicated with the Sykes scientists in any way? If not, why not?
    20. If you didn’t believe in BF all those years that you were hunting one, what were your investors investing in all those years? You always said they were investing in your effort to kill a BF?
    21. You stated that the body is not preserved or embalmed. How then are you able to keep it in proper shape?
    22. How did the body spend 45 days in a reefer truck without decomposing?
    23. One of the haters wants to know when you will “put up or shut up” as they put it. That is, when you will provide with good solid evidence of this deed?
    24. Why have none of the homeless who were there at the time come forward?
    25. Why are you suing David Durrett?
    26. Is it true that you had a stutter when young and if so, how to you get rid of it.
    27. Was your childhood happy or unhappy? What was your relationship like with other children in the school years?
    28. How many TT members are there, gold and platinum?
    29. Did you put raw ribs up on the trees or did you cook them first? If you cooked them, can you show us the recipe?
    30. Will you give us the month of the press release if not the actual date?
    31. Will we get to see Morgan Matthews in this video? Will we see him in the same scene as the dead BF or the trucks?
    32. If the body is going to be released anyway, then why bother trying to convince people you have a body and get mad at them when they don’t believe you? Why not wait until the body is revealed?
    33. If you are going to be rich anyway, why bother to sell memberships?
    34. Why have you not received a large payola from your investor yet?
    35. Do you want to hunt and kill more BF’s besides Hank?
    36. If you shot and killed a BF in San Antonio, why has the federal government and any private entities that know of this not tried to send out parties to the area to capture a BF?
    37. Did Frank Cali see the body the weekend before the expedition as he said he did?
    38. Did an attorney or paralegal prepare the NDA used before the Vegas expedition?
    39. Were the NDA’s notarized by those who signed them?
    40. Did DJ Bashers see the body?
    41. Why did DJ Bashers say he saw the body as it left San Antonio?
    42. Has the FBI made you aware that you were subject of any ongoing investigation?
    43. What happened to the following people from TT 2012: DJ Bashers, Mike Summer, Bigz Marlo, Chris Hampton, Kassy Miller, and Raymond Keys/

  18. Rob

    LMAO!!! This is exactly what I expected a Dyer trailer to look like! How can there be anyone left to believe this POS!? Is this what the world has devolved to? That to gain followers all you have to do is be loud, self-righteous, cocky, and make outlandish claims?! Dyer isn’t even a good conman. He’s practically retarded! It just blows my mind that there are some intelligent people who still believe him. The evidence “screams” that he is a lying conman.

  19. Rob

    Guys, give me some support here. I really think we can “nail him” with the whole trailer angle. Dyer has nothing!!! But he claims to have a professional, high quality movie in the can. Well, prove it! Release a clip of the film tomorrow so people can judge the quality before buying. How can anyone argue about this? But he will because he doesn’t have a DVD. Case closed!

  20. Rob

    Another professional, high-class production from Team Tracker!

  21. Rob

    He’s planning his Mexico escape!

  22. Rob

    No trailer!!! I knew it…delay-delay-delay. There is no DVD. He’s lying through his teeth once again. This POS is planning on taking the money and running south of the border!

  23. Rob

    This POS can’t even keep a straight face! Look at him smiling…this is all a game to him!

  24. Scott

    Maybe this has already been asked, but what is the legal agreement with Minnow and the investors?

  25. woodchucker

    Thanks for asking Robert.
    3 shots with a high power rifle at close range and 100% penetration, no pass through. Must have hit bone with each shot. Thats not a really good shot, it’s very unlikely.
    “I wanted to kill it so I could bring it out and show the world” yet still there is nothing.

    • woodchucker

      A head shot at that range would have been lethal. Shock alone would destroy the nervous system and render the animal unable to run in a circle and act in any “flight instinct”. There would have likley been no need for 2 more shots, even if the back took the first hit.

  26. Mork

    Hey Robert, Do you think Dyer might be telling the truth?
    I am starting to wonder actually.
    Not putting money on it. Just on the fence like many others.
    In fact, in the beginning, I considered buying a membership (LOL, ya, ya, I know). So far, I am glad I didn’t.

    • Yes, I think it is proven by a preponderance of evidence at least that he shot and killed a BF and possessed the body for a short time afterwards. After that, things get really hazy and weird with tons of lying and crap and the rest of the story is not proven by a preponderance of evidence yet, hence it is inconclusive.

  27. RON

    Agree..Robert simply let Dyer run at the mouth with no follow up at all.
    The big question on why no TRAILER to his DVD went basically unanswered. His answer on Derek Randles was a JOKE…*Trying to protect Derek from ridicule*, but he lets a CAR WRAP GUY SEE THE BODY INSTEAD?? BULL SHIT.
    Won’t release refer truck paperwork because no one would believe what he releases anyway and he want’s *protect* the rental company? BULL SHIT.

  28. sagebush

    Just a thought. What if Mr Dyers creature is not a hoax and what if it is a hominid closely related to homo sapiens. Could this be another Minnesota iceman in the making. If Mr Dyer killed a Neandthal would that be murder.

    • It IS another Minnesota Iceman, and the Iceman was the same species as Hank.


    • It IS another Minnesota Iceman, and the Iceman was the same species as Hank.

      EVERYONE who kills these things worries they are going to go down on homicide! Everyone! You shoot it, then you go look at the face, and it so human you just say FUCK. Most people just leave it there or bury it. Hansen took it with him, but he was always paranoid of a homicide charge.

      Dyer DID kill a Neandertal, basically. Musky said it looked more like a Neandertal than anything else.

      • RON


        Dyer killed squat. You will soon see.

      • sagebush

        I checked out the Albert Ostman link you suggested (thanks for that by the way) and I was impressed by how detailed he was. What intrigued me the most was not his description of the physical attributes of his captors but that they seem to have had some sort of primative language. He even says that they spoke or at least grunted at him in a way as to communicate. Check out the part of his story where the young male points to the older one and vocalises as if to convince Ostman to give his snuff box to the old male. If sasquatch are intelligent and self aware possesing the ability to communicate and the use of simple technology (weaving a bed for example) this would mean they belong to a culture and no one else will be able to shoot one without huge public outcry.

        • sagebush

          Gorrilas make nests and chimpanzees use sticks and dolphins communicate with clicks and whistles but Ostmans experience assuming it is genuine just feels different. I don’t recall hearing about anyone being abducted by mountain Gorrilas
          Which brings up the question as to why a sasquatch grabbed him at all. Not a good idea to go hiking by youself for many reasons, injury, bears etc. Well screw the bears now I have to keep my head on a swivel in the dark of night because bigfoot might drag me away. Or I might get accidentally shot by one of thousands who will take to the forests to get their own Hank.

  29. RON

    One more thing on the REFER truck. Dyer just stated he HAS the paperwork, but no one will *believe* it even if he shows it. Some here say a fake receipt is easy to produce as well. My POINT in this is that Dyer has NOTHING to lose by showing the paperwork..unless he’s trying to HIDE something. If he had GENUINE paperwork, that would certainly cast doubt on all those ME..who say he’s LYING about ever renting a refer truck. In fact, if he could produce a very good *fake* of the paperwork, why not at a do so? The argument that he could easily FAKE the paperwork has NOTHING to do with the argument that he should still provide it. Let us be the judge. If you were in his shoes and had legitimate paperwork, wouldn’t you release it? Would you care if some thought it was fake? That’s a hell of a lot better that HIDING IT isn’t it? He has one and only one reason for not producing it>>>>it doesn’t exist. Note that he then goes on to say he is trying to *protect* the rental company. Sound familiar? He says the same thing about Derek Randles , ie, to PROTECT HIM and that’s why he reneged on his offer earlier this year to show Randles the body FIRST (after Musky). Refer truck paperwork is and has ALWAYS been central to proving his claim exclusive of showing the actual body. He knows it and still he got a chance to get off the hook tonight with the same old shit.

    • RON

      Yes..I noted the change in his story and posted it higher up as a reply to your post. I was focused on providing the paperwork…of course the # of days would be included in that document as well…lol.
      We caught him in a big *revision* tonight with that 7 days. I would have asked him>>>*So where do you come up with $30K for 7 days?*
      This was probably the biggest gaff of the entire broadcast. The rest, of course, was simple deception and BULL SHIT. Too bad Robert provided the atmosphere for Dyer to spread it.

    • If this story is not true, a relationship with Dyer will benefit me not one single bit. The only thing that benefits me is if it is true, and of course I believe it is.

      Also I am banning you. You have had a couple of warnings already.

      Violation: Hostile tone.

      I am sorry that you are unable to control your emotions very well.

  30. woodchucker

    Just sitting here thinking how an out of State guy could arrive in 2 gun per capita Texas and slay a critter at night, on a urban property and remain at the scene for half a day all the while a British film crew in tow and the Police have no record of this. This rum is crap, need something stronger.

    • woodchucker

      even the crudest and immoral poacher would claim a trophy like that the very 1st chance he got, displaying photos of a mangled corpse with its tongue hanging out and blood leaking from its nose. In the hunting industry, investors (sponsors) love being at arms length, why not here?

    • Fai Mao

      The 2 gun per capita is a bit of a skewed stat I think.

      Example: My parents house in rural Texas. 2 elderly people
      1 X antique shotgun single shot, 10 gauge that cannot be fired due to having been in a house fire. This is a weapon that was manufactured in 1894. It hangs over a mantle as a decoration
      1 X .38 special snub nose revolver used for shooting snakes while fishing.
      1 X .22 caliber CO2 pellet gun (Yes those count in the 2 guns per capita) used to shoot rats in the barn
      1 X Marlin 982 .22 magnum. Used to kill coyotes
      1 X 1903 Springfield 30.06 (Technically mine but I can’t have it in Hong Kong) This gun is a WW1 infantry rifle and needs work it is not currently safe to fire.

      Of those 5 the only really serious weapon in that bunch is the .22 magnum rifle. Two won’t fire and one is a CO2 pellet gun. The pistol with a 2 inch barrel has an effective range of maybe 15 to 20 yards if you are a real good shot.

      It is total misrepresentation to assume that people that own fire arms would, upon hearing a gun being fired immediately pull their weapons and start shooting back in the general direction the shots came from. But if there were only three shots they probably would not call the police either assuming the heard the shots at all. Given the traffic noise and other ambient noise pollution in a suburban area there is a good chance you’d not hear the shots even if you outside from 1/3 to 1/2 a mile away. If it was only three shots people would probably think it was firecrackers. If you are inside a house with the AC on and windows closed you’d probably not hear it from a 1/2 a block away.

      The homeless people living in tents would call police either RD was doing them a favor if you believe some of the interviews they gave. They were sort of scared of the Sasquatch.

      All that said. I still think that until there is a body revealed this is a hoax of some sort.

      If it isn’t then I will laugh at RD because he thinks it will make him rich. It won’t It will generate money for groups like the BFRO that do organized expeditions for suburban, nature lover wannabes but not for RD.

      • woodchucker

        2:1, 5:1, OK – the point I was making was that with all the proficient firearm owners, RD just drove on down and took care of what everyone else in Texas couldn’t do? PEOPLE get shot dead for trespassing on property in Texas, please don’t tell me a critter wouldn’t get smoked for whizzing in the cranberry bushes. Just for your info, one of the largest grizzly bears ever shot in Canada was done by a woman with a .22 rifle.

  31. RON

    “Now the refer truck receipt that he has for thirty days was only rented for 7?”

    BINGO! I caught that too..he actually initially stated the truck was rented for OVER a month to the tune of $30K. Certainly 7 days wouldn’t amount to $30K. Also, as I recall, he used a DIFFERENT truck to initially move the body out of the location. Now he says there was ONLY the REFER truck? I’m not 100% on this..maybe someone here could confirm this. In any event, he CHANGED his story BIG TIME on the time the refer truck was used.

  32. Checkmate

    I don’t understand why any of you are surprised at what took place? Robert was already 100% convinced this whole story is true. You don’t send in someone who already believes the story hook line and sinker to try and delve deeper and prove it is actually a hoax. For god sakes Robert won’t even have a real debate with anyone on this site about it. He claims he cannot give up his sources or that he will just be supplying up and coming hoaxers with ammunition. It’s total BS. He has a serious hard-on for himself. He is not a smart journalist. He is just a random blogger with no life, like most others on the internet. It’s a shame. This interview could have really been fun and enlightening if someone like GA were able to do it. Instead it was just another way for Dyer to keep himself semi-relevant. Nice work, Robert. Please ban me. Thanks.

    • RON

      It was a forgone conclusion that Robert would remain neutral..afterall, he believes Dyer. I think he’s intimidated by Dyer as well…no offence Robert. Dyer relished Robert’s questioning and came out of this unscathed…with one exeption>>>He changed his story with the 7 day REFER truck rental. That was a BIGGIE. All the rest was evasion…no DVD trailer?
      I have to admit…I’m now committed to see what comes of this *DVD* spectacle.

      • I have a BA in Journalism and have interviewed some very famous people, mostly rock starts – Ronnie Montrose, Judas Priest, a member of Electric Light Orchestra. I simply do not do hostile or ambush interviews, never have. I always do friendly or softball interviews. It’s the way I am. I also provide questions in advance and I show the interviewee a copy of the interview before it runs to let them delete anything they did not want to say. Also anything said in an interview off the record stays off the record.

        MANY journalists do not operate on these principles anymore, but really that is a violation of journalistic ethics.

        I would do a friendly or neutral interview with anyone, even Ted Bundy.

        If my employer wanted to me to go interview someone I hate or to a hostile interview with someone, I would say give it to someone else.

        I have also worked as a linguist and an anthropologist and I always tried to have good terms with my informants. You need to have a great relationship with interviewees and informants otherwise it just doesn’t work.

        Go get yourself a J-degree and get a job running around doing hostile interviews, and tell me how it goes.

        • RON

          I appreciate all you have done…I don’t agree with your opinion, but at least you provide this blog for us to discuss Dyer. It’s the ONLY blog available to do so and I thank you. You’ve been very tolerant of criticism and that counts for a lot.


        • I would really like this blog to be a good site to debate the Dyer Mystery. There is not yet any good, hard scientific proof that any of this story is true. Therefore either Dyer believers or those who say it is a hoax could be right. One has to be right, and the other has to be wrong, but we don’t know for sure which side is right in this story yet. Since it continues to be unresolved, it’s a great story, a mystery and a good subject to debate.

          I sort of like the haters. They are asking Rick a lot of hard, tough questions and they have done a great job of investigating every little nook and cranny of this story. That is what needs to be done, not blind belief. Also their toughness and hardness has forced Rick to give up a lot of his evidence that he says he says. Rick needs to be held to the same standard that anyone else making extreme claims is: profound scrutiny and skepticism.

          At the end of the day, my true belief is that it is possible that this is the greatest BF hoax ever done, but I doubt if that is the proper conclusion to be reached regarding this MYSTERY.

          All other sites are either Dyer fanatics praying at the feet of their Great Leader. The haters and skeptics really have no sites anymore to even discuss Dyer. All other sites have apparently simply banned all discussion of him. This is also the case on most Facebook groups. The haters/skeptics have many excellent arguments to make regarding this mystery and they deserve a forum too, and I intend to provide them with one.

          At the end of the day it is yet INCONCLUSIVE whether this really happened or whether it is all a gigantic hoax. Neither side has completely proven their case yet.

    • More than happy to.

      Rick has invited all you haters to come on his show anytime you want to, but you never take him up on it, so it is only your fault that he never gets the hardball interview you say he deserves.

    • Big G

      you retard. the interviewer has to present questions as a freind in order for the interview to go foward. the only way anyone would be interviewed is if someone asks questions in a manner to get something we dont already know. what the haters wanted to do was bomb dyer and expect him to answer. good luck with that retarded concept. great job robert. it was the only way to get anything out of dyer. I for one appreciate the effort from you seeing how you dislike like him so much. No body would have gotten any more especially any retarded skeptics. because you would ask irrelivent questions. if you are a skeptic then you havent donr near enough research. why waiste our time with your religious bullshit. its already proven that a large biped besides us roams the earth at night. now when you disprove several thousand sitings( 35,000 ) then come back for an intelligent conversation. skeptics were the only ones that died in pompeii.

  33. No where did they “debunk” it. What is it, shadows?

  34. Yes you are banned. Exactly. Sorry I let you back in! This happens a lot. A lot of banned people get reinstated only to quickly get banned again. Nice to see you have such low levels of self-control!

    Yep, asking Rick to put up or shut up is pretty damn rude, you got it.

    I had to delete about 50% of the questions because they were just way too rude, nasty, ugly, evil or just irrelevant to even ask the guy.

    • RON

      You did the best you could and although I don’t agree with the way you conducted the interview, I appreciate having the opportunity you have provided us to carry on with Dyer’s story. There is no other venue to do so and your Blog is the best for discussing this. You pretty much allow free expression and appreciate that. I agree, that personal attacks are unwarranted. To all you guys who don’t agree with Robert….like me…keep it cool and don’t disrespect him. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  35. Apparently the question had already been answered, so I did not ask it.

  36. Yeah you’re a hater. That’s fine really. I don’t blame anyone for hating the guy. It’s completely undertandable. The guy is going out of his way to create as many enemies as possible.

    Maybe I should not have given out names of questioners, but I only gave a few names. Most of those questions were asked openly on Facebook groups or here in the comments section, so they are public record anyway.

    I did not reveal your name or handle if I was not mistaken.

  37. Mr. E2me

    I was impressed y’all did talk to Dyer. I wasn’t sure from what I read here in the past that you would tolerate him at all. He surprised me by answering all your questions as well. ( I listened for the better part of an hour but had to cut out to pirate the Mayweather fight..)
    I still have my doubts. He comes across as an uber polished liar. First time we heard about “Hank” missing a pinkie ? It was slid into conversation and elaborated on masterfully.
    Also, it had occurred to me too late to add to the questioning, Is Hank Williams Jr. The investor ? The supposed body has been named Hank and the soundtrack to his blurb for the fucking video has Hank Jr. as the soundtrack….
    I’m no big city detective, just some moderately edumacated guy pointing out the obvious……….

  38. Wes

    Thank you for posing some of my questions, Robert. I do think he appeared particularly anxious when discussing individuals, like D.J. Basher, David Durrett, and the former Team Tracker members you named. He seemed concerned that those kind of answers can be more directly refuted than his usual lies, like Frank seeing the body the weekend before the expedition…and there being 1200 unpaid members of Team Tracker, which was the one time I actually LOL’ed.

  39. Priyamvada Jain

    Is the Big Foot thing like UFOs and aliens – covered up by a government conspiracy? If so, why? Why the need for a cover up?

    • I am not sure why the government coverup. I assume they figured they would delay the release of this news as long as possible. Nothing good can come of it. It is very bad for business and revelation may well just cause mass chaos all over the US. The political implications are unknown. Best just to let sleeping dogs lie. They figure the nation is better off not knowing these things.

      • Brad

        The I e point that Dyer consistently makes that all the haters continue to ignore is that the tent video is real. With all of the time and energy spent by the haters ( I say haters simply because it is shorter than typing non believers everytime) why not just pour that energy into recreating the video. The tent video is what got FBFB so deeply invested into this intially. If that video is fake, it should be easily reproduced, period. This point just gets ignored while we hear about refer truck receipts and that anyone who hasn’t made to their mind yet are gullible idiots. Reproduce the video!

        • Brad

          BTW. Good interview Robert. I would have liked a little more follow up when it was obvious he did not understand the point of the question. But all in all it was good.

      • Priyamvada Jain

        I’m surprised. The culture of Capitalism is such that “anything for a buck” and you’d think they’d find a way to exploit it and make some serious $$$, Cover-ups of this nature don’t exactly make bank do they?

  40. nominay

    I just want to go on record stating that 132 comments in 48 hours on Rick Dyer is too many comments. I’m convinced at this point that Dyer’s purpose with his Hank shenanigans is to get attention, and he’s succeeded quite well.

    • woodchucker

      Sadly all he has left are the “haters” ( read, people who don’t believe, including mainstream media ). In June this year he proclaimed this is no hoax, a body will be presented. Nothing more to know, hoax = no body. As hoaxes go, it hasn’t got much attention so I disagree that he has done well.

  41. Rob

    Robert, thanks for asking my question about the the trailer for the DVD.

  42. Wes

    Another thought or two about last night…

    There are times when Dyer is clearly pulling numbers out of his hat…$300,000 from investors, 3700 members, etc. Everyone knows these are lies, and Dyer knows we know. We come to that same problem with this two-track hoax: one track is the simple issue of there being a body or not, the other track is everything Dyer says.

    It’s not enough to catch Dyer in lies…that’s just proving the second track is false. But when people still think the “body” track is true despite the other track being an utter and constant trainwreck, the only way to prove it all false is to prove there’s no body.

    But it’s very hard to prove a negative. Catching Dyer in continuous lies is only circumstantial evidence to those who believe there is a body, no matter how extreme these lies are. As Robert says, he believes Dyer shot a Bigfoot, but everything after that could be a lie. That’s why so many haters have left this story behind…they believe they’ve proven Dyer a liar to the point that he can’t be believed on the basic point of killing a Bigfoot, but for those who think he did, that’s not enough. Those who could laugh Dyer off the screen for his performance don’t bother because once a lie is discovered, there’s always a reason why it was told.

    Cali never saw the body the week before the expedition, and wasn’t even in Las Vegas? OK, but we had to fool the haters.

    We only have 200 members on a good day, and most are $5 silver ones? OK, but those 200 are as strong as 3700 and all we need when we have a body.

    There was no legally binding NDA before the expedition and we made it up so we wouldn’t have to lie about our fake trip to our believer friends? OK, but it was important to keep their spirits up while we were fooling with the haters.

    You see how this never ends.

    And yet another example of “money in the bank” Dyer bleeding his members of their paltry resources was his admonition that they each hurry and buy one of his DVDs. They don’t rate a free one? Even if Dyer is indicted on federal charges for some of his financial shenanigans, it won’t literally prove that he didn’t kill a Bigfoot. We’ll know that soon enough, probably when the movie is finally screened to wider audiences (or televised) and Matthews is challenged to comment more frequently about it. That’s Dyer’s window to make as much as he can. Until then, this is going no where.

  43. Big G

    hey Ga why not go after sykes now. i’ve heard nothing new from you about dryer in 4 months. your a skeptic. dyer is a hoaxer. if your going to promote your skeptic position you have to forget the pitdown man. while your hung up on dyer ( one case ) ketcham continues and sykes continues. i wont put 1 dime into anything you say until you start going after the real evidence. if you put half the energy into the next project that your waisting on dyer you might prove something.

  44. Scott

    Good interview Robert. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t let his slander keep you from the interview.

    If the incident is true, why would his investor allow him to sell a dvd knowing it will get all over the internet? This does not make sense unless it’s a hoax.

  45. Big G

    The real answers to the real questions are. the U.S. government owns all wildlife within its bounderies. when the animal was taken it was confiscated. it was in ricks truck until the government siezed it. it will be burned or hidden in the smithsonian basement for ever. The body is gone and will not be presented to the public. why else would he produce a video from prior to siezure. why would he need money. why wouldnt he be allowed to show the body. why wouldnt he go after another. the fbi told him not to or he would be held for federal charges and jailed for years. there are very big players here and i have to laugh at everyone who thinks its so easy to shoot a bigfoot and present it to anybody without the government knowing. the local police. Why would dyer never hear of sykes ( bullshit ) Sykes has his finger on the pulse to get any dna he can and passes up a chance to get tissue and he doesn’t know of the dyer shootings ( bullshit ) No government official knows anything(bullshit). sykes tried to get dna from justins boots but didn’t know about dyers body. that sounds government coverup. the only thing that we have heard from 24 hours after the incident was mormeset commenting on chiverism. that was someone from the inside and none of those facts have been discussed by the sceptics. Dyers rented a refer truck for 30 days as that is the smallest timeframe to rent one. He shot and rented the truck not knowing what to do with the body. then the government stepped in and confiscated the body.

    • woodchucker

      LOL, easy to shoot is right. Yet you figure this was done at night, on a moving target, through a scope, at short range using a spotlight with several other people in close proximity. That alone is unlikely, everything after that is even more far fetched. Gov steps in, guess what, busted for poaching, but that din’t happen either.

      • Lesley

        Woodchucker, I wonder if you would mind if I asked you for clarification on your post. I know nothing about guns, so I would appreciate further information on this particular point.
        Could you tell me whether the shot you’ve outlined above is an impossible shot or just a difficult one.
        Thank you.

        • Big G

          A 30-06 is a big game long range accurate bullet. Most guns using this round would be used for elk moose or brown bears. its a great deer round for beyond 400 yards. these rifles are set up for daytime shooting. however with a infared scope or no scope at all the shot is completely possible. and a round that big would be needed for anything outside a head shot on this beast. i use one that is semi auto however most are built using bolt action which requires manual ejecting of a round. that would be difficult to rapid fire on a wounded animal.

        • Lesley

          Thank you Big G. Then, to continue with my uniformed questions if you can bear with it, doesn’t that negate any possibility that RD shot the creature in question if the situation was as stated?

        • Big G

          It would be a very difficult shot in the day given a long range scope. Its nearly inpossible to follow a moving object thru a scope. we could somewhat follow hogs on a wide angle ( tv view ) short range scope. But we sure never practiced it at night with spot lights. no hunting rules allow for spot lights or any night time shooting . im guessing that the first shot was a still then after the animal slowed down from spinning in circles.( one sided paralysis or shot to the vicinity of the back bone. ) then when he was moving slow caused by blood loss the victim was shot 2 more times. probably shot 2 was in the main part of the body like shot 1. Its the safest place to aim for a highest percentage hit. Then a final shot in the head being the toughest thing to hit in a moving target. This may not be the senerio but its plausible with a scoped rifle at night.

        • woodchucker

          It would be very difficult nearing improbable considering: 1. The field of view through the scope that came factory on a model 710 at 4-20 feet at night would provide an unobservable target. 2. The shot would have to be taken while the flashlight is also held and pointed at the target. 3. Follow up shots would require activating the bolt and moving target acquisition with the light and firearm each time it was fired. 4. Holding a mag light and the fore end of a 30.06 as it recoils would dislodge the items if not free, at least to a point where they would require some time to reset before repeating.

    • Jax

      You Big G are a piece of work and everything you claim as a fact is the biggest bunch of conspiracy theory BS I have ever heard. Your comments never cease to amaze me.

      • Big G

        I wasn’t there so there are no facts in my theory. i’m just explaining the hunting angle to a person who asked. if you have some facts im sure we would listen. I’m guessing you were not there either. so your just spouting off because as usual you said nothing.

      • Big G

        conspiracy theory bs. documented proof that some form of government has at least 200 bodies that they never saw. nobody in government every saw anything. While many others had. Blind faith in your government is stupid. Question everything. they work for us.

  46. Mork

    I was expecting Dyer to be much more hostile actually. Did you expect him to be this well behaved during the interview Robert?
    To be honest, I thought this would turn into Dyer calling you all kinds of names.
    When he wants to be, Dyer seems to be quite a charismatic individual to certain people.
    But then 2 minutes later he goes all crazy and starts calling people haters for not believing everything he says.

  47. RON

    Dyer said last night the refer truck was rented for 7 days. OK, I found the video where is said it was rented for 35-40 days! That’s quite a *revision*..not just a simple miscalculation! He is LYING FOLKS!
    Start around 42:42 in this Video. He actually states the # of days at 42:57>>

    • Brad

      Ron. Did you not see the part of the interview where he admits he previously lied about the refer truck? Please post a video that disproves Santa as well.

      When it comes to Sykes, I find it odd that Dyer smirked as soon as Robert mentioned his name. It was obvious he was hiding something.

      • RON

        I don’t think he admits he was previously lying. See around 50:23 into the vid where he talks about them *building a facility or some BS like that* and that’s what RacerX was going off of when he assumed the body was frozen in the truck for 35-40 days. All he’s saying is that the body was only in the refer truck for 7 days. He didn’t say they RENTED it for 7 days. But like I said>>>WHY WOULD THEY CONTINUE TO RENT THE TRUCK FOR AN ADDITIONAL MONTH and rack up a $30K BILL?

        • RON

          Dyer stated tonight (9/15) that he rented the refer truck LONGER than the 7 days he sored the body and didn’t deny the 35+ day rental. However, he didn’t explain any further and refuses to do so. That’s because he doesn’t want to contradict his original claim of the 35 Day $30K rental, You can’t have it both ways. He can’t explain the 30 day difference (7 day actual storage vs total of 35+ day rental). He steadfastly refuses to supply any paperwork and says he doesn’t want to expose the rental Co to a barrage of questions. Really? Why should he care? Why would rental co care?

    • RON

      Ok this is from last night and Dyer says *IT STAYED IN THE TRUCK FOR 7 DAYS* at 50:56 in this Video. he doesn’t actually say he rented the truck for 7 days..but that begs the question>>>WHY WOULD THEY CONTINUE TO RENT THE TRUCK FOR ANOTHER MONTH?

      Start at around 50:45 in this video>>

      • Rob

        Last night was a prime example of how Dyer is keeping his small but committed base in line. He’s promising the “island of misfit toy” group a slice of money and fame for those who prove loyal. It’s as easy as that. For people who have always been on the outside looking in…no money, respect, self-esteem, Dyer is giving them hope for a chance at glory!

        Of course it’s a false hope built upon lies.

  48. Minnesota Iceman resurfaces after 50 years

    Minnesota Iceman sold on eBay

    Minnesota Iceman story

  49. Jared

    Responding to the gun conversation. In the shooting bigfoot movie dyer taped the flashlight to his rifle. He was aiming through his scope as he was chasing and shooting the Bigfoot. I know nothing about guns, but I thought it would help to inform everyone how it played out in the movie.

    • woodchucker

      Thanks, that’s interesting Jared. If he was looking through his scope AND running at night, the shot would be even more difficult. And I would assume unless they were in a clearing, the shooting lane would be obstructed. For me, the story stops there, the shot wasn’t made = no critter.

  50. Jared

    He was hunched over and moving at a quick pace. But not quite a run. Kind of shuffling towards the Bigfoot. When he fired he brought the gun up to his face and shot while looking through the scope. There were intermittent trees, not quite a clearing, but certainly not a dense forest.

  51. Jared

    Correction. I made a mistake. In the shooting scene you don’t actually see dyer look through the scope. He raises the gun and fires. You just see the light on the Bigfoot and then he starts shooting. There is also light coming from Morgan Mathews camera. After he fights off Mathews he disappears off camera and you hear more shooting. Sorry for the error in the previous post.

    • woodchucker

      Can I ask some more questions Jared? How many feet away from the critter do you think he was when he was firing?
      and how far apart would you estimate “intermittent” trees be in feet?
      From your description, only 1 shot fired is shown. If the scene doesnt actually show him make a shot with the target in the same frame, no shot = no critter.

  52. Jared

    The 1st time you see the Bigfoot I’d guess it is 20 feet away. Dyer and Mathews pursue it a few steps then the 1st shot is taken. Mathews starts screaming for dyer to stop shooting and a second shot is fired. Mathews grabs dyer and dyer fights him off and runs off into the darkness. There is a third shot in the background as Mathews is looking for dyer. After a few seconds the Bigfoot runs Mathews down. You never actually see any shots hit the Bigfoot so I can’t say how far away it was when dyer was firing.

    The trees are a several feet apart. Not much under brush. Looks just like in the JR dobb’s videos.

    There is a scene earlier in the movie showing dyer loading his gun. There is also a scene when dyer gains possession of the gun from somebody. He’s driving with Mathews then tells Mathews to put the camera down while he pulls over and obtains the gun from somebody he is meeting. He then shows Mathews the gun and boasts how powerful it is.

    • RON

      As far as MM is concerned…if there had been a BF present ,he would>>>HAVE IT ON FILM. No *IF’s* *AND’s* or *BUT’s*..PERIOD!
      Not only would he have it on film, it would have been in the ORIGINAL release. There’s NO WAY he’s holding back the *MONEY SHOT* for later release.

      • Lesley

        Is it not possible that MM might be prepared to wait patiently for the time being in exchange for exclusive rights to what is, potentially, the scoop of the century?

    • Kevin M

      Even before the film was shown, it was made clear that Minnow films weren’t going to be answering questions. I don’t think they are being vague to further a hoax, I think they feel it is in their best interest to do so. If the Bigfoot community was actually large and not a fringe element, perhaps there would be more pressure but that simply isn’t the case. I think it is pretty evident from the reviews that Matthews doesn’t hold Bigfoot believers in high regard, at least some of them anyway. Simply not engaging them might be seen as simply ignoring their “craziness”. This is assuming that there is no conspiracy between Dyer and Matthews about a real BF, which seems to be the majority thought.

    • RON

      One thing is CERTAIN. If there was a real BF, then MM>>>HAS IT ON FILM! At a MINIMUM he would have had filmed the DEAD BF that literally feel at his feet! Apparently (according to Dyer) MM was not present when they loaded the BF on the truck the following day..which would make no sence would it? No way MM would flee the scene before catching more footage like the dragging of the body down the hill and loading it. So, do you really think MM is sitting of footage like this..leaving it OUT of the original film? If you (or anyone else on this planet) were in his shoes, would you HOLD BACK the most explosive footage in the history of man?
      GET REAL.

    • woodchucker

      Thanks again for your play by play Jared. Is there a scene that shows more than 1 firearm? Because if I am not mistaken, both tent vids show rifles in them, so I can assume the camera tent and RDs tent both had firearms. And then it would be unclear which firearm discharged for all 3 shots.

  53. Lesley

    Thanks everyone for the comments on the initial shooting of the Bigfoot. I apologise for the naive tone of my posting but, as I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, I’m new to all this, so you’ll have to excuse me. It seems from my reading that the shot which is claimed to have killed the creature is, in fact, unlikely but not impossible. Thank you.

    I’m trying to understand this situation from a newbie’s point of view. I don’t know Mr Dyer but I can see that he isn’t much liked by this community at any rate. I take it that this is because of a past claim that he killed a Bigfoot which turned out to be a false claim – a hoax, in fact, thus causing the community to view this latest claim as ‘once bitten, twice shy’; and I fully understand that attitude.

    My position is that I don’t know whether Mr Dyer killed a Bigfoot but part of me hopes he did. It has become obvious to me that a dead body is almost certainly the only way that the Bigfoot community is going to be able to prove that Bigfoot is real so it’s an important event in this culture.

    If, as Mr Lindsay believes, the claim is true I hope that anything that results from that is handled in such as way as to advance the scientific research into this creature and that it doesn’t become a circus.

    Thank you for you time and the opportunity to express my views.

  54. Jared

    If Dyer and Mathews are acting then they are both very good. I’ve watched the scene several times and they appear to be very authentic in their emotions. Either that or they rehearsed it really well. Lol

  55. r

    I recently noticed something on the tent video on YouTube. when the close up shows “Hank” peeking from behind a tree, on the tree itself that he’s half hidden by, at around Hanks eye level there appears a shape in the tree that looks like a face in profile looking towards Hank. it’s directly in the center of the tree and appears to have it’s mouth open. I can’t tell if it’s a trick of shadows or if it’s a double exposure or artifact from CGI. I don’t know much about film, just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this. I could be wrong..

    • Rob

      Mathews is silent because it both creates interest and supports his movie. It creates interest by the continued “chatter” that is taking place (which helps to promote the movie) and it supports his movie because “Dyer” is living proof of what the movie is about…crazy ass bigfoot hunters and the morons they attract, i.e., team tracker.

      Bottom line: Dyer is a walking/talking billboard for this movie. Mathews will continue to play “coy” until after the movie is out and has run its course.

    • woodchucker

      Folks, for me it’s all about the fatal shot. No fatal shot, no critter. I understand the event as follows: 1. MM calls out to RD to wake up as the camera frames the tent video critter eating ribs between 1030pm and 230am ( full darkness ). 2. RD films the critter with his cel phone, puts it down and grabs his firearm, opens up his tent, crawls out, turns on the flashlight, turns off the safety catch. 3. Meanwhile MM and cameraman no2 exit another tent and turn their camera lights on. 4. The “slow chase” takes place and the 1st shot is fired. NOW before I can go to any other events, I would have to accept that A. the critter stood motionless the whole time while the lights came on and 3 grown men cleared tents from 4-6 feet away. B. The field of view between firearm and critter was not compromised by trees several feet apart as the critter moved 15 feet and RD moved from the tent vid location to firing position. These two items are very suspect and could be dissected further, and as someone here mentions maybe should be. But I can’t believe all the planets aligned in RDs favor that evening. This is a guy who claims to have conducted 91 expeditions and never even found 1 track, yet shows up in urban Texas where everyone in the population has 2 guns and shoots a critter of purported existence? No, no, no.

      • Brad

        Guess I have to explain everything again.

        Woodchucker. You are wrong. The tent video was filmed in the morning. The shooting was the following night.

        Ron. The reason Morgan does not show footage of the creature is because he is not allowed to. Jackie’s point about why he is not talking I believe is dead on. Even if Morgan claimed there was a body, nobody would believe until it was shot.

        Dyer has always been paid by his investors to find Bigfoot. Therefore Dyer was under contract that if a body was found then it would belong to the investors. Morgan cares nothing about this stipulation because he doesn’t even believe in Bigfoot and just wants to make a movie about nuts chasing a fake creature. Why on earth would the investors then give this asshole the rights to show the Bigfoot once killed. He did not have rights to the body. Dyers investors did. They are the only ones who are allowed to show any footage or break this story. Morgan was still allowed to release his footage of that night on the condition that he left the ending ambiguous.

        I present this as an assgoles and as fact simply because I believe I am right and I have been following this for a long time. Albeit swaying back and forth in my fence sitting.

        But, ask me today…Rick, asshole or not, shot a mother fucking BF and we all are going to have to learn to live in that world. My DVD is ordered.

        • Brad

          Oh. And by the way Rob. Morgan’s brilliant advertising campaign for a movie not even for sale is to have Rick Dyer as his mouthpiece. That is too far fetched to even dispute.

        • Brad

          *nobody would believe until it was shown. Not shot.

        • woodchucker

          I took my info from this blogsite and Jared’s movie comments. If I simply wanted to believe RD’s account, I would buy a TT membership and listen to his preaching first hand, but I am adverse to chronic story tellers. The 1st shot IMO didn’t happen, and there is no critter.

        • Mr. E2me

          Per Brad;

          ‘But, ask me today…Rick, asshole or not, shot a mother fucking BF and we all are going to have to learn to live in that world. My DVD is ordered.’

          Most awesome. ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride’ somebody once said.
          A hundy and change isn’t a lot to gamble in this game. It’s worth it .
          I would if I wasn’t so broke-ass. Just for the leverage to chase POS down and harass his ass. There’s lots o folks willing to howl and moan , very few want to participate. Kudos to you sir.

        • Thylacine

          Brad, Will you post the DVD online once you get it? Even a few screen shots would be nice.
          Arguing with the bigfoot community is hopeless. They won’t believe the pictures of Hank once they’re leaked. Maybe if the video has a close-up of the ReeferMobile receipt they’ll come around.

        • RON

          “Ron. The reason Morgan does not show footage of the creature is because he is not allowed to. Jackie’s point about why he is not talking I believe is dead on. Even if Morgan claimed there was a body, nobody would believe until it was shot. ”

          MM Is not allowed to show the body (on film)? Explain..I’m all ears.

        • Jason R.

          Right, except that a third party would have zero rights to what Matthews filmed, especially on public land. It’s a nice fantasy, but doesn’t work within the reality of US laws. All of Matthews subjects would have signed waivers before filming, investors, real or imaginary, can’t claim ownership of images or content.

        • Sergom123

          I actually think the tent video may be a fraud but the shooting at night isn’t.

          The tent video may have been make after the events given the dubbed voice of MM but that is pure speculation on my part

          As to the scope at night. Admittedly this is a very poor analogy. One of my “chores” as a teenager was to shoot rats in the hay barn. We did this at night using a .22 caliber, CO2 powered pellet gun with a high intensity flashlight taped to the barrel. We’d basically spotlight the rats with the light and fire at the red eye-shine. This was a target shooting .22 Pellet gun that was about as powerful as a standard .22 long with a small scope on it. I would go into the barn after dark and then turn on the light. The scope was useless in the dark at that range so I learned to sight down the side of the barrel around the scope. It was not real accurate but I killed a bunch of rats that way. Granted there is a HUGE difference in recoil between a .22 CO2 Pellet gun and a 30.06 as I very well know. (See post above about guns in my parents house) and a tremendous difference in the stress level involved but at close range, if the rifle had a round chambered, if the creature was close enough, RD could have aimed down the barrel beside the scope. That might explain why, assuming three shots, the first shot was not lethal. The first shot wounded, the second shot missed, the third was a kill

          I can see RD wounding an animal this way with the first shot, missing the second shot and then making a kill shoot while it was standing fairly still after crashing into MM.

          I still think there is a good probability that this is all an elaborate hoax but at the same time I can reasonably imagine a scenario where RD shot the Sasquatch

  56. Rob

    Brad, you’re absolutely clueless. You must be a “Team Tracker.”

  57. Rob

    Hey, Brad, your hero is speaking right now. Go give him a listen. He is very high on something, very amped up! I bet I know how he spent the money you sent him! (LMAO)!!!!

    • Brad

      Wow Rob. You are seriously not even worth my time. Mr. Lindsey. How about some sort of age verification for the comments section.


  58. Rob

    On tonights show, Dyer is once again titillating Team Tracker with talk of partying in Vegas, private Hank viewing, fame and wealth!

    He is really playing these poor fools. And just think, Brad, you’re supporting him. I hope you sleep well.

    • Al

      I missed Tuesday’s show Rob, but I can just imagine what it was like. It’s been nothing but sales pitches and endorsements for the DVD from Dyer all week long and even he said it will continue for the rest of the week. He says it’s just because he wants the disc to sell and ship, but between you and I, we know it’s so he can make his $13,000 all the while feeling confident that the footage will never be leaked.

      I guess the show was too controversial because it was either removed or never uploaded in the first place.

      • Rob

        You’re right, Al, Dyer was as “high as a kite” and he was just rambling like an idiot. It still amazes me that people believe this carnival barker?

  59. Rob

    Watching Dyer tonight I was once again amazed! How can ANYBODY believe this conman? Not only did he appear high on drugs (a total contrast from last night. Brad, at least you can take comfort that you “perked” him up with your money), but the transparency of his schmoozing, lying and manipulating…damn! It should be obvious to one and all that this is a total scam job!

    Brad, you mentioned that there should be “age verification” for this site? And yet you sent a known conman $129.00?! Dude, just how old are you?

    • woodchucker

      Great comment in scovington’s vid above “lying is a cooperative act”. $129 is a cheap bridge if you really want it I guess.

    • RON

      He got caught in a Freudian Slip…He said buy my DVD *AFTER THE HOAX* (Instead of *After the Shot*) and then tried to catch himself. Someone on the chat called him on it calling it a *Freudian Slip* ..Dyer and Cali didn’t know what they talking about..until they figured it out. The Video ended suddenly and Dyer REMOVED the vid!

      • RON

        When I said *removed the Vid*..I mean you can’t access the You Tube from tonight’s show (9/17 9:30 EST). Maybe he’ll make it available..but I don’t see it now.

      • Al

        Interesting info on the Freudian slip, Ron. LOL. Really wish I had been around to watch the production AND record it for future reference.

  60. scovington

    Watch and Learn

  61. Joerg Hensiek

    Sorry, does not matter if a judge think Bigfoot is crap: IF THIS would not bring Dyer in legal hell, then there is something wrong about the legal system in California. Is Dyer stupid enough? I doubt it…

    Rick Dyer and Team Tracker takes to the air waves every night this week at 9PM -6 Pacific. You have all been waiting to see Hank, the Bigfoot Rick shot & killed in San Antonio and here’s you chance. Rick is releasing a total of 100 DVD’s that has the events that took place in last September 6, 2012. The DVD is called “After the Shot”. You WILL see a dead Bigfoot body in shapr HD detail. If you are not happy, you get DOUBLE your money back. We’re sure you will be amazed when you see this historic DVD. SOme popel have bought 2, and are saving the other copy fo rtheir childred and Grand children. It’s that important

    As a bonus. EVRYONE who buys a DVD this week is invited to a special party in Vegas to see the Hank in person. You can’t beat that. You have been waiting to see it. Now is your chance.

    • RON

      Really? There is no Big Foot documented as existing. So anyone who buys the DVD and tries to call Dyer’s VID a fake…has a ZERO chance of getting his money back. ZERO. Dyer knows this and it’s a NO BRAINER.

      • Brad

        Woodchucker. You do not have to take Ricks word for anything. The tent video is clearly during the day and the shooting Bigfoot scene is clearly at night. There is no arguing that.

        • woodchucker

          Really Brad? So you were there when both were filmed? Hearsay. Me, I’ll use Roberts words and the description from those who saw the movie and can give some unbiased review to decide.

        • woodchucker

          Oh yeah, and I’m glad you agree that the shot at night didnt take place.

        • Brad

          I am not sure how I can argue with nonsense woodchucker. Let me ask you, how did I agree the shot did not take place at night? What is hilarious is I offer proof of my claims, IT IS DAYTIME during the tent video and IT IS NIGHTIME durin the shooting Bigfoot scene. This is not hearsay. This is fact. You can watch both videos. What I find most comical is you dismiss these FACTS as hearsay and then back up your reasoning with hearsay. Truly incredible.

      • Al

        Ron, I totally agree with your conclusions about anyone being guaranteed their money back from dissatisfaction from the DVD. POS’s wording is a legal loop hole that keeps him safe from suing or from him having to fulfill his ‘money back guarantee’

        • woodchucker

          Well Brad, you weren’t there when any of the scenes were shot. Those grainy tent vids are not conclusive of any fact other than an image of a purported creature from the shoulders up was captured on a recording device. The movie trailer scenes show more grainy clips too, but for all we know, the scenes could have been filmed in a studio. Nonsense is a good word to use when selling RDs account 3rd hand. I guess if you believe that, it’s easy to believe an orphan named Luke Skywalker actually lost his hand in a fight with his Dad, a boat Captain named Quint actually got eaten by a Great White shark and a nanny named Mary Poppins actually flys with her umbrella as a transport device. But then again it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe those things if you have already settled on the idea that what some here describe as a “fucktard” that has previously HOAXED actually lured in a live unknown bipedal critter in the same place 2 times in one day. It’s a MOVIE! RD never took that shot and you know it.

    • Al

      Joerg, surely you realize that POS’s wording is a legal loop hole to guarantee he never has to pay out double to anyone dissatisfied or questioning what they are seeing?

      As for an ‘invite’ to the party in LV, that isn’t costing him anything out of pocket, it’s up the the purchaser of the DVD to provide their own way to the event.

  62. Mr. E2me

    Anyone else curious as to MATA HARI’s opinion of the vid ?
    She/He/It promised to spill some more insider information a while ago.

    • Al

      Mr. E2me,

      Whoever that person is/was, it seems they’ve flown the coop and only posted to stir up controversy, at least that is my opinion of what came from his/her comments.

  63. Al

    What’s truly sad is those two TT members who had the opportunity to save face and get out somewhat gracefully; Melissa Harsh and Pinkfoot but apparently both didn’t learn their hard lessons from being involved with that group. Both women were removed because they were deemed “not team tracker material”. Melissa since went back because POS made a plea to her and said he “made a big mistake”. Pinkfoot on the other hand hasn’t been so lucky and yet, she still hangs out and watches POS’s broadcasts while garnishing praise and support to his claims while he chastises her in a passive/aggressive way. POS has told her she’s finished and had her chance, but she’s still hanging around like a lost kitten looking for redemption and understanding. This is fact and it makes her look extremely desperate and subservient. When I hear what she writes to POS, I cringe and feel completely embarrassed for her.

  64. Al

    But there have been others, more casualties from TT. David Durret(?) is another who was recently mentioned that just didn’t “cut it”. According to POS, he was “nice, talented, educated”, but lacked common sense, street smarts and sensibility and now, he’s being sued by POS for an alleged unrelated reason.

    Dyer is claim happy and itching to find a reason to bring legal charges against ANYONE and for nearly any reason. He’s stated this several times and recently over the duplication and posting of any content from his ‘After the shot’, DVD. Furthermore, he goes on record stating that he holds nothing against any of these past members, likes them, respects them, but follows that with “I am going to sue them and take them for everything they have”.

    So many things about this man is wrong; he’s pathological, corrupt, lacking any morals, sociopathic and egocentric.

    • Al

      Ok, thanks for mentioning. I’m glad you got out and are NOT looking back! It’s just too bad that Melissa and Pinkfoot don’t have the same kind of self worth that you do.

  65. Al

    I don’t know or yet believe whether or not he’s got a contract for a series with A & E, but this is something that I CAN believe might pan out. Statistically, reality TV programs in the USA are mostly created and directed at less educated people and this would be POS’s audience.

    POS said he’s gotten $300,000 so far from his investors for his part in the killing and shooting of a sasquatch, I find that highly unlikely and regardless of who these ‘investors’ are.

    I think POS is counting on the revenues from his A & E program and from touring the USA with his stuffed bigfoot in tow. Shooting Bigfoot is/was a bust and once/if it gets shown in the USA, more people are going to see what the theme of that documentary is TRULY about….hoaxes & hoaxers, those who believe them and how those hoaxers work.

  66. RON

    One more thing on the DVD. They’re really pushing HARD to sell the 100 vids within the next week or two. *HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM*>>>
    They have only sold around 25 so far and the momentum will rapidly drop going forward. That’s because all those *easy marks* have already ordered.
    Another *fly in the ointment*>>>Dyer hasn’t set a DEADLINE for selling all 100, so NO DVDS shipped OR NO REFUNDS for an indeterminate amount of time! It’s OPEN ENDED!

  67. RON

    New review out on *SHOOTING BF* movie>>

    Matthews accompanies Wayne and Dallas while they bicker over hot-dogs, make random, loud animal noises and gather “research.” He also joins Biscardi on his ultimate expedition and actually camps out with Dyer – arguably the most disturbed of the lot, complete with the obvious taste for guns – in the middle of the woods for days. The “hunt” takes place on these three fronts, as all sides desperately search for a way to prove the Bigfoot’s existence and claim fame and glory. Naturally, Matthews is more interested in studying what the hell is going on in these people’s heads and what exactly makes them dedicate their entire lives to a goose chase. There’s humour, as you’d expect from such a peculiar, colourful group of people, but eventually things do enter darker territory as we watch the filmmaker get sucked in into this bizarre, slightly disturbing world.

    Shooting Bigfoot isn’t so much about a bunch of lunatics who actually believe there’s a giant ape-like creature roaming the woods that likes peanut butter and throws rocks at people, but about the lengths they’ll go to believe in… something. And how that something might just make them get out of bed in the morning. The film is funny and quirky – there’s even a whimsical, animated title sequence – but also scary in the sense that it makes you confront certain things like ignorance and how a hoax can get out of hand. In a strange way, you do end up somehow connecting with these loony characters, maybe not to the extent of believing a word they’re saying, but at least to the extent to where you’re not gleefully laughing at them. As for the Bigfoot, I’m not saying it’ll make you believe it exists, ’cause it won’t, but it’d be pretty awesome if it did.

  68. RON

    It’s obvious another interviewer wasn’t convinced here.

    “I’m not saying it’ll make you believe it exists, ’cause it won’t,”

    then he adds>>>
    “but it’d be pretty awesome if it did.”

    He more or less echoes MM’s take when he tried to answer the question put to him about whether he believed in BF.>>>> *That’s a difficult question to answer, but the world would be a better place if it did*

    This Movie has failed to convince all those who have reviewed it so far.

    • Rob

      So, any guesses as to what the clown king is up to with this hard sell where he is promising absolute satisfaction?

      Dyer is acting really desperate to put cash in his pocket. Maybe part of it is that he is already planning to cancel his Oct 21 day death camp. He hasn’t been talking about this expedition of late…and if this is cancelled, his marketability will take another plunge. So, he’s thinking, ” I got to sell these DVD’s as quickly as possible because after Oct 1, I won’t be able to.”

      He’s realizing that this hoax has run its course. Nobody is buying his expeditions and very few are signing up for memberships.

      For all of his talk about all the money he has it is blatantly obvious from watching his Hang out joke-fest that the man is living a very modest lifestyle. A small home with his office in the family room. Remember, this is a man who likes to “live it up” (remember his clown mobile?) if he had money it would show in his home and the production of his Hang Out sessions.

      I’ll even bet he was forced out of his home in Vegas due to money problems and he is encountering the same problem in California. Hell, he even had a big estate sell right before leaving…he even sold the clown mobile!

      The man is flat broke. He’s scratching and clawing for any nickel he can find. That’s why is on the air every night this week. For those thinking that there is something “magical” on those DVD’s…you’re in for a HUGE let down!

    • E

      Not all Ron. You seem like the brow beater type. Who forces people to accept your opinion and position. At least others can admit they may be wrong. Everything you drop is fact and everyone who opposes your views is an idiot. Maybe try a different tactic please. Maybe take the foot off the gas for a while ehh buddy? Maybe try and ramp yourself down for a change ehh??

      • RON

        Why should what I say here bother you? Seems like you’re taking this personal..very strange. I have no axe to grind. Just telling it like it is. Should be interesting to see how this *DVD* SCHTICK plays out. If Dyer comes out with the real deal in DEC (like he now promises), I’ll be the first to eat crow.

        BTW *E*..have you ordered the DVD?

      • E

        I am an observer. I have gone back and forth and at this point I am split right on the fence. I think it’s more that I want it to be true and a small part of me thinks it is, but there are too many holes. And he is a supreme douchebag. No video for me. I don’t like to see misspellings in written attempts to try and convince me to buy things.

        Wait and see. Should be very interesting and I don’t see much for him to gain either way. At this point I am more interested in the Sykes report.

        More like telling it how you see it.

        BTW *RON*, outside of this shit show fiasco, do you think this thing exists?

    • woodchucker

      yeah, sounds a lot like RD when Robert asked him about taking the shot….”I wanted to kill it, and bring it out and show the world…”

      Wanted = didn’t.

  69. Someone said he doesn’t qualify for some reason.

  70. woodchucker

    Sewrgom123 says “admittedly the scope at night is a bad analogy”. Guess you can answer my question to Jared then…which eye did he have open when he took the shot. And before you respond, please look at the youtube vid of the 30.06 firing through 3-2x4s and 3 filled 2L pop bottles and explain how that wouldnt make a hole in a critter big enough to throw the cat through.

  71. RON

    Hi Jackie..just like old times…LOL

  72. Rob

    A little food for thought on Dyer’s recent activities:
    > He is selling a $129.00 DVD and will NOT show even a 30 sec trailer to verify that it really is top notch, let alone real?! Can you imagine what kind of “buzz”it would create if Rick showed a short clip of just Hanks hand or foot! If he wanted to sell DVD’s THAT would help him to sell DVD’s! Yet, he won’t do any video promo’s…at all? No shot of the trailer. No film of men at work around the body…nothing!
    >All I ever see is Rick holding up the one DVD jacket? I bet that’s all he’s got, a display model. Hey, Rick! How about putting all 100 DVD’s on the table so we can see that they actually exist!
    >Dyer has promised that sometime early next week he’ll show us film of Hank’s custom made trailer. Let’s see if he does. And let’s not settle for some easily manipulated photo. He should give a video walk through. Trust me folks, this trailer does not exist. If Dyer even mentions the trailer again, it will be to say that there has been a delay. (surprise, surprise).
    >Rick has also been talking about a big party he is planning in Dec when Hank is revealed. This party is to take place right here in Vegas (where I live). He says that this will be a large, extravagant event with Team Tracker and many others, including some who purchase the DVD. Well, Rick, I guess it’s too much to ask where this event will take place, huh? Surely, you’ve already made reservations at one of Vegas’ fine hotels? But, like everything else it has to be a secret, right!

    Come on believers, wake up! Every thing this guy does is “smoke and mirrors.” He has nothing and for those who spend money on this conman, the only thing you’ll gain is a sense of shame for falling for and supporting this lying and thieving charlatan.

    • woodchucker

      LOL clown mobile. I can just imagine what the trailer will look like. When you are at the top of the carnival ferris wheel will you be able to see Hank through a glass roof? If a DVD comes out on the design of the trailer, that might be entertaining enough to watch. But of course it would have to be free.

      • You know, I am starting to think more and more now that not only did Rick kill a Bigfoot, but that someone has a body. Maybe not Rick. But I am pretty sure someone is. And I think I know who that someone is. More in my next update.

        • Big G

          so did the money men sell it or did the government take it. what really happened in 2008. was that body sold or taken by the government. It seems strange that many , many bodies dissappear. with documented sitings and dna tests done then everytime the body disappears. im not a conspiracy theorist but where are the bodies. who has them. why are there 100’s in the smithsonian with the attitude that they will stay there and never documented thru dna studies. If the government doesn’t investigate then they know where they are. I say we start firering people till we find what is going on. what happened to those hit by cars and taken by the forestry service. where is the investigation. where is the investigation into dyer spot lighting and firering three times at night. i want to know why none are being investigated.

        • Mr. E2me

          I keep coming back to this..
          ‘but that someone has a body. Maybe not Rick. But I am pretty sure someone is. And I think I know who that someone is.’…..

          I have a couple of guesses.

          – Wally Hersom
          -Hank Williams Jr.
          – Brock Lesnar
          – I’m going to also say Steve Wynn, he’s the only LV casino magnate
          I know of..
          – MIB

        • Hi, Mr. Toomey.

          None of those.

          Hank Williams 3 is the one who might have the body.

  73. RON

    He brought in Derek Randles this evening..just a short telecom.
    Randles was polite and accepted Dyer’s invite to see the body>>>>AGAIN<<< In Dec. He's using Randles.

    • Rob

      Delay-Delay-Delay, this is “How-To Con” 101.

      • woodchucker

        Sadly, there will be more who believe and buy goods. I watched some of JR Dobbs cried bigfoot vids tonight the whole while thinking who coiuld even think this is real? I mean why would a BF eat raw ribs when he can get a warm Costco hotdog just a few steps away.

        • Mr. E2me

          ‘ I mean why would a BF eat raw ribs when he can get a warm Costco hotdog just a few steps away.’

          If he/she/it mugged the right person on the way in , they could get one of those Delicious Pizzas for $10 . It’s an awesome deal. 2 of those would feed an adult bigfoot. 3 mebbe . Wonder If a relict hominid’s digestive tract would tolerate lactose and pepperoni ? Could be very explosive results.

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Exactly, Jacki! Decision time…

      • Big G

        this animals night site and smell capabilities are extreme and since it grew up eating raw meat i would think the raw rid could be smelled miles away while the smells of costco are more like rich women and discust. these would be foriegn and even the costco dog wouldnt be appetizing at all.

      • RON

        Dyer has always had a good relationship with Randles and Randles is VERY non confrontational. So Dyer requested that Randles talk with him on his blog show and Randles agreed. No surprise there. Randles really said NOTHING to back Dyer..he merely agreed to the invite to see the body when it’s released…just being agreeable and courteous. He never said he believed Dyer had a body. BTW, Randles was made the same offer earlier this year to be the first to see the body after the Movie was released and Dyer welched on it big time. Dyer uses the excuse that he doesn’t want to subject Randles to ridicule of the *HATERS*..yet went on to show Craig Phillips…Frank Cali and even the CAR WRAP GUY instead!
        This excuse of Dyer is PURE BULL SHIT!
        So we all wait >>AGAIN! This time the date certain for release in some time in December. Same OLD CRAP.

    • woodchucker

      Perhaps. But looking at the shooting bigfoot movie preview I would say MM was used more. Nothing in that preview says truth to me. No surprise, only the most derelict productions get premiered in TO.

      • Big G

        Jackie however hot this story is right now it is still a small part of what is going on in the bigfoot community. There are habituation sites and dont forget melba and sykes. both are continuing the dna. More dna is collected everyday and at this point the evidence is overwelming. Considering footprints that can’t be duplicated by humans. videos that can’t be duplicated by humans. sounds that can be duplicated by humans. only a skeptic could ignore 30,000 sitings. when to be honest dont you have to explain away all of them to be a skeptic. dyers story is but a small part and will find its little place in history. Didn’t justin kill one.

  74. Just some backtracking for those that may have missed it….

    from a review:
    ………… Matthews has shot himself in the foot by manipulating Shooting Bigfoot to trick the viewer. At best it’s a renewed experiment within documentary film;
    at worst an indulgent Blair Witch Project rip-off………..
    SHOOTING BIGFOOT (official trailer)


  75. Some of you don’t seem to get what Shooting Bigfoot is. It’s a mockumentary intended for laughs, not a film that hints towards a dead bigfoot shot by hoaxers.

    “But Morgan Mathews said this” “This makes it impossible for dyer not to have shot a Bigfoot”

    Sorry, but no. Cherry picking certain things about a story to see things the way we want to is religious and not grounded to reality. Some Bigfooters will believe whatever they want and justify it any way they can to convince themselves that it’s true. To all the Rick Dyer believers, I suggest taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

  76. RON

    Is anyone here going to buy the DVD? I see there are many here still sitting on the fence..JACKIE? ROBERT? It would be great if someone here would buy it that is still on the fence. Then they could report back their impressions of this DVD! I would be willing to chip in (using Paypal) along with others to help reimburse this individual for the DVD. No, I’m NOT going to by it myself, since I believe it’s a hoax and staged.

    • E

      Why don’t you just buy it Ron? That really isn’t much money. We could get the scoop from you. We would hope he would get sued or at least some backlash would come if it is fake but at the same time, that is not much cash. I would enjoy reading your report actually.

      It would be obvious in the first 5 minutes of watching too. Also, I’m sure it would be easy to extract footage/images without giving up your identity (he is threatening lawsuits for leaks).

      • RON

        It’s a matter of principle for me…I simply won’t buy one myself. I will, however, join at least 3 others here and arrange to pay an equal share (via paypal) to the original buyer, who will *own* the DVD. That means we need a total of four including the initial buyer. Buyer could then post his impressions here and hopefully ship the DVD for viewing to the other three (who would return the DVD to the original owner). I’m up for this, let’s get ALL FOUR…with a BUYER and go for it.

        • RON

          To set this up we need a BUYER to announce himself and commit to purchase. Then we need FOUR people to commit to join in. Once we get all the names, the BUYER will announce his paypal acct and request $25 per contributor. When all funds are received, he will confirm the actual order.
          I’m the first to join in (RON) we need THREE more contributors and a BUYER.

        • woodchucker

          Who would be stupid enough to want to sign one of RDs NDAs to get a vid even if it was free? He can’t even sell 100 copies within his purported 3700 strong memebership! Is it because they have seen something the rest of us can’t? That would say a lot.

        • Al

          You should stick to your principles and not lay out one red copper only to help prop up POS both financially and morally. If you and others do this, he wins. 😦

    • Mr. E2me

      My Powerball numbers didn’t come in last night.
      I would have bought all the dvd’s had that happened.
      I would then hire a crack team of legal eagles and sue the hell
      out of POS. for fraud. I would have my legal team so deep in his bidness he would do whatever it tool to get rid of me. Including turning over the alleged body to myself.
      At that point I would film a reality show starring Hank in a lighthearted
      ‘Weekend art Bernie’s’ style romp.

      If you don’t dream it will never happen.

      • E

        Great idea….Hank would be a great wingman.

        By the way Jared said he bought the DVD. I wonder if there is anything to sign? What kind of process is that? Just a direct deposit into tricky Rick’s account through PayPal?

        He can’t sue for releasing material can he?

        Probably just a crappy watermark right?

        Ron we are counting on you. Throw down some money!!!

      • Big G

        thats some funny shit e2. But unlike bernie’s 150lbs i felt hank was more like 450lbs. besides the government took the body. the body is stored with the greys from roswell.

    • Al

      I’m with you Jacki, there is NO WAY on earth I would ever pay a red cent for this DVD from POS. It’s a matter of principle and not contributing anything monetarily to his schemes.

      That said, I am as curious as the next person to see just exactly what is on that disc, but again, it’s not worth selling my soul to the devil AND no matter what POS says, it will eventually get leaked an put online eventually.

  77. Mr. E2me

    Nah G.,
    There’s ways to make that work. Off the top of my head I could
    impale the sucker on my engine hoist and then add a bunch of pneumatic motors and such and then use a remote control to walk the fucker around like some obscene hairy transformer. With P-ball money that could very well be a reality.
    There’s some lucky soul in South Carolina that needs to give me a call ..
    “The $399.4 million winning quick-pick ticket was sold at a Murphy Express gas station in Lexington, S.C.”

    Hank the turd has the body. He has it Nashville and has it propped up in a corner with it’s left hand perpetually holding a bong. It’s a big bong.

  78. woodchucker

    I watched the trailer again ( another 3 mins of my life I will never get back ) and when I see RD skulking around with the rifle at 0:35, 0:52 and 2:55 it just seems more apparent that his proficiency with firearms is less than adequate. And to say “if there is someone out there in a suit, I’ll shoot him” on camera, then tell Robert in an interview he felt it wasn’t immoral to use a firearm at night in a populated area under less than ideal conditions and with no regard for local firearm or hunting laws can only mean one thing, he didn’t shoot nothing. That’s why there’s no investigation or Gov cover up, it was a non event. Just as harmless as the other 3 BFers in the movie.

    • RON

      Keep in mind, Dyer has said that when the BF went down, he tried to pull on it’s face because he thought it could have been a MASK! He thought he may have killed a person in a suit??? So this MOFO shoost PELL MELL in the dark at this thing…which was also close to MM as well?? WTF?

    • woodchucker

      hahaha tissue….208champ that is funny!

  79. Rob

    So, on tonight’s show Dyer held up a video camera that he said is worth $700.00. He then went on to say that he was giving it to the next person who ordered his DVD?!

    Expect more of this desperate selling as the days go by. Hell, he might even throw in a brand new car! You know why? Because he is a conman and he is doing everything he can to separate fools from their money.

    Dreamers, wake up! This clown is playing you. When he gets the money he needs he will head south across the border and you’ll be still waiting for your DVD. This is why he is so reckless and is promising the world. He has a plan…and the plan is to high tail it out of here when the sh**t hits the fan. Let me say it again…HE HAS NO BIGFOOT! THIS IS ALL A LIE FROM A VERY DEVIOUS, BOTTOM DWELLER!

    • At least some of these DVD’s will go out, I can assure of that 100%.

      Wasn’t there a guy on Rick’s show the other night saying that he ordered one and it hard already came he was just getting ready to view it?

      • RON

        No DVDs have been shipped yet. He needs 100 sold to ship.
        Agree that Dyer is pushing HARD to sell these…why? It’s only 12K in sales….peanuts. We’ll just have to wait and see what this DVD is all about….I say PURE BULL SHIT. Like I said..I’ll go in with 5 people to order it..Paypal ready, but I’m not going to order direct. If someone here wants to buy it..I’ll chip in with 4 others…PAYPAL to original buyer.

    • RON

      I don’t think he’ll head south. It will be a staged scene and there’s NO WAY to prove it’s not a BF (since there is no proven BF for reference). Dyer has a bullet proof FAKE..DVD. Period end of story.

    • Al

      “So, on tonight’s show Dyer held up a video camera that he said is worth $700.00. He then went on to say that he was giving it to the next person who ordered his DVD?!” `(Ron)

      I missed that part, but I did see him playing the ‘Christian’ card like no tomorrow. He has been mentioning that he’s going back to his Christian roots and now he’s just milking it and using that to lure in even more supporters. It’s no coincidence either that several of his older and most devote followers are Christians. When they started to pray for Musky’s father with heads bowed, it seriously reminded me of an episode of Dog the bounty hunter….I wouldn’t be surprised if POS thinks he’s the Dog of bigfootery!

      Ron, I’m with you and many others on this. This is simply another hoax from POS and even though there are many questions unanswered, the bottom line is that it’s nothing more than an elaborate hoax

    • The DVD has already shipped out and the first reviews are in!

      The Bigfoot looks somewhat like Hank, but its mouth is all blown apart by a bullet.

  80. RON

    Robert..get the DVD and post your impressions. I’ll go in with you..paypal ready.

  81. RON

    Oh..if you’re game, e mail me with your paypal acct so I can arrange payment.

  82. RON

    Robert… you want to be buyer? We now have myself and *E*. Anyone else interested? We need to pay Robert via Paypal.
    Again if you want…I’ll be a buyer and Robert and *E* can pay me $40 each and I’ll place the order tomorrow.

  83. First and foremost, Shooting Bigfoot is a mockumentary (this is a fact that no amount of religious belief will change). You can give Dyer the money, but he won’t show you the monkey. The reason for this should be clear by now. So I’m going to suggest this: maybe Dyer didn’t shoot a Bigfoot. Maybe he’s hoaxing you guys like how he’s hoaxed people in the past. Maybe we’re believing this guy because we want to and not because the evidence points that way.

    You don’t need to believe Dyer’s crazy story to make the world seem more interesting.

    • woodchucker

      I wonder why it was centered around 4 “trackers”. Why not include the habituators and the quasi-scientists / researchers? Or are they excluded due to their cork sniffery place in the Bigfootery heirarchy?

      • MM didn’t believe in BF when he went to make the movie. He thought Bigfooters were typical Moronoican idiots. So he picked 4of the biggest and most obvious fucktards in the whole business, but the film did not exactly turn out like it was supposed to.

        • Lesley

          For a lot of people, getting to the bottom of this has less to do with wanting to believe, or disbelieve, and more to do with finding out the truth. There are people here who are convinced either way. Some think it’s BS and some think there’s something to it. I can see pros and cons for both points of view. At the moment the only absolute truth of this is that no one knows except Mr Dyer and Mr Matthews.

          As far as the film is concerned, there’s little doubt that Mr Matthews knows what happened. He knows whether Mr Dyer is perpetrating another hoax or whether he’s telling the truth. And here again, I’ve seen arguments for Mr Matthews keeping quiet that explain his silence adequately for both reasons.

          At the moment, all we can do is wait for this thing to resolve itself either way. I’m happy to keep a watching brief on Mr Lindsay’s blog here because it’s the only place where I can read about this issue at the moment and find both points of view represented.

          Thank you, Mr Lindsay and to your contributors. Great stuff.

      • Big G

        what is a quasi-scientists. Are these scientists that dont study ” approved by the media ” science. I think melbas work has yet to be debunked by real scientists. i’ve heard several geneticists comment on her work and at this point nobody has a better theory for her results. Keep in mind that several labs with the best equipment did dna samples for her. Is sykes a quasi because he is doing a study on a mythical creature. A skeptic is rewarded for finding one hoax. he has to explain away all the sitings. Yes all of them. If you can’t explain away all of them then the skeptic doesn’t know. Them he has made his desicion without all the facts. Then they will go online to a bigfoot discussion and laugh at everyone . The real truth is anyone who thinks that 35,000 sitings by all walks of life is a mythical creature is an idiot. The volcano is a rummbling and it isn’t God. Mm didn’t choose a scientist because they arne’t interested in facts they are interested in amking fun of the bigfoot community and the best way i can see is to do a film using dyer.

  84. Al

    This is an interesting development. Not sure exactly what it can prove, but it does go to show that there is definitely smoke coming from POS’s fires.

    • Rob

      Funny stuff! The Britney song was perfect!

      • Al

        Not only is it funny Rob, there is something more to this and it’s just another example of the tactics that POS uses to muddy the waters and all for what?….to get the ‘haters riled up? to throw everyone off the track….why and for someone who’s about to cash in through endorsements, sponsorships, film deals..

        For someone in his alleged position of having shot and killed a sasquatch, he sure plays a lot of games.

        That’s all this is to him….a game that includes back-tracking on previous statements, delaying the evidence for over a year and making a whole production out of an event that a) never happened and b) one that would never play out in this way, in the real world.

  85. Al

    On his last night’s radio show, he said, “this will NOT be another Minnesota Iceman”…but isn’t that EXACTLY what it will be?

    The Minnesota Iceman was paraded around the country in a glass coffin from town to town, in circuses and carnivals. This is EXACTLY what POS intends to do with ‘Hank’. He’ll be driving the body from town to town housed in a trailer, entombed in a glass case where you can only view the body and MAYBE feel the thing using a rubber glove as part of the display case. This is EXACTLY what he’s said about this so if any of you don’t believe me, listen to his radio shows. Of MAYBE, that as another lie to fool us all again?!?! LOL

    POS is a admitted past serial hoaxer, a used car salesman (that should say enough in itself), Foremost, he’s a SALESMAN and really, nothing more. This past week all he’s done is promote, promote, promote that damn DVD and because “you’d better get it while you can, supplies are limited, it will be a collectors item very soon” ….

  86. Lesley

    I’d like to ask a question, if I may. Morgan Matthews knows the truth of all this, beyond any shadow of a doubt. He’s either covering up a hoax or he’s sitting on a huge story. My question has to do with his motivation for keeping silent. What does he have to gain for keeping a hoax quiet and what does he have to gain by holding on to such a huge story. I can see reasons for both, if I’m honest.

    • Al

      Hi Leslie,

      It’s really hard to say what or how much Morgan knows or doesn’t pertaining to what POS has done.

      I think most would agree MM’s first priority is to promote his film, Shooting Bigfoot and to keep the masses guessing what all it entails. MM has been interviewed and he’s clearly stated that he never truly believed that bigfoot existed, even though being very fascinated by the subject/creature since he was a small child.

      In my opinion, he’s got nothing to lose, only things to gain by keeping the mystery of just exactly what happening in that film, alive.

      I also feel that both MM and POS are using each other for gains and have probably come to a mutual agreement & understanding about the film and POS’s claims.

      • Lesley

        Thank you Al. It just seems to me (and I’m very much outside of the Bigfoot community, being a Brit) that if MM had intended his film to be a mockumentary, as I’m sure it was, then a complete shambles ending, with Mr Dyer trying to hoax a ‘kill’ would have been an ideal ending to his film. I really don’t understand why he didn’t go there if the whole thing is a hoax.

        • Thylacine

          A mockumentary is a fake documentary. MM made a documentary that contained people who were obsessed and delusional. There is no way he could make and market a fictional film through the BBC and Minnow Films without stating so from the start. He was not independently funded.
          My theory as to why he’s holding back is that he signed an agreement to only show so much of the creature until the scientific discovery had been made public. He would have no problem signing such a paper because at the time he thought the existence of bigfoot was only a remote possibility and the chances of actually seeing and filming one was zero (nil).
          Chances are the investors have worked with him and rewarded him for holding off. The film will probably be amended and rereleased once the find is made public, or whatever footage he shot was bought up by the investors for their own project. Keep in mind RD is only selling raw footage (outtakes) of the ultimate documentary and not a finished film. That won’t be sold until later.

        • Thylacine

          Sorry for getting your name wrong, Lesley.

        • Lesley

          Thank you, Thylacine,
          I don’t have a theory, as such, but I don’t have too much of a problem in thinking that Morgan Matthews would be prepared to keep the facts of what happened to himself if he had been promised an exclusive on the ‘reveal’ and subsequent hoo ha that would inevitably result from that.

          I have more of a problem with the idea that he’s perpetuating a hoax, but I can’t discount it because I can see that he would still gain monetarily from that too. I do think, though, that if he is perpetuating a hoax, that that would be morally wrong. But that’s just me, I suppose.

          Please don’t trouble yourself about the name. I knew who you meant. 😀

      • Rob

        Al, exactly right!

  87. Mr. E2me

    rofl @ the childlike response from BRIAN.
    Do you kiss your mother with a filthy mouth like that ?

  88. RON

    I have one person that has approached me to buy the DVD. I need ONE MORE to kick in $40 (paypal me). That will make it the three of us. Since I’m buying, I will evaluate the DVD first (if it ever and post my impressions here. I’ll then send the DVD to the first person who contacted me then THAT person will ship it to third *investor* after viewing. The third investor must then return it to me. Once I get paid from the two others participating, I’ll place my order with Dyer.
    contact me at with and I will give you my paypal acct to make the payment.


  89. RON

    “My theory as to why he’s holding back is that he signed an agreement to only show so much of the creature until the scientific discovery had been made public. He would have no problem signing such a paper because at the time he thought the existence of bigfoot was only a remote possibility and the chances of actually seeing and filming one was zero (nil).”

    It makes no sense that MM signed an NDA (not to show creature). It was the other way around..DYER signed one with Minnow Films..he has in fact stated this.
    Keep in mind..the BF came on the scene as a COMPLETE Dyer’s people (or anyone else for that matter) would have had no reason to request one from MM ahead of time..nor would they be in a position to so. This project was entirely in the control of Minnow! As far as Dyer requesting an NDA AFTER the BF was shot>>>…that’s patently absurd. MM would not have been bound to sign an NDA on what HE HAD FILMED HIMSELF. As I stated previously….if there was a BF present, MM would have it on FILM and there would be NO REASON for him to withhold or edit out this explosive footage. Even if he DID intend to edit and hold back footage, he CERTAINLY would have shown a CLEAR HD SHOT (teaser) instead of the bogus questionable image we actually see in the film! Why would he do that??

    • RON

      One very powerful motive for all those who believe or are on the fence, is that they WANT TO BELIEVE! That’s the simple truth….even in the face of ZERO evidence to date. I’m just entertained by all this and I’ll admit Dyer has succeeded in arousing my curiosity as to what the DVD is all about and what will take place in DEC. I KNOW this is a hoax..yet I’m compelled to see this train wreck play out…lol.

    • Thylacine

      RD’s investors had control over his any spoils. They would not have let him do the MM film without insisting on control over the body and images.
      The NDA with Minnow was about the MM film. There would have been some agreement going the other way about what could be filmed and shown in the film. MM would have no problem signing such an agreement because he NEVER considered this nutter would actually come home with a bigfoot.
      This is all contingent on there actually being something to this story. Something beyond your grasp.

  90. Rob

    Folks, this is really simple. We can all agree that Dyer desperately wants to sell his DVD’s, right? I mean, he is doing his show every night and is giving away free Vegas party passes and even a purported $700.00 Sony video camera!

    If he really wanted to sell DVD’s…why not show us a video clip of the custom made trailer Hank will be traveling in? Even if not fully ready, show us where it stands now? Surely it must be nearly finished with Dec coming on fast and he has been talking about this trailer for some time now.

    And…if he really wanted to sell these DVD’s, give us a little video clip from his website! He could even distort the imagine a little and make it look like so many other blob squatches you find on YouTube. What would this hurt? I’ll tell you what it would help…his sells. Wouldn’t that “whet” the appetite to see a clip of a professionally made video (like Dyer claimed) complete with a hand or foot of Hank? Tell me, wouldn’t this make you MORE interested in buying the DVD?

    Again, Rick (POS) is working overtime to sell these DVD’s. Why, oh why, wouldn’t he make it easier on himself by adding the things mentioned above? If he revealed even a scant bit of visual evidence he would have sold those 100 DVD’s in hours. (BTW, why only 100? If this is really crystal clear film of Hank, why limit yourself?) All the “why’s” lead us to only one conclusion…he doesn’t have a trailer, he doesn’t have any film of a Bigfoot, and he certainly DOESN’T have a Bigfoot!

    • RON

      I’m perplexed by this entire DVD schtick..really. He seems hell bent to sell all 100 DVDs and I can’t figure this out. It’s only $12K?? What’s the DEAL with selling 100 DVDS? Does he have a contract to sell 100 and then a third party will buy him out? I agree that a *teaser* trailer would have gone a LONG way in spiking sales..yet he’s resolute in cloaking this thing in a vale of secrecy??? WTF?? It’s a foregone conclusion in my mind that *IF* this DVD is for real, it’s a STAGED event…so one way or another, Dyer has his A$$$ covered big time.

    • Rick is only allowed to sell 100 of the videos, presumably by order of his investors.

  91. Rob

    Robert Lindsay, I have a question for you: I can tell you are a very bright guy. If you find out that Dyer was hoaxing this whole time, what will this do to your self -confidence? Will this place doubt in your ability to dissect and properly analyze information?

    I’ll be honest, I am so convinced that this is a hoax I would literally bet every dollar I had on it! I know it to be a lie with every fiber of my being!

    If it turned out to be true…I would be dumbfounded! Shocked! Devastated! I would question my ability to reason and make informed decisions. It would reveal a glaring weakness in my thinking.

    So, Robert, what about you? You think and analyze for a living. If it turns out that you have been believing a bevy of lies, what effect will this have upon you?

    I mean no disrespect. I’m just sincerely curious.

    • RON
      That’s poses a great question in my mind>>>Would I bet the FARM on this being a hoax? Would you?

      • Rob

        You know, Ron, millions of people (including myself) have been watching the TV series “Breaking Bad.” There are only two episodes left and we’re
        all speculating on how it is going to end.

        To me, this whole Dyer saga is a real life “Breaking Bad” and it has captivated me! He reminds me of the Joker in the Batman movie played by Heath Ledger. Rick is psychotic, unpredictable, narcissistic, has delusions of grandeur, and is an lying, scheming POS!

        He is truly a fascinating, in real time, case study!

        And to add to this, I am fascinated by those who believe the lies from this man’s forked tongue!? It’s like most of us are lucid and see this man for who he is…and yet we see others, some intelligent, who seem totally hypnotized by this “poor man’s carnival barker.” It just leaves me scratching my head in disbelief?

        But, I do take comfort knowing that the end is near for this hoax. Like the series “Breaking Bad” I’m just curious as hell to see HOW it ends! 🙂

        • RON

          Dyer show cased his deceptive skills in the recent *baby BF* mini Hoax on Kulls and JD DOBBS who made all the vids on Dyer. He’s really remarkable in his *acting skills* and this event really showed what a lying SOB this guy can be and to what lengths he’ll go to pull off a hoax. I don’t think he realized how this would backfire and show his TRUE COLORS.

    • No I have been wrong many times in life, and I have been wrong many times in my blogging. With this BF thing, I have been wrong and been fooled quite a few times, including by some hoaxers and their hoaxes.

      Basically it is my HYPOTHESIS that Rick has shot and killed a BF. I agree that there is not yet any good, hard scientific proof that he has done so, therefore it is INCONCLUSIVE whether he has really shot a BF or not. That is scientific thinking. I think like a scientist. We always go out on a limb with hypotheses and our hypotheses get shot down by reality all the time. It is the nature of the game and it you cannot handle seeing your hypotheses go down in flames, then do not claim to be an empiricist.

      My other standard is legal, preponderance of evidence or beyond a reasonable doubt. Based on that, I do believe that Rick killed a BF. But you know, jury decisions because on these standards are wrong all the time.

      What reputation? My reputation is already mud. I have been right quite a few times in this Bigfootery thing, but my detractors say I have blown it and been wrong many times also. So it would just be one more flame-out for me.

      Obviously, many times I do wonder if this is all a big hoax. I wonder that quite a bit, believe it or not.

      • In my best POS voice “Agree 110% 208!”
        Robert I’m almost certain you realize that for you to be so glib with your reputation makes it much more difficult for us “followers” of your blog to find you credible? I think for the first time I really understand how you can get so firmly behind such ludicrous claims of this hoax; You simply don’t care what we think of what you think! You have nothing to lose… Though most of the time I find your brand of logic quite puzzling it is interesting indeed.
        This post honestly explains a lot for me. Thanks for sharing.

        • It is not so much that I have nothing to lose.

          I am a cutting edge investigative reporter along the lines of, Wayne Madsen and some others. I and they deal in “raw intel” and sadly a lot of that just ends up wrong. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb in life. I do not understand why everyone thinks my credibility will be destroyed if this turns out to be a hoax. Have you ever thought of it the other way?


          Of course not. It only cuts one way we you guys. Dyer backers get their credibility destroyed if they are wrong, but Dyer skeptics do not get their credibility destroyed if they are wrong.

          This is like detective work. Detectives are constantly wrong during their investigations. They think they have the guy, and then they are wrong. Sometimes they even arrest the wrong guy. They figure it out and let him go. Sometimes people are even wrongly convicted. No one ever gets fired for any of this! It’s the nature of the business for detectives to get it wrong quite a bit.

      • Rob

        Fair enough, Robert.

  92. woodchucker

    Rob, you are laying it down pretty heavy. But honestly, there is a lot of reasonableness in your words. RDs recent actions appear really desperate and all his next steps are copies of past hoaxes, yet some keep finding truth in his preaching. Maybe humans aren’t that far off the revolutionary chain from Hank if the ridiculousness of his actions continue to stimulate belief. MM might have pulled the wool over RDs eyes by exposing the craziness of bigfootery with his participation. Would this account for RDs zany antics of late? Seems it started to boil up when Ketchum and Sykes got into the sample identification.

  93. RON

    I’m still looking for ONE OTHER PERSON to kick in for DVD..$40 PayPal to me. That will make THREE people to see it. I will get to keep it though. My share is $50.
    let me know..Dyer says price is going up MONDAY to $200.
    contact me

    • Did Jacki contact you?

      Dyer says price is going up MONDAY to $200

      That sonofabitch! Damn him!

      He won’t sell many copies at that price.

      • RON

        Jackie won’t go in because it can’t be replicated. I need ONE MORE !

        Exactly. Someone on his show pointed that out..but a TT member said that will make it *more attractive*….BULL SHIT. Sales will come to a screeching halt!

  94. RON

    I’m now having second thoughts on my offer and I’ll explain.
    Dyer has increased the offer to $200 ($199) as of Monday. My first impulse was to *get in at $129*..but NOW is I see what he’s up to. $200 is going to create a TON of resistance to buy more…that along with the fact all those who were eager to buy have already done so. He has another 50 to sell and now he’s added a BOAT ANCHOR to the mix?? No way he’s going to sell another 50 at that price…so what’s the point of me putting in an order at $129 and having Dyer hold on to my $$ until he deems it fit to ship or refund me? This DVD won’t ship for a >>LONG TIME if he ups the price to $200. So my offer is off the table. Dyer just screwed himself OR>>>THIS was all planned to poison the offer and make sure the DVDS never ship.

    • woodchucker

      Seems the delivery date would coincide nicely with his upcoming 21 day camp starting Oct 10. Thats a whole lotta time he can avoid the calls from people short of product and less their hard earned $.

    • woodchucker

      He has another 50 to sell and now he’s added a BOAT ANCHOR to the mix??
      Are you refering to his boxers from the movie he is going to auction? I wonder what sick mutha is going to buy them. Goes to show how much he thinks of TT members.

  95. Mr. E2me

    ‘Dyer says price is going up MONDAY to $200.’

    ‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug’- Rick James.

  96. woodchucker

    Re: “The running in a circle occurred after the shot to the back”.
    On RDs show tonight he spoke about taking shots at a BF. He admits he doesn’t hunt and has never killed a deer. According to him, the fatal shot from the movie was the 3rd shot placed at the side of the head behind the ear. When questioned if that was why Hanks teeth are missing, RD stated that was a result of the previous shot. SO if MM was ran over after the back shot was taken, it had to have been after the 1st shot. What animal would be able to take a back and head shot at close range with a 30.06 and stay mobile and articulate enough to have a typical “flight” response, one with no spine or brain? Has shot placement been discussed much in detail until it was raised on this blog via the interview and discussion? Because we are now led to believe: 1. RD became a better marksman each time he fired a weapon, under duress and in less than ideal conditions. 2. Accuracy improves with a moving target ( head shots rather than body shots ) 3. Reckless and likely illegal firearm use was employed in this scenario and captured on film. 4. RD went on record that his firearm deployment that night was not an issue for him, regardless of laws or morality. 5. RD doesn’t get “buck fever” even with a bipdal specimen as a target which resembles a human even when nightmares are an after effect. 6. There are inconsistencies with the shot placement story ie between which shot MM was knocked down. I find these cumulative findings more in line with a staged movie set than an actual outdoors hunt with live ammo and real animals. Someone better hope there isn’t a Gov investigation done here, there could be some serious felony charges resulting in fines and possibly jail if RDs claims are true.
    And curiously enough, it was discussed Hank might get a glass coffin similar to my comment above about the trailer being see through so the ferris wheel ride will enable a peek. Something stinks folks, I mean really stinks about the timing of RDs detail releases.

    • 1. Shot to the back.
      2. Shot to the back of head knocking out teeth after BF hits Morgan.

      It is #3 that you scarcely ever hear about because apparently Dyer is embarrassed about executing one of these things. However, I have been told that that was exactly what shot 3 was.

      Dyer did indeed get buck fever. He had a shot in the morning, but he “froze up” when he came out of his tent and could not shoot.

      • woodchucker

        Why behind the ear Robert? Heck, why a gun? Wouldn’t an intact specimen be more of a Coup de Grace? This story is absurd. I still say the 1st shot wasn’t even taken. I would like to hear your comments on what RDs situation will become if an investigation is conducted.

        • RON

          Great points..the devil is indeed in the details which will be the demise of Dyer’s saga. Keep in mind >>>he took a shot knowing MM himself was a potential target? No one in their right mind would pull this shit.
          I can’t wait for this MOFO to go down.

        • 1. Rick Dyer is not “someone in his right mind.”
          2. Morgan was already knocked down by the time Rick fired.
          3. He did apparently put Morgan at risk, but others say he saved Morgan’s life.

      • fyi

        There Was no shot fired after the collision In Shooting Bigfoot

    • woodchucker

      I would love to see how a Fish & Game Officer or a Forensic Investigator would approach and discover FACT on this topic. Seems to me there would be a lot of statements found to be out of line with the actual events. If I was the land owner where this took place I would be having the authorities make some inquiries.

    • fyi

      I have made comments on several occaisions about Ricks gun handling ability in sbf after the preview immediately. It is very suspect. I also own a 30.006. Let’s just say it isnt the gun youd dare use to terminate a wonded at close range. This is the gun folks that puts meaning to blow your head off. for the record here is the event order of sbf as it was at premier day 1: rick rick rick, don’t shoot anyone, fisticuffs, shot 1, much more fisticuffs with elbow to mm, mm stops rick off camera, shot 2, pause heavy mm breathing fear, mm pushed over by man in suit, mm on ground silent perhaps sobbing, rick helps him back to camp, Rick begging to see footage, next morning rick demanding tape, mm fuck off leaving camp filmed by someone else.

  97. RON

    I don’t think MM was down…Dyer’s story has the BF running into him as Dyer fires the shot. As woochucker implies..Dyer’s no HUNTER…no way Jose. No matter Robert ….it’s all bull shit..but we’ll stay hear to the bitter end.

    • BF knocked down MM. BF continued on running for a bit, 5-10 feet? Rick fired shot #2.

      • woodchucker

        What would that take to run 5-10 feet, maybe 2 secs? Takes more than that to chamber a round. And this is assuming the round doesn’t jam, which bolt action rifles do from time to time. Plus we can assume from the preview, Jareds comments and Dobbs vids a tree or scrub brush would have segmented the shooting lane. After all the BF was displaying “peeking” habits in the tent vid.

      • RON

        Bottom line was DARK and things were unraveling FAST..MM was in the line of sight and Dyer pulls the trigger?

        • The guy is pretty damn reckless, and maybe he thought he was saving MM’s life? Wayne said, “Rick saved Morgan’s life!”

        • woodchucker

          Great White Buffalo Hunters who almost brought a species numbering hundreds of thousands to extinction in a couple of decades couldn’t have made that shot in those conditions. I don’t buy it one bit. Not even 1 live round was fired. We have to agree to disagree on that Robert.

      • woodchucker

        BOOM – there it is! RDs account of the shooting doesn’t even coincide with MMs script.

    • fyi

      Rick keeps lying about the sequence because he hasnt seen sbf. I have…

    • fyi

      This is inaccurate. Please see my order of events above!

  98. woodchucker

    Musky Allen was a bit sensitive about Q#3 of the interview and voiced his displeasure on RDs hangout session tonight. I guess Robert is taking verbatum inquiries from HATERS and and putting words in peoples mouths which causes some hard times on other blog sites. Don’t know why the butt hurt, but obviuosly RL is on to something or it wouldn’t have been an i

    • woodchucker

      issue, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

    • Rick has been very coy about this third shot, and for a long time he denied its existence. I learned about it recently from someone very close to this whole affair. It appears now that Rick is admitting that there were 3 shots. Musky was probably mad at Rick administering the coup de grace. For one thing, it appears to have messed up the Bigfoot’s head pretty bad.

      • woodchucker

        It’s easy to admit to 3 shots when you get called out on it. Less chance of tripping up on the backlines. SO to my points above lets add 7. Executioner as witnessed by others at the scene. Couldn’t be too sensitive of an issue for him considering he is willing to SELL the death, even as barbaric as it is reported to be.

  99. Mr. E2me

    Breaking News !
    Mata Hari released , unreleased footage of POS on a hunt ;

  100. woodchucker

    RON, re video watermark – you think some cowboy will get a copy of the vid ( small chance it DOES ship ) and post the audio on youtube with a graphic written play by play of the hilarity? Some audiophile must know how to dissect such a recording. Also I’m calling my own shot that RD may boast the audio can be tracked back too. Lets see if the shitmus test sticks on that one.

  101. Xavier

    Incredible. Once again, there is no traceable evidence “What so ever”! Funny, I watched one of Dyers shows and he actually pulled out a “Drawing” of a bigfoot and waved it around like it was proof! This guy is an ASS CLOWN!

  102. Mr. E2me

    In other Bigfoot -non POS – related news,
    Curious if all y’all are up on this ‘timbergiant’ character.
    I was watching this today and intrigued. One of the better
    blobsquatch jobs out there imho; 3;15 for the innerstin part.

    • Mr. E2me

      Well hell. That didn’t go as planned. Sepia ? wtf ?
      Saw it on BE and thought it would be more interesting to
      discuss here…

    • Thylacine

      Interesting, but at 4:20 there’s an edit when the subject is still in view. Doesn’t just stop and start but image fades and overlaps with the rest of the film. The rest of the clip looks like raw footage. This suggests a costume with too much given away that required editing.

      • Thylacine

        Actually 3 edits between 3:50 and 4:20. Has to be fake. Why so much unedited nothing and then when he’s actually got something the film keeps jumping ahead?

      • Timbergiant has never ever ever been known to hoax and he has never been proven to have hoaxed anything. Most of his stuff is frankly junk – blobsquatches in the woods that he insists are BF’s. Well, blobs are one thing, and hoaxing is another. I only saw one of his videos with a true object in it, and that object, to me, was 100% sure BF. This would be #2.

        If he’s hoaxing, this would be the first time, and has over 300 videos up so far. Also it would be the first hoax ever from a longtime straight shooter.

        I say this is the real deal. Look at that thing! It looks like a gorilla!

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