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Happy Birthday Everybody!

Happy birthday to all my readers! Happy birthday to me! Thank you very much, everyone!


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Bigfoot News September 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me. Thank you very much!

Justin Smeja stirs furor over pro-kill post on Facebook. On a Bigfoot Facebook group, Suzy Matiash asked Justin Smeja what his position was on the pro-kill/no-kill debate in the community. Justin left a lengthy answer that said he was still pro-kill. He was then promptly tossed from the group by Suzy because the group has a strict no-kill policy for posters.

Cindy Bowers did a great job of writing this up on the Crypto Crew blog.

Recently Justin Smeja was asked a tough question by Suzy Matiash, administrator of the Facebook group Bigfoot Community.

The question was:

Mr. Smeja, I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance, would you kill another Sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again.

Justin answered:

I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people – a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer – its immoral. They are intelligent.

For the greater good of the species whether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one. I do not love the species or the individuals. I feel it’s wrong to take a Sasquatch’s life, but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror, and I’ll take care of me.

I will try to kill another Sasquatch to prove their existence.

The truth is most in the Bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly, but behind closed doors I’m often (very often) approached by these same individuals – many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community – with a new strategy, location or idea on how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one.

Derek Randles was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that. He’s a better man than I am.

I’m not here to play politics, to be politically correct or to save face. I’m not looking for a place in the Bigfoot community. When I research, I often have a rifle, and if I see one, I will most likely shoot it. However, I also often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story.

This is a stupid argument – to kill or not to kill – if you’re that worked up about it, you have too much time on your hands. DNA is no longer good enough. Especially in this field. Let’s just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. I’ve worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a body’s drug in by a researcher tomorrow, the blood of that individual is partly on Melba’s hands. It is because of her that we need a body. We need a body, not a sequence.

The truth is I waver back and forth and some days I’m 100% no kill. I’ve lost more sleep on the subject because of my actions then any of you. But I’ve made peace with my actions other than the occasional nightmare.

Rick Dyer will get $27 million on January 1, 2015. Late the other night on his show, when hardly a soul was listening, Rick revealed that his investor has not given him any money at all yet (hence the continuous grubbing and hucksterism), but that Rick will receive $27 million on January 1, 2015 if he delivers the body to the new owner (probably the casino owner) “completely intact.” That means he has to keep the body intact for all of 2014, during which the first half of the year will be spent touring with the Bigfoot body and the second half of the year will not. But Rick will retain possession of the body during the non-outing portion of the year.

This sets up a very interesting scenario. Suppose someone – haters, skeptics, rivals or anti-kill activists – damaged the body by say removing the head and whisked the head off somewhere. Then Rick Dyer would not receive his $27 million. In fact, he would not receive one thin dime.

New owner may be Steve Wynn. He’s one oily, slimy Vegas casino owner. He recently hosted a morbid exhibit on the Titanic. A source who went to that exhibit said it was very disturbing. He’s just the fellow to host a morbid and tacky Bigfoot body display.

Criticism of Rick’s 19th Century “dead body on tour” sleazefest. This sort of thing was popular maybe 200 years ago. One wonders how many creatures have been revealed to science by traveling side shows, but actually there have been a number of them, mostly around 200 years ago. The problem is that what was acceptable in the 1800’s is now incredibly tacky to say the least.

Personally, I am not too happy that this dead body is going to be trucked around by a bunch of ghoulish profiteering capitalist hucksters. It is slimy, disreputable and morbid. Suppose I died tomorrow, and some people bought my corpse from someone else, embalmed it, and then trucked it around the country as a freak side show attraction. This is more or less the same thing.

Here are some of the comments that I received complaining about how the body is going to anything for a buck capitalists instead of the government, a museum or a university where it belongs.

If there was a Bigfoot body it should be going to a museum of natural history not some freak show tour with RD and then some tacky casino!! I don’t have a problem with a Bigfoot tour, but not in flea markets and gun shows.

If this thing is a relict hominid, it should be displayed with dignity, a la’ the Treasures of Egypt tour or the tours of great artists, something like that. But as something akin to a carnival sideshow…terrible.

Frankly, I am mostly a no-kill mindset. But, if one is killed, then science needs to be involved, to find out just exactly BF stands within our human family, and then try not to hurt them any more than have been hurt.

If there is a casino owner involved, he could very well be Steve Wynn. He hosted the Titanic exhibit at the Bellagio. I do have to say, I saw that exhibit and it gave me the creeps.

The “Christopher Noel lied” accusation. Via Randy Filipovic, who seems to be getting more and more shrill lately to the point where it looks like he is going off the deep end:

Chris Noel’s opinion means squat. He destroyed any credibility he had when he asked Steve Kulls to lie.

Noel responds:

When Kulls maliciously outed the identity of my friend Jack Barnes, I wrote him and told him to post a retraction saying he’d been mistaken, to try to correct his immoral act. Then Kulls promptly posted our PM conversation with the headline Christopher Noel Wants Me to Lie!!!!! Delightful fellow.

I agree with Noel. I am tired of all of these malicious outings. People are entitled to a bit of privacy. Noel did the right thing to ask Steve to retract his story and say he was mistaken in order to protect Jack’s identity.

Why so many awful people in Bigfootery? A commenter, new to the game, asked me in the comments why there were so many horrible people in Bigfootery. Here is my response:

Although I do not think the Dyer story is a hoax, Dyer is himself a hoaxer; not only that, but he is a serial hoaxer! He was hoaxing in a major way as recently as May 2012 and he has hoaxed even in the course of this story (Bigfoot baby hoax). In addition, he has lied shamelessly all through this nevertheless true story, and even before the story, his track record shows that he is a pathological liar.

The problem is not Rick Dyer. The problem is the fringe nature of the subject. The fringe nature of Bigfootery means that a very large number of those attracted to it will be jerks, idiots, scumbags, nutcases of all types and varieties, criminals, thieves, liars, con-men, narcissists and sociopaths.

Hopefully once we get this thing proven a lot of the sane and decent humans will come rushing in as it will be as mainstream a subject as studying gorillas, chimps or even wolverines or mountain lions. The general public will flood in which there are plenty of good folks mixed in with the bad, and in particular the science crowd will move in, most of whom are cautious, decent, fair-minded, emotionally controlled folks.

There are so many out and out horrible people in this field that I would not advise anyone to get into it. It is actually a somewhat dangerous hobby. Why are Bigfooters so horrible? I think it is because many of them are simply fanatics. Fanatics tend to be horrific human beings. Or at least their behavior is horrific. Their monstrous behavior stems from their fanaticism.

Morgan Matthews’ clever wording. Matthews has been virtually speaking in riddles about his movie Shooting Bigfoot for some time now. But a commenter notes something very interesting:

Its interesting as there is nowhere in that interview with MM where he denies there is a real Bigfoot in his film. He apologizes for the incorrect rumors that he is in possession of a Bigfoot body or that he personally moved the body and that the film contained footage of a dead Bigfoot. He makes a particular point of not having footage of a dead Bigfoot in his film.

Morgan Matthews makes the following correct statements which nevertheless have interesting possible explanations in back of the weasel words. Morgan’s statements in normal text, explanations in italics following.

  1. I am not in possession of any Bigfoot body. But maybe someone else is!
  2. I did not personally move any Bigfoot body. But maybe other folks did!
  3. The film does not contain footage of a dead Bigfoot. But maybe it contains footage of a live one!

What sort of a person is Hank Williams III? I believe that Hank Williams III is the owner of Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot, Hank. But what sort of a person is HW3? This music video of his may give us some clues:

That video is called Three Shades of Black. It is full of all sorts of dark, evil and even Satanic imagery. Obviously this fellow is deep into the bad boy game and he is trying to give off the impression that he is “badass” or even “evil.”

A commenter wonders what sort of person would hire another person to kill a fellow hominid and then ghoulishly retain the body. First a commenter posted the video above and asked, “Is this guy evil or what?” To which the other commenter responded:

Eh? Well, which is it? Either it’s “This guy is evil enough to pull the strings of Rick Dyer (to intentionally ridicule the Bigfoot community with a vast hoax)” or “This guy is evil enough to pay for a Bigfoot hit-man and demand a Bigfoot body?”

I would say the latter, no?

Rick Dyer steps down as President of Team Tracker. More of Rick’s wild, impulsive and unpredictable behavior. In this case, he is stepping down as president of his group, apparently to spend his time getting ready for his roadshow. In his place, Frank Cali will step in as President. I think Frank will be a lot easier to get along with. Frank has said that he will not tolerate TT members badmouthing either me or Christopher Noel on his show. Frank will take over the running of some of the shows. The shows should be a lot more sober and serious with Frank at the helm.


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Some Great Business Ideas

Osama bin Laden Airlines.

Dahmer Neurosurgery Clinic

David Parker Ray Toys

Kuklinski Refrigeration

Auschwitz Shower Installment Services

Richard Nixon Security Co.

Kim Jong Un Nuclear Energy

Unit 731 Day Care

Al Qaeda Airport Security Services

Genghis Khan Municipal Repair Services


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Save the White Race!

The problem with the White nationalists and White supremacists screaming about White genocide and saving the White race from extinction is that to be completely honest, there really is nothing much left to save anymore.

Back in the hippie era, we thought we were creating a whole new era of mind expansion and liberation. Instead we got mind reduction, idiocracy and a race to the bottom via the depravity of ghetto and anticivilizational culture. We were wrong to promote drugs and unlimited license. Woodstock was one thing, but from the soil of Woodstock inevitably grows something like this.

What White race? There’s nothing left. Look at the video.

White people RIP!


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Sparks “Angst in My Pants”

Sparks from 1981! I saw them at the Whisky a Go Go right around this time, in 1981 or 1982. Ron and Russel Mael are both Jewish. They were born in Pacific Palisades, so this is a real LA band.

From the very start, they were very controversial and polarizing. You either loved them or hated them. A critic for the LA Times raved about them, and that, among other things, made him very unpopular. I knew people who absolutely hated them along with David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Lou Reed, Kiss, T. Rex and Mott the Hoople. All of those more or less glam bands were considered to be decadent, depraved or gay back in those days.

A very weird version of Angst in My Pants from the Plagiarism album of 1997 in which they recorded odd versions of their own songs, often in conjunction with other bands.

Ron Mael has always had a little Charlie Chaplin or Hitler mustache, however you would like to see it. The lead singer Russell Mael sings in a very high falsetto voice. This band has always been weird as Hell. Considering they are Jewish and some of the early band members were Jews, I doubt if he is imitating Hitler.

Almost nothing is known about either Russell or Ron Mael, as they are notoriously reclusive and refuse to give interviews. A recent book about the band admitted that little is known about the brothers. One thing is for sure: neither one is gay. The brothers have always been said to have been dedicated artists who spend most of their time in the studio.

This is often thought to be a UK band. They are from LA, and were raised on the LA club scene of the late 1960’s centering around the Whisky a Go Go with the Doors, Love, etc. They relocated to London for four years from 1972 to 1976, but then they moved back to LA. However, they do perform a lot in London.

Unfortunately, this band never got very popular. They are still releasing albums 40 years on. Absolutely incredible. This is one of the great highbrow rock and roll bands, perfect for this site.

Great songs and photos down through the years.

Lyrics for Angst in My Pants about a situation familiar to many males:

I hope it doesn’t show
It’ll go away
It’s just a passing phase
It’ll go away
You can dress nautical
Learn to tie knots
Take lots of Dramamine
Out on your yacht
But when you’re all alone
And nothing bites
You’ll wish you’d stayed at home
With someone nice
But when you think you’ve made it disappear
It comes again – “Hello, I’m here!”
And you’ve got angst in your pants
You can be smart as hell, know how to add
Know how to figure things on yellow pads,
Answer so no one knows what you just said
But when you’re all alone, you and your head
What’s the computer say? It’s mumbling now
It says “Hey, Joe”, it’s spelled it out
And you’ve got angst in your pants
You’ve got angst in your pants!
But when you think you’ve made it disappear
You’re sure you’ve made it disappear
And you’ve still got angst in your pants
I hope it doesn’t show, it’ll go away
It’s just a passing phase, it’ll go away
I hope it doesn’t show, it’ll go away
Give it a hundred years, it won’t go away!
And I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!

Sparks in London in 1972. Glam rock all the way. Wow!

Sparks in London in 1972. Glam rock all the way. Wow!


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Julie Brown, “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun!”

Very little known song from the 1980’s by an equally little known artist named Julie Brown. The background music sounds something like the soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

From 1984! This song is so 1980’s!

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Josie Cotton, “Johnny Are You Queer?”

Great song from early 1980’s! By a little known artist named Josie Cotton. You could never write a song like this nowadays because we are too PC, but it was a great song that was very popular back then.

From 1981! Josie Cotton is my age. What a babe!

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Bigfoot News September 28, 2013 Part 2

Derek Randles post on Facebook detailing a recent correspondence with Dr. Melba Ketchum. Derek recently made this post about his ongoing feud with Ketchum:

I’ve made this request with your personal assistant, and I’ve also asked you directly, but still no response. Ms Ketchum, I want what’s left of my sample back, and quite frankly I’m getting tired of waiting. The sample I’m referring to is sample 26. Just so there’s no confusion, it’s the sample Justin Smeja signed over to me, the sample that I gave you permission to test. I am the owner of the sample, and I have the documentation stating so. You have told me repeatedly that there is some sample left. You have also told me you would send it to Wally for me.

The least you could do considering Wally funded the majority of your study. The reason I want it back is simple. I want it retested. Posting this publicly is not my style, but in light of the fact I’m being ignored about this, and the BS seems to be getting thicker, I decided to post this publicly. I would very much appreciate a response from your “camp”.

This is a long and ongoing story. Ketchum was supposed to give the sample back to Derek and Wally Hersom, but she never has. Attempts at replication of the sample have repeatedly tested it out as “Black bear” instead of a Bigfoot. That does not look good for her study and Bart Cutino, Justin Smeja and others are calling her a fraudster. If she really did fake the findings in her study, she is guilty of scientific fraud, a devastating charge.

Dr. Bryan Sykes study to publish in mid-October. This is very exciting news. A new and great article by Scott Carpenter implies that Sykes has known about the existence of Bigfoots or Yetis since 2001, but has sat on the data because he just did not have enough to publish yet. After Ketchum published, the green light was given to Sykes, and he was finally able to do the study he had been wanting to do for a long time now. Scott feels that Sykes will validate Ketchum’s much-maligned study, and I believe that that is indeed possible.

New leaked material shows that Ketchum did indeed undergo peer review at the JAMEZ (Journal of Advanced Zoological Exploration in Zoology). Whether she passed that review or not is another matter. The Ketchum haters (which now encompasses most of the community) have been saying for a long time that there was no peer review at JAMEZ, and that it in fact did not even exist and was created. In fact, it did exist and it was not created by Ketchum.

The Ketchum haters are as bad as the Dyer haters and they have been wrong about so many things. Kudos to Scott Carpenter for a job well done in uncovering these documents. Obviously Ketchum is not my favorite person in the world, and the truth is we are not even on speaking terms. Nevertheless, I think it is almost criminal what has been done to this woman.

Great new video out by Timbergiantbigfoot in Ontario, Canada. I have been following this fellow for a long time, and he is pretty interesting. He has never been known to hoax before, and he has made scores or possibly hundreds of videos. He researches in some sort of a provincial park in Ontario. I did see one of his video where an obvious Bigfoot was standing still next to a tree. Most of the others are just the guy pointing to all sorts of blobs and claiming they are Bigfoots.

In this video, he actually videotapes the top of the head of some sort of a hairy creature. He also hears it clacking rocks and apparently using rocks to break up nuts. You cannot see the creature very well, but what you can see looks more like a gorilla than anything else! At one point, the creature stands up and walks away. The narrator then goes to where the creature was and finds rocks, nuts and apples on the ground. Jim said that the creature was about 7 feet tall and seemed to weigh 500 pounds.

This video is being ripped to a thousand pieces on the usual ultra-skeptic sites who never believe that any Bigfoot evidence is real. However, Jim has never hoaxed before. If this is a hoax, then he has worked for years with no hoaxing to stop suddenly and start hoaxing. That is a pretty odd thing to do.

MK Davis analyzes the Tent Video. Excellent breakdown shows the Tent Video with Hank eating ribs off a tree the morning before he was shot. What is amazing is that MK shows the Bigfoot blinking with both eyes. Not only that, but the blink causes all of the proper facial muscles above and below the eye to move exactly the way that they would if you were blinking. There is no mask available that would allow a proper blink to be seen with a scrunching up of the face. However, if the Tent Video creature was just wearing makeup and not a a mask, then this blinking would be possible.

Christopher Noel video protesting Dyer’s Sasquatch tour. Christopher Noel intends to boycott and protest Dyer’s show with a group of protestors everywhere Rick goes with his Bigfoot. At first this protest made no sense to me at all, but recently Noel sent me a statement about why his group would be protesting the tour:

In my view, the North American tour of the Sasquatch trophy corpse is grotesque. There would, however, be less reason to oppose it if Dyer had not repeatedly proclaimed his strong desire to slaughter further specimens and to lead the charge for others to take to the forests and bag their own trophies. His mantra is “Let’s make them extinct.”

The North American tour graphically represents all of this, and the infinite ego it takes for anyone to claim to OWN the body of our next of kin. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for raising awareness and organizing our efforts to pass laws that will prevent Dyer from repeating his deed and prevent the hundreds of Dyer wannabees from fanning out with night-vision rifles throughout the continent to seize their share of fame and fortune.

This is an excellent statement, and I now feel that Noel’s protests make complete sense and are indeed for a good cause.

Criticism of my interview with Rick Dyer. I have been criticized for doing a softball interview with Rick, but those are the only types of interviews I do. Nevertheless, the questions that I asked Rick were some of the toughest and most hardball questions he has ever been asked. People do not realize that because they do not have the behind the scenes knowledge to realize how jarring those questions really were.

Devastating charges relating to Rick Dyer’s arrest in Florida for spousal abuse. From the comments section, a Dyer skeptic reports:

His name is Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. Google his name and “scammer” and you will get dozens of hits. If you have an account with any reputable background checker, you can enter that name and get the police report from Florida in which Ricky Dyer beat on his pregnant wife. The arresting officer’s report states that Rick told them “I didn’t hit her that hard.” The same report also lists severe facial bruising on Lily Dyer, with knuckle imprints.

Wow, Rick. Time for some anger management classes maybe? Rick has always denied that he ever hit his wife and says the arrest was a false arrest, but according to this poster, that is not the case.

Criticism of Rick Dyer from the comments section. In the text below, “POS” refers to Rick Dyer. Many of my commenters now simply refer to Rick as “POS” instead of either of his names.

For the record and to anyone reading this: I DESPISE POS, I truly believe he’s a master manipulator, a self serving narcissistic sociopath who’s only goal(s) in life is making money by taking advantage of others who are more weak minded.

We have to face facts and realize that this debate isn’t going away anytime soon, and it will always be debated until it reaches it’s final conclusion. POS is right, he’s been “the most talked about person in the Bigfoot community for the last year”. The ‘haters’ have made it possible, and momentum hasn’t died out yet.

He’s a slime-ball, a known hoaxer, a petty criminal, a parasite of the worst kind. So many facts we know about him as a person that are all correct. He has no conscience and no allegiances to anyone really. He uses and abuses everyone he comes in contact with, and few understand what he’s all about. He’s not stupid or a dumb redneck, he’s actually very smart and conniving. He’s a salesman foremost and that is the obvious red flag that many overlook.

Nice comments, and the views above certainly sum up the feelings of a very large number of folks about what Rick Dyer is all about. On the other hand, I think Rick likes it this way. Rick is all about being a “bad boy” after all, like his hero HW3. Bad boys, well, they do bad things, they do bad stuff. They act bad. A lot of people hate them for all the bad stuff they do. So the views expressed above actually line up pretty well with the image that Rick himself wishes to put across about himself.

Criticism of Rick’s shameless profiteering. From the comments section, a Dyer skeptic writes:

Consider people like Timbergiant Bigfoot and Sasquatch Ontario, from northern Ontario, Canada. These two guys have gotten a plethora of flack, abuse and criticism over their recent video evidence. Yet neither of them have monetized their videos or are looking to cash in on their findings at the expense of others. The only person in the fringes of the Bigfoot community right now, trying to make oodles of money and admittedly, is POS (RD). Yeah, yeah, but they haven’t shot and killed a Bigfoot….pfffff.

I truly don’t know what to think about SO or TGB and their recent discoveries, and I’m not fully convinced that they are entirely legit, but and again, they aren’t attempting to take advantage of the viewers they have attracted. They haven’t turned their channels and findings into a circus side show like POS…

Legitimate researchers aren’t looking for fame, fortune, notoriety, and they don’t mention their names in 3rd person over and over again in their videos!

I must admit that Rick’s constant profiteering and grubbing for every nickel really puts me off, but then I have never really liked people who are totally into money above all else. I used to have some people like that in my life, but I got tired of them, and at this point, I have run most of them out of my life and I don’t imagine they are coming back anytime soon. On the other hand, wildly capitalist societies like the USA will always generate whole armies of hucksters. Marx noted this as early as 1848.

Pinkfoot Cindy Schafer left Team Tracker a while ago and here is why:

Lies, pranks, and hating is why I left. I could no longer support a team that revolves around negative and criminal type behavior.

Wow, that is a pretty devastating critique.

Commenter wraps up many mysterious details in this story with a tight theory. From my comments an excellent grand theory.

I think as soon as Hank was shot, then both Rick and MM were silenced about it. Footage of an alive Hank was ok to show as the investors only owned the body and everything to prove the body (film and photos). So I reckon what happened was that Rick released the camper video (because pre-kill footage was his ownership), then the Minnow leak squealed to Robert Lindsay who promptly blogged the story, so word got out. So then I reckon the investors said “OK, Rick you can talk now but no showing of photos/film of dead Hank still”.

And whereas Rick has broken his silence, MM has kept to the book, and until a body is revealed or just before a body is revealed, then I think MM will remain silent and there is nothing that anyone can do to get that info from him? I still think that if that DVD does have Rick’s own footage of a dead hank, then it belongs to the investors and Rick is actually promoting it for them?

This very nice theory wraps up so many things. This is why Rick was able to show the Tent Video but has not been able to show any other videos or photos of Hank – because he doesn’t own Hank and the investor has hence forbidden any representations of him. It also explains why Morgan Matthews has not been able to talk much about his movie. Morgan was only allowed to show part of the footage of the live Bigfoot, but he could not show any footage after the Bigfoot died, as that is the investor’s property. Morgan and Rick were also forbidden from saying that a Bigfoot was shot.

Rick claims that replicas of Hank have already been made. According to Pinkfoot, Rick said that one or more replicas of Hank have already been made. Pink then asked him a variety of questions that related to taxidermy and replication. According to Rick’s stunted answers to those questions, it would not appear that Rick has yet made any replicas of Hank.

Purpose of Rick Dyer discussion on this site. I do want an open forum here for Dyer believer and nonbelievers and really everyone else I suppose. Thing is, my Dyer posts are now banned from almost 100% of Bigfoot Facebook groups. There are few if any BF sites reporting on Dyer. All the groups and all the sites understandably hate the guy’s guts from here to Kingdom Come and they are sick and tired of hearing about him.

However, this is the most important story in Bigfootery now. Even if it is a hoax, I think it is the greatest and most complex Bigfoot hoax of all time.

My purpose is to provide a forum for Dyer skeptics and even haters (I assume they no longer have a forum either since all debate about him pro or con is generally banned) to come here and say their piece. The skeptics/haters have made many very interesting arguments, and they present a strong case for their side. The skeptics are great for Rick because they are holding his feet to the fire by making strong demands of him to prove his case, and this drives him to produce more and more evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and you are requiring just that of him.

This is also a forum for Dyer believers. They can go at it with the skeptics/haters all they wish. This really is the only forum on the Net where both sides of the Dyer debate can go at each other with glee.

Just keep me out of it and you will not get banned, real easy.

Also some formerly banned skeptic/haters have been reinstated on the site.

Science is a search for the truth and that is what this forum is all about ultimately.


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Bigfoot News September 28, 2013

First description of the damage done to Hank’s face by Rick Dyer’s bullet!

It was blasted in the back of the head, having an awful exit wound out its lower jaw/mouth. The jaw was partially disconnected from the skull, showing raw bone and flesh. The body was frozen, or semi-frozen, with a clear bag over its head.

This is directly from someone who has seen the body via Christopher Noel. Noel also obtained descriptions of the bullet damage from two others who had seen the body, and all three descriptions lined up very well. Now skeptics have to argue that all three of these people got together and agreed on a fake description to make up and managed to remember it well enough to retell it without significant discrepancies.

Musky was forbidden from discussing the bullet damage during his 2-hour interview with Facebook Find Bigfoot for some odd reason, but I am not publishing this description for the first time. This is pretty much what you might expect from a round of the type that Rick fired that night.

Timeline of how the Rick Dyer Bigfoot reveal is supposed to go:

The reveal will take place on December 15 in San Antonio, Texas. A press conference will be held with scientists affirming its authenticity. The Bigfoot will then go to the new owner (the casino owner) to do some publicity with it. Then the body goes back to Rick for a year while he takes it on tour around the US similar to the Minnesota Iceman tour. Then the body goes back to the casino owner for whatever purpose.

Rick’s tour with the Bigfoot. Rick says he will spend the first half of 2014 on tour around the US with the Bigfoot, though he will retain possession of the body for the whole year. This would be similar to the Minnesota Iceman (which was actually a real Bigfoot in my opinion) that toured the US in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Rick will charge $10 for adults and $5 for children.

He recently announced all of the cities he will be touring on the first leg of the tour. He will no doubt need permits to take his show to those cities. Some of my commenters called the permits offices of some of the cities Rick listed and they knew nothing about Rick’s tour, so obviously Rick has not yet formalized this tour with the authorities yet, and it best to say that he plans to go to these cities rather than that he will go to these cities. Two cities in California that were mentioned were Eureka and California. Calls to the Eureka government office in charge of such things confirmed no such appearance by Rick.

Rick has stated that he hopes to make $100,000/month exhibiting this body. After being confronted with these facts, Rick then said that he will be utilizing gun shows and flea markets for his tour. That way he probably will not need a permit. Rick also stated recently that he will have the Bigfoot’s organs in jars and that no photos of the Bigfoot will be allowed. The organs in jars bit is pretty morbid and sickening if you ask me.

Derek Randles to view the body. Rick stated recently that Derek Randles will see the body on the first week of December. Rick and Derek have generally been on cordial terms for whatever reason.

Rick back to grubbing for money again. Rick is now hitting his supporters up for more and more donations because he says he needs the money since his team will be picking up the body in late November – early December. They need to have the trailer ready and to have other expensive necessities ready to go before they can pick up the body.

Dyer’s video, After the Shot. The video has now sold 65 copies according to Rick. Rick has also said that he will ship the video by December 10 even if he does not sell the requisite 100 copies. That is great news. Assuming that this video really does show a real dead Bigfoot and it will only be issued in a 100 copy limited run, I would assume that it is going to become a collectors’ item and the $129 price, which frankly seems like a complete ripoff, would actually be worth it.

Why not sell the video for cheaper? Supposing Rick sold After the Shot for $20 instead, the normal price for a DVD? If there really is a dead Bigfoot in that video, I would guess that he might be able to sell ~4 million copies @ $20 a shot. You do the math. However, Rick was apparently only given permission to sell 100 copies.

Rick’s copy protection threats seem dubious. Team Tracker has said that each video will have a certain marker on it that indicates who the person is who bought it. If anyone uploads any portion of the video, they will be able to look at these markers and tell who it was that uploaded it. Rick then said he would sue them for everything they have. Problem is that this technology probably does not even exist.

I would assume that Hollywood would kill to get their hands on this technology, as it would be a great way for them to go after video-copying thieves who upload videos to the Net. Since Hollywood itself hasn’t even done this yet with all of their resources, it seems dubious that Rick Dyer thought up something ingenious that even all the brains behind Hollywood have not been able to invent. Color me skeptical.

Rick Dyer’s lawsuit threats. Rick says he will sue the pants off anyone who uploads the movie. The problem is that the DMCA was meant to prevent a flood of copyright theft lawsuits. Hence, almost all copyright thefts are simply dealt with via a DMCA takedown order. The copyright owner issues the order and the person has to remove the material quickly otherwise there are consequences.

The state has also gotten involved and passed some terrible laws making it illegal to upload copyrighted material. Recently a man was prosecuted for uploading one of the Star Wars movies to the Net. Bottom line is that no one is suing anyone for copyright theft for uploading videos, so I doubt if Rick Dyer will be too. Even if he does, the judge might just toss the case on the grounds that Rick should have used the DMCA law instead. Judges are within their proper bounds to junk as nuisance suits copyright theft suits that are better covered by the DMCA so as to protect society from a flood of copyright protection suits.

Furthermore, a source has told me that Rick never sues anyone. He threatens to sue people all the time, but he never actually carries through on it because he doesn’t want to drive all the way into downtown Las Vegas to file the case. So it’s quite dubious that Rick would sue in these cases anyway. It is also my opinion and that of others that Rick does not even have an attorney. One of my sources and I have both received emails from this so-called attorney, and I thought they were fake emails concocted by Rick or someone on TT. I Googled the attorney’s name, and I do not think he even exists.

After the Shot price will go up to $199 on Tuesday, October 1. That has to be one of the dumbest things Rick has ever done. I believe he will sell few if any copies at that price.

New video coming out of Hank’s autopsy! Hank is the name of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot a year ago. Rick now says that he has a video of the autopsy of the Bigfoot that he is selling for $199. That is ridiculously overpriced, but the price goes down to $99 (much more reasonable) if you also buy After the Shot.

Who paid for the reefer truck? Rick rented a refrigerated truck or reefer truck to transport the dead Bigfoot from San Antonio to Las Vegas. People have been asking for the receipts for that for some time, but Rick will not show them. Former TT member Pinkfoot now says that the reefer truck was originally put on the credit card of Minnow Films, and that during the trip the truck’s cooling system shut off because the rental charges were exceeding the credit card’s limit. Rick then had to scramble to put the charges on one of his own credit cards to keep the Bigfoot cooled for the rest of the trip.

After quite a bit of investigation working with a couple of my sources, I now believe that Rick has only ever had one investor and has never had the multiple investors he claimed he had. We believe that that single investor is none other than Hank Williams III, the grandson of the great Hank Williams, the famous country singer.

Rick’s mother reportedly wrote songs for HW3’s father, Hank Williams Jr. who was also a famous musician. So HW Jr. is then a good friend of Rick’s mother. It is apparently via his mother that Rick met Junior’s son, HW3. So this part of it is all making sense. Rick has never owned this Bigfoot body. Instead HW3 has owned it the whole time. However, he is scheduled to sell it to a Las Vegas casino at some point, possibly around December. As soon as that Bigfoot died, HW3 owned the body. This also explains so many other things, as I will elaborate below.

HW3 denies that he has anything to do with Rick or with any dead Bigfoot. Apparently people have put this question to him, but HW3 simply denied the whole story. But then if he really is the investor, it makes sense for him to talk that way.

Greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time? There are two competing theories about the Rick Dyer case – that it is all a gigantic hoax, or that it really happened. At the moment, there is no good, hard scientific evidence to prove either theory, hence the case remains a mystery, unsolved and inconclusive. But what if it is all a gigantic hoax? I would argue that for several reasons, this  would then be the greatest Bigfoot hoax ever done for several reasons:

  • The Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot stills are two of the greatest BF photos/videos of all time!
  • Morgan Matthews has still not said this is a hoax.
  • Several people claim to have seen the body and one provided an extremely detailed 2 hour interview of it.
  • There is a full length feature film that captures this hoax without even showing it is a hoax.
  • Director was badly beat up in filming.
  • Worst of all, the skeptics have been trying their dardest to prove this is a hoax for a very long time, and they have not been able to do so!

Now all that is if it is even a hoax, which is not proven at all.

Fake Musky Allen posting on Facebook. The haters made a fake Musky Allen posting a few weeks back. They made a fake Musky posting with software saying he lied about this entire thing. Musky then posted in the Facebook group I Shot Bigfoot that it was a fake and he still stand behind his story and Rick 100%. Two hater scumbags, Kenneth Rodriguez Tapia or Alu Kard, were behind this latest hater hoax. These hater hoaxes are really getting very tiresome.

The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.

The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.

Another hater hoax: Photos of Hank the Bigfoot’s body. The link to these photos was sent to me by a researcher under uncertain circumstances. The mail said to be from a disinterested researcher.

A photo of hoaxer Tim Hollis, the scumbag behind the latest fake photos.

A photo of Tim Hollis, whose account the hoaxed photos were on.

The researcher told me that he had been researching the case for some time and noticed that some of Dyer’s files had a certain letter and number combination on them. He Googled them and found what looked like a secret folder in which someone had forgotten turn on the privacy settings. The photos were labeled “Dead Hank” and the researcher thought this was one of Dyer’s secret sites and these photos were of Hank’s dead body. Instead, they are stills from a recent Bigfoot movie.

One of the stupid hoax photos of Hank recently faked by haters.

One of the hoax photos of Hank recently posted.

This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.

This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.


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Columbine Shooter Eric Harris’ Journal Entries

Scary stuff!

Harris was apparently a full blown psychopath, and Dylan Klebold instead was just severely depressed. Klebold was more the follower type and Harris was the messianic type. Horrible crimes with accomplices typically have paradigms like this. One is the messianic leader and the other is the follower.

It is not often known, but depressives can be quite angry. I have known many depressives, particularly older females, in whom the main symptom was simply smoldering rage. Many depressed men are quite angry. Quite a few mass shooter cases which often end in suicide or “suicide by cop” are done by depressed males. Homicidal fantasies are quite common in depression. Not as common as suicidal fantasies, but still common. Look how many homicides are murder-suicides. These are usually done by depressed males going out in a blaze of glory determined to take someone with them.


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