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X-Ray Spex “Art-I-Ficial”

Very nice song from Germ Free Adolescents!

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X-Ray Spex “Genetic Engineering”

Another great song from Germ Free Adolescents.

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X-Ray Spex “I’m a Poseur”

Another great song off Germ Free Adolescents!

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X-Ray Spex “Obsessed with You”

Off the same album, Germ Free Adolescents.

Kick ass!

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X-Ray Spex “Germ Free Adolescents”

Very nice, great stuff out of 1978! I had this on cassette in 1981, and I wore it out listening to it. Someone made the tape for me. I forget who, I think maybe a girlfriend named Janet. I can never remember her last name. Lead singer Poly Styrene died recently. The album Germ Free Adolescents is an all time classic. Really the whole album is great; there’s not a bad song on it.

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PIL “Flowers of Romance”

Nice stuff.

3rd album. First album – First Issue. Second album – Metal Box (all time classic). Third album – Flowers of Romance.

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PIL “Public Image”

After the Sex Pistols broke up, John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd.

I saw them in Los Angeles at the Olympic Auditorium on May 4, 1980. The Olympic back then mostly housed rollerderby (very popular back then) and professional wrestling. It was a strange place for a rock concert.

It was one of the most horrible, but nevertheless, one of the greatest rock and roll shows that I have ever seen. This was at a climax of the punk movement in Los Angeles. There was a punker chick with a leather jacket that had the words stitched on it, “Southern California Anarchist Death Squad” on it. I thought that was a nice touch! As we were moving through the front door, there was a LA cop leaning back up against the wall with a huge smile on his face. His eyes were gigantic saucers. I thought at the time he had to be on LSD.

A performance art duo named The Kipper Kids opened. One of them later married Bette Midler. It was two guys, completely naked, who mostly just threw paint on each other. The crowd hated them, but that was the whole idea. Next up was some traditional mariachi band (WTH?) playing traditional Mexican mariachi music. The crowd spit at them the whole time.

I went with a friend of mine who had very long hair. He got up near the front of the stage and the insane punkers started beating him up because he had long hair. There was also a very frightening “crush” phenomenon where the crowd was so tightly packed together that it swept you off your feet and moved you along.

The idiot LA punkers were spitting at the band when they came onstage and they kept it up for the whole show. There were these rain shower like waves up spit coming out of the audience and up onto the stage. The band, but especially John Lydon, were soaking wet with spit after a while. The bassist turned his back to the crowd for some reason (maybe the spitting) and the stayed that way for the whole show. It was very strange. he was giving all of us the finger really, but it was the right thing to do.

At one point in the show, these two idiot punkers, a young man and woman, a couple, both drunk off their asses, were careening through the crowd. They were so drunk, they were crashing into everyone. That made me really mad. When they came careening towards me, I grabbed both of them and threw them both really hard right into the crowd in back of me. They knocked a bunch of people over and they fell down themselves. At some point, everyone picked themselves up. Everyone looked at me like, “That guy’s psycho!” and they made a circle around me. For the rest of the show I was sort of alone. I had this circle of space around me with no people. Everyone was giving me a wide berth.

My friend had the car keys and I think he lost them in the fighting, so we had no way to get home. We took a bus from LA back to Long Beach where I lived. Then we ran and jogged the whole way back to my place. In downtown Long Beach, the faggots yelled at us and whistled at us as we ran by. We shouted back at them, “Fuck you fags!!!!”

We got to a park in the Broadway district and things got even weirder. There were bushes all through this park and it seemed there were humans hiding in every single clump of bushes. The unseen figures were whistling at us and saying nasty things as we ran by. There were faggots hiding in every clump of bushes in that stupid park at 1 o’clock in the morning. We yelled, “Fuck you fags!!!!!!!!!!” and kept on running.

Then a cop car picked us up. It was 1 AM. They said you should not be running around this neighborhood this late at night. The cops were totally cool and they gave me a ride back to my apartment. Some of the coolest cops I have ever met in my life, and I don’t even like cops!


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Bigfoot News July 27, 2013

Possible location of US government building where Dyer’s Bigfoot was housed revealed. This is actually a good source, and it checked out very well. The file is from someone on the Dyer team who leaked it back in March. The place is called the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center in  Maricopa, Arizona.

The problem is that someone who had been to the facility described it as a “US Agricultural Research Station 90 miles outside of Las Vegas.” Then we get this photo of the Maricopa station which is 277 miles outside of Las Vegas. Doesn’t add up. Further, Musky said he was blindfolded and driven for hour hours out of Vegas to the place where the Bigfoot was held. It would seem that four hours driving out of Vegas would not be enough to get someone to the Maricopa station.

Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.

Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.

Skeptic argument that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot was someone on the Dyer team. The argument is that the Hispanic fellow on the far right is the guy who wore the suit for the Bigfoot that attacked Morgan Matthews in Shooting Bigfoot. There is some resemblance, but I do not believe this theory. In my opinion, the creature in Shooting Bigfoot is not a human being. It is either the best costume ever made or it is a real Bigfoot.

The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.

The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.

Dyer afraid of going to jail for manslaughter for killing the Bigfoot (Hank). People are saying that Dyer is afraid that he might be prosecuted for manslaughter for killing Hank since Hank is close to a human being. There has been no confirmation of this yet and it came from a Dyer skeptic, who as a group are not very reliable.

Controversy about the $19,000 check offered to Dr. Jeff Meldrum by Facebook/Find Bigfoot. It is said that this check was offered to Jeff by FB/FB as a condition of seeing the Bigfoot, and Meldrum turned it down, asking for $15,000 instead. However, Jeff offers another version of that story that seems to make a lot more sense.

A post on Dr. Meldrum’s Facebook page states:

The truth is while trying to persuade me to come to LV, saying that Dyer was like a little kid seeking approval from me, Jack Barnes offered to send me a cashiers check of some unspecified amount to hold onto and keep if it turned out to be hoax. He was so certain (short of seeing the body) that Dyer was telling the truth that he was absolutely confident that I would be returning it.

I asked for several conditions:

Naturally I was going sight unseen so 1) pictures posted on secure webpage and give me the password

Since they already alleged to have experts experts involved. 2) provide names and affiliations and contacts for said experts and assurance that I could independently confirm their identities and testimony

And since I was likely going to have to sign an NDA, 3) Dyer would sign an agreement that if it was indeed a hoax he would not use my name or likeness in any way and he explicitly acknowledged financial liability for libel and defamation.

All reasonable requests if he was on the up and up. None of my conditions was acceptable, but Barnes offered me the cashiers check with the understanding that I returned it if the body was real, in the amount of $10K. OFFERED — didn’t send me anything. When I didn’t take that OFFER, he upped the OFFER to $15K, plus a plane ticket to LV. Still not interested.”

This version of the story actually sounds a lot more sensible than that first version about Jeff demanding $15,000 instead of $10,000.

Bottom line on Rick Dyer and Hank. Soon Hank will be revealed to the world as the first Bigfoot body the world has ever seen. The main question after that is, whither Rick Dyer?

The truth is Rick Dyer was just the instrument, the rifle, and after his trophy corpse is released, all of the world’s attention will focus on the body itself and the scientists who have been exploring its secrets. Rick Dyer is nothing in himself, because someone was bound to gun down a Bigfoot eventually, and it doesn’t matter who ended up pulling the trigger.

This man and his inflated sense of self-importance will instantly vanish from the conversation, and to the extent that he continues trying to insert himself into the spotlight, he will only succeed in further reducing and caricaturing himself.

Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.

Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.

He loves to call himself “the greatest Bigfoot tracker in the world,” yet he himself has admitted that on his first 88 expeditions, he had no luck whatsoever, and then the documentary Shooting Bigfoot clearly reveals his impressive “tracking methods”: Sitting by the campfire with his rifle and waiting, and waiting….and waiting. If the San Antonio specimen had not been careless enough to wander into camp that night for a free meal, Dyer would still be batting 0.00%.

Musky Allen thrown off Facebook and thrown out of Bigfoot Warz by Rick Dyer haters. The lunatic Rick Dyer haters, who are about as nutty as Rick himself, reported Musky Allen to Facebook for having an underage profile. That means that Musky is under 13 years old, clearly not the case. They also reported Cathiee, a Dyer believer, for having an underage profile. She is clearly an adult.

Bigfoot Warz taken over by Dyer haters. This used to be one of the best Bigfoot groups on Facebook. Not sure how it happened, apparently a coup de etat. Musky was the administrator of the group, and after the haters threw him off Facebook, they invaded this group and took it over. The group is now ruined, taken over by haters and full of nothing but anti-Musky and anti-Dyer posts. Sad story.

Skeptic line that Facebook Find Bigfoot said the movie Shooting Bigfoot was a fiasco. This is not true. It is true that the first review said the movie was a disappointment, but later when they got home and looked over the 65 stills they shot from the movie, they were convinced that the movie shows a real Bigfoot. Not only that, but they said that the Shooting Bigfoot footage was better than the Patterson Gimlin footage. In other words, it is the greatest Bigfoot footage of all time.

They showed HD video of the Shooting Bigfoot footage to Musky Allen, and Musky confirmed that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot is the same dead Bigfoot that he saw near Las Vegas.

Skeptic argument that Hank would have decomposed by now or by the time that Musky saw it. The truth is that the Bigfoot was frozen by the time Musky saw it and it had been cut into pieces and then put back together, possibly as part of an autopsy. He was not allowed to disclose that information at the time because people might be able to figure out the location of a facility that could freeze such a large object.

Many questions about Morgan Matthews and Shooting Bigfoot finally clarified. The mysterious, paradoxical and quizzical behavior of Morgan Matthews, his evasive answers and his curious editing of his film have caused many to shake their heads in wonderment. They simply can’t figure Morgan Matthews or his movie out. Why not? Because neither Morgan Matthews nor his movie “make sense” to an ordinary mind.

The final shots were definitely caught on film even though Morgan was knocked down by the Bigfoot. Morgan followed Rick as he gave chase to the Bigfoot, but then they lost the creature. They were heading back to the tent when they realized that the Bigfoot had circled back around and was coming back in their direction for some unfathomable reason. This was because the Bigfoot had somehow run in a full circle and was now behind them.

Was Morgan aware that Rick intended to shoot the Bigfoot? Both Rick and the crew had seen the Bigfoot that morning, and Rick said that if the Bigfoot came back to the camp for the crew to stay behind him because he was going to shoot at it.

Why does Rick carry a gun? Due to his investors. Rick’s investors want a Bigfoot body. The best way you get a Bigfoot body is to shoot one with a gun. Gun = body.

Why the silence from Minnow about Shooting Bigfoot in the months before the release of the film? The truth is that Minnow Films was under strict orders not to say anything about what happened in the movie as far as shooting the Bigfoot. Dyer would have been very happy if Minnow could have clarified what happened in the movie, but they were not allowed to do so.

Who made Minnow be quiet? There are lawyers who are fighting each other on behalf of their clients over the ownership of the body. They issued Minnow Films a gag order not to say anything about what really happened in the movie due to possible confiscation of the film. Minnow actually had to fight hard to even be able to release the film in the first place. There was no actual risk that the movie could be confiscated if Minnow played by the rules. Minnow had a right to release the movie as long as there was no statement given about the shooting of the Bigfoot. If they talked about the killing of the Bigfoot, the movie may have been subject to confiscation.

Who owns the movie? Who owns the body? Minnow films has 100% ownership over the movie Shooting Bigfoot. They have no ownership over the body of Hank. That is owned by Rick’s investors.

Frank and Dallas see a Bigfoot on one of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot expeditions. On the recent trip to Las Vegas that included the hike up Mt. Charleston where Frank Cali had a heart attack, something strange occurred. 100 yards up the trail, Frank had a heart attack. Dallas helped him back to the camp, and Frank sat down on a tree stump covered in ants. Dallas said he was going to get help, but first he stopped and gave one of his trademark Bigfoot whoops that you can hear in the Shooting Bigfoot movie to great comedic effect. Right at that point, Frank had his eyes closed and he said suddenly he saw a vision of a Bigfoot in his mind’s eye.

Just then, Dallas asked, “Did you see it?”

Frank asked, “Did I see what?”

“The Bigfoot,” Dallas replied.

“Yes I did,” Frank said. His eyes were still closed. What he meant was he saw a Bigfoot in his mind, not with his eyes.

“Open your eyes,” Dallas said.

Frank said he opened his eyes and looked up at a nearby ridge, part of the Mt. Charleston system. On top of the ridge, he saw what could only be a Bigfoot, swaying back and forth for 12-15 seconds before it quickly moved behind a tree.

What have Team Tracker Gold memberships received for their membership so far for their $99? Basically nothing at all.

  1. The August 15 “release date” for the body, which was made public knowledge a week later and which is no longer valid;
  2. A jpeg of the frame from either Jack or Jeff’s cell-phone bootleg taken at the Toronto premier of Shooting Bigfoot, which was also available to everyone on the Internet a week later;
  3. A self-shot iPhone video of Rick in a restroom which he claimed to be just outside the room in which Hank’s body was kept and which he promised was “just the first” of more to come (there have been no others).

In other words, Gold members have been completely shafted by Rick.

Additionally, about 2 months ago Rick announced that Platinum Memberships would be available for $75.00 for a short time and that existing Gold Members could upgrade to Platinum for an additional $39.00. When someone commented in chat during that week’s Blogtalk show that it was hardly fair for someone to pay 25 dollars less and get more than someone who paid $99.00, especially not when the existing Gold member would wind up having to pay almost twice the amount to get the same thing, Rick made an asinine analogy about how Costco could change the prices for their memberships anytime they wanted.

The commenter made words to the effect that, with a Costco membership, you can start buying stuff right away, you don’t have to wait outside for the doors to open for an indefinite period only to have other people show up late and get a spot in line in front of you for less than what you paid months ago.

Rick got testy and said words to the effect, “It’s my site, and I can do whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off, and I can cancel your membership for you.”

A TT member who I am friends with told me that TT is turning into a huge joke. He described it as:

a redneck’s-only club, like a really boring cross between Honey Boo-Boo and The Howard Stern Show.


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Bigfoot News July 25, 2013

New clue to the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was kept. I have just learned that the US department or agency which housed Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was the Department of Agriculture. It may be this branch of the DOA. This specific subbranch may be the best one of all. On the other hand, the Forest Service is also part of the DOA, and the FS also runs research stations. As I know that it was a research station that housed the Bigfoot, it must have been at one of the Department of Agriculture’s research stations. There are 100 such stations in the US. Just look for one near Las Vegas, and that’s the building.

I realize that it is possible that this information could be part of the false info that Musky Allen and others are putting out about the body location, but I do not think this is part of that distraction. Instead, I think this is the truth. Get cracking, sleuths!

Rick Dyer is going on a camping trip! These expeditions that Rick is always touting are getting ridiculous. Really now, let’s get real. These are nothing more than “camping trips with Rick.” There will be a special 3 hour episode on Rick’s radio show talking all about Rick’s latest camping trip! Make sure you don’t miss it!

Skeptic argument that Rick used two different costumes during the shooting of the Shooting Bigfoot movie, from the comments:

About the two different costumes: apparently Matthews states in the movie that he was not aware of the Tent Video that Dyer kept it from him. So there is no proof that the Tent Video was shot during the same trip. (Also, apparently the “Rick, Rick” that Matthews supposedly says during the audio can be heard in another context during the film.)

There is an excellent enlargement and enhancement of the tent creature online that Adam Bird, who was once a believer in Dyer’s story, posted on Dyer’s fan page.

The face has perfectly human proportions and appears to feature a modern version of the old-school Lon Chaney-style collodion build-up. This would be a much better way to go than a mask in building a real-looking face, and would be a good method for amateurs.

The still image that was taken during the documentary bears a strong resemblance to one of Dyer’s earlier Tracker members or filming crew, if you allow for make-up built up the same way. They have similar bone structure, facial creases, and wide area under the nose. I would like to find a better picture of this individual, but this is enough for a hunch:

The movie face:

Look at the guy on the right:

The point is not that it IS him, but it certainly COULD be, more likely than being a real Bigfoot. (And he wasn’t available when the Tent Video was shot, so Dyer just found someone else.)

Remember Occam’s Razor when looking at these “Bigfoot” photos…there’s a simple explanation to these photos, whether it’s this particular answer or not.

I do not believe that there are costumes in either the Tent Video or the movie. If those are costumes, those are the two greatest costumes ever made.

Theory on why Morgan Matthews is being so quiet, from the comments. This is a pro-Dyer theory.

As to the whole Morgan Matthews angle. How about this for a theory? Rick’s investor(s) are the ones who in actuality own this body. They have to be rich to be investing in something like a possible Bigfoot capture to begin with, and if one was indeed captured, they would have a lot of power.

They went to Morgan after the filming and said he could still release his movie with the SA Dyer footage but had to remain ambiguous about whether the creature filmed was indeed real. This way the body reveal would still hold all the clout, but in hindsight the movie will still go down in history as documenting the event. This is the only explanation (if this is indeed real at all) that I can come up with for Morgan’s strange editing decisions and evasive answers. Just a thought. Keep up the reporting Robert. Some of us appreciate it greatly.

Another person agrees with the above commenter, adding:

This has been my theory too.

Rick Dyer lost complete control of the Bigfoot when he made the call to the investors. They came in and took over.

Rick said Morgan Matthews stopped filming after that night. (I believe the Bigfoot being real now would ruin his concept of the movie).

So Rick and his Investors got a film crew of their own to film the transportation to Nevada.

Rick’s investors approached Morgan and had him sign a NDA with them about any video proof of the killing and after stuff. They understand Rick’s past and need to make sure they have all the ducks in a row when releasing this so people will look at the Bigfoot, not Rick. Rick I believe understands this and has been milking what he can get now.

I think the people who don’t believe this take so much of what Rick says. Even though they say they don’t believe what he says, they take it as fact.

Rick doesn’t control the body or the presentation of it. I think once you see this, you can understand much of what has been going on.

Rick leaks enough info out to make you understand this.

I read on Racer X’s blog that people are trying to start a letter/e-mail campaign to Morgan Matthews to try to get him to admit it was a hoax.

I have to also wonder why all these people who seem to believe they KNOW for fact Rick didn’t shoot the Bigfoot and it is a hoax spend so much time making blogs about it. If they really truly believe he didn’t do it, they would just let the whole issue drop, and Rick would fade away if it is true. Not a single person has been able to prove the Tent Video or the movie creature were hoaxed. They make up more stories up than Rick does now. WHY?

Robert I may be a Team Tracker supporter at times. But I believe your insight is very good, and I like your reporting – please keep up the work.


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The Future of the Hindutva Movement in India

Good comment from India Land of Rapes on the Hindutva Movement:

Hinduism never had an identity to begin with. The British created this new religion of Hinduism.

The Old Brahminical Order which you are talking about lost its identity during Sunga dynasty. Buddhism attained greater intellectual status during Sunga dynasty. War between Brahmins and Bhikkhus created a permanent chasm in South Asian society.

You only see one side of story. Islamic invasions were not so fierce. In fact, many lower caste Hindus converted to Islam as this new religion gave them some social standing.

South Asian society became too weak. Islam and other European invasions were able to control and rule vast regions of south Asia because South Asian tribes and princely states were in permanent war with each other. Society lost meaning and purpose. In the Vijayanagara Dynasty, they tried to resurrect this lost spirit, but they failed. In fact, corruption and incompetence led to the downfall of Vijayanagara Kingdom.

The Kakatiyas collapsed due to same reason. They were busy backstabbing and preserving their rule. At one point, they became authoritarian and did everything to preserve their rule. The Kakatiya Kingdom was in a bad economic state. Internal chaos, low agrarian output and mass starvations led to food riots in Telangana region. Finally the Deccan Sultanate took over, and many in the Telangana region and Hyderabad converted to Islam as they had no hope in Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma as it was called earlier.

Gandhi was right when he stated – “No one can take your freedom, Power unless you voluntarily give it or you become so weak that a Dominant force will overpower you”.

Hinduism/Sanathana Dharma/Brahmanism became weak, arrogant, and closed-minded much like Islamic Mullahs.

At one point over 90 percent South Asians were functionally illiterate, and superstition and blind rituals entered mainstream culture.

Black magicians, con artists, and fake gurus became intellectuals.

Society entered an abyss; chaos was everywhere.

So called patriotic Hindus fought against the British, and when they lost, they sacrificed over 50,000 children for Lord Shiva, in hope that Shiva would reincarnate and destroy the White Race on Earth.

Modern Hindutva is a reactionary movement. Brahmins have not accepted defeat. They are using new techniques now, new tools, new propaganda techniques. But they will fail, not because Hindutvas are bad, but because their influence died long ago. Now they have forced their ideology onto people, and I assure you that many Indians, especially minorities, will not take to Hindutva any longer.

They should have settled down and allowed society to progress and adopt any new ideology which fit people’s reason, but they still believe that Hindus are like small kids who need to be taught “Hindu way of Life”. They think they own everything in India, but they are just blowing in the wind.

The Hindutva movement is like the Muslim Brotherhood in Middle East.

Political Islam is dead in Egypt. It brought only chaos, divisions, conflicts between Sunni, Shia, and minority Coptic Christians. The same will be the future of Political Hindutva. Caste based violence will increase, and this movement will alienate 210 million Muslims and over 70 million Christians in India.


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