Liberal Race Realism – A Brief Definition

Liberal Race Realism has been described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.” The term was coined by Hunter Wallace, a White nationalist. Although the name was created by a WN, most LRR’s are indifferent to hostile towards White nationalism, which they regard as virulent racism of the worst kind.

Most LRR’s, while sympathetic to HBD, are often repelled by it due to the blatant racism and its conservative/reactionary (particularly Libertarian) bent.

We remain liberals. We see ourselves as nonracists or even possibly antiracists (probably more nonracists), and we are repelled by what we see as outright racism. We believe that people should not practice animus or discrimination towards others on the basis of their race. Further, we are liberals to socialists/Communists, so we are repelled by rightwing ideology in general, which further alienates us from most of the HBD crowd. One thing we have in common is that we are social liberals/socialists/communists on economics, and we support much of the rest of the Left project absent the Identity Politics/PC/Cultural Marxist/Critical Race Theory insanity. We are as hostile to the PC crowd as we are to the Right.

The core principle is that we accept that there are some differences between the races particularity in regard to intelligence and behavior. LRR is agnostic about whether these differences are due to environment, genetics or both, thought some LRR’s may see them as primarily one of the three. The main point is that the intelligence and behavioral differences in the races have a serious sociological and political impact on societies and nation-states, hence they are important at both the micro (individual) and macro (national to global) level.

We simply see race realism as the truth. And at some point, everyone on the political spectrum needs to accept the truth. We are trying to fashion some sort of a liberal/Left response to the facts of race realism, but it has generally been a very hard sell. LRR’s are generally despised as racists or reactionaries/fascists on the Left, and the Right isn’t very nice to us either. We are pretty much hated by everyone. It’s a lonely place to be.


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56 responses to “Liberal Race Realism – A Brief Definition

  1. robert

    Whats your defintion of the third positonist? You mentioned that you would take a racist socialist over an anti-racist pc bourgiose neoliberal capitalist anyday.

    • I will take them for an ally, yes, but I don’t want them running things. Most 3P’ers in the US are not exactly socialists anyway. Check out McDonald’s party. Pretty rightwing stuff.

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  5. Ali

    So would your position on multiculturalism as preached by the Third Way Democrats be similar, then? (I apologize if I am asking a redundant question…I am not awfully familiar with Third Positionists but from what I know of them, they are not the same as the Clintonistas and Obama-bots.)

    Most of my friends and I (be they black or white or Hispanic or whatever) take the position that some cultures are actually morally superior and more culturally advanced than others. I sometimes feel uncomfortable speaking about this in public because it also happens to be the position of the right wing’s pet dittoheads, like Dinesh D’Souza. On the other hand, I have difficulty keeping quiet when, for example, some so-called leftist is sitting there and telling me that we have to be respectful of cultures where women are stoned to death for being raped, or men get their fingers cut off for shaming their families.

  6. Although I think identifying oneself as a race “realist” is off-puttingly presumptuous I pretty much fit the description you describe. I think the purpose of government is to promote the happiness of its citizens in this and succeeding generations, and that the happiness of all its citizens now and in the future is equally important regardless of any differences between them. I would liken this to the way loving parents regard the happiness of all their children as equally important despite any differences between them (which is not to say parents should not care more for the happiness of their own children than the children of others or that a government should not care more about the happiness of its own citizens than the citizens of other countries)

    • Welcome to Liberal Race Realism my friend!

      • viking

        the liberals are right to hate you this truth kills liberals. try this say tomorrow we woke up and the whole world had the traits of wasps think we would have anything to argue about anymore? welfare would be nothing more than insurance,can you hear john lennon cueing in imagine theres no affirmative action no private education just one big sweeden with out the damn somalis well new improved somalis

  7. Nathan Wartooth

    “We remain liberals. We see ourselves as nonracists or even possibly antiracists (probably more nonracists), and we are repelled by what we see as outright racism. We believe that people should not practice animus or discrimination towards others on the basis of their race.”

    I’ve only been studying HBD for about a year and a half and in that time I have spent a lot of time reading what White nationalists and conservative race realists have to say about the issue.

    I would say very, very few of them are actually “racist” or think that people should discriminate based on race like affirmative action does.

    Since multiculturalism has been shown to be a failure over and over again (I mean it’s the reasons we have countries and borders) people just want to be left alone and with their own race or ethnicity.

    Is a person racist if they don’t want another race living in their city, state or country? I would say that just makes them nationalistic, just like the Japanese or Israelis.

    I think your argument that you are somehow a good guy just because you realized race was real and then didn’t start burning crosses in front of Black’s houses is egotistical to say the least. Welcome to the 99% club of race realists, no matter their other beliefs. Most of us just want to be left alone and we don’t want to hurt or discriminate against anyone.

    So why is liberal race realism or LRR such a rarity? Because it goes against almost everything liberals or the left stand for. Welfare, affirmative action, Obamacare, food stamps and everything that entails pictures people as victims.

    Blacks and Hispanics NEED affirmative action, otherwise they have high unemployment and can’t find a job because mean White people wont hire them. But race realism provides a much better insight. Maybe they aren’t hired because Hispanics and Blacks are more criminal and have lower IQs than Whites.

    What would be the need for Affirmative action then?

    Since race realism tells us that IQ is passed down through genes, same with many traits like criminality, what is your case for welfare and food stamps then? Should we keep supporting a low IQ underclass through government subsidies so that they can make more children who will just go on welfare since they have the same low IQ as their parents?

    Then once you really understand group averages you start to get into discussions about eugenics and dysgenics.

    You have to have this discussion eventually because it’s actually really important. You can scream “Nazi!” all you want, but in reality these government programs are extremely dysgenic. There are many working parents with high IQs that simply can’t have children because they are in debt from school and working full time. While parents on welfare can have as many kids as they want and they will actually get a pay raise for it.

    Do you really want a world that looks like South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and India? Where you have a huge permanent underclass that never moves? This creates an inequality that I am sure you are not alright with.

    See how race realism opens a huge can of worms? Most liberals don’t want to deal with these questions. Why have real challenges to Affirmative Action and welfare and we all know that they are Good Things?

    One last thing.

    I know how much you love socialism and big government so I’m going to point something out to you. Which countries have at least semi successfully implemented socialism and big government? Oh that’s right, White and Asian countries. What I call the “100 IQ average and above” club.

    Sweden -was- one of the most successful socialist countries in the world. Now it is slowly turning into a third world hellhole that will no longer be able to support socialism. Because there will be a huge underclass of Arabs and Africans bankrupting the socialist system. The socialist system only works when people are honest and try to work. If you have millions gaming the system it will fail.

    If you want socialism, you have to have a majority White or high IQ Asian population. So secretly you are a nationalist! Gotcha! OK, just kidding around.

    But seriously, think about this stuff.

    One last reason why LRR’s are so rare. Because religious belief is correlated with race realism and religious belief is correlated with conservatism. My theory is that religious people accept the world as it is because they believe God made it. As an atheist race realist this is something that I have been fascinated with.

    Sorry for the length. Cheers.

  8. If by economic conservatives you mean somebody who believes in a market economy you better ban me.

    • You can’t oppose socialism. You can’t oppose social democracy, the welfare state, the social safety net. social liberalism or any of that. You can’t support radical neoliberal free market economics. Or if you do, you need to shut up about it as long as you are on the blog. A lot of people on here support a social market economy, a market economy with social democracy, social liberalism, a safety net or a welfare state.

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    And that is why I propose a guaranteed minimum income.

  10. Vick

    “We remain liberals. We see ourselves as nonracists or even possibly antiracists (probably more nonracists), and we are repelled by what we see as outright racism.”

    This is interesting to me. As a liberal/leftist, I arrived at “race realism” through the realization that I was more anti-racist than so-called “anti-racists.”

    Over time as I’ve become familiar with online WN and race realism I’ve found there’s a kind of mix of attitudes towards racism that often gets confusing for all concerned. For example, on the one hand you have folks like myself who are sick of the hypocrisies and double standards of the PC anti-racist Left, and who are genuinely opposed to blind discrimination, and then on the other you have those who seem to love to step up and flat out say they hate non-whites, that hate is a virtue, whites are superior, etc. These latter folks seem kind of old school to me, and I have so little in common with them they seem like a completely different animal from myself.

    For the sake of race realists like myself I wish there was some sort of clear distnction between the two groups. It’s just tediously stupid and frustrating that mainstream US politics doesn’t allow one to be publicly racially aware without being a “hater” (especially if you’re white).

    • My brother! Victor you are exactly like me! People like us are so rare. I agree with everything you say. Sadly most race realists are simply racists of the latter variety as you described, as I find them as repellent as you do. In fact, I feel that that sort of nasty, vicious, out front racism is simply evil and that those people are frankly bad people. Yep. Racists are bad people, bad human beings, pretty much.

      On the other hand, the PC anti-racist Left is simply insane! There is no other way to describe their ideology. I am not sure if they are evil or bad like the racists, but there is a nastiness and ugliness about them. It is cruel and vicious the way they savagely abuse decent, nonracist people for pointing out inconvenient facts. The truth is that they are bullies, and bullies are pretty ugly human beings.

      Anyway, welcome to Liberal Race Realism!

    • viking

      i think youre seeing what happens to someone who learned to think like you 40 years ago and was so despised are bitter and over reacting now though surely others were simply haters who found some justification and make no mistake if you can suspend judgement they even have a point its not that hate is great but a more extreme example of the latter say you’re descended confederate and view Jim crow as crime deterrence then endure 100 years af social ostracism only to find out science vindicates africans are more violent less future time oriented more promiscuous less intelligent etc come on honestly whats your reaction going to be? I mean how do we really know if we were forced to live under black rule as a white minority in territory devoid of law enforcement in the condition of postwar 1800 we would be any less “hateful” I think if society ever accepts this science things will dissipate as a big misunderstanding.

  11. Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

    Race realism means what, exactly? That there are thousands of ethno-cultures on our planet and we should celebrate the diversity of each one?

    Travellers and globe trotters have already been appreciating this diversity for thousands of years.

    Women especially.

  12. Thank you sir and welcome to Liberal Race Realism!

  13. Ben

    I think im a ( moderate) liberal race realist too. In a test from -10 total liberal to 10 conservative I scored -3.2.( but I dont feel liberal becuase they see me as extreme right becuase I dont think races are twins under the skin)

    Most traits Whites blacks differ 1 sd on average in I think.
    Whites 1.275% genetic variation of 1.5%
    total variation Whites is in sd 11.75( -5.875 to 5.875 sd at 700 million.
    white to west african is 0.15%.
    0.15 is 1/8.5 total white variation.
    So I expect blacks to differ 1.25 sd on avg and african americans around 1 sd.

    compared to african americans whites are in Standard Deviations.

    +1 sd IQ
    -1 sd narcism index.
    -0.8 sd in sprinting
    -0.8 sd shorter limbs
    +1 sd thicker calves.

  14. Manny

    I used to be a liberal left because I hated fascists and religious nuts and then I slowly realized how unjust and evil the liberal left are often fascists themselves…

    Let me explain

    As liberals we want to support the underdogs and our natural instincts to stand up to the bully… So far so good. So we go about identifying who are the bullies.. and evaluate who the victims are and then we starting taking positions to fight the bully in defense of the “victim”.

    I am from India so it started off as, Muslims and christians and untouchables are all “minorities” and the Hindus are the majority… so the benefit of the doubt in any controversy or dispute is always given to the “minority” and we speak out loudly against the majority evil Hindus. Yes I used to be one like that. and then in the process of “justice” we go all out against the eviI Hindus 10 fold and the “minorities” can make no mistake…we justify and rationalize anything and everything they do since they are “minorities” and never a threat..We even make up history and lies to defend out little children “the minority”. We would even justify violence if these minority react to the evils of the Hindu majority (read Arunadthi Roy and her support of violent Maoist) although she rails against the American imperialists use of violence to seek justice for 911).

    After I traveled around the world and lived in many places and I soon realized that christians and Muslims are the Goliath predators in the world… they are not minorities.. see how christians come to the defense of other chiristians (“minorities) living in other countries..

    I started seeing how the liberal left are blood thirist against the small tribe of JEws in support of the “Golaith Muslims” who are out to get rid of JEws.

    Then it dawned on me..Today’s problem is the world is from fasicism.. its the left fasicist who are eviI shits who need to be killed IMO.


    • Manny

      that should read

      “Then it dawned on me..Today’s problem in the world is NOT from fascism.. its the left fasicist who are eviI shits who need to be killed IMO.

    • Mott

      So, you lump Christians, Muslims, and Jews together? How are they the same?

      You say Christians come to the defense of other Christians ? How? Where? In what way? They complain about their treatment, but that’s it. No military invasion, no violent retribution. When its gets bad, Christians just leave, generally.

      You ‘re in favor of a fascist Hindu world takeover?

      Sounds awesome. Where can I sign up?

      • What’s amazing is that he’s comparing the white majority with the Hindu majority. Whites in North America are rapidly becoming a disenfranchised majority with their livelihoods and families threatened by elite backed programs like feminism and cultural Marxism. The Hindu majority in India OTOH gets to freely act out their homicidal fantasies every 10 years or so. There is no “”liberal”” party in India that is comparable to the democrats.

        As liberals we want to support the underdogs and our natural instincts to stand up to the bully… So far so good.

        See, he phrases his position in a way that American democrats could relate too, but there is no comparable Indian equivalent.

        • Manny

          religious Hindus are minority in India.. the majority are atheistic leftist congressi Sonia the Tvvat supporting congressie aholes…1000 times more toxic than any far leftists of the US.

          You wouldn’t find maoists in the US..but in India the Leftists are running around with guns and killing innocent people.

          It’s not the Hindutuvadies who are running around killing people.

      • Manny

        Whenever christians get beat up somewhere in the world christians in the west cry “christian persecution” But they never ever think maybe…just maybe the ahole in the dispute or the ahole who started the riot could have been the christian

        S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

        Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

        • Manny

          Even after 300 years..the white christian castes rarely marry these black christian caste, Unbelievable! At least the Indian untouchables were not lynched or enslaved.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      Racism is a form of ant-racism and anti-racism is a form of racism. So you kind of see the extreme left and right come up feeling a bit tainted after one of their rants. So you often see the two behaving in exactly the same way. Both are focused on race.

      To be a genuine non racist you need to focus on sexuality. As a lesbian from Zulu land I am often asked at work (I have a construction company) why we are so keen on lesbian orgies. I say it is part of the genuine none racist way we are. Come and join the party!

  15. Hamza

    I pretty much agree with most of the things being said. I believe in equality before the law for all people regardless of their group differences aswell as equal opportunity. However I think affirmative action is ridiculous and I think we should focus on promoting equal opportunity rather than giving some groups certain privileges over the other. To me affirmative action is racist as whites and asian cant purse their dreams and are treated as second class citizens before the law. I would love to hear anyones opinions on white nationalism. I personally dont have a problem with people focusing on preserving the white race by stopping mass immigration. Ive been able to see their views on Stormfront that go over the line into racism and fascism as well as antisemitism. David duke seems like a nice guy on youtube talking about how we should preserve all races which I agree with but he goes overboard with the jews, talking about how slavery and the Norway massacre was their fault and I feel hes leading his followers into antisemitism with or without knowing it. Jared talyor seems more of a moderate WN but im still not sure about his movement Amren, they want voluntary segregation for america based on the majority rule so individuals are restricted to certain areas. Also I get the sense that theres a racist overtone, I remember in one of their conferences the guy was on about how whites are the more beautiful and intelligent, they had a book with Hitler on the front page. I just hope to god they focus on preservation and dont lead their followers into racism. To be honest on other issues I don’t even consider myself a liberal so what does that make me? I loved the last line “It’s a lonely place to be”.

    • You don’t have to be a liberal to support Liberal Race Realism just as you don’t have to be a conservative to support stopping illegal immigration. We welcome conservatives too. Anyway, welcome to Liberal Race Realism.

      ALL White nationalists are extremely racist once you scratch the surface beneath their crap about “we don’t hate anyone, we just want to preserve our kind.” Taylor is not very racist in person (I am a friend of his actually), but he’s the nicest of a real nasty bunch! He doesn’t come across racist in person (he is too genteel for that and I think he considers it to be uncouth in that Old White Money way), but his magazine American Renaissance is very racist indeed.

      • EPGAH

        Wait, you know Taylor in person?
        And what’s racist about American Renaissance? Our enemies are nasty, we tried being nice and asking them to quit fucking up our country, or please leave, they refused on both counts, sometimes with “make me”, sometimes with open boasts that they’re TRYING to ruin our country, so yes, we have every right to be nasty to a nasty enemy!

      • EPGAH

        You know, the Oregon massacre has been predictably spun into a GUN control issue, but since “116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years” (Headline on another site), maybe we don’t need GUN control, we need MINORITY control?


  16. robert

    Would you describe me as a lrr?

  17. robert

    The thing is I don’t even consider myself racist by the standards of this blog. Its confusing some people think I am a wn and some say I’m not one of them. I like the idea of being a lrr.

  18. robert

    What can I do to part of the action?

  19. robert

    Get people to understand where I’m coming from. People are always saying I’m either to racist or to anti racist. Fuckem. I want in on liberal race realism!

    • Start promoting Liberal Race Realism! LRR is a really cool movement and it needs more press at the very least. Even if there are people out there ripping it to shreds, at least they are talking about it.

      I will warn you though. LRR’s are hated by just about everyone LOL. We get fired on from all sides.

  20. robert

    How many other bloggers promote it?

  21. I don’t quite get how are you different from PC crowd. Many leftist policies are based on gene denialism; you won’t be able to support them once you drop denialism.

  22. Man of Sin

    Here is some advice: You should probably not calling yourselves “race realist”. That name has been tainted by the idiotic theories of Ruston and Lynn(Ice-Age Brain Evolution) and racist groups.

    • EPGAH

      Have you read Robert’s own articles about genetic IQ difference between us and the savages?

    • EPGAH

      For that matter, telling the simple, unvarnished truth cost James Watson his career, and got his Nobel Prize yanked, so any lesser lights better watch their step when telling the truth about genetic differences, no?

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