The Whites of Asia – The Uighurs

The Uighurs are a mixed Caucasian-Asian Muslim group that live in Xinjiang, China. They have been agitating for independence for some time now. China has responded to these calls by flooding Xinjiang with Han Chinese immigrant invaders who have taken most of the good jobs. In addition, China has downplayed the Uighur language in schools and has forced Uighurs into a pure Mandarin education system. The Uighurs are strangers in their own homeland which is being colonized by imperialist, racist Han Chinese. The Hans go on periodic Nazi-like Kristallnacht style pogroms against the Uighurs, burning down their businesses, beating them, murdering them. The police join in and the Uighurs have nowhere to hide.

Some Uighurs look very White. Some White Uighurs are below:

First, a red haired Uighur.

A very White looking, in fact, red-haired, Uighur child, who could easily be an Irish kid.

A very White looking, in fact, red-haired, Uighur child, who could easily be an Irish kid.

Next, we have a Slavic appearing Uighur.

A very White looking Uighur boy. To me, he looks somewhat Russian or East Slavic, does he not?

A very White looking Uighur boy. To me, he looks somewhat Russian or East Slavic, does he not?

Next, a very White looking Uighur woman. The phenotype is very exotic, and the only thing I have seen close to this is from the Kalash of northwest Pakistan.

This is a very White looking Uighur woman. Note the tall, angular, thin nose. I am not sure what European type she resembles. Any guesses?

This is a very White looking Uighur woman. Note the tall, angular, thin nose. I am not sure what European type she resembles. Any guesses?

Most Uighur women look more Asiatic like these women, although the woman on the far right looks rather exotic and somewhat resembles the beauty above in phenotype. Note the tall, thin angular nose on both women.

More typical Asian Uighur women are seen here.

More typical Asian Uighur women are seen here.

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54 responses to “The Whites of Asia – The Uighurs

  1. I believe they are almost 50-50 White Asian but I am not sure. Maybe 40 White 60 Asian. Somewhere thereabouts.

  2. coward

    Hey, Robert, I just read that most Uighurs live around the Tarim Basin. Do they have any connection with the Tarim mummies?

    • As a matter of fact, they probably do! The Tarim mummies spoke Tocharian A and Tocharian B, extinct Indo-European languages. But the Indo-Europeans were Whites. The White genes in the Uighurs are from the original IE people and their ancestors, the Tocharians.

      • Interesting. So the Tocharians live. A least somewhat, through the Uighars.

      • nate

        No expert in terms of official university certification in the particular area of anthropology, but Tocharian sounds like Tojarian and in Dari ( the language spoken by Tajik people) the “a” in Tajik is pronounced as an “o” ( so too, mostly at least, in Farsi, Uzbeki, Armenian and indeed in Bengali)….thus “Tajik” would be pronounced as Tojik or Tochik which i sure you’ll agree sounds like Tochar. … Confused ?

        Tocharian A and B may have disappeared but Tajiks are still very much alive , in fact almost6 million of them , ….in Tajiikistan !

  3. Tulio

    Whites have a large presence on every continent, except obviously Antarctica. Even in Africa there are millions of whites whether it’s the Nordic colonialists or the Mediterranean Caucasians in N. Africa. You guys are quite well distributed on planet earth.

    • No way! We are going extinct!

      • Pepperoncini

        Africa for Africans , Asia for Asians but White countries for everyone ; so says the White Rabbit , lol.

        • Tulio

          It’s looking like whites will be the first race on Mars.

        • Tulio

          Maybe Mars can become a WN colony and all of them will move there to start a new life on the red planet without non-whites.

        • WNs wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they had no one to hate or whine about.

        • @Tulio Elon Musk, right?

          @Robert that is central Eurasia for you.

        • I’ve pondered this question frequently.. and have concluded it’s not due to race.. as much as one would like to believe..

          it all boils down to economics..

          look at the White history.. it is filled with invasions, conquering, colonialism, and outright genocide.

          The White race is predisposed with the future..

          While other races are content within nature..

          If you look around the globe.. that is true today.

          When one looks to migrate.. it’s usually due to economics.. not race.
          When seeking for a place to migrate.. a wealthy, opportunity-filled location is ideal..

          Usually.. that is a White location.

          Non-White locations are not closed off .. but any wise person would go where the money is.

          As far as these Uyghurs:
          – i had no idea they were turkic.. i just thought they were Chinese who practiced Islam..
          – if the stories are true.. pertaining to China’s persecution.. then it’s not right.. they deserve to be treated fairly.
          – But with any story.. there’s 3 sides: yours, mine, and the truth.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      listen, the average are in general, but certain individuals in particular do have more different variations in %, and the tropical races ( black and australoid) were confined to tropical climates, not only caucasians are everywhere, you have mongoloids aside from Asia, in America (amerindians) ,in Oceania (polynesians) and even in black continent (in Madagascar) and in white continent (in certain parts of european Russia)

    • Never thought of it that way. I guess that would be one measure of success. I guess Asians come in second?

  4. They may indeed preserve the phenotype better. Whites and Asians FTW!

  5. Naruto Uzumaki

    the 50% is average, not every uighur will be 50% caucasian by default, he might be in fact mostly a caucasian

    • coward

      Hey, Naruto, a lot of Central Asians, with only a small Caucasoid component, have very Caucasoid features. Half-Asians, like Tommy Chang and Mike Shinoda, look almost entirely White. I have been to Australia a lot of times before, to visit my uncle. Asian-White marriages are contagious over there, and a lot of the hapas I have known looked almost entirely White. Some of them were physically indistinguishable from pureblood Whites, yet they had an Asian mother. My first cousin married an Asian woman, and their child is 14 years old. He looks like a pureblood White person.

  6. Tulio

    Black-white mixing produces the hottest chics IMO:

  7. Pepperoncini

    The Han are carrying out slow motion genocide of the Uighurs.

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  10. Coward Wrote:

    That woman in the third picture looks Kalash. She even has the so-called “elf ears” common to Kalash people.

    Her features are stereotypically Iranian/Central Asian. I would have guested her an Azeri…On the streets of Los Anegels, Iranian or Armenian. Just like the Boston Bombers. 😀

    • Cablinasian Coward Wrote:

      I am not expertised on distinguishing phenotypes of individuals accurately to a micro race or regional origin.

      Me neither. I simply know my own kind when I see’em. Everyone in the region is both related and inbred. From the Caucasus to the Tarim Basin.

    • Wow…What’s your background, if I might ask?

    • Other background; I am 16 years old, I have some neurotic and psychotic (not psychopathic) disorders. I live in D.C. I have a 121 IQ, mostly visual.

      No worries. My best friend is a certifiable borderline…I thought you were Asian for some reason? Either way, wasn’t there a website that did world “facial averages” pictures. I’m pretty sure Robert knows about it. I always thought that was interesting.

    • Dave Mowers

      Try Googling; “Scandinavian Women” and checking out the images.

      You know in the Hindu mythology they speak of a tribe of Aryans called the “Kurus” who came through the area known today as Kashmir and continued east. “Kur” means mountain (Kurdistan) as in mountain people in Kurus, who are addressed by Sargon the Great as the “mountain people” of the “double axes” … the “double axe” was a symbol of the sun god Thor as well as the national symbol of the Minoans. It has been associated with a form of the swastika and as the weapons of god. I believe it was also a symbol of the Turkish sun god Tarhun.

      In Sumerian, Marduk carries two lightning-form scepters that compare to the Hindu god Indra’s two vajra’s. Interestingly the areas of the world where you find high concentrations of swastikas are also where you find dolmens. All the way to Korea. A name said to derive from the phonetic sound of goryea vocalizing the “g” as a “k” which contains “Kur” and during the period between industrialization and WW2 the Japanese crown attempted to reunify or did reunify the “white Japanese” with their cousins in Korea who were the ruling caste.

      Take a look at the generals and nobles of Japan pre-WW sometime.

  11. Yup. That’s the typical Iranian genetic manifestation. Less “Mongol” in that one.

    • Cablinasian Coward Wrote:

      Ironic that Asians are named “Mongoloids”, after the Mongols, when the Mongols have Caucasian admixture. Better than calling them “Chinoids”, “Koreanoids”, or “Eskimoids”.

      Interesting…I’m going off the terminology used in the area. In Iran, Central Asia and Russia, having Asiatic features is said to have some Mongol in them. Not necessarily a bad thing, since everyone wants to be related to Genghis Khan, and not too far from the truth.

      Mongoloid and “Oriental” are far more western, and dare I say racist terms.

    • Cyrus, do you think the mainstream portrayal of Genghis Khan as predominantly Mongoloid is accurate?

      Yes. He was an “Asian” by our modern standards, and to both the then present Near Eastern and European eye. Contemporary art work of him is very clear on this.

    • That may be the case. Then again, maybe he was just using henna to cover his aging. He was not to happy about growing old, if I recall. As for green eyes, not an uncommon trait in Central Asia, even with Asian features. The place is a melting pot.

    • For someone so young, you know a lot about this. At your age, I could distinguish a P-51 from an ME-109, but didn’t know the first thing about genetics.

  12. Here is an example of Uighar/Uzbek pop music. It is exactly the same as shitty Persian pop music. Annoying singing and silly dancing and all. The physical features of the three singers are very typical of the Central Asian “Stans.” They are three Uighar sisters who became famous in Uzbekistan.

    It’s a shitty variant of modern Middle Eastern Music…Great music to promote and imminent sense of suicide in one’s self.

    This second video is of “Googoosha”…She is the daughter of the tyrant-dictator of Uzbekistan. Her name is Gulnara Karimova, and at one time she was wanted on an international arrest warrant for something.

    She styles herself after this 1970’s famous Iranian-Azeri Persian and Turkish language disco singer, Googoosh…See the connection here?

    And that concludes our Central Asian lesson for today.

    • Just start in Istanbul, and work Eastward until you hit the Chinese. Plenty girls have that “look.” It’s a dime a dozen. And for you Game of Thrones fans out there.

    • Oh, and let’s not forget our Indian friends doing their take on “Middle Eastern” music… 🙂

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  14. Jebus

    Freedom for The Uighurs and the Tibetens

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      Jebus bhai
      I can see you’re under great stress but I don’t think india is going to catch up with china anytime soon. Pls take a tall cold glass of holy cow piss, do some yoga(like trying to suck your cock) and relax

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  17. Amanda

    Muslim Propaganda. They always claim stuff like this, yet claim how they are stronger than the “whites” in their country and at the same time try to be them. You can’t just look at a person and guess, The more poor the more fragile the hair and sun exposed leads to blonde hair, henna is used by muslims that gives red hair, mountain ranges lower your rbi and give rosy flush tones. This is ridiculious show me one person look like this in that region.

    • Really is this what people do gather pictures of rarest random people to divert the focus on their own sad selves just so they can get reassurance from another like them to feel better about themselves. Its basically opinions all over and i read the History part and i studied history, not even close. More like what one does behind a computer even look at the user pics of the people writing. One of the pictures of the boy is so played out and one looks like a model and very modern in just looks. certain features don’t make you white, just the title says its all about the validity so lets just stop there.

  18. @ Cyrus .. The ruler of Ozbekistan who is the father of Gulnara is actually Tajik by origin . .. not Turkic … and Tajk people are from Middle and Far East Kurd people of Ezide faith who turned Muslim ( Kizilbash /Alevis) and later migrated to Persia than to Tajikistan … Taj is derived from the headgear they wore .. Taj i Haidar .. The Tocharian are not Tajiks .,.. Rather Tajiks are very new to where they live ..try to understand … how is it possible the rgion from Azerbaijan to all of Central Asian countries up till Xinjiang and Hotan going up to Caucasia speak Turkic dialects and in between there is an Island of Dari ( Persian ) speaking people who live in Tajikistan and Eastern Afghanistan appear … There is a lot of genetic difference between Kurd , Perisian and Turkic people .. but those in Tajikistan have all three genes but mostly Kurd and Persian .. In Modern day Turkey the have genes of many the ethnic groups .. as per policy of Ottomans ..

  19. Al

    Just for the record, The women in the last picture are NOT uyghurs. They are ethnic Han Chinese wearing ethnic Uyghur clothes.

  20. Honestly the Chinese government never forced them to learn mandarin. But since their education system is far behind, they have to learn mandarin if they want to get higher education or go to universities.

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